Celebrity Health Spa: I Spy (Barenaked) Part 4

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: I Spy (Barenaked) Part 4

by Rinky Dink


(FF, MC, bond)

The following is a work of fiction and none of the characters involved should be associated with what happens here. Just had to include Ryan as just saw her on Surreal Life so sexy and sassy. Due to sexual situations no one under 18 should read this, go away.

As Tracy Thresher watched the maids carry out the cum-soaked mattress that Elisha Cuthbert had ruined with her massive orgasms, she was surprised how much she was looking forward to seeing Jennifer Love Hewitt

In the passion at her conversion into a lesbian by Tracy, Love had declared them a couple and Tracy had not really dissuaded her from thinking that since.

In her personal life, Tracy was usually a bit distant with her “dates”.

She needed them to feed her almost insatiable desire for girl-girl sex and she would keep the many women she slept with as good friends, but nothing more. The one committed relationship she had entered into, with actress Christina Ricci, had ended badly.

But during their time in Kutar, she found herself developing real feelings for Love.

She was so cute and waifish, the opposite of buff and cut Tracy, really fun to be around and very down to earth, unlike the mostly snotty movie stars Tracy had sex with.

Love had told her she thought the whole Kutaran worshiping of her was just plain weird. She was more excited about her next trip; VH-1 was flying her to Maui to host its 100 Greatest Love Songs special.

VH-1 said it would pay for a friend to accompany Love and she wanted that ‘friend’ to be her lover Tracy.

“C’mon Trace,” she had said with a laugh. “I want to order “Sex on the Beach” a lot there, and I don’t mean the drink.”

Spending more time away from her beloved Spa did not thrill Tracy but the thought of seeing Love in a bikini on the beach did please her, very much.

Tracy was a breast girl and Love’s breasts were real and magnificent. Tracy thought she could suckle all day on those hooters and she finally relented and agreed to go to Maui with her.

Even though she had already had sex 22 times that day (in the morning with Love, the 18 members of the Kutaran cabinet, Elisha and then the two maids who initially balked at dealing with the soaked mattress) when Love came in the room Tracy instinctively leapt up and began kissing her passionately.

“I’ve missed you, Love,” said Tracy as she began fondling Love’s lovely breasts. “C’mon, let’s have sex right now, we have to get up early tomorrow for your workout. If VH-1 is going to have you in nothing but bikinis and grass skirts you have to be at your fittest.”

“Uh, Tracy, I’ve had a real long day,” said Love languidly. “It’s been a real eye-opening experience today, especially meeting with my queen, uh, I mean the queen. I just want to go right to bed, to sleep I mean. And we’ll talk about Maui after tomorrow, there might be a change in plans. ”

This was strange, thought Tracy, Love had never turned down a chance to have sex with her before, and all Love had talked about that morning was how much she was looking forward to getting out of Kutar and doing the VH-1 special

Tracy then noticed a pink ribbon around Love’s neck.

“Yeah, I guess we can go to bed, I mean sleep,” said Tracy. “It’s been a pretty long day for me too. Hey, what’s with the pink collar.”

“Oh, it’s a gift from the queen,” said Love with a sigh, touching the ribbon lightly, making sure not to touch the still sore areas. “She really likes you too Tracy and I think she will grant you a private audience as well tomorrow, and I’m sure you will get you a ribbon too.”

“A private audience with the queen excellent, I can’t wait,” said Tracy. With the cabinet and crown princess now totally under her influence, Queen Victoria was the lone holdout in the government, Tracy was sure she could make the queen see things “her way” and get the United States its base.

Which reminded her, where was her new fuck toy? She hadn’t seen Elisha in a long time.

“I’ll make the arrangements, glad you are looking forward to it, I certainly am,” said Love as they snuggled together in bed, Love in a pink teddy and the super hard-bodied Tracy nude.

Tracy thought Love could be coaxed into having sex at this point but she just touched the ribbon around her neck and drifted off to sleep.

Since Love was facing her, Tracy could simply lay in bed and stare at Love’s breasts, that relaxed Tracy enough where she to was soon off to slumberland as well.


Elisha felt like her whole head was encased in a fog. She couldn’t think, let alone see as she slowly came to consciousness.

“Oh my, am I paralyzed!,” she thought, panic-stricken as he could not move her arms or legs.

“What the heck happened?”, as the beautiful blonde teen tried to spark her cloudy mind into working again.

