Celebrity Health Spa: Ancient Longings Part II

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: Ancient Longings Part II

By Rinky Dink


Disclaimer: The following is a work a fiction and any similarity to real people or their actions is totally coincidental. Due to sexual situation no one under 18 should read this _ go away.

of breasts that the ancient princess had ever seen.

She licked her lips and fastened her mouth around of one of Christina’s areolas and began suckling with gusto while flicking the bullet-like nips with her tongue.

With Tracy having fallen deeply under Saphedes power by drinking from her mind-controlling Golden Delta; Christina and Mindy never had a chance.

After leaving the museum, they had gone to Tracy’s house.

Under the direction of her new mistress, Tracy had carried in the limp bodies of Christina and Mindy and layed them down in the middle of her living room.

Having been dormant for 2,400 years, Saphedes was impressed with modern sex technology and of course Tracy had all the latest sex toys.

Tracy put on a strap-on (not the vibrating, heated one, even in her slave-state, Tracy felt the newly-awakened Saphedes was not ready for that yet) and quickly got the princess aroused.

Right before Saphedes was about to orgasm, she bent her hips down and Tracy opened the mouths of Christina and Mindy. The golden-tinged cum began falling into them as Saphedes moved her vagina swiftly between the two and their mouths filled with the golden liquid.

By the time Christina and Mindy finally woke up, they were already enslaved to the princess.

To make sure her absence at the museum was covered up, Saphedes dispatched Mindy back there to resume her tour guide job and be her mole. Luckily, Tracy had a blow-up doll the same size as Saphedes so Mindy just had to put Saphedes’ mummy wrap around the doll and put it back in the sarcophagus and no one would be the wiser.

Saphedes had finished off both of Christina’s breasts and moved on to Tracy’s delectable boobs as Ricci was now on her knees and licking the princess’ Golden Deltas of pussy.

When Saphedes had finished working on Tracy’s second breast, she gave a moan, pushed Tracy down to her knees as well and shoved her face into her slit.

The reason was soon apparent as her hips began to buck and what the now enslaved Tracy and Christina considered the nectar of the gods began pouring out of her. They pushed their faces in as deeply as they could into the pink folds to lap up every drop.

When it was over, both girls had glassy eyes with dreamy looks on them as Saphedes left to clean up a bit.

“With every drop in my mouth, I feel a little bit more of my will disappear,” said Tracy.

“Yes, isn’t it wonderful,” said Christina, who then swiveled her head and gave Tracy a deep, tongue-laden kiss. “Remember how I got brainwashed and was made a sex pet and I really tried to have you join me. But you turned the tables and freed me. Now, you got your mind taken over and got me as well.”

“Yeah, but that was a frickin’ prostitute who was doing that,” said Tracy. “She was going to make us whores. Now, we are the handmaidens to the great Princess Saphedes. I give my body to her willingly to serve her purposes.”

“As do I,” said Christina. “And it is a big upgrade in who I am a slave for.”

The two girls then laughed and fell from their knees and collapsed into each other as their hands roamed over their bodies. Now that they were slaves, they felt free in some way and relaxed as they were no longer responsible for their actions.

When Saphedes reentered the room, now back in her Egyptian outfit. Tracy and Christina immediately got back on their knees and bowed their heads.

“I must say your breasts are quite pleasing,” she said. “The sex you have provided me is at the level of my old handmaidens back in time, and they were known as the best givers of pleasure in all of Egypt.”

“Thank you oh magnificent one,” said Tracy.

“Yes, thank you,” said Christina, who had not drunk from Saphedes’ golden delta as much as Tracy and thus still had a bit of her own mind left. “My I ask your favor princess.”

“Go on slave,” she said imperiously.

“As you know since you were in my brain, me and Tracy have deep affection for each other,” said Christina, who put on her cutest, puppy-dog eye look. “I was wondering if you would allow Tracy and I to live and act as a couple while of course being totally devoted in your service.”

Tracy looked at Christina; stunned she would dare ask a favor of their owner.

Saphedes gave a small smile. 2,400 years of supposed progress had not left modern females any less susceptible to the mystical powers that she had gleaned from the high priestess. Tracy Thresher and Christina Ricci were as independent-minded of women as one could find, yet she had been able to, with little resistance, totally strip them of their will and put them under her spell.

She did not respect the ease with which she had enslaved them, but they were both hot as hell and great at licking her pussy so she was in a good mood.

“You have both been loyal handmaidens in my service,” she said. “As long it does not interfere in your service to me, you may be a couple.’

“Thank you, thank you princess,” said Tracy who immediately began licking Saphedes’ toes – and Christina got the hint and began doing the same.


Christina looked on from a nearby chair as on the couch Saphedes had Tracy in a lip lock. She watched the sparks fly into Saphedes’ mouth and wisps of fine mist flowed from Tracy’s body into Saphedes.

