Celebrity Health Spa: I Spy (Barenaked) Finale

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: I Spy (Barenaked) Finale

by Rinky Dink


(FF, MC, anal, oral)

The following is a work of fiction and none of the characters involved should be associated with what happens here. Due to sexual situations no one under 18 should read this, go away.

“My pussy croons once again for your tongue Tracy,” said Famke Janssen as she guided her head down to her sopping, wet cunt.

“I can’t sing but I know what you want,” said Tracy as she hungrily began eating her out.

Tracy really did not have much choice in the

Having had her will destroyed and her mind taken over by a Kutaran hypno-snake, she was now a snake slave and her mind and body totally under the control of Queen Victoria Silvstedt, who had programmed her to fall madly in love with Famke, her prime minister.

Tracy’s expert tonguework was causing Famke’s curvy hips to continuously buck up and down but Tracy’s did not let up as she lapped away at the edges of the slit and then began working her way deeper and deeper into the former supermodel’s box.

They had been having sex for 4 straight hours at this point and Famke was bathed in sweat, while the super-fit Tracy still had plenty left in her gas tank.

“O-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!!, Shit yeah, that’s it, that’s it. Bring it on!. More !, More, More!. Oh God. That’s it, that’s it!,” shrieked Famke as she was in the throes of sexual ecstasy.

Famke finally let out a loud scream as she was in the process of a massive orgasm, juice squirting out of her pussy and she began flopping around the bed like a beached mackerel.

When Victoria then came into the room trailed compliantly by Jennifer Love Hewitt, who had been Tracy’s real girlfriend until she too was turned into a snake slave, Famke was still panting and her eyes were rolled up into her head.

“Still going at it, huh,” said Victoria, then nodding toward Tracy. “She is a pistol, isn’t she?”

“Oh jeez, she’s a fucking sex machine,” Famke finally got enough breath to say. “I’ve had my carpet licked by a lot of people but she is a master with her tongue and she never, ever, gets tired of screwing around.”

“Luckily, Love here learned a few tricks from her,” said Victoria. “We just finished having sex and she was more than satisfactory. And I’ve taught her a new trick I will enjoy immensely: Love, present breasts!”

Love automatically pulled up her top and thrust her massive chest out as Victoria reached out and began fondling the soft, large mounds.

“It certainly will relieve the tension at cabinet meetings,” said Victoria with a laugh as her hands slipped off Love’s chest. “OK, at ease breasts.”

At this point, Love went up to Tracy, who was rubbing and lightly kissing Famke’s gorgeous body.

“I can never thank you enough for making me a lesbian Tracy,” said Love. “I know now the truth, nothing is better than a woman having sex with another woman.”

Tracy just smiled back as she circled Famke’s pink areolas with her tongue. Nothing would distract her from her mission, Famke had told her to have sex with her all day, no matter what, so she was obeying her instructions.

“Anyhow, let’s get down to business,” said Victoria. “The announcement of our impending marriages will be made at the west balcony at 6 p.m. I will then announce Tracy’s appointment as Minister of Sex followed by Love here denouncing the bisexuals and urging all women to make love only to other women.”

“Sounds like a plan, call me here about 5 so I can clean up,” said Famke. “We’re having sex until then.”

“Christ!, that’s like 9 straight hours of sex, no one can last that long,” said Victoria incredulously.

“I know Tracy can and if she can do it, so can I, I love a challenge,” said Famke. “They said no woman in Kutar could go to college, but I did it. I can outdo anyone in the classroom and the bedroom.”

Victoria rolled her eyes but turned and left Famke’s bedroom, with Love automatically trailing behind her, totally enslaved to her will.

“Oh jeez, I forgot to ask,” said Famke as she lifted Tracy’s face off her generous breasts. “Tracy would you like to marry me?”

“I thought gay weddings happened only in Massachusetts,” said Tracy her mouth dripping with a combination of cum and saliva.

