Celebrity Health Spa: Lesbian Vampires, Part 3

Celebrity Health Spa: Lesbian Vampires, Part 3: by Rinky Dink (mc, ff, vamp) – Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, Kristanna Loken, Pink, Jillian Barberie and Uma Thurman.

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: Lesbian Vampires, Part 3

By Rinky Dink


(mc, ff, vamp)

Tracy stretched out her arms and wriggled her long, super-fit body as she woke up in bed and gave a satisfied yawn. This was the first day of the rest of her life, her new life as a lesbian vampire’s slave, and she was excited to begin doing whatever her beloved Countess would want of

However, before her first full day as a slave began, the first order of business was to get to the bathroom. Vampire breast milk runs right through you like Chinese food, thought Tracy, as she dashed to the potty, this was the third time since she had arrived home after the celebratory orgy at her office that she had to go.

As she got out of the bathroom, as usual Tracy had no clothes on as she slept in the nude, she saw her bedmate Connie was just waking up herself.

“Hey Trace,” she said. “Are you, uh, still, you know.”

“Do I still worship the Countess Vladina as her willing slave? Yes Connie,” said Tracy with a bit of exasperation in her voice, as she sat on the bed next to her top assistant at the Spa and now fellow thrall. “When I was having sex with Jillian for the second time last night, she was like “You really, really have no free will, right Tracy, you’re not joking around?

“Why does nobody believe that my mind and body are totally bound to Vladina like everyone else? Why would I want to be anything but her complete puppet and dedicate myself to her service and constantly have girl on girl sex to celebrate my enslavement.”

“I know, sorry Tracy for accusing you of not being totally under the control of Vladina,” said Connie. “It’s just that you were always so independent and strong-willed. It’s hard to think of you as being someone’s slave.”

“I’m not ‘someone’s’ slave, I’m Countess Vladina’s slave,” said Tracy as she moved her hand over Connie’s face. “I’m still a strong and driven person. It’s just now my focus is totally on serving the Countess. If anyone tries to thwart anything Vladina wants, they will find out how determined I still am, real quick.”

Tracy then bent down and gave Connie a long, deep kiss.

“Actually, when I woke up today I was worried what happened was all a dream or the affects would wear off,” said Connie with lust in her eyes. “When I woke up and I still felt totally under the control of Vladina and had this massive craving to have sex with only women, I was so happy because it means I can sleep in your bed and have sex with you a lot more now.”

“C’mon Connie, you know I never, uh, sleep alone anyhow,” said Tracy as she started to rub Connie’s pert breasts.

“Well, when Uma Thurman finds her own place, if I can, I’d like to move into your spare bedroom,” said Connie. “I promise not to get in the way of your, um, affairs Tracy. You know I’m good at that. I just want to live near the Spa so I can quickly obey any whim of Vladina’s at a moment’s notice.”

Tracy smiled broadly and then gave Connie another long, languid kiss, a bit deeper with the tongue this time.

“Connie, you silly little newborn lesbian,” said Tracy grinning. “You were my best friend in the world. Now you are a lesbian, like me. We both are slaves to the Countess Vladina. Don’t you get it. This IS your bed. You sleep with me now, every night.

“Now, maybe we will have some company in these sheets sometimes, but your place is with me now in bed every night. As long as Vladina approves.”

Connie’s eyes misted up and she hugged Tracy.

“Thank you Tracy,” she mumbled. “I hope Vladina does.”


All of Vladina’s new slaves had agreed to meet in Tracy’s office for “lunch”, and also to eat some food.

When the final pair of entranced beauties walked in, Jillian Barberie and Gisele who had been making out in the shower and lost track of time, they found the other girls watching Heidi as she communicated with Vladina back in Transylvania.

Heidi’s pupils had rolled back and her eyeballs showed pure white. She stood in the middle of the room and gently her body lifted off the ground and slowly began rotating in the same spot.

Jillian and Gisele took their place surrounding Heidi and watched with awe the power of their new mistress.

After a few minutes, Heidi slowly levitated down and once again her eyes had black dots in the middle.

