Celebrity Fuck Toys: Gywneth Paltrow

Title – Celebrity Fuck Toys: Gywneth Paltrow

Author – op223op,

Codes – MF, NC, cons, anal, mc, mast, mDom

Celebs – Gwyneth Paltrow

Disclaimer: This story is not a representation of any of the celebs mentioned and was created by my twisted mind and should not be viewed or read by anyone under the age of 18. If you like, please let it be known!

A few days after my encounter with Jennifer Aniston, I was sat in a hotel room. I had taken a few days off from using my new powers just to let myself recover, after all, I had been fucking a lot of girls since I got them. I was kinda bored, and now work had sent me away so I was sat just flicking channels, naked. Why naked? I like to be that way in hotel rooms, so sue me!

As I watched the TV, a shampoo ad came on, and my interest was peaked as I realised it was the one with Gwyneth Paltrow that had filled my head with so many naughty fantasies. She strutted around with a tiny little black dress, with one shoulder missing, and spiked high heels, and looked amazing. Her bright blonde hair was straight and she looked stunning as she walked towards the camera.

I immediately clicked my fingers and summoned the newly single Ms Paltrow to my room, wearing exactly what she was wearing in the ad. I have to admit, she looked even more stunning in real life than I thought possible, her legs just kept going, up to a slim and sultry body with decent sized tits and a great ass.

I kept staring at her ass as I moved behind her, positioning myself so she was between myself and the bed. She licked her light pink lips and shuffled slightly as I moved, her eyes locked on my rock hard cock, until she couldn’t see it anymore. I run my hands up her smooth legs, over the top of her dress to her hips. She enjoyed the sensation, tipping her head back slightly and letting out a quiet moan.

I smiled, grabbed her hips hard and pushed forward hard. The star hit the bed and bent over, I ripped her short dress up over her ass as quickly as I could, pulling the black lace thong underneath down, and rammed my cock up her arsehole. She screamed immediately, tears running down her pretty face as the true tightness of her hollywood asshole started to dawn on me, and it felt great.

“You ever been fucked in that gorgeous ass before, slut?”

“No!” she gasped “It hurts!”

“You’re going to change that. From now on, you will not wear panties or bra’s unless your requested to by the man or women fucking you. You will spread your legs for anyone who wants to fuck you, and you let them fuck your ass as much as they want, do you understand?”


Her breathing started to get under control, so I pulled back until the tip of my cock was left inside her, then started pounding her ass with all my might. It felt glorious, and even though she cried and screamed, she was starting to get off on it.  It wasn’t long before I was wanting to cum, feeling her relax really helping. I slowed down, and started giving her short, hard thrusts, so I was balls deep in her and making her yelp each time.

“Look at me” I said

She turned and looked into my eyes. Hers were slightly red and puffy from the crying, but her mascara hadn’t run that much. Her mouth was  open as she tried to get her breath back, but each hard thrust took it away again.

“Beg me to cum in your slut ass”

“Please,” she said quietly, “Please cum in my slutty ass”

“Beg me to rape your ass until I cum”

“Please rape my ass!”

“Good little anal whore!” I shouted, starting to speed up my thrusting again until I was back up to a good rhythm.

She continued to watch me as I fucked her, the tears starting to subside as she finally got used to having a cock up her butt. I could feel the orgasam approaching and braced, gripping her hips tighter and pounding away until a mighty roar of triumph erupted from me, and with one final thrust, burying my cock as deep into Gwyneth Paltrow’s asshole as it would go, I shot one of the biggest loads of my life.

I stayed in her while I regained my composure and after a minute, I pulled out with a slight pop.

“Pull your ass cheeks apart slut”

Gwyneth did as ordered, exposing her gaping hole to me as a little of my cum dripped out.

“Scoop that up with your finger and swallow it”

She did so without hesitation. Seeing a famous hollywood star perform such a dirty act was a huge turn on, and as Gwyneth licked the cum off her finger and swallowed it, I could feel my cock stirring again. But first, I had a few things to get out of the way.

“Turn around and take your panties off, then spread your legs” I said, as I sat on the edge of the small desk in front of the bed.

Gwyneth slid her thong down those long sexy legs and let it drop to the floor, then turned onto her back, climbing more onto the bed, and spread her legs, showing me her surprisingly bald pussy. She was soaking wet, meaning she enjoyed the reaming I had just given her more than I thought.

“Have you ever made a sex tape or had dirty photos taken?”

