Celebrity Health Spa: I Spy (Barenaked)

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: I Spy (Barenaked)

By Rinky Dink

(MC, FF, con)

The following contains sexual situations and no one under 18 should read this, go away. All characters even those with real names, and all actions in this story are fictional and do not represent any living person.

As Tracy Thresher looked over her schedule for the day as manager of the extremely popular Women’s Celebrity Health Spa in Malibu, it seemed like another normal day for the perpetually sex-obsessed Tracy:

9 a.m.: have sex with Missy

10 a.m.: have sex with Torrance

a.m.: have sex with Donna

Noon-12:05: Do business

12:05-12:15: Have lunch

12:15-1 p.m.: Have sex with who I had lunch with.

1 p.m.-2 p.m.: have sex with Linda

2 p.m.-2:15: Supervise Barb’s workout

2:15 p.m.-3 p.m.: have sex with Barb

3 p.m-3:15 p.m.: Do fitness spot with Kiana Tom

3:15-4 p.m.: have sex with Kiana Tom

4 p.m.-5 p.m.: Conversion time (have sex with a woman who never had sex with a woman before).

“Just another day at the office,” commented Tracy blandly as she gave a copy of the schedule back to her assistant Connie.

With her amazingly fit body, tall statuesque figure, large breasts and long, curly black hair and only in her early 20s, everyone seemed to want to have sex with Tracy, which was OK because Tracy wanted to have sex with everyone as she was born with an amazingly large sex drive.

Tracy was in the middle of her morning sex sessions when she was interrupted by a knock on the door. Tracy knew Connie would never bother her when she was having sex unless it was urgent.

“OK, Torrance, you’ve got to go back to school now,” said Tracy to the young busty blonde she had been eating out with gusto.

“Oh. C’mon Tracy, I’ve only orgasmed twice,” pouted the teenager.

“Sorry,” said Tracy. “Anyhow, cheerleading tryouts are this afternoon so you should be working on your routines if you want to be head cheerleader.”

“Don’t worry Tracy,” said Torrance as she put her snug Malibu High cheerleading outfit back on. “I’ll spend all day showing the rest of the girls the, uh, ‘new routines” you’ve taught me. Something tells me after seeing them, up close and very personal, I have a good shot at being elected head cheerleader.”

As Torry wiggled her way out the door of Tracy’s office, a short, thin, pale-skinned beauty with long dark hair and a large chest came in with a serious look on her face. The normal attire at the Spa was virtually nothing but this woman was not scantily clad but in a conservative suit.

“Shannen Doherty!, why are you wearing, like clothes,” said Tracy as she put on the bra top and thong bottom she had shucked while shagging the cheerleader. “Taking off all that stuff means less time we can have sex before my next appointment.”

“Believe it or not Tracy, I’m here on business, national security business, not sex, so please sit down,” said Doherty who took a chair in front of Tracy’s desk “Of course, we can have sex after we’ve done our business.”

“What business?” said Tracy, who could not imagine why a bitchy, heavy-partying actress would have national security business to discus with a fitness club manager.

“Basically, the government is drafting your pussy to save the country,” said Shannen

“I’ve never heard that pick-up line before, you know just saying Hello usually works with me,” said Tracy with a laugh.

“No, really, here is the deal, and it’s the God’s honest truth Tracy so listen carefully,” said Shannen, who sitting in front of Tracy’s great body was getting a bit distracted thinking about having sex with her but managed to gather her thoughts.

“The closest country to both Iraq and Iran is a tiny little island in the Red Sea called Kutar. The United States wants to put a big military base there because you know there is going to be trouble in those parts for years to come. Without that threat, any country in the Middle East can launch terrorist attacks on us knowing full well it would be hard for us to retaliate. The government there was going to let us put the base there, no problem.

“The problem occurred because the government was run by fundamentalists who thought women’s bodies should be completely covered at all times, they should never work, never get educated and most importantly never have sex except when their husband wanted to and if they are not married they can never have sex.”

“Good thing I’m not in Kutar,” said Tracy, a barely clothed working intelligent sex machine.

