Celebrity Health Spa: Happy Boobday

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: Happy Boobday

by Rinky Dink


The following is a work of fiction and any similarities to real situations or people are strictly coincidental. Due to sexual situations no one under 18 should read this _ go away.

“Driving with you in your new Jag is nice and all Tara but you said you had a real special present for my 18th birthday,” said Lindsay Lohan, her red hair whipping in the breeze as she looked at the sights as the sports car drove near the beach.

“Oh I do, believe me, a present you’ll never forget,” said Tara
Reid with a laugh as she turned off the Malibu exit of the Pacific Coast Highway. “Remember, you can do some things now that your 18 that legally you couldn’t before. And I intend to make sure you, ha, ha, exercise fully your legal rights.”

Lindsay flipped up her sunglasses and looked at Tara quizzically.

“Legal rights? What are you going to do, make me vote,” she said.

At that moment, Tara made a sharp right turn into a small street that said “Private Driveway” and pulled up to a long one-floor very modern looking building.

Lindsay’s eyes got wide as she looked up at the sign on the building: Women’s Celebrity Health Spa.

“You ditz, you’ve been hanging out with Paris too much,” said Tara as she giggled. “Why do you think I told you to wear a bikini. Now you can legally have sex as a consenting adult.

“I can bring you here and the people don’t have to worry about your mother or managers getting mad and throwing statutory rape charges at them for fucking you silly. And you are about to be fucked silly, believe me.”

“Wow,” was all Lindsay could say.

From many of the girls she partied long into the night with, Lindsay had heard about this incredible fitness club in Malibu where the most beautiful women imaginable spent all day working out and having sex with each other and had all kinds of fun.

As Tara and Lindsay made their way into the Spa, Lindsay just gaped at the incredible number of hotties who were wearing the tiniest of workout outfits scurrying about, many of them famous, all in close quarters to each other, obviously on purpose.

She frankly started to get intimidated. Yeah, Lindsay did party a ton, but she was not that sexually experienced. She’d only had a couple of boyfriends.

“Uh, Tara, you like, know I’m not a lesbian or anything,” said Lindsay as they went past the main desk and toward a small wing of offices. “I don’t know much about having sex with other girls.”

“Well, I’m sure as hell not a lezzy either, you know all the guys I’ve slept with,” said Tara as she bent down to talk to a receptionist. “But this is a place to have fun and get in shape too. It’s like its own world, separate from reality. As long as you’re here, you like, no, absolutely love, to have sex with women.

“And don’t worry, there will be plenty of people here who will be more than happy to “teach” you. C’mon, Tracy is ready.”

As they entered the room that had “Tracy Thresher – Manager” on the door, Lindsay’s jaw dropped. Coming toward them was the most physically perfect woman she had ever seen.

She was about 5-foot-10 and looked around 25. She had an hourglass figure but somehow also had a six-pack stomach. Her legs were long and lean and her breasts, well, spectacular, barely encased in a thin sports bra, and she had lustrous, wavy shoulder length brunette hair.

She looked like a goddess she was so perfect – a Goddess of Sex, thought Lindsay, as she had heard that Tracy had a virtually insatiable thirst for girl-sex.

“Hey Tara, see you brought the birthday girl,” said Tracy who bent down to the much-shorter Reid and gave her a kiss on the lips, which did not stop as they began entwining tongues and moaning as the kiss continued.

Tracy then brushed away a strap of Tara’s top and began squeezing and clutching at one of Tara’s breasts as they still kissed. Tara responded by moaning even louder.

When the kiss finally broke off, the pair then both whipped off their tops and buried their face in the other’s breasts, suckling, kissing and playfully nipping at the pink areolas each sported with now rock-hard nipples.

Lindsay stood a few feet away and just gawked. She had never seen two girls have sex in person before – and Tara and Tracy were going at it with barely a hello!

Tara had now pulled down Tracy’s thong and her head was bobbing as she ate out Tracy’s totally bald pussy. Tracy threw her head back and moaned her approval as her hands renewed its mauling of Tara’s very pert breasts.

Lindsay watched Tracy’s hips buck and saw Tara stop bobbing and bury her face deep in Tracy’s pussy, and could hear her muffled shouts as she obviously was now having her own orgasm coursing through her to join Tracy in sexual enthrallment.