“Yes,” she said with a smile “I used to send Chris pictures when he was away, and we made some sex tapes when we first got together”

“Ever shown them to anyone?”


“You’re going to change that. You will send me a copy of all the dirty photo’s you have, slut, and any sex tapes you can”

“Yes ok”

“If I text you and it starts with the word macross, you will do whatever is in the text, as soon as you can, do you understand?”


“Good. How many times have you been fucked so you can get a part?”


I was a bit surprised by this. I knew it was a bit of a cliche for actresses to do such things for parts, but I had seen enough reports to say that it did happen. Jennifer had confirmed it for me as well.

“You have never been fucked so you can land a role?”

“No, I have sucked a couple of producers when I was starting out”

“Good little slut, did they cum in your mouth?”

“Yes, I had to swallow for them”

“Play with your pussy and make yourself cum while we talk”

Her hand moved to the soft, wet folds of her snatch, and she slowly started to rub herself. I watched her for a couple of minutes, then came up with a plan for how I was going to make her a slut.

“Good whore. Now go stand at the window and look out”

Gwyneth did as she was told and stood at the open window. To be honest, I don’t know why I told her to do this, no one could see her because time was stopped, but it give me a thrill anyway. I stood behind her again, look at that amazing body as her dress dropped back down over her ass a bit.

I slowly started to unzip the dress, whispering in her ear.

“That is a sexy dress, you look stunning in it”

“Thanks” She whispered back as the zip got to the bottom.

I slid the one shoulder strap from her arm, and she pulled it out.

“But,” I said with wicked smile, “Anal loving whores should only wear slutty dresses”

I ripped the dress down, it flowing over her smooth legs to the floor, leaving her in heels and a black lace bra which matches her thong, in full view of the window. If time hadn’t stopped, all someone had to do was look up and see one of the hottest stars in the world standing in a hotel window in nothing but a bra.

I stepped in front of her and ripped her bra open, dropping it to the floor. she stood naked as I moved to her side, leaving her to look out the window.

“Now you look correct, just slutty heels for a naked slut”

I do realise I was talking absolute bs, but it felt kinda right for the moment. I laid on the bed and got my phone.

“Make yourself cum, right there. Wish people were watching you play with yourself”

She started to masterbate almost immediately, one hand caressing her soaking pussy while the other played with her rock hard nipples. Her tits were firm and a decent size, the milky white skin off setting the light pink nipples perfectly.

I watched her for awhile, letting her cum three times, my cock rock hard each time but not letting myself touch it, that was her job. I made her change her position each time, and took a snap of her bent over a chair, close to the window, as she fingered her ass with one hand and her pussy with the other.

As she came for the third time, and I stood, walked over to her, and shoved my cock in her mouth. To her credit, Gwyneth immediately started bobbing on my shaft, getting it as deep as she could. She licked up the length of each side and sucked gently on the end before stuffing it back into one of the most amazing mouths I have had it in.

“Dam, you love to suck cock don’t you?”

“It’s my speciality” she said, popping her talented lips off my shaft for a moment before diving back in.

“Sucked a lot of them?”

“Not really, about five guys”

I smiled. “You’re going to change that. You will either find or set up a discreet gloryhole, and you will sit there and suck cock from morning to evening. Advertise it on craigslist, but do not say it is you on the otherside. Put pictures of yourself on the outside so guys can look at you while getting their cock sucked. Do you understand?”


I watched her eagerly suck my dick, until I could feel an orgasam building. It wasn’t long, she really was that good. I waited as long as I could, then pulled out, Gwyneth giving a disappointed moan as I pushed her back, but I started to jerk myself immediately and taking the hint, she moved her face closer.

“Do you love getting facials?” I asked her through laboured breath

“It’s ok, prefer to swallow” she said, staring into my eyes as she waited.

“Good slut, but when you are in the gloryhole, have them cum on your face”


A few pumps more, and I sprayed that gorgeous face with my seed. She teased the last drops from me with her mouth, swallowing it down while the rest dripped from her chin.

“Sexy little cum slut” I gasped.

She smiled sexily and gently licked and sucked my cock. Eventually I climbed on the bed and laid down, telling her to follow me. I grabbed my phone and started playing a game on it, ordering Gwyneth to lick my balls while I did so, the gorgeous blonde getting onto all fours at the side of me.

