Celebrity Health Spa: Lesbian Vampires, Part 2

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: Lesbian Vampires, Part 2: by Rinky Dink (mc, ff, vamp) – Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, Jillian Barberie, Uma Thurman, Kristanna Loken, Pink.

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: Lesbian Vampires, Part 2

By Rinky Dink


(mc, ff, vamp)

After hours of squeaking and bouncing, the now battered foldout bed in Jillian Barberie’s office finally was quiet and at rest. The three women crammed onto the mattress lay there heavily panting and bathed in a mixture of sweat and cum.

“Wow, having sex with one woman is great but
to do it with two at the same time is absolutely mindblowing,” said Barberie, a big-breasted blonde who liked to wear as little clothing as possible. “Being turned into a lesbian slave to the Countess Vladina is so awesome.”

“Yes it is, I pity the poor girls who go through their life not enthralled to her service, they will never feel how great sex with other women is, nor the pleasure being her slave can give you,” said supermodel Heidi Klum, whose being bit by Vladina, the daughter of Dracula, had started the whole ball rolling.

“But Tracy will, that’s next on the agenda, right girls,” said the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Heidi’s first victim.

“Hey, if we have time, I want to call my lawyer and get divorce proceedings going against my husband right away,” said Jillian as she wiggled her lower half in front of the two models. “This is something he will never see again.”

“Fine, call the lawyer now because we have to come up with a strategy to enslave Tracy and turn her Spa into Vladina’s new headquarters,” said Gisele.

“Not that me and Jillian are dopes or anything. But Tracy is really smart and street-wise. I don’t know Heidi if walking up to her with glowing eyes will work. You might have to use the Ruby of Dracula on her like you did Jillian, even though I know you don’t want to drain its power.”

Heidi sat in bed for a second, absentmindedly stroking Gisele’s left breast. She crinkled her nose and then stared at Gisele’s boob as she stroked it faster. She then put on a devilish grin.

“I haven’t quite revealed all the powers Vladina has given me,” said Heidi.


“You are to be terminated, your pussy must be destroyed,” said in a robotic voice the blank-faced female Terminator to the young woman writhing beneath her. “I have my orders.”

“I understand, commence termination program of pussy,” said the woman.

With that, actress Kristanna Loken burrowed her face deep into Tracy’s snatch as Tracy giggled with delight.

When the unknown Loken, a tall, sleek looking blonde, had nabbed the plum job of the new robot from the future sent to destroy Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 3, she had joined the Women’s Celebrity Health Spa and asked Tracy to get her on an extreme fitness program so she would look like a lean and mean killing machine when filming started.

Even Schwarzenegger had been impressed with how sleek Loken had looked, and Loken was also quite pleased with Tracy’s work in making sure her pussy had been well-buffed with her tongue during her training time at the Spa.

Loken’s tongue muscles were quite strong now as well as her lapping at Tracy’s wide-open pussy was eliciting moans of joy from Tracy.

When Loken took Tracy’s clit in her hand and began gently rubbing it, Tracy began shouting lustful shrieks and soon her back was arched and her screaming a high-pitch as she orgasmed.

“Oh my, you did it, Kristanna, you killed my pussy, subject terminated,” said Tracy who with her amazing fitness was only breathing slightly irregular despite the massive orgasm that just shook her body. “I won’t be able to have sex now for, oh, almost 10 minutes.”

“I’ll be back,” said Loken in a bad Arnold imitation. The girls then laughed and rolled around on Tracy’s waterbed, mindlessly groping each other’s sinewy physiques.

“Hey, I never asked, did Arnold grope you like they said he did to other women,” said Tracy as she grabbed a fistful of Loken’s pert breasts.

“You mean like this,” said Loken as her arms went around Tracy and grabbed her taut butt cheeks and gave them a big squeeze. “Hey, he’s the governor now. I ain’t badmouthing him. We got along.”

Suddenly, the buzzer on Tracy’s intercom phone went off. Tracy quickly got Loken off her and answered it. Her assistant, Connie, knew never to interrupt Tracy when she in her “private office” so it must be important.

“Hey Trace, sorry to bother you but it’s big,” said Connie in a bit of a sing-song voice. “Heidi Klum is here and she needs to speak to you right away.”

“What about Connie, I’m kind of wrapped up here with Kristanna you know,” said Tracy, who was telling the truth as Loken had her arms around Tracy and was giving her left nipple a tongue bath.

