Celebrity Health Spa: Pitching And Catching

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: Pitching and catching by Rinky Dink (MC, FF) with Jennie Finch

The following is a work of fiction and any similarities to any real event or people are strictly coincidental. Due to sexual situations, no one under 18 should read this _ go away. This girl is the Official Hottie of the Olympics.

It was not a surprise that the Women’s Celebrity Health Spa in Malibu had a good portion of the United States Olympic softball team as members.

Most of the top softball players in the country were from the Southern California area and the Spa had a great reputation for giving
serious athletes top-notch workouts so they could “Go for the Gold”.

Of course, most serious softball players also play for another team “The Gay Team” and the Spa, under the direction of its super-fit, big-breasted brunette manager Tracy Thresher, also made sure to give a good workout to its members’ pussy.

The combination of exhausting workouts combined with exhaustive sex sessions with willing hard-bodied females _ with sex expert Tracy if they were lucky _ had lured so many players to the Spa it became the unofficial headquarters of the softball team.

Even the few straight players on it became members so they could work out with their teammates.

Whatever Tracy did, whether she got them in better condition, or through supplying the players with a constant stream of girl-on-girl sex made them relaxed and not worried about the pressure of representing their country, it worked as the United States had won the gold medal in softball both the 1996 and 2000 Olympics.

But the team had gone through a massive restructuring for 2004 and few players from the last two Olympic Games had survived.

Tracy wondered if the new players would want her Spa to be as important in the development of the team in 2004 as it had been in the past. However, her worries were soon put to rest, as rest was the farthest thing on the minds of the new crop of softball Olympians.

They were younger, hotter looking and if anything, Tracy and her staff decided, their appetite for sex with other women was even more voracious than the previous players.

“How many orgies can these girls have in a row,” wondered Tracy one night as the softball team and a bevy of gorgeous young instructors and selected super-hot members rolled around the floor in a writhing pile of female flesh. Not that she was complaining, Tracy was born with a super-high sex drive so she had an almost constant desire for sex.

One morning, two of the Olympians, veteran Lisa Fernandez and newbie Cat Osterman, came to Tracy’s office. As pitchers, they were automatically team leaders and had been key in the smooth transition of the new players into the lesbian sex-dominated lifestyle of the Spa.

Fernandez was a tall, Latin looker with a pretty face and an almost fanatical devotion to being a “Spa Slut”. She had started her career at UCLA as a chubby, lonely girl before being was steered to the Spa by a sympathetic field hockey player.

She fell totally under Tracy’s spell and soon she had dropped the weight, became a confident athlete, and developed a huge desire for sex with other women.

Osterman was from Texas and the brunette was tall, lean and had stunning legs and lesbian chat rooms constantly buzzed about how great looking she was. She had used her looks to seduce many a comely coed at Texas and had picked up the nickname “Cat” because she always seemed to be surrounded by pussy.

“Ladies, if you’re here to see if the ‘playroom’ is available for tonight, I’m sorry the answer is no,” said Tracy, who sat in her desk in her usual bra top and thong outfit, her large breasts barely encased in the thin blue lycra of the bra. “Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff have rented the facility and invited 30 other girls for some kind of a “makeup” party as they called it.”

“I assume it will be all teenage actresses, but you also will be in attendance,” said Lisa with a smile.

“Of course, who do you think, uh, ‘talked’ them into making up,” said Tracy with a smirk and a wink. “Let’s just say tonight they will be thinking a lot more how they can become a lot closer than about Aaron Carter.”

“Coach called an early practice for tomorrow so no orgy tonight anyhow, unfortunately,” said Cat. “But we did come here to talk to you about sex but it’s more of a sex problem we’re hoping you can solve.”

“I’ve had sex with you 4 times this week Cat and with you Lisa 3 times,” said Tracy with a little smile, remembering the wailings of lesbian lust the two athletes had produced in bed. “Believe me, both of you function just fine sexually.”

“It’s not us who is having the sexual problem, at least it might be a problem,” said Lisa. “It’s the other pitcher on the team besides me and Cat.”

