Celebrity Health Spa: Ancient Longings

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: Ancient Desires

By Rinky Dink


Disclaimer: The following is a work a fiction and any similarity to real people or their actions is totally coincidental. Due to sexual situation no one under 18 should read this _ go away.

It was the annual Halloween party at the Women’s Celebrity Health Spa and well-stacked manager Tracy Thresher had thought long and hard on how to give it a sexual bent.

Of course, Tracy was born with an incredibly high sex drive so the large-breasted, superfit, wavy-haired
brunette thought of pretty much everything through a prism of sexual desire.

She finally decided to dub the theme of the party as “Beach Girl from Hell.”

That meant all the guests, who all happened to be beautiful young women, had to wear torn bikinis and a little dark eyeshadow. Some of the hardbodies didn’t bother with the bikini top to begin with and walked around the Spa with breasts exposed.

Of course that was not a problem to Tracy as she knew how to appreciate a woman’s form – and there were plenty of women who desired her form..

She had turned the Spa into was a place where hot famous women could get a good workout of both their bodies and pussies, with the emphasis on the latter tonight as women coupled and uncoupled, and then recoupled with someone else, as Tracy’s hope of the party turning into one big girl orgy came to fruition.

Tracy’s official “date” for the evening was actress Christina Ricci. Of course, everyone knew that just meant that Ricci would get to have sex with Tracy first, as no one woman could satisfy the voracious appetite for sex that Tracy had.

The two used to be a couple and Christina had not taken the breakup well. Tracy had heard how she was now cutting herself with razor blades to prove she was ‘tough enough’ and help her forget the constant stream of great sex she used to receive from Tracy, who besides being a knockout was a veritable sex machine in the sack.

Tracy had recently decided to become a part of Christina’s life again for her own good and she made sure to include the super cute, big-busted actress in all the ménage a trois’ she had during the party.

By midnight, most of the bikini strings were broken from all the sex its wearers had done and the partygoers were all pretty much naked as their bodies gleamed with sweat and cum from hour upon hour of sex.

“This is, as usual, an awesome party Tracy, thanks for letting me bring my little sister this time, but let’s take a little break from the sex,” said Jessica Simpson. “We need to hear your annual scary Halloween story.”

“We do?” said Tracy as she lifted her head out of Ashlee’s sopping wet cunt. “Who needs a break with all these pretty pussies I haven’t tasted yet.”

“You don’t but we do,” said Shannen Doherty. “We’re not in your kind of shape Tracy and can have sex 24/7. We want a story, you tell them so well, then more sex. That’s the deal.”

“Yeah,” said Charlize Theron, who was on top of a cheerleader from the local high school and was wiggling her butt-plugged ass in the air. “Story time, then more sex time. I’m not having sex with you until you tell a story.”

Several other girls chimed in with the same threat, not allowing Tracy to eat them out unless she told a Halloween story. Tracy didn’t take their threats seriously; the day Charlize Theron walked out of the Spa with Tracy’s tongue not having been in her would be the first.

But she did want to be a gracious host, and many of the women at the party were long-time Spa members as well as some of her favorite girls to lick. Her assistant Connie always reminded her she was running a business, not her own personal sex ring – although the Spa was basically one and the same.

“OK, OK, one second,” said Tracy as she buried her face in Ashlee Simpson’s slit one last time and after a couple flicks of her tongue on Ashlee’s clit sent the young singer screaming as an orgasm coursed through her.

Ashlee’s shouts brought everyone’s attention to the area and soon women who had been writhing all over the Spa floor began uncoupling and scurried over when word Tracy was going to tell her annual Halloween story came around.

Tracy’s stories were always fun, and sexy, and the many of the girls savored the details in their head for later on when they were alone and needed some inspiration when they turned the vibrator on.

“You know the rules, no sex when I talking but heavy petting is allowed,” said Tracy.

“Goody,” said Christina Ricci, who was sitting next to Tracy and immediately began fondling Tracy’s sumptuous, juicy breasts.

“Well, that puts me in the mood,” said Tracy after a light sigh. “Now, any requests?”

“Definitely lots and lots of lesbian sex,” said Shannon Elizabeth who was flicking model Heidi Klum’s clit at the moment.

“No lesbian vampires, been there, done that,” said Klum. “But make sure Charlize Theron is in it, that image will get me hot for the rest of the year… and my new sex buddy Shannon too.”

