Celebrity Health Spa: Ancient Longings Finale

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: Ancient Longings Finale

By Rinky Dink


Disclaimer: The following is a work a fiction and any similarity to real people or their actions is totally coincidental. Due to sexual situation no one under 18 should read this _ go away.

As she watched the beautiful figure of Princess Saphedes stride back to the main exhibit hall, Tracy turned quickly to Shannon Elizabeth, who like her, was sitting there nude after Shannon’s sexual ministrations had freed Tracy from the ancient Egyptian ruler’s spell that had turned her
into a slave.

“Well, you’re her relative, how do we stop her?” she asked.

“I don’t know. I can probably beat her in poker. That I know, not Egyptology,” said Shannon with wide eyes. “Ask Mindy, that’s her job.”

“Great, I’ll ask the chick who is so brainwashed she’s willing to die for Saphedes how to defeat her, I’m sure she won’t mind telling me,” spat out Tracy.

But the wheels began turning in Tracy’s mind. She had singlehandedly defeated foreign leaders, vampires and big corporations in the past and knew there had to be a way to beat a mystical Egyptian princess.

“I got a plan,” said Tracy. “Shannon, you go intercept Saphedes and distract her for a few minutes and I’ll get Mindy to talk.”

“How will I distract her?” asked Shannon Elizabeth.

Tracy looked up and down Shannon’s smokin’ hot and now cum-stained body.

“She thinks you are her sex slave,” said Tracy. “How do you think?”

Tracy then scrambled over to where Christina Ricci was having mad, passionate sex with Mindy, the cute blonde tour guide who was marked for sacrifice later that night.

Christina had latched onto Mindy’s pussy at this point and was sucking her clit for all it was worth, while pumping three fingers into her slit.

Mindy was laying back on her elbows, her head back in exultation as her hips continually thrusted to meet Christina’s pumping rhythm.

Tracy gave Mindy a quick smile when she approached and then latched onto her mouth and began frenching her furiously. She then began kneading Mindy’s pert, young breasts and made sure to flick the nipples.

Mindy was simply moaning at this point as she was in complete sexual heat. With Tracy now double-teaming her with Christina, it did not take long before she gave a scream and her hips began pistoning as a major orgasm was ripping into her body.

Christina grinned as she watched Mindy shriek and bounce like a beached mackerel, and turned to Tracy. “Thanks fellow slave, I want Mindy’s final hours to be pure joy,” she said.

Tracy just nodded as she waited … and waited … for Mindy to come down from her orgasm.

Finally, Mindy shook her head and her panting became not as deep, and she now lay on her side.

“You know, I never had, like, real sex with a girl before I met you guys,” said Mindy. “And now I get to leave as a true lesbian slut slave.”

“Lucky you,” said Christina.

“Hey Min,” said Tracy. “Since like, you won’t be around much longer. I want to be prepared to defend our mistress as a good handmaiden. Is there anything enemies of the princess could use here as a weapon against her.”

“Great thinking Trace,” said Mindy who leaned over and gave her a kiss. “Saphedes is all-powerful but the one thing that might stop her is the Mask of Isis. She is the goddess of desire, and when Saphedes’ tomb was found the mask was on her mummy’s face.

“Apparently, her ancient rivals we’re very frightened of Saphedes seeking retribution on them from her grave, with good reason, and felt Isis’ power would keep her in check. When the exhibit was put together, the Mask was taken off her so it could be displayed properly.

“It’s right in the middle of the third table on the left over there.”

“Great, I’ll get it right now so no one else will be able to use its power,” said Tracy.

“OK, now that’s settled, let’s get back to more sex,” said Christina who straddled Mindy and began rubbing their two pussies together as Tracy went away.

While Christina had been having all this sex with Mindy, the thought of her impending death gnawed at her.

