Celebrity Health Spa: Olympic Bobbing

Featuring Jean Racine, Gea Johnson, Jen Davidson

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: Olympic “Bobbing”

By Rinky Dink


(FF, MC)

No one under 18 should read this due to sexual situations, go away. This story is pure fiction and anyone who thinks this actually happened is pretty weird. All characters, even those with real names, are not real. My offbeat take on the recent Olympic woman’s bobsled soap opera.

With the help of extremely positive stories on TV by “E! News Daily” and “20/20 Downtown”, the Woman’s Celebrity Health Spa in Malibu was now known around
the country and its incredibly gorgeous manager, Tracy Thresher, was now a bit of a celebrity herself.

Her gym was now filled with celebrities but Tracy made sure she was loyal to the people who had been with her back when the Spa was near bankruptcy and the 20-year-old Thresher took over in a move of desperation.

One of her best, and most loyal, fitness instructors was Gea Johnson. A well-muscled but attractive blonde with a winning personality, Johnson had worked at the famous Gold’s Gym in Malibu but left to join Tracy.

It appeared at the time Gea was moving from the penthouse to the outhouse but her being there gave Tracy’s Spa badly needed credibility at a time it sorely needed it.

Tracy eventually molded the Spa into a place where women could get intensive workouts of both their bodies and pussy, as instructors and clients worked out and slept together as they pleased.

Gea Johnson was one of the Spa’s most popular instructors, for both kinds of workouts, although no one was as popular as Tracy, particularly for the “other” kind of workout.

Tracy knew Gea had once been a track star but due to injuries never got a chance to be on the Olympic team. Now in her mid-30’s, Tracy assumed Johnson’s days as a competitive athlete were in the past.

However, one day at the Spa, Johnson excitedly came up to Tracy with a piece of paper in her hand. Thresher had just had sex with three women in the past 90 minutes so she was in a good mood.

“Tracy, this is really interesting, I was just at the health store buying some supplements and I ran into this guy, ” said Gea, who was wearing a cut-off tank top and shorts.

“You KNOW that doesn’t interest me, meeting a man,” said Tracy with a smile.

“No you dumb dyke slut,” said Gea, who being so close to Tracy could needle her like that. “This guy, Ivan, he used to be on the Canadian bobsled team and we got to talking and he said the United States and Canada are always looking for strong athletic people to push the sleds.

“They have expert bobsledders who do the driving but finding someone to give it a good push is really important to winning. You don’t have to have much experience, because once you do the push you just duck your head and let the driver do the rest. He said Herschel Walker, the football player, was on the U.S. bobsled team one year.”

“And what does this have to do with you,” said Tracy. “You’re 34 and you grew up in Arizona and live in Malibu. What do you know about snow sports?”

“Trace, making the Olympic team was my dream growing up. I didn’t make it on the track but I now I might have a second chance,” said Johnson, her voice cracking with emotion. “You know I’m in good shape. Jeez, we had sex for five straight hours last week.

“If I could get one of the top U.S. bobsledders to take me as a pusher. I could be in the Olympics, and the Winter Olympics are in Salt Lake City so all my friends, like you, and family can see me.”

“You achieved your dream Tracy, this is the best woman’s workout place in the country. Now, I’m asking you to help me with my dream.”

Tracy was visibly moved. Gea had helped her make the Spa what it was. It was now her turn to return the favor.

“OK, Gea, what do you want me to do?,” said Tracy.

“Well, I just called the U.S. Bobsled Federation and gave them my background and they said I could come up to Salt Lake and they would try me out on the sled of one of the lesser women to see if I have a future, and if I look good maybe they’d get me on a better sled if there is an opening.

“Anyhow, the top driver in the country is named Jean Racine. She’s won the world championship the last two years so whoever pushes for her is a lock to make the Olympic team and probably get the gold medal too.

“Her pusher is a girl named Jen Davidson. Not only are they teammates but best friends, the federation people told me there is no way Racine would ever replace Davidson, even if I was a faster pusher. They are like two peas in a pod they are such good friends.