“And you and Christina have to be in it,” shouted Nikki Hilton. “I want a sexy story with girls who also have big boobs.”

“Well, we know you and your sister won’t be in it then,” said Doherty meanly.

“And neither will you,” responded Hilton tartly.

The rest of the girls laughed, as Nikki and Shannen had been making out with each other like rabbits all night and knew they were just teasing.

“Alright, I think I’ve got it,” said Tracy. “A scary story with lots of lesbian sex featuring me and Chris here and Charlize and Shannon Elizabeth, but does not involve vampires.

“Just remember the deal girls. I do this and no one leaves this party until I’ve had my tongue in you.”


Tracy wasn’t much for culture, unless you counted having sex with ballerinas, but her friend Christina Ricci didn’t want to go to the “Women of Ancient Egypt” show at the Los Angeles Museum alone so they had struck a deal.

Tracy would accompany her and then they would go to Tracy’s house. Christina would put on a strap-on and for the rest of the night plunge it relentlessly into Tracy’s rear for a night of anal pleasure.

At least the tour guide was a cute blonde, thought Tracy, as they made their way to the next exhibit. Maybe Chris and me can double-team her before we leave.

“This is the big feature of the whole tour,” said the chipper blonde as she pointed to an upright sarcophagus and display tables festooned with golden jewelry. “This is a very recent find. This is the tomb of Princess Saphedes. Her rule was known as the “Time of the Golden Delta” and she ruled Egypt around 400 B.C.

“There is an air of mystery about her that historians hope to figure out from these artifacts. No one knows what the Golden Delta was and she is the only known ruler of ancient Egypt never to have married. She was apparently extreme popular with the women of the country but after eight years of power there was an uprising among the men in her army and she was overthrown and killed for reasons we do not know.”

Looking at the face and body carved into the sarcophagus, this Saphedes chick was a hottie, thought Tracy, as she had a beautiful copper-toned face and the tan body just seemed to be curves upon curves. Tracy felt Christina squeeze her hand and smile, she was thinking the same thought, if we were ancient Egyptians, we’d do her in a second.

…. Tracy was glad when the tour was over. Yeah, she was grateful for Christina injecting some culture into her fitness and sex-obsessed life but she was now definitely up for some anal.

She saw Christina talking to the tour guide and Christina then came over to Tracy with a big smile on her cutiepie face.

“Trace, Mindy here, that’s the guide, said this place is closing for the day but we can have an exclusive look at the Princess Saphedes collection if we want to hang around,” said Christina. “We can even handle the jewelry. She has the keys to all the displays.”

“Oh, thrills,” said Tracy sarcastically, more dead people stuff.

“Well, I told her my friend, and I pointed you out, the girl in the short-shorts with the boobs spilling out of her t-shirt, might be tough to keep here afterward unless she had some incentive,” said Christina. “When she asked what. I told her, like, she would need to show her pussy to both of us before she showed us the collection – and then I winked.

“She just looked at you up and down, licked her lips, and said “Hell, yeah”.”


Mindy’s naked body was just as cute as her face, Tracy decided, as the threesome rolled around on an ancient Egyptian rug in the Saphedes exhibit.

The serious museum tour guide was seriously creating rivers of cum as girl sex veterans Tracy and Christina were surprised how little Mindy savagely attacked their clits and pussies with hands, tongues and at one point her foot was jammed in Tracy’s buttcrack.

Their final positioning had Mindy and Tracy in a “69” hungrily lapping at each other’s nether regions while Christina rolled between the two girls asses and gave them rim jobs.

Mindy gave a big shriek from her small body and began gushing out love juice. Feeling the liquid just triggered Tracy and when her butt began shaking it turned on Christina, whose hips began bucking as she began having her own major orgasm.

It looked like a scene from the most decadent times of the Egyptian empire as the three women bounced and shouted and continued to spout on the rug from antiquity.

“I apologize Chris, history can be fun,” said Tracy who as the most fit was the first to be able to stop panting.

“And teaching history is awesome,” said Mindy with a smirk. “This is the most fun summer job I’ve ever had – now.”

“Well Mindy, if you would like to learn the history of the dildo, Tracy has a large collection of them from many eras at her place in Malibu,” said Christina. “And her exhibit is completely interactive, if you know what I mean.”

“Man, don’t you guys ever take a break from sex,” said Mindy. “Luckily, I’m on my college swim team so I’ve got the stamina to keep going for a little longer. Just let me lock things up here and off we – oh shit.”

