Celebrity Fuck Party

Celebrity Fuck Party

By The Notorious CAG

Staring: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alexa Vega, Diane Lane, Brad Pitt, Jack Black, and 5 non-celebrities

Codes: M+F+mf+, cons, oral, anal, pedo, inc


To state the obvious no one under 18 should read this, and the characters are not representative of the actual people. Also this is a bisexual story that includes guys screwing other guys. Straight people should still enjoy it since its 95% straight and lesbian sex. I myself am a straight man. It’s my second story and welcome feedback. Now on with the story.

Alexa Vega and her friend
Cassie, both 15, were the first to arrive at the glorious mansion. The Spy Kids costar had never been here before. It was fairly old fashion and gothic in its structure. It wasn’t the biggest house in Hollywood, but would be far adequate for all that would arrive. The three story building was located on a pretty site of Elks and Redwoods, with glorious gardens in the front, and grassy hills around the back. Alexa and Cassie, admiring their surroundings, stumbled up the pathway and rang the doorbell.

A butler of around 50 answered the door. “Miss Vega and friend, yes, please follow me,” he said, leading them to the sparkling curved stairs, up one story, and down a hallway to the home’s master bedroom. It was a glorious gold painted room with two king sized beds right next to each other. Each bed was covered with sparkling sheets of many different bright colors, with shapes that didn’t make sense similar to something Picasso might have done. Three great painting of landscapes and everyday people covered three sides of the room. A table by the wall between the beds and a large shelf in the corner were all else that was in the room. It was obviously a place meant for fucking and sleeping and nothing else. “The others shall be here shortly. Shall I start you ladies off with some drinks,” asked the butler. Alexa asked for an ice tea, while Cassie got lemonade.

Cassie was Alexa’s good friend for a few years going now. She was blonde and very sexy. A little taller than Alexa she had ripe 32C tits and a great round ass on her fairly thin body. Alexa was smaller at about a 30B but had an equally killer ass. Both girls were pretty and could turn anyone on.

“Alexa, you know who all is going to be here?” asked Cassie.

“Like I said before I just know that Jennifer has arranged this thing. She promised some famous hunks. I think she wanted to surprise people by not telling who was coming,” replied Alexa.

“Jesus Christ I’m all for surprises. That kind of makes it more exciting.”

“Yeah, I just hope they didn’t invite someone really fat or old.”

Both chuckled at her comment as the Butler came in with their drinks. As they started sipping away they notice two others had arrived. Brad Pitt walked in followed by Jack Black. Brad Pitt clearly caught the eyes of the two young ladies obviously more than did Jack. Jack despite having a lot of facial hair and being a bit chubby didn’t turn them off. Brad, however, was the greatest hunk in Hollywood. His looks and figure combined to something that was basically unmatched. He was in a league of his own, yet seemed to always find the time to fuck the common folk. Both men were dressed in jeans and humorous shirts.

The young ladies clearly wanted to rip off Brad’s jeans and shirt right there, but the deal was to wait until 2:30 PM to start. The four started up a bit of a conversation, as Brad and Jack both ordered beers. The amount that Alexa and Cassie talked was limited to a few words at a time due to their still star struck emotion. Jack broke the ice with a few jokes about the latest celebrity scandals, and Brad told Alexa how much he liked Spy Kids and how hot her friend looked.

It was now 2:20, ten minutes until liftoff, and a knock on the door came once again. In came Diane Lane, her 10 year old son Nick, and her 12 year old niece Elizabeth. Diane, 38 years old, had to be one of the hottest older stars out there. The Unfaithful star was a beautiful brunette with a great figure. She was stunning in a black skirt and a white sleeveless top. Diane was delighted at finding who was there. She did meet Brad once, and actually screwed Jack a couple times. Alexa and everyone else coming she met for the first time. Diane ordered a Vodka Tonic and got the kids a couple of apple juices.

Diane introduced everyone to her son and niece. Nick was the shortest one there but almost seemed the most excited. He was a cute little blonde boy with a most adorable bottom. Elizabeth was a brunette who was just under Alexa’s height, and was had a somewhat developed A cup chest and just an okay ass. Alexa and Cassie were relieved they’d probably be the hottest and prettiest young girls at the party, though they still wanted a piece of Elizabeth.