“Well, she told me and it’s something incredible but I want her to tell you herself,” said Connie who sounded a bit off-key to Tracy but she didn’t think much of it. “Why don’t you see Heidi in your regular office and let Kristanna, uh, take a shower there and then wait for you. Hey, Heidi might want you to tell her too when you find out. It’s absolutely incredible.”

Tracy thought this was rather strange.

What would a supermodel be telling a fitness club manager that also could be of interest to a young actress like Kristanna Loken? And be incredible?

But Tracy totally trusted Connie, her closest friend and confidante and the one who really ran the Spa while she had sex most of the day.

“OK, let me get my bra top and thong on and I’ll be out in a second,” sighed Tracy who was not pleased her sex session with Loken was being interrupted just as it was getting to its hottest. She hadn’t even treated Loken to her special vibrating dildo yet.

“Kris, take a shower and get cleaned up. I’m going to be extra horny when I come back.”

Loken gave a brief squeal of delight and headed to the bathroom. She couldn’t imagine what exquisite carnal pleasures an “extra horny” Tracy would provide but she knew a fresh coat of cum, extra thick, would be on her soon so she better shower off the current glaze.

As Connie put down the phone, her eyes glowed a bluish color.

“Have I served my beloved Countess well,” asked Connie in a robotic voice.

“Yes, very well,” said Heidi who stood in front of Connie’s desk smiling.

Jillian and Gisele were flanking her so they could totally block an outsider’s view of Connie as she had been hit with the enslaving beams from the Ruby of Dracula.

Due to the hustle and bustle of the office they discovered there was no way Connie could be alone long enough to be hypnotized so Heidi had pulled out the magical ruby and flashed it in front of her face.

“Even a bonus Connie, with you arranging for Kristanna Loken to be waiting nearby all by herself,” said Heidi. “I saw T-3 and she is hot. I can see why Tracy entrusts you with so much responsibility and now Vladina can use your talents as well.”

“I just wish to serve Countess Vladina as her willing slave,” said Connie now acting a bit more animated as the effects of the ruby now melded in with her regular personality. “Vladina preaches we all must have sex with women. I am a now lesbian. I want to show my loyalty to my new mistress and have sex with women now.”

“Fine,” said Heidi. “Gisele and Jillian, go have sex with Connie. I’m sure she knows plenty of spots you can do it here.”

“But what about Tracy?” said Jillian who frankly was just being polite, Connie was a lithe, slim blonde and Jillian could not wait to have sex with her. “Can you handle her by yourself?”

“I can’t, but these can,” said Heidi as she grabbed her breasts.

“You mean if you slap her with your breasts she will fall under your power?,” said a confused Gisele. “If that’s true I wish you had done that to me.”

“No, it’s what’s in the breasts,” said Heidi. “Not only is my blood of the body of Vladina, but so are all my bodily fluids.”

“Oh, including your breast milk,” said Jillian.

“So say if someone drank your pee they would be enslaved to Vladina?” asked Gisele. “that’s a bodily fluid.”

“In theory yes but I think it’s safe to say I have a better chance of Tracy drinking my milk than my pee,” said Heidi. “Now take our newest convert and have sex with her. Tracy needs her visit from the milklady.”


As Heidi was walking into Tracy’s office, she was sitting in her chair behind her desk trying to get her messed up curly, black hair in some semblance of order.

Tracy immediately got up and gave Heidi a kiss on the lips. They were friends and sex partners, it was one and the same to Tracy, but due to her travel for modeling assignments, Klum’s time at the Spa was limited and was not a regular “Spa Slut”.

“So Heidi, what’s this incredible thing Connie was talking about you have?” said Tracy as she sat back in her chair, figuring on giving Heidi 10 minutes, by then Kristanna would be showered and ready for more sex, although of course Heidi was welcome to join them for a threesome.

“It’s the one part of our body the perfume industry has never gotten to and now they have and made me their spokeswoman,” said Heidi. “It’s the breasts.”

“What are you talking about Heidi, lots of girls put perfume on their breasts, I’ve suckled thousands of perfumed breasts,” said Tracy.

“Exactly Tracy, they put in ON them, I’m talking about putting it IN the breasts,” said Heidi. “I’m talking about a product that gives of scented breast milk. So when you suckle on a breast and you happen to get some milk it will smell and taste wonderful.”

Frankly, Tracy thought this was the stupidest idea she ever heard of, and Tracy was not one for diplomacy.

“Heidi, I like you, you’re one of the few supermodels I don’t have to hold my nose while I have sex with them because of their obnoxious personalities, but this sounds dumb,” said Tracy. “I’m not putting my mouth on a breast for milk, but for sexual excitement. I want a glass of milk, I have a gallon of it in the fridge.”