“Wow, couldn’t she just couldn’t pick up a phone and call,” said Pink with amazement.

“Castles were built before there were phones or faxes or e-mail,” said Heidi, now returned to normal. “This is the way vampires communicate with their minions. Effective and safe.”

“Didn’t look safe the way you were up there Heidi,” said Kristanna Loken. “Looked like one of those dangerous stunts they made me do on Terminator 3.”

“Shut up guys,” spat out Tracy, who although a mere slave like the rest officially, with her natural leadership skills she quickly took control of the situation. “What did our Countess instruct. I await her orders to obey.”

“Well, she said due to a recent incident where she went out to feed, the new Rumanian government is now watching her very closely,” said Heidi. “Preparations for her arrival to America must be speeded up. Once she leaves the castle there is no way they will let her back in. They will put crosses on every door and window there.

“The simple thing would be to have all of us just hop on a plane to Transylvania and get bit by her and all become her personal servants.”

Moans of joy were then let out by the women, the thought of Vladina plunging her fangs into their necks and drinking their blood was totally enthralling to their enslaved minds.

“Don’t orgasm yet girls,” said Heidi. “Because Vladina said there is no way any Americans, particularly famous ones, and good looking women to boot, they know she’s a dyke vampire, would be allowed to get near her castle.

“She did agree with us that the Spa will be a perfect gathering place for her flock when she arrives. Until all the preparations are done, to avoid suspicion, you are to continue in your old, tired lives until then.”

Groans of disappointment now emanated from the women, wanting to begin their new lives of dedication to girl on girl sex in the name of their mistress as soon as possible.

“I’m suppose to go on a European tour tomorrow for my new album, which means I’ll be away from my fellow lesbian slaves for months,” wailed Pink. “I already called my skater boyfriend and told him we were finished. I need lesbian sex, and a lot of it.

“If the Countess wants us to pretend we are normal, I’ll have to go on it. Without getting lots of girl on girl sex, I swear I’ll just bash my head against the wall in a few days.”

“Well, can anyone without drawing attention travel Europe with Pink for a couple of months and have sex with her,” said Uma Thurman. “We just can’t abandon her pussy.”

“O-o-o-o, me, me,” squealed Kristanna Loken, looking like a teenager who just got a date with the Homecoming Queen. “No one knows who the heck I am without that Terminator getup, and I don’t have a film lined up at the moment. I can go with you Pink and have sex with you.”

“A lot? I’m pretty horny,” said Pink

“Oh, don’t worry,” said Loken as she went up to Pink and gave both nipples on her breasts a twist. “Try this. I can be plenty of trouble to your pussy. Tonight, and every night will be one of girl-girl sexual wonders.”

“I’m sold, and it’s nice to have sex with a woman who knows my music too,” said Pink, as she held Kristanna’s hands to her breasts and kissed her fingers.

“Now that Pink’s problem is settled, we do have another problem,” said Heidi. “Since Vladina is unable to come here at the moment, and there is lots of work to do, I can’t be the only one with hypnotizing powers and the Great Ruby of Dracula is almost drained after that threesome last night.

“The ruby needs to be brought to her for re-energizing and Vladina needs to feed upon more women to give me more empowered slaves to help with my work.”

“How Heidi?,” asked Tracy. “You said the government won’t let any suspicious people visit her. How can we get to her with the ruby and serve the Countess.?”

“Right Tracy, we can’t VISIT her but Vladina in her greatness has come up with a solution. She still can receive mail. Did you read about the guy who mailed himself across the country.”

“You mean,” said Connie.

“Yes,” said Heidi. “Two of you will be put to sleep, and then your unconscious bodies will be placed in a big box, with the ruby packed with you, and shipped to Vladina in Transyvlania. The lucky two will be used by Vladina to feed upon and then shipped back, with new powers and with a recharged ruby.”

Outside of Pink and Kristanna, who knew they would not be selected or Heidi would have scotched their lovemaking travel plans, the other slaves looked hopefully at Heidi, longing to be the neck chosen to be a nice meal for Vladina.

