Celebrity Health Spa: Ryding The Mermaid, Part 2

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: “Ryding” the mermaid, part 2

By Rinky Dink



Christina Ricci was not a violent person but with the taut body her lesbian lover, Tracy Thresher, had supervised sculpting at her Woman’s Celebrity Health Spa, her new found super-fitness had come in handy.

For some reason, on a visit to Maggie’s Hospice for Homeless Young Women to volunteer to do charity work, she been injected with a liquid and then attacked on the orders of its director, Maggie Evans. by two women, one of them her close friend Winona Ryder.

Ricci had
knocked one attacker unconscious and Ryder now stood straight as an arrow in Evans’ office in a zombie-like state. Maggie had now promised to tell her the truth.

Christina found it a bit hard to see the attractive blonde, she was a bit hunched over behind her desk, right in front of the “fan” with the multi-colored spirals Ricci had found so fascinating before.

“This better be good,” said Christina in a threatening tone.

“Oh it will be,” said Maggie. “See, I am the most beautiful woman in the world and every women wants to obey any command I give.”

Ricci thought this blonde bastard was a bit full of herself but allowed her to continue.

“Anyhow, the story starts when I came here as a teenager. Typical story, had a fight with my parents, came to Hollywood to seek my fame and fortune, ended up hooked on drugs and a prostitute.

“I was working a corner not far from here when this fairly young guy in a suit comes up to me for a good time. He was carrying a briefcase. Said he was inbetween appointments downtown and had some time to kill.

“Say, Chris, it’s awful hot in here. Why don’t you take off that dress?”

Ricci did suddenly feel a bit warm, heck, it seemed most people in this place were in bra and panties except for Maggie, why not? It was a shame someone as gorgeous as Maggie was doing such mean things. She could be a supermodel or a Playboy Playmate, thought Christina, as she shed her dress

Maggie audibly gasped when she got an up-close look as Christina’s incredible body, lean, tan and with thick breasts that her bra struggled to harness and a firm, round butt.

“Getting back to the story now that you’re comfortable. Just look at the spirals on the fan as we talk. It really relaxes people. The more they look, the more relaxed they become.”

Ricci agreed, Maggie was amazing beautiful but it was nice to look at those spirals. Every second she looked at them she felt more content and at peace.

“So me and this guy go to this hotel and I do my thing with him. He’s sleeping so I go to his wallet to pick up a few extra bucks and I see his ID card. He’s with the CIA! In his pocket are the keys to the briefcase. Just out of curiosity, I open up the briefcase and in it is a pamphlet that says “Operation Control” on it.

“I start reading it and it says this drug can turn anyone into a mindless slave, following the orders of whoever gets to them first while the drug is in their system, which is only for like 10 minutes. I see a vial there and I figure, hell, I’m 20, a drug addict and a hooker, my life is going nowhere, and maybe this is a way out.

“I inject the drug into the sleeping CIA guy. When he wakes up I find it works perfectly. He does anything I tell him too. He told me it is an experimental project and that he is there to report on its progress .to some bigwigs.

“I tell him to report that so far the drug is a failure but needs more testing. The vials don’t have much shelf life so I order him to send a few vials each month, and that’s pretty much that.

“I look around the area, see all these good-looking girls throwing their life away. I decided their minds were obviously screwed up, they were better off letting me think for them. When I started this, I would see a pretty young girl on the street and I’d lure her here, inject them, and then she would be mine and work for me hooking right here. Now that this place is established, girls come here on their own.

“At least here they are fed and clothed properly. Get off drugs if they are on it. If they’re under 18 I send them to the local high school and some of the more academic girls are even taking junior college classes at the moment.

“See, I’m the most beautiful woman in the world, desired sexually by all woman, but I’m the most kind-hearted. as well. You should now want to completely turn your mind and body over to me, as well as want to serve as my personal sex toy.”

Maggie could see that, as usual, the drug had taken its effect. Ricci. sat stone-faced, staring at the spiral, which Evans used on women she thought might resist the drug a lot to distract them, Ricci’s full red lips were parted slightly, her breathing steady and her eyes totally glazed over.

“Wha…wha..what about Winona,” said Christina, still to Maggie’s surprise retaining a tiny fragment of her own mind, for now. Throughout this, Ryder had stood still as a statue as she watched Maggie enslave her friend.

“Winona was a happy accident,” said Maggie, now no longer feeling to the need to hunch over. “As a whorehouse with mind controlled-girls with stuff stolen from the CIA, I don’t like to draw attention to myself. These girls have been thrown away by society so no one cares about them.

“Winona showed up to do research, she was so attractive I decided to inject her and have some fun. Eventually, I made her my personal sex pet, a role you will now fill. I couldn’t have her have sex with customers, they would talk about the place Winona Ryder is a prostitute, so I had her go to fancy places and steal stuff, until she got caught.

“Now, the heat is on her so I’ll have to release her from my control. That’s why I am so happy she mentioned you wanted to come today.”

Ricci was glad Winona had brought her too. Maggie was so beautiful and warm-hearted. She did such good work plus she was going to get the chance to be this amazing woman’s sex toy as well. Who could ask for anything more? She thought.