“Yes, but this milk is healthier and better tasting than regular milk or normal breast milk, that’s the point,” said Heidi. “There is only one way to prove it to you.”

Heidi got up and whipped off low-cut tank top she had been wearing. She had no bra on and her perfectly round B-cup globes stood up proudly.

Tracy thought this was weird, but, hey, if Heidi Klum wants me to suck her breasts, what harm was there, she figured.

Tracy went around her desk and decided to fasten her mouth to Heidi’s left breast. Quickly, the milk from Heidi’s breast began flowing in Tracy’s mouth and she noticed an immediate quiver in her pussy. After two long pulls from Heidi’s nipple, Tracy let go.

“Hey, it’s not bad Heidi, kind of fun actually,” said Tracy. “Can I have more or are you saving some for other people.”

“It’s all yours Tracy, suck my boobs dry,” said Heidi with a smile.

Tracy reattached her mouth to Heidi’s breast and began pulling in more milk. Soon Tracy was lost in her assignment, she forget everything but drinking as much of Heidi’s breastmilk as she could. She couldn’t believe how aroused she was getting.

“This is really good stuff,” thought Tracy as she sucked deeper and deeper. “I want all the girls I have sex with to have scented milk like this from now on.”

Soon Tracy’s mind was blanking out and different thoughts were seeping into her brain as the milk made its way through her system.

Thoughts about having sex with women exclusively, any little consideration Tracy had about heterosexuality being quashed, lesbianism was the only true way for women to make love she knew now.

Tracy did not do too much to fight that idea but soon other, darker thoughts, began pounding into her head. As she sucked and sucked somehow she could feel her free will slipping away, feelings of wanting to be a slave were creeping into her thought process.

The knowledge she would experience great joy at being a slave were now being etched in her brain.

Quickly, the person she wanted to be a slave to became apparent. The vision of a beautiful young blonde women, the most gorgeous creature she could ever imagine, now dominated Tracy’s thoughts.

Her name was Countess Vladina and she was the sole reason for Tracy’s existence as every drop of milk flowing into her mouth made this fact more and more apparent in Tracy’s head.

Taking orders from anyone, even if it gave her great sexual pleasure, was something Tracy instinctively rebelled against. She had made a success of herself by being her own person.

Even though she was by now deeply under Vladina’s spell, Tracy was able to summon enough courage and pulled her mouth off of Heidi’s breast, but not enough to run away and gather her thoughts.

Instead, she looked up at Heidi – and saw those eyes.

Heidi had turned her eyes into a fiery red furnace, just in case Tracy had managed the willpower to break away from her enslaving drink but as soon as Tracy stared into the two fireballs, she fell into them and knew she had to obey whatever the owner of those eyes said.

Tracy Thresher now no longer existed. Tracy, lesbian sex slave to the Countess Vladina, was what she was now.

“Drink Tracy, you will drink my breasts dry,” said Heidi.

Tracy lowered her head and after a couple more pulls had totally drained Heidi’s left breast and Tracy quickly moved on to the right one.

As a fresh rush of milk flowed into her mouth, Tracy could feel her pussy about to explode. The sexual stimulation she was feeling was incredible and in her head the promise of even more with the help of Vladina danced in her head.

Finally, after draining what she thought was the last drop of supernatural milk from Heidi’s breast, Tracy’s eyes suddenly went wide and her back went totally straight and stiff. The pent-up heat in her nether regions were about to blow a gasket.

“Cum, cum now for your new owner Vladina,” said Heidi to Tracy who needed no encouragement.

“Y-e-s-s–s-s-s-s-s–s-s-s–s-s-s-s–s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s, o-h-h-h-h–h–h-h-h-h–hh—h-hh-h–h-h-hh-h-h-h–h-h-h-, y-e-a-h-h-h—h-h-h-h-h-h-h-!!!!!!!!!!!,” screamed Tracy as loud as she possibly could as she immediately crumpled to the ground.

This orgasm was nothing like she had ever felt before. Tracy could feel her thoughts, values, and ideas she had previously held being thrown out of her body along with a constant stream of pussy juice.

She thrashed about the floor as a new reality imprinted itself in her. New thoughts, new ideas, new values were now as solid in her thinking as the metal in the Spa’s weight room.

This orgasm was something no ordinary human could give her, thought Tracy, as her hips spasmed again and again in sexual glee. This was a gift from Vladina, her mistress, her lover, the owner now of her body and soul.