“I don’t know how but I know you have a way Tracy of, ah, convincing people to do things they might not want to do. I need you to convince, somehow, Jean Racine to make me her pusher.”

“I’ll give it a try,” said Tracy.


Jean Racine and Jen Davidson were not only fine athletes but they were both very attractive women. Racine was short but very cute and perky looking with long black hair while Davidson was a tall and willowy brunette with the body of a model.

The media had dubbed them “The Glamour Girls” and even though the Olympics were still three months away their faces were already splashed on the cover of a number of magazines.

After a long hard day of training, they sat and had dinner at the host hotel. The Olympic trials, where the team would be selected, were only a week away.

“Do you think anyone can beat us Jean, that sled with the new girl, Gea Johnson, pushing is doing really well,” said Davidson with a note of concern.

“You worry too much Jen, no one can beat us,” said Racine confidently. “We have teamwork and chemistry no one else has because we’re such good friends.”

“I hope you’re right Jean, this 5th grade class in Salt Lake has adopted me as their favorite athlete,” said Davidson. “I’d hate to disappoint them.”

“Don’t worry, you won’t,” said Jean. “I’m your friend. I’ll take care of you. Now let’s get some shut-eye so we can take on that muscle-bound blonde.”


When Jean went up to her room she remembered a week ago she had found a note saying due to a past error in the hotel billing she was owed a free pay-per-view movie. “Wow, things are really going my way,” she thought at the time. Now, she felt was a good time to use the freebie.

When she turned to the pay-per-view channel on her TV set soothing music began emanating from the speakers. She picked the movie “Cool Runnings”, which was about the Jamaican bobsled team, and settled back on her bed, waiting for the movie to start.

All she got for a while on the screen was these swirling colored lights. Racine figured the movie would start soon so she watched the lights. She was in no hurry, she had nowhere to go, and she was feeling nice and relaxed, exactly what she wanted to feel after a long day of training.

After a while, Jean forgot about the movie. She was enjoying the lights, they were so pretty to watch so relaxing. The music was nice to, it was just such a nice place to be, here in Salt Lake.

It was so pretty and such a nice place to relax. Jean felt really relaxed and peaceful. Let other people think, she just wanted to sit and stare at the lights. She could do it all day. It was much better to let other people think. She was much better off just sitting here very relaxed and peaceful in this pretty place.


Jean’s phone rang, She was so relaxed and out of it she didn’t hear it until the fourth ring, even though her head was right next to the phone. She finally picked it up and listened silently for two minutes while she still stared at the lights.

Finally, Jean said: “Yes, I will obey.” And hung up the phone.

At the same time, Tracy put down her own phone in her own bedroom and turned to her lover, actress Christina Ricci. “Wow, I just think I just got Gea on the Olympic team, and by remote control yet.

“I am so turned on, take your nightie off Chris, you’re getting screwed but good and we’re probably not stopping until the sun comes up.”

Ricci didn’t know what the heck her girlfriend was talking about but if it got her a full night of sex she didn’t care why She threw her nightgown on the floor and Ricci’s and Tracy’s tongues began intertwining.


Gea Johnson sat in her bed reading a fitness magazine. She was a bit depressed.

A week ago she had sex with a middle-aged maid to let her in Jean Racine’s room so she could install the equipment in her TV that Tracy had given her but so far Racine had barely acknowledged her since then.

The No. 2 ranked U.S. sled of Jill Bakken and Vonetta Flowers was looking pretty good in practice so it looked like Gea’s Olympic dream was over since only the top two teams advanced to the Olympics.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Gea was surprised as she had been in Salt Lake such a short time and she hadn’t had time to make any friends.

When she opened the door, there stood Jean Racine in a bathrobe. Her eyes were unfocused and glassy but she wore a smile on her face.

“Can I come in Gea, I really need to talk to you, a really LONG talk,” said Racine in a flat monotone.

“Sure, make yourself at home Jean,” said Gea, who never having seen one of Tracy’s entranced subjects up close, was not sure what to make of this.

“Do you mind if I make myself comfortable Gea,” said Jean as she walked in.

