Celebrity Fuck Toys: Jennifer Anistion

Title – Celebrity Fuck Toys: Jennifer Anistion

Author – op223op,

Codes – MF, NC, cons, anal, mc, mast, mDom

Celebs – Jennifer Aniston

Disclaimer: This story is not a representation of any of the celebs mentioned and was created by my twisted mind and should not be viewed or read by anyone under the age of 18. If you like, please let it be known!

Jennifer Aniston coughed a bit as I pushed her head further down onto my rock hard cock. Her warm, wet mouth felt amazing, and my pleasure was increased as she used her tongue to lick around the meat filling her sexy mouth. Her eyes looked into mine and I gave her an approving nod, immediately she smiled and went back to deep throating me.

How did I, a normal guy, end up with one of the sexiest women in the world on her knees stuffing my dick into her mouth I hear you ask? Well as stupid and cliched as this may sound, I actually found a magic lamp! Crazy huh? Inside the lamp, as is the way, was a Genie, who granted me a few wishes.

After using some wishes to make life a bit easier (don’t look at me like that, tell me you wouldn’t do the same dam thing!?!?), I indulged my pervy side. I wished that by clicking both my fingers I could stop time for everyone but myself. While this was happening, if I went up to any women and touched between their legs, they would wake up and ignore everything except wanting to fuck me and pleasure me in anyway I desire, when I clicked both fingers again everything would return to normal and they would have no memory of fucking me, just an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and happiness (I am not that much of a bastard).

This proved immensely fun, and I used it to fuck various women at work, friends, friends girlfriends and random sluts in the street. One particular highlight was having all of the hottest women at my office naked, bent over the conference room table, watching as one of them sat in the middle of the table and played with herself while I went down the line and rammed my cock up their asses. That was a good day.

But I knew I could take it one step further, so I used a wish to allow me the ability to summon any women I wanted, wearing whatever I wanted, to my location while time had stopped. Again they would only be filled with the desire to please me, and so I was able to start using celebrities as my fuck toys.

Just prove I am not a total dick, I used my last wish to grant whatever the genie desired most, which was all very Aladdin because he wanted to be free, so that was that and I haven’t seen him since, but my new powers remain.

So after watching Horrible Bosses, I clicked my fingers and summoned Jennifer Aniston, dressed exactly as she was in the scene in her office. Which is to say, black high heels, stockings, garter, panties and a doctor’s coat covering those gorgeous tits. She stood in front of me and my cock instantly hardened, she was even sexier in real life than I thought possible.

“You’re a sexy thing aren’t you?” I asked her.

She smiled and bit her bottom lip “Do you like my outfit?”

“Very much, but the coat would look better on the floor.”

The coat instantly came off, and her perfect tits were on full display. Her nipples were rock hard, the flawless skin around them off setting the light pink, and I couldn’t take my eyes from them. I stood and walked over to her, those beautiful eyes fixed on the erection straining at my boxers until I got close. Pulling her closer, I kissed her, our tongues probing each others mouths and my hands slid up the smooth skin of her back. Jennifers hands stroked gently down my stomach before reaching into my boxers, expertly stroking and rubbing my cock slowly, teasing me with how good she would be.

As my hand reached her long brunette hair, I pulled back hard, breaking the kiss and making her wince. Those gorgeous tits bounced and she stepped back slightly and I stared into her eyes.

“You’re a hot cocksucker aren’t you?” I asked

“Yes, I love it”

“Then why isn’t my cock in your mouth you little slut?”

Immediately Jennifer dropped to her knees, pulling my boxers down and kissing my bell end. It felt amazing, not just because I have one of the worlds hottest stars as my personal fuck toy, but also because she was a gifted blowjob giver. She licked up my shaft, long slow licks that sent a shudder through me, her eyes looking up to gage my reaction, which of course made her look super sexy.

Her hands stroked my dick slowly with one and gently kneaded my balls with the other as she swirled the tip over her lips teasingly, before sliding in to her mouth. Jennifer started to bob up and down slowly on my member, steadily getting faster. For my part, I pushed my hips forward to get a good view of my cock sliding in and out of the Friends star’s mouth. I could feel her flick the tip with her tongue, but before long I also could feel the back of her throat.

“Loose the hands slut” I said, and she immediately let go of my cock and balls.

I put both hands on her head as she continued to bob, getting me closer and closer to orgasam. As she pulled back, I put pressure on and she moved slowly down my member, inch by inch, getting it deeper into her mouth. She coughed as I pushed her further down my rock hard cock, my pleasure increased as she used her tongue to lick around the meat filling her sexy mouth. She looked into my eyes and I gave her a nod, smiling, she went back to trying to deepthroat me, I forced her head down and her eyes started to water. I told her to relax and she did of a fashion, finally allowed me to push past her throat and impale her fully.

