Celebrity Health Spa: Com-Mandy Performance

Celebrity Health Spa: Com-Mandy Performance

By Rinky Dink


(MC, FF)

The following contains sexual situations and no one under 18 should read this, go away. All actions in this story are entirely fictional and made up. Wanted to do this for a while, since I saw her on Craig Kilborn looking like the ultimate cutiepie.

Tracy Thresher ran a tight ship as manager of the Women’s Celebrity Healthy Spa in Malibu and she wasn’t thrilled to find out singer Mandy Moore would be working out there for a month as she prepared for her first movie role, as the stuck-up cheerleader
Lana in “The Princess Diaries”.

Mandy was one of the biggest teen pop stars, with three hit albums already even though she was just 16, but Tracy was not interested in some spoiled brat causing a ruckus at her Spa.

Beautiful women came to her Spa to relax, get a good workout in, and have a lot of sex, with Tracy if they were lucky, and not to deal with some full-of-herself diva.

Yes, there had been some movie stars who had attitude problems before but Tracy knew how to handle them. She simple had sex with them a lot and then told them if they didn’t fly right she’d have to kick them out of the club.

Of course, they were now at her mercy, willing to do anything to continue to have sex with Tracy; an incredibly great-looking brunette with long curly hair, an ultra-tight body and large breasts who knew every sex trick in the book.

But Mandy was just a kid, and Tracy put out the extremely rare “No sex until I say so” order to her bevy of gorgeous fitness instructors, whose style and sexcapades along with Tracy made the Spa the top place to workout for famous young woman.

The instructors obeyed her orders, after all, they wouldn’t get to have sex with Tracy either if they didn’t, although it was tough after Mandy Moore actually showed up.

She was surprising tall, about 5-foot-10, and had long supple legs, a nice sized chest and a cute face framed by shoulder-length blonde hair. Basically, she was smoking.

As is it turned out, Tracy could not have been more wrong about Mandy’s attitude.

She was bright, very friendly with a great positive outlook and an easy manner that quickly made her popular around the Spa . She was also dedicated in her workouts and the instructors told Tracy she was a pleasure to work with _ now could they please pleasure Mandy?

“C’mon Trace,” pleaded Beth, a tall willowy redhead about 22. “Me and Cissy (a pert blonde with D cup breasts) have to take turns running to the instructors lounge to masturbate when we’re with her. She is so nice and she is so incredibly hot. My tongue can’t wait to get inside her. Please let us make a move on her.”

Tracy telling people not to have sex was about as normal as the sun being out at midnight but it was obvious to her that Mandy, despite her fame, was not very worldly and was basically still a sweet kid from Orlando. She was in no way emotionally ready to handle the steamy sexual stew of the Spa.

“Beth, you know your one of my best instructors, the three girls from “Charmed” just told me yesterday how great you were with them, and one of them actually meant the workout,” said Tracy. “But she’s just a child in terms of experience. Yeah, at 16 I was having sex with cheerleaders by day and football players at night but she’s not like that.

“Sorry, the “No Sex” ban stands.”

One day, Mandy was on the treadmill when she spotted Tracy and motioned her toward her.

“Ah, Tracy, can I like talk to you in private some time today, it’s important,” she said.

“Sure,” said Tracy, a bit worried. “Is there something wrong with your training. Beth and Cissy said your workouts have been going great with them.”

“Oh, no, they’ve been great,” said Mandy as she ended her run and mopped her face. She was wearing a University of Florida t-shirt and some simple white gymshorts. “You have all been great. No complaints on that part. It’s just a couple of things I need to talk to you about. It’s personal and I consider you the kind of person I can trust.

“Let me buy you lunch. My treat. Please.”

Mandy was so sweetly endearing, her dimples flashing their fullest, that Tracy couldn’t say no. The only condition was that they would eat their lunch in Tracy’s large office, as Tracy did not like leaving the Spa unattended.


A homeless person could probably afford to pay for Tracy’s lunch as to keep her super-fit figure she ate her basic lunch of a couple of lettuce leaves with some sliced tomatoes with no dressing as her version of a salad. It was strict but it was the reason she could wear a bra top and thong bottom all the time and have women dying to sleep with her.

Mandy was on a strict diet herself, no one wants a fat cheerleader for a movie, although she allowed herself a pattie of grilled chicken along with the salad.

