Celebrity Health Spa: Lesbian Vampires, Part 1

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: Lesbian Vampires, Part 1

By Rinky Dink


(mc, ff, vamp)

The following is a work of fiction and any resemblences o known individuals, even those with the same names, are purely coincidental. Due to sexual situations no one under 18 should read this, go away. Thanks to KMB for the idea.

No one loved holidays more than Tracy Thresher. As the manager of the Women’s Celebrity Health Spa in Malibu, she made sure the spa even celebrated Arbor Day.

The reason the super hot-bodied young brunette liked holidays were that it gave her
an excuse to throw a party and write it off as a business expense.

And when Tracy threw a party, it was extremely popular no matter the season as it always degenerated into an orgy (except maybe Christmas, when she just had a lot of kissing under the mistletoe).

This Halloween was no different, a number of beautiful fitness instructors, singers, models and actresses as well as local knockout-looking surfers, skater girls and cheerleaders mingled in costumes easily.

Soon, the costumes were off, at least the parts that covered up the pussy and breast areas, and the well-carpeted floor of the Spa was soon filled with the writhing bodies of young women as they paired off into one massive lickdown session.

Wail after wail seemed to erupt from various spots as orgasms began to wrack the bodies of the participants.

A cacophony of cries came from one specific corner of the room. Tracy was there having triple-input sex and the three women with strap-ons involved in it with her were in a seemingly permanent cry of orgasmic joy.

Finally, filled with drink and now having gorged themselves on pussy, the partygoers relaxed around the big pumpkin in the middle where Tracy, a friend and sex partner to them all, now held court.

“Hey Tracy, it’s Halloween, tell us a story,” shouted a blonde girl with the shreds of a Pepperdine University cheerleading outfit clinging to her lean, tan body.

“Yes, tell us a Halloween story but a sexy one,” said a well-known lingerie model.

“And make sure its about lesbian sex, lots and lots of girls having sex with other girls,” screamed wholesome singer Jessica Simpson to the shock of many who recognized her, but not a surprise to the women who REALLY knew her.

Tracy, with her arms around two cuties, shrugged her shoulders and rolled her eyes a bit.

“Hey, I’m a fitness club manager not a storyteller,” she said. “Can’t we just have more sex.”

But the idea of Tracy telling a sexy, scary lesbian Halloween story piqued the interest of the rest of her guests, and they could have more sex afterward anyhow they figured, daylight was still a few hours away.

“Story now, sex later,” began to be chanted around Tracy.

She finally grinned and nodded her head.

“OK, OK,” she said. “You get your wish. Let me think for a second.

“I can tell you how supermodel Heidi Klum broke up four of the best known relationships in Hollywood and almost turned the Spa here into the headquarters of an international lesbian vampire coven.”

The oohs and aahs of approval that ran through the crowd told Tracy she had hit the spot.

“Alright, I’ll tell you, but I promised Heidi here I would never bring this up in public,” said Tracy. “So the only way I’ll tell it is if everybody is naked.”

A bikini top immediately flung high into the air and settled down right at Tracy’s feet. Soon a pile of thongs, skimpy costumes, short-shorts and cut-off t-shirts were piled in front of her. Tracy noted that there were almost no bras or panties in the pile.

“OK, gather around girls, it’s going to be a bumpy ride,” she said.


News item: After seemingly many years of being happily married, supermodel Heidi Klum announced she was divorcing her husband.

News item: After many years of what seemed to be a happy marriage, TV personality Jillian Barberie announced she was filing for divorce.

News item: Even the most salacious tabloids were caught off guard when actress Uma Thurman announced she was leaving her husband, Ethan Hawke, in what had seemed to be a perfect marriage.

News item: Who would not want to date Leonardo DiCaprio?, the answer is supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who reportedly left the Titanic star flabbergasted when she broke up their relationship.

Heidi Klum did not like doing things on the cheap, when she was involved in anything she wanted it to be first-class all the way. But since the money saved by using an all-Rumanian crew would go to her as they were shooting her calendar she grudgingly accepted it.

The idea for the month of October of doing a Halloween theme and shipping her off to Transylvania to Dracula’s own castle had been her manager’s idea.

Klum was a bit glum on the shoot, wearing a bikini in a drafty old castle where no one spoke English, and few knew her native German, left her bored and lonely.

