Celebrity Football

Title: Celebrity Football

Celebrities: Alyssa Milano, Lila McCann, Jennifer Tilly, Chely Wright, Leeza Gibbons, Stephanie McMahon, Angelina Jolie, Triple H, Dierks Bentley, Trace Adkins, Dennis Deyoung, Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt, & Jack Wagner
Written By: Spyder
Codes: M+F, Anal, Oral, Cons & gang

Disclaimer: Attention, this is a work of fictions and is meant for adults only. I will not be held responsible if you continue to read the following story in it’s entirety.

On a football field somewhere in Hawaii, a group of celebrities gather for the first
annual Celebrity Football game. 14 celebs from all types of entertainment gather for what should be an interesting style football, with rules that border on the unusual and on a very exclusive field north of Honolulu. The referees: Jedi master and Spyder go to the dressing rooms to inform the players that it’s time to play the game.

On the filed the stars walk, Spyder and Jedi master wait until all 14 players are ready to hear the rules and then they being.

Spyder introduces themselves and says: “Welcome to the first annual Celebrity football game. We will officiate the game and it is under these rules.”

Jedi master adds: “There aren’t four quarters of football, only two halves that run twenty minutes each. There are touchdowns, field goals, safety touches and the usual; penalties.”

“For each touchdown, Field goal or safety touch scored, the player that is scored upon will be asked by the player that scores the points. It will be of a sexual nature.,” states Spyder.

“Each penalty will be sexual as well and will be determined by the referees. You will perform the act on the opposite team or in the case of the women on the referees.” Jedi master injects.

So if everyone her understands the rules “It’s Time To Play the Game”, sorry Triple H for the use of your line, but it fits.’ adds Spyder.

The first half gets underway with the coin toss, which is won by the ladies and they decide to receive the ball. The men kick off and after the runback, the women start on their own 45. Going on offense Lila is the first quarterback and sets the play. She calls for the running play to Chely Wright. The handoff goes well, it nets a 20-yard gain. Switching players, Chely becomes the next Q.B and she calls a passing play to Alyssa. Jedi master throws a flag and the ensuing play nets a 15-yard gain. The resulting penalty is holding against the offense and interference by the defense. Offsetting penalties doesn’t change the outcome and another first down is signaled. Spyder tells both teams that on offsetting penalties that will not change things but Triple H will have to remove Lila’s shoes. The penalty against the women will have Stephanie kissing Jedi master. Alyssa is next to call a play, as they are first and goal from the 10. Alyssa calls from the line and it’s a running play, which results in a touchdown. The point after is good and since Jack Wagner was scored upon, Alyssa tells him to remove her t-shirt.

With the ensuing kick off being caught and ran back by Leonardo, he is quickly tackled by Leeza Gibbons for a loss of 5. He is the first up to Q.B the first play for the men. He calls for a pass play to Triple H to start off; the teams go in motion and 13 yards downfield Lila McCann tackles Triple H. Triple H, who also calls a passing play, runs the next play and throws it downfield towards Dierks Bentley, who drops the ball? Since the play was incomplete the women ask Jedi master if there are any rules for dropped passes or fumbles. Jedi master makes a quick decision saying that the women have a right to call for something of the men. They confer and tell Dierks to remove his shoes.

Triple H runs the next play since he was in control on the missed play. He calls for a passing play again and calls for Trace to be the recipient of the play. H steps back, gets ready to throw, sees what seems to be a wide-open Trace and throws. The ball is intercepted by a quick thinking Angelina, who hands it off to the fleet Lila and she takes off down the field for 30 yards.

Spyder calls for Lila to ask either H or Trace to do something and she asks H to remove his shirt.

The women take over and run their next play from the 45 of the men. Lila is the Q.B and she calls for a running play. Jennifer Tilly takes the handoff from Lila and takes off running; Dennis Deyoung, who had a hold of her t-shirt, which tore in the play, tackles her. Spyder who threw the flag points to Jennifer, who in turn tells Dennis to get his shorts off. Jedi master says it is first and ten from the 34; the play netted an 11-yard gain. Jennifer takes control of the next play and runs a passing play; a flag goes down as Leeza is called for Offensive pass interference. The men are finally asking for a ladies article of clothing. Since the player interfered with was Leonardo, he asks for Leeza to remove her shorts. The men’s tongues drop, as they see no panties under her shorts. Jennifer calls for the next play, and once more she calls for a passing play. Looking for Stephanie McMahon downfield, Jenn connects on an 18-yard play. This leaves the women first and on the sixteen. Stephanie takes over the next play, calls for Angelina to run the ball. The ensuing play has Angelina tackled after a 5 yard gain, but Jedi master has called a penalty as the flag goes down.

“Major foul, Lila McCann.” he removes his only piece of clothing as tells Lila that her penalty is to blow him for a few moments.”