“Silly goose, don’t forget you are no longer an American, you are one of us now and Kutar is run by women so lesbian weddings are legal, actually we don’t allow women to marry men, yuck,” said Famke.

Tracy’s eyes sparkled with the news she could actually be married to Famke, “Yes, yes, the answer is so Yes!,” cried Tracy as she grabbed Famke by the neck and began kissing her face all over.

“Uh, one thing Famke,” said Tracy suddenly. “I have just one concern.”

“Yes?,” said Famke, wondering what a totally controlled Tracy could be worried about.

“In my old country, marriage is an equal partnership,” said Tracy. “I…I don’t want our marriage to be like that. I want you to be the dominant one in the relationship and I’ll be the submissive. Even though we will be legally married I’d be much more comfortable if it was in reality a slave/master situation.”

“If that’s what you want,” said Famke. “OK, your future master orders you now to deliver anal to her.”

“Sure thing master,” said Tracy with a smile. “Oh, if you can wait a minute, I have this really great dildo I had specially made back in my room. It will give you more pleasure than anything I’ve done to you yet believe it or not.”

“Then your master orders you to get it slave…immediately,” said Famke with a smile.

As she watched Tracy’s shapely butt wiggle as she scurried out the door, Famke was very glad her movie career was stalled as she would now be enjoying great lesbian sex for years to come.

Crown Princess Elisha Cuthbert was shocked at how James King was able to maneuver through the palace without anyone noticing them. Although she was the leader of the outlawed bisexuals, there were entrances and doors she knew about that Elisha had never seen before, and she was the crown princess of Kutar.

Maybe there were more women interested in sleeping with men then she thought, although the thought of being with a man totally sickened Elisha.

When they arrived at Tracy and Love’s room, Elisha could tell no one had been there all day.

“Oh, Goddess Love,” said Elisha to James. “We’ve got to find Tracy before they make her a snake slave too.”

“Too late,” whispered James as she pointed to Tracy entering the room. “Remember you twit she doesn’t know you know.” Elisha saw Tracy was wearing a pink ribbon around her neck, hiding the fang marks the snake had ripped into her flesh as it took over her mind.

“Hey Trace,” said Elisha as she sat on the bed Tracy and her had once shared as lesbian lovers. “Your fuck toy is ready to get fucked some more.”

“Uh, Elisha, we have to talk,” said Tracy. “Who is this?” Said Tracy pointing to James.

“Oh, she’s just my handmaiden, you can talk freely in front of her, she hasn’t a brain cell in her head,” said Elisha who knew Tracy would kill James in her current mindset if she knew who King really was.

“Fine, whatever,” said Tracy as she sat next to Elisha. Being so close to Tracy’s spectacular body plus the heavy scent of sex and cum on her turned Elisha on even though she knew these were dire circumstances.

“Things have changed Elisha. I’ve met privately with your sister and she is an incredible person. What she wants for the people of Kutar is wonderful and I want to do everything possible to support her. I am now 100-percent Kutaran and as a good Kutaran woman I have gotten involved in a sexual relationship with a great Kutaran woman, Famke.

“We will be married soon and I will serve her government as Minister of Sex. Famke is my life, I want nothing except to have sex with her so I don’t need a fuck toy anymore. Sorry ‘lish, you are a great kid with a super-hot body and in the old days I would have screwed you until your eyes bugged out but I think the best thing for you to do is go and serve your sister any way she sees fit.”

Elisha just sat there, her eyes watering. She knew this wasn’t the Tracy she cared so much about talking, it was the hollowed-out husk of Tracy repeating as a snake slave what her mistress, the Queen, had told her to think.

“We’ll talk more later Elisha but Famke’s waiting for me to drill her with my magic dildo so gotta run,” said Tracy as she grabbed the dildo and quickly left.

“Well James, you think you are Queen material, prove it, here is a crisis for a top-notch leader, what the hell do we do now,” cried a distraught Elisha.

James didn’t say a word for a while as Elisha just sat there bawling, her large breasts heaving up and down as she sat with head in her hands looking like a frightened teenager.