A few minutes into lunch, tears started streaming down Mandy’s pretty face.

“What’s wrong Mandy,” said Tracy.

“It’s..that’s why I wanted to talk to you,” said Mandy. “I’ve found out..I..I can’t act. Not a lick. I’m suppose to be this super-bitch and I just can’t pull it off. OK, people say I’m too nice, well, that’s how I was raised. I’ve never acted in anything before. I have no experience to draw on.

“I can’t change from good girl to bad and when the director sees that, I’ll be fired and my career ruined.”

After that Mandy buried her head in her hands and sobbed uncontrollably.

Tracy didn’t know what to do. Mandy was a good kid and she wanted to help, but she was a fitness instructor, not an acting coach.

Suddenly, Tracy got an idea. She grabbed the bawling Mandy’s face and drew it to her own, looking straight into her now bloodshot eyes.

“Mandy stop crying, I can solve your problem,” said Tracy. “I don’t talk about it around here, and please don’t tell anyone, but I’m sort of an amateur hypnotist. Pretty good if I do say so myself.

“What I propose to do is hypnotize you into believing you really are Lana the bitch cheerleader. That way, you can see if you really can become that person.”

“Really? You can do that, Oh thank you Tracy,” said Mandy wiping the tears off her face. “Let’s do it, let’s do it right now.”

Tracy wasn’t used to someone voluntarily wanting to be hypnotized by her but it did make things easier than usual.

She had Mandy drink a bottle of mind relaxants and then has her watch the videotape with the swirling lights while she listened to soft music filled with subliminal messages on how she should obey Tracy.

Soon, Mandy’s pretty blue eyes were glazed over and her young mind ready to be molded.

“Mandy, you want to obey me, you need to obey me,” said Tracy. “You are so tired from all of this, why don’t you sleep. You can obey me while you sleep, So tired, so sleepy, just obey Tracy.

“That’s all you have do. Relax and obey Tracy. It’s so easy. You want to do it. You want to obey Tracy. Just relax and obey, relax and obey Tracy.”

‘Relax…obey you,” whispered Mandy.

“Yes, now you are so sleepy Mandy, so very tired. You want to just close those tired eyes and just obey Tracy. Not to think is feels so great as you obey Tracy. Now close those tired eyes, so tired, so very tired.”

Mandy’s eyelids fluttered a bit but finally they closed.

“Mandy, I want you to remain asleep but open your eyes”

Mandy’s eyes opened but there was clearly nothing behind them.

“Mandy, from now on you are the character Lana from your movie. You have had it backward. Lana is real, Mandy Moore is just a made-up person. You are Lana, you are really Lana. People may call you Mandy Moore but in your mind that means Lana. Now, when I clap my hands you will wake up and be Lana. You will remain Lana until I clap my hands again and you will instantly fall back into this wonderful sleep.”

Tracy then clapped her hands and Mandy opened her eyes, crisp and clear but her body language was different, much straighter, more confident, aggressive.

“Hey, can we get some real food, this is shit rabbit food,” Mandy said. “I’m the most popular girl in school, I can afford some decent food.”


“Yeah, what’s it to you,” said Lana/Mandy. “You’re just some glorified aerobics instructor, what gives you the right to be fucking with me, or more precisely not fucking me.”

“What are you talking about, ah, Lana?”

“I’m talking about you bonking everyone here including the cleaning lady, and I mean that literally because I saw you in the broom closet with her, and you don’t do diddly with me. Not good enough to lick, just because I’m 16 don’t think I’m up to it, huh. Well you don’t have a choice in the matter now bitch- teaser.”

Tracy just sat there stunned, hearing this stream of invective coming from wholesome Mandy Moore’s mouth was simply shocking. She really had turned into Lana the stuck-up cheerleader.

Tracy did not stand there stunned for long as Lana gathered her up in her arms and carried her to Tracy’s bed in the corner of the office.

Lana threw Tracy down on the bed, not surprisingly it was a waterbed as Tracy had never slept a second in it, took off her own clothes and then pulled off Tracy’s tiny top and began kneading her large breasts as she lay down and started jamming her tongue down Tracy’s throat.

Tracy hesitated for a second in responding.

Here was a knockout 16-year-old blonde forcing herself on Tracy, which normally meant it was time to chow down but Tracy was concerned. Was having lesbian sex something Lana the fictional character was doing, or was this something deep down the real Mandy Moore wanted or would Mandy be totally disgusted by this if she found out.

