Celebrity Health Spa: Lucky Leelee

Celebrity Health Spa: Lucky Leelee

By Rinky Dink


(FF, MC)

This story is entirely fiction, all characters, even those with real names, are not real. No one under 18 should read this, go away. Like feedback so e-mail me after reading. Have fun.

Leelee Sobieski was a woman of her word but she had been sorely tempted the past couple of weeks.

Because she had to do 3 major films in a row: Joyride, The Glass House and Max, her agent had suggested she work out at the Celebrity Woman’s Health Spa near the beach in Malibu, and get in top shape before she embarked
on her movie marathon.

Sobieski, who looked almost exactly like Helen Hunt, if Hunt was 18-years-old, had long flowing hair and bigger breasts, found the Spa not only toned a woman’s body but gave a customer’s pussy a workout as well if they wanted. The place was a cauldron of very fit woman getting it on with each other.

Leelee couldn’t go to the manager to complain if she wanted to. As far as Leelee could tell, the manager, Tracy Thresher, who was only a few years older than Leelee, licked more carpet than anyone else did.

But Leelee didn’t want to complain, secretly, she wanted Tracy to lick HER carpet.

Sobieski had publicly said she would not have sex until marriage. She hoped telling the world of her virginity would make some girls think twice before giving in to a man for the wrong reasons. Although barely old enough to vote, Leelee was smart and sophisticated besides beautiful.

But whenever Sobieski saw Tracy at the Spa her brain clicked off and she became a simple lusty animal in heat. Thresher’s long, supple body looked like it was carved by a sculptor, her breasts were unusually large and she had long dark curly hair and a friendly, slightly freckled face.

She wore as little clothing as possible, usually a thong and a too-tight bikini top. She also made no secret she enjoyed having a lot of sex with different partners. You could call her a slut but it seemed such a trite phrase for her. Tracy’s body was simply a vessel for sex.

Just seeing Tracy always juiced up the virgin’s slit.

Several times Tracy had put her hands on Leelee’s body to help her with a piece of equipment and Sobieski had to run immediately afterward to the shower to masturbate. Tracy’s simple touch was a total turn on.

“Am I a lesbian?” thought Sobieski after yet another mad dash to the shower. “Maybe I made that no sex promise so easily because, deep down, I don’t want to have sex with a man anyhow. But I’ve been in lots of movies with good-looking women and never felt like this.

“Gay, straight, whatever, I want my face in her bush so badly. But I know I can’t because I have to stay a virgin. I’m a role model and too many girls would be hurt if I didn’t keep my vow.”

After Tracy found out Sobieski was only working out at the spa for a short time before going away for almost a year, she began inviting her to have lunch with her. Leelee made sure to get in the shower and jack off right before she went in Tracy’s office, she knew there way no way sitting so close to Tracy’s incredible body she could hold off an orgasm for a whole hour.

Occasionally they would be joined by some other cutie, be it a local high school cheerleader or a celebrity, but most of the time it was just the two of them.

A rabbit probably could not have survived on what they ate, usually a tiny salad, with no dressing, and a spoonful of low-fat cottage cheese on top. Tracy had a special low-cal drink she poured for herself and Leelee as well.

Tracy usually would put on some nice music and they would chat. The talks were usually heavily one-sided, Tracy seemed to know every young female celebrity around, and Leelee was frankly happy just to stare at her bod, feel her snatch re-moisten, and listen.

As she toddled to the office after toweling off from the shower, Leelee was a bit depressed, knowing she would be going away in a week.

“Hey, Leelee, how’d the workout go this morning,” said Tracy as Sobieski walked in. Leelee felt herself juice up a bit already as Tracy’s six-pack stomach seemed to glisten especially brightly.

“Fine Tracy, Amanda was very good but I thought you were going to work with me on the leg lifts today?”

“I was but something came up, manager stuff,” said Tracy as she turned on the stereo and poured a bottle of dark liquid into each cup. Strangely, Tracy always had a different pitcher for each cup although the liquids looked identical, but Leelee never asked why.

“They wanted to up the price on my equipment rental. I demanded the boss come down here herself and, after a couple of hours of, uh, “negotiating” they are actually cutting the price I pay now in half.”

Sobieski imagined Tracy negotiated with her tongue not with words, but that was Tracy.

“I figured you were an excellent “negotiator” Tracy, that’s why this place is so successful,” said Leelee as she took her seat at the small table in the middle of the room. “I can’t tell you what it’s done for me. I’ve lost 12 pounds yet I feel stronger and fitter then I’ve ever felt before.

“I know you’re my paid instructor Tracy but I really feel you are more like my friend. A good friend I hope.”

“Not too close a friend,” said Tracy with a laugh as she finished the last bit of cottage cheese. “After all, you are the virginal Leelee Sobieski.”