Looking good at a royal ceremony was the beautiful blonde ex-heroin addict’s specialty, not crisis-management and James now knew she would have made a lousy queen.

“Do you think Tracy will keep Famke occupied for a while?” James finally asked a still-sniffling Elisha.

“Are you kidding, with that vibrating dildo Famke won’t even remember her name in a couple of hours,” said Elisha who had felt its full effect before. “She will be one totally mindfucked prime minister.”

James said: “We just have to get Tracy out of the control of the snake. You’re right, she would know what to do. I know haven’t a freaking clue.”

“Well, I read in my science book on the legend of the hypno-snake that the only way to break someone of its spell is to kill it,” said Elisha. “A snake only has enough venom to enslave one person a week so my sister must have two snakes around here someplace, but I don’t have a clue where.”

“My bisexual spies know every foot of this place,” said James. “Let me check with them, one of them will know.”

“Please…..ohh…. please…..I beg you………please…..no…more…sex….please Tracy….stop…no..more sex,” gasped Famke as lay in bed in the throes of exhaustion.

Tracy lay on top of her, a mad glint of sexual glee in her eyes, drilling Famke with her vibrating dildo, now set on medium. Famke’s hips were continually bucking as she was in a cycle of constant orgasms.

Famke expected to be able to match Tracy in sexual stamina but the dildo tipped the scales as Tracy’s continual pounding of it into her pussy gave her body wave after wave of sexual pleasure and the thin model’s body couldn’t handle it anymore.

Famke really regretted telling Tracy, who obeyed anything Famke told her to do, that even if she said she didn’t want anymore sex, to ignore it.

“Forget what I said Tracy….No does mean no…..no more sex….please….no more sex,” pleaded Famke.

In Tracy’s enslaved mind, Famke’s pleas were not considered. She figured Famke was just joking around and Tracy was so deeply in love with Famke she didn’t want to stop anyhow.

Being a fitness club manager, Tracy had a well-toned body and lots of stamina. She could have sex all day and not get tired, which she planned to do.

Famke gave a shout as her body had another massive orgasm rip through, a river of pussy juice now falling down pooled on the bedspread, her lower body bouncing up and down in a well-time rhythm.

She then gave a small sigh as her eyes closed and she passed out, her mind totally fucked to pieces.

Seeing Famke unconscious laying there concerned Tracy, sort of. In her enslaved mind having sex with Famke the entire day was all that mattered, that is what Famke had told her to do, and she would make sure her lover continued to receive more sex whether she was awake or not.

Tracy put the vibrator on high.

“My sister is pretty smart, putting the snake in the one place no one would look,” said Elisha.

“Yeah, who would have thought it would be in the palace men’s room,” said James. “The only person who ever comes here are the cleaning ladies once in a while, luckily one of them is bisexual.”

They looked at the wicker basket tucked in the corner of what had been where the old male government officials had relieved themselves.

With an all-female government now in power, the men’s room was empty at all times, just the place for Victoria to put something she didn’t want anyone to find.

“There is only one basket, there should be two,” said James.

“I bet my sister has the snake that controls Goddess Love in her room, just in case she needs a refresher bite or something,” said Elisha. “No one has the key to her room except her. Let’s get this stuff over with and get to Tracy.”

James opened the lid of the basket and the snake immediately popped out.

It focused its hypnotic eyes on Elisha and the young princess fell quickly under its spell. It’s eyes bored into her brain and quickly subjugated her to its will. All Elisha could think was obeying the snake, serving the snake, nothing mattered but the snake.

Distracting by taking over Elisha’s mind, the snake did not see James from the side swinging a large blade and cutting off its head.

Elisha’s gave a large gasp as her eyes returned to normal and her mind and will were returned to her control.

“Wow,” she said. “That thing is powerful. In seconds all I could think about was being its slave. Poor Tracy has been under its control all day. We better run.”

Tracy was licking the breasts of the unconscious body of Famke Janssen as she was in the 8th hour of their sex session, which Famke had been awake for only the first 7.