“Oh no, please, go ahead,” said Gea.

With that, Jean took off her robe and revealed to Gea she had nothing on underneath. The now-naked Racine sat on Gea’s bed and patted the spot next to her for the now slightly-stunned Gea to sit next to her.

“Gea, I’ve noticed your push times and they are great,” said Racine. “I want you to be my new pusher. From now on, it’s me and you all the way.”

“Sure,” said Gea whose outward calmed hid her immense excitement at Tracy’s plan coming to fruition. “But what about Jen. I thought she was your best friend.?”

“That’ s the problem, she’s my FRIEND,” said Racine now reciting the reasons for the switch Tracy had programmed her to think, that the only way to win a gold was to have her pusher sleep with her. “For the Olympics you go all out. The most important thing for victory is chemistry between partners. Best friends might have good chemistry but lovers will have even more.

“Unfortunately, Jen is straight. She is the most wholesome All-American type you could possible find. For me to win, I need someone who will be my partner on the track and in the sack.

“I want you to be my lesbian lover as well as teammate. I warn you though, I might be small but I have a large appetite for sex. If you agree you better be prepared to lick my carpet a lot.”

After hanging around the perky and pretty Jean the past few weeks, Gea had become attracted to her and requested to Tracy that she make Racine want her as a girlfriend as well as a teammate.

“That’s fine with me,” said Gea. “I’ve spent the past few years at a place where they make sure you are in shape, mainly so you can have a lot of girl-girl sex.”

“I’ve seen you on the ice,” said Racine, raising an eyebrow. “Now, it’s time for your tryout as my girlfriend.”

Jean cuddled up to Gea and gave her a kiss. Gea returned the favor and made sure to use plenty of tongue. She wanted Jean to know she was ready for her “tryout”.

Jean lifted off the t-shirt Gea had been wearing, she wasn’t wearing a bra as her breasts were so fit it was unneeded to hold them up, and buried her face in Gea’s thick, luscious boobs. Lapping at her areola’s while her hands kneaded the large mounds. Jean ran her fingers through Gea’s blonde hair as she sat back and enjoyed the licking.

Jean began playfully biting at Gea’s nipples and that was enough to put Gea over the top as she shouted: “I’m cumming!!! and arched her back as juice spilled out of her slit as she screamed out her pleasure.

“Boy, I haven’t even begun to get serious and you’re already cumming,” said Jean with a grin.

“Don’t worry,” said Gea, totally turned on now that her Olympic dream was about to become a reality. “I’ve got plenty of time and plenty of cum left, bring it on.”

“I’m a gold medalist in bringing it on,” said Jean with a mischievous smile. She then dipped into the pocket of her bathrobe on the floor and produced a 12-inch dildo and smeared it with Gea’s pussy juice for lubricant and then strapped it on.

She began wailing away at Gea’s pussy with the dildo while Gea began working on Jean’s pert breasts with her tongue. Every time Jean drilled the dildo into her, Gea felt a rush of pure sexual desire. All her dreams were coming true and now Gea was almost being driven mad with lust as Jean was giving her the best banging she had since the last time she had sex with Tracy.

Jean had the dildo deep in her vagina now and Gea quickly shouted: “I’m cumming again” as juice spilled around the dildo and onto Jean, who quickly shrieked her own lust and began orgasming.

The pair flopped around the coach, wetness flung about, breasts flopping all around, screaming at the top of their lungs as their bodies were wracked with massive orgasms.

Jean caught her breath first. “That was amazing. That was the best sex I’ve ever had,” she said. “You’re on the team. Both the top bobsled and top lesbian sex teams as far as I’m concerned.”


The next morning, Racine broke the news to Jen Davidson that right before the Olympic trials she was out as her pusher and Gea Johnson was in. Davidson was too stunned to argue much. Her last couple of races had not been her best but she never expected this. Jean was her best friend after all. What would she tell those 5th-graders rooting for her?

Gea replacing Jen shook the bobsled world to its foundations. Jean ignored all the criticism and closed herself off to everyone but Gea. Her world was now nothing but racing with Gea by day and then having sex with her at night.