“Jennie Finch!” said Tracy with shock. “That girl is gorgeous. She beat Anna Kournikova out in voting for Hottest Looking Athlete. She looks like Pamela Anderson if she was 20-years-old and all her body was natural. She must have plenty of guys wanting to get in her cooch.

“I wish I had a crack at her honey pot but you girls all told me she is like miss super-religious, super-straight girl and she’ll never have a women’s tongue in her.”

“Yeah, that’s kind of the sexual problem,” said Lisa. “You know us Trace. Nothing is more important than the team and, straight or gay, if you are on the team you are our sister and the couple of girls like Jennie who for whatever reason choose not to have sex with other women we support their decision 100-percent.”

“The thing is, we’re not sure Jennie supports that decision herself 100-percent,” chimed in Cat who frankly was getting a bit distracted starting at Tracy incredible body.

“Huh, I don’t get it,” said Tracy. “Are you saying Jennie Finch is a closet lesbian.”

“She might be so deep in the closet she doesn’t even know she’s in there,” said Lisa. “And we need your help to find out if she is in the closet or not because it’s starting to effect the team, and as a team captain I want no distractions whatsoever in pursuit of the gold medal.”

Lisa and Cat, when she could break away from staring at Tracy with a hungry look in her eye, then filled Tracy in on all the details:

Jennie had been with the Olympic team for only a year, joining right after she graduated from the University of Arizona.

She had immediately shown herself to be likeable and despite all the publicity she received due to her looks she was very down to earth and totally team oriented and had fit in well with the rest of the players.. However, off the field, she was engaged to a baseball player and made it clear she had no interest in being bisexual.

Yet during her time there she had done things that made some wonder about which team she really played for.

Her room was festooned with posters but instead of the usual ones of hunks like Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio a young straight girl should have, she had posters of Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and even her poll rival Anna Kournikova. She also had the Brooke Burke calendar up on her wall.

Her favorite musical group was the Indigo Girls and she was big fan of women’s golf.

All of that would have been chalked up to just some personality quirks if not for several other issues.

So there would be no distractions, when the team was on the road it usually had a whole floor of a hotel to itself.

Since there were no outsiders to impress, most of the girls walked around in casual wear like sweatsuits or t-shirts and shorts but Jennie would frequently stroll around in a sheer, lacy white bra and white cotton panties, like she wanted the girls on the team to see the goods, maybe hoping deep inside they would one day sample them.

The clincher was the showers.

Jennie was always running around with a fresh bar of soap volunteering to “soap up” any girl on the team who wanted it. Of course, most of the lesbians on the team were than happy to have luscious Jennie Finch press the soap all over their body.

And Jennie was ALWAYS the last one out of the shower, like she didn’t want to leave, like she could see something there that when she got out she would miss dearly.

The girls began debating about Jennie’s sexual attitudes and decided on an experiment. They would wait a full 15 minutes after Jennie got in the shower before any of them would join her. They did it on a day when Jennie did not pitch so her shower should be quite quick.

Jennie was almost a complete prune when she finally got out of the shower but she had once again not left the area until every other girl had showered and headed for the locker room to put their clothes on.

“That’s when we had a secret team meeting and decided the best thing to do is ask for your help in clearing this up,” said Lisa. “It’s tearing our team up.

“The mere thought that Jennie might be into girls has a lot of the lesbians on the team all fired up, they want to lick her so bad they want to confront her about it and hope she realizes she is a lesbian and then she’ll have sex with them. But the straight girls say it is unfair to impose our lifestyle on her unless she asks for it.”

“Both the straight and gays on our team respect you Tracy,” said Cat. “We figure if Jennie would have sex with any women, it is you. Then we can know the truth and relax and get back to what is important, winning the gold for the United States.”

“Basically, you want me to seduce Jennie Finch into coming out of the closet and admit she is a lesbian, or find out she’s just got weird tastes in some things,” said Tracy. “I’m in, hopefully in her, but I’ll need your girls help in setting it up.”

“Well support you completely Tracy,” said Lisa.

“Yes, absolutely,” said Cat who then untied her thin black top and pulled down her shorts, revealing her lack of a bra or panties. “Now could support my desire to have sex with you right now Tracy?”