“First I want to say, don’t be mad with me, Vladina selected the two to go,” said Heidi. “Obviously she knows best. To spend a couple days in a box you need to be incredibly fit. Tracy is obviously that and since she will be a key figure in running Vladina’s new capital at the Spa she is an obvious choice.

“Vladina also wants to have a satellite coven set up in New York and since Uma normally lives there and is, after her “Kill Bill’ training, very fit she is the obvious choice for the other person. Once the blood of Vladina is in her, she can start collecting for a New York coven.”

“Thank you Vladina,” said both Tracy and Uma in unison with pride. They would get to meet their mistress and have the added benefit of their blood providing her with tasty food.


Although Heidi was suppose to be Vladina’s surrogate, Tracy quickly took charge of the situation. She wanted her trip to Vladina made as soon as possible, the thought of mesmerizing innocent victims with her glowing eyes or enslaving women as they suckled her breasts made her instantly wet.

After they bid farewell to Kristanna and Pink with a good-bye orgy, Tracy gave the remaining slaves tasks to put together her and Uma’s trip.

Just one day later, a long wooden crate was sitting in the middle of Tracy’s office, well padded inside with bubble wrap and containing a large gas tank with two gas masks.

Tracy was there in her usual bra top and thong while Uma was in a string bikini, as since it was going to be such a long trip it was better they wear little clothing.

“You guys ready,” Heidi asked the pair.

“Yeah, we both just went to the bathroom for the last time we’ll be able to for the next few days,” said Tracy. “Man, ever since I sucked down that milk, I’ve been shuttling to the bathroom every few hours it seems.”

“Can’t hold your vampire breast milk huh Trace,” giggled Jillian, a born smart ass.

“Is everyone here?” asked Heidi. “Vladina is looking forward to meeting her American servants as soon as possible.”

“Connie isn’t but she’ll be here any second,” said Tracy.

“Connie is so super-efficient, that’s weird she’d be late for something so important,” said Jillian.

Tracy looked at Uma, who since she had been living in Tracy’s house with Connie knew the reason.

“You want to tell them Uma,” said Tracy with a smile.

“This afternoon was Connie’s first meeting with the Log Cabin Republicans,” said Uma, barely being able to stifle her laughter.

That did not stop everyone else from laughing out loud or giggling, save for Tracy.

“Connie likes being a community activist and she loves being part of groups, that’s why she took so quickly to being part of our coven,” explained Tracy. “Since she is now a woman who left her husband and kids to be a lesbian she had to resign from the PTA and the Christian Family Council. She was looking for an outlet and thought the Log Cabin Republicans would be a perfect fit.”

“Why?” asked Gisele.

“Because the only requirements are you have to be gay and a Republican,” said Uma as she finally could not hold it in anymore and doubled over in laughter.

“Are vampires Republicans?” said Jillian. “I’m from Canada so I don’t know much about politics down here.”

“I never asked Vladina that one,” said Heidi. “Tracy can check on it.”

Just then, Connie walked into the office and everyone quickly began smirking and giggling.

“Con, they think you being a Log Cabin Republican is funny,” said Tracy.

“Not only am I a Log Cabin Republican, but after just one meeting I’m the recording secretary,” said Connie proudly as more laughs erupted.

“OK, cut it out, no more political commentating,” said Tracy. “Let’s get down to business. I assume Connie you brought the chloroform.”

Connie produced a small bottle of clear liquid from her purse as well as two clean white rags.

Connie poured the liquid onto the rags until they were well-soaked. She then handed one to Heidi and they both went up to Uma and Tracy, now standing next to the box.

Connie pushed the rag decisively onto Tracy’s face and Heidi shoved her rag right onto Uma’s as well. Both Tracy and Uma’s rock-hard stomachs began moving in and out deeply as they tried to breathe in as much of the knockout gas as they could.

After a minute of being chloroformed, Tracy and Uma’s bodies began wobbling a bit and the other girls came over to help hold them up while Heidi and Connie continued to hold the pads over their face.