The three naked girls were standing up at this point and Mindy was staring with wide eyes at the now cum-soaked rug that reeked of girl sex. Tracy and Christina thought Mindy was going to cry.

“What’s wrong Mindy, just send the rug to the cleaners, I have a daily service at the health club I manage because we’re constantly soiling the rugs,” said Tracy.

“You don’t understand,” said Mindy. “This rug is thousands of years old, it won’t stand up to a washing. How could I have been so stupid. When my bosses see this I will be in so much trouble. And I need this job to pay for college.”

“Is there anything we can do?” asked Christina.

Mindy bit her lip and pouted for a few seconds, but then her eyes got the happy glow it had when Christina and Tracy has been double-penetrating her with their tongues from the front and behind.

“The cum will dry overnight, I just have to get the sex smell out,” she said. “Let’s put the rug in Princess Saphedes’s sarcophagus. We’ll wrap it around her mummy and it will pick up that ancient old smell clinging to it from her. I’m the one opening up tomorrow so when I come in I’ll remove the rug, lay it on the floor and no one will know I was getting laid on it.”

“Brilliant plan Mindy. I like having sex with cute blondes who are smart and a good lay, we may have to give you a student-discounted membership at my spa,” said Tracy.

”Well, now that problem is solved, I have to go to the bathroom.

“You and Chris have fun with the mummy and the rug. I’ll help if you need it when I come back –and then we can get dressed and head to my house for some more fun.

“Go potty you lazy mass of ripped muscle,” joked Christina. “Why would two girls under 5-4 need help from a 5-foot-10 fitness instructor. Me and Mindy can handle things here.”


Mindy and Christina were still naked and since they would be handling a wet rug and putting it on a dusty mummy, decided to stay that way until the job was finished.

Mindy opened the sarcophagus carefully and stared at the mummified body of what had been Princess Saphedes, and thought it was pretty well preserved for being 2,400 years old, before going over to help Christina with the rug.

Despite Christina’s ribbing with Tracy, both Mindy and Christina were young and fit and handled the ancient rug with ease. They put the most soaked part across the top of the mummy and pressed the rug all over it and the sticky cum allowed it to adhere to the mummy quite well.

Mindy closed the door of the sarcophagus and her and Christina then stood a few yards away and looked back at it.

“Most sex Princess Ho has had in centuries,” giggled Christina. “I guess we better get our clothes on now, so we have something to take off when we get to Tracy’s house.”

“Strap-on city here we come,” said Mindy. “I just have to …. what the hell is that.”

There was a low rumble emanating from the sarcophagus and it got louder and louder. Suddenly, blue-tinted light began pouring of the tomb.

“What’s happening in there Mindy, I’m getting scared, you’re the expert,” said Christina.

“I don’t know, I’m a tour guide, not an archeologist,” said Mindy. “Should we go get help?”

“Too late,” said Christina as a blinding light enveloped the room and they could hear the sarcophagus door opening.

When the light finally subsided, Mindy and Christina gazed at this incredible looking women, tanned, clad in almost a fetish harem girl outfit, except the shear long bottom was held by a real gold waistband, with strips of gold that crossed over her breasts for what passed for a top, and she wore a gold headband with a large blue ruby set in the middle.

Christina thought she was looking at the most physically perfect woman she had ever seen, even slightly better looking than Tracy, and she knew exactly the age of this gorgeous apparition, 2,400 year old Princess Saphedes had come back to life, although she had the appearance of a 25-year-old.

The barefoot princess looked at the pair and seemingly glided toward them. Neither Mindy nor Christina moved a muscle, too confused and surprised to know what to do.

The princess gave a quick smile and then grabbed Mindy and gave her a deep kiss.

The kiss kept going and Christina could hear Mindy’s moans, of ecstasy or fright she could not tell. She saw sparks literally flying between their lips and wisps of smoke, or something, was flowing from Mindy’s body and into Princess Saphedes.

Mindy’s arms, which had been flailing, were now limply at her sides as the kiss with Saphedes continued.

“Where the hell is Tracy,” thought Christina. “She’d know what to do. All that cutting of myself didn’t do squat, I’m still not tough.”

Christina didn’t want to bolt and leave Mindy alone and helpless with this apparition from the past but she didn’t know what to do to help.

The razor blade! She could attack Saphedes with it and get her off Mindy. Unfortunately, Christina didn’t have it on her since she was nude, she’d have to get her handbag on top of the pile of clothes about 50 feet away.

