Celebrity Fantasy: Lorrie Morgan

DISCLAIMER: The following story is a work of fiction involving a
figure. This story is in no way, shape, or form an actual
reflection of that
person’s sexual tastes, habits, or activities. The author also
assumes no
liability or responsibility if some assmunch blames this story on
criminal and/or deviate conduct; that’s their problem, not mine.
Again (my
apologies for shouting), THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION!!

by Max Doherty

It’s a warm summer night in the city. I walk into the hotel
toward the
main desk. The clerk is a young man poring over a college chemistry

textbook. I show him my identification.
"Inspector Oliverio, City Health Department," I bark at him,
showing my
ID, "I’m here to check on a complaint from your boss about Suite
2410. He
says there might be an asbestos risk in that room." He doesn’t know
it, but
my name’s not Oliverio, and I don’t work for the City Health
World-famous country singer Lorrie Morgan is staying in Suite 2410,
and I’m
determined to meet her any way I can.
The young man looks disturbed; he seems to be more worried
about his
chemistry exams than hotel security. "Here’s the key," he mutters,
me the key.
"Thanks, sir," I say before taking the lift to the 24th Floor.
quietly but swiftly walk down the hall to Ms. Morgan’s suite. After
I get
in, I find a smoking jacket conveniently hanging in a nearby closet.
remove my jacket and tie and put on the smoking jacket. The suite
also has a
fully-stocked bar; I pour myself a glass of Highland Park, light up
a Romeo y
Julieta, and sit back in the easy chair and relax in the darkened
Just after I’m finished with my Cuban, I hear someone unlocking
door. I can see in the shadows that it’s my lovely Lorrie. She
turns on the
light; she looks simply resplendent in her red strapless gown. She
sees me,
and the look in her eyes is that of shock.
"Who are you?" she asks rather indignantly, "And how the hell
did you
get into my suite?"
"Just a friend," I respond, smiling, "Someone you’ll get to
know better
as the night rolls along."
"I’m calling security," she says, rushing toward the telephone.
"Oh, no you’re not," I warn her.
"And what are you going to do to me if I do?"
"It’s not a question of what I’m going to do to you; it’s a
question of
what I’m not going to do to you."
"And what is that supposed to mean?" By this time, Lorrie is
her guard down a bit. "You think you’re just going to come into my
suite, talk me out of this dress and into this bed, and fuck me?"
"Lorrie, I’m not interested in fucking you."
"Is that so?"
"I’m much more interested in making love to you."
"You’ll have to catch me first," she teases. I reach out for
her, but
she dodges me at the last minute. Again I try to catch her, but she
me again. I practically chase her around the suite until I finally
her near the bed. Grabbing her arms, I stare her down. The look in
her eyes
simply says, "Take me." I reach down and kiss her passionately.
She frees
her arms from my grip, holding me tightly while her tongue wrestles
with mine
in our mouths. As I hold her, I undo her dress and let it fall to
the floor.
To my pleasant surprise, she isn’t wearing anything underneath her
She has already charmed a Super Bowl quarterback and a U.S. Senator;
this cad
is ready to join that august group.
I abruptly break the kiss and push her onto the bed. I stand
before her
and slowly undress myself in her presence. When I’m naked, I lay on
top of
her, feeling her soft, naked flesh against mine while we resume our
passionate kiss. As soon as she rolls over on top of me, she breaks
pushing me down on the bed. Grabbing my shaft, Lorrie gives me a
wicked look
before putting it in her mouth.
I look down to see her lovely lips caressing every inch of my
I feel the warmth of her mouth running through my staff, getting it
harder by
the second. I throw my head back and sigh with pleasure as she
continues her
splendid job of fellating me. Her fingernails are raking softly
over my
thighs, sending the blood rushing to my loins. Right now, I’m going
with bliss while one of the most beautiful singers in the world is
going down
on me. After several minutes, her mouth simply becomes too tired to