“Hey, don’t forget me,” said Lisa who quickly whipped off her top and shorts, showing she had no underwear on as well.

“I wish Jennie Finch was as easy to get into bed as you two lesbian sex fiends,” laughed Tracy as she guided the nude pair to her private bedroom.


“I can admit when I am wrong and I was totally wrong about you,” said Jennie Finch as Tracy spotted Jennie on the leg-lifting apparatus. Her long, curvy body flexing up and down, her long blonde hair cascading around her shoulders as she grunted through the set.

“I didn’t know you thought there was anything wrong with me,” said Tracy. “We’ve been working together for a week now on strengthening your bad back and you’ve been the perfect pupil. I couldn’t ask for a better client.”

“Funny, after spending all this time with you I don’t feel like I’m a client and you’re my instructor,” said Jennie as she rolled off the machine and began toweling off the beads of sweat covering her pinkish-hued face.

“I feel like you’re my friend, a good friend at that. I was a little hesitant first when the girls suggested you could help me with my back strain. I had this idea you were this total sex freak who like ran around trying to get in every girls snatch she could find.

“But you’ve been very professional as well very kind to me all week and when I discovered that on Sunday’s you let local church youth groups have access to the Spa at no cost (“Well, a lot of times the Sunday School teacher loses access to her clothes in the back with me,” thought Tracy) that just sealed it.

“You’re my kind of person Tracy and I’d love to get to know you better.”

“What to you mean by that,” said Tracy with a wink as she and Jennie walked back to Tracy’s office for lunch.

“Oh, c’mon, Tracy, you know I’m engaged,” said Jennie. “But I really admire you because I know you like girls and, let’s face it, I’d be a nice prize for you and yet you have totally respected my being straight.”

“I’d respect you either way,” said Tracy with a laugh.

Tracy had her usual super-healthy lunch of a plate of lettuce with no dressing and a couple of diced carrots while Jennie carbed up on some pasta primavera.

Tracy made sure Jennie’s glass was full of the special drink she said would help energize Jennie and Jennie liked the sweet taste and drank several glasses of the dark liquid.

When they had entered the room, Tracy had immediately gone to the stereo and put on some New Age-style music. It wasn’t the women’s music that Jennie favored but she had to admit it was soothing.

Jennie relaxed as she chatted with Tracy. What a wonderful person and what a smokin’ body, thought Jennie. The lesbians on the team must have a field day with her. I bet she’s great in the sack, she has to be.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Cat just camped outside her house so she could have sex with her all the time (actually Tracy had told Cat to get her sleeping bag off her lawn several weeks before).

Jennie’s head began to weave back and forth and her eyes were becoming glassy and unfocused. Tracy saw the mind relaxants in the drink plus the subliminal messages from the stereo about how Jennie had to relax and how great looking and wonderful Tracy was were doing their job.

Tracy got up and wheeled over a TV screen.

“I found this video on exercises to help bad backs Jennie, I think it will help you a lot,” said Tracy as she popped in a tape marked “Tracy’s Private!”

“Thanks Trace..you’re….just great,” said Jennie who barely could get the words out and now had a dazed look on her face.

“The only thing is, there is a long introduction until the show actually begins,” said Tracy as colored swirling lights appeared on the screen.

“Be patient and look at the screen Jennie. Look at the lights while you wait. Aren’t they peaceful. They are so relaxing. Just keep looking at the lights. Fall into the lights. Let you’re mind wander and look at the lights Jennie. Feel good, feel wonderful, feel relaxed. You’re with Tracy and everything is alright, perfect actually.

“Just listen to my voice and relax and fell good, feel relaxed.”

Jennie was by now barely able to keep her head upright or her glazed eyes open. Apparently, the trust Tracy had built up with Jennie by being her friendly and dedicated fitness instructor had worked as Jennie had made no attempt to fight the hypnosis she was now falling deeply under.

“Feeling great, feeling the best ever, feeling relaxed Jennie, that’s it,” continued Tracy. “Now let’s relax totally and close your Jennie. Close those tired, tired eyes but still listen to my voice.”

Usually, her subjects eyes fluttered a bit before succumbing to her mind control techniques but Jennie’s eyelids quickly slammed shut and her head pitched off to the side.

