Celebrity Health Spa: Media Relations

Featuring Jules Asner, Christina Ricci

Celebrity Women’s Health Spa: Media “relations”

By Rinky Dink


(FF, MC)

The following story contains sexual situations and no one under 18 should read this. Everything in the story is fiction, even those with real names are made-up people. Like feedback so e-mail me after you read. Have fun.

It might have been the equivalent of “The Knights of the Round Table” but King Arthur would have been pretty uncomfortable sitting around with these four half-naked young women for lunch. His horse though would have liked what
they were eating, lettuce, Brussels sprouts and celery.

The “King” here, was Tracy Thresher, an incredibly fit tall brunette in her early 20s with D cup breasts. She ruled, as manager, the Women’s Celebrity Health Spa near the beach in Malibu.

Around the table in her office munching on the health food were some of her “Knights”, better known around the spa as “T-Girls” as in Tracy’s girls.

They all did have one thing in common with King Arthur, they all would love to go to bed with Maid Marian.

The Spa had been about to go under when Tracy took over and basically slept her way to success. Giving a woman a place where they could get a workout of both their body and pussy had proved a success _ and no one worked harder at both then Tracy.

It was now the hottest fitness club in Hollywood and the media was taking notice. That was the purpose of this little get together as several TV shows wanted to come and do stories on the Spa.

Besides Tracy, going around the table, there was Joanna, a movie public relations bigwig who had short blonde hair and a very trim figure for someone in her mid-30s. She had been married when she joined the Spa but was quickly sleeping with Tracy got totally into the Spa’s sex-oriented culture. After a few months she left her husband and now lived with a 19-year-old Spa instructor, although that did not preclude her or her lover from seeing Tracy for frequent sessions.

Next was Connie, the Spa’s business manager. Until Tracy took over she had been an instructor and she still had the body to show it, fit, taught and curvy with dirty blonde shoulder-length hair and pert breasts. She really ran the Spa while Tracy slept around with the clients, instructors or business associates but as long as Tracy kept sleeping with her as well, and her husband and two kids didn’t find out, she was OK with the arrangement.

The final member of the T-girl table was actress Christina Ricci. Her and Tracy were dating, although Christina wished it were much more. She was madly, passionately in love with Tracy and wished her lover would commit to a relationship but knew there was little chance of that. Too many people wanted to have sex with this amazing looker and Tracy did not have much practice saying no.

One positive of the relationship was that Christina spent almost all of her free time at the Spa and was in the best physical shape of her life. All her baby fat had melted and her lean body made her naturally large breasts look even bigger. With her pale skin and voluptuous figure, Ricci was now smokin’ and sexy movie roles poured into her.

All four were wearing skimpy outfits, a sports bra and a thong-sized bottom. Tracy liked to wear as little as possible to show off her unbelievable body and, as “T-Girls”, they followed her lead.

“So Connie, what’s the deal, who wants to come here?,” said Tracy while munching on a sprout.

“Well Miss Thresher, it seems the E! channel wants to do a news segment on us for their daily news show and 20/20 Downtown on ABC wants to do a segment as well,” said Connie.

“Jo, you know this stuff, are they going to come down here and have the place crawling with cameras and sticking mikes into people faces asking questions,” said Tracy with a note of concern.

“Well Trace, each is a different thing,” said Joanna, putting down her cup of carrot juice. “The E! thing is probably just one camera and they’ll come for a couple hours and be gone. Those newsmagazines usually stay around awhile, they want something “in depth” to broadcast.”

“And usually they don’t like “in depth” stories about how everyone is happy,” piped in Ricci, who was absentmindedly running her fingers through Tracy’s long curly hair, as the other two looked on with a bit of jealousy. “They like dirt. E! is more positive. Jules Asner interviewed me at the Emmy’s and she was very nice.”

“Yeah but Joan Rivers said you dressed like a skank,” grinned Tracy as she then planted a kiss on Ricci’s cheek.

