Celebrity Health Spa: Jewel Is Not Standing Still

Celebrity Health Spa: Jewel is not standing still

By Rinky Dink


(FF, MC)

This story is entirely made up. All characters, even those with real names, are fiction. It does contain sexual situations and anyone under 18 should not read this. Inspired by a fictional story on another web site.

When she was 18, Tracy Thresher was greatly relieved when the doctor said she was not a clinical nymphomaniac. She felt OK but having had sex with half her high school’s football team, and all of the cheerleaders, didn’t seem normal, although it did help her get elected prom
queen by a large margin.

He said she was just born with a higher-then usual desire for sexual pleasure. He told her if it became a problem he could prescribe some pills to lower her level of arousal, but she declined.

Tracy explained had been just hired as a fitness instructor at the Celebrity Women’s Health Spa in Malibu and she didn’t want to jeopardize her job by taking drugs. As long as her large sexual appetite was natural she didn’t want to take any pills. She told the doctor she would work it out on her own.

When the doctor then told her that he would tear up her bill if she gave him a blowjob, Tracy quickly unzipped his pants and dove in. Hey, she just got out of high school and her first paycheck was not for another two weeks.


“Miss Thresher, could you sign the forms? Miss Thresher!!”

Tracy was snapped out of her daydreaming about how she had been medically cleared to sleep with as many men, and women, as she wanted.

“Oops, sorry Connie. I went away for a while. Now what the heck do you want me to sign?”

“It’s the contract for the singer Jewel to have exclusive use of the spa from 10 p.m. to Midnight, four nights a week for three weeks,” said Connie, after rolling her eyes. “I need your signature as manager to process it.”

If Tracy hadn’t had sex with her at least once a week Connie would have complained to the owner about her inattentiveness to detail but it worked out. A former instructor herself, Connie had proven efficient at running things and Tracy had proven very efficient at eating her out.

The Celebrity Women’s Health Spa had been about to go bankrupt when in desperation the owner had made Tracy manager. Membership was now way up and there were actually celebrities at the Celebrity Women’s Health Spa, Jewel now being the newest.

“OK, OK, let me look it over first will you,” said Tracy grabbing the paper out of Connie’s hands.

Connie looked at Tracy as she read the contract. If she didn’t have a mountain of work to get to, she’d ask to make out with her right now. Tracy almost never said no.

Even in a place like a fitness center where all the employees were pretty hot, Tracy was something special. She was tall at 5-foot-10 and had flowing dark wavy hair. Her chest was a natural C cup and her skin was a perfect eggshell white. Of course her body was well-toned and in great shape.

She also seemed to exude a raw sexual energy that attracted people to her, Connie certainly felt it, and she had no problem showing off her incredible body. Here she was in a business office as the boss wearing a cut-off white t-shirt and black spandex shorts

“You know, Con, all this legal mumbo jumbo, sometimes it makes me wish I had gone to college,” said Tracy, still peering at the papers. “Of course, a lot of college grads wished they had my job. And I got it at 20!!

“Wait a second. It says here only the manager can be in the place when she is here. What’s up with that?”

“Jewel wants to be completely by herself while she trains to get ready for her upcoming tour,” replied Connie. “We negotiated a clause where the manager, you, are allowed to be here in case something goes wrong or she has a question. Is that a problem Miss Thresher?”

“Oh no, Connie. Not at all. Not at all,” said Tracy as she signed the documents.


….Jewel Kilcher knew her songs touched many people but she had been around the music scene long enough to know having a body that made people touch themselves didn’t hurt sales either.

When you have spent time living in a van with your mother, you learn to give people what they want. And as she walked into the empty Celebrity Women’s Health Spa, she knew what people wanted who would see her in concert. To hear her lilting voice while she wore leather mini-skirts and tight-fitting tops that showed plenty of cleavage.

Thank goodness for Tracy!! The manager luckily had been there that first night when the leg lift machine hadn’t worked.

Jewel didn’t want any prying eyes as she whipped herself into shape but Tracy had been so friendly and helpful. Jewel was glad she asked Tracy to stay and help her work out.

And man, what a body SHE had! If I get close to half the shape Tracy’s, in I’m set thought Jewel as she changed into her workout outfit, a simple pink leotard with a blue belt.

As Jewel toddled into the gym, she saw Tracy adjusting the treadmill. She was wearing just tiny gym shorts and a black sports bra. Jewel thought it was a pretty revealing outfit but, hey, if you got it, flaunt it.

“OK, I have you all set up Jewel for the run to start,” said Tracy, a big smile coming to her face as she saw Jewel.

“I set the timer so it’s at the right pace for you. I have the headphones right here, the music is perfectly timed with your run to help you keep the pace I want you for you at this point in your training, and I have here the bottle with the special drink in it. Remember, it keeps fluids in your body but you won’t gain any weight from it.

“So we’re all ready to go. Just hop on board.”

“Thanks Tracy,” said Jewel as she got on the treadmill. “You have helped me so much. I think of you more of a friend than an instructor.”