Tracy did not have much time to consider as Lana was now pinching her nipples and with her tongue already rammed down her throat Tracy was getting really turned on. When in doubt, Tracy trusted her pussy’s feelings and that was quite clear.

The truth was, deep down, Tracy had felt no different than her instructors, she had been dying to have sex with Mandy ever since she came to the Spa, her pussy juiced a bit every time she saw Mandy in her skimpy workout clothes.

Tracy’s tongue began intertwining with Lana’s and her moan of approval signaled she was into it.

There was more French kissing and Tracy reached down and began pinching playfully Lana’s breasts as well and Lana moaned her approval of this act.

Lana removed her tongue from Tracy’s mouth and moved down to her large breasts as she began suckling Tracy’s areolas and found them quite tasty.

With her hands she pulled down Tracy’s thong and her hands began working Tracy’s honey pot. One hand was rubbing Tracy’s clit while the other hand had two fingers pumping away at Tracy’s wide-open slit.

Tracy’s mind was being overwhelmed with lust, although she did wonder how the heck the virginal Mandy Moore knew how to do this so well, as her hands and tongue work were masterful. Tracy’s back arched slightly and her hips bucked as a massive orgasm ripped through her body.

Lana quickly began lapping at Tracy’s cum around her pussy and Tracy quickly got turned on again. A few minutes later, Tracy screamed her lustful approval as another orgasm went through. Luckily, Tracy had long ago soundproofed her office for just such occasions.

Tracy felt is was time to return the favor of the expert screwing she had been getting and flipped herself over so that her and Lana were in the “69” position. Both lapped at each other’s box with glee and soon Lana shouted as she orgasmed,.

Tracy’s tongue did not let up for a second, her tongue alternating between Lana’s clit and slit, as her hands worked whatever sex part the tongue was not at.

Lana’s hips suddenly bucked violently and Tracy pulled away and got so turned on she orgasmed as well, the waterbed soon had waves a surfer would admire as the two hotties flopped around in glee.

“I think it’s time for a shower,” said Tracy after her panting stopped, as although incredibly fit she had to admit Lana had pooped her out a bit.

“Sure, and bring your brush because you are going to give me a good scrubbing,” said the totally self-absorbed Lana. Tracy would have objected to her being ordered about but, frankly, the thought of giving Lana’s supple, toned teen body a “good scrubbing” made her hot.

After the shower, which included a “good scrubbing” of each girl’s pussy as well, they went back into the office and put their clothes back on.

“OK, let’s get this straight bitch, I’m the client, you work for me so you better start following my instructions,” spat out Lana. “You are going to have a lot of sex with me while I’m here, and so are both of those foxy bitches who train me. You better let them know. Right now slut!!”

Tracy was startled at being shouted at by a 16-year-old, and her head was still swimming from all the great sex the 16-year-old had just given her

She briefly forgot hellcat Lana was really sweet, innocent Mandy and she could stop being berated with a simple clap of her hands. Reflexively, she pushed the intercom button:

“Beth, Cissy, this is Tracy. The ban is lifted. I repeat, the ban is lifted.”

Although Tracy couldn’t hear it in her soundproof room, two loud squeals of delight emanated from the instructors’ lounge.

“Not bad, I’ll train you to be my proper slut-servant yet,” said Lana. “Now, I’ve got a busy schedule of appointments and stuff but I am going to have a lot of sex with you, and I do mean A TON. And you better have a big, fat dildo ready because I want it anally next time. So get out your calendar and let me tell you when we’re having sex.”

That was it, nobody told Tracy when she could have sex, although the dildo thing was quite appealing, and she quickly clapped her hands. Lana’s eyes became unfocused and then they shut and her head slumped forward in the chair she was sitting in.

“Mandy, you will now wake up feeling positive, refreshed and relaxed,” said Tracy. “You will remember nothing, absolutely nothing, about anything that happened after I first clapped my hands. But If you ever see me clap my hands again and say “Princess Lana” you will revert to this wonderful, relaxed state you are in now.

“Now wake up.”

Mandy’s head perked up immediately.

“Well, Tracy, how did I do. Did it work?”

“Oh God yeah. Boy, were you Lana. To a “T”. I’d give you the Oscar right now if I could, you were so perfect. You have nothing to worry about, you definitely have it in you. You’ll do a great job Mandy.”