‘So this is what it looked like when she did this to me,’ thought Christina, as she knew Tracy was having her ‘life force’ being drained out of her while Saphedes also looted her brain of every memory it ever had.

When Saphedes released Tracy, she fell back on the couch looking groggy but was not knocked out, the fate that previously befell Christina and Mindy.

“You awake Trace,” said Christina more out of curiosity than concern, she knew now her beloved princess would not damage her handmaidens.

“She is just tired as she did not meld with me as long as you,” said Saphedes. “Her kah is so strong, it quickly filled my needs, and I mostly wanted to fill myself with her memories and knowledge. I now know all about the Women’s Celebrity Health Spa and its workings.

“I am amazed, and impressed with the massive number of women she has pleasured.”

“Yeah, Tracy does pretty well with the ladies, mistress,” said Christina. “I feel honored she has singled me out to be special to her.”

Tracy was now shaking her head and coming out of the mental fog. She now felt totally owned by Saphedes, as if her soul was now the property of the princess to do with as she pleased, like she was renting her body from Saphedes.

“Now that we’ve had our fill of sex, for a bit, and I have taken from Tracy what I desired, it is time to move on to the next step,” said Saphedes. “First, this quaint house is good for handmaidens but not proper for a princess.

“I am use to palaces and will need such a place for a residence. In addition, I always employ four handmaidens so I can have 24-hour attention and I require the most beautiful women in the realm to be in my service. You two are adequate for now.”

“Thank you princess,” said Christina. “Me and Tracy await your orders to help you.”

“Going through Tracy’s mind, I have discovered a woman who will solve both my problems,” said Saphedes. “She lives on a palatial estate thanks to the millions she has made and I also find her very beautiful. She will make a fine addition to you two as my personal slaves.”

Christina and a now lucid Tracy leaned forward a bit, anxious to know who would join them as a sister in bondage to Princess Saphedes.

“We must arrange for Charlize Theron to drink from the Golden Delta.” Saphedes said.


“Oh, those harem girl fetish outfits are just darling,” said Charlize Theron as she let Christina Ricci and Tracy into her spacious Hollywood Hills home. “And who is your new friend? Her outfit is just precious and so sexy.”

“Charlize, this is our new friend Saphedes, we met her yesterday at the Egyptian exhibit, she’s a real Egyptian too,” said Tracy, who then winked. “And she has been VERY friendly with me and Chris ever since.”

“Well, any friend of these two is a friend of mine,” said Charlize as she gave Saphedes a peck on the cheek and led the three girls to her living room. “I don’t know if you’ve had time to remove their tongues from your ding-ding, probably not, but they are really remarkably nice people. I treasure both of their friendships.”

“Believe me, I know all about what kind of people they are, and had their tongues in my, what you say, ding-ding,” said Saphedes.

“That’s great, it is fun to get to know both Tracy and Christina, that’s for sure,” said Charlize who let out a loud laugh, as she was relaxed being with her good pals, so hard to find in a place full of phonies.

Charlize had met Christina when they played lesbian lovers in the movie Monster. Being on the set day after day with the breathtakingly beautiful Theron made Christina moist and she was quite disappointed to find out she was completely straight.

However, as the movie went on, Charlize got so deeply into her character the real Charlize sort of faded and she became friendly towards Christina’s seductions, which she had learned from the master of bedding previously straight girls, Tracy. By the end of filming, the studio driver knew automatically in the morning to go to Charlize’s room to pick both of them up.

When Charlize mentioned she had to get extremely fit for her next movie role, that of comic book hero Aeon Flux, and was looking for a personal trainer, Christina had recommended Tracy.

Tracy usually did not do private training, why spend two hours with one woman when in the same amount of time she could have sex with four or five at the Spa? But during a marathon rough sex session in which Christina employed nipple clamps, Tracy had agreed to help out her new friend Charlize.

Christina had warned Tracy that Charlize was ‘a class act all the way’ and for the first week she just put her through just intense workouts, fitness that is.

But with every day Tracy was dying more and more to get inside the blonde South African. Besides her looks: the long slim legs to die for, a great body, decent sized chest, cute face and lustrous blonde hair (and Tracy got the feeling the cuffs matched the collar) Charlize really was a nice person, not the super-bitch most beautiful actresses were.

Finally, Tracy’s patience paid off.

One day she came to Charlize’s house and heard her yell to let herself in. Charlize then told her to come upstairs to her bedroom as she was still looking for the right outfit. When she got there, Charlize was laying seductively across the bed nude with nothing but a mischievous smile. Yes, the cuffs did match.

“Everyone told me when I hired you I would get the fucking of my life every day,” said Charlize. “By my count, I’m a week behind in being fucked and I expect you to make up for all of it – right now.”

Tracy did not charge Charlize for the four extra hours than normal that she stayed that day.


The four women had made their way up to Charlize’s bedroom.