Yes, she was a slave, and would follow Saphedes blindly but she still was at heart extremely caring. She felt her stomach getting tighter and tighter until, a minute after Tracy had left them, she suddenly felt like she was punched in her stomach.
She stopped rubbing her body with Mindy, who by this time was so blissed out on all the sex she barely noticed, and curled up into a fetal position as she felt like something was pushing itself into her, even though there was nothing visible.
It felt like, her very soul? Was being restored to her body. But Saphedes was suppose to control every aspect of her. Christina’s mind was still thoroughly under Saphedes’ spell and she was going to tell Saphedes about this occurrence so she could regain total control of her mind and body.

But she saw that the princess was busy with Shannon at the moment and that Tracy was approaching her as well, so she decided to go back to having sex with the doomed Mindy for the moment and tell her in a little while so she could be properly enslaved.


“Thank goodness I like anal,” thought Tracy as tried to as quietly as possible sneak up on Saphedes, who was busy suckling Shannon Elizabeth’s breasts at the moment.

She went over to where Mindy had indicated and found the Mask of Isis easily. It was hard to miss, as it was spotless bronze in the shape of a beautiful woman’s face.

Her problem was that since she was nude, she had no place to hide the mask when she went up to Saphedes. Tracy finally slid the mask between her buttcheeks and her iron muscles, from the many times she had gripped a strap-on there, held it tight.

She could hear Shannon blaring her devotion to the princess as she got closer.

“Oh, princess, ravage my body as it belongs to you,” she semi-moaned. “Please make me your slut puppet. I am your complete slave.”

“Good acting, better than I expected actually,” thought Tracy as she made a circle around the room to try and get behind Saphedes.

Tracy crept as stealthily as a cat and was just a few feet from her target, which she could see had now moved on to Shannon’s other breast in her mouth, while Shannon continued to talk about how much the princess owned her totally.
Tracy made a quick dash to put the mask over Saphedes and end all of this – when a hand shot out of nowhere and grabbed her outstretched arm.

“You will not harm my mistress, I obey her, all must obey her,” said Shannon Elizabeth, as Tracy saw her eyes were glowing pure gold.

“Shoot, I knew she wasn’t that good an actress,” thought Tracy as she now faced Shannon and her new slave-owner Princess Saphedes.

“Nice try, well thought out but doomed to failure,” said the princess as she snatched the Mask of Isis out of Tracy’s hand.

“Luckily, with the power I gained from draining Charlize Theron of her “kah” I can now, when needed, generate my, what you would call, ‘beams of obedience’.

“When Shannon came up to me she was acting a bit odd for a slave but when I hit her with my eye beams I found out the truth.”

“But I thought she was immune to your power because she was of royal blood,” said Tracy.

“She is immune to the effects to the drink of my Golden Delta but anyone can be hypnotized,” laughed Saphedes. “I had 22 brothers and sisters. How do you think I was able to take the throne?

“But alas, the effect does not last permanently like the Golden Delta so she can not be a handmaiden. But she will be a fun toy I can play with at my leisure when the mood strikes me.”

With a wave of her hand in their general direction, Mindy and Christina got up off the rug they had been having sex on and made their way to the threesome.

“You can try to flee Tracy but you know there is no point with my slaves here, who will fight to the death for me and my expanding power,” said Saphedes with a ‘cat who ate the canary’ grin.

“I guess you are going to force me to eat your pussy and become a slave to you again,” said Tracy with a note of defeat.

“No, you now have immunity from it, just like her,” said Saphedes pointing to the stiff-looking Shannon with the glowing eyes. “I could hypnotize you like I did her but I don’t trust you to always be in my power. You have ways of asserting your independence Tracy and you are very smart. Too smart for my liking now.”

Saphedes put the back of her hand on Christina’s cheek and rubbed it up and down.

“Too bad, for you, that you aren’t more like your girlfriend here,” said Saphedes. “She is weak-willed and soft of mind. I can tell. She will be a loyal handmaiden to me forever as she has not the necessities to break free.”