Her chest going up and down with rapid breathing, Tara turned her cum-smeared face to Lindsay. “Sorry, we got a bit carried away. It’s been a week since I had sex with Tracy.”

Lindsay didn’t know what to say at this point but Tracy bailed her out quickly.

“Oh that was just a primer anyhow for you Lindsay, come with me,” said Tracy as she guided them to an adjoining room.

“Uh, don’t you need your clothes if we’re going out of your office,” said a still shell-shocked Lindsay.

“Not necessary,” said Tracy as she threw open the door. “Happy Birthday, or make that Boobday, Lindsay”

Lindsay could only gasp at the sight.

Standing single-file in what looked like a large bedroom were 10 of the most gorgeous creatures Lindsay had ever seen, and all of them completely nude.

“I mentioned to some of the girls we were going to, ah, celebrate your birthday today Lindsay and we found some very big fans of yours, particularly of your big breasts, who wanted to be part of the celebration,” said Tracy with a smile and a knowing wink at the still-stunned Lindsay.

“Now, let’s get you comfortable. A bikini? Way too much clothing for a proper birthday party.”

Tracy quickly brushed the straps of the bikini off Lindsay’s shoulders as the top fell to the ground. Tara Reid at the same time had untied Lindsay’s bottom and it now too pooled at her feet.

Tara and Tracy looked at each other knowingly. Lindsay’s red-tinged bush was soaking wet. Lindsay might be very nervous about what was about to happen but she was also obviously totally turned on by the thought of being gang-banged by a bunch of hot girls.

“Time to eat your birthday cake, or something even better,” said Tracy as she guided the now naked Lindsay Lohan to the massive waterbed that dominated the room. Twelve other naked girls soon joined her there.

(4 hours later)

Lindsay Lohan’s body was red and covered in slick-sweet cum, as well as cake crumbs, as she layed limp as a noodle in the waterbed. Her breasts were tender and even redder than the rest of her them from the almost continuous licking, pinching and clawing they had gone through.

Sometime during the girl orgy, a real birthday cake had been brought in. The girls had gleefully smeared the cake over Lindsay’s curvy body and licked it off with brio. Crumbs and icing had flown off her breasts when massive orgasms triggered by all the licking caused Lindsay’s body to convulse wildly.

Lindsay’s body shivered slightly, trying to recover from the marathon sex session she just had.

Tracy, almost equally slick and cakey, as she had been a major player in the defilement of Lindsay’s body, sat down next to her and began caressing her juicy breasts as Lindsay gave a small moan.

“I do love your tits Lindsay, and so did everyone else,” said Tracy as she gave a playful pull of the sore nipples. “So, now that you’ve had your birthday party here and gotten a free look at what we do, I can inform you as a legal adult you can become a member of the Spa and have fun every day here.”

Lindsay’s sexually satisfied face suddenly twisted and she began crying.

“I can’t,” she sobbed. “Not now. Not for like six months. I have a movie I have to shoot and an album to record. I don’t want to wait. I want to join the Spa and be here every day and have sex with you and Tara – and all my new friends – and all their friends they promised to introduce me to.

“I want to join so bad but I’ve signed the contracts. I’m so sorry Tracy.”

Tracy lifted Lindsay’s head and placed it on the soft pad formed by her own large breasts and rubbed her backside in a soothing fashion. Lindsay sighed with contentment.

“Don’t worry Lindsay, we’ll be here in six months,” said Tracy as she rubbed Lindsay’s body some more. “We’re a spa for celebrities, we’re used to members being away for a while because of work.

“It’ll just make the “reunion party” that more sweeter.”

Lindsay stopped crying and wiped away her tears.

“Thanks Tracy, I’ll count the days until I can be a member, a real active member” said Lindsay. “Don’t worry, I’ll be in great shape next time you see me.”


(Six months later)

Tara Reid walked into Tracy’s office wearing a little red two-piece workout outfit and gave her a deep French kiss as usual, but instead of then having sex with her, Tara suddenly sat down in a chair and motioned Tracy to sit down behind her desk.