“That’s what you think, but we’ll get to that later,” said Shannen. “Let me get back to the story: There was a revolution led by the most radical women in the country. They are now in power.

“Now, no woman between 12 and 45 can wear anything but bikinis outdoors and women receive actual tax breaks based on the number of times they have girl-on-girl sex in a year. The Kutar TV station shows nothing but lesbian porn movies except for the news where two naked women read the news and pet each other. Everything in the country now revolves around women and sex.”

“You’re right, sounds like Kutar is my kind of place,” joked Tracy.

“Glad you said that,” Shannen said. “The reason I’m here is that the new government will not negotiate with us about putting in the base because we have no one they ‘respect’. A bunch of stuffy old men diplomats they have no time for.

“Education means nothing to these women,” said Shannen. “What they hold in the highest regard is the number of women a woman has had sex with and how good they are in bed. Nothing else matters.

“The government wants you to go undercover as a celebrity fitness instructor to Kutar and, uh, gain the trust of women in the Kutar government, and make some inroads to find a way we can negotiate a base there.

“You’re country needs you Tracy. What do you say?”

“If it’s such a big deal why did the government send you and not like a general,” asked Tracy. “C’mon, I’m not that dumb. This is for your TV show, right?”

“No, honest. Let’s face it, the president’s people have no clue about dealing with sex-crazed lesbians and since I’ve been a longtime Republican activist they know and trust me,” said Shannen. “They asked if I knew of a woman who has had sex with an incredible amount of women, was amazing in the sack, was still extremely attractive but also really smart and could handle herself in a foreign land with dangerous people.

“I told them there is only person in the entire country that could do this job: Tracy Thresher. So Trace, pack up your bags because you and Jennifer Love Hewitt are heading to Kutar tomorrow.”

“Hold it, you come in here Shannen and tell me I have to fly to the Middle East or the United States is going down the toilet,” said Tracy. “This is a lot for a simple fitness instructor to take in. I mean, I’m patriotic. Every woman in the armed services I have sex with I make sure they have multiple orgasms.”

“Tracy, your country needs you, where else but here could you lead the incredible lifestyle you do,” said Shannen. “The White House is waiting for your answer. Frankly, if you say no I don’t know what we will do.”

Tracy saw she had no choice. All the foreign models she had sex with frequently told her in their country the Spa would be closed and Tracy would be jailed as a sex maniac. In the freedom-loving USA, Tracy was a celebrity and an admired figure.

“OK, I’ll do it,” said Tracy, giving off a deep breath, which turned Shannen on as Tracy’s huge breasts bounced with the movement. “I guess I can eat out some Arab chicks.”

“Great, I’ll call Washington immediately,” said Shannen. “Oh, I forgot to tell you, no dark meat for you, its all white meat there. The people of Kutar are actually descended from Viking pirates who settled there centuries ago. They are all mostly blue-eyed and blonde, you know, Scandinavian types. It’s like a nation of women who look like Pamela Anderson and Jewel.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Tracy as Shannen had unknowingly mentioned two of Tracy’s favorite sex partners. “Hey, one thing. What do you mean I’m flying with Jennifer Love Hewitt? What does she have to do with this?”

“The way people in this country think of George Washington, the women of Kutar think of Jennifer Love Hewitt,” said Shannen. “The revolutionary women used Jennifer Love Hewitt as their symbol during the takeover. They think she is just so cute and wholesome besides being very sexy, every lesbian’s dream girl. They think all women should strive to be Jennifer Love Hewitt.

“They simply idolize her. Her face is on their currency. There is a law that every home must have her album “Barenaked”, people have actually gone to jail for not having it. Their airport has been renamed “Love Field” in her honor. They are just nuts for her.

“The only American right now the Kutar government will let inside the country is Jennifer Love Hewitt and only because you are posing as her fitness instructor are you allowed in as well.

“…Oh, yeah, we didn’t tell Jennifer about all the lesbian sex stuff they’re into, they’d probably agree to anything to have sex with her, we were afraid she is so sweet and nice she might be scared off. We’re counting on you to seduce her on the trip to Kutar and turn her on to girl-girl sex.

“Of course, I’m already turned on to have sex with you.”