Besides being known for her exceptional good looks, the 6-foot statuesque blonde was also known as a rare friendly and down-to-earth person in the industry. While most supermodels were obnoxious egotistical bitches, Heidi was nice and because of that usually had fun with the crew at her assignments.

However, the only person Heidi on this job had gotten the least bit friendly with was the young production assistant, Vladina.

She was actually the caretaker of the Dracula estate who had been hired to help out with her local knowledge, and Heidi wondered why such a pretty girl like Vladina would want to waste her time in a dusty castle.

Heidi thought she could be a supermodel herself. Vladina was almost 5-foot-10 with silken blonde hair that cascaded to her shoulders with a very curvy body and nice-sized breasts.

She usually wore old-fashioned clothes but on a night shoot that was rather warm she did show up in a bippy top and short-shorts, exposing her long, lean body.

And she was whip-smart, speaking perfect English and German to Heidi and with an incredible memory of history for someone who did not look more than 19 years old.

The final shot of the assignment, Heidi seductively lying on Dracula’s casket with phony fangs, wearing a cape and not much else, was over and Klum wearily got off the box. She couldn’t wait to get the heck out of here and back to sunny Los Angeles.

The crew went to the main dining room for a wrap-up party but Heidi did not follow.

“What’s wrong?” said Vladina as she had waited for Heidi. “Aren’t you going to the party, should be fun. They’re opening up some old red wine they found.”

“That’s OK, I just don’t feel like partying, I’m just going to my room and rest and get ready for tomorrow’s flight home,” said Klum. “And I don’t drink wine.”

“Actually, neither do I,” said Vladina. “Hey, you need to eat something. Let me grab some food and some juice and we can have our own party in your room. Honestly, I’d rather hang out with you than those bores anyhow.”

Since the old castle had no TV or radio, Heidi was looking at a pretty dreary night by herself so she welcomed the company.

“That’d be great Vladina, thanks,” she said. “You’re the only person here I actually like, so it’s fitting I spend my last night with you. Too bad I won’t see you again.”

“Oh, you never know,” said Vladina with a smile.


Heidi enjoyed herself immensely hanging out with Vladina. Heidi was a bit of a history buff and Vladina seemed to know the whole history of Europe like the back of her hand.

“Wow, hearing it from you Vladina, I feel like I’m right in Queen Isabella’s court when she told Christopher Columbus to seek the New World,” said Heidi. “It’s like you were a eyewitness, it’s so detailed.

“You’re so smart and pretty, you shouldn’t be cooped up in this place. At least go to Bucharest and make something of yourself there and meet a nice guy and have a good time.”

“I don’t know about the meeting a guy part but I have been thinking of leaving. Since Ceaucescu fell, the new government has not been kind to people who believe in the old ways like me, which is why I’m glad we had a chance to be alone because I wanted to discuss it with you,” said Vladina.

“You see, speaking of history, Dracula’s real name was Vlad. He was known as Vlad the Impaler and he was a hero to the Rumanian people as he fought off the Turkish invaders. As you can figure out by my name, I’m of his bloodline and due to family loyalty have stayed here, but I think it’s time for me to find a new home.”

“You’ve been a true friend to me here Vladina, my only friend really, so I’ll do what I can to help you,” said the every-nice Heidi. “Say, I was told I’m like 1/16th related to Frederick the Great by blood, how related to the real Dracula are you.”

“I guess half, I’m his daughter,” said Vladina.

Heidi’s face took a quizzical look.

“Wait a second, the real Dracula was around like 500 years ago,” said Heidi who then figured it all out in one burst. “OH MY GOD!!”

Before Heidi could get up and run away, Vladina took her face in her hands and positioned Heidi’s eyes right in front of her’s, which were now the color of burning coals.

“You can help me Heidi by looking into my eyes,” said Vladina in a well-rehearsed manner. “Look deeper, deeper, ever deeper. There is nothing in the world except my eyes.”

Heidi’s eyes were glassy, she knew she was in trouble but she could not stop looking at Vladina’s eyes. The deeper she looked, the more she wanted to look. Soon all thoughts of escape, or any other thought, were wiped from Heidi’s mind.

“Deeper and deeper into my eyes, tell me what you see,” said Vladina.

Heidi spoke not a word, a sign to Vladina she was fully under her spell but she could also feel Heidi’s body shivering, in sheer terror that she was now controlled by a vampiress, the daughter of Dracula.

