Celebrity Health Spa: Ancient Longings Part 3

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: Ancient Longings Part 3

By Rinky Dink


Disclaimer: The following is a work a fiction and any similarity to real people or their actions is totally coincidental. Due to sexual situation no one under 18 should read this _ go away.

Shannon Elizabeth and Mindy’s nude bodies were intertwined and writhing when Princess Saphedes and her newly-minted handmaidens arrived back at the museum’s exhibit that was dedicated to the previously mummified ruler of ancient Egypt.
Tracy noticed Mindy had learned her lesson
from the first time she had tried to have sex in this spot, as Mindy and Shannon were groping each other on a large modern rug, probably retrieved from some office.

Tracy, as the sex expert she was, noticed the smaller Mindy was on top of the long, lean body of Shannon Elizabeth suckling her gorgeous breasts while her hands roamed her nether regions. Shannon’s head was thrown back in pleasure as she rubbed Mindy’s bubble butt.

Shannon was moaning as Mindy was now fingering her furiously and her arousal was at full blast. At that moment she felt a humongous orgasm about to occur when she happened to open her eyes – and was shocked to see saw four female figures staring at her from across the room.

“Jeez, Louise,” said Shannon as she quickly untangled herself from Mindy and looked at the interlopers who had interrupted their lovemaking. Shannon was too distracted to notice Mindy’s beaming smile as she looked up the group while kneeling on all fours – happy to be reunited with her master and fellow slaves.

Shannon thought of getting her clothes but saw the four women were virtually naked themselves in extremely skimpy outfits, some kind of fetish belly dancer outfits it looked like to her, so what the heck she figured and remained nude.

“Tracy, do you have a sex radar or something. Can’t two girls decide to make out without you and some friends dropping in,” said Shannon.

Tracy smiled and sexily sauntered over to the two laying on the rug. She bent down and gave a long, tongue-laden kiss to Mindy, who unknown to Shannon was her fellow slave, and then moved over to Shannon and gave her a deep kiss as well.

“Mindy is my and Christina’s new friend and she rang us up when we were with our other friends Charlize Theron; and of course you know Princess Saphedes here since you went through her exhibit,” said Tracy with a wink and then a nod toward the princess.

“Wow, she does look just like her, good lookalike there Tracy, and she’s super hot too,” exclaimed Shannon.

“Well, you can have sex with regular 21st century women like us any day, to eat out an ancient Egyptian princess doesn’t come around too often,” said Tracy. “That’s why we’re here. Go to town Shannon, you deserve it after what you’ve gone through.”

“Oh, but I haven’t gotten Mindy off yet, she’s so sweet, I have to have sex with her first and give her a blown gasket, just like you taught me Tracy,” said Shannon. “I want to be polite.”

“No, no, don’t worry about me,” said Mindy, playing her part in this puppet show as her and Tracy went through their act.

“I’d love to see you with Princess Saphedes, err, the lady who looks like her over there. It’ll be fun, c’mon.”

“And it’s not like any of us are going anywhere,” said Tracy with a slow wink.

By this time, Saphedes was right in front of the kneeling Shannon and smiling. She then gently grabbed the back of Shannon’s head and pushed it into her now juicy-wet folds.

“Lick me slave,” she said.

Shannon didn’t quite get the meaning of that statement, she figured it was role playing by the copper-skinned hottie Tracy had hired, and she didn’t think long about it as the fragrance coming from this woman was intoxicating.

As the juices flowed even more Shannon’s tongue licked and lapped with brio. “Why do I ever second-guess Tracy when it comes to sex, whoever this girl is, her pussy is scrumptious,” thought Shannon.

While Shannon drank in the golden-tinged cum, Tracy, Christina, Charlize and Mindy grouped together and watched with interest as they awaited Shannon to join them as a sister in bondage. Their hands roamed and groped various parts of their bodies, hungry to devour each other in lust, and anxious to get a crack at Shannon’ smoking hot body as well once Saphedes had taken ownership of her mind.