Charlize and Saphedes were now nude and sitting on the edge of the bed while watching Tracy and Christina in their flimsy fetish harem girl outfits put on a sexy show as they danced in front of them.

Charlize had found Saphedes perfect copper-toned body intoxicating and both of them had hands roaming freely over the other’s body as they watched the show, particularly entertaining were seeing Tracy and Christina’s breasts be flung about as they whirled in their golden bra half-cups.

Saphedes finally pushed Charlize down on the bed and then straddled her, shoving her hip right into Charlize’s face. The South African got the message and began hungrily lapping at the beautiful folds that had pretty golden-colored liquid coming out of it.

“This rocks,” said Charlize briefly before dipping her head back into Saphedes’ luscious snatch.

Both Tracy and Christina had a slight sheen of sweat on them from all their bumping and grinding and dancing. With Charlize and Saphedes now engaged in their carnal desires, they stopped.

“That was pretty cool,” said Christina, who then swung her breasts left to right. “What now, until you know what happens.”

Tracy just shrugged: “Let’s screw.”

Tracy then pushed Christina down onto the floor, flicked off her bra top and went to work on Christina’s healthy-sized breasts.

The sound of tongues flicking and moans filled the room until Saphedes gave a loud grunt and her cum began pouring into Charlize’s mouth.

Soon afterward, Christina and Tracy, who were now grinding their pussies together, each gave a quick shout as they began orgasming.

“Why did we fight the princess’ control of us, the sex is so hot,” panted Tracy.

“I didn’t fight her, remember, she drained my brain and soul and then when I woke up I knew she was my master forever thanks to you pouring her enslaving cum into me,” panted back Christina.

“Oh yeah, never mind,” said Tracy.

The two got up and pieced their flimsy outfits together. They say Charlize was slowly and mechanically licking at Saphedes’ box and then the princess got up and Charlize simply looked up at her with a blank stare.

“Hey Charlize, instead of being a famous actress jetting around the world and winning awards and making millions,” said Christina. “Why don’t you chuck all that and become a slave to Princess Saphedes here and serve with us as her handmaidens.”

Charlize turned slowly to her and then back to Saphedes, who was standing near the bed putting her revealing Egyptian princess outfit back on.

“Why, that would be wonderful, could I?” she said is a faraway voice.

“Sure,” said Tracy. “And oh, Charlize how about from now on you just have sex with women. I know you’re were basically straight and just fool around with me and Christina but from now on why don’t you forget men and just love to have sex with women – a lot.

“Yes, I am a lesbian, I want lesbian sex all the time,” she said. “I will call my boyfriend and tell him we are through as I know now I only want to feel the touch of another woman.”

“Oh, and this house you paid millions for, you don’t mind signing it over to Princess Saphedes so she can use it for her new palace and like wipe out your bank accounts and give all your money to her.”

“Yes, of course, I will do it first thing tomorrow,” said Charlize as her new life dawned onto her. “I am a lesbian sex-driven handmaiden to Princess Saphedes. I am hers, this house is hers, and all I have is hers.”

“Enough teasing of your new sister in slavery,” said Saphedes. “I’ve let you have your fun. Remember, we still need a fourth handmaiden to complete my court. I can not do anything else until that task is complete.”

Just then, Tracy’s cell phone rang. She saw the number flashing was Mindy’s and picked it up.

“Hey, what’s up Mind,” she said. “Any trouble at the museum.”

“No Tracy, our mistress’ plan has worked perfectly, everything’s fine,” said Mindy. “The reason I called is that we have a very special guest in line for the next tour, the actress Shannon Elizabeth. She’s in a tank top and shorts and looks superhot. As a loyal slave I was thinking she might make a fine addition to our group.”

“Shannon Elizabeth? sounds good to me,” said Tracy as she looked to Christina, who nodded her head vigorously at Saphedes who, after a few seconds, moved her head down slowly in ascent.

“Yep, it’s a go,” said Tracy. “Give her the spiel you gave me and Christina and let her hang out for the private viewing, by then we’ll all be there and she can view the princess’ Golden Delta.”

“OK, can’t wait to see you guys again, now it’s time to do my thing,” said Mindy, who then hung up.

“I hope in a way this Shannon Elizabeth will put up some resistance to drinking from the Golden Delta,” said Saphedes. “Like all my selections, she will eventually succumb but I have not had a good battle from a selected handmaiden in a while.”

“I don’t know mistress, she’s pretty vulnerable at the moment,” said Tracy. “She just went through a bad divorce. To take her mind off of it she is at the Spa almost every day working out and having sex and then plays poker almost every night.”

“Tracy and me go when its strip poker,” said Christina.

Saphedes went to each of her handmaidens and gave them a kiss.

“Of course, my slaves have been so smart and sexy no one stood a chance against me,” Saphedes said. “Let’s see what Shannon Elizabeth will do.”

(to be continued)

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