.”Relax Heidi, you are in no danger, I did mean it when I said I liked you,” said Vladina. “Like you are the rare supermodel who is nice, I consider myself the rare vampire who is nice.

“But I do have needs, needs you will help me fulfill Heidi.”

“Ye-s-s-s-s …. help…you,” said Heidi groggily.

“Like I said, I am having problems with the government,” said Vladina, her eyes now directly in front of Heidi’s, making sure she got the full force of her hypnotic power.

“The fact I am a real vampire they might be able to live with, good for tourism, but the fact I am also a lesbian they find unacceptable. Luring innocent peasant girls around here to be my lover-slaves is something they have put a stop to.

“I have not been able to feed in a while, or exult in the touch of another woman. So I must find a new home to make a lesbian vampire coven for myself. I understand the United States is quite open to girls having sex with other girls and as such the perfect site to build my new headquarters. You will be my main instrument.”

“I…will be.. your instrument,” said Heidi tonelessly. Now totally overcome by Vladina’s supernatural mesmerism, nothing mattered to Heidi except looking into her eyes and obeying her new mistress.

“But don’t worry, its fun being my instrument,” said Vladina. “You will be given powers you could never imagine and feel sexual pleasure beyond your wildest imagination.

“I know a lot of models are lesbians too, are you?”

“No….I’m… married,” said Heidi.

“Well, we’ll fix that,” said Vladina. “The party will be going on for hours so we have plenty of time to, uh, get acquainted. Heidi, get on the bed and take off your clothes.”

Heidi Klum robotically moved to the bed, she was an instrument, yes, she thought, that sounds right. To do anything but what Vladina told her was unthinkable. Nothing mattered but doing what Vladina said.

As Heidi took off her bikini, Vladina gave her new instructions:

“Heidi, you now live for a women’s touch. You are now a lesbian. Men mean nothing to you. My touch, my kiss give you great arousal, even closer sexual contact brings you to the heights of sexual ecstasy that you had previously only could dream about.”

Heidi knew now she was a lesbian, the thought of making love to Vladina now seemed like it would be the most incredible sexual experience she could ever hope for.

“Come to my bed, make love to me Vladina,” mewled Heidi as she lay nude on her bed, beckoning her mistress to join in the pleasures of Sappho sex.

Vladina quickly shed her clothes and saw Heidi lick her lips in anticipation. She noted Heidi was indeed quite beautiful, she had picked her newest thrall well Vladina thought.

First they began deeply French kissing each other but soon Heidi’s face was eagerly giving Vladina’s breasts a good tongue bath. Vladina moaned as Heidi playfully gave her nipples a bite.

Vladina quickly moved her hand down and found Heidi’s clit and began seductively rolling it in her hand and Heidi moaned her approval.

Bolts of sexual pleasure were rippling through Heidi, sex with her husband, or any man, had never felt this good she thought in her vampire-entranced mind.

Soon Vladina began kissing down Heidi’s gorgeous body, each smack sending a quiver of pleasure directly into Heidi’s snatch. She began lapping at Heidi’s clit with her tongue while she stuck a finger into Heidi’s sopping wet pussy.

Heidi was going insane with desire now, never could she have imagined having sex with another woman could be so good, feel so right.

Finally, Heidi could not hold back anymore and she let out a scream and a geyser of pussy juice blasted into Vladina as a massive orgasm rippled through Heidi’s supple body.

Heidi felt convulsion after convulsion course through her. She thought it would never end, not did she wanted it to. As far as she was concerned, she could spend the rest of her life in this bed in Transylvania having sex with Vladina.

Finally, Heidi’s orgasm petered out. She lay on the bed limp and with an even glassier expression in her eyes then when she was first hypnotized. Her mouth was open as she gasped for breath, her panting filling the room as Vladina watched from above and smiled.

“Your turn, just give me a second mistress,” gasped a completely worn-out Heidi.

“Do not worry about me my pet,” said Vladina. “I admire your concern but I have a different way of “getting mine”. You see, the blood of a woman who just had an orgasm is the sweetest tasting of all.”

“Then feed, feed on me, let my blood be your joy as you have given me so much,” said Heidi as she tilted her head away from Vladina, baring her neck to her.

