Celebrity Health Spa: I Spy (Barenaked) Part 2

The following contains sexual situations and no one under 18 should read this, go away. All characters even those with real names, and all actions in this story are fictional and do not represent any living person. Victoria Silvstedt made an album titled “Hello, Hey” which explains her greeting in the story.

Tracy Thresher had seen old films of The Beatles mob scenes when they first arrived in New York back in the 1960s, way before the gorgeous super hard-bodied brunette was born, but it looked to her exactly like Jennifer Love Hewitt’s coming to Kutar.

When Love, who had quickly been seduced to become
Tracy’s lesbian lover during the flight, alighted from the airplane the two were hit with a thunderous wall of noise. Tens of thousands of Kutaran women, who had been taught to idolized Love as the perfect woman, shrieked at seeing her in person and several simply passed out at the very sight of JLH.

“Wow,” was all Love could say to Tracy. “Imagine if “The Tuxedo” had been a hit.”

Love was there she thought on a goodwill mission and Tracy had come along as her fitness instructor.

However, the United States government had secretly recruited Tracy to try and goose the new radical female-controlled Kutaran government, which based everything on a woman’s proclivity to have sex with other women, to let them build a base there to combat terrorism.

Per Kutaran law, Love and Tracy and their fans were in bikinis.

Love was in a tasteful red top that unfortunately covered a good part of her magnificent breasts, with a matching red bottom that was not too revealing. Tracy, seeking to curry favor with the locals, wore a tiny orange tube top that showed off her equally impressive large breasts and a small orange thong bottom so the curves in her hips could be seen as well.

After a greeting like the Beatles, Tracy next thought she was in the movie “The King and I” as a motorcade took her and Love to an opulent palace.

Along the motorcade route, young women (most of them blonde and blue-eyed, as even though Kutar was in the Middle East it has been settled by Viking pirates from Scandinavia centuries ago) mobbed the limo as bikini-clad cops had to club the hysterical, screaming women to make a path.

Love and Tracy were brought to the front of a grand hall where an empty throne rose in front of them. The walls were lined with serious looking attractive blondes either standing or sitting, all looking at Love and Tracy like a pride of lions does a piece of raw meat, and both of their incredible pair of breasts were definitely tasty.

“I mean, I’ve got an ego and all but this is just nuts,” whispered Love to Tracy. “Thank God I have my girlfriend here to help me through this. I’m so glad we became a couple Tracy.”

Suddenly, trumpets blared and a dozen young girls began throwing rose petals from an entranceway. Walking on the petals was an incredibly beautiful blonde woman, in her late 20s, wearing a blue tube top and blue string bikini bottom, along with a long cape and a crown on her head.

“Everyone arise for Queen Victoria!” shouted someone and anyone who was in a chair immediately bolted up.

“I…I know her,” said Tracy. “That’s…. that’s Victoria Silvstedt. She’s like a low-budget actress but she is best known for having been the Playmate of the Year in 1997 .”

“How do you know who the Playmate of the Year was in 1997?” said Love but before Tracy could make up some excuse, she was of course a long-time subscriber and frankly Silvstedt was one of her favorite pin-ups, Victoria rose from her throne.

“Hello, hey to Jennifer Love Hewitt,” she said. “This is a day of great joy that you have graced our small country with your presence. This day will forever be a national holiday as we celebrate your arrival in Kutar.”

“Thank you, your majesty,” said Love as she curtsied, all eyes on her famous soft, big breasts bouncing during the movement. “I must say, I am a bit overwhelmed by the response of your people.”

“We are bringing in a new way thinking to Kutar and the women here, beaten down for so long, need a role model and as such you fit that perfectly,” intoned Victoria, who licked her lips. “You are kind, considerate, religious but not pious, sociable, sexy and very attractive, everything the new Kutaran woman longs to be.”

“I am honored your majesty,” said Love.

“My Prime Minister, Famke Jannsen, will give you a private tour of the palace and show you to your royal suite,” said Victoria. “Anything you desire is yours. Later on I will grant you a private audience.”

Just then, a rare dark-haired head bobbed out of the line and came forward. She was amazingly beautiful and her black string bikini showed she had the body of a supermodel, which until she turned to acting had been Jannsen’s profession.