It was now two minutes till they could start. Seven were there and three more were expected to show. They chatted delightfully about what was going on in their lives. Jack, maybe the most unattractive there, was the most lively and funniest converser. Some seemed a little worried they may have to start without everyone arriving.

Just at the last minute in walked the amazing Jennifer Love Hewitt along with a man and woman both in their mid to late 20’s. Jennifer, the organizer of the party and owner of the house, was an amazingly hot and beautiful brunette; her tits being a particularly amazing D cup. She was wearing very short jean shorts and a black tank top under which everyone could see she had no bra. She introduced everyone to Katie and Mark. Katie, a redhead, was a chubby kind of short girl, but had a body to die for with amazing tits of at least a DD cup, and a bobbling ass that stuck out. Mark was a tall strong black man, with a great muscular figure. Jennifer couldn’t have picked two better fits in an already strikingly diverse gathering. Jennifer quickly scanned the faces making sure everyone who was supposed to be here was in fact so, then said, “well if they’re no objections we might as well start.” There were no objections, just urges to get this thing on.

So there they were; the five celebrities and five regular people of this Celebrity Fuck Fest. This was the fifth one of these kinds of group get-togethers that Jennifer had hosted. All previous ones also had both celebrities and non-celebrities, and were exclusive to a certain kind of person. You have to be known as a good fucker among other things. No premature ejaculator or forceful beater was going to ruin it for her and the rest of the party. Age was obviously not a factor as Brad and Nick were separated by 30 years.

There was no time for anyone to waste. The tradition, explained to those unaware by Jennifer, was to start off by rolling deice and getting paired with those that rolled the same number. After that it would be a kind of free flow from one person to another. Anyone could leave when they wanted as long as they stayed at least a half hour. Alexa ended up rolling the same numbers as both Diane and Mark. Another threesome was created with Brad, Nick and Cassie. Finally Katie and Jack were paired, as were Elizabeth and Jennifer. The four males and six females were about to have one of the greatest orgies of their lives. Everyone started to strip down to various stages of undress.

On the first bed Alexa and Diane wasted no time in pulling Mark’s pants down and getting a good look at his big black cock. It was a striking 9 inches and thick dick. Diane and Alexa, now in their underwear, took turns sucking on the big shaft and licking his balls. At the same time they would make out with each other in between sucking.

Right beside them Jennifer and Elizabeth were in the 69 position with Elizabeth on top. Jennifer licked the 12 year old slightly hairy slit from bellow, while Elizabeth licked and fingered the clean shaved pussy of the incredibly hot celebrity. Jennifer was a master pussy licker, and Elizabeth wasn’t bad for someone so young.

On the second large bed the second of two threesomes were in byway heaven. Brad was doing his thing, sucking on Nick’s small prick while he fingered the hell out of Cassie’s cunt. Brad knew what he was doing and the two pleasured kids lovingly kissed and hugged right beside one another.

On the other side Katie road Jack’s surprisingly big cock. She moaned loudly as her heavy tits flopped in the wind and her great ass bounced up and down. Everyone was immensely enjoying the start of this fuck fest.

As the fucking continued there were some transitions. Alexa started to ride Marks cock facing away from him, while Diane crouched on his face to have her pussy licked. Mark loved watching the young horny slut scream and moan as her ass went up and down and as he pleasured the older slut’s ass and cunt with his tongue and fingers. Jennifer and Elizabeth were now fucking each other with a common dildo in their pussies; their legs wrapped around one another and their bodies in an upward position. Elizabeth’s tight cunt griped the sex toy harder while both moved their hips in and out in a slow sensual motion. Cassie now had two cocks in each of her tight holes; Brad was in her pussy as she road him and Nick in her asshole from behind and she loved it deeply. Katie continued riding Jack and couldn’t get enough of it.

