Celebrity Health Spa: Ryding The Mermaid, Part 1

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: “Ryding” the mermaid, Part 1

By Rinky Dink


(FF, MC)

“This is the best I’ve felt in weeks,” said Winona Ryder as her head dove back into Tracy’s neatly trimmed curly brown tuft, her tongue eagerly lapping away at her clit.

“I’m feeling pretty good myself, o-h-h-h-h-h,” said Tracy as she arched her back in orgasmic ecstasy, her cum spilling onto Ryder’s face. She quickly began licking at the cum and its sweet taste turned on Winona enough where she soon let out a shriek and began writhing around the waterbed in Tracy’s inner office
for her own orgasm.

“Sex with you always solves my problems,” said Winona smiling at Tracy as she began French kissing her hard. She would continue kissing Tracy until she got up enough strength to get into more heavier sexual activity again and let loose with another orgasm.

Ryder was a long-time member of the Women’s Celebrity Health Spa in Malibu. It’s manager, the young, exceptionally fit and beautiful large-busted brunette Tracy Thresher, had made the place a spot where female famous people could get a good workout in the gym and in bed with a bevy a gorgeous instructors.

A doctor had diagnosed Tracy that she was born with an exceptionally high sex drive, and she led the pack in getting celebrities into the sack.

This was a bit of a “sex by request”, although Tracy needed little excuse to have sex with an attractive woman like the cute, waif-like Winona.

Tracy’s official girlfriend, actress Christina Ricci (whom Tracy had hypnotized into wanting Tracy to have sex with as many people as possible, thinking they would be jealous she was dating Tracy and not them) had been friends with Ryder since way back when they were co-stars in the movie “Mermaids.”

Winona had stunned all of Hollywood when she was arrested for shoplifting $5,000 worth of merchandise at a Beverly Hills store. At the time of her arrest she had appeared dazed and confused, claiming she didn’t know how the items got in her purse.

Since Ryder had made millions in movies and could have easily paid for the stolen goods, it just made no sense. Winona had virtually dropped out of sight for the past year, accepting no movie roles, and that plus the shoplifting charge made most people in the business assume she was deeply into drugs.

However, Ricci did not believe her friend would fall into the drug scene and had asked Tracy to get to the bottom of it. “Don’t worry, after the fourth orgasm, no woman can lie,” Tracy had assured her.

Tracy currently had a dildo pumping in and out of Winona’s slit while one hand was rubbing her clit and the other was in Ryder’s rear, giving her some anal sex.

Winona had never felt so sexed up in her life as she yelled at the top of her lungs, “I-m-m-m-m, c-u-m-m-m-m-m-i-i-i-i-i-n-n-n–n-n-g-g-g-g!!!! ”

Ryder almost did a backflip on the bed, her pussy juice shooting out like a geyser, and her body shook and flopped as the mother of all orgasms ripped through her small, delicate body.

Afterward, Winona lay on the bed, a glazed expression on her face, her mind and body both physically and emotionally spent. Of course, this was exactly what Tracy had planned.

“I guess you’re done for a while,” smiled Tracy, as she sat next to Ryder. She made sure her nude butt was right in front of Ryder’s eyes, her inviting pussy there for Ryder to stare at as they talked.

So anyhow, what’s up with the shoplifting deal, you into drugs or something and needed to score some quick cash?”

“No, No, you know of all people Tracy I’m into healthy stuff, I don’t even drink carbonated soda,” said Winona in a very tired voice. “I….I don’t know why I was there. I don’t remember anything until the officer stopped me outside the store.

I guess I just blacked out for a bit. I’ve putting in a lot of hours at the shelter and probably was buying stuff for there and was so tired I forget to pay for it. That’s all I can figure out.”

“What shelter?”

“Well, you know I really haven’t been active in movies lately, and I’ve only been coming here once in a while, but after today reminded me how great it is here I’ll be more regular from now on.

“Anyhow, I was going to do this movie on homeless people and I went down to this private homeless shelter in Los Angeles. The woman who runs it is a former prostitute, Maggie Evans, she’s pretty young and a real looker but she has this shelter for homeless females under 30.

“It’s really a nice place, I don’t know how she raises the money to afford it, and I got talking to her and decided I wanted to be involved in her work. I kinda got so wrapped up in it I forgot about everything else I guess.”

Winona had come from a nice, educated family but Tracy had grown up on the street and despite all her success she still had her street smarts. Something didn’t ring true about this Maggie Evans person.

“Well, it sounds real interesting Win, maybe you’re overworked there,” said Tracy. “Chris I know has been looking for a charity to help out with. Maybe next time you go down there your can bring her along, she might be able to lighten your load.”

“Great idea Tracy,” said Winona. “Speaking of loads, my cum load is ready to go again. Get that dildo and let’s go another round.”


Since Winona hadn’t seen Christina Ricci in person for a while she was a bit taken aback when she saw the transformation that dating Tracy and all the hours she now spent at the Spa had done to her friend.

Ricci had always been pretty with pale skin, large, thick breasts and a nice, round butt along with a curvy figure. Now, all the baby fat was gone and her body was cut. Her breasts were firm and stood out even more from her rock-hard body. Her butt was now smooth and firm and even more inviting. Ricci had gone from attractive to downright incredible looking.

“Wow,” said Ryder as Ricci got into her car to be driven to the homeless shelter, she was wearing a light summer dress that stopped well above her knees. “You certainly are not my chubby little sister from Mermaids anymore.”

“I know, I’ve gotten double the number of movie offers since I’ve been going out with Tracy, and they all want me to do nude scenes,” said Ricci. “No one ever asked that of me before. No one cared until Tracy took over my body.”