Uma was the first to be knocked unconscious and when she collapsed Heidi and Gisele guided her 5-11 lean frame comfortably to the floor. Tracy shortly followed and Jillian and Connie made sure she made a safe landing as well.

Tracy had already gone over with her fellow slaves what to do next. They surrounded Tracy and lifted her limp barely-clothed body into the box and then followed suit and picked up Uma’s unconscious form and laid her across the box in the opposite direction, so her feet were next to Tracy’s head.

While Connie strapped on the gas masks to first Tracy and then Uma’s slackened faces, Jillian turned on the gas tank and set the attached timer so sleeping gas would be pumped into Tracy and Uma in bursts to keep them asleep and make the trip bearable.

Gisele called the freight company to have them pick up the box, marked “Fragile egg shipment”, while Heidi wrapped up the Ruby of Dracula tightly and placed it between the two limp bodies in the crate.

Finally, the four vampire slaves picked up the top of the crate and began nailing it shut, making sure the holes were large enough so their fellow slaves would not suffocate on their trip to see their mistress.

After the freight company men picked up the box, not suspecting its real cargo, Gisele turned to the rest and said: “I haven’t done that much physical work since I was cutting sugar cane as a kid down in Brazil.”

“Are you tired Gisele,” said Heidi. “I was hoping to have an orgy to celebrate the success of our plan.”

“I’m not tired,” Connie said quickly.

“I’ve got plenty of gas in my tank,” said Jillian.

“You misunderstood my bad English,” said Gisele with a smirk. “I meant to say, I want to do a lot of physical labor having sex with all of you now.”

“That’s what I thought you meant,” said Heidi as she walked up to her fellow supermodel and gave her an open mouth kiss. Jillian went right up to Connie and yanked down her skirt and buried her face in her snatch.

The foursome knew no one would leave until they had sex, at least once, with the three other girls, no matter how tired they would get.


Tracy awoke with a start, almost bumping her head on the cover of the crate.

She then felt some bumpiness underneath her. She could tell the crate was on some kind of horse-drawn vehicle on a bad road, a road that was hitting many potholes on Tracy’s side .

Tracy took off her gas mask and looked around as best she could in the tight confines of a packing crate. Through the light pouring in from the air holes, she could see Uma Thurman’s legs and the box the ruby was in.

Her eyes slowly began adjusting to the poor light and the fog was clearing out of head as the effects of all the sleeping drugs that had been pumped into her began to wear off.

Two things shortly thereafter became clear to her:

*With a road this bad, they were probably on a rural route in Rumania, completing the last leg of their trip to Vladina’s castle.

*And she didn’t give a happy damn what Vladina wanted. The last time she had been awake, that was all she cared about.

“Screw Vladina,” she thought. “No one tells Tracy Thresher when to have sex. I may want to have sex 99-percent of the time but that’s my choice, and that other one-percent is MINE.”

Since at this point there wasn’t anything else she could do, Tracy sank back into the bubble wrap and began thinking.

“The girls kept saying they were worried I was too strong-willed and independent to be enslaved, I guess they were right,” thought Tracy. “But I really was Vladina’s slave. After drinking that milk all I cared about was obeying her wishes. If she had ordered me to kill someone, I think I would have. She had me totally under her control. What happened?”

Tracy leaned up enough to see that Uma was still blissfully asleep. She could even hear her, in some sexually rapturous dream, muttering: “Lick…Vladina…yes…yes…..ohhh.”, obviously still under Vladina’s spell.

Why was her mind free of Vladina’s grip but not Uma’s, and what was the current mental state of the women still at the Spa. Connie was a strong person too, Tracy thought, maybe she has broken out of her spell as well?


“We have to stop Heidi, it’s wrong, it’s just plain wrong!!” screamed Connie at the top of her lungs.

“What’s wrong?” asked Heidi.

“You haven’t gotten the buttplug deep enough in me, I want a lot deeper penetration,” croaked Connie as the sweat-soaked pair lay on the waterbed in Tracy’s “private” office.

“OK, here it goes,” said Heidi as she pushed as hard as she could the buttplug into Connie’s now well-grooved ass, but she did not stop pumping with three fingers on her other hand into Connie’s dripping wet snatch.