Vladina fangs now protruded from her mouth. She gave a soft kiss to Heidi’s neck and Heidi cooed with approval and desire, helping her mistress feed was so erotic to her now, before plunging the fangs into Heidi’s bare neck.

The ecstasy Heidi had derived from the sex with Vladina she discovered was nothing like what she felt as Vladina drained her. It felt like pure bliss, like every cell in her body was at peace and all was perfect in the world.

Heidi sighed in pleasure, her eyes widening in delight as she felt her sight slowly going dark but she felt no ounce of despair about it, if this was death then she would enjoy every glorious second of it.

After about a minute of sucking away, Vladina withdrew her now red-colored fangs from Heidi’s pulsing neck. Heidi gave a visible sigh of disappointment and looked longingly at Vladina.

“No my pet, any more draining and you would die and I need you to accomplish my assignments,” said Vladina. “I’ll get you a bandage for your wounds and a pretty pink ribbon to hide it. The ribbon is sort of my trademark.

“In the village, any woman they see wearing it, they know she is mine and to not bother her.”

“Then please give me a ribbon as I am yours, utterly yours,” said Heidi. “My mind is enslaved to your will, my body yours to do as you wish mistress.”

“As you know now, since I have taken of your blood, you are permanently my slave and I have no need to hypnotize you further,” said Vladina as she took care of Heidi’s puncture wounds. “But call me Vladina. I hate being called mistress. Like I said, I like you Heidi and even though you are now my total slave I still want us to be friends.

“Now you must eat as you need to get strong quickly. There is much work for you to do to prepare my new coven.”

“Tell me what to do and it will be done,” said Heidi. “And your slave hopes the future involves lots and lots of sex with other women.”

“Don’t worry, it does,” said Vladina with a wink.


Gisele Bundchen was glad she had a spot in her busy schedule to visit her fellow supermodel and friend Heidi Klum. She had been surprised when it was announced Heidi and her husband were divorcing and was glad to try and comfort Heidi, who had always been so nice to her, in her hour of need.

Heidi had rented a house near Venice Beach and as Gisele walked in she could see Heidi had not had much time to furnish it.

Outside of a few chairs and tables there was not too much to the living room, but the carpeting was a plush shag, but why were their big black curtains around every window, blocking out a gorgeous view of the beach, Gisele wondered.

“Hey, Heidi, how are feeling?” asked Gisele with concern.

“Oh fine, fine, never better,” said Heidi in a chipper tone.

Heidi looked at Gisele through the filter of her newborn lesbian lust. Gisele was known as one of the most beautiful women in the world and with good reason. The tall, striking brunette had an incredible body that men all around the world panted over in her pictorials.

Heidi was not going to be long for chit-chat with the ultimate hottie standing in front of her in a simple pink sundress. Was she wearing panties? Probably not, decided Heidi.

“I’m glad you’re taking this divorce with a positive attitude,” said Gisele. “I only have a little bit of time before I have to go but hopefully we can have a drink. My stupid agent booked me on L.A. Morning and I can’t get out of it. At least Jillian Barberie is interviewing me. She’s wacky.”

An idea quickly flashed in Heidi’s mind but first things first.

“Yeah, she’s a hoot, and she dresses like such a slut, always showing off her hot body,” said Heidi. “But I’m not really into drinking, uh, alcohol anymore, consider it the new me. What I’d really like you to do is look into my eyes Gisele.”

“You eyes, why?” said Gisele who wondered what this was all about.

“You’ll see,” said Heidi with a smile. “Once you do you will know the truth behind my divorce.”

Gisele shrugged her shoulders as Heidi motioned to join her on the couch. Heidi quickly put her eyes directly into Gisele’s line of sight and Gisele noticed they suddenly flashed a blood red color.

Unlike Heidi when she first encountered Vladina, Gisele never figured out what was happening to her.

Her eyes widened as Heidi’s new hypnotic power bored into her. She felt like her entire body had been swallowed up into Heidi’s eyes. She knew turning away was not an option, Heidi was telling her what to do and Gisele felt compelled to obey.

“Look deep, deeper, ever deeper into my eyes,” said Heidi excited to be using her new powers and for such a prize as Gisele, she could barely concentrate with her pussy quivering with the knowledge of what was to come.

