Celebrity Health Spa: I Spy (Barenaked) Part 3

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: I Spy (Barenaked) Part 3

by Rinky Dink


(FF, MC, con, anal)

The following is a work of fiction and none of the characters involved should be associated with what happens here. Due to sexual situations no one under 18 should read this, go away. Thanks to Anynon for letting me borrow an idea from one of his stories.

While Tracy Thresher was licking her way through the entire Kutaran cabinet, Jennifer Love Hewitt was having her own interesting adventures.

The Prime Minster of Kutar, former actress/model Famke Jansen,
was giving her a tour of the royal palace and the modest Love was stunned at how many portraits of her were hanging around the building.

“You must have every publicity photo I ever did plastered all over here,” said Love.

“You are seen as the ultimate women, everyone here worships you, they want to see you everywhere they look,” said Famke, who gave Love’s butt a light pinch as she spoke.

“Well, how the heck did you get involved in this, I mean, your career was going pretty well,” said Love. “You got the part of the female agent in ‘I Spy’ and I didn’t.”

“My career wasn’t going as well as yours,” said Famke as she caressed Love’s bare back. “We had shot some of the movie in Kutar, which is my native land, and when filming wrapped up I stayed over to spend time with my relatives.

“That’s when the revolution hit. Being famous and one of the few college-educated women in Kutar I was sort of drafted to be a leader, and when the women won, Queen Victoria asked me to serve as her Prime Minister. And the fact that “I Spy” was a total stinker hasn’t made me exactly fighting off a bunch of movie roles since then anyhow.

“Her philosophy of women and sex I totally support. I left my husband years ago and had already dedicated myself to being a complete lesbian slut before I came here. Now, it is easier to pursue my lifestyle here. I hope I can pursue you pretty soon.”

“Sorry but I’m in a relationship and I’m not sure about all of this, to be honest,” said Love.

“Well, after you meet privately with the queen, I think you will change your mind,” said Famke mysteriously. “I hope your not one of those misled people who support the Bi’s.”

“The Bi’s, what is that?” asked Love.

“There is a tiny but very vocal minority among Kutaran women who think bisexuality should be allowed, they want to right to have sex with men as well as women, ridiculous isn’t it,” said Famke. “Once you let men back in the bedroom, they’ll want to be back in the boardroom and we’re back to where we started. Crazy idea but we have had some problems exterminating such idiotic ideas.

“Anyhow, come to the royal balcony, at this time your people were told they could see you.”

Love thought she was in the movie “Evita” as she and Famke walked out to a throng of screaming bikini-clad women down below, all of them shouting “J-L-H, J-L-H, we love J-L-H!”

Love was given a microphone and Famke told her to sing. She giggled for a second and thought she should do “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” but decided to give the crowd what they wanted and sung “Barenaked”.

As Love sung, women screamed and threw their clothes off, becoming Barenaked. There were piles of clothes laying on the ground as tens of thousands of Kutaran women stood there nude, inspired by Love’s song.

“This is nuts, I wish my girlfriend Tracy was here with me,” said Love under her breath.


The royal suite Tracy and Love were assigned was on the other side of the palace, so there was no traffic as Tracy made her way back from the gym, the rest of Kutar was busy stripping for Love on the other end.

When she came into her room, she saw the lean blonde form of Crown Princess Elisha crying her eyes out on one of the beds of the sumptuous suite.

“Hey, Elisha, what’s wrong,” said Tracy as she came over to comfort her.

“Tracy!, I didn’t expect you to be back so soon,” said Elisha through sniffles. “I thought you said it would take 4 1/2 hours to have sex with all of them.”

“No, I said I would do it for no more than 4 1/2 hours or until they all had orgasms,” said Tracy, stroking Elisha’s long blonde hair. “Your cabinet is not used to a good banging. They all orgasmed within 15 minutes of me working on them so it took only about 3 hours. And they had monster orgasms too. I left them all napping together at the gym.”

“You are a wonderful lover, I can see why the great Jennifer Love Hewitt enjoys your company,” said Elisha, now trying to wipe away her tears.