“Yes, that’s it……yes…….Yes-s-s-s–s-s–s-s-s!!!!!!!!!!,” shouted Connie (she knew both of Tracy’s rooms were soundproof so she could really let go) as her hips began bucking so much Heidi was afraid the waves rippling on the waterbed might throw her overboard to the ground.

Connie gasped for air for about a minute before she could speak.

“Wow, three orgasms in an hour, my husband never drilled me like this,” said Connie. “And the best part is, the more women I have sex with, the closer I feel to Vladina.”

“This is your new life,” said Heidi. “Having sex with women and worshipping Vladina.”

“Hey, I live with Tracy now,” Connie said. “You KNOW I will be having sex with a lot of women. Vladina will quite pleased with this slave’s lesbian sex count.”

“Great. Unfortunately, I have to go now Connie, I have business for Vladina to attend to,” said Heidi as she tried to towel off the large smears of cum off her tall, twig-like figure. “I have to meet the owner of the vacant lot next door. I want to buy it so we can build Vladina’s new residence there. Perfect spot, right next to the Spa.”

“Yeah right, good luck,” said Connie. “We’ve been trying to buy that lot for a couple of years so we could expand, but the owner knows how well we’re doing and wants to hold us up for a big payday. Tracy was even willing to have sex with the owner, and he’s a guy, but he’s an old coot who’s penis shriveled up a long time ago, so even she got nowhere.”

“Well, I’m going to offer him $50,000 with payments spread out over 10 years,” said Heidi confidently as she put her clothes back on. “I think that’s fair.”

“Are you nuts?” said Connie, getting up to grab a quick shower. “We offered him $500,000 in cash and he laughed at us.”

“Yeah, but my powers of persuasion are better than yours,” said Heidi as her eyes flashed red. “I don’t think he’ll say no to these.”


Tracy puzzled and puzzled, pondered and pondered, hour upon hour as she bounced in the box on the rickety road as she listened to the faint clip clop of horse’s hooves. Why was she no longer a willing lesbian slave to Vladina? How the heck did she return to normal?

All of a sudden, it came to her, it was really so simple. She had been looking for some big, complicated answer and it had been right in front of her face. Or make that right out of her butt. Her savior had been her toilet..

The breast milk an entranced Tracy had drunk from Heidi had indeed enslaved her to Vladina but she had been peeing like crazy ever since. The milk, and its mind controlling agents, were now completely flushed out of her system.

The other reason, Tracy decided, she had been freed from service to Vladina was the fact she was really good in the sack.

Tracy knew from her hypnosis instructors, and they would never mislead her or they knew she wouldn’t have sex with them, that a person’s free will can not be destroyed. It might be pushed deep inside a person’s mind but eventually it would work its way back into control.

With the effects of the milk gone, Tracy’s naturally strong free will quickly assumed control of her mind and shoved all the programming about how great it was to serve Vladina and have girl on girl sex in worship of her out the door.

But would the other women also find their free will and break free of Vladina’s control? No, they were still probably enslaved, Tracy decided..

It was the sex.

As soon as a woman was enslaved she always immediately wanted to have sex with another woman and they all said it was the greatest sex they ever had.

Vladina was able to keep control of their mind’s with ease because the sex was so good, their free will was not encouraged to reassert itself. The original enslaving imprint went undisturbed, at least long enough to keep a person enslaved until Vladina’s bite took care of that forever.

With incredible body flexibility due to her fitness combined with her amazing sexual techniques, Tracy got plenty of sexual pleasure on her own, maybe not at Vladina’s level but darn close, and Tracy’s subconscious had successfully fought to regain control of her mind while she was knocked out in the crate.

But Tracy also knew that if Vladina sank her fangs into her neck and drank her blood, her iron will and independent streak would mean nothing, she would forever be Vladina’s servant, carrying out her will and being the sole reason for Tracy’s existence.

As Tracy thought about all of this, the crate suddenly stopped moving.

“Shit, we’re here,” thought Tracy. “What do I do now?”

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