Lila kneels before the master and takes hold of his long cock to suck it. She gets him hard enough to cum, but leaves it as he whistles play in. Stephanie runs the next play, after the penalty and calls the run again. This time she calls her own name and scores a touchdown. Stephanie looks at the player who let her get away and tells Jack to remove his shorts.

The first half continues in that manner with each side stripping off clothing on scoring plays and penalties. Spyder and Jedi master have had three blowjobs already and with their favorite star at least once. The score at the end of the first half, Women 18 – Men 3.

The second half sees a change of ends; both sides are nude, so the sexual acts will be more prevalent. The women kick off and being aloud to put their shoes back on for the rest of the game, Chely kicks the ball into the waiting arms of Jack Wagner, who is 15 yards deep in the end zone. He tries to lateral the ball to H, who drops the ball, but recovers it and has a safety scored against them. Since Angelina was the one covering him and caused the fumble she will tell H to suck her ample breasts. H obliges her in front of a jealous Stephanie, who knows it is part of the game and shrugs it off when Leonardo, slips his fingers into her gaping box. Once the sucking is over the men decide to take the ball on there own 35 and it is first down from there.

H calls the first play, since he was the fumbler on the last play, as he will call a passing play, being down by 15. He looks for Brad downfield who catches the ball at midfield. Nowhere to go, he allows Alyssa to tackle him there and he will run the play from there. Brad calls for a running play, which is snuffed out 5 yards back. Lila cheers as she gropes Brad’s dick after the play. With play getting more sexual the officials have decided to curb this until games end by calling more majors. So Spyder drops the flag and calls a major penalty against the overzealous Lila.

“Major foul, defense, Lila will have her ass fucked by myself. Lila bends over the player’s bench and spreads her athletic thighs as far as possible while Spyder enters her ass. He pounds away very quickly and knowing that she is pregnant stops after a five-minute ass fucking.

The game wears on, the score only changes once and the final outcome has the women beating the men 35 –12.

Once the game is in the books, an after match party ensues on the field. Triple H has always needed to fuck Angelina and leads her to the end zone along with his wife. Spyder immediately leads Chely and Alyssa over to the bench where he ass fucked Lila earlier. Jack, Brad, Trace and Dierks watch on. Leeza has had the hot’s for Dennis and leads him to the other end zone, along the way she decides she wants Brad and Jack involved. Trace and Dierks leave the stadium and have to be at concerts the next day. Of course Jedi master walks up field with his ladylove and they lie on the grass to enjoy some time together.

Alyssa and Chely take turns giving head to the only man that pleases them every time they are together. Chely gets off the turf, walks to Spyder’s head and squats over his lips as she begs him to eat, Alyssa squats over his stiffened cock and holds it as she puts it in her ass.

Dierks and Trace return to the on field orgy, walks to where Angelina is and takes hold of her while Triple H exits his wife’s pussy, having cum in her already. With three of the men on the field wanting to have their way with Angelina, H waves a now free Jack, Jedi master and Dennis over. Standing in front of the hot Latino lady, six men are having Angelina blow them and this doesn’t end there as Joe joins them for what should be hot sex.

Angelina gurgles her pleasure as she makes a mental mark of who took her the best. Not realizing that the only two who enjoyed a shot it down her throat are Spyder and Jedi master, the sexy Miss Jolie is shocked that the two non actors and singers are her best and favorite men to blow.

Meanwhile the ladies that are left to watch begin to have sex amongst themselves as the men bang one woman. Lila eats out Stephanie as Leeza gives her the treatment, joining the action is Alyssa, Jennifer and Chely. The female orgy is hot and heavy as the passion is hotter than even they expected. Sweaty breasts and dripping pussies fill the evening air as each woman orgasms over and over again.

Angelina is still hot, having being fucked by every one of the men; she looks to be pleased even more. She squats over the hard dick of Spyder, shoves it up her ass and lies as he squeezes her tits. While pinching her nipples, Jedi master drives his dong into her pussy, as this happens she gives head to the remaining men. Each will take turns in her ass and pussy, as she will fulfill a dream to have nine hot men fuck her on a football field. Angelina screams as each male has ravaged her ass, cumming either inside or on her cheeks and back. Finally after she has given head to Spyder, she stands up on wobbly legs and states that she wants to play in the next game after and have a mixed male team that includes Spyder and Jedi master. The seven others wonder why and she explains that they gave her the best sex she ever has experienced. The ladies join the conversation and also add their displeasure with the entertainment male lovers.

Angelina and the ladies are informed that they will defend their title against a new group of actors, singers and announcers to be selected by the organizers of this game, Jedi master and Spyder. With that in mind the group splits up, Lila and Jedi master decide to share a hotel, while Spyder and Alyssa have agreed to meet soon. As for Chely she knows that an interview in Winnipeg is in the future, so her pussy will have it’s fill soon. Leeza kisses the men and leaves the field wanting to fuck someone tonight. Spyder takes her by her hand and leads her to his hotel…

The End

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