“Now what’s the problem sweetie, you ran out of there pretty quick,” said Tracy, who now was stroking Elisha’s back as well as her hair. “If you don’t want to have sex with me it’s OK, really. I just had sex with 18 women in three hours so it’s not like I’m hurting.”

Elisha’s eyes widened like saucers.

“Oh no,” she said. “I want to have sex with you _ very, very much. It’s just that, spending the day with you, I’ve really fallen for you Tracy. You have a beautiful body but are also a beautiful person. I…I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.

“I wish you could just be my personal lover and have sex with me all the time. It would be so much better that way.”

“Great,” thought Tracy. In the space of 24 hours she now had two women who wanted to be in a committed relationship with her. She wondered if lesbian bigamy was legal in Kutar.

“Honey, you know me and Love are a couple, and you are so young, you need to go out and have lots of sex with many different women just like you said,” said Tracy.

“I know I said I want to be a total lesbian slut but seeing you with other women having sex just got me so upset,” said Elisha now finally having stopped her tears. “Love is a goddess, I don’t count her. But I just didn’t like other people having sex with you in front of me, and I know it’s just going to get worse, so I just have to deal with it.”

“Get worse, why would it get worse,” said Tracy. “And what did you mean by ‘I don’t want you to get hurt’.”

Elisha got a frightened look on her face. “Nothing, I meant nothing by it Tracy.”

Tracy decided this beautiful blonde teen nymphet needed to be probed deeper, in more ways than one.

“OK Elisha, I trust you,” said Tracy as she got up off the bed. “Let’s just calm you down. I have some special tea I brought from America. It did wonders for Love on the way here, so if it works on her it should work as well on you.”

Elisha drank several cups of tea while Tracy massaged her neck and shoulders.

“You’re right Tracy, I feel much better,” said Elisha. “I feel so nice and relaxed.”

“Good,” said Tracy. “One more thing and you will really feel good and relaxed. Super relaxed.

“Look at the pendant at the end of my necklace. It says “WCHS” for the club I manage back in America, the Women’s Celebrity Health Spa.

“Look Elisha. Look at the pendant. Look at it. It’s a great pendant. Don’t stop drinking your tea, though. It’s the greatest pendant you’ve ever seen isn’t it?”

“It’s…Gre..at,” slurred Elisha, getting more relaxed by the second.

“Drink, look. Drink, look. You love the tea and looking at the pendant. Look, it so relaxing. Look, drink, relax, Look, drink relax. Look at the pendant. Don’t you feel great? Look at it, look how it shines. Look how great you feel, and relaxed. Look, feel great and relaxed. Feel great, relax. You feel so great and relaxed.”

After a few more minutes of this mantra, Elisha was slumped to the side. Her eyes were shut and the tea cup, now empty, lay on the floor. Her massive chest rose and then fell steadily as her boobs fit snugly in her tiny bikini top.

Tracy looked down at the young lesbian slut-hopeful’s and gave a quick, mischievess smile. She had been able to hypnotize many famous actresses and singers before but this was the first time she had ever entranced royalty.

“Elisha, I want you to open your eyes but you are still asleep, still feeling great, the best you have ever felt in your life, still in this wonderful place, you are so happy and trusting in this great state you are in.”

Elisha opened her empty eyes and Tracy could see she was deeply entranced. She might be Crown Princess Elisha but deep down she was just like the wholesome cheerleaders back home, her easiest targets, as they were also so young, innocent and trusting.

Her pupils were dilated; both eyes were vacant and extremely glassy.

“Elisha, how do you feel?

“Wonderful,” she whispered.

“Aren’t you feeling the best you ever have in your life?”


Doesn’t this pendant make you feel incredibly happy?

“Oh, God, I mean Goddess Love, yes,”

“Now I am going to ask you some questions Elisha. I control the pendant and I want to keep making you happy and let you look at it so please answer my questions truthfully.”

“Yes, so happy, will answer truthfully,” said Elisha tonelessly.

“First, why did you run out of the gym,” said Tracy. “Is it just because of me?”

“Mostly, but not entirely,” Elisha said. “I really do love you Tracy and desperately want to have sex with you all the time. But the other part of it was that it reminded me, I can no longer have sex with men.”

“I thought you hated men, you love having sex with women,” said a confused Tracy.