Davidson was now not only sledless but also jobless. Feeling a pang of guilt, Gea worked behind the scenes and arranged for Tracy to hire Jen as an instructor at the Spa.

Davidson was still a bit depressed when she started working at the Spa. It was a whole 48 hours on the job before she slept with Tracy, virtually a record. But Tracy liked Jen and quickly took the tall, slender brunette under her wing. Davidson’s outlook quickly brightened up as she immersed herself in the Spa’s sex-soaked fitness culture.

When Davidson was invited by the federation to be on a warm-up bobsled in Salt Lake, it went before the regular racers to make sure the course was smooth, Tracy decided to go up and keep her company and also root on her friend Gea.

Gea Johnson and Jean Racine seemed unbeatable going in, they set the course record in winning the Olympic trials, but Gea suffered a hamstring injury right before the Olympics.

She tried gamely to go on but she just couldn’t push as hard as usual. Their sled finished fifth, ironically the United States’ No. 2 rated sled of Jill Bakken and Vonetta Flowers won the gold.

Afterward, Jen and Tracy ran into Jean in the host hotel. Gea was away at a hospital getting her now-torn hamstring looked at.

“I’m sorry Jen, I should have stuck with you I guess,” said a depressed Jean.

Tracy could tell by the sharpness in Racine’s eyes that the traumatic event of the poor finish had shattered Tracy’s grip on Racine’s brain. Jean’s mind was thinking freely again.

“That’s OK, I forgive you Jean, it turns out you dumping me was the best thing that ever happened me,” said Davidson.

“What do you mean?” said Jean, who then noticed Jen and this very attractive woman next to her had their arms slung around each other’s waist.

“If I was still with you, I never would have gone to work at the Woman’s Celebrity Health Spa and met its manager, Tracy, this is her,” said Jen as she gave Tracy a light peck on the cheek. “My life is now so great. I live at the beach and all I do all day is workout, help other people work out and have sex with great looking woman.

“Tracy’s introduced me to a wonderful life as a hard-bodied lesbian slut. The racing with you was fun but outside of that my life was pretty plain. Even if you had kept me and we won the gold, right now I’d have nowhere to go and nothing to do and I’d be totally sexually frustrated.

“Now, thanks to Tracy, I have a purpose and every day I wake up is an adventure in sex.”

“Wait a second, all the years you raced with me, you were into girls, and you never told me,” said Racine. “I thought we were best friends and you held this back from me?”

“Well, I knew you were into us having a real wholesome image, I didn’t want to ruin the “Glamour Girl” image so I kept it quiet,” said Davidson. “Gee whiz Jean, didn’t you ever notice that in all our years together I never had a date and I was always hanging out with the really-butch looking Eastern European sledders.”

“Well, you never noticed I never had a date either,” said an exasperated looking Racine. “I’m a lesbian too. You were always so goody-two shoes with working with kids and stuff. I figured you were a real straight arrow so I never told you.

“Oh, great!! All those years we were best friends we could have been eating each other out. I was dying to have sex with you for so long ”

“So was I Jean,” said Jen. “I’d cry myself to sleep sometimes after spending a day with you. I wanted so badly to let you know how I really felt about you. I so badly wanted to have sex with you. It drove me nuts sometimes.”

“Well, I can tell you now, the only reason I replaced you was because I was having sex with Gea and having a lover in the sled I figured was better chemistry then just a friend, which is all I thought we could be,” said Racine, near tears. “Now, I’m stuck with this muscle-girl and it’s you I really wanted Jen. Is there a chance we can still have a relationship Jen?”

Jen said nothing for a moment, staring at the pleading face of Jean. Six months ago Davidson would have jumped for joy at the chance to be Jean’s lover but things were different now. She looked at Tracy who was noncommittal, she didn’t tell anyone who to have sex with, unless it was herself.

Finally, Jen spoke.

“Sorry Jean, you’re out. You know how things go. Times change, people change. You’re out and, oh, about 15 other women in. At least inside me.”

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