“Tara Reid wants to talk and not have sex, what’s up, must be big,” said Tracy who was in her usual bra top and thong outfit.

“Well, it’s actually about someone getting littler,” said Tara as she dipped into her purse.

“Remember Lindsay Lohan, what she looked like at the birthday party you were kind enough to host.”

“Sure, I’ve been counting the days until she has time to become a member,” said Tracy. “A nice big rack, beautiful long red hair, cute freckles, curves all over. I need to do some toning of her but outside of that she’s already a superfox.”

“Well, look at superfox now,” said Tara as she placed the entertainment section of the local paper on Tracy’s desk.”

There was a picture from the big movie premiere that had occurred the night before.

On the cover was a wafer-thin girl wearing a dress than hung on her skeletal body with barely anything to cover. The girl had a bad blonde dye job and her skin had sort of a fake eggshell white tone to it – and the girl was obviously flat-chested.

Tracy took the paper and began flipping through the pages. “Where’s Lindsay? I don’t see here in this.”

Tara went over to Tracy’s side of the desk and took the paper. She slammed it down and pointed to the human stick figure on the front. “That’s Lindsay Lohan, at least the part of her that’s left.”

Tracy’s eyes bugged out.

“That’s not Lindsay, that’s an anorexic model who needs to see a better beautician and dermatologist,” said Tracy. “That’s why I don’t have as many models here as you would think. I’m into healthy living and girls like this are more into starvation.”

“No, that is, or was, what’s left of Lindsay Lohan,” said Tara as she began to cry.

“I don’t know what happened Tracy. She had so much fun here, she used to talk all the time about how much she looked forward to joining the Spa and working out and having lots of sex here. She even recorded her album in her movie trailer to get it out of the way so she could join sooner.

“Then all of a sudden a few months ago, she changed. After partying all night we used to go out and eat cheeseburgers and discuss who did what to whom. Then, she began eating just a salad, and now she just orders water. And we’re dancing for hours and hours.

“Then she changed to blonde hair and began bleaching away her freckles. Said she had to start looking more mature. I was going along with all this, hey she’s just a kid experimenting, but then the clincher came a week ago.

“She said she had her own personal trainer she’s been working with for a while and did not need to join the Spa. I know something’s up with her. I need your help.”

Tracy gave Tara a bunch of tissues and she sat back down in her chair as the wheels turned in Tracy’s mind.

Tracy was a good judge of character, particularly someone who’s butt she had jammed a strap-on into four or five times.

Lindsay was indeed at heart a nice girl, not a mean girl, she felt, and certainly smart enough not to suddenly change an appearance that had made her one of the best known young actresses in Hollywood – and a look that didn’t need changing anyhow.

“You’re right Tara, something is up with Lindsay, and it certainly is not her bra size,” said Tracy looking at the now tiny little apples that substituted for her once sumptuous rack. “This will disappoint a lot of girls here.”

“Oh, you mean the 10 girls at her birthday party,” said a still sniffling Tara.

“10! Make more like 50,” said Tracy. “When you called me with that wonderful two hours notice that you were bringing her over, I just ran into the gym and shouted “Anyone who wants to help gang-bang Lindsay Lohan see me in my office immediately” That gym was completely empty in 15 seconds.

“There were girls lining up who like, come to the Spa just to really work out. We finally decided to draw lots before a major catfight broke out.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get to the bottom of this. Now relax and let’s have some therapeutic sex.”


As someone whose job involved the shape of the human body, Tracy was intrigued as Lindsay Lohan made her way into her office. She had never seen a living skeleton before.

The yellow sundress hung like a towel on a rack as there were no curves for it to cling to. Lindsay extended a bony hand as Tracy motioned her to sit at the table in the middle of her office.

Tara had talked Lindsay into coming to the Spa for lunch and thank Tracy for her nice ‘birthday present’.

The Spa commissary only had the healthiest foods but for this occasion Tracy had ordered from a fast-food joint and a plate of cheeseburgers and fries awaited Lindsay, who had gone from barely-legal to barely there.

Lindsay simply looked at the calorie-loaded meal set for her as she sat down, gave a little grimace and then reached over and plucked a couple of lettuce leaves off Tracy’s plate and plunked them down on top of hers.