“I do love women, men are scum-pigs,” said Elisha. “But back in North America, because of my career, if I had sex at all, I had to have it with men. I hated being with men, except for their cocks. I loved having a cock stuffed in me. It made me feel whole, complete, totally full and happy.

“Everything about men disgusts me except I love having a cock in me so much. I became addicted to cock and would sleep with so many dirty men just to have a cock in me. Now, that is not possible and I still crave cock so much.”

“Boy, this kid is a real freak, a cock-addicted lesbian slut”, thought Tracy, she loves to have sex with lots of women but also wants to get cored all the time.

“Well, you could just get a dildo,” suggested Tracy.

“What is a dildo?” asked Elisha innocently.

“You’re kidding,” said Tracy. “It’s an artificial penis. A very popular sex toy where I come from. Women strap it on and it’s just like having a cock.”

“Because of our fundamentalist past, we don’t really have sex toys here and I grew up in a small town in Canada where there is just corn,” said Elisha. “It’s sounds wonderful though. Do you have one.”

Actually, Tracy had brought along her super-vibrating, heated, 12-incher, just in case. She thought she now knew a way to help the sexually-frustrated princess and gain a powerful ally in the process.

“OK, listen carefully Elisha, pretend this pendant you love so much has turned into a giant cock,” said Tracy. “It will make you incredibly happy. When the dildo goes in you whatever pleasure you normally get from being stuffed will be tripled. It will be the greatest sexual pleasure you have ever had.

“You will crave my dildo and do anything to have it in you again and again. Your past loyalties, thoughts, beliefs will be totally obliterated. All will you care about is having the dildo stuffed in you and doing whatever it takes to have me pound the dildo into you.”

“Yes,” said Elisha, licking her lips in anticipation. “All that matters is stuffing me. My pussy cries out for cock. I need it so bad. Anything, I’ll do anything to have my pussy filled again with sweet cock.”

“However, you will not remember anything we have discussed while in this wonderful state, just that I made you relaxed and you feel great, but you will obey all of my instructions,” said Tracy. “Now awake when I say three. 1-2-3!”

Elisha’s eyes cleared up and she looked alert.

“Wow, you are great at this massage stuff,” said Elisha. “I can see why your Spa must be popular.”

“Thanks,” said Tracy. “Now, Elisha. No arguments. I want to make up for lost time. I want to have sex with you right now.”

Elisha’s eyes brightened up considerably and that’s all Tracy needed to see as Elisha quickly whipped off her top.

Tracy eyes lit up as the large round mounds burst free from their thin harness. Elisha’s breasts were even larger and more delectable than she had imagined. When Elisha pulled down her shorts, she showed Tracy her completely shaved pussy.

Tracy quickly pushed Elisha onto the bed and began suckling the soft, round breasts. Elisha moaned her approval and she quickly went down to Tracy’s clit and began rubbing it tenderly.

The whole experience quickly turned Elisha on and she quickly shrieked her lesbian lust as she orgasmed. Her cum poured over Elisha’s body, who quickly scooped it up, put it on Tracy’s face and began lapping it away.

Tracy was quickly turned on and the pair flipped places into the ’69’ position. Tracy soon discovered Elisha’s tongue was well-experienced in eating pussy despite her youth and she felt wave after wave of lust course through her body.

Tracy was pretty darn good at eating out a woman herself of course and soon both had backs arched and shouting in pleasure as each was hit with a massive orgasm.

As Elisha finished her panting, Tracy said: “Now for something I think you’ll enjoy even more” as she dipped into her bag and pulled out her special dildo.

Tracy had sex with both the wife and daughter of a leading sex products manufacturer just to have this made special for her. It was slightly ribbed, and had a small heater so it was warm just like a man’s penis and had three different vibrating speeds but was incredibly soft and pliable.

No one could resist the pleasure of this very special sex toy.

“What is that,” said Elisha with a mixture of surprise and lust.

“For your purposes, let’s just say it’s a cock for women,” said Tracy as she strapped it on, “and you’ll find out it is even better than a man’s dick.”

“No way, I didn’t tell you but I had sex with scum-pig men before the revolution,” said Elisha. “They are awful, women are so much better to have sex with, but they do have a cock and that’s their only advantage.”