I let her do this for a good few minutes until I was sure I could recover, then I made her stand at the window again and bend over, pressing her cum covered face to the glass. I run my hands over her smooth, soft skin, down her back, the sides of those stunning legs, up her gym toned stomach to her pert tits, molesting them gently. I pulled and pinched her nipples, eliciting moans of pleasure from the actress.

After a few minutes I moved one hand down to her bald pussy, and gently moved my fingers through the soft folds. To my delight, she was soaking wet, and every touch made her moan louder. I slid my fingers into her easily, loving the feel of her hole.

“Mmm, your a horny little slut aren’t you?” I asked her

“Yes, so horny” she gasped, her face still pressed against the glass, what is left of my cum smeared across it.

My cock was hard once again, and I positioned it, then thrust into her, making her brace herself against the window. She yelped, but I pulled back and thrust again, sharp, powerful shots that made her rock on her heeled feet.

I wrapped a hand through her long, bright blonde hair and pulled hard, bringing her back to me and forcing my dick deeper into her pussy. Her hand shot to mine as I whispered in her ear, continuing to fuck the gorgeous star.

“You love this don’t you?” I asked her, “Wearing nothing but high heels at a window, covered in spunk, getting fucked so everyone can see what a cock whore you are..”

She didn’t say anything, just held onto my hand while I fucked her harder.

“Have you ever had lesbian sex or a threesome?”

“Nnn-ooo” she moaned.

“You’re going to change that. When you get chance, arrange to be a another womans submissive fuck toy. You will do anything she asks of you. You will do the same for a threesome, be it a couple, two men or two women, you will be their submissive slut, do you understand?”


I let go of her hair and grabbed her hips, starting to really pound her as my orgasam started to build. A few minutes and a guttural roar later, I was firing my seed into the surprisingly tight, hot love tunnel of Gwyneth Paltrow. I stayed in her for a minute or two before pulling out and making her eat any cum that dripped out.

For the next few hours, such as they were, I fucked her and made her do various acts of pleasure. She made herself cum by fingering her arsehole, sat in a chair facing the window and spread her legs, gently playing with herself, and cleaned me in the shower before I face fucked her hard.

I got her number from her, put her as a contact in mine and text her a few instructions for when I reverted everything back. I did text her and make sure she didn’t neglect her child in favour of getting fucked, because you know, I am not a bastard. Honest.

By the time I had had enough of Gwyneth, three loads of cum dripped from her ass and two from her pussy. Her face was covered in bits of four, the rest she swallowed or it had dripped down her body, some on the little slutty dress I made her put back on at one point. The final act I had her do was get on her knees and lick my balls, but my interest in that lasted only a couple of minutes and I started time again and she disappeared.

A couple of hours later I received some picture messages. Gwyneth was naked, taking a selfie in a large mirror in a very large bathroom in one, while the next couple were of what appeared to be a freshly shaved pussy. A couple more came through of her in various states of undress and sexy lingerie, but it wasn’t until a few days later that I received the messages I really wanted.

The first was a pic of Gwyneth’s beautiful face, which wouldn’t be very unusual apart from the small line of white goo trailing from the side of her mouth. The next was pretty much the same shot, but this time the line of white went from the top of her mouth, up the side of her nose, to her forehead and into her hair.

The next message was a video, and immediately made my cock hard. It showed a slightly awkward angle, but was definitely hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow sucking a large black cock through a hole in the wall. The next few hours had me receive various pictures and videos of her sucking cock and steadily getting a bigger and bigger facial. About half way through I made her set the phone down behind her so I can watch the naked slut suck cock after cock until they came in her face and mouth.

Finally, I had one last message, depicting the perfect blonde smothered in white goo. Her eyes were almost glued shut and it dripped from her nose, chin and brow. Her chest and tits were covered in it, as was her hair. I text her back and told her to make it so she could see again, then drive home with the rest still on her body. I immediately started flicking through the pics and wanking myself stupid.

A couple of days later I started to receive a few more messages, this time of Gwyneth on her knees in nothing but high heels, her hands handcuffed behind her back. She was looking very submissive, and the next few shots were of her being spanked by a brunette women in a leather outfit and knee high boots, before she ate the unknown womans pussy. Naturally, I jerked off to these images several times.

Soon after, with a steady stream of pics from both Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, I decided to make a list of celebrities I needed to add to my collection. The list became quite long, quite fast, but since I literally had all the time in the world, it was certainly feasible. The first person on my newly created list had been a long time favourite just like Jennifer and Gwyneth, and so I started to plan what I was going to do with the rather sexy Myleene Klass.

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