“What’s this all about princess,” said Christina, who thought somehow Saphedes had busted on her and wasn’t sure how to take it.

“I have good news for Mindy, she will not die tonight, she will live,” said Saphedes as Christina then hugged Mindy.

“However, Tracy has betrayed your mistress and can no longer be trusted. She’s a bit taller and bustier then me but a body is a body.

“Tracy will die shortly and become my corpse.”

Christina showed no emotion openly, that would be sign of disobedience to her owner, but she was not happy about this development at all. She liked Mindy but she LOVED Tracy. Facing a life without her, even the life of a slave, was not something she looked forward to.

Saphedes tossed the mask to Mindy.

“See that it gets put back eventually to its rightful place,” she said. “Go back to having sex with Christina for now. Shannon, go into the office and have sex with Charlize’s body. It might wake her up. We will need her help and we’ll have to get out of here shortly after we do what needs to be done.’

“I obey master, I will have sex with her as ordered,” said Shannon who then pivoted and walked away as Mindy and Christina, a bit haltingly, made their way back to their sex spot.

“What … what are you going to do to me,” asked a scared Tracy.

“Actually, I’m just going to give you something you always crave, an orgasm, another of my growing powers,” smiled Saphedes. “I’m sure your pussy has been fisted many times before.”

Before Tracy could respond, Saphedes right arm flicked out and entered her slit. An electrical jolt immediately went through Tracy’s body. It was a big orgasm, and almost as soon as that one subsided, another jolting orgasm rippled though her.”

And then another, and another, and another, and yet another.

Five orgasms in one minute were tough even for a sex-lover like Tracy to take and she cried out.

“What a great way to go, orgasming to death,” cackled Saphedes. “My hand is now sort of a supernatural vibrator and you will orgasm until your brain is fried and your insides melt.”

Wave after wave of orgasms flowed through her body and Tracy felt pleasure up and down it but it was just too much too fast, although her incredible thirst for sex and super-fit body allowed her to handle it as well as possible.
Tracy’s knees finally buckled as her body was now convulsing but Saphedes grabbed her shoulder to prop her up with her free hand as she grinned.

“Die bitch die,” she shouted in Tracy’s face.

Tracy tried to think of a way out but it was so hard when she was continually orgasming. Her pussy was flowing juice and her muscles were crying out for relief as they contracted and expanded so quickly due to the multiple orgasms.
She knew a normal woman would be dead by this point but that gave Tracy little consolation, it looked like her super-fitness just meant Tracy’s death would be more painful and drawn out.

Tracy’s head flopped forward as she no longer had the strength to keep it up. Her body felt like it was in meltdown and she figured the end was not too far away.


Tracy’s body tumbled forward as Saphedes’ arm no longer held her up and she then heard a ‘plop’ sound, as her pussy was now no longer engorged with Saphedes’ fist.

Tracy barely gathered the strength to lift her head — but she could not believe what she was seeing.

Princess Saphedes was on the ground struggling and flailing while Christina – CHRISTINA! – held the Mask of Isis to her face. She was on her knees over her head slamming it down on her, her large breasts that were hanging actually helping to block Saphedes from getting a good grip on Christina’s arms to tear them, and the mask, away.

Tracy snapped her boiled brain to attention and looked to see where Saphedes’ other slaves were.
She could hear Shannon Elizabeth’s slurps so she knew she was engrossed in pleasuring Charlize Theron, whether Charlize knew it or not.

But when she swiveled her head and looked the other way, she saw a very-tired appearing Mindy holding two cups of water at the exhibit entrance, obviously Christina’s excuse to get her to leave the room and let the Mask of Isis fall into her possession.

Mindy’s face quickly showed horror at her mistress’ dilemma and threw the cups in the air, as water splashed on the floor, as she ran to save the woman who had enslaved her.