“Not to me,” said Tracy as she pushed Elisha down to the bed and straddled her body as she plunged the dildo into Elisha’s sopping, wet pussy.

“Oh-h-h-h,” cried Elisha as the dildo began inflaming her box with waves of sexual pleasure.

Elisha began clawing at her own breasts as Tracy rhythmically plunged the super-dildo in and out of her slit.

Tracy dove in again and again with the girl-cock, she found Elisha’s G-spot and twisted the cock around that area as she pumped again and again into the princess.

Elisha felt like a person who had been lost in the desert for a month getting their first drink of water. Her love hole had been so empty for so long but now Tracy had filled it totally and Elisha realized that she still was completely addicted to cock.

Elisha was now panting as she was consumed with desire, it was the best of both worlds, a cock was coring her AND she having sex with a woman, and a woman she cared deeply about as a bonus.

“More, slam me. Violate me totally, rip my pussy apart!!,” shrieked Elisha as was totally consumed with lust. Right now she couldn’t even remember her own name.

At this point, Tracy decided it was time for the coup d’grace. She flicked the tiny switch and put the didlo’s vibrating system on ‘low’.

As she felt the first reverberations from the warm, ribbed and now vibrating dildo, Elisha’s eyes almost burst out of her sockets.

Wave after wave of sexual pleasure was rippling from her pussy to her brain. With the hypnosis magnifying her sexual feelings, combined with the super dildo in her and Tracy’s expert plunging, Elisha was getting the screwing of a lifetime.

Tracy turned the dial up to “medium” and that was the final straw.

Elisha’s body began to shake and finally Elisha screamed: “I’m-m-m-m, c-c-c-u-u-u-u-m-mm-m-m–m-m-i-i-i-i-i-i-n-n-n–g-g-g-g!!! as a geyser of pussy juice erupted from Elisha’s alabaster skinned, bare pussy.

Tracy scrambled out of Elisha’s way for safety sake as Elisha’s body went into massive convulsions of sexual pleasure and she shrieked herself hoarse with lust-filled sounds. Tracy had made many women orgasm but this was the biggest reaction she had ever seen_ and it got even bigger.

Tracy noticed after a minute Elisha was no longer shouting and her eyes were closed and her arms and legs looked limp, but her body was still bouncing up and down. And the love juice continued to pour out of her.

She then realized Elisha had been knocked unconscious by the force of the massive orgasms but her body was so much in the thrall of sexual ecstasy that it continued to throb with glee and continue with orgasm after orgasm rippling through her.

Seeing Elisha’s unconscious body bounce around turned Tracy on and she unstrapped the dildo and had her own orgasm as her body began to spasm.

Tracy rolled around the floor as the orgasm hit her, shouting away for a long time herself, as pleasure ran up and down her super-fit body. When she was finally done, she wiped herself off, put her bikini back on and looked at the bed.

Elisha lay there totally motionless, her large breasts going up and down in a steady, shallow fashion with her light breathing. Now it was time to see if Tracy’s plan had worked, as she shook Elisha a bit, enjoying the jiggling of her soft, round breasts with the cute pink areolas as she did it.

“Wha…what was that?” said a very groggy Elisha as she sat up. “Oh my Goddess Love, did someone pee on the bed? It’s totally soaked”

“Nope, that’s all you, and it’s not pee, it from the opening on the front side of your body,” said Tracy, who knew there was no way in hell she was sleeping on that pussy-juiced soaked mattress tonight.

“Wow, I…I really tore one off didn’t I?” said Elisha, still very glassy-eyed.

“Yep Elisha, too bad it’s probably the last time we’ll have sex,” said Tracy. “I think me and Love have a really busy schedule for the rest of our visit. But glad you enjoyed my “little friend”.”

Elisha had a look of absolute horror cross her face.

“N-o-o-o-o!! I must have your magic cock in me again,” said Elisha, as the Crown Princess of Kutar dropped to her knees in front of the simple fitness club worker. “I’ll do anything, ANYTHING, to keep your cock in me. I am yours, totally, Tracy. I am your loyal slave.