She had left the throne room to warn Tracy that her girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt had been turned into a snake slave and that her sister, Queen Victoria Silvstedt, intended to enslave Tracy as well and marry her off to Prime Minister Famke Jansen while the queen took Love for her own consort.

To avoid being detected, Elisha had taken a very circuitous route. She remembered coming out of the castle so she would be seen going in an entrance not near that room when….she couldn’t remember anything else except a wet smelly cloth being put across her face suddenly.

As her mind slowly cleared, Elisha could see she was not paralyzed but laid out on a large wooden table with her hands and feet lashed to stakes driven into the wooden tabletop at the corners. She tried to talk but her mouth was gagged and she could feel a ball stuffed in it as well.

Elisha stopped her pondering as an exceptionally sexy brunette with long blonde streaks in her hair walked into her line of sight.

She was in her early 20s and was wearing very low-riding jeans and a blue crop-top. Her breasts were fairly small but pert and her body was incredible, very curvy in the hips with long, supple legs and a sexy pouty looking face framed by her luxurious hair.

She seemed to have a steamy sexuality to her, but to Elisha, she was the very embodiment of pure evil.

“Welcome to my version of the surreal life,” said the woman with sarcasm dripping from her voice. “Nice of you to run, literally, into one of my agents my pretty.”

“Mmpphh!!” was all Elisha could muster as she tried to compensate with her eyes blazing pure hatred at the woman.

“I guess I can let you talk now, we’re safe, at least I am,” she said as she removed the duct tape and the ball gag from Elisha’s mouth.

“You cocksucking, motherfucking bastard!!!,” shouted Elisha. “Now let me go Ulrike before I get up and kill you!!.”

“Not until I have some fun with you Elisha,” said the woman. “And calling me by my old name isn’t making your life easier. You know I am not Ulrike anymore, it Starr _ Ryan Starr.”

Ryan Starr had become famous as one of the finalists on the first American Idol but she had actually been born Ulrike Lyngskod in the tiny country of Kutar.

Growing up under the old regime, one of the few opportunities for women were beauty pageants.

Much younger and inexperienced, despite her obvious good looks and ability to dominate the talent competition with her great singing voice, Ulrike spent most of her youth getting clobbered by Victoria Silvstedt in pageant after pageant.

When Victoria finally left the country to pursue a modeling career, Ulrike’s reign as pageant champ was brief as Victoria’s little sister Elisha came up and began beating her as easily as Victoria had, as if anything she was even more breathtakingly beautiful then her older sister.

A despondent Ulrike hopped on a tramp steamer headed for the United States and ended up reinventing herself as a California beach babe and changed her name to Ryan Starr, not knowing in her innocence that Ryan was a man’s name.

When the revolution hit Kutar, Ryan had been a key figure, Victoria and Famke may have been better known to the masses but Ryan had credibility with the youth of the nation.

Ryan convinced the young women of Kutar to fight to take over the country but when the women won Victoria once again beat her out, this time for the post of queen. A bitter Ryan had then become the leader of the bisexual guerrillas fighting to allow women to have sex with men as well as women.

“Screw you, you’re just mad the people wanted my sister as the queen,” spat out Elisha, her new role as Tracy’s fuck toy doing nothing to curb her hatred of Ryan. If anything, now that Tracy had shown her about dildos, she was even more anti-men as she now had no need of their dirty cocks to pleasure her box.

You’re not even bisexual. My sister told me your nickname in the musical world was ‘Have tongue, will travel’. You are as hard-core a dyke as me or her.”

“Shut up!,” said Ryan as she smacked Elisha hard across the face with her hand. “You know I should be the queen, your lousy sister usurped the throne from me.”

“She was the people’s choice and you know it. I don’t know, maybe the fact you like never went to college and don’t have enough talent to beat out Justin Guarini, people don’t want that in their queen,” said a defiant Elisha.

Thwack!! went Ryan’s hand across Elisha’s face again, this time so hard the girl was momentarily dazed.

“What, what do you want with me anyhow,” Elisha finally said groggily.

“What do I want?, I want you mindfucked and laying in a heap at your sister’s door,” laughed Ryan maniacally. “And I know just the way to do it.”

“Torture me all you want, you and your insane bisexuals will never break me,” shouted Elisha.