Tracy was too weak to stand up but, using whatever strength she had left, like a dog on all fours, crawled to block Mindy’s path and got there just in time.

“I’ll just jump over you Tracy, I am on the Paladin College swim team, it’s no use,” Mindy looked down at her and said. Tracy knew Mindy was smaller than her but much more powerful than Christina and could pull her off Saphedes with little problem.

“Mindy, it has to end now, it must, before it gets too big and others get hurt,” pleaded Tracy. “We got you into this and I’m really sorry, me and Christina almost got you killed, please help us stop her. You don’t really want other peoples death on your conscience. I know you are a good person deep down. ”

Mindy looked down at her and twisted her mouth a bit. She then looked at the ensuing battle and saw Saphedes’ arms barely flopping at this point as Christina was clearly winning. If she did not intervene on her behalf right now, her mistress Saphedes was doomed.

When they quizzed her afterward, Mindy claimed her mind was torn, knowing what was right but Saphedes’ grip on her mind so strong she knew what her duty to her master was. She didn’t know what she would have done.
Tracy took no chances, Mindy’s indecision was enough as Tracy leapt a bit and grabbed her legs so she couldn’t move. Mindy tugged hard, and she had a swimmer’s powerful legs, but Tracy hung on as if her life depended on it – and she knew it did,

Finally, Tracy heard a bloodcurdling scream and Christina’s voice shouting: “Beaten by a modern weak-willed woman, asshole.” She saw Mindy grab her head and give a small gasp.

Mindy then looked down on the sweat-soaked and pale Tracy.

“Can you get off my legs, or we’ll never finish this tour,” said Mindy, who then bent down and gave Tracy a hug.


Tracy and Christina put back on their fetish harem girl outfits, the only clothes they had, and Mindy slipped into her tour guide uniform.

They looked at the body of Princess Saphedes, blackened and with bones showing through, like a 2,400-year-old body should be, with the bronze mask on her face.

Mindy unwrapped the blow-up doll in the sarcophagus and the three of them began binding, tightly, the body of Saphedes and carried her into her now truly final resting place.

“You can have your sex doll back now Trace,” laughed Mindy as she handed it to her.

“No, you keep it,” said Tracy as she handed it back. “Christina is my sex doll now.”

“Awww,” said Christina who ran over and buried her head in the soft pad formed by Tracy’s large breasts. “And you can have my razor blade Mindy if you want. I just threw it in the trash. I don’t have to prove anything to anybody anymore.”

“Yes indeed. You saved us, you saved us all Christina,” said Tracy as she stroked her long, straight black hair. “You are our hero and deserve a hero’s welcome. And my pussy is going to be very welcoming to you.”

“Yeah. But I’m wondering, like, I know Shannon freed you Tracy, but Christina was like me, and I was going to kill myself for Saphedes, how’d you break her spell,” asked Mindy.

“I was so upset you were going to die Mindy, my soul was restored to me,” said Christina. “And when Tracy was then going to be the one, that really threw my mind for a loop, and then when I saw Saphedes actually start to do it to Trace, that was it. No Golden Delta shit was stopping me from saving Tracy.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse us, me and Christina have to, uh, celebrate our freedom,” said Tracy slyly.
Suddenly, there were a couple of muffled shouts heard from the office on the other side of the hall.
Mindy craned her neck to see what she could from the open door.

“Hey, why are Shannon Elizabeth and Charlize Theron still having sex,” said Mindy. “They are no longer under Saphedes control.”

“You think they need an ancient Egyptian princess to brainwash them in order to have sex with each other,” giggled Christina.

“But I have to open up the museum in a couple of hours, it is the last day of the exhibit as you well know,” said Mindy.

”What’ll I do.”

“Join them,” said Tracy who then winked and gave a nod of her head in the office’s direction. “I kind of cleared it with them when you were dressing.”

Mindy peered into the room again and saw the two undulating bodies.

“Hell, yeah!,” she said, and Mindy scampered away.