And it was a gift she could receive again and again Tracy knew, which just made her even more aroused and extended her writhing.

Heidi looked down upon her magnificent prize with a grin, knowing the sexual ecstasy Tracy was going through as Vladina took control of her mind and body. She saw the shag carpet underneath Tracy’s torso darken and gurgles were all that was coming out of Tracy’s mouth now.

Finally, Tracy let out a moan that signaled it was over. Heidi noticed Tracy’s eyes actually had a milky white hue to it. The thoughts of future girls clamping onto her nipples and draining her breasts just made Heidi even hotter than she was already.

She couldn’t wait to have sex with the ‘new’ Tracy. She was great in the sack normally, with the supernaturally enhanced sexual pleasure they got now thanks to Vladina, Heidi figured it would be mindblowing.

But before Heidi could make a move, bursting through the door were Jillian, Gisele, Connie _ and some hot-looking girl with spiky pinkish-blonde hair?

“Did you get her yet?!” asked Jillian breathlessly.

“Yes Jillian, she got me,” said Tracy, still lying on the floor in puddles of her own cum. “I am now like you, a slave to the Countess and dedicated to a life of lesbian sex.”

“Although I did have to give her the double-whammy, eyes and breasts,” said Heidi.

“I was so worried you would be able to feel the greatness of becoming a slave to Vladina, you’re just so darn independent and strong willed,” said Connie. “Now that you are one of us, my enslavement feels even better.”

“I know I’m this super strong women but, believe it or not, I’m not even 25 yet and this is actually the third time in my life I’ve had someone take over control my mind, but it is by far the best,” said Tracy.

“I’m glad you are a slave as well Connie, my first thought when Vladina took over my mind was that we better get Connie on board or the Spa won’t be any help to Vladina’s plans.”

Tracy was now off the floor and trying to clean herself up as best she could. “Hey, what are Vladina’s plans. As her slave I should get to know.”

“Vladina seeks to leave her ancestral home in Transylvania and establish a new place here in the United States,” said Heidi. “As a place already dedicated to a life of girl on girl sex and full of beautiful potential servants of Vladina, the Women’s Celebrity Health Spa is the perfect new headquarters.”

“Cool, count me in,” said Tracy. “I’m not a fitness club manager anymore. I get to be a lesbian vampire coven manager.

“And it looks like I’ll be managing a bumper crop of famous hotties. Already you’ve got Heidi Klum, Gisele, Jillian Barberie and Pink.”

“Hey, I was going to ask,” said Heidi, now starting at the hard-bodied young woman wearing tiny pink shorts and a pink tube top. “Who the heck is the new girl? What’s a Pink?”

“I guess you’re not too up on current music Heidi, you Germans like that opera stuff,” said Jillian. “Pink is one of the best-known singers in the world and now she is the latest to become a slave to Vladina.”

“Yeah but, like, none of you girls have the power to enslave anybody,” said Heidi quizzically. “I’ve got the powers and the ruby is in my purse, so how’d you do it.”

“Me, Jillian and Connie were having sex in one of the room’s off the main floor and Pink kind of stumbled in by mistake,” said Gisele. “She knew Connie never had sex with anyone except Tracy here so she knew something was up. So Jillian told her.”

“Told her what?” said Heidi.

“Everything,” said Jillian with a shrug of her shoulders. “Hey, I figured she would think it was a joke. But when we told here we were initiating Connie into a lesbian vampire sex cult Pink said she wanted in too.”.

“So what’d you do,” said Heidi.

“We let her in,” said Gisele. “I let her into my butt, she got into Jillian’s pussy and we all got into Pink’s mouth, butt and pussy. She a freak.”

“Yeah, she’s an awesome member,” said Connie. “She will be a dedicated servant of girl on girl sex to Vladina and her fellow slaves.”

“So, let me understand this,” said Heidi. “You voluntarily want to end your free will and become one of us Pink?”

“Sure,” said the young spitfire. “As long as I can cut a record and tour every once in a while for my fans, I’m in. What’s so great about my life? Have you heard my songs? I grew up being a Goth chick, being a slave to a vampire, particularly a sex-crazed lesbian one, is kind of my ultimate ambition.”

“Well, makes my life easier when people volunteer,” shrugged Heidi, “Is there a place where I can mesmerize her into one of Vladina’s minions? How about your private office Tracy.”

“Oh shoot! I left Kristanna Loken in there,” said Tracy with a start. “She’s waiting for me to have more sex with her. You kind of interrupted us Heidi.”