“Anyhow,” continued Tracy. “I think we have a good thing going here and I don’t see any reason for outsiders to come to our place snooping around.”

“It would be good publicity for the Spa,” said Connie. “The owner would probably like it and it’s a chance for the employees to get some recognition.”

“It could bring in some more customers Trace and raise the prestige of being a member here,” said Joanna, “as long as it’s a positive story.”

“And it could do a hell of a lot for you Tracy,” said Ricci. “We all know how great you are but the rest of the world doesn’t know who the heck you are. It could give you a chance to be seen. Maybe get a spot on a TV show giving fitness tips or, shit, Kiana Tom got her own movie. That’s reaching a bit but it would be good exposure for you.”

Tracy looked up and down her taught, near-naked body and said: “I think if I’m any more exposed, I’ll get arrested Chris.” As the four then burst into laughter.

“OK,” said Tracy. “It looks like everyone saying it would a good thing for the Spa, and me, as long as we know it will be a positive story.”

“Yeah, but you can’t guarantee it will be positive Tracy,” said Joanna. “I’ve had reporters be nice as pie to me and then rip to shreds the movie I was promoting.”

“Oh, I think I can guarantee their, uh, being nice,” said Tracy with a smirk that none of the other three could understand. “Connie, call E! and 20/20 and tell them I’ll do it but on two conditions.

“First, the reporter must be a woman and, second, she must come to the Spa and meet with me alone before they begin shooting.”

Jules Asner, as anyone who saw her layout in Maxim will attest, needed little work on her fitness. A former model that had moved into entertainment coverage, she still had the knockout body from her modeling days, sleek but with a large chest and straight black hair surrounding her pretty face.

Jules was hot but she also had a friendly personality that put people she interviewed at ease.

She had spent the morning following Tracy around on her duties around the Spa doing research for the segment planned for the E! daily news show she co-anchored, and the two had gotten along swimmingly. She had been told to dress casually and in blue Lycra shorts and a tank top black t-shirt, Asner had fit in with hot-bod crowd at the Spa.

“It’s time for lunch Jules, me, you and Christina Ricci are going to eat in my office so we can talk,” said Tracy, wearing her usual bra top and thong bottom.

. “That’s great Tracy, I have a lot of questions, this is such an amazing place,” said Jules who had a lot of questions about what seemed to be a fitness club/whorehouse to her with an amazing amount of good looking women and large number of celebrities. It looked like this would be a great expose’ for her.

The three bowls of rabbit food that to health-conscious Tracy passed for lunch were laid out on a small table in the middle of her office by Connie along with two pitchers. When Tracy came in she took one pitcher and poured a drink into her glass and then poured from the other pitcher for Ricci and Asner.

“I figured you want to talk to a celebrity and Chris, ah, comes here a lot,” said Tracy as they dug into her salad with no dressing.

“I can see why, Christina you look fabulous,” said Jules. “I hope you’re going to be here when we tape tomorrow.”

“Sure, I can make it,” said Ricci, her full breasts on full display in her own bra top. “Three producers have offered me movie roles because I look so good now and it’s all because of Tracy. I hope you’re going to do a nice story.”

“Now, now, I’m a journalist so I don’t do nice or bad stories,” said Jules, “I just try and tell the truth.

“Well, the truth is Tracy is great and the Spa is a great place for a celebrity to work out,” said Ricci trying to put a good word in for her girlfriend, although Asner had no clue about their relationship. “It’s secure, no one bothers you unless you want them too (of course Ricci wanted to be bothered a lot by Tracy) and they have the best instructors around.”

“Now Chris, don’t pressure her,” said Tracy, who knew she would soon guarantee Asner would do a “nice” story and didn’t need her lover being pushy.

Tracy and got up and put on the stereo which featured relaxing music, she then refilled both Ricci’s and Asner’s cups before sitting down again.