“Isn’t that how we got into trouble in the first place?” asked Christina of Tracy.

“Shut up, your mouth is only for tasting my pussy, my tongue and my breasts for the next couple days,” said Tracy. “Me, and about 30 soon to be very close, very horny friends of yours.”

“Let freedom ring!” said Christina as Tracy put her hand over her mouth and led her away.


“The End,” said Tracy, who was then showered with applause from the half-circles of hot-bodied, naked girls that were ringed in front of her.

Tracy was pleased with how the Halloween story had gone.

For most of the time, she noticed most girls had an arm wrapped around the next closest girl and held her tight for comfort during the scary parts, and with their other arm dipped down below as they frigged themselves furiously through all the sex scenes.

Everyone seemed in a good mood, except Christina Ricci who sitting next to Tracy crying her eyes.

“What’s wrong Chris? You’re the star of the story and saved the day,” asked Tracy.

“Do you really think that much of me Tracy? You think I could actually be that strong, that smart,” sniffled Christina.

“Sure Chris, always did,” said Tracy as she hugged and kissed Christina. “The problem always has been you believing in yourself.”

“Well, fact repeats fiction,” said Christina as she took a razor blade out of her purse. “Excuse me, but I have to find a wastebasket.”

Tracy smiled, and then noticed Jessica Simpson was staring at her with a confused look on her face, hardly the first time she’d seen that.

“What’s up Jess?”

“Well Tracy, I was just wondering what happened to Mindy, she was my favorite person in the whole story – no offense – she was just so sweet and innocent but sexy,” said Jessica. “I know what happened to you and Christina and Shannon and Charlize, you’re all here, but I was just wondering what Mindy did after all of this happened.”

Tracy looked away from Jessica for a second as she rolled her eyes. Yeah, she was smoking hot but Tracy could see why Nick couldn’t take living with this moron anymore.

Tracy thought of telling Jessica the truth, that there was no Mindy, she was simply a fictional character that Tracy had made up in her head but decided Jessica’s wonderment might be played to her advantage.

“Well, let’s see. First, I gave Mindy a student-discounted membership to the Spa and she had lots and lots of sex. Then she went back to college and seduced a lot of her teammates on the swim team and had lots of sex with them,” said Tracy. “Then she got a job in the Bush administration and met the son of a wealthy rancher and got married and she now travels a lot, of course she’s been to Egypt a couple times, so she’s doing pretty darn well.”

“That’s nice,” said Jessica.

“OK, now back to the important stuff,” announced Tracy. “Remember the deal, you all have to sex with me when the story is over.”

There was a lot of grumbling about how late it was and how tired they were, unlike Tracy; they did not possess the unquenchable constant desire for sex and the extreme fitness to carry it out.

Tracy then quickly whispered something into the ears of Christina, Shannon Elizabeth and Charlize Theron and stood up, giving all a good look at her Brazilian.

“OK, everyone is free to leave, I’ll forgive you this time,” said Tracy with a pleasant smile.

At that moment, a busty and very cute blonde who looked to be in her early 20s appeared at the top of the steps that led to the Spa’s exit. She was wearing some kind of tight, powder blue jacket and business-like skirt and had a plastic nametag pinned to her left breast.

“Oh my god, look at the nametag, it’s really Mindy,” shouted Jessica.

“But look at her eyes, they’re glowing!,” exclaimed Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay was right, as the blonde at the top of the stairs had no pupils visible and her eye sockets continually blinked a golden color.

The mysterious blonde then raised her hand.

“I have returned from Egypt after being reunited with my owner and master, Princess Saphedes,” she said in a monotone voice. “She has once again been brought back to this earth and will need additional handmaidens and slaves to serve her.

“She will be here shortly to begin all of your enslaving processes. There is no purpose in resisting, all present will drink from her Golden Delta.”

“I thought it was a story!” said a panicky Shannen Doherty as she turned to Tracy.