“Wow, thanks Tracy, I guess I just needed to hear from someone I trust that I could do it. I do trust you Tracy, even though we’ve known each other just a short time, I consider you a friend, a good friend.”

“Trust me, you can act really well,” said Tracy.

“Ah, Tracy, one thing before I go to my next workout. I’m feeling a bit sore in my private parts and I feel like I just took a shower which is weird because I took one right before I met you for lunch. I’ll probably regret it, but what happened when you hypnotized me.”

After Mandy had gone on and on with how much she trusted Tracy and how good a friend she was, Tracy had a dilemma. The truth might end not only their friendship but, since she was just 16, in theory Mandy if she wanted could file statutory rape charges against Tracy and her business would be ruined.

But Tracy had a hunch and decided to go with it. Like when she was on the bed with Lana, when in doubt she let her pussy do the thinking.

“Well, Mandy, I’ll be honest, for most of the time you were hypnotized we had sex,” said Tracy. “When you became Lana you grabbed me and threw on the bed and began screwing the heck out of me. But I have to admit, as your friend, I didn’t resist too much.”

Mandy drank this in for a moment before saying, in a curious tone: “Was I any good?”

“Good, you were freakin’ great,” said Tracy who was relieved Mandy didn’t seem to be angry, which meant Tracy would not be headed to jail. “Not bragging, but I’ve slept with my share of women and you were magnificent, one of the best I’ve had. If Lana wasn’t such a total bitch I’d still be carpet-munching her, oops, I mean you, oops…you know what I mean.”

“Well, that leads to another question I had Tracy that I wanted to bring up to you today,” said Mandy, her voice rising. “Why the heck has not a single women here made a pass at me!!

“I was told by people before I got here that a good-looking girl like me would be eating pussy for breakfast, lunch and dinner and yet when I come, zilch. What’s a dyke like me got to do to get her carpet licked!!

“I figured you’d heard I was a bad lay or something but see, I’m young but I learned quickly”

“Mandy….I….I…didn’t know you were into girls until now, although when you did the “69” with me like a pro I got suspicious,” stammered Tracy whose hunch had proved correct, Mnady was gay.

She was more surprised at the fury of the seemingly-innocent Mandy’s tongue-lashing for being denied sex at the Spa. “I..I was trying to protect you. You seemed so sweet and wholesome.”

“I know, I know,” said Mandy much more quietly. “I’m sorry for yelling. Well, now you know the truth. I’m a sweet, wholesome lesbian. I might be bi-, I’ve never been out with a guy yet so I don’t know.

“It started about six months ago, on my last tour. One night one of the backup singers got drunk and made a pass at me. I was going to tell her to stop, but I kind of liked it when she kissed me, then she did the thing with the tongue and I really, really liked that. We shared a bed the rest of the tour, I told people I was afraid of the dark and they bought it, so my innocent look helps in some ways.

“When the tour was over the singer was from San Francisco and she invited me to visit her for a couple of weeks. All we did was have sex together, go to lesbian bars to find other people to have sex with and go to parks where young lesbians hung out and have sex with them. I thought I was getting pretty good at the mechanics of girl on girl sex as they said I had become an expert carpet licker, I’m glad to find out I wasn’t wrong.

“By the way, you are at absolute legend up there. Everyone in the entertainment business in San Franciso wants to make it big just so they can join this Spa. Anyhow, that is my little innocent girl turned into lesbian slut story.”

“Well, I guess we’ll have to make up for lost time then,” said Tracy with a come-hither look. “I’m sure you won’t mind some “cramming sessions”.”

“Sure, but also what about Beth and Cissy?” said Mandy. “I have been going totally out of my mind working out with those two, they are so hot, and not getting any action from them. I don’t think I can do another session with them without sex and not go insane.”

“Oh don’t worry, Lana forced me to tell them that they are allowed to have sex with you,” said Tracy. “I’m sure they are getting ready as we speak. I believe after your next workout they will have a special, very private, “baby oil” massage waiting for you.”

“Oh, baby, that’s awesome, I can’t wait,” said Mandy as she rushed out the door. “And this time I’ll get to remember it.”

Epilogue: While Mariah Carey and Britney Spears were roasted by the critics in their respective film debuts, Mandy Moore got generally positive reviews for “The Princess Diaries”.

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