“Trace please,” said Leelee who did not need to be reminded she could not have sex by the person she so desperately wanted to have sex with. “It’s a personal choice I made. There are so many girls out there with unwanted pregnancies, so many abortions, so many children orphaned. If my conduct can make even a small difference I want to help.”

Tracy reached over and squeezed Leelee’s hand.

“You’re a good girl, Leelee, I understand,” she said. “No one should pop your cherry until you want to

“…Oh shoot! I have to see the plumber now. Something’s been a bit weird about our showers lately. Strange substances found in the drain. I’ll be back in a few minutes. Please, just sit here and relax.”.

For the first time since she’d been at the Spa, Leelee averted her eyes away from Tracy when she began talking about the shower drain. But she would stayed seated and relax. That’s what Tracy wanted.

She ate her tiny bits of lettuce and drank the sweet dark liquid and Leelee was feeling pretty good. The music was soothing and Tracy’s magnificent near-naked body would be back sitting next to her shortly.

“Tracy was so great to be around, I’m really going to miss her, thought Leelee, as she finished her meal and began swaying a bit to the music.

She is so beautiful but so nice. I can’t think of any woman on Earth better looking than Tracy. If anyone is popping my cherry it’s going to be her. That’s it, when I lose my virginity it will be to Tracy. Oh that is so-o-o hot! She must be awesome in bed. She has to be an absolutely hump machine.

Why did I open my big mouth to the papers! Tracy is so gorgeous, so great, and so great in bed. I want her to take me, to violate me completely. Sex with her must be so wonderful. I want her so bad. So very badly!!”

As Tracy came back into the room, she saw Leelee sitting there, a glazed look on her face as her upper body swung back and forth in rhythm to the music. Her breasts were on full display and the firm, round mounds were going up and down in a steady fashion in concert to Leelee’s breathing..

Tracy was confident enough in her charms, and knockout body, to bed any woman she wanted _ given enough time. But Sobieski was only going to be at the Spa for a short time and when in a hurry Tracy had learned enough hypnosis from a doctor in return for sex to entrance her prey.

Leelee’s glass was empty as her drugged drink was fully in her system. The music, full of subliminal messages about how attractive, nice and great in bed Tracy was, seemed to fully enthrall Sobieski. The tiny salad had been spiked with a relaxant as well.

Tracy moved behind Leelee and began massaging her neck and shoulders. Leelee moaned her approval as Tracy’s trained fingers worked their magic.

“Don’t move Leelee, just sit there and relax,” said Tracy, now fingering Leelee’s temples. “You are feeling so good, the food was so good, the music is so good, keep listening to the music. It is so nice and peaceful. You are feeling so good, so relaxed.

“The sound of my voice is so wonderful. It makes you feel so wonderful Leelee. Everything is great, you are so relaxed, feeling so wonderful.

“Won..der..ful,” whispered Sobieski, now almost totally hypnotized, her eyelids barely open.

“Yes, you feel so wonderful Leelee. Everything is wonderful, so you can go sleep. Sleep, Leelee. Sleep is so wonderful. You feel so wonderful going to sleep Sleep..Sleep…Sleep.”

Sobieski’s eyelids briefly fluttered before closing. She was now completely under Tracy’s control.

“OK, Leelee I want you to remain completely asleep, every sound makes you go even deeper into this relaxed state, you will not awaken until I count to 3,” said Tracy staring intently at Sobieski’s slackened face. “Now I want the other person who inhabits this body to open their eyes and be awake.”

Leelee’s eyes snapped open. They were clear and focused.

“Hey Trace”

“Hey, Lily, what’s happening?” replied Tracy with a smile.

“Hopefully my tongue in your cunt, that’s why they call me Lily the Lesbian after all,” came the words out of Sobieski’s mouth.

Tracy might be a tramp and a slut but outside of sex she considered herself a stand-up person.

Although the polar opposite of Leelee in terms of sexual activity, she really did admire her virginity pledge.

Many of her fellow slutty friends from high school now had to deal with unexpected pregnancies and diseases. Luckily, working at the Spa, Tracy had avoided those problems by having sex almost entirely with health-conscious women.

Tracy would have left Leelee alone, it’s not like she didn’t have enough willing sex partners after all, but the girl was absolutely torturing herself about having sex with Tracy. Twice during workouts with her Tracy had noticed Leelee literally drooling and at lunch all Leelee usually did was stare at Tracy the whole time with a look of pure desire on her face.

To satisfy both Sobieski’s need to be a role model and her lust for Tracy, she had under hypnosis programmed Leelee to have an alternate sexually promiscuous personality, Lily (Leelee’s real first name) the Lesbian. This way, Leelee Sobieski in her mind was still a virgin but her body’s desire for sex with Tracy would be satisfied.