With that statement, Shannen had peeled off the last bit of her suit and now stood naked in front of the Tracy, who quickly shed her clothes as well, and led Shannen by the hand to her private room with the waterbed.

They began by kissing with their tongues intertwining. Shannen then went at Tracy’s breasts she had longed all this time to be able to touch and lick.

While Shannen buried her head in Tracy’s breasts, Tracy moaned and ran her fingers up and down Shannen’s thin, pale-skinned body.

She finally went down to Shannen’s clit and began rubbing it gently and Shannen gave a short squeal of delight. Shannen was now suckling the nipples of Tracy’s tasty breasts as her breathing got heavier.

When Tracy stuck a finger in her butt-crack, that was it, Shannen screamed “I’m cum-m-m-i-i-n-n-n-g-g-g!! and her body began bucking as a massive orgasm rippled through her body. This turned on Tracy and her pussy juice began pouring onto Shannen’s body, which just turned on Shannen even more and extended her orgasm to an incredible length as she continued shrieking her lust and bucking.

Finally, Shannen’s small-boned body could take no more. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she passed out, sexually exhausted.

Tracy gently pushed the lithe unconscious body of Shannen Doherty off of her and tucked her into bed. Shannen looked so cute and had a blissful smile on her face. Giving her a light kiss on the forehead, Tracy said: “If Alyssa Milano could only see you now.”


Tracy didn’t fly much, she did not like being away from the Spa or its steady stream of willing sex partners, but she doubted even a veteran traveler had seen anything like her Kutar Airlines flight.

None of the flight attendants could be older than 18 and they were all wearing string bikinis. Female passengers were handed instead of a menu for food a list of sex acts the stewardesses could perform on them.

“Definitely the friendly skies,” remarked Tracy to Jennifer Love Hewitt, who was seated next to her in a private compartment of the plane.

“I think it’s disgusting,” said Hewitt. “As a Christian I’m offended. Women having sex with other women, ugh, it’s just gross. I told those tramps right away we were both upstanding, highly moral women and to leave us alone.”

Tracy knew Jennifer was batting .500 with that last remark but let it slide as she now had bigger problems. The mission would be a bust unless Jennifer Love Hewitt could be converted into a lesbian and things did not look promising at the moment.

“Anyhow, let’s have happier thoughts then those awful dykes. I was really excited Tracy when they told me you would be my companion for my goodwill visit to Kutar,” said Love. “When I was on ‘Party of Five’, Neve Campbell use to rave about how great you were working with her body, and I always regretted I had to move to New York for my own series before I could join the Spa

“And I just talked to Lacey Chabert. She said she joined the Spa after I left and also spoke extremely highly of you.”

“Well, I think highly of Lacey too, she’s a good kid Miss Hewitt,” said Tracy, yeah, good at the most sick, twisted acts of depravity with a rope Tracy had ever witnessed, she thought to herself.

“Oh, please call me Love, all my friends do, and I think were going to be really good friends by the end of this,” said Love.

“I certainly hope so,” said Tracy.

As the pair of brunette young lovelies chatted, Love began complaining about her love life.

“Everyone thinks I sleep around because I have so many boyfriends but it’s the opposite, I date a lot of guys because I don’t have a lot of sex,” said Love. “I’ve had really bad luck. All the guys I’ve slept with and they are all bad in bed.”

“Really?,” said Tracy. “You’ve gone out with some pretty well-known lovers.”

“Yeah, well I’ve never gotten an orgasm from a man, if not for my little ‘pocket rocket’ I wouldn’t know what an orgasm was,” said Love. “Every time I have sex with a man, I feel nothing. Zilch. Just blah. Talk about bad luck.”

Tracy hoped Love’s lack of excitement in bed with men was a little more than bad luck, maybe she was hanging out with the wrong team?

“Well, the law in Kutar is that we have to wear bikinis all the time so as your fitness instructor it’s time for me to earn my pay,” said Tracy. “It’s a long flight so I want you mentally prepared to work out when we get there.

“Put theses headphones on, I want you to listen to some motivational music and drink this tea I brought with me. It will help carb you up for the work out.”