Gisele’s eyes were now glassy, her head slightly swaying as she continued to look right into Heidi’s fiery eyes. Heidi decided Gisele was now under her control deep enough to begin programming her first recruit.

“Gisele can you hear me,” said Heidi in a quiet manner.

“Yes, I hear you,” said Gisele in a barely audible whisper.

“Gisele, I have hypnotized you, you are in my power,” said Heidi, still just inches from Gisele’s lovely, chiseled face. “You must obey my instructions. You will do what I tell you to do, without questions.”

“Yes, …I … will do what… you tell me to do,” whispered Gisele in her South American accented voice.

“Gisele, you are now a slave to the Countess Vladina, the only living member of the Dracula family,” said Heidi. “I am her instrument in this country, preparing for her arrival to her new headquarters and you will help me.”

Although it was second-hand, channeled through Heidi, Vladina’s power was strong enough that Gisele could see in her mind images of a beautiful young blonde woman, and knew somehow it was her purpose in life to serve the image. That nothing else mattered but to do whatever this vision wanted of her.

“Yes, I am a servant of the Countess Vladina,” said Gisele, now a bit more firmly. “I worship her. I will obey my Countesses’ liege.”

Heidi now licked her lips; this was where the good stuff came in.

“You now are a member of Vladina’s lesbian vampire coven,” said Heidi. “That means you no longer have any sexual feelings toward men. You are a lesbian; you crave the feel of a women’s body on you, her kiss, her touch. You are a sensual, extremely sexually active lesbian.”

“Yes, I am a lesbian,” said Gisele, her new sexual thoughts shooting up and down her spine as she looked at the luscious Heidi, dressed in a simple tank top and Lycra shorts. “My body cries out for you Heidi. Please initiate me into the pleasures of the female flesh.”

Heidi sensually pulled off her clothes while Gisele responded by shucking her dress. As Heidi had expected, and hoped, Gisele had no need for a bra or panties on her perfect body.

Now Gisele knew why Heidi’s place was so spare in furnishings but sumptuous in carpeting. She didn’t care about décor anymore; she cared about having lots of room for sex with her new lesbian converts!

Gisele and Heidi rolled onto the plush carpet and Heidi soon was burying her head into Gisele’s luscious breasts. Gisele moaned while she grabbed Heidi’s buttcheeks and gave them a gentle squeeze.

Heidi began pulling at Gisele’s nipples with her mouth and Gisele felt waves of lust race up and down her body. Screw Leo, this was better, Gisele thought, actually make that DON’T screw Leo, screw Heidi and any other woman she could find as this feeling of pure sexual joy was incredible!

Heidi had by now moved down to Gisele’s neatly trimmed brown muff and had began rolling Gisele’s clit in her mouth. Gisele began fondling Heidi’s breasts and making sure she pulled on Heidi’s rock-hard nipples.

Panting and moans of lesbian lust filled the room as Heidi now shoved a couple of fingers into Gisele’s beautiful soft folds. As she pumped away, with Gisele’s clit still on her tongue, Gisele let out an incredible shriek; her back arched and suddenly Heidi’s hand filled with Gisele’s love juices.

Gisele soon gave another loud wail as the massive orgasm was unrelenting as it pounded all over her luscious body. Gisele now had a vacant look in her eye, having been drained of her will, mind and now strength thanks to Heidi’s sexual ministrations.

“I don’t know much about girl on girl sex, yet, but I know I’m suppose to give since I just got,” breathed Gisele.

“I’ll be generous, since this is your first time, let’s do a “69”, then we both get off,” said Heidi who could not wait for another taste of Gisele’s pretty pussy, even her folds were good looking.

Gisele gleefully flipped around and began hungrily lapping at Heidi’s box. Heidi dove in with gusto and soon the “slurp, slurp” of lesbian lovemaking resonated throughout the room.

Heidi came first, with a squeal of delight, and as Gisele felt her spasms she got excited and soon was writhing on the floor with her in the throes of another massive orgasm.

Heidi’s body was shaking as well; Vladina had tuned her arousal on full blast when having sex with a woman and that sense had transferred to her new thrall Gisele.

When each supermodel’s orgasm finally subsided, they laid on the floor naked, sweaty and covered in each other’s cum.

“You know, I could use that drink now,” grinned Gisele as she went over and gave Heidi a kiss. “I can never thank you enough for turning me into one of Countess Vladina’s lesbian slaves. I never want to work another day again, I just want serve the Countess and have sex with women the rest of my life.”