“Well, my private rooms awaits, Lily the Lesbian,” said Tracy as they both moved into a smaller room connected to the main office where Tracy had a waterbed.

Both Tracy and “Lily” took off the small patches of cloth that had previously been covering them.

They began with deep French kisses but soon Lily was playing with Tracy’s breasts, squeezing them and pinching the nipples. Tracy responded by kissing her neck and rubbing “Lily’s” clit between her fingers.

Tracy had assumed that because Leelee was a virgin she would be very tentative when it came to intercourse. But “Lily” had been quite aggressive, since Leelee didn’t know anything about what she should do, she also didn’t know what she SHOULDN’T do.

Lily suddenly wrapped her mouth around Tracy’s nipple and began suckling on it, like she was a baby and Tracy was her mother. Tracy was too stunned to say anything as Lily slurped away on her breast.

Tracy actually felt herself getting turned on as she felt the milk drain out of her breast. She latched onto one of Lily’s nipples and began doing of nipping her self. Being a virgin, there was not much liquid there in Leelee’s large hooters but Tracy did enjoy feeling the areolas around the arid nipple.

“Lily” then motioned Tracy to change positions and the two made a “69”. Tracy was very experienced at this and soon “Lily” was moaning loudly in ecstasy.

Not knowing any better, “Lily” was licking Tracy’s clit and then working her way deep into her pussy, all in the same slow motion of her tongue. It was very unorthodox but Tracy was getting really hot from it.

Finally, Tracy arched her back and hips began to buck as she had an orgasm. “Lily” soon followed with a shriek and her hips began to buck up and down, creating massive waves in the waterbed.

When she regained her breath, “Lily” turned to Tracy and said: ” Do you have my toy?” Tracy nodded and out of a drawer pulled out a 12-inch dildo.

“Lily” lubricated it with spilled love juices from her orgasm, which really turned Tracy on, and then she grabbed Tracy by the stomach and made her stand on all fours on the bed.

“This is a game I call ‘Ride ‘Em Horsy’,” announced the alternate personality of the hypnotized virgin.

“Lily” strapped on the dildo and then mounted Tracy, who at 5-foot-10 and extremely athletic was able to hold her easily. Lily did put her feet on the floor and that gave her balance as she then rammed the dildo into Tracy’s butt.

“Whee, Ride ‘Em Horsy!” shouted,” Lily as she slapped the side of Tracy’s rear and she pounded the dildo into Tracy’s well-grooved ass.

“Lily’s” ideas of sex were a bit off the wall but Tracy was getting to like them. She quickly became turned on being treated like a horse and orgasmed within a few minutes. “Lily” soon joined her as she shouted “I’m cumming horsy!” as the juices fell onto Tracy’s butt.

“Lily” was now pretty wiped out. Two orgasms in one sexual outing for a “virgin” was exhausting and Tracy knew Leelee would be expected soon for her next set of workouts, and occasionally Tracy did actually have to do work.

Tracy guided “Lily” to her personal shower where they cleaned up inbetween kissing each other on the lips, necks and breasts. Tracy then had “Lily” put her workout outfit back on and sit her back at the table where Leelee had been entranced originally.

“Tracy, you’re not going to bring back that no-fun virgin Leelee are you,” said Lily, a pained expression on her face. “We can have so much more sex if you just kept her bottled up.”

“Sorry but she’s the one who pays the bills so she is the one who has to be out there in public,” replied Tracy, who knew she was doing the right thing for Leelee, but the wrong thing for herself as she wouldn’t have minded a couple more sessions with kinky Lily the Lesbian.


Sobieski’s eyes blinked heavily and she put her hands around her head.

“What happened? Did I black out or something Tracy? Last thing I remember you weren’t even here. You were with the plumber.”

“I came back and you were just here snoozing. I guess Amanda worked you a bit too hard and tired you out. Don’t worry, I’ll have a talk with her,” said Tracy. “Now it’s time for your aquaburn lesson.”

“Funny, I didn’t feel all that tired but you must be right because I must of dozed off,” said Leelee as she got up from the table. “I had the weirdest dream then.”

“What dream?” said Tracy a bit concerned.

“Well, you are my friend now Tracy, right?”


“I dreamt I was riding a horse but at the same time I was able to have sex with it, and I really liked having sex with the horse and I think I felt like it wanted to have sex with me too,” said Leelee as she walked to the door. “Do you think it means anything Tracy?”

“Nah, probably you just saw a Western and the image stuck with you,” said a relieved Tracy as Leelee had converted what had actually happened into a surreal dream in her head. She still considered herself a virgin.

“Oh, one other thing Tracy,” said Leelee as she stood in the doorway. “Since we’re friends, I want you from now on to call me by my real name, Lily. All my closest friends do.”

“I could get use to that,” replied Tracy.

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