Diane drifted away from Alexa and Mark and went over to the other threesome and asked if a cock was available. Cassie after around 10 minutes of being double penetrated decided to get off and share the cocks. Diane simply replaced her, in the same position, and got a little gangbang action herself. Her son was not new to her ass, but Brad was to her pussy. Brad’s cock actually was just the third biggest at this occasion, but he was unquestionably the most sought after guy there. She simply moved up and down tantalizingly as her son took her quickly from behind. Diane screamed at a pitch that briefly got everyone else’s attention.

Cassie went up to Mark and Alexa and asked, “May I?” Alexa happily was willing to share this treasure cock with her good friend and got off. Cassie lay back as she got her pussy stuffed with almost the entire 9 inches. Before long Cassie was screaming “fucks” and “gods” at the top of her lungs. This was the best fucking day Mark ever had.

Alexa replaced Elizabeth in the dildoe fuck and was moving back and forth as she kissed Jennifer and felt and her great warm body. Everyone here except her friend Cassie was new to Alexa, and the fifteen year old greatly welcomed the experience, maybe more for Jennifer than anyone. The dildoe felt so great for both of them as their hips rocked back and forth, and they moaned in tremendous bursts.

Soon Elizabeth was getting banged in her pussy from behind by Jack, while Katie went over and sat on Brad Pitt’s face with her ass facing Diane whom was still getting two cocks in two holes. It was a crowded yet delightful foursome scene with not one member letting up in the passion of all of it. Diane would occasionally finger the hole of the big ass right in front of her, while not for a second letting herself stay idle on Brad’s cock. Diane, in the center of the foursome, was in absolute ecstasy. Elizabeth was incredibly tight and she loved every second Jack was in her, even if he could only at most push his cock halfway in the 12 year old. He slapped her booty and made her smile, than she started to moan heavily all over again.

It was about 20 minutes into this orgy and not one participant showed signs of slowing down. There were no arguments over who would fuck who. There was absolutely no one not currently satisfied. Jennifer for her arrangement of these orgies would not take the greedy type, just the one who knew the real greatness of fucking and sharing. This looked to be one of the most, if not the most, successful fuck fests that she had organized yet.

About ten more minutes of nasty fucking passed away before positions were once again changed. This was the time where people now had the option to leave, though not surprisingly no one left yet. Brad was fucking Katie in the missionary position while he got his ass rammed by Mark’s great dick; Brad loved getting his firm ass fucked while he fucked a pussy, it was among his favorite positions. Jennifer and Cassie were in a 69 position with Jen on top, while Jack was fucking Jennifer’s asshole from behind; Jennifer loved her ass being fucked and her pussy licked at the same time, but that in no way detracted from her job of eating Cassie’s youthful twat. Little Nick was letting little Elizabeth, his close cousin, ride his cock facing him; she love Jack’s cock more but this was still nice even at just 4 inches. Finally Diane and Alexa took turns licking and playing with each other’s wet cunt; Alexa at one point getting her entire fist in Diane’s looser slit and that drove the older star nuts. The females were naturally louder, with noisiest in the room being the big chested Katie getting fucked by one of her favorite stars. By this time every woman and girl had at least one orgasm, and Jennifer Love Hewitt had three. All the guys were on the verge of cumming.

During the whole time people would take and Jack, being himself, made jokes. Moaning and outright screaming in pleasure took up most of the vocals, but the occasional sentences of getting to know one another was welcomed, particularly due to the fact that most of the people in room were strangers to one another.

The eruptions occurred one after the other. First Nick shot small loads into his cousin Elizabeth. As she got out bits of white goop dropped to his chest, which she delightfully licked all up. Not long after Mark came decent loads in Brad’s ass, and as he pulled out it dripped all on the bed. A few more minutes went by before Brad erupted in Katie’s warm pussy; load after load decorating the inside and out. Jack held off another five minutes of so before her came in Jen’s ass with three or four nice shots. Cumming in a nice ass or pussy is truly a great thing.

By then Alexa and Diane were still finishing each other off and Cassie joined in too. The two teenage friends and the late 30’s star were in a train of dildoe fucking and pussy licking that lasted a good fifteen minute or so after most of the others had left.

Jennifer thanked everyone as they left. With major aspects lasting longer than 45 minutes, the orgy was a great success. Jennifer pondered who she shall invite for the next Celebrity Fuck Party.

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