“Oh, I’m not talking torture at all El-ster, I am talking about giving you pure pleasure,” said Ryan seductively as she planted a kiss on Elisha’s forehead as Elisha struggled mightily against her bonds.

“First, I will have sex with you”


‘Then, I have smuggled some men out of camp, and they will have sex with you.”

“Oh Goddess Love no!!! You monster!!!,” shrieked Elisha.

She would have chosen a vicious beating over this horror. Having sex with the hated Ryan and then, ugh, MEN, she would rather die then have a man touch her body, oh please no, don’t let their awful lips touch her’s.

“Sorry dear, you don’t have a say in it,” said Ryan as she put back the struggling Elisha’s ball gag and put a fresh strip of duct tape around her mouth. “Surprise, it going to be rough sex, which I will enjoy immensely.”

Elisha’s eyes bugged out as Ryan produced a pair of nipple clamps. She twisted wildly but Ryan was able to apply the cold steel of the clamps to her nipples, which were quickly erect despite Elisha’s protestations.

Elisha tried to turn her head away but Ryan buried her fingers in the blonde hair on the back of her head and twisted her face up to hers, her mouth partially open.

Ryan did not merely kiss her, she took her mouth, and then went on to her neck, her shoulders and her breasts. She traced a fine line with her tongue where the underside of her large breasts intersected her ribcage.

She massaged Elisha’s breasts, and squeezed them together with an intensity that was on the borderline of pleasure and pain, with the nipple clamps making everything even more intense.

And then she began to kiss and lick and suck on Elisha’s pink nipples as she briefly removed the clamps, rolling them with her tongue, biting them with her back teeth, until they were totally stiff and throbbing.

Ryan then put the clamps back on as she moved downward and kissed Elisha’s inner thighs, and then worked her way inward.

Elisha was simultaneously turned on and repulsed. She loved Ryan’s sexual ministrations but knowing she was liking Ryan screwing her made her hate it even more. It was just one big nightmare.

She worked on Elisha’s clit as her tongue was making an entry rough and hard into Elisha’s slit.

Her fingers probed her deeply.

Completely beyond Elisha’s control, her hips lifted off the table, grinding Elisha’s pussy into Ryan’s mouth and at that exact moment she forced yet another finger into Elisha’s bare mound pussy and all the way up her tight ass she shoved in there with her other hand.

Elisha soon came with muffled shouts, much to her disgust, and Ryan finally came and let out a shout of glee as she quickly banged her pussy right into Elisha’s and let her juices cover her all over her lower body.

Elisha was sobbing at this point, she had orgasmed having bondage sex with the horrid Ryan Starr, and felt beaten and humiliated. Yes, she was a princess but she was still just a kid, barely 18, and she cried like a hurt child.

To gloat, Ryan removed the duct tape and the ball gag for a second off her vanquished foe’s mouth

“Having fun princess,” she smirked. “It gets better too. The men are coming. You’ll be a bisexual whether you want to or not by the end of the night. Hope you didn’t make any plans.”

With that last statement, a light bulb went off in Elisha’s scrambled brain: Tracy and Goddess Love! She had failed to get to Tracy to warn her. She might be a snake slave as we speak, lapping away at Famke’s slit with dead eyes.

She had failed her mistress in addition to suffering this horror.

“Look…Ryan, leave me in a heap now in front of the palace,” said Elisha. “You win, but I have to warn Jennifer Love Hewitt’s friend Tracy. My sister and Famke did something horrible to Goddess Love and they plan to do the same to her. I need to get out of here, so do your worst but do it quick.”

Ryan’s demeanor suddenly changed from devilish glee to concern.

“Tracy?, Tracy who?”

“The name’s Tracy Thresher, an American fitness instructor, you wouldn’t know her,” said Elisha as her sobbing quieted down a bit.

“Not know Tracy Thresher, yeah right,” said Ryan. “I owe everything to Tracy.

“Remember, I grew up on the beach in Malibu. Every hot girl there has had sex with Tracy, many times. Her after-hours girl orgies at the Spa were the highlights of my youth. She taught me what was important in life, having sex. She made sure I didn’t get into drugs or run with the wrong crowd, a lot of girls do that in my area”

“Really?” said a calmer Elisha.

“Yeah, she taught me that pursuing your dreams and having lots of sex with women was the way to go. No way I would have had the confidence to audition for American Idol if not for Tracy,” said Ryan.