“That will be enough for me,” said Lindsay. “I’m low-maintenance now, thanks to my new trainer. After eating this I’ll probably skip dinner.”

A mouse would starve on what Lindsay was taking in, thought Tracy.

“Your choice Lindsay, after all, you’re not a member here, we’re just friends having lunch,” said Tracy as she poured a brown liquid from a pitcher into Lindsay’s glass. For some reason, Tracy had her own same-colored pitcher next to her.

“It’s nothing personal Tracy,” said Lindsay as she gulped down the sweet-tasting liquid. “I did enjoy that day. It’s just that I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. With my parents problems, I’m pretty much on my own and I’ve been maturing and becoming my own person.

“I like being thin, and blonde and I’m done with my freckles. And I like guys, particularly my trainer, Raoul. We’re dating and I am very devoted to him but if I did like girls I’d do you in a second Tracy, honest.”

“Don’t worry about it Lindsay, I have plenty of girls who still want to have sex with me,” said Tracy as she got up and turned the soothing New Age music playing on the stereo up a bit. “Lets just have a nice meal.”

They chatted amiably as the two dedicated party animals both had a lot of interesting stories to trade (“She was passed out at 3? well by 5 a.m. when I came she was up and ready for action.”). Lindsay took an occasional bite of a lettuce leaf and relaxed.

She really did like Tracy, Lindsay thought. “If I was still into girls I’d do her but now I have Raoul. She is so hot, her body is so perfect she has to get a lot of action. And you know she has to be good in bed, really good. And she is such a nice person too. So good-looking, so nice, so good in bed.”

Tracy looked at Lindsay and saw she was getting a bit of a spaced out look. The drink filled with mind relaxants was doing its trick and the subliminally laced music that told Lindsay how great Tracy was, and how hot her body was and how great in bed also seemed to be working its way into Lohan’s head as well.

It was time Tracy decided to make Lindsay fully loaded with hypnotic tricks.

Tracy went over to her desk and brought back a pretty gold necklace that said “WCHS” at the bottom and then dangled it in front of Lindsay who just sat there with a little smile on her face.

“I know you won’t be a member but as a belated birthday gift I want you to have this,” said Tracy.

Lindsay was half out of it by now and just looked blankly at the necklace, which was several inches from her eyes. Tracy jiggled it a bit and the bottom of the necklace began to swing a bit and the reflection from the light that hit it bounced into Lindsay’s eyes.

“Look at the WCHS part of the necklace Lindsay. Isn’t it pretty. Look at it as it goes back and forth, back and forth. It’s so much fun to watch it go back and forth, back and forth. So relaxing, so peaceful. Keep watching Lindsay, even though you feel very tired. Happy but very relaxed.

“Why not close your tired, tired eyes Lindsay. So tired, so peaceful, so happy. Close your eyes now. That’s it.”

Lindsay’s eyelids briefly fluttered before shutting. Tracy looked at what little chest Lohan had and saw her breasts were going up and down in a rhythmic fashion. She was out cold.

“Lindsay, remain in this wonderful asleep but can you hear me?”

“Yes…..Tracy,” said Lindsay in a barely audible monotone.

“OK great, remember Lindsay I’m your friend, I would never hurt you,” said Tracy as she got right up to Lindsay, seeing up close that her body was like a human pipe cleaner. “I will ask you questions and you will answer them honestly and I will ask you to do things and you will do them exactly as I order. Got it?”

“As you order…I will do,” breathed Lindsay.

Not much willpower, thought Tracy, maybe she lost that when she lost half her body weight.

“OK Lindsay what is the deal with the weight loss,” said Tracy.

“It is the will of the Goddess Hilary,” said Lindsay softly. “I am a loyal follower of the Goddess. Food is the enemy of all followers. Every bite of food is an insult to her and I worship her and I am a loyal follower.”

What the F—?, thought Tracy.

“Goddess Hilary? who the heck is she and how did you get hooked up with her?” asked Tracy.

“Mortals know her as Hilary Duff but she lives inside all of us,” said Lindsay, who then gave a sigh. “When I was in the hospital with exhaustion, Raoul would come to my room every night alone. He is a seer for Goddess Hilary and he showed me for hours the glowing ball of truth and by the end of my stay I knew I was one with the Goddess.