Tracy turned off the tape and put the TV set back against the wall. As she looked at the slumbering figure of Jennie Finch in the chair, Tracy got a slight shiver up her spine.

The girls had told her there was talk of a women’s professional softball league if the USA could win the gold medal in Athens. Tracy realized the hopes and dreams of the many good friends (and frequent sex partners) she had on the team would be dashed unless Tracy now discovered the truth about Jennie Finch’s real sexual preference.

“Jennie, stay in this wonderful, prefect, relaxed state you are in but raise your head and open your eyes and look at me,” said Tracy softly. Jennie quickly complied and Tracy saw Jennie’s eyes were vacant. She had no thought process whatsoever, she would do whatever Tracy told her to do.

“You know Jennie you can trust me, I’m the one who put you in this wonderful state you are now feeling,” said Tracy.

“Thank you Tracy,” said Jennie in a flat tone.

“All I ask in return is that you be honest with me Jennie, truly honest,” said Tracy gently as she rubbed the back of her hand over Jennie’s apple cheeks. “Not what you think is the truth or want to be the truth but what you honestly deep down feel.”

“Yes Tracy, I trust you, I will be honest,” said Jennie.

“Jennie, your teammates on the softball team care very much for you,” said Tracy. “They are concerned that you not being true to yourself. They care about your happiness very much. Are you doing something in your life that is not what you really want deep down.”

“Yes..uh..sort of,” said Jennie very slowly in a monotone.

Tracy grinned to herself, she knew pretty much which would come next and frankly, she couldn’t wait to get a taste of the blonde sexpot.

“Tell me the truth, the whole truth Jennie, this is Tracy, you know you can trust me,” said Tracy.

“I…I’m marrying Casey because of his money,” breathed Jennie. “He’s a nice guy and all but the fact he is a big league pitcher and makes a lot of money I do truly love. I really don’t mind trading sex for economic stability. I can concentrate on softball and not worry about paying the bills.”

Tracy was stunned.

Jennie wasn’t a carpetlicker, she was a golddigger!!

She had been sure Jennie was going to admit to lesbian tendencies and then her and Tracy could have sex but seemingly sweet Jennie was in fact a cold-blooded moneygrubber who was marrying for money. Tracy had been completely misguided on what kind of a person Jennie Finch was.

Tracy did not know what to say next. She figured she’d wrap it up quickly and give the bad news to the girls, Jennie was not a lesbian, she was a lout and Tracy knew this would fracture them even further.

Just to make conversation, Tracy then asked, “Oh, how did you and Casey meet anyhow.”

“We were students at Arizona, we met in psychology class,” said Jennie.

“Oh Really,” said Tracy, it’s a long shot but maybe I’m on to something, she thought. “What was the name of the course?”

“Decision making through Hypnosis,” said Jennie. “It was a great class. I got an “A” thanks to Casey. We were study partners and we would practice hypnotizing each other for hours and hours.

“He would flash a watch at me at 4 p.m. and I wouldn’t remember a darn thing until 10 p.m. After the course was over I broke up with my lover and we began dating and have been a couple ever since.”

“Hope the guy you were seeing until then took the breakup well,” said Tracy, who now understood why Jennie had been hypnotized so easily, her mind had been put to sleep many times before.

“No guy, a girl,” said Jennie.

“Eureka!! I hit the jackpot,” thought Tracy.

“A girl, that’s interesting Jennie, please tell me all about your sexual history up until you met your fiancée,” said Tracy.

“It’s a pretty big history book,” said Jennie with a slight giggle. “Remember, I’ve played softball since I was a kid and a lot of those girls are, you know, into other girls. When I was 14 I stayed at the house of one of my travel team teammates and she talked me into making out with her and I liked it _ a lot

“The next time she came over to my house when everyone else was away and we went all the way, even down there, and I liked it even more. I knew I wanted this feeling as much as possible.

“Word got around the team, I guess the other girl bragged about how she bagged the pretty blonde pitcher, and soon other girls on the team began hitting on me so I had sex with them and discovered the more girls I had sex with the better I liked it.