“I have a video we show to new members that gives all the basic details of the Spa,” said Tracy. “I have to go do some boring manager stuff now so why don’t you watch it with Chris and she can fill you in with the details while you watch.”

“Sounds great, exactly what I need, thanks Tracy,” said Jules, who was feeling a bit tired and didn’t feel like traipsing around with Tracy at the moment anyhow, even if she was incredibly beautiful..

“OK, before the video starts there is a test pattern for a while, just a bunch of lights, but just wait it out,” said Tracy as she wheeled out the VCR, popped in a tape and then quickly left.

Tracy actually just went to Connie’s desk, she was now at lunch herself, and sat and waited. She estimated it would take about 10 minutes before she should go back in.

As the lights swirled, Jules thought she detected a pattern, she looked at them intensely as she thought she could figure the pattern out. She didn’t notice after 5 minutes the video still had not gone on but Ricci, still maintaining a tiny crumb of free will, did.

“Boy, this test pattern goes on forever,” sighed Ricci.

“Yeah,” grunted Asner, still looking intently at the lights.

“Do you want me to fast forward it Jules?” asked Ricci.

“Nah, that’s OK,” said Asner immediately, who wished Christine would just shut up and let her look at the lights.

They were so peaceful and relaxing. Jules loved looking at them. She could look at them the rest of the day. She didn’t need to follow Tracy anymore. She was the best-looking woman Asner had ever seen and she was so nice as well. I bet she must be great in the sack, thought Asner. I’m not gay but nothing could be better than having sex with Tracy. I’d become a lesbian in a second if I could have Tracy.

Jules no longer had to worry about Ricci bugging her.

The drugged drink, the music full of subliminal messages about Tracy and the hypnotic-timed lights had finally won total control of her mind. She sat there now with a glazed look in her eyes, her shoulders slumped forward and her full red lips parted, her mouth open, as she stared at the VCR. Asner had taken on the same hypnotized look a few minutes earlier.

When Tracy re-entered the office, she saw the pair was deeply entranced. As usual, her hypnotizing powers had worked. Asner had been zonked for business reasons but Tracy decided to put Ricci under as well for some fine-tuning of their relationship.

“Just keep looking at the lights ladies, they are so relaxing, you feel so wonderful looking at them,” intoned Tracy. “You feel so good, the best you ever felt. You keep feeling more and more relaxed as you look at the lights. So wonderful, so relaxed.

“You also feel sleepy, So sleepy. You feel wonderful and you will feel even better when you sleep. You’re eyes are so heavy. Just sleep. Go to sleep.”

Both Jules and Christina’s eyes fluttered briefly before slamming shut. Tracy knew they were now under her control. Tracy plugged in some headphones into the stereo and placed them on Christina’s ears. First work, then play, Tracy decided.

“Jules, open your eyes but remain asleep and in this wonderful state of relaxation you are in,” said Tracy.

Asner’s opened her eyes but they contained no life. Her brain was in the off position.

“Jules, I own the lights, you love the lights, you obey the lights so you must obey me”

“I…obey….you,” said Jules in a whisper Tracy could barely hear.

OK, Jules, you consider me the best-looking woman on the face of the earth, your dream is to have sex with me. You consider yourself unworthy of having sex with someone as good looking as me but if you do a positive story on the Spa, you figure I might think kindly of you and let you have sex with me.”

“Be positive…please have sex with me,” said the entranced Asner.

“Right, but you also think Christina Ricci is very attractive. Not the best looking in the world like me but you consider her gorgeous and would like to sleep with her. Until you air a positive story you know I am too good for you but Christina is probably the second-best looking woman you have ever seen. You so badly want to have sex with her now, as soon as possible.”

“Sex now,” said Jules.

“OK, Jules go back to sleep. You feel so wonderful, so relaxed when you sleep. Sleep.”

Jules quickly closed her eyes and her head slumped forward a bit. Tracy removed the headphones from Ricci and put them on Jules’ head.