Love put on the headphones and began sipping the ice tea. It felt good and she finally was able to relax. Going to a strange country, where for some strange reason she was worshipped as a goddess, had made her very nervous but after meeting Tracy all her fears went away.

Lacey and Neve were right, Tracy was a super person. As long as she listened to Tracy she had no reason to worry. She could completely trust Tracy. And wow, what a body! I think of myself as pretty but she is the most gorgeous creature on Earth. If I was a guy I would be on top of her in a second, thought Love as she drifted more and more into a dream state.

As Tracy saw Love get a faraway look in her eye, she knew the subliminal-message laced music and drugged tea were doing their work. It was now time to go to the next step.

“Love, I have a focusing exercise I want you to do as well,” said Tracy as she took off a necklace and put it in front of Love’s droopy eyes. “Look at the shiny WCHS pendant at the bottom of this necklace, only look at it as I swing it back and forth. Relax and just look at the nice, shiny necklace.

“It’s so pretty and shiny and relaxing. It makes you feel so good Love. You love to look at it Love as it swings and shines. Follow it as you feel better and better as you watch the pendant. So good, so relaxed.”

“So good,” whispered Love, her head now lolling a bit to one side.

“Yes, you feel so good, looking at the pendant, it makes you feel so good, so relaxed. Now you feel so good you can close your eyes. Close your eyes Love and relax. It’s Tracy. You know you can trust Tracy. Close those tired, tired eyes.”

“Trust…Tracy,” said Love as her eyes slammed shut and her head fell to the side, completely knocked out.

“Now Love, I want you to remain asleep but open your eyes and look at me,” said Tracy as Love’s dulled eyes came open and her head now was back up. “With every word I say you be feel even better and more relaxed, and you will trust me even more.”

“Yes, trust Tracy, relax,” said Love in a dull monotone.

“OK, now Love I want you to ignore any religious, personal or family beliefs to the questions I am going to ask you,” said Tracy. “All I want is the unvarnished truth from you. What you truly feel inside. What you deep down want. You know you can trust Tracy. You know you can tell me your most intimate thoughts.”

“Yes, intimate,” said Love.

“Love, do you enjoy having sex with men,” said Tracy.

“No,” Love said quickly.

“Do you enjoy having sex with women?”

There was silence from Love. Even subconsciously, she didn’t want to touch the idea of liking girl-girl sex so Tracy decided she had to get personal.

“Love, would you like to have sex with me?”

Love’s eyes began blinking very quickly. Tears began forming around her eyes.

“Love, I will be honest. I want to have sex with you. Do you understand? Tracy WANTS to have sex with you. I really want to have sex with you. Would you turn me down if I made a pass at you. I know you have strong personal beliefs so be honest. But I want to have sex with you, will you turn me down or will you let me have sex with you?”

Love’s blinking became even more serious. Pretty soon her tears went straight to crying and then Love was outright sobbing hysterically. Tracy wasn’t sure what to do, of all the many women she had hypnotized, she had never gotten such an emotional response to a simple question.

After going through a box of tissues, Love finally stopped crying and wiped away the last of her tears.

“I can’t lie to you Tracy, even though I’ve lied to myself my whole life,” said a red-rimmed but still deeply entranced Love. “Do I want to have sex with you.? Since the second you’ve stepped on the plane all I can think of is how your pussy must taste. I want to have sex with you badly, oh so very, very badly.

“I hate having sex with men. Oh geez, I want to have sex with women so much! But especially you. Please make me your sexual playtoy. Please Tracy!”

Tracy had gotten her answer. Love would not have to be converted to lesbianism at all, just admit what she in reality had always been, a dyke.

After telling her to bring her true feelings about sex to the surface and into her conscious thought, Tracy slowly brought Love out of her deep hypnotic trance.

“Wow, your techniques really work, I’m refreshed and ready for a good workout when we hit Kutar,” said Love.

“Actually, to be perfectly honest Love, I would like you to have a good workout right now,” said Tracy.

“How can we do that, in this little compartment, and there is no equipment,” said Love.

“I think we both have all the equipment we need,” said Tracy as she took Love’s hand into her’s and lightly began stroking her arm.