Her vibrator had provided Famke with two more major orgasms after she passed out and now she was giving her a good lickdown before revving up the vibrator for another session with Famke’s now bright red pussy. The fact Famke was unconscious did nothing to curb Tracy’s ardor for sex with her.

Suddenly there was a white flash in Tracy’s eyes.

She felt like her head was on fire as her brain felt like some kind of a casing was being sawed off of it. It was too much to take as her body chemistry was being suddenly changed and Tracy’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as her body flopped down on top of the already unconscious Famke.

When the royal guard as ordered knocked on Famke’s door at 5 p.m. No one answered so they slipped a note under the door reminding Famke that she and Tracy were to be at the west balcony at 6 p.m. to announce their wedding.

Tracy lay atop Famke as the knocking ended. Both completely knocked out.

“Hey, am I still your fuck toy?,” said Elisha as Tracy rubbed her eyes.

Elisha and James had placed Tracy on a couch in Famke’s bedroom after finding her unconscious.

“Oh yeah, I said you weren’t my fuck toy, why the heck would I tell a hot piece of ass like you that,” said Tracy, her head clearing as she sat up on the couch. “And what the heck are you doing here James? This has been one nutty day. I think I suffered a snake bite that knocked me for a loop.”

“You could say that,” said James who lovingly ran her fingers through Tracy’s long, curly brown hair.

Elisha and James explained what had occurred and begged Tracy to find a solution to this mess.

“Just one question, if for some reason Queen Victoria can not fulfill her duties, who is next in line to the throne,” asked Tracy now fully alert.

“Well, me, I’m her sister and I am still the crown princess,” said Elisha.

“Hey, do we have to worry about her?” said James nodding over to the slumbering Famke.

“Nah, she’ll sleep for two days,” said Tracy. “I used the high button, her brain is totally fried right now.

“With her out of commission we should be able to pull this off. OK. I know what to do now……..”

Victoria was furious as she made her way to Famke’s bedroom. Her fiancée/slave Jennifer Love Hewitt barely was able to keep up with her as they stormed though the palace from the west balcony.

Victoria had delayed the major announcement for an hour when Famke and Tracy had failed to show up. All of Kutar had gathered below the balcony and Kutaran TV and radio were ready to broadcast it live for the few who were not there in person.

Victoria was even allowing the impending dual wedding announcement to be piped on the loudspeakers at the camp the men of Kutar were in. And now everyone had to wait for an hour wondering what all the hubbub was about and she was pissed.

“I knew that lesbo sex freak Famke would forget, I should have had my guards bust in and grab her and her slut Tracy when they were there,” fumed Victoria to Love as she made her way to Famke’s bedroom door.

When she threw the doors open she saw Famke and Tracy laying on the bed, equally nude, snoozing peacefully.

“You stay here Love,” she said. “I’m going to slap those bitches up. They have to learn you don’t ignore the Queen.”

As she bent over the bed, Tracy’s eyes suddenly snapped open: “Surprise!” she shouted as she then slammed a chloroform-filled cloth she had hidden into her face.

Victoria was stunned and quickly James came from behind to hold her arms back so she couldn’t fight back.

Elisha had appeared in front of Love and distracted her right before Tracy had begun chloroforming Victoria. As her mistress’s sister, Love was very friendly to Elisha who had her turn around and walk out to the hallway while James and Tracy were busy with Victoria.

Victoria was not small but nowhere near as strong as Tracy who had a six-pack stomach and was built like a brick. James had been waiting for this chance for a long time and she hung on to her arms for dear life.

Tracy grabbed a hold of the back of Victoria’s head as she stood up on the bed and continued to smash the wet cloth into Victoria’s face.

There was not much Victoria could do, she was double-teamed and caught by surprise. After 20 seconds of heavy gulping of the fumes her knees buckled and she slowly sank to the floor before totally collapsing, her beautiful body splayed on the floor of the Persian rug.