Saphedes gave a grunt and Shannon felt her face getting flooded with all her wondrously tasting flow. Shannon lapped and lapped, this was nirvana, definitely the best she had felt since the divorce, and pretending she was actually eating out Princess Saphedes made the sex feel a bit naughty and surreal and even more fun.

Finally, the gushing stopped and Saphedes slowly backed away from Shannon, whose face was now slick and golden colored from all the cum she had received from the Golden Delta.

“She is now mine,” announced Saphedes. “I have my final handmaiden. Meet your sister in servitude to me.”

Tracy came up to Shannon, still kneeling and with a blank look on her face, and licked some of the cum now encrusted on her face, neck and chest. Charlize, Mindy and Christina soon followed and Shannon now had four tongues lapping on her.

“Slavery is so good Shannon, you’ll love it like we all do,” said Tracy inbetween licks.

“Yes Shannon, I belong to her now, and I’ve never been happier, as you will discover, being her handmaiden is pure bliss,” said Charlize.

“Your life as a handmaiden is all about sex and obedience,” said Christina. “All your problems will now disappear Shannon as you serve Saphedes.”

“Oh, I love this,” sighed Mindy as she found a nice patch of golden cum on Shannon’s nipple to lap at. “My mind has been at peace ever since the princess came alive again and took me over with her incredible cum.”

Shannon simply blinked and let the four women lick her clean, it did arouse her as the wet patch in her snatch showed. But in her head, all of this led her to one thought:

“What the heck is going on here?”

Why was Tracy – the ultimate Miss Independent – talking about the joys of slavery? And Christina Ricci and – was that Charlize Theron? – telling her she was now a handmaiden with them, whatever that was. And what the heck was that nice tour guide talking about, being taken over by the cum of Princess Saphedes?

But the one thing the divorce had taught Shannon was to bail when she was in trouble and, whatever was happening, Shannon knew she was in deep shit.

Shannon gave a sigh and closed her eyes. Her body keeled over as the girls got their tongues off of her, she toppled onto her right side and her body then splayed limply out.

“Ha, the weakest of them all, she couldn’t even stay awake while my golden liquid made her my slave,” harrumphed Saphedes.

“But her beauty is worthy of your service,” said Mindy.

“Yes, her figure is quite pleasing,” said Saphedes as she licked her lips, looking down at the many curves on Shannon’s limp form. “I will enjoy getting sex from her as my handmaiden.”

“And you’re other handmaidens will enjoy having sex with her when not tending to your needs, beloved princess,” said Charlize.

“I was wondering mistress, is there any woman who is immune from the effects of drinking from your magnificent pussy,” said Christina.

“All females fall before me once they have sipped from the Golden Delta,” said Saphedes. “Only those who are like me, of royal blood of the house of Egypt, are not affected.”

“That explains it!” thought Shannon as she continued to pretend to be unconscious. “My dad wasn’t just feeding me a line.”
Shannon Elizabeth was only the first two parts of her real name. Her last name was Nadal and although she seemed like an All-American girl, her father was from Syria and had told her they were distantly related to the pharaohs and princesses of ancient Egypt. When she was little, he had referred to her as his “Little Cleopatra.”

Shannon grimaced a bit. She knew now that Saphedes’ magical pussy that luckily she had protection against, now enslaved all the girls here, some of them good friends of her. She also realized she sort of just committed incest, as she had eaten out her great-grandmother 50 generations removed.

“Should we have sex with Shannon’s body now mistress or just have sex with each other until Shannon wakes up and then have sex with her,” asked Tracy. “I await your commands.”

“You are my favorite handmaiden Tracy, always thinking about sex,” said Saphedes. “But we have work, and sex, to do.

“I will take Charlize to a private place here where I will drain her of her ‘kah’ and rob her brain of its memories. Until I’m done ravishing Charlize, you may have sex with Shannon’s body if you want Tracy, and I feel you do, and Mindy and Christina can have sex with each other.

“When I return, we must then arrange for Mindy to take my place in the sarcophagus permanently. The exhibit is now over and everything is being shipped to Egypt for further study tomorrow. They will need to find a real body in there and Mindy is the closest to my body type among you, so she will make the ultimate sacrifice for her princess. Now you know why I never made her a handmaiden.”