Queen Victoria then turned to Tracy who frankly was a bit nervous. Being faced with a bevy of gorgeous women she usually knew what to do, have sex with them but this was not the playroom at her Spa back in Malibu.

No one idolized her in Kutar and Silvstedt had never been in the Spa to be influenced favorably by her but Victoria quickly allayed her fears.

“Hello, hey Tracy Thresher, you will be treated as a high honored guest by the government of Kutar,” said Victoria. “I have never had the extreme pleasure of your company before (Victoria then winked at her).

“But I have many friends in Hollywood and when your name was submitted by the U.S. Embassy I had your background thoroughly checked out and found out all about you.”

Tracy was not sure if that was good or bad.

“I am told you are a woman who has personally given much pleasure to many women,” said Victoria as Love gave Tracy a dirty look. “In the man-dominated world you have made the Women’s Celebrity Health Spa a place where women can express their true feelings with complete freedom.

“I hope during your visit you can inspire women here to share your philosophy. I have assigned my little niece Crown Princess Elisha to be your personal guide during your time here.

“You may know her as the actress Elisha Cuthbert from “24”. She was sent away to supporters in Canada to grow up in safety but now that the revolution has succeeded she has quit show business to help her native land.”

With a wave of the queen’s hand, Tracy feasted her eyes on what she thought was the most physically perfect female she had ever laid eyes on, and she had laid her eyes on a lot of good-looking women, and then gotten laid by them. “I must get the “24” DVD when I get back home,” thought Tracy.

“I am pleased to meet you Miss Thresher,” said Elisha, who looked about 18 and had her aunt’s body except younger, taller and with bigger breasts, as well as a youthful innocence Tracy usually saw in cheerleaders who came by the Spa, before she screwed their brains out. “I hope we can become friends, good friends. I asked to be your guide. I want to make your stay as pleasurable as possible.”

“I’m looking forward to it Princess,” said Tracy who got another dirty look from her lesbian lover Love. “Don’t worry Love. I think we are both are to both have ‘The Time of Our Life’ here.”


As Love went off with Famke, Elisha took Tracy by the arm and led her on a tour of the fitness clubs in Kutar.

Even as open sexually as she was, Tracy was stunned at the level of pure debauchery displayed at the Kutaran fitness clubs.

Women were simply rolling around the gym floor having sex with each other, between every apparatus there would seem to be a couple of bikini-clad blondes making out.

At the Royal Fitness Center, the top club in Kutar. Tracy saw women pawing each other in the shower, the steam room and in the weight room, everywhere she looked was sex, the country seemed to be simply one big girl-girl orgy.

“Is it always like this Princess Elisha?” asked Tracy with wide eyes.

“Please, you are an honored guest, call me Elisha,” she said. “My aunt said your Spa has women having sex all day all over the place. We figured this would make you feel like you were at home.”

“Well, at my Spa we do enjoy the pleasures of the female flesh but we are bit more discreet about it back in the USA, heck if one of these couples move the wrong way a dumbbell will fall on them,” said Tracy. “At the Spa there are places for sex and places to actually work out fitness-wise. We do actually get some work done.”

“Oh, I am sorry, we are just learning, that is why we are so glad you are here with the great Jennifer Love Hewitt,” said Elisha.

“By the way, just for curiosity sake, I’ve been wondering, where are all the men of Kutar?” asked Tracy as she noticed on a back wall several large free weights that only a man would most likely be strong enough to hoist.

“Men are chattel, good only for physical labor, occasionally we let them come in here to work out to keep their strength up,” said Elisha dismissively. “They are in camps and we let them out to do chores if need be.”

“Well what about, you know, making babies,” said Tracy. “I’m all for women having sex with each other is great and all but you need to have sex with a guy to get pregnant.”

“Not with artificial insemination you don’t, that’s all taken care of,” said Elisha matter-of-factly. “There is no reason a women has to be inside a man now. After all Tracy, why would you have sex with a MAN when you can have sex with a women?”

Tracy knew she wasn’t exactly the one to be defending heterosexuality so she changed the subject.

“You look about the age where in our country we go to college, do they have them here,” said Tracy as she and Elisha avoided a moaning threesome.

“Oh, my sister and I are having a big fight about college,” said Elisha. “She wants to me to go to school here but I want to go to college where the action is, in the United States. America is just so exciting.