Now I am not the biggest guy in the world down there, but it isn’t small either, so this was quite a feat for the celebrity slut. I held her there for a few seconds, long enough for her to start to struggle and push away, then a few seconds more, before letting her go. She freed herself, coughing and spluttering, spit dripped over her chin onto those perfect tits.

I gave Jennifer a second to recover, then grabbed her hair again and pulled it back so she was looking up at the ceiling of my living room. I loomed over the topless star, my cock inches from her face.

“How many cocks have you sucked to get parts bitch?” I asked

“Just six” she replied through laboured breathing. I watched her rock hard nipples rise and fall with each gasp of air, before reaching down and playing with her right one.

Her tits felt amazing, her skin soft and firm, which is very impressive for a women of Jennifers age.

“Did they cum in your face or did you swallow?”

“I had to swallow”

“Good girl. Did they fuck you too?”

“Yes most of them”

“Good slut, your a real hollywood whore aren’t you?”


“Do you like guys cumming in that beautiful face?”

“It can be fun”

At this point I started to stroke my cock.

“Play with yourself”

She started to rub her breasts with one hand, pulling and tweaking the nipples, while the other slid down her gym toned and flat stomach to the soft fabric of her panties. I watched her make small circles over the material, eliciting excited moans from the star. I let go of her hair and re-adjusted so I was facing her, wanking myself quicker and quicker, waiting for my first opportunity to cover Jennifer Aniston in hot spunk.

My jerking got faster as her moans and groans got louder, and as I felt my orgasam build to the point of no return, I pushed my hips forward and aimed for one of the most famous faces in the world. Jennifer opened her mouth at the same second as I came, the first shot of cum firing straight into her throat. She started to play with herself harder as I continued to cum, rope after rope of sticking white goo splashing her face, a line of it spraying up the side of her nose and into her hair. The rest covered her lips, cheeks and forehead. When I had finished, I grabbed her head and pushed it onto my cock again, watching with pleasure as the cum covered star sucked the last bit of cum from me.

When she was finished, she looked up at me, still covered in my seed.

“Stand up, you sexy cum slut” I said

Jennifer stood, her heels making her just a bit shorter than myself.

“Now, go over to the sofa,” she walked across the room, I stopped her just before she got to the big comfy couch on the back wall, “now bend over and slowly remove your panties”.

Jennifer did as ordered, bending over at the waist and hooking her thumbs into the edges of the light pink panties. Slowly she pulled them down, exposing one of the most perfect asses I have ever seen, before sliding them down her sexy, stocking covered legs and letting them fall to her ankles.

“You spend a lot of time like that don’t you? bent over with your panties around your ankles…”

“Not really,” she said, “I don’t get fucked that often”

At this time I should point out I used a third wish to truly make my every perverted whim come true. This consisted of gaining the ability to make the women I fuck do anything I tell them to in real life, kinda of like hypnosis, but without Paul Mckenna. All I have to do is say ‘You’re going to change that’ and whatever I tell them next they will do when they are returned to normal.

“You’re going to change that. From now on, you will no longer wear panties or bra’s unless asked to for a role or by the guy or girl fucking you. You will do any sexual act that someone asks of you, apart from scat. You will happily fuck women and you will become a real slut, fucking anytime you have the opportunity. You will also love to have guys cum in your face, and fuck your ass. Do you understand?”

Why the big list of orders? Well I am a pervert, and I believe women need to embrace sex more. A lot more. I love the idea of seeing smoking hot girls in short dresses, knowing full well they do not have panties or bra’s on underneath, it is a massive turn on. I used this rule on girls I am around everyday, and it gives me a real thrill to see my sister in law not wearing underwear, as well as the girls at work. As for everything else, I like to give facials.

“Yes I will do all of that”

“Good slut, now climb on the sofa and stay bent over with your ass facing me.”

She did as I asked. Cum dripping from her chin and nose as she climbed on and bent over, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy and gorgeous arsehole. I pulled the panties from around her heels and sat on the table in the centre of the room, wrapping them around my cock.

“Make yourself cum” I said.

She turned slightly to watch me as I started to stroke my cock with her panties, reaching her hand over her gorgeous ass and sliding a finger between the soft folds of her pussy and up over her asshole. I could tell she was soaking wet, the line of pussy juice shining in the light from the window behind me. Jennifer did this same thing a couple of times before pushing one finger inside herself, arching her back and neck, letting out a quiet moan as she started to slowly fuck herself.