She took one step toward the pile when she heard a soft sigh followed by a strong cry: Stop!.

Christina turned around to see Princess Saphedes releasing Mindy from her grip as she crumbled to the floor in a heap.

“What, what did you do to Mindy?” gasped Christina.

“I have taken her life force to help with my rebirth and drained her mind for its knowledge,” said the princess in perfect English. She came up to Christina and began stroking her cheek. “You have revived me with your gift of the juices of life. You will be rewarded by being one of my handmaidens but for now I must seek nourishment from your body and soul.”

Christina had no time to react as she was pulled into a kiss and her mind immediately felt like it was in a fog. She could see the sparks in the kiss moving one way, towards Princess Saphedes, and she felt something deep inside of her – her very soul? – being drained out of her as she felt weaker and weaker both physically and mentally.

The Egyptian princess’s grip was too strong to break and soon Christina felt like a helpless ragdoll in her clutches. She could feel her mind being looted of every thought and memory she ever had. Christina felt like she was being turned into a lifeless husk before she lost consciousness.


Tracy strode back to the exhibit briskly as she knew the quicker they left the museum the sooner she could spend the rest of the day having sex with the two hotties.

But when she reentered the exhibit room she stood slackjawed. A poster next to the entrance had a drawing of what Princess Saphedes looked like back in antiquity – and she was apparently standing there in the flesh!

Tracy looked down and saw the nude bodies of Mindy the tour guide and Christina Ricci laying side by side and obviously unconscious, as she watched their breasts go up and down in a steady fashion as they breathed.

“What did you do to my friends!” shrieked Tracy.

“Nothing, I would never harm another woman,” said the princess. “I just needed their kah, what you would call life essences, to make my return permanent. I now have added their memories to my knowledge.

“Which means I know all about you Tracy. Both these girls minds told me you are the one who made them seek the enjoyment of female flesh. You will make a fine handmaiden indeed for me.”

“Look, you’re like the seventh person to want to take over my mind and it always ends the same, with their demise,” said Tracy defiantly, her back straight, breasts pointed firmly at the princess, her six-packs abs flexing – although she had no clue how she would stop her. “Just let me take my friends away from here and you can go back to Egypt or whatever you want.”

Saphedes smiled, a beautiful pearly white smile. Tracy had to admit she was hot as hell but Mindy and Christina’s safety came first.

“Oh, I have no intention of keeping them here, you may take them whenever you wish, I just ask one thing,” said Saphedes. “I would like to have sex with you first.”

“Huh,” was all Tracy could get out.

“Come here my child,” as she motioned with her arm and Tracy felt some kind of pull and slowly made her way toward the princess and her two knocked out sex partners. Tracy felt like she could have resisted if she had really wanted to but there was no point, if Saphedes would really let her take Mindy and Christina she would have to come over there anyway.

Tracy now stood a few feet from the princess and her incredible beauty was intoxicating.

“As the guide told you, I never married and I surrounded myself with nothing but women, I am sure you can figure out the rest,” said Saphedes in a silky smooth voice. Tracy was embarrassed that she could feel her totally shaven mound start to get moist.

“Like you, I prefer a woman’s touch. The only males in my reign of consequence were in the army and when I made arrangements for an alliance with the Amazon warriors from the Isle of Lesbos they knew they were not for long either. They kidnapped me, put me on trial for heresy to the Sun God, which wasn’t true, and had me die by suffocation in the worst way possible.

“They pinched my nose and had the man with the biggest cock jam it down my throat. It was a horrible way to die. I so desire to make love to another woman, it has been so long and these two girls kah’s tell me you are very good at pleasuring women, so please give me a chance to enjoy fulfillment with a woman again.”

Saphedes had been eloquent and Tracy was a bit moved. Despite her rock-hard body, Tracy was a lover, not a fighter and the thought of making love to the gorgeous woman was quite enticing – plus she was not anxious to attack an ancient Egyptian princess risen from the dead who already had disposed of two healthy young women.

“If I do this, you promise I can take both Mindy and Christina out of here when we’re done,” said Tracy.

“Absolutely,” said Saphedes.

“How do I know you will keep your word,” said Tracy.

“The pharaohs and princesses of Egypt do not lie, that is for common guttersnipe, all the lands of Mesopotamia know our word is as pure as gold,” said Saphedes who looked completely insulted.