“Tracy!!…I.. I never thought….you …one of them,” stammered Love, who was consumed with shock as well as a good dose of lust as her clit was quickly on fire.

“Yes, I admit it, I do enjoy having sex with women, but particularly having sex with you,” said Tracy who unsnapped her top, showing Love her round, soft large breasts. “I respect your moral and religious beliefs very much Love but I also want to be upfront with you since we are going to spend a lot of time together.

“I don’t want to just be friends. I want to have a sexual relationship with you as well. To be frank, I want to become your lesbian lover Love.”

With that, Tracy moved closer to Love and gave her a long kiss on her neck and Love melted as she sighed with pleasure. Her mind was in a fog of pure lust.

She always thought it was wrong to have sex with another woman but for the life of her at this moment she couldn’t remember why. As Tracy continued to nuzzle her neck, Love felt her pussy juicing up a storm, something intercourse with a variety of hunky men had never accomplished.

Love felt pleasure, real sexual pleasure, for the first time in her life and she never wanted this feeling to go away as her breathing got heavier.

“I’ll stop now and we can just be friends if you prefer,” said Tracy, removing her lips from Love’s neck.

“What I prefer, is that you make love to Love, as my lesbian lover,” said Love who grabbed Tracy’s head and jammed her tongue down Tracy’s throat.

The pair made out passionately, The armrest between them quickly went up and the smaller Love was on top, French kissing Tracy while she happily grinded her bare pussy into Tracy’s equally clean shaven box.

Fireworks were going off in Love’s head.

For the first time in her life she was enjoying sex and she was becoming mad with lust. Breasts, pussy, the feel of soft female flesh, all of these she had been without while wasting her time with men, and now she knew they were all incredible turn-ons for her as she made love to Tracy.

After making out like two schoolgirls both women were really worked up, sweat was pouring off Love as she was in sexual ecstasy. “Please Tracy, I want to do the “69” I’ve heard so much about,” said Love.

Tracy flipped around and got right under Love’s slit. She took Love’s head in her hand and jammed it right into her sopping wet snatch. Love knew enough to begin lapping away while Tracy’s expert tongue starting working on her clit. Love felt so much sexual excitement she felt like her head was going to burst.

Tracy had barely began licking Love’s pussy before Love suddenly arched her back slightly and her hips began bucking as she ripped off a massive orgasm.

It seemed a never-ending river of pussy juice kept pouring out of Love’s hole and that all of it was coming onto her face turned Tracy on enough to have her own orgasm. Soon, both women were shouting and bouncing on the seats. Of course they were one of many on the flight having sex so the flight attendants gave it no mind.

Love finally stopped orgasming and stood on all fours panting like a whipped dog. Tracy, far fitter and more experienced, simply sat up and began wiping up all the cum that covered her as Love had built up a large reservoir of cum from years of unsatisfying sex.

“Tracy, in case you didn’t realize it, I’m a lesbian,” said a still panting Love.

“Yes, Love I did notice you, uh, orgasmed like a bucket full of cum on me,” said Tracy still wiping herself off. “It answers the question why you never got off having sex with guys, huh.”

“I love you Tracy, I truly do,” said Love, now sitting next to Tracy and pawing her body up and down, never wanting her first lesbian-love making experience to end.

“That’s great Love but remember why we’re here,” said Tracy who had just had her 5,000th lesbian experience and was a bit more levelheaded at this point.

“We’re going to a place where every woman in the country wants to have sex with you. We want to engender “goodwill” between them and us, so if you think having sex with a Kutaran will help accomplish that, well, I want you to know I’ll understand. It’s OK with me.”

“You are so wonderful Tracy,” said Love as she hugged Tracy getting spots of her own cum on her nude body in the process. “You are such a decent person. I know you’re like me and are the monogamous type, but in case something comes up I want you to know you can have sex with someone else and I won’t mind. I know your heart belongs to me.”

“Thanks,” said Tracy who wondered what load of bullshit Lacey and Neve had fed Love about her that made Love think she was a one-woman girl. “Hey, we’re here Love. We’re at your Love Field. Look at the crowd. Acres of blonde, blue-eyed girls in bikinis. This should be a gas.”

(to be continued)

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