My dick was getting harder by the second as I watched, the soft fabric of her panties feeling great, though not as great as her mouth. Jennifer switched, leaning further down and pushing her ass higher, moving her hand down her stomach and between her legs so I could get a great view of her frigging herself. She was smiling as she moaned and groaned, her breathing getting heavier and heavier.

“You love being watched while you masterbate don’t you you little whore?” I asked as I continued to jerk.

“Yes” she stammered.

“Do you want me to fuck you? are you dying for me to use you like the slut you are?”

“Yes! Yes! make me your slut!”

“Do you like playing with your pussy while covered in my spunk, cumslut?”

“Mmmm yes!”

I smiled. “Good, are you close?”

“Yes! I am cumming!!” she screamed.

Her hand was a blur over her clit as her orgasam ripped through her. Jennifer’s body convulsed as the gorgeous star released, her spare hand shooting to her tits to play with her nipples as she covered her other hand in pussy juice, sliding her fingers inside as she continued to cum.

I threw her panties to the floor and stood up, my member now back to full hardness. Taking the two steps towards the star, I took hold of my tool, positioned it at her pussy and thrust forward. Jennifer’s breath was taken away momentarily as my cock slid into her to the hilt, my balls slapping against her clit. I sat buried in her for a second, before taking hold of her hips and starting to drill her. I wasn’t slow, building to a fast rhythm as quickly as I could, closing my eyes and trying not to cum.

Her pussy was tight, not the tightest I ever had, that title goes to a innocent looking twenty year old from my work who I turned into a horny cumslut, but more than tight enough. Jennifer was struggling to breath as I pounded her cunt, going so fast that the pleasure coursing through her body was almost too much to bare.

“Oh fuck! oh fuck!” she started to scream “I am cumming again!”

I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back to me, forcing my cock deep as my spare hand went to her right breast, pulling and twisting her rock hard nipples. I felt her pussy start to milk my cock, getting tighter as she covered it in pussy juice. I looked at her face, my spunk starting to dry despite the sweat covered her gorgeous body.

“You love getting fucked hard don’t you?” I asked her

“Y…Yes,” she said through laboured and heavy breathing “Yes I do”

All the while I continued to fuck her, inching closer to cumming with each passing second. I threw her back down, then realised I had yet to do one thing. I stared at her exposing, pink asshole and licked my lips.

“Have you ever been fucked in that sexy ass of yours, slut?”

“No,” her breathing still hadn’t settled back to normal “I haven’t done that before.”

“So you sucked dick for parts but never got fucked in that gorgeous ass?”


“But you love to get fucked in the ass don’t you?” This was a test to see if my instructions had taken.

“Yes I do”

I grinned “Good whore”

I pulled out of her soaking wet pussy and started sliding my rock hard member over the entrance to her back passage, using her own lubrication to moisten her hole. She seemed to enjoy that, giving out slight coo’s and low moans. Once I was satisfied it was nicely soaked, I took hold of my cock and slowly pushed it into her waiting asshole.

Fuck me, it was tight, so tight I had troubling getting it in at first, despite all the natural lube. Eventually her sphincter gave way though and the head of my cock slide in. Jennifer let out a load moan, sounding more like her breath had been taken away. I could see she was in some pain, so I gave her a few seconds to get used to having a dick in that hole. Once she started to relax a bit, I reamed the celebrity slut impaled on my cock.

I shoved forward, burying my member deep into her, my balls hitting her still wet snatch. I didn’t let up, instantly pulling back and firing forward again, until I started to build up a good pace. For her part, Jennifer Aniston was crying, yelping with every thrust, but lust had taken over me and I just continued, even when she started begging me to stop. In fact, that just spurred me on more.

“Rub your clit and tits you anal slut!” I shouted at her.

Immediately she did as ordered, soon getting used to her reaming as she started to get off. I had firm hold of her hips and it didn’t take long for me to get very close to blowing my load.

“Huh, I am going to cum,” I grunted, “Do you want it in your ass or your face?”

“FFF…Face” she gasped, still trying to get a handle on the pain.

I gave one last, hard thrust, slamming her forward, before pulling out and admiring the gaping hole she now had.

“On your knees!”

She dropped to floor as I started to jerk, aiming for that gorgeous face that I had some many times thought about doing this to. After a couple of pumps, my orgasam ripped through me and I sprayed her, covering my drying load from last time with a second. Jennifer was still playing with herself as I shot string after string of hot white cum over her for a second time. When I was finished, I grabbed her head and shoved my cock down her throat.