“I hired Raoul as my personal trainer when I got out and he is my exclusive lover as well, per orders of Goddess Hilary.”

“So you can’t have sex with me or any other women?” said Tracy.

“I have sex only with Raoul and Goddess Hilary, who has the form of a woman but is a much higher being,” said Lindsay.

“Lindsay, look I’m your friend,” said Tracy who hoped the truth would truly set Lindsay free from this spell she had been put under. “Hilary Duff hates you, she is your enemy. She’s not a goddess, she’s a bitter girl because you stole her boyfriend and your career is doing better than her’s.

“She must have hooked up with this Raoul guy who knows hypnosis and when you were vulnerable in the hospital he took advantage of you and hypnotized you to believe this Goddess Hilary bull.

“Think about it Lindsay, and you’ll see the idea of Hilary Duff being a Goddess and eating food being against her wishes is simply ridiculous. She’s just trying to ruin your career, and health, and it will work if you don’t pull yourself together soon.”

Lindsay twitched her nose and mouth for a while.

“You’re right Tracy! I was a fool. Hilary Duff is such a bitch. I’ll get her. Now where is that burger and fries – and I want a milk shake too. My big boobs are coming back and my tongue is ready to lick.”

“Awesome Lindsay, I am so proud of your strong will, you broke that deep hypnosis really, really quickly,” said Tracy beaming. “At the count of three you will wake up and remember everything we just talked about and feel really good about yourself.


Lindsay blinked her eyes a lot and then smiled at Tracy.

“Thanks a bunch for helping me Tracy, can we eat lunch now? I have a lot of eating to make up for,” said Lindsay smiling.

The pair began chowing down, at least Tracy did as she attacked her salad but Lindsay just munched on a lettuce leaf as she riffled through her purse.

“What’s up Lindsay, I thought you were hungry, for food and pussy,” asked Tracy.

Lindsay looked up from her purse and smiled.

“Tracy, have you ever heard of a ‘sub routine’.”

“Well sure, in computers that’s when your think you’ve changed something but they have a fail-safe layered underneath that kicks in to have it go back to the original programming,” said Tracy who then realized what Lindsay’s question meant. “Oh, shit.”

“Yup, my sub routine is alive and kicking,” said Lindsay who then raised a small aerosol can to Tracy’s face and began spraying her with what Tracy could instantly tell was knockout gas.

Tracy kicked her chair away from the table. Lindsay quickly got up and kept spraying the noxious fumes in Tracy’s face. So unexpected was this attack all Tracy could attempt as a defense was to wave her arms in front of her face and try and redirect the gas away from her.

But it was no use, within a few seconds Tracy’s arms fell limply to her sides. Lindsay went in for the coup de `grace and began spraying mere inches from Tracy’s now slackened face.

Soon, Tracy’s eyes closed and her head pitched to the side. Her limp body then crumpled off the chair and Tracy laid sprawled on the shag carpeting of her office.

Lindsay watched Tracy’s large breasts go up and down in a steady fashion as she breathed shallowly. The show was even better than expected, as during the fall Tracy’s tiny bra top had gotten caught on the chair and lifted off her chest and now just hung on her neck, leaving her breasts totally bare.

“Nice rack,” said Lindsay as she looked down on her unconscious former sex partner. “You now know too much and must be made a slave to the Goddess. You will make a fine disciple. Goddess Hilary will be pleased. I will take you to Raoul for your ‘initiation’.”

Lindsay now pondered her problem on how to get Tracy into her car to be delivered for programming.

She had been no 90-pound weakling growing up, before she hit it big in show business she had played a lot of sports like basketball, soccer and roller skating.

But thanks to starving herself, she literally was 90-pounds now and Tracy was 5-foot-10 and solid muscle, way too much for her to carry all the way to the parking lot.

Lindsay decided to lift Tracy’s body onto a chair and then wheel her out. If anyone asked, she would just say it was part of a sex game, no one would question that.

She gripped one arm around Tracy’s shoulder as she bent down and the other arm tried to go inbetween her legs to pull her up. However, Lindsay had not been looking carefully and the arm ended up going underneath Tracy’s thong and her hand ended up right in Tracy’s pussy, which was sopping wet.