“Chris, open your eyes but stay in this wonderful state of relaxation you are in and enjoy so much.” Ricci gave Tracy the same dead-eyes look.

“Chris, I own the lights, you love the lights, you want to see the lights all the time, to do that you must obey the lights, do what they say. Since I own the lights, you must obey me too.”

“I…obey,” said Ricci who was so doped up from the drugged drink and assaulted with subliminal messages from the stereo, just like Asner, she had little choice but to become Tracy’s hypnotized slave.

“Great, now Chris, answer these questions truthfully.

“Do you love me?”

Yes, very much

“Have you went out with anyone besides me since we’ve been dating?”


“Has anyone else asked you out?”

Yes, about 8 guys and three girls.

“And you’ve turned them all down.?”

Yes, I just want you.

“That’s sweet, but do you think I have been equally faithful to you.?”


“How does that make you feel?”

Not very good, said Ricci as tears began to well up in her eyes.

“No Chris, that’s not true. You want me to have sex with other people. You want me to date others because that shows how lucky you are to have me as a girlfriend. You want me to go out with other people.”

I want you to cheat on me?

“You absolutely want me to have sex with other people. You know in your heart I really love you, so to have me have sex with other people is a way of showing them how unlucky they are that I am your girlfriend and not their’s.”

I’ll show them, those losers! You will date a lot Tracy and show them, said Ricci, now wanting her girlfriend to sleep around with others.

“You will remain faithful to me, except for Jules Asner. She is the one person you would cheat on me with, but only because you know it would help my career. For me, you want to have sex with Jules Asner very badly. She is the only woman you would ever want to have sex with besides me.”

Only sex with Jules, stated Ricci..

Now that Jules and Christina were properly programmed, Tracy took off Asner’s headphones.

“OK ladies, when I count to three you will wake up. You will remember nothing except we had a nice lunch but you will do everything exactly as I told you when you were in this relaxed state. Also, if I ever say to either of you: “Flex for Sex”, you will immediately return to this relaxed state.


Both Jules and Christina’s eyes snapped open, bright and clear.

“Sorry Jules but this VCR must be busted, no video I’m afraid,” said Tracy.

“That’s OK Tracy,” said Asner. “I’m sure I can just do, ah, some extra research here and get the same information.”

“I’m willing to stay and help you with your research Jules,” said Ricci. “I’m done with my workout and I’m free the rest of the afternoon.”

“That’d be great Christina,” said Jules, who in her mind was thinking: Tracy is the most incredible looking woman I’ve ever seen but Christina Ricci is not far behind. I hope she’s into girls so I can lick some of her carpet.”

“I tell you what, I have stuff to do but I have a private inner office that I can let both of you use, for research purposes,” said Tracy. “There is a desk and couch and, oh yeah, if you get tired there is a waterbed.”

By the way both Jules and Christina’s eyes lit up when she mentioned the waterbed, any concern Tracy had that her programming had not worked were wiped away. Asner and Ricci were horny as hell for each other.

“Thanks Tracy, that will be fine,” said Asner, trying to hide her excitement.

Jules and Christina went into the side office and both plopped down on the waterbed. Both were desperate to have sex with each other but they didn’t know the feelings of the other, yet.

“Well, Christina, what would you say is the best thing about the Spa,” asked Jules, in a journalist mode because she hadn’t thought of a way yet to entice Ricci for sex..

“First, call me Chris. Well, I think it is the openess to be who you want to be and do what you really want here,” said Christina, hoping she wasn’t being too forward but her clit was on fire and her head was swimming with lust for Jules.

“No one judges you here. Like, if I was to right now tear your clothes off and made hot, passionate monkey love to you, no one would care or object if they found out. If we enjoy it, it’s fine.”

“Really,” said Jules, who almost orgasmed when Ricci said the words “monkey love” she was so turned on. “I’d love to test that theory of yours Christina, I mean Chris. That if we had hot sex it wouldn’t bother anyone.