“Unfortunately Gisele, until Vladina arrives in this country and establishes herself where we may live and worship her forever, we have to go through the motions of our old, tired lives so her plans are not exposed prematurely,” said Heidi. “When do you have to go get interviewed by Jillian Barberie?”

“Shit! I got to go now Heidi if I’m gonna make it to the show, I told you I didn’t have much time,” said Giselle with a look of panic in her eyes. “If your orders are to keep up appearances I better get a move on. Jillian’s nice but she’ll be ticked if I’m late.”

“We’ll, maybe I should tag along to the interview with you Gisele and explain to Jillian personally that it wasn’t your fault, that I made you late,” said Heidi. “I would be very happy to give her a LONG, DETAILED explanation and get you off the hook.”

“Would the explanation involve having Jillian unhook her bra,” said Gisele with a wink.

“That is a possibility,” said Heidi with a laugh. “You learn quickly newbie.”


The sight of two of the best looking women in the world, Heidi Klum and Gisele, striding into the studio together caused a major scene on the L.A. Morning stage. The production manager virtually drooled over the two as he showed them to the room where Gisele would wait until it was time to be interviewed.

Soon a tall, knockout blonde with large breasts and little clothing appeared in the doorway of Gisele’s room.

“Wow, I was worried you wouldn’t make it,” said the blonde. “I like to spend time with the people I’m interviewing but I have to run to the set, show’s about to start. I don’t know if you remember ever meeting me but I’m Jillian Barberie.”

Jillian went up to Gisele to shake her hand but seeing Jillian up close with her usual tiny outfit, some skin-tight low-riding jeans and a tiny black leather vest that exposed her entire stomach and most of her chest, she could not quite halt her lesbian leanings and gave Jillian a long kiss on the cheek.

“Oh, I know who you are, I’ve watched the national version of the show, I’m a big fan of yours, that’s the only reason I agreed to do this, if you interviewed me,” said Gisele, already thinking of how much she wanted to have sex with Jillian, I bet she’s kinky in the sack thought Gisele, I hope so.

“Oh my goodness!, is that really Heidi Klum behind you Gisele,” said Jillian in her patented breathless, rapid-fire voice. “They said you came in with her but I didn’t believe it. I am such a fan of yours. You’re proof that you can be great looking and still a decent person, you’re sort of my role model. It’s an honor to meet you.”

Heidi had hung back intentionally. The plan had been for Gisele to lure Jillian inside the room while Heidi revved up her hypnotic powers and then peel back and let Heidi zap her.

Gisele now stepped aside as Jillian was well away from the door by now and Heidi got her first clear look at her: And sprang back in horror!

“Go away, go away!” shouted Heidi as she dove head-first into the couch and buried her head in a pillow.

“What’s wrong, did I say something bad, I’m sorry,” said a shocked Jillian.

“No, you did nothing, everything’s fine,” spluttered Gisele, who was as surprised as Jillian by Heidi’s reaction. “She’s been having a tough time since the divorce. Just go to the set and I’ll take care of it.”

Jillian, who had to get going anyhow, quickly left.

When Heidi took the pillow off her face, it was ghost white and she had a look of sheer terror etched on it. Gisele saw Heidi’s breasts going up and down rapidly in her cut-off top, obviously in a state of anxiety.

“What was it Heidi, what happened,” said Gisele as she ran over to comfort the obviously distressed woman.

“Didn’t….didn’t you see it…on Jillian?” said Heidi in a plaintive voice.

“See what, a lot of makeup and not a lot of clothes like usual, that’s all and the …o-h-h-h-h-h,” said Gisele. “The huge crucifix on her chest.”

“Yes! Oh my goodness, I felt like the dark cloud of death was over me when I got close to her,” said Heidi.

“So that part of the vampire legend is true,” said Gisele. “How come it didn’t affect me?”

“Because you are merely mesmerized for now, your mind has been bent to think what we want you to,” said Heidi. “I am of the blood of Vladina, so I have her powers, in some form, as well as her weaknesses.”

“So how do we get Jillian to join our coven?” said Gisele. “I don’t think I have the power to hypnotize her and you can’t be near her.”

Heidi went over to her pocketbook and after fishing around for a bit produced a large ruby encrusted in a gold cover that was speckled with diamonds.