“She was pretty mad. She said she didn’t want me exposed any further to the man-controlled world but I finally talked her into letting me go, as long as it was an all-women college. So I’ve applied to Bryn Mawr and Sarah Lawrence. They are all-girls schools and supposedly very good academically.

“My only concern is the number of lesbians they will have. Do you know if a lot of women have sex with each other at those places.”

“I don’t know, those colleges are nowhere near where I live,” said Tracy. “My local school is Pepperdine University, it’s right on the beach in Malibu. It has both men and women students. I’ve had sex with a lot of girls who were Pepperdine students but I can’t speak overall.”

“I need a place where a lot of women have sex with each other,” said Elisha, batting her eyes and looking at Tracy. “As part of the royal family of Kutar I must be a role model and have sex with a large number of women. When I was on TV I had to watch my image but now I really, REALLY want to experience having sex with many American women.”

“All I can advise you to do is hang around the field hockey team of the college you attend,” said Tracy. “Always can count on lesbians there.”

Suddenly, there was a loud shriek as the threesome simultaneously orgasmed.

“To be honest, this is a special workout set up for you Tracy. Don’t you remember these girls from when you met the Queen?. They were standing to the side.

“This is the Kutaran cabinet and they all want to have sex with you and learn all your fantastic American lesbian lovemaking secrets.”

“But there’s like 18 of them, and maybe I don’t want to have sex with the entire Kutaran cabinet!” said an agitated Tracy, although since she had so far only had sex once that day, with Love in the plane, she was feeling pretty horny. “I admit I’m pretty promiscuous but it is strictly consensual. I don’t have sex with someone if I don’t want to.”

“Well,” said Elisha. “Who among these women would you not want to have sex with?”

Tracy looked at the young women now lined up along the gym wall. All were blonde, blue eyed with alabaster white skin, none over 30 and in excellent physical shape.

Most of them also had a come-hither hungry look and Tracy had not seen a group this interested in sex with her since the USA women’s soccer team had worked out at the Spa, and that had ended up being one of the best group sex sessions Tracy ever had.

Tracy also remembered her mission was to get close to the Kutaran government and having sex with the entire cabinet certainly would go a long way toward that goal. She decided it was her patriotic duty to have sex with these 18 young, sexy blondes at the same time.

“OK, here is how it will go, pair up and I’ll have sex two at time,” said Tracy as the Kutaran cabinet giggled with glee. “You get a half-hour having sex with me or until both girls have an orgasm, whichever comes first. That way I won’t spend more than 4 1/2 hours having sex with all of you.

“Now, where’s a nice waterbed, I ain’t rolling around on the floor.”

She was guided to the Queen’s private workout studio, which included a large waterbed, and the cabinet quickly broke into nine pairs.

The minister of defense, a tall, muscular blonde and the culture minister, a very feminine and curvy pert blonde, were the first up.

Tracy had the defense minister sit on top of her face and she quickly began lapping at her bare mound, all Kutaran women had to have completely shaven pussy’s, that quickly became quite wet. She had the culture minister straddle her and plunged two fingers into her slit while the other hand began rubbing gently her clit.

Tracy tongue-work was exquisite and the defense minister soon was moaning and rocking her behind all over Tracy’s face, smearing pre-cum all over her. The culture minister was now shouting and shrieking at the top of her lungs as she was being turned on more than she even had in her life.

Finally, the culture minister’s hips began bucking and her shouting filled the room “I’m c-u-u-u-u-m-m-m-m-I-I-I-I-I-I–n-n-n-n-n-g-g-g-!!” as she blasted out a river of pussy juice and began bouncing up and down.

Immediately, the defense minister bounced off Tracy as a massive orgasm rippled through her body. The two government officials bounced on the waterbed like a couple of rubber balls, shrieking and cumming in sexual ecstasy.

“Took only 10 minutes,” said Tracy. “I’m ahead of schedule. Next!”

As she was about to start licking away at the next pair of ministers, Tracy turned to Elisha.

“Aren’t I going to get to have sex with you too,” she asked. Frankly, Tracy wanted to have sex with Elisha Cuthbert more than anyone.

“No…I’m sorry,” Elisha’s eyes got watery. “I….I’ll explain back at the Palace. I can’t watch, I’ll see you there,” said Elisha as she ran out of the room.

(To be continued)

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