“It was, a non-fiction story, sorry but we’re all pretty much screwed at this point, she knows my and Shannon Elizabeth’s weaknesses now,” said Tracy as she shrugged her shoulders.

“Run for your life ladies!” shouted Shannen and among screams and wails the party members poured through the door opposite the stairs. The door was quickly locked as the desperate clicks could be heard throughout the room.

The blonde beauty with the glowing eyes made her way down the stairs and then straight to Tracy, who was the only one left besides Shannon Elizabeth, Christina and Charlize.

“What’s going on,” asked Christina in a shaky voice. “You said to just sit tight and not say anything when all hell broke loose.”

“She’s … she’s not going to hurt us is she?” said a slightly nervous Charlize.

The blonde nymphet turned to Charlize and gave her a smile. “I’m not usually into S & M but for you I could learn,” she said and then laughed.

The blonde then tilted her head back and undid the battery pack taped to the nape of her neck and popped out both of her glowing contact lenses, and laughed again as she showed all of them.

“Good job Aly,” said Tracy as she gave the girl a hug and a kiss. “Ladies, this is Alycia Purrott, she’s an up-and-coming actress. And obviously a good one as she just terrified 30 hot girls into locking themselves in a room to get away from her.”

“I know you! You’re the Pink Ranger in Power Ranger SPD,” said Christina. “I love you in that. You have no idea how many mornings I’ve played with myself dreaming about having sex with Sydney Drew (the name of her character).”

“Well, I remembered her from the movie “Jailbait” but to each their own,” said Tracy. “Anyhow, she had to get in super shape before going to New Zealand to tape Power Rangers and I helped her out.

“She wanted to rejoin the Spa when she came back but hoped to save the money she made and asked if there was any way she could get a free membership. I was formulating my Halloween story at the time.

“I told her if she could convince the guests she was really a mind-controlled Mindy and scare them all into the room opposite the stairs, she would earn a freebie.”

“And I just did,” chirped Alycia. “This will help my budget, Power Rangers don’t get paid like you famous actresses.”

“Well, I wouldn’t mind conducting an “audition” to be in my next movie,” said Charlize with a wink. “I have seen your acting talent, and now I’ll need to see your other, uh, talents.”

“This is my absolute dream. No way you’re leaving this room without me fucking you silly Syd,” said Christina. “Oops, I mean Alycia.”

“Hey, not turning into Jessica but I don’t get it,” said Shannon Elizabeth. “Why hire Alycia here to pretend to be Mindy and make all the girls run into that room.”

“Because this is MY Halloween party and that means everyone has to be a good guest and have sex with me,” said Tracy.

“I knew some girls might get tired or sexed out and try to bail after my story.”

“I see, now the girls are scared so they are wide awake,” said Christina. “And in case the rest of you didn’t know, that door they ran into is the back entrance to Tracy’s ‘private’ office, complete with big water bed and enough strap-ons for an army.”

“What’s next in your plan Tracy, it’s so fun and sexy to be part of this, particularly after being in the middle of nowhere for a year,” said Alycia. “Can I suggest you’re now going to capture me and make me your helpless prisoner and have everyone take turns raping me.”

“You definitely fit in here Aly,” said Tracy. “Anyhow, as far as everyone else is concerned, Saphedes has been driven off. Shannon, Christina and Charlize, you will all interrogate our prisoner here, which I assume will involve many severe tongue-lashings and many, many ‘debriefings’.

“I will go around to my main office and get in the room where the girls are that way. I will ‘comfort’ them until you tell us the coast is clear. Which I figure will be about 6 a.m., and then all of us can go out to breakfast at Lenny’s if you want.”

As Tracy made her way up the stairs, the four girls looked up with a mix of awe, lust and admiration.

“It’s Halloween but Tracy always finds a way to feast on so much pussy, it’s always Thanksgiving for her,” commented Christina as the other three nodded.


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