“OK, I believe you,” said Tracy. “Let’s screw.”

The pair moved to a place more in the middle of the room so during the sex they didn’t accidentally roll into the still forms of Mindy and Christina.

Saphedes took off her thin outfit and Tracy just gaped at how perfect her body was.

They just did some French kissing to start and Tracy’s mouth tingled from Saphedes’s saliva.

Soon, Saphedes was gnawing hungrily at Tracy’s luscious breasts and the flicks of her tongue were sending Tracy into sexual frenzy; and Tracy rubbed Saphedes’s firm, round butt and that turned her on even more.

Saphedes then began fingering Tracy’s clit and every touch of her skin seemed to magnify the pleasure ten-fold.

Within minutes of starting, Tracy was shouting and bucking her hips as a major orgasm hit her – and she had just spent the past three hours having sex with Mindy and Christina yet she acted like she hadn’t been layed in weeks.

“For someone who hasn’t had girl sex in 2,400 years, you’re pretty good at it princess,” gasped Tracy.

“Now, you will taste me,” said Saphedes with a devilish grin as she turned around and sat on Tracy’s face, her pussy right in front of Tracy’s mouth.

Tracy thought it was the most delectable pussy she had ever seen, the skin silky smooth, not a single hair on it and the folds glistening and perfectly shaped, aching for her tongue it seemed and Tracy began happily lapping away.

The juice leaking out from Saphedes’s slit was delicious, the best tasting Tracy had ever had, she felt, and that just made her tongue work harder as it tingled in joy.

Tracy could feel her brain gently slip into a pink fog of delight and comfort and she licked and lapped and let Saphedes’s sweet juices dance in her mouth.

To get Saphedes’s slit to juice up even more, Tracy began rubbing Saphedes’s clit. She was not surprised it was the biggest love button she had ever seen, knowing the acres of women Saphedes must have had sex with during her rule.

Tracy could hear Saphedes moan her approval and that just made Tracy’s head bob even faster to increase the pace of her ministrations to the princess’s nether regions.

Saphedes’s hips began to buck and Tracy quickly lapped up the increased flow as she became lost in the moment.

Saphedes tasted so good, she felt like she could spend the rest of her life happily licking away at Saphedes’s love canal. Tracy could not think of anything else at the moment as her tongue flicked and licked and his mind was now numb with sexual joy.

Finally, she heard Saphedes give a small yelp and that began the avalanche. Cum poured all over Tracy’s face and she was in pure heaven. She was so glad Mindy and Christina had done whatever the heck it was that had woken up Saphedes.

Saphedes’s cum was gold-tinged and Tracy lapped and lapped as more and more of the wonderful nectar flowed from the Egyptian’s slit.

Tracy’s own hips began bucking as she had yet another orgasm but nothing would remove her mouth from Saphedes’s magnificent pussy.

Finally, it was over and Tracy’s face was streaked all over with Saphedes’s golden cum. Tracy lay there in pure ecstasy, yes she was satisfied sexually but in so many other ways as well. She felt like she was at peace

Saphedes got up and remained nude, her hips glistening from the red-hot girl sex she just received from Tracy.

Her eyes were coal-black now and she had a small smile on her face.

“I am glad you enjoyed my golden delta and I am pleased to see it has the same effect on modern women,” said Saphedes. “As I said Tracy, I am a woman of my word,” and pointed to the still unconscious bodies of Mindy and Christina. “Take them away.”

Tracy simply nodded and got off the floor. She went over to the pile on a table and put on her clothes.

“Nice outfit, almost nothing,” commented Saphedes.

Tracy then found a chair with rollers and brought it over to the two slumbering girls. Her six-pack abs flexed as she gathered Mindy in her arms and placed her on the chair. She then piled on her lap her tour guide suit, which covered up her slit and breasts to anyone who might look on.

She then stuffed Christina’s clothes into her purse, the biggest article of clothing being her bra, as Christina had been wearing very little as well. Tracy’s back muscles then rippled as she bent down and pulled Christina’s body up and flipped her onto her shoulder, her arms swinging wildly for a bit before settling loosely near Tracy’s ass.

Tracy grunted a bit as she pushed Mindy, her head helplessly pitched forward resting on her uniform, with one arm while holding Christina’s lifeless form on her shoulder with the other.

As Tracy reached the opening to the main hallway she turned around.

“Your slave would like to know where to take your property to,” she said.

(to be continued)

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