“And what happened to Jennifer Love Hewitt? Tell me what did they do to her.”

Ironically, even though it was the radical lesbian government who had set up Love as this female icon, it was the bisexual guerillas that were her most ardent admirers.

Heavily persecuted by government forces, the bisexuals clung to scraps of gossip and whispers in alleys that the magnificent Jennifer Love Hewitt had dated guys, and hoped against hope that she might be bisexual. If JLH could date a guy, the government had no leg to stand on in stopping anyone else.

Queen Victoria certainly realized that Love had dated many men in her life, which is why the Kutaran media was heavily censored, as no mention of Love and her slew of boyfriends was ever aired and why she wanted Love enslaved to her will as quickly as possible.

When Elisha told Ryan Starr she had watched Love be turned into a snake slave, her attitude totally changed.

“We can’t let this happen, it’s over for the bi’s if Jennifer Love Hewitt is Victoria’s mindless slave,” said Ryan. “But what can we do about it?”

“I don’t know, but I know Tracy would, she’s really smart,” said Elisha. “I’ve got to get back to the palace before she is turned into a snake slave too.”

“Well, we better do it quick, you were out cold for like a whole day,” said Ryan as she removed all the clamps on Elisha’s breasts and untied her. “I’ll help you get back inside the palace unnoticed, I know all the secret entrances.”


“I obey, I must obey, nothing matters but to obey. I live to obey”

Tracy repeated the mantra over and over, not distracted a bit by the large snake wrapped around her, it’s fangs deeply fastened to her neck, still pumping her bloodstream full of mind-controlling venom that would forever bond her as the slave to the snake, and its owner, Queen Victoria.

After their morning workout, Love had guided Tracy to her private audience with Queen Victoria. Tracy thought she could make Victoria fall under her influence with her sexual prowess but she never got the chance.

Within a few minutes of meeting her, Victoria had lifted the top of the wicker basket and the snake’s hypnotic stare drilled deep into Tracy mind, it was over quick. Tracy’s eyes dulled and she stood like a statue as the snake came over to take permanent control of her magnificent body.

“Thank you Love for bringing her here so promptly,” said Victoria to a dull-eyed Love standing also like a statue nearby, seeing the snake had re-ignited her deep trance and she did not lift a finger as her girlfriend was having her mind and will taken away by the snake, just like her’s had been.

“Thank you my Queen, I am your slave,” said Love in a monotone.

“Famke, you can come in now, your future wife is almost fully prepared now,” said Victoria as Famke Jansen appeared.

“Looks pretty out of it, now Vic I don’t want a robot as my wife, and she has to function as Minister of Sex too and teach the women of Kutar how to have lesbian sex properly,” said Famke eyeing the blank-faced Tracy as the snake finally slithered down her body and headed back to the basket.

“Don’t worry, I know how to program snake slaves, since I used to be one myself,” said Victoria. “Tracy Thresher!, as a slave to the snake that I own you are my newest thrall. You will follow my orders without question as I own the snake.”

“Yes, mistress. I obey you,” said Tracy in a dull monotone.

“You will act completely normal. Your personality will not change in any way except for what I tell you now and in the future. You will obey my orders without question. And from now on refer to me as Queen.”

“I shall obey my Queen,” said Tracy.

“You are no longer in love with Jennifer Love Hewitt. You are totally, madly in love with Famke Jansen. You want to marry her as soon as possible. She is the perfect woman in your mind. She is correct in anything she says. You will do whatever she says without question.”

“Yes my queen, without question, I obey her,” said Tracy.

“OK, my slaves Love and Tracy, you will when I count to three begin acting like your old selves. You will however totally accept the instructions I have implanted in your brain and follow them to the letter as you know in your heart you are nothing more than my snake slaves.


Tracy and Love’s eyes both cleared and they took a more natural posture.

“Tracy,” said Famke. “I’d like you to come to my room and have sex with me all day.”

“Sure, sweet cheeks,” said Tracy as she bounded over to the brunette former supermodel and planted a big kiss on her lips. “I hope you when you mean all day that means from now until midnight because I want to have sex with you for a long, long time.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve had some marathon lesbian lovemaking sessions in my life,” said Famke with a grin as she guided Tracy to her room while affixing a pink ribbon around her neck. “You can have sex with me all day and night.

Even when I say no, ignore me. I always want sex”.

That last statement would ironically doom the reign of Queen Victoria.

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