“Great”,” said Tracy, who thought “We will be really, really good friends hopefully, soon.”

As Jewel began her run, Tracy admired her pupil.

Jewel had long blond hair, creamy skin, and her thick rounded breasts that were surprising large for a small woman were bouncing up and down as Jewel jogged, and a nice round butt that Tracy had big plans for. Hopefully, this was the night all her “work” would bear fruit, so to speak.

Jewel was oblivious to Tracy’s stares as she concentrated on the task at hand.

The run was set for 20 minutes and Tracy had said before the easiest way to get through it was to just let her mind go and relax .

Tracy had been right so far, as every time Jewel had gotten on the treadmill she thought she hadn’t been running more then a couple minutes when the timer would go off. If she hadn’t been bathed in sweat and feeling tired she would have thought the timer was broken.

Jewel was glad to see her little light show was on the television set on the other side of the room, as she took a sip of her drink.

Tracy had told her the spa used it was for aerobics tapes but when the spa was closed it just had a simple test pattern of different colored lights swirling around.

Jewel had not mentioned it to Tracy but watching the lights helped her relax. She didn’t want to upset Tracy with the news she had found something on her own to help her relax. Tracy had been so kind to give up her time for her as well as being incredibly beautiful thought Jewel as she kept jogging.

Jewel thought if she concentrated hard she could figured out the pattern of the swirling lights. A slight smile was on her face as Tracy had selected Jewel’s single “Here I am Standing Still” as the music for her to run by. Jewel got the irony of her moving to her own song about not moving.

Tracy was something special, that’s for sure, thought Jewel as she took another sip. She was so beautiful yet so down to earth. Whoever has sex with her is very lucky. There can’t be anyone better looking on this Earth than Tracy. Sex with her most be incredible.

I should hook her up with my friend Melissa Etheridge, thought Jewel, I think Tracy is into girls. Screw that, maybe I can get her to screw me instead. I’m not usually into chicks but she was worth making an exception.

But am I worthy of her? Tracy is so amazingly beautiful, her body perfect in every way I can imagine, and the sex with her most be so hot.

As Jewel’s mind continued to think about how great looking Tracy was and how having sex with her was incredible, Tracy looked on. She could see Jewel’s eyes get slowly glassy, her breathing was now in a pattern as her thick globes moved up and down in a steady fashion.

Learning hypnosis had been worth the five blowjobs she had given the doctor, and the time she had anal sex with him in return for the tape with the hypnotically-patterned light swirls was definitely worth it, Tracy thought, as she saw Jewel fall deeper and deeper into a trance.

Tracy thought was Jewel was under deep enough as she turned off the treadmill and removed her headphones, which had been full of subliminal messages about how attractive Tracy was and how exciting it would be to have sex with her. She left the drink, which had been drugged with a relaxant, next to her.

Jewel just stood there, staring at the lights, a blank star on her face.

“OK, Jewel, as you hear my voice you will feel even more relaxed, every word of mine makes you go deeper and deeper into this relaxed state,” said Tracy. “Do you understand?”

“Yes,” said Jewel in a barely audible whisper

“Good, now Jewel do you trust me completely to do whatever it takes to get you in shape?


“Will you do whatever I say and not think about the consequences if I tell you it will help your fitness?”

“Yes, Tracy I trust…Listen to you,” said Jewel in a soft monotone.

“Well, Jewel, I think you can burn more calories having sex than using any piece of equipment here. Entirely for your benefit to get fit, I think we must have sex.”

Jewel’s glazed eyes suddenly widened and showed excitement. Her hypnotized mind was telling her “Oh, my God, Tracy is actually going to let me have the honor of having sex with her. How lucky I am!!”

Not exactly the shy type, Jewel quickly got off the treadmill and began French kissing,Tracy. She made sure to use plenty of tongue as she wanted Tracy to know how serious she was.

Tracy then led her to her office, which had a small room connected to it that only Tracy had the key for. Tracy had set it up her first day as manager. It had a stereo player, a small table and a water bed. Simple, just everything Tracy needed for sex.

Jewel showed her approval as she discarded her leotard and jumped on the water bed, the waves bouncing around as much as Jewel’s thick breasts. She then grabbed Tracy and pulled her in. She quickly tore off Tracy’s bra and pulled down her pants. Jewel saw that Tracy was wearing no panties and that turned her on even more.

“You’re such a slut Tracy, and that’s just the way I like it,” said Jewel as she dove onto Tracy’s firm breasts and began licking her nipples.

Tracy went right for Jewel’s more mobile breasts with her hands and began kneading them over and over, trying to pinch Jewel’s now rock-hard nipples when possible. With her tongue, Tracy began bathing Jewel’s ear and neck and Jewel moaned her approval of Tracy’s licking.

Tracy was in ecstasy, Jewel’s breasts were so soft and pliable, she could sit there all night and play with them. Jewel had other ideas as she moved down from Tracy’s breasts and began nipping at her bud.