“You want me to be honest, I know I am a major piece of tail and I could with my looks get almost any girl I wanted to have sex with me. It might be a girl working at the mall, someone I see at a restaurant and of course the many softball players I run into, I wanted to have sex with them all.

“One game, I realized by coincidence the entire starting nine of a team we were playing I’d at some time had sex with. I pitched my first no-hitter that day.

“Up until I met Casey that’s pretty much my history. If I saw a pretty girl, I would have sex with her. Didn’t matter if she was a lesbian or not, she became one for the time I was in bed with her. I became pretty good at luring girls into my bed. There are lot of girls in my hometown who lost their virginity to me. That’s about it Tracy. Any further questions?”

Tracy truly was at a loss for words at the moment..

Until this guy had hypnotized her into falling for him, or more likely Tracy thought, realizing she would never be that sexually attracted to him so he reshuffled her priorities and made her want to be with whoever could support her financially the best, Jennie Finch had been a complete lesbian slut.

Tracy did quickly come up with a solution. She would reshuffle the deck in Jennie’s mind one more time, and hopefully return her to her real self with her real desire for lots of girl-on-girl sex.

“Jennie, you make a lot of money through endorsements and working on TV don’t you,” said Tracy.

“Not like millions but I do pretty well,” said Jennie.

“When the United States wins the gold, I think you will be even more famous and make more money,” said Tracy.

“If you say so Tracy, I totally trust you,” said Jamie.

“Well, I can assure you Jennie, and lets be honest, you will be making millions in the next few years,” said Tracy. “You nice, bright, wholesome, a winner and super-hot. You will make much more money than Casey will playing baseball.”

“Really Tracy,” said Jennie, her eyes blinking a lot as she considered this information.

Tracy knew, the way her mind had been programmed, if Tracy could convince Jennie she would make more money than Casey, his hold over her brain would be broken.

“Definitely,” said Tracy with authority. “I guarantee it. There is no way in the world Casey Daigle will earn more money than you.”

Jennie suddenly began blinking even more and her head began jerking around. Her mind was in free fall Tracy realized, the grip Casey had on it was being shattered at that very moment. Tracy knew the best thing for Jennie was to sleep through the swift reorganizing of her mind.

“Jennie, when I count to 3 you will fall into a deep, dreamless sleep, when you wake up all of Casey’s instructions, as well as mine, will be wiped away from your memory never to be thought of again. 1-2-3!”

Jennie immediately closed her eyes and her head pitched forward. She still shook a bit but her body was in a much calmer state then the spastic twitching Tracy had seen her do a minute before.

Tracy bent down and cradled Jennie’s exquisite 6-foot-1 body in her arms and carried her into her private bedroom. For once, her waterbed would be used for sleep and not great physical exertion.


When Jennie finally woke up, Tracy was leaning over her, which meant Jennie’s eyes first sight was right at Tracy’s large breasts as they were right in her face.

“Wha…what happened Tracy,” Jennie finally sputtered out. “I feel so weird and so tired and my head hurts.”

“I think you had a bad reaction to the pasta or something, you kind of blanked out watching the video and I took you here to rest,” said Tracy as she gave Jennie some aspirin and a glass of water.

Tracy had seen the bug-eyed look Jennie had given her firm round mounds when she woke up. If things had gone as planned, Jennie was now into girls, even if she didn’t realize it _ yet.

“Thanks for taking care of me so well, you are such a great friend,’ said Jennie.

“Well, I have another appointment in about an hour so just lay there and relax Jennie,” said Tracy who moved to the dresser at the side of the bed. “I just want to throw on a fresh top and thong on, these things can get itchy.”

Tracy unhooked her bra top and the Jennie eyes widened as she saw the perfectly round breasts now bounce freely. Tracy then pulled down her thong and Jennie got a good look at Tracy’s completely bald pussy. “A Brazilian,” she muttered to herself.

Tracy rummaged through her drawers looking for the right outfit as Jennie sat up very straight in the bed and just stared at Tracy’s incredible body. Of course, Tracy had been doing it all just to get this kind of reaction from Jennie.

After a few minutes, Tracy turned around and Jennie got a full frontal of a nude Tracy.