Her large breasts were going up and down in a steady fashion as Tracy put the finishing touches of her chloroforming.

“You did it, she’s out,” said James. “Hey, why on earth did you have a bottle of chloroform with you.”

“Considering the circumstances, the question should by why didn’t you have a bottle,” said Tracy as she searched the unconscious Victoria for the key to her bedroom. “Here it is, now take the key and go in the room and kill that snake.”

“Roger,” said James as she grabbed the key and slunk out of the bedroom without Love, who was deep in conversation with Elisha, seeing her.

Throughout all of this, Famke slept peacefully in her bed, a smile of full sexual satisfaction on her face.

Tracy threw a blanket over the prone body of Victoria so Love, who was her mindless slave in her in her current state, wouldn’t see what they did to her.

“Elisha, Elisha!, bring Love in, it’s OK now,” said Tracy.

“Where is the Queen?” asked Love looking around for her.

“You will see her in a few minutes,” said Tracy.

“She’s really ticked at you Tracy, and frankly so am I,” said Love. “The greatest moment of my life, announcing to the world I am to marry the wonderful Queen Victoria, has to be delayed because you and Famke are such sluts.”

“You used to like me being a slut, when I was being slutty with you,” said Tracy, who hated having to keep Love busy with this chatter as she knew this wasn’t the real JLH that she loved.

“C’mon Tracy, you know things are different,” Love said. “I said thanks for introducing me to girl-girl sex but we are servants of the snake now, and their mistress Queen Victoria. Our lives are now truly complete and full in total obedience to her.

“Our sex lives now are……Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Love grabbed her head and she fell to her knees. She gave a quick gasp and passed out.

By the time Love woke up, James had come back from Victoria’s bedroom where she had disposed of the final Kutaran hypno-snake. Victoria’s limp body was now laid across Famke’s bed, ironically she lay at Famke’s feet, with a chloroform-soaked cloth duct-taped to her nose and mouth.

Love looked at all the people staring at her with bleary eyes and a clouded mind for a few minutes, she had been under the spell of the snake for two days so her mind had been in its grip longer than Tracy.
Tracy took Love’s head in her hands: “Love, my Love, are you OK. It’s Tracy. You know, TRACY!”

Love’s mind finally cleared as she saw Tracy’s face: “Tracy. It must be time for sex if you’re here.” Tracy hugged Love as her lesbian lover was back to normal.

They introduced her to James and explained the situation to Love.

“Since Victoria is, uh, incapacitated, that mean Elisha is the Queen,” said Tracy. “She can announce on the balcony that she is in charge and that a friendship pact with the United States will be signed shortly. Then we can come up with our own plan about turning all the women into lesbians.

“Over my dead body,” said Love firmly, now sitting up and in full control of her faculties. “All this imprisoning the men, lesbo’s and bisexuals fighting is all bullshit.”

Everyone was stunned, the cute and wholesome Jennifer Love Hewitt never cursed.

“If you people are wacko enough to make me a Goddess then you will respect my authorita!,” said Love in her anger using a “South Park’ reference. “I’m running the show right now.”

“First, Elisha is too young to rule a country. She is so filled with hate for men I’m afraid if she is in charge she’ll line up all the men and shoot them. But you are smart and pretty and just need time to mature. You should be going to college where you can learn and spend all your free time having sex with lots of pretty college girls. Is that not true Queen Elisha?”

“Yes Goddess Love,” said Elisha meekly.

“Second, James you are such a total fraud. Everyone in Hollywood knows you are a complete lesbian slut and frankly who wants a Queen with a big “King” tattoo on her back and a pierced nose. Do you really want to be Queen?, or James would you rather go back to Hollywood and have fun and lick the carpet of lots of sexy models and actresses.”

“As usual Goddess Love you are right,” said James with her head down. “I don’t like the pressure of power here, I’d much rather be in a lesbian orgy at Heidi Klum’s house.”