Gisele knew jewelry, her boyfriends had bought her enough of it, they had better if they wanted to continue to be her boyfriend, and she figured this item had to cost in the millions.

“Wow, where did you get that?” said Gisele. “Impressive.”

“It is the Purple Ruby of Dracula and is extremely powerful,” said Heidi. “Vladina gave it to me in case I needed its help to secure her new capital. The only problem is it only has so much magic in it when not in the possession of a member of the Dracula family.

“Basically, its power is like a gas tank and right now it’s filled to the brim. But if I use it a lot the power eventually goes to empty, it can never be used by anyone again. That’s why I was told only to use it if I absolutely have to.”

“Well, if you want Jillian to join us, I guess you have no choice,” said Gisele. “Or wait for her to become an atheist.”

“Vladina wants her coven to be composed of the most beautiful women I can find,” said Heidi. “But they also have to have nice personalities, no bitches, and she would like them to tend toward being sexual promiscuous and even a bit slutty as girl on girl sex will dominate her rule.

“You’re right Gisele. I have no choice. Jillian is perfect. We need her. Here, take it.”


Jillian Barberie couldn’t have been in a better mood as she went into her dressing room.

Famous supermodel Gisele Bundchen had revealed that she and Leonardo DiCaprio had broken up (which Leo had no idea about yet) and the fact she broke the news on her show would increase her credentials as someone to watch in Hollywood.

“Actually, the way I dress, everyone watches me anyhow,” giggled Jillian to herself as she wriggled out of her flimsy clothes.

There was a knock on the door and Jillian, now just in a lacey black bra and matching panties, asked who it was.

When Gisele said it was her Jillian told her to come in. Heck, models run around half-naked in the back of fashion shows all the time, Jillian figured, she wouldn’t be showing Gisele anything she had not seen a thousand times before.

Jillian was right, but in those previous thousand times Gisele had not been a practicing homosexual.

As Gisele walked in, seeing Jillian’s spectacular body in just her underwear, she almost came right there but was able to, barely, control herself. She had work to do for the Countess after all, which if successful would mean many opportunities to partake of Jillian’s body for her pleasure.

“Hey Gisele, great interview,” said Jillian as she came over and gave Gisele a hug. Gisele could feel the pre-cum starting to leak but tried to hold up best she could. “How’s Heidi doing. She looked in bad shape when I left.”

“That’s why I stopped by,” said Gisele as she motioned Jillian to the couch. “Heidi’s fine but she wanted me to show you something.”

“Great, I just hope it won’t take too long,” said Jillian as she sat down next to Gisele. “My husband Brett is waiting for me at home. You’re a women, you know how it is. He hasn’t stuck it to me all day and I can’t wait for his big Canadian cock to be rammed into my Canadian pussy.”

“Oh, you might want to make a change of plans,” said Gisele with a smile as she opened her hand and showed the ruby right in front of Jillian.

Jillian was about to say something but her face became frozen and her eyes widened as she looked at the ruby.

Suddenly, there was a low hum coming from the ruby. Gisele could feel it but did not remove the jewel from Jillian’s face. She figured she would just wait and play this out.

Then, two beams of blue light shot out from the ruby and directly into Jillian’s eyes. The bolts were perfectly aimed and Gisele could see they were going straight into her cornea and most likely right into her brain.

The bolts continued to pour their blue light into Jillian’s eyes for about a minute. When the beams ended, it seemed like they had been holding Jillian upright as, as soon as they stopped, she fell backwards on the couch, unmoving and with a blank stare on her face.

Gisele could see that even though the beams were done that Jillian’s eyes still glowed a bluish hue. Whatever those beams were suppose to do, they had nailed her good, thought Gisele.

Jillian after a couple of minutes began blinking her eyes and after a while she was able to turn to Gisele. And when she did she gave Gisele a wide smile.

“I am one with you, a slave to the Countess and lover of the female flesh,” said Jillian, her eyes still having a bit of bluish tint to them. “I now understand. My old life is over, my new, happy life of worship of the Countess and experiencing the wonders of lesbian sex has begun.

“I would like to begin with you Gisele.”

Gisele did not have to be asked twice, since almost the very moment she had been converted into a lesbian she had desired to have sex with Jillian.