“What do you mean ‘ultimate sacrifice’,” asked Tracy.

“I thought my handmaidens were smart enough to know what that means,” said Saphedes. “Mindy must die. We will kill her tonight and wrap her up in my bindings and put her in my tomb. She will be the mummy of Princess Saphedes as far as the world is concerned as long as it serves my purposes.

“For your sacrifice, I will now let you immerse yourself in my Golden Delta.”

Saphedes hand beckoned Mindy and she robotically obeyed her command. She knelt down and buried her face in the princess’ slit and began licking. It was not long before, with Mindy’s now expert tongue, that the princess moaned as she orgasmed and Mindy’s face was awash with the golden cum.

After Mindy licked Saphedes box clean, the princess took Charlize Theron by the arm and led her to a nearby open office door, probably where Mindy had gotten the rug to have sex on.

Christina then laid down on the rug and kissed Mindy passionately.

“Are you OK, with all of this,” asked Christina. “I mean dying and everything.”

Mindy rotated her head slowly to look right at Christina.

“We serve the princess, we serve her wishes,” said Mindy in a dreamy voice that Christina remembered Charlize had as well when first enslaved. “If she says I am to die for her. I will die willingly.”

“Fuck me Mindy, fuck me like you’ve never fucked before,” said Christian as she took off her harem outfit and jumped on Mindy and began clawing at her breasts and licking her neck.

With a similarly bound mind, Christina knew that Mindy, even if she was in a drugged-like stupor, was correct. They were all the slaves of Saphedes. Their purpose was to obey, not to question. Her will was their life. If she wanted to snuff out the life of one of them, it was her right.

But that didn’t mean Christina had to be happy about it. She shuddered a bit as she now bit lightly on Mindy’s nipple and put a finger up her butt. She realized if not for her famous massive chest, that was way out of proportion for someone her size, she could very well have been the one selected to be killed tonight.


Despite the relaxed body pose and closed eyes, Shannon Elizabeth was totally freaking out.

“They’re going to kill Mindy, I have to do something, but what!!” Shannon screamed in her head.
She had only known Mindy for a short period of time but could tell she was a good kid.

She had gone on and on about how much she had loved Shannon’s character Nadia in the ‘American Pie’ movies and how she treated foreign exchange students extra nice at her college because of it. She certainly did not deserve this horrible fate, killed and wrapped up like a mummy and then stuffed in a tomb.

But Shannon had no clue on how to stop Mindy’s death. She was pretty tall, and all that time in the Spa (when not having sex with other women) had given her body sinewy muscle but she couldn’t take on five women by herself in a fight.

Heck, Tracy would probably kick her ass by herself. Cripes, why was Tracy of all people enslaved to Saphedes, she would know what to do, thought Shannon, she’s so street smart, and tough and brave. Well, the old Tracy was as Shannon watched the new mind-controlled Tracy come up to her as she opened her eyes.

She knew this version of Tracy was a slave whose mind was shackled by Saphedes’ cum.
Cum! That was it, thought Shannon.

She knew her love juices didn’t enslave anybody, if it did she would have about 50 slaves at the Spa, but maybe her immunity to Saphedes’ enslaving cum could be passed on to someone else through her own girl cream.

“Finally up, sleepy head,” smiled Tracy as she shook off her clothes. “I’m glad. Sex with a girl is always more fun when she is like, awake.”

“Uh, Tracy, does it bother you at all that Mindy is going to die tonight,” asked Shannon, hoping against hope that Tracy’s basic decency and great concern for other people would allow to her to break free of the spell she was under. “I know like, before this happened to us, you’d never let anything bad happen to a nice, pretty blonde girl like Mindy.”

“I knew you’d be a great handmaiden,” said Tracy as she gave Shannon a kiss. “You are concerned that I might regain my free will under the circumstances of a life being taken and interfere with the princess’ wishes.

“Do not worry. That Tracy no longer exists. My body’s sole purpose is to do the bidding of the princess, no matter what. I would say my mind and soul as well but she already owns them. Right and wrong, good and bad no longer exist for you or me. Only obedience and slavery.”