“Thirdly, Tracy. You are my hero and I think you are an awesome woman both sexually and personally but you owe it to everyone here to tell us why you are really here. Who the heck assigns a fitness instructor, particularly one well-known to think about nothing but sex 24 hours a day, to a official goodwill tour in a dangerous foreign country?”

“The United States government wants to build a military base her to help fight terrorism and Shannen Doherty talked them into thinking I could help,” said Tracy sheepishly, although she had to admit this new assertive Love was getting her hot.

“Considering you have 8 male-dominated Arab countries surrounding Kutar it’s probably not a bad idea for Kutar to form an alliance with the United States,” said Love.

“You can sign that pact Queen Elisha and then you will release the men from their camp and let them go back to their wives and families and call for democratic elections in which everyone can vote, not just lesbians.”

“What, but all the work we did, the women finally won, we can’t go back to the old ways,” cried Elisha. “Women finally have a place where they can enjoy the pleasure of other women with no repercussions.”

“No you are not going to go back to the old ways, I’m sure the men learned their lesson but good about that,” said Love. “But you can’t persecute half the population because of their gender. Then you are no better then the men who ran this country.

“Particularly sexually. Now, none of us here would want to have sex with a man but for some odd reason there are women who do, and they should have the same rights as women who want to sleep with other women currently have.”

“You are perfect Goddess Love so I cannot argue but I can never bring myself to do that,” said Nicole glumly. “The men-pigs will never have a place under my rule. I will sign for Tracy’s sake the pact with America and then call for free elections and abdicate.”

“Fine, that’s actually a very mature decision Elisha and one day you might be elected ruler of Kutar in your own right, with the support of men perhaps,” said Love. “It’s almost 7 so lets get out to the balcony. You just announce your succession to the throne and then I’ll take over and do the rest.

“I’ll put on my skimpiest bikini. No right-thinking lesbian would disagree with anyone who has breasts like these.”

No one certainly argued that point.

(Six weeks later)

Tracy was at the Spa supervising trampoline class, always one of her favorite activities, when her assistant Connie came up to her.

“Tracy, I just got the weirdest phone call,” she said. “The office of the President of the United States rang. He is making a swing through California in a few weeks and he wants to stop by here and personally thank you for all you’ve done for our country.”

“Really?,” said Tracy. “Excuse me. Hey Rose McGowan, I told you it’s a club rule you have to wear a bra in this class. Now tuck that back in and don’t let it happen again!

“Anyhow, Wow, that’s awesome. I better call Winona Ryder and have her go shopping with me on Rodeo Drive for a nice dress. She knows all the best places there. I doubt I’d look presentable to the President in my thong and bra top.”

“Tracy, what DID happen in Kutar?” asked Connie. “I’m your friend. You can tell me. Now there’s this and last week the Nobel Peace Prize committee wanted background on you because they said several people had nominated you for the award.

“Fitness instructors who basically run a lesbian sex factory do not have stuff like this happen to them. Somehow, you are an international hero and I’m dying to find out why?”

“Sorry but you know I can’t tell you,” said Tracy as she then blew the whistle to end the class. Several women then batted their eyes at Tracy hoping to interest her in some post-class sex. “It’s top secret Connie. National defense and all that. Maybe one day but not now.”

As Connie went away disappointed but before Tracy could pick a sex partner from the class she saw two gorgeous teenage blondes each with an arm around the other’s waist coming up to her.

One was exceptionally beautiful and the other was fresh-faced and athletic-looking. They both wore white short-shorts and a crop-top Pepperdine University t-shirt. Despite each having large breasts their firm bodies showed no need for a bra.

“Elisha!!” cried Tracy as she ran up and hugged the former ruler of Kutar.

“Oh Tracy, I’ve missed you so much, particularly your “little friend”,” said Elisha.

“Jeez, I wondered what college you ended up at,” said Tracy. “You were only Queen for like a week. I thought you wanted to go to an all-girls college.”

“I did but you spoke so well of Pepperdine and I’m from the Middle East so I love the beach so naturally I decided to come here,” said Elisha.