“Yeah slut, taste your ass!” I shouted.

I held her there for a couple of seconds, then pushed her back hard. She fell back on her ass, giving me a good view of her stunning body. I told her to spread her legs and make herself cum as I watched, and she did with in about five minutes, I even got her to finger her asshole to help her get off.

“You’re a messy, dirty slut aren’t you? covered in cum, fingering your arsehole like a dirty little porn star”

Jennifer said nothing, still coming down from her orgasam.

“Have you ever made a sex tape?” I kinda knew the answer, but I have been wrong before.

“Yes,” she nodded, “but I made sure it got deleted not long after”

“Have guys taken lots of photo’s of you doing nasty things like a slut?”

“A few, but I always get them deleted”

“You’re going to change that. If any guy takes a video or photo of you doing anything sexual I want a copy, and you will not have them deleted. Do you understand?”


“Thats a good cumslut,” I handed her a pen and a bit of paper “Write down your mobile phone number and if I text you and it starts with the word macross, you will do whatever order I give you, understand?”


“Good girl, now sit on the sofa and wait further orders”

Jennifer did as she was told and I sat next to her. I needed a breather, so I got my phone, told her to spread her legs and took a photo, added her number and used that pic as her contact pic. I then text her some instructions for when I restarted time, put the phone away and got out a book.

Don’t worry, as I started to read, I made her lick my balls while occasionally fingering her ass, which she was starting to get into. Once I was ready to get back to it, I used the next couple of hours (such as time is a thing here) to thoroughly use Jennifer Aniston.

I had her ride me, fucking her ass while she played with her nipples. I had her stand up, then bend over with nothing to support her and fucked her pussy, and had her blow me twice. By the end of my time with her, I had covered her face in four loads and fired one each into her pussy and asshole.

Jennifer came so many times I lost count, and could barely stand to look in the large mirror on the wall by the end of it. She managed it, as I stood behind her, running my hands up the smooth skin of her gorgeous body, tweaking her nipples, rubbing her full breasts and sliding a finger into both holes, gently, almost tenderly.

“Look at yourself in the mirror.” I whispered in her ear. “You look amazing, covered in cum, wearing nothing but stockings and high heels. You’re a real cumslut, spreading your legs for anyone who wants to fuck you. You love being a whore don’t you?

“Yes. I love it” Jennifer couldn’t help but stare at her own body, naked apart from stockings and heels, her beautiful face and tits covered in my drying seed.

“I look forward to watching your exploits unfold you little slut”

With that, I clicked my fingers and Jennifer, her clothes and any evidence I had just fucked one of the hottest stars in the world vanished into the ether. Time started up again and I got dressed, and returned to watching an awards show on TV.

I smiled as I watched Jennifer, her hair now back to slightly dark blonde with highlights, as she walked the red carpet in a long red dress with a big slit in the skirt showing off her sexy legs. I could see she was very happy, a big grin on her face and I could tell that the immense feeling of pleasure had taken over her. This means that even though she doesn’t remember being used as my fuck toy for the last couple of hours, she knew she felt amazing for something.

The camera moved away to another celebrity, but as Jennifer neared the door it switched to another and I saw her remove her phone from her purse, and check the text messages. She looked up and around the braying mass of people outside the venue, gave herself a slight nod and head inside, seemingly on quite the mission.

A few minutes later, my phone went off. I picked it up and received a couple of picture messages from Jennifer. She was taking a selfie in a large mirror, wearing nothing but panties, both were pretty much the same shot. I assume some guy had convinced her to take them not so long ago and they were the only ones on her phone. The instructions I sent her said to send me any dirty photos she takes, so this just told me my orders were being followed.

I watched the rest of the awards show, taking note of future toys, until the end, when the red carpet walk began again. Jennifer walked out with confidence, blazing smile adorning that beautiful face. This time however, the nipples peaked through the thin fabric of her dress, and the faint outline of panties had gone (gotta love HD!). The orders I text her told her to remove all underwear as soon as she could, and it turned me on to realise she did it in the middle of an awards ceremony.

The show was on quite late and I ended up falling asleep. When I awoke, I had a couple more messages from Jennifer. One had her on her knees sucking a cock, still in the red dress, and the other had her on the edge of a sofa, legs spread, so the slit of her dress allowed an unobstructed view of her pussy. I smiled again and couldn’t wait for more.

I flicked on the tv, switching channels until I came across Iron Man 3. I settled in to watch just as Gwyneth Paltrow walked into the shot in a relatively short skirt and heels. I then remember a perfume ad where she wore a short little black dress and looked sexy as hell, my next celebrity would be fun.

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