“I worship you, I worship your cock. Please order me to do your bidding. I am nothing except your loyal servant. Please! I need cock or I’ll just throw myself out the window. I don’t want to live unless I get your cock!”

Tracy smiled, she decided she liked having royalty grovel at her feet, and she did actually like Elisha, she was a very sweet if sexually-charged girl and having her killer teen body to play with did indeed appeal to her.

“Alright, but you must obey me totally,” said Tracy. “People think you are Crown Princess Elisha of Kutar what are you really?”

“I am Tracy’s little fuck-toy!!” shouted Elisha. “I am her simpering little obedient slut slave who kisses the dirt inbetween her toes as the unworthy cock-loving whore that I am. I am lucky to be her obedient bitch and dedicate my life to her even noticing my pitiful existence.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Tracy.


After the raucous day she had been having, Jennifer Love Hewitt was grateful for the quiet of the throne room for her private audience with Queen Victoria.

The Queen sat on her throne in her blue bikini looking gorgeous but was without her cape or crown at the moment. Love thought she looked more like some blonde beach bunny than a ruler of a country.

One thing Love also noticed was that there was a large wicker basket in front of the queen. It had not been there at her earlier audience but she didn’t ask why.

“Hello, hey Jennifer Love Hewitt, I hope the people of Kutar are treating you well,” said Victoria.

“Oh, I don’t think they can treat me any better,” said Love.

At this point, unknown to both of them, Elisha slipped in the back entrance. Only royalty had a key for the passage that led to this door so no one had seen her go in.

After her incredible sexual experience with Tracy, she wanted to tell her aunt about her new life as Tracy’s permanent fuck toy and how in good conscience she could not keep her royal title. She knew it might not seem right, but the sex was simply too good to pass up, she had to pick getting pounded by Tracy’s strap-on over duty to her country.

When she saw her aunt talking to the great Jennifer Love Hewitt she hid in the corner behind some drapes. She would never interrupt Goddess Love’s meeting with the Queen. Her news could wait.

“Well, I’m glad you are enjoying your stay,” said Victoria with a grin. “I have something to show you, consider it an offering from me to you.”

Victoria then got off her throne and took off the top of the wicker basket. Slowly, a large snake came up out of the basket.

Love was startled for a second and took a step backward _but then her eyes met those of the snake.

Instantaneously, her jaw dropped, her eyes glazed over and her body went limp. As the snake moved slightly right to left as it unwound itself, Love’s body swayed in the exact same movement, her eyes never leaving the snake’s eyes, which had a look as if it was boring into her brain.

Famke Jansen then quietly appeared from the shadows behind Love. “Is it safe yet Vic?”

“Sure, come on over and watch the show,” she said. “It’s not like a hypnotist where they swing a watch and say “you’re getting sleepy” and it takes a while. The Kutaran Hypno-Snake looks at you and BANG, you are totally in its power.”

“She’s certainly looks it,” commented Famke as Love looked totally out of it, still swaying slightly as the snake slithered out of its basket. “In the city I used to hear about these snakes who could hypnotize people with one look but I thought it was just a legend, that they were all wiped out years ago.”

“No, they are real, and used to be pretty plentiful in rural areas, I was part of the reason they were virtually wiped out,” said Victoria. “I still remember:

“I lived out in the country and me and some girlfriends were walking to school one day when a pack of hypno-snakes attacked. There is no way to fight back, they looked at us and we were their slaves. When they inject their venom into you it becomes permanent.

“We spent three weeks living in a cave with them, gathering food all day for them to eat and letting them wrap their cold-blooded bodies around us at night. Finally, a rescue party found us and killed all the snakes, that’s the only way to break their spell over you, if they hadn’t come I would still be out in the desert chasing mice for my master snake to eat.

When news of what happened to us came out, the whole countryside went out on a hunt to kill them all so it would never happened again.

“However, the Kutar Natural History Museum did manage to get hold of a couple hypno-snakes to study and when I took power I had them transferred to the palace. Thought they would come in handy, and they have.

“I have fed them for two weeks the finest meat in Kutar and they are now completely loyal to me, and those feelings will be transferred in the venom they inject their victims with.”

Love was now looking straight down as the snake had reached her feet. She stood still as a statue and made no attempt to run as the snake was now slithering up Love’s thin, supple body.