With Jewel’s sweet thick breasts in her hands and Jewel’s tongue on her clit, Tracy was soon completely turned on. She let out a shriek as she orgasmed, her juices hitting Jewel in the chin. She quickly began lapping up the cum and Tracy was immediately turned back on and began licking at Jewel’s massive areolas.

Tasting Tracy’s cum and feeling her tongue on her nipples put Jewel over the top and she orgasmed. She then grabbed Tracy by the shoulders, gave her a big wet kiss, jamming her tongue as far as she could into Tracy’s mouth without choking her, and flipped her over near her slit.

“It’s 69 time, eat me out slut,” said Jewel, who got a thrill from dictating the terms of the sexual encounter with this incredibly gorgeous woman, not realizing she was having sex only because she was obeying Tracy’s orders.

Tracy was more than happy to oblige as she began lapping at Jewel’s clit while Jewel was tongue-fucking Tracy’s snatch. Tracy discovered that Jewel was a natural blonde and that excited her even more as she buried her face in her blonde bush.

The fitness instructor and the entranced singer quickly orgasmed again, the water bed creating waves usually reserved for a ship in a storm..

Tracy knew she had to get Jewel back to her workout soon, her manager always picked her up promptly at midnight, but she felt Jewel was now hypnotized deeply under enough to try one more thing.

“Lay on your stomach Jewel, I have a surprise for you,” said Tracy. Jewel complied, she was worn out and didn’t think about what Tracy had in mind.

Tracy went to the table where lay a 12-inch dildo and a tube of lubricant. After strapping on the dildo and lubing it up, Tracy got on her knees and looked at Jewel’s ass. It was nice and big, but not fat, and a perfect round shape. Tracy almost was hypnotized herself staring at it. It was such an incredible butt.

Jewel had been quietly humming “Here I am Standing Still” when she felt something pierce her behind. “What the hell?!” she said before Tracy put a calming hand on Jewel’s shoulder.

Tracy was going to give her anal sex,. what a turn on, thought Jewel even though it hurt a bit at the start. Getting it up the rear was not something that was done much up in Alaska so Jewel’s ass was not used to the penetration.

Again and again Tracy pounded the dildo up and down into Jewel’s meaty butt. She could feel the mother of all orgasms building inside and by her constant low loans she could tell Jewel was getting pretty worked up as well.

Up and down, up and down went Tracy, every sortie into Jewel’s ass going a little deeper.

Finally, Tracy could not hold in her lust anymore. “I’m cum-m-m-m-m-i-i-n-n-n-n-g-g-g-!!!” screamed Tracy as her love juices poured all over Jewel’s tush. That’s all Jewel needed to hear as she shrieked her own cumming and the rubber sheet beneath soon was soaking wet.

It took about 5 minutes for even someone in as good a shape as Tracy to stop panting, the sex had been so good.

Tracy told Jewel to put her leotard back on and took her by the hand and led her back to the treadmill.

The entire walk Jewel was kissing Tracy and fondling her breasts. In her hypnotized brain, Jewel felt privileged to have been able to have sex with such an amazing beauty as Tracy. She wanted to make sure she pleased Tracy so they could do it again.

Tracy put Jewel back on the treadmill, clipped her headphones back on and told her to look at the lights again. Soon, Jewel’s eyes had a glazed look again.

“When I count to three Jewel, you will wake up out of this relaxed state,” intoned Tracy in a commanding voice. “You just finished your run and you feel great, it went really well. You will remember nothing of what just happened. All you remember is your mind drifted off while running.

“However, if I ever, and only I, say to you: “Jewel light, Jewel bright” you will immediately go back into this wonderful, relaxed state you so enjoy. Do you understand?”

Jewel nodded her head.



……Connie noted that Tracy was in a “conservative” outfit this day, tight bicycle shorts and a Celebrity Women’s Health Spa staff shirt which although tight and clingy actually went down far enough to be tucked into her shorts. She must have gotten some before work, Connie thought, that was the only time her six-pack stomach was not on display.

“Miss Thresher, I want you to know we got the payment on the Jewel contract but there is a slight problem. The check was for double the amount we agreed upon. Should I call her office and double check about the error.?”

“No Connie, Jewel was very pleased with our facilities and I helped her with some of her training, which was not in the contract, so she told me she was going to give us a bump in pay,” said Tracy, with a slight Cheshire Cat grin.

“Oh, yeah, please send to her office a membership application. She wants to join the spa and she wants the most expensive membership possible, the executive gold plan, so make sure you check that part off before you send it to them, OK?”

“Absolutely Miss Thresher,” said Connie, who now had the answer as to why Tracy’s stomach was covered. “By the way, our 3 p.m. “private meeting” is still on?”

“Yep, see you then,” said Tracy.

Tracy went to her stereo and began playing Jewel’s new record. She thought about how she had fallen into the perfect job for her.

And all she was doing was following doctor’s orders.

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