OK, that didn’t work, on to Plan B, thought Shannon.

“Can we go right to a ‘69’ Tracy,” said Shannon in a seductive manner. “After all the time here muff diving with Mindy and Princess Saphedes I don’t need foreplay, I’m pretty sexed up.”

Tracy just put on a crooked smile and the glint in her eye told Shannon all she needed to know. Becoming a slave had done nothing to dim Tracy’s desire for huge amounts of sex.

Tracy and Shannon got into the position they both knew so well and began happily eating each other out. Tracy began nibbling at Shannon’s clit as well and she was soon turned on big time.

Shannon had not been lying. Because of interruptions, she had never been able to orgasm while having sex with Mindy and Saphedes and she was primed to blow.

With a sex expert like Tracy ministering to her, a tongue on her clit, fingers in her slit and couple more fingers in her butt, Shannon was soon mad with lust.

“Lick my pussy now, lick me, lick me like the dirty bitch I am,” screamed Shannon.

Tracy did bury her nose in Shannon’s love canal and began letting her juices flow into her mouth. Shannon was doing a pretty good job herself as she had Tracy’s clit in her mouth and was suckling it as Tracy moaned her approval.

Shannon tried to hold it in as long as she could, she knew she couldn’t hit Tracy with a supernaturally large spray like Saphedes but she wanted the orgasm to be as big as possible.

But finally, she needed release.

“I’m cumming, oh, gawd, keep licking Tracy, please keep licking,” shouted Shannon. “Drink my pussy dry bitch, drink, Oh, my!”

Shannon felt Tracy’s own juices fall on her face as she was now having her own orgasm. Shannon tried to lap as much of Tracy’s cum as she could, not that it had some special powers, it just tasted real good on her tongue.

Neither Tracy nor Shannon’s tongues stopped as they now soiled Mindy’s newest rug as they rolled back and over, still linked together as the orgasms coursed through them.

Finally, after what seemed an hour but Shannon knew was probably a few minutes it was over. Her and Tracy were on their hands and knees on the wet rug, their breasts swinging loosely underneath them as they panted following the massive orgasm both of them had achieved.

Shannon gave a quick look down, her snatch was dry, as Tracy had licked every drop of cum from her. Shannon was at this point very grateful for Tracy’s lust for sex. Now to find out if her cum had worked. Shannon hoped so because she didn’t have a Plan C.

“Uh, Trace, I have to say it out loud. Well, I like Mindy a lot, I don’t really want to see her die,” said Shannon very haltingly, as Slave Tracy might very well decide to kill her for disloyalty to their mistress.

Tracy looked at Shannon and then looked over at Mindy and Christina, having sex like two mad beasts with hands and tongues flying all over the place. She then gazed into the nearby office, the sparks from Charlize’s mouth and wisps of smoke flowing into Saphedes body, and then looked back at Shannon and gave a sigh, her breasts bouncing against each other.

“I’m not that complicated really. I like to work out, have sex and lay on the beach and get tan, that’s it,” said Tracy in a hushed tone. “How the heck do I get involved in these situations. I even told that cunt Saphedes right before she took me over that this was the seventh time someone had tried to mind control me and all the others had failed. And now she has too.”

Shannon didn’t answer, didn’t care really, Tracy was, well, Tracy again. That’s all that mattered.

“You’re of Egyptian royal blood, huh Shannon,” said Tracy as Shannon nodded. “Good thing you never mentioned it to me all the times we had sex. If I knew when Saphedes controlled me, we never would have targeted you, and I would still be a slave and little Mindy here would soon be dead.”

“But you will save Mindy won’t you, you won’t let her die,” said Shannon. “I’m just an actress, you’re a hero. I know you can do it.”

Just then, they heard a sound from the office as they saw the unconscious body of Charlize Theron crumple on top of a sofa, her life essences taken from her by Saphedes.

They watched Saphedes make her way back to the exhibit, where Shannon and Tracy knew the now even-more-powerful princess would take up her next order of business – namely Mindy’s death.

“Oh boy, this is going to be a toughie,” sighed Tracy.

…Next: The Final chapter.

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