“You could use my office for Pink, just lock the door,” said Connie. “but be quick because Uma Thurman is coming in about 20 minutes for an, uh, appointment with Tracy.”

Everyone’s eyes widened and oohs and aahs resounded from the women at the thought that the incredibly sexy Uma Thurman would soon arrive, and also everyone thought how lovely their tongue would look in her snatch.

Just then, the door to Tracy’s “private office”, which consisted of a waterbed, a bathroom and a drawer filled with lingerie, bikinis and sex toys, opened and the tall, athletic figure of Kristanna Loken appeared.

“I heard what you fiends have done to Tracy, the sweetest, kindest most wonderful person I know,” said Loken. “I won’t let you get away with it either.”

The front door to the office at that exact moment swung open and a six-foot blonde woman, obviously in very good shape, swung through, it was Uma Thurman, arriving early for her ‘meeting’ with Tracy.

“Uma!!” cried out Kristanna. “A vampire has taken control of all these girls, including Tracy. You have to help me stop them.”

Uma looked at the group of women in front of her, they looked disheveled and little bit out of it.

“I know about mysticism from being in China for “Kill Bill”,” said Uma. “You all, except for that pink girl over there, have an aura of evil around you I can feel. I’ll help you, what’s your name, Terminator girl.”

Heidi knew she had to act fast. A bunch of singers, models, secretaries and TV personalities would be no match for the Terminator and The Bride of Kill Bill.

Heidi quickly went into her purse, shouted “Everyone get down except Pink!” and hit the floor but raised her arm up holding the Ruby of Dracula.

Instantly, six beams of blue light shot out of the ruby, all perfectly hitting their targets, the eyes of Pink, Kristanna Loken and Uma Thurman.

Heidi noticed the intensity level of the beams firing at Uma and Kristanna quickly became more than the two hitting Pink. Probably didn’t need as much juice, she figured, since Pink wanted to be enslaved while the other two were entirely hostile to the process.

The three stood there in their tracks as the beams continued to laser in on their eyes, although their bodies were shaking as they absorbed the supernatural pounding their brains were now receiving.

After a minute it looked like Uma’s and Kristanna’s bodies might be so intensely being cooked they were lifting off the ground an inch or so as the magical beams ground their way into their minds and souls.

After a couple of minutes, the beams stopped and all three women immediately crumpled to the ground, their eyes hidden behind circles of blue flashing light.

The already enslaved women slowly got up off the floor.

“Wow, that was close,” said Jillian.

“Hey, why did you want Pink to get hit,” asked Gisele.

“She wanted to be enslaved, might as well get everyone done at the same time,” said Heidi.

“Their not dead or anything are they?,” asked Tracy, the feelings of her former life briefly bubbling to the surface, as all three of the women lying motionless on the floor of her office were her friends.

“No Tracy, it’s just the Ruby of Dracula using its powers to enslave their minds and bodies to our mistress,” said Connie. “Not as much fun as sucking on Heidi Klum’s breasts but just as effective. That’s how they got me.”

Pink began blinking her eyes and let out a soft moan. She sat up and shook her head.

“Fuck yeah, I’m a vampire slave,” said Pink with a smile. “This rocks. And I’m a lesbian now too. Awesome, I never forgave my boyfriend for what he did to me on ‘punked’ anyhow. Now I serve the Countess and want to screw women all day.”

“Welcome to the club,” said Jillian.

“I’ll welcome her myself,” said a voice from the far corner.

Kristanna Loken, eyes still sparkling blue, got up and went over to where Pink was sitting, She sat down and gave Pink an open-mouthed kiss. She then looked up at the group and smiled.

“I revise my last statement,” said Kristanna. “You are all vampire slaves, now please make me one of you.

“Countess Vladina is my world. I live to obey her and have lesbian sex. Didn’t you say you were extra horny Tracy. I’m still waiting.”

“Take your turn, I’m next to have sex with Tracy,” said a voice near the front door.

Uma Thurman had now awakened. “I like you, am a slave to Vladina and I am now a lesbian. Don’t have to worry about saving my marriage to Ethan anymore. I need to have lesbian sex with Tracy now.”

“So do I,” wailed Kristanna.

“So do all of us,” commented Jillian.

“Ladies,” said Heidi. “I think it is time for Vladina’s new coven to have its first lesbian orgy.”

“That’s why I have shag carpet,” smiled Tracy

There was no more talking, save the sound of “slurp, slurp” for the next three hours in Tracy’s office.

(To be continued)

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