“With Jennifer Love Hewitt completely under your control, no one will question anything you do, because she will support all your actions,” said Famke. “The Bi’s will be destroyed.”

“Yes, it was a brilliant idea of yours Famke to make Jennifer Love Hewitt an idol that every woman in Kutar worships,” said Victoria. “They are all just nuts about her, even the Bi’s have bought into Love being the perfect woman. Shit, my little niece Elisha’s room is like a shrine to JLH.

“Now, when I marry my new slave Love it will be the biggest thing Kutar has ever seen. I think I’ll make her Grand Duchess of Kutar. That’s a nice title since I don’t think I can make her King, wrong sex for that.”

“Speaking of sex, don’t forget the other snake has to work its magic on our future Minister of Sex,” said Famke, licking her lips. “What a break. All these lesbians-in-training here and the U.S. government ships right to us the greatest lesbian sex expert ever and, wow, what a body.”

“Yes indeed, Tracy has certainly lived up to her buildup,” said Victoria. “Hey, speaking of girls with great breasts, look.”

The snake had gotten halfway up Love’s body but now faced two huge objects in its path _ her large breasts.

The snake for a second paused, wondering if it was worth the effort to climb the huge mounds, before taking a hard right and going up the side of her body. For her part, Love still stood there with head bowed down to keep looking at the snake’s hypnotic eyes, her own eyes now dulled and glassy.

“To a snake her boobs are probably like Mt. Everest, smart snake going through the side door” said Famke. “Anyhow, back to Tracy. My cabinet raved about Tracy’s performance with them. She will teach the women here how to lick carpet right, and she will make an excellent wife for me too, particularly after she gets her own taste of the snake. I could lick that hottie’s pussy 24/7.”

Famke and Victoria then stopped talking as they could see the snake was about to strike.

It was now wrapped around Love’s body and its fangs were bared.

It plunged them into Love’s neck. Love gave a bit of a sigh when the fangs pierced her skin but otherwise stood completely still, not putting up any fight, as the snake began pumped its mind-controlling venom into her.

There was no sound in the room for several minutes except for the snake’s enslavement process of a helpless Love. Elisha peeked through the drapes totally spellbound but feeling helpless.

Her idol was having her free will drained out of her but she didn’t know what to do at the moment. Her aunt had said they had another snake reserved for Tracy, would she instead be Snake Slave No. 2 if she ran out and tried to stop it now?

“Got to go to work now Fam,” said Victoria as she went up and touched Love’s chin to bring it up to her eye level.

“Love! You are a slave to the snake. Your world is now solely concerned with dedicating and obeying the snake. I own the snake. It is my property as Queen of Kutar. As I own the snake, I now own you. Jennifer Love Hewitt no longer exists except in name only, your sole purpose in life is to serve me any way I see fit. Do you understand?”

“Yes, my queen,” whispered a still zonked out Love, with the snake still fastened to her neck, putting the finishing touches on her enslavement.

“After leaving this room you will act normal, as if nothing has happened, but you know deep in your very soul that you serve me as my snake slave and anything I tell you to do or think you will obey instantly.”

“Yes, I will obey,” said Love in a monotone.

At this point, the snake had injected Love’s bloodstream with a full load of its venom and it began slithering down her body and back into its basket.

“Want a test Famke dear?” said Victoria. “Sure,” she said.

“Love crawl on your hands and knees and lick Famke down until she orgasms and then lick her clean.”

“Yes, my queen,” said Love who then crawled toward the beautiful prime minister, her bottom already off and her pussy gleaming wet in anticipation.

Elisha watched all of this secretly in total horror.

The woman she idolized had been turned into a simple snake slave and the person next in line to be enslaved was her mistress, Tracy. She knew her aunt had been planning something to keep Love and Tracy in Kutar but she never imagined it was by doing something this abominable to them

As she saw Love lapping robotically at Famke’s slit, Elisha was too stunned to move or think for a second. As Famke shrieked and bucked as an orgasm hit her, Elisha slipped back out of the room.

She had to tell Mistress Tracy about this, although frankly going against such power; she didn’t know what Tracy could do to avoid joining Love as the next snake slave.

(To be continued)

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