“Darn it, I just remembered, the appointment if for tomorrow, not today,” said Tracy. “Oh well. We can still have fun, right Jennie?”

Jennie had almost been hypnotized again simply looking at Tracy’s incredible body, she could barely speak: “Uh…sure…of course Trace.”

Tracy then sat down on the bed and bent over and gave Jennie a kiss, making sure to use plenty of tongue, so sure she got her full intentions.

Jennie gave a brief sigh when their lips parted.

“I want you Jennie, I want you so bad, I want you now,” said Tracy looking directly into Jennie’s eyes.

Jennie didn’t say a word for a few seconds. She then reach down and pulled off her top and snapped off her sports bra. She then went under the covers and her shorts were soon flung past Tracy’s head and to the floor.

“Take me now you magnificent pagan beast,” shouted Jennie as got out of the covers and threw her body onto Tracy’s. “I always wanted to say that.”

The pair began making out passionately and the sucking sound of their French-kissing reverberated through the room.

Tracy began moving her hands down Jennie’s chest and began rubbing her breasts with her hands and made sure to pinch the nipples.

“Ohhh, ohhh yes Tracy,” moaned Jennie. “I’ve waited so long, so long.”

Jennie began cupping and squeezing Tracy’s large, supple breasts and began moaning even louder.

Tracy’s hands eventually went farther south and began playing with Jennie’s clit. It took only a few gentle rubs before Jennie led out a scream: “Yes-s–s-s-s-s-s–s-s!!!!!” as her hips began bucking and soon Tracy’s hand was covered in her love juice.

The whole experience had turned Tracy on, having lesbian sex with Jennie Finch was a like a dream come true, and Tracy let out a small grunt and her back arched as she began having her own orgasm.

When both had finally stopped their orgasming, Tracy saw that Jennie’s eyes were filled with pure lust.

“I still respect you,” said Tracy with a smile.

“Well if you can keep doing that to me, I have the utmost respect for you,” said Jennie with a slight giggle.

“You want more, huh,” said Tracy.

“A lot more, but not the side you’ve been working,” said Jennie. “I want anal.”

Tracy smiled and got up and dipped into a drawer filled with sex toys and lashed a strap-on to her waist (not the special 12-inch vibrating one though, Tracy thought Jennie’s head might explode if she hammered that into her butt).

Jennie mewled as she flipped onto her stomach and her legs kicked up and down at the sight of Tracy wearing the strap-on.

Tracy began slowly as she figured sweet, All-American girl Jennie would have a tight ass but she soon quickened the pace as her butt was surprisingly loose and the strap-on easily went in and out (“She must have had a ton of anal before,” though Tracy.)

Jennie was soon shrieking her lust and her hands were balled into fists as they pounded the bed as she climbed the heights of sexual ecstasy as Tracy continued to drill her behind.

Jennie let out one final scream before her butt began clenching and Tracy quickly withdrew the strap-on. Jennie was soon bouncing up and down and the waterbed just accentuated the massive orgasm now coursing through her as she looked like a white rubber ball bouncing on top of a wave.

Jennie’s TV commentating work had obviously given her a strong voice Tracy thought as Jennie continued to shout and shriek as she orgasmed.

“Thank goodness I soundproofed this long ago,” thought Tracy. “People would think I’m strangling a cat.”

When the orgasm ran its course and Jennie could catch her breath, in a now hoarse voice, Jennie said: “Can I like live here? That way I can have sex with women all the time when I’m not playing.”

“I think you might give the night cleanup crew a start,” said Tracy with a smile. “Actually, if you remember Jennie you are here on Lisa’s guest pass. You’re not even a member of the Spa.”

“That’s changing quick,” as Jennie rolled her nude body over so she could see Tracy at the edge of the bed, taking off the strap-on. “What’s that you have on the fee list out there. The Executive Gold Membership? I want the fullest privileges I can get.”

“That’s nice,” said Tracy who knew about 12 softball players who would want to enjoy those privileges with Jennie. “But I warn you, the Executive Gold Membership is very expensive.”

“Sex is more important than money,” said Jennie with a laugh. “And a lot of girls are going to have a ball with my pussy from now on.”

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