“I really, REALLY want to test you supposition. I can’t emphasize how much I think it should be tested.”

“Well, consider this test time,” said Ricci who jumped on top of Jules and gave her a long kiss. Jules made sure to reply strongly in kind and use as much of her tongue as possible. She wanted to make sure Ricci had no doubt she had a very willing sex partner.

Chris’ tiny workout outfit and Asner’s clothes were soon thrown to the floor and the pair rolled around the waterbed deeply French Kissing each other.

Jules had not had a lesbian affair since back in her modeling days but Ricci had been well-schooled in the art of girl-girl sex from Tracy.

Ricci began licking at the areolas of Jules’ small but firm breasts while squeezing the unlicked breast as she constantly switched. Jules arched her back in ecstasy and ran her fingers thru Christina’s thick dark hair.

Jules snuck her hand down to Christina’s clit and began rubbing it gently. Ricci gave a yelp as her brain was suddenly flooded with the pleasure of Jules’ hand.

Finally, Jules let out a shriek as she orgasmed but she kept her hand on Christina’s clit and soon Ricci followed with a yell as her love juices poured onto Asner’s hand.

Jules took the cum, spread it on Ricci’s breasts, and began licking away with loving strokes. Christina’s decided to return the favor and put one hand on Jules’ clit and with the other hand inserted a finger into Jules’ soft folds and began working the inside.

“Oh my, I’ve waited so long for this,” shouted Jules. The memory of her old bisexual days flooding back and the pleasure she had with other models before going mainstream.

Jules had licked all the cum off of Ricci’s breasts but kept licking away and also took gentle nips at her rock-hard nipples.

Ricci showed her approval of Jules’ work but putting another finger in her slit and still rubbing her clit. Asner was now so worked up she couldn’t think straight and began an incoherent panting.

Jules then orgasmed again and this time Ricci scooped up the cum, smeared it over Jules face, and began lapping at it and kissing her hard on the lips. When she had wiped Jules’ face clean, suddenly Ricci let out a cry and she orgamsed.

.Jules was now spent. Ricci was used to making love to Tracy, who never got tired it seemed, but could tell it was time to wrap things up.

Christina led the sweat and cum soaked Jules to the Tracy’s private shower and soaped each other up as they showered. The two kissed and played with each other’s breasts while the water poured over them.

Jules then toweled off and put her clothes back on.

“That was incredible,” she said. “I never want to work again. I just want to stay here, work out, and fuck women.”

“That’s the beauty of the Spa,” said Ricci.

“Ah, Chris, be honest, you were great, I mean fantastic, just now but how does this compare to making out with Tracy,” said Jules as they left the private office.

“Honesty Jules, I’m nothing compared to her as a lover,” said Christina.

“I HAVE to have sex with her,” stated Asner. “And I don’t care what it takes.”


Tracy watched the E! News Daily show in her office with one guest. Jules report on the Spa was about to wrap up.

“….And Steve, how much did I find Tracy’Thresher’s Women Celebrity Health Spa to be a great place to go. Look (as she held up a card). This is the Spa’s executive gold card, it’s most expensive membership, and as you can see, my name is on it. Jules Asner reporting for E! News Daily.”

Tracy turned to her guest.

“That was very nice Jules.”

“I wanted to please you Tracy so much,” said Jules as she stood up and shed the light dress she had been wearing. She had no bra and panties on, she stood in front of Tracy totally naked. “Now, could you please me.”

Tracy looked at Jules’ beautiful naked body. Here was a gorgeous celebrity begging her to have sex. Oh well, thought Tracy, what she didn’t do for the good of the Spa.

“Say pretty please Jules”

“Pretty please__with sugar on it. Honey.”

Tracy smiled and led Jules by the hand to her inner office. The next day Elizabeth Vargas of 20/20 was suppose to visit. It looked like Tracy’s was going to enjoy good “media relations”.

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