continue, which simply means I get to return the favour.
Lorrie moves her way up to me, giving me another hot kiss. We
roll over
on the bed during the embrace; I am now on top of her. I break the
moving my lips down her neck and throat to her breasts, licking on
her hard
nipples. Lorrie sighs softly, feeling my mouth pleasing the
sensitive peaks
of her breasts. My mouth continues its journey down her body until
reaches her fragrant gates of Venus.
As soon as my tongue makes contact with her sex, Lorrie lets
out a loud
gasp. The gasps turn into moans as I lick her moist slit. The
taste and
aroma of her sweet, sweaty essence fills my senses, sending rushes
to my own
loins. My tongue moves up her pussy to her erect clitoris. I lick
away at
her clit, causing her to rock her head back and forth against her
pillow. I
start to slow down a bit, just enough to keep her from coming too
soon. The
taste of her sex is starting to make my mouth water for even more,
though I’ve been going down on her for the past several minutes.
She pinches
her nipples, further enhancing her sexual bliss. Her pussy is now
to throb; my tonguework is impeccable, but sometimes a woman needs
more than
a talented tongue.
She grabs my hair and pulls me away from her crotch. Laying on
my back,
I point my rod at a right angle while Lorrie lowers herself on it.
Her inner
walls massage my shaft, keeping it hard and aroused. Once I’m
settled inside
her, Lorrie starts to ride me as if her eternal salvation depended
on it.
The sight of her lovely body writhing in bliss is enough to maintain
erection. I grab her breasts while she digs her fingers into my
chest. Her
teeth are clenched, her eyes full of fire and determination.
"Oh fuck me, you bastard!" she snarls at me during her wild
ride. I
push her head toward my mouth, pushing my tongue deep into her
mouth. Our
tongues are practically in knots while our mouths and bodies are
locked in
hot sexual combat. My hands move to her ass, squeezing the round,
soft flesh
and pushing her harder onto my manhood.
As we continue our love-making, Lorrie pushes my body up the
bed until
I’m sitting up. Without letting my dick leave the comfort of her
Lorrie does a 180-degree turn. I fondle her lovely breasts while
continues her ride. Our mouths meet again, but this time, the tempo
is a
little slower, a little more sensual. My staff feels good inside
her; I can
feel every contour being caressed by her pussy. I reach down to rub
clitoris; she starts to buck a little more quickly. Soon, she’s
the tempo as I rub her clit more vigourously. She leans forward; I
until I’m laying on top of her.
Lorrie’s teeth are buried in the sheets while I start to work
up a
hearty tempo. I grab her arms, spreading them out while my piston
deep inside her. My hands moves to her face, where I let her suck
on my
fingers. I reach down to kiss her; this kiss is no less passionate
than the
previous ones. Again, she repositions herself; I move away while
she rolls
over on her back.
By now, Lorrie’s ankles are around my neck while I hold her
thighs and
thrust more deeply in her pussy. I’m pounding like that famous
jackhammer while sweat flies from our bodies. We look into each
eyes, not needing to use words to convey our lust. She glares at
me, daring
me to come. I return the stare, telling her I want to see her reach
wildest orgasm she’s ever had. Our breathing becomes louder, our
coming closer. Soon, Lorrie’s eyes roll into the back of her head
as she
lets out a loud, piercing scream that almost shatters every piece of
glass in
the suite. At the same time, I yell like a deranged banshee as I
feel my
semen shoot through my phallus deep into Lorrie’s body. With each
ejaculation, I thrust violently into her. Soon, my releases grow
weaker and
weaker until there’s no more cum to shoot. I collapse next to
totally spent. She summons enough energy to roll over on top of me.
We hold
each other’s tired bodies, exchanging an intimate kiss.
After we catch our breath for a minute, Lorrie asks me how I
got in.
"That’s not important," I tell her, "just as long as you see me
you shouldn’t care how I got in," I tell her.
"Next time," Lorrie reminds me, "I’ll find out where you’re
staying for
the night, break in, and make myself at home."
"How are you going to get a key?"

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