Gisele crawled on top of Jillian’s body and gave her a deep French kiss. Jillian smiled but then held up her hand. “Get up, I have a surprise for you,” said Jillian.

Gisele got off Jillian, albeit awkwardly as her body was completely on fire, worked up into a sexual frenzy at the thought of having sex with Jillian.

Jillian disappeared into the bathroom but came out just a minute later completely nude — except she was wearing a strap-on!.

“Surprise!” said Jillian. “”I’ve drilled plenty of men with this but now I’m ready to drill a woman.”

The thought of her hole being desecrated by Jillian almost made her orgasm right there, but Gisele had a different hole in mind.

“Well Jillian I have a surprise, too” said Gisele. “I want you to drill me in the tush.”

“Into anal, huh,” said Jillian with a smile. “You hot little minx”

Gisele pulled her bottoms down and turned toward the couch and bent down and put her arms on the top and threw her butt in the air, awaiting the strap-on.

Jillian swung seductively toward Gisele, she couldn’t believe how wet she was already, she loved being a lesbian!, and stuck the phallus into Gisele’s tight ass.

Gisele gave a brief yelp but Jillian was obviously experienced with the strap-on and gradually worked her way deeper and deeper into Gisele’s butt.

Gisele had loved getting anal from men, now getting pounded by a woman was even better she felt.

If she knew being enthralled by a vampire would make her feel so good she would have flown to Transylvania and woken up a vampire to enslave her years ago

Jillian now had a found a rhythm to her assault of Gisele’s ass and was sliding the dildo in and out of Gisele’s crack.

It did not take long before Gisele’s screaming filled the room as her pent-up sexual longings finally burst forth. Rivers of pussy juice flowed down her leg and she collapsed to the couch and began writhing in the pure joy of a massive orgasm.

When she finally recovered, Jillian stood in front of her, licking the 10 inches of cum-stained dildo Gisele had covered.

When she was finished, Jillian handed the dildo to Gisele. “You taste wonderful,” said Jillian. “Now stuff me.”

Now it was Jillian turn and she stripped off her bottoms and lay on her back on the couch. Gisele quickly figured out what to do as she buckled the strap-on.

Gisele plunged the strap-on into Jillian’s slickened pussy slit and Jillian was soon moaning her approval. She loved being rammed inside there, it made her felt whole, complete, she loved that stuffed feeling when a man, oops, make that a women now, filled her pussy.

It id not take too long with Gisele’s constant pumping of the dildo into Jillian before she arched her back and let out a long, sensual moan as she orgamsed. Gisele then removed the strap-on and began licking it clean. Yes, Jillian was quite tasty as well, Gisele decided.

When it was over, both girls sat on the now soaked with sweat and cum stained couch and kissed lightly.

“Awesome, have you ever made it before with another woman?” asked Gisele to her new lover, hopefully one of many more to come.

“No, not unless you count Tracy when I go to work out at the Women’s Celebrity Health Spa,” said Jillian.

“Nah, I don’t count her, every famous woman I know has had sex with her, she’s just too much fun to turn down, even for a straight girl,” said Gisele. “I was straight as an arrow back then and I did her.”

“Like I was,” said Jillian with a smile.

“Like we both were,” said Gisele as she dove in for another kiss.

“I know Heidi is our master here until Countess Vladina arrives,” said Jillian. “I am her willing slave now, so what’s the next step.”

“We need to increase the number of women in Vladina’s coven,” said Gisele. “In the perfect situation, we need to find a beautiful woman who loves sex and if possible has a place the Countess could take over for her new home, a place where packs of gorgeous women can celebrate her rule the way they should, with an unremitting series of lesbian orgies.”

“I think we just mentioned the answer to our problems,” said Jillian.

Gisele looked confused for a second but then her face brightened up.

“Yes, yes we did Jillian,” she said. “Tracy, The Spa. It’s perfect. I must tell Heidi right now. Oh, and you can’t wear that crucifix anymore. It really spooked her.”

“I don’t intend to wear much of anything if we nail Tracy and get control of the Spa,” said Jillian. “Hey, can you tell Heidi we want a threesome before we go after Tracy?”

Gisele thought for a second, and then grinned evilly.

“I think Heidi would be more than willing to agree to that order of events,” she said. “Lesbian threesome first, enslave Tracy second, but a close second as that should be a ball of fun as well.”

(To be Continued)

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