Lindsay discovered since there was so little meat on her bones that her hand was now so thin she could actually fist Tracy’s pussy with room to spare. The thought delighted and scared her a bit, that she was this frail frankly troubled her even though Goddess Hilary had told her she looked much better than before and should lose even more weight.

Lindsay instinctively took great pleasure fisting Tracy and feel her juices on her hand.

Lindsay had been distracted when she tried to collect Tracy because when she went down on her knees, her face had ended up directly over Tracy’s wondrous chest.

Lindsay reflexively licked her lips at the sight of them. They were so large but very firm yet creamy soft, and the bright pink areolas begged to be licked – much like her own breasts used to be Lindsay realized.

Lindsay dipped her head and wrapped her lips around one of the luscious hooters and began sucking and licking at the nipple. She continued to fist Tracy’s pussy and shortly Lindsay heard Tracy give a soft moan.

“Even knocked out you like having sex,” thought Lindsay who continued her assault on Tracy’s boobs with her mouth and fisting her furiously.

Lindsay’s breath became ragged as she could feel herself getting real turned on having sex with Tracy’s unconscious body.

That started a war in Lindsay’s now tortured mind.

“I can’t have sex with Tracy, only Raoul and Goddess Hilary, this is wrong,” thought Lindsay who did not let up for an instant while she debated. “But I love having sex with Tracy, even when she’s asleep. I can’t stop. I won’t.”

Lindsay then remembered that while walking to Tracy’s office she had passed by the gym and two of the girls she had sex with at her birthday party had seen her and given her a friendly wave.

Lindsay knew she wanted to have sex with them again as well. Hell, all the girls she noticed in the Spa, most wearing revealing Lycra tube tops and tiny shorts, had all looked appealing to her.

She wanted to have sex with them all! She didn’t want to worship Hilary Duff or date Raoul. She wanted to lie in Tracy’s bed and spread her legs and have an unending stream of hot women lick her up and down while she had orgasms galore and be a complete lesbian slut.

Tracy’s moans were becoming louder and Lindsay concentrated on bringing her off. It was the least she could do, she figured, after what she had done to her.

Tracy’s hips suddenly went into the air and Lindsay’s bony hand could feel itself now engulfed in fluid as she withdrew it.

The orgasm brought Tracy out of her sleep as her eyes began blinking.

“Wha…what happened Lindsay, I feel weird, so tired,” said Tracy groggily. “I can’t remember a thing. Like my head is in a fog.”

“Simple you airhead, we talked about my problems, solved them, and now we’re having sex,” said Lindsay brightly as she finally unwrapped her lips from Tracy’s areola. “You said you were tired and wanted to take a nap but said feel free to have sex with your body – so I did. You just orgasmed.”

Tracy could feel the wetness in her thong and the familiar euphoric feeling she got after orgasming. She did remember Lindsay had some problems and she had worked it out with her, although she had no idea what they were or how she did it, as the chloroform had erased almost all of her short term memory.

“Oh, OK, thanks,” said Tracy. “So, you’re all set, on the straight and narrow.”

Lindsay laughed as she helped the wobbly Tracy up.

“Well, I’m all set,” she said. “But you did not exactly make me ‘straight’ and I won’t be narrow for long as I intend to eat a lot from now on – particularly pussy.”

“Breakfast of champions as far as I’m concerned,” said Tracy with a smile.

“Now, Tara told me a while ago I should ask for the Executive Gold Membership, that way I’ll have access to every part of the Spa, and hopefully all the women,” said Lindsay.

“I’ll have my secretary get the papers ready for that,” said Tracy who then winked. “Well, now that you’ll be a member, I guess you’d like to meet the membership.”

“Absolutely!,” said Lindsay enthusiastically.

Tracy peeled off her soaked thong and whipped the bra top off of her neck and was now completely naked. She then went to the front door of her office and leaned out.

“Hey, anyone who wants to have sex with Lindsay Lohan right now come to my office,” she shouted.

Lindsay for a second thought there might be an elephant stampede outside the building, so loud was the sound of feet pounding in her direction.

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