The two old friends chatted amiably as Ryder drove into a rather seedy part of L.A. She finally stopped at a large, well-kept house on an otherwise dilapidated block. The sign in front identified it as: “Maggie’s Hospice for Homeless Young Woman.”

Ricci was a kind-hearted person and she did regret with all the time she spent on her acting and with Tracy she had not done much charity work lately. If Maggie was legit, she would love to help, if not, she would make sure her friend Winona would see the truth and they could both help a worthy charity.

When Winona knocked on the door, a pert blonde no more than 20 opened it, she was dressed in just bra and panties, the bra barely contained her large breasts.

“Hi, Win,” she said.

“Hi, Carly,” said Ryder, “This is my friend Chris. We here to see Maggie.”

“Yeah, I know,” said the busty blonde. “She’s expecting you. She’s in her office. She asked me to be in there with you so your friend can see an example of the good work Mag’s does.”

As they made their way to Evanss office, Ricci looked around the surroundings. She wasn’t that familiar with homeless shelters but she was sure they didn’t have chandeliers and antiques but this one did.

She also noticed other young, attractive women in bra and panties scurrying around the place.

“What’s with the no clothes, these girls wear even less than the instructors at the Spa,” whispered Ricci to Winona.

“It’s Maggie’s way of making everyone feel equal when they enter this house, you don’t dress, or undress, any better than anyone else,” said Ryder. “It also makes sure the women keep fit, you would appreciate that.

“Maggie says no one wants to hire homeless people in general but especially homeless fat people so we have a gym, not as nice as the Spa of course, but still nice, where women work out to keep in shape.”

This was the craziest homeless shelter she had ever heard of, thought Christina, as she entered Evans’ office.


Christina had been in a lot of fancy Hollywood executives’ offices and Maggie Evans’ office ranked right with the best of them. The floor was marble, the walls filled with expensive artwork and her desk was pure mahogany. Ricci’s mind was in total confusion at this point.

A long, lean blonde who looked about 28 came from around the expensive desk. Winona had been dead on, she was certainly a looker.

“Hi, Maggie Evans, but call me Maggie,” said the tall woman with champagne colored hair wearing a blue pantsuit. “You certainly don’t have to introduce yourself. I’m a big fan of your work Miss Ricci. Can I call you Chris? Please sit down.

“I and the rest of the girls here were very excited when Winona told us you were interested in doing some volunteer work here.”

“Well, helping the homeless is an issue I’d like to get more involved with,” said Ricci, who noted that Evans was looking her up and down like a hungry lion does a piece of meat. “I’ve been so blessed in my life I’d like to help people who are not as fortunate.”

“That’s a great attitude, I wish more celebrities like you and Winona had that spirit,” said Evans as she sat down. “Oh, it’s a bit hot in here. Would you mind if I turn my little fan here on?”

“No, go ahead, and please, call me Chris,” said Ricci, who wondered as the fan’s multi-colored spirals gave Ricci a bit of a breeze why the fan was aimed at her since Maggie was the one who was hot.

Ricci did not notice that as soon as the fan started that, sitting next to her, Winona’s face had gone completely blank, her face slack and her eyes glazed over. If she had turned around she would have seen Carly in the same, out-of-it state.

“I must say, ah, Maggie, I am a bit concerned about this house, it is, you must admit, a bit …opulent, for a homeless shelter. Financially, I would like to be affiliated with a place where most of the resources are directed toward the people who need it.”

Maggie gave Carly a brief glance and the busty, near-naked blonde turned slowly and went over to a wooden box on the top shelf of a bureau near the door. Ricci did not notice as she continued talking, and that fan was getting a bit distracting, it was getting harder to look at Maggie and not the colored spirals.

“….My other main concern is, well, the way people dress here. I’m not some radical feminist or anything but having a bunch of women run around in bra and panties….owwwww!”

Carly had gotten a firm quick hold on Ricci’s head and had plunged a hypodermic needle full of clear liquid into the base of her neck.

“That’s it, we’re out of here, come on Winona!…Winona?” said Ricci as she looked at her stone-faced friend, who had not moved a muscle since the spiral had started.

“Carly, Winona, please restrain Chris in her chair and make sure her head is facing this way,” intoned Evans in a commanding voice.

Instantly, Ryder got up and pushed her friend back into her chair. Carly came from behind and grabbed her arms while Winona held down her legs as Christina squirmed to get free.

Neither Carly or Winona were very big and, thanks to all her workouts at the Spa, Ricci’s body rippled with muscle. She broke free of Winona’s grip, sending her tumbling to the floor. She then tore her arms away from Carly.

As Carly then came forward to try and subdue Christina she gave her a hard push and Carly crashed hard into the wood paneling on the far wall and quickly crumpled to the ground. Her eyes were closed, her breathing steady, as she was completely knocked unconscious.

Ricci then turned around as Winona had gotten up and appeared ready to pounce on Ricci again. To Christina, this seemed to be a total nightmare and she desperately wanted to wake up.

“Stop Winona, stop everyone!!” shouted Maggie, with a stern look on her face. “Chris, please sit down and I promise to tell you everything, and I mean everything, you want to know. The honest truth.”

“What about my friend here,” said Christina as Winona stood there in her blank-looking condition, swaying slightly.

“If after I talk to you, you don’t want to not be associated with us, I promise she will be changed into her previous condition, I swear,” said Evans, a bit of nervousness in her voice as she realized Christina could punch the daylights out of her if she wasn’t careful.

“OK,” said Christina as she sat back down in her chair. “But it better be good.”

Maggie sat back down in her large, leather chair, a bit of a smile on her face. In a roundabout fashion, Christina Ricci had just unknowingly agreed to sign over her body, mind and soul to her.

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