“But, there are men, evil horrible men, at Pepperdine,” said Tracy.

“Yeah, but Goddess, I mean Jennifer, was right, I would mature and learn to get along with men,” said Elisha. “The guys at Pepperdine are way cool.

“They totally love lesbians, particularly having sex at their frat parties. They invite me to them and give me lots of free beer and at the end of the night I pick out a girl I want to have sex with, they are all drunk at that point so even straight girls say yes, and we make out right on the floor. The guys seem to get a kick out of it and they are all really nice to me.”
“I bet,” said Tracy.

“Anyhow, I heard you and Goddess-, I mean JLH, are no longer a couple, what happened?,” said Elisha, as she squeezed the tiny waist of her female companion a bit tighter.

“Well, Love kind of found out I was a little more experienced sexually than she originally thought,” said Tracy. “She is completely into monogamy and when she heard what I did with you, and her, and the cabinet AND the maids, all in one day, and this was before I was a snake slave, she decided it probably wouldn’t work between us as a couple.

“But I did get to go to Maui with her as she wanted to learn how to be a good lesbian and we had lots and lots of sex there. See her on VH1, she looks very happy and having a good time. It wasn’t because of the guys you see with her on TV. But we’re still friends and she is joining the Spa since she said she is going to spend more time in LA.”

“Well, that’s good,” said Elisha. “My sister and Famke are back here resuming their acting careers but I don’t think they will want to be spending any time with you.”

“Are you kidding?, Famke is a regular here,” said Tracy. “After that day of me screwing her almost to death, she made a beeline here as soon as her plane arrived from Kutar. We’ve patched things up, particularly my tongue in her patch and sometimes your old pal James King comes by for a threesome.”

“Speaking of becoming a member, I’m here to give you a couple, me and my girlfriend here Jamie want to sign up for memberships,” said Elisha. “I took your advice and went to a field hockey game _ and look what I found.” Elisha then gave Jamie a big kiss on the lips.

“Wait a second, Jamie, you’re not Jamie Williams are you,” said Tracy as the athletic blonde nodded affirmatively. “Wow, I have a bunch of girls from the field hockey team working out here all the time. They are all dying to have sex with you because you are by far the hottest girl on the team but they told me you are totally straight and blow them off when they make a pass at you.”

“I was straight, now I’m bent,” said Jamie as she jammed her tongue down Elisha’s throat. “They are right, I was one of the few straight players on the team and they all used to hit on me and I would turn them down. I’m from the Midwest, I just didn’t think it was what normal girls do.

“Anyhow, after one game this knock-out blonde here with big boobs comes up to me and says ‘Hey, you’re hot, let’s have sex’.”

“Elisha!, that is not appropriate conduct in this country,” said Tracy.

“I know now, but that’s what we do in Kutar,” said Elisha with a shrug.

“I said the exact same thing Tracy,” continued Jamie. “Who do you think you are? But she said that’s the custom in Kutar. When I found out she was from Kutar I got real interested because I had read about all the political chaos there. When she told me she had been the Queen I told her I didn’t want to have sex with her but I did want to know what it was like there, so she invited me up to her room to talk.

“It turned out to be a really, REALLY nice talk. You can say tongues were wagging. I couldn’t believe how great sex with another woman could be but I’m totally converted to lesbianism now. We both want to experience sex with other women so we are a couple but do have an open relationship. Tell the girls I do intend to have sex with the rest of the field hockey team, they’ve waited long enough. ”

“You seem to have a smart girlfriend here Elisha,” said Tracy. “When you become Queen of Kutar again, like Love predicts, she would make a fine First Lady. Now let me take you to my office so we can fill out the membership forms.”

Just then, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s song “Barenaked” began playing on the in-house speakers.

“Give you any ideas Tracy,” said Elisha mischievously.

“Both of you can fill out your forms Barenaked if you want,” said Tracy. “Then I can fill something in both of you with my “little friend.”

Elisha squealed with delight as they went up to the office.

(The End)

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