“Stand up Chris and take off your bra and panties.”

Ricci quickly shed her underwear and stood naked before Maggie. Her neatly trimmed pussy glistened as she hoped Maggie was up for sex immediately, she also was hoping Maggie was a bit on the kinky side.

“Who is the most attractive woman in the world?”

“You are, of course Maggie”

“Who is the nicest person in the world?”

“You are,” said Ricci in a slightly annoyed voice, why was Maggie asking her questions that had such obvious answers, they could be spending this time having sex.

“Do you have a mind and will of your own Chris?”

“Of course not, you have complete and total control over me do whatever you please. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“What is your purpose in life Chris?”

“To help you in anyway possible in whatever you think is best…and be your personal sex toy.” Ricci licked her lips in a seductive manner after the last statement.

My, she sure is a horny thing, thought Maggie.

“Are you a lesbian Chris?”

“Yes, my girlfriend, excuse me, old girlfriend Tracy converted me about a year ago.”

“Great, now one last thing. If you even see this spiral again or hear me use the words “Robot Time” you will instantly become my mindless servant and obey any command I give you without thinking.”

“Sure, can we have sex now?” said Ricci like an anxious child begging for ice cream.

“Of course,” said Maggie, who turned to Winona, still standing there. “Winona you will leave this office now. When you close the door any programming you have received from me will be forgotten. Your mind and will, will be completely your own again.

“You still like the hospice and will help when you can but you’ve realized you have to get your movie career restarted as well as concentrate on fighting the shoplifting charge. You know Chris has volunteered to take your place and you are thrilled about that. Now leave and forget everything that has happened in here today.”

Winona robotically marched out the door. With a wave, Maggie motioned the now-awake Carly out as well.

Ricci could wait no longer. She ran around the desk and began French kissing Maggie. She dug her tongue as far down as possible Maggie’s throat, she wanted to let her know how happy she was to be chosen as her new sex toy.

Christina then lifted up Maggie’s dress, she was pleased to see she wore no panties, an old habit from her days as a hooker, Ricci drove her pelvis into Maggie’s and began grounding their pussy’s together.

If she hadn’t known who this was, Maggie would have thought Ricci was an experienced whore, she was getting so sexed up so quickly. A really GOOD, experienced whore.

Maggie began playfully biting the nipples of Christina’s big breasts and that’s all Ricci needed as she let out a shriek and orgamsed. Maggie was turned on enough with that, that she orgasmed herself.

Evans then grabbed Christina’s head and, like a human vacuum cleaner, make her lick up all the cum on Maggie’s as well as her own, pussy. Ricci was quickly turned on again, being abused by her mistress was so sexy, she hoped Maggie would humiliate her in other ways as well.

Maggie then took off her clothes and removed her bra. The drugged Ricci almost fainted at the sheer magnificence of her body, tall, lean with pert, nice-sized breasts. It was the most incredibly perfect body Christina had ever seen. Tracy’s body was a pile of dogshit compared to Maggie’s, her reprogrammed mind told her.

Christina went to her knees and began licking the dark, pink areolas on Evans’ breasts. Maggie lay back in her chair, her head pulled backward. This girl knew how to fuck, she thought, no need for me to do anything, let the expert do her work.

Ricci was now licking down Maggie’s body with long, loving laps of her tongue. She had her hands now kneading Maggie’s breasts, pinching the nipples a bit.

Maggie was breathing heavy now, this girl was a sex expert, she thought, and when Ricci finally reached her nether lips her mind was totally consumed with lust.

Ricci eagerly lapped at the clit of the woman whom she now served as a slave and then removed her hands from Maggie’s breasts and began rubbing her clit with them as Ricci’s tongue plunged into Maggie’s sweet folds.

Christina’s tongue went as deep as possible, being inside the pussy of Maggie, nothing could be better than this thought Ricci as she licked all around.

Christina’s expert tonguework put Maggie over the top and she released a massive orgasm. Juice poured onto Ricci’s face as she tried to lap up as much of Maggie’s wonderful cum as she could. Life was so good here, Ricci thought, her life had been such a total waste until she met Maggie.

“Your toy wants to be a well-used, and hopefully abused, toy,” purred Christina as she continued to lick away the cum as the now-spent Maggie ran her fingers through her dark, straight hair.

“I was a hooker and this was the greatest fuck I’ve ever had, how’d you learn to do all this,” said Maggie in a tired voice.

“Oh, Tracy knows everything about every possible way to have sex. I’m not even close to showing you all the ways we can have sex I’ve learned from Tracy,” said Ricci.

“Who is this Tracy and how long have you been an item?”

“She’s Tracy Thresher, the manager of the Woman’s Celebrity Health Spa in Malibu. We’ve been going out for a while and last month we moved in together. But don’t worry, I’ll tell her we’re through. I totally belong to you now.”

Maggie has seen a couple of the TV shows that recently did stories on the Spa. That Tracy was one hot piece of ass, she thought, and the other women who worked there weren’t too bad either. Winona had told her stories about how the Spa was a den of hot lesbian sex action. It might be a good idea to keep that pipeline open, she thought.

“Don’t break up with Tracy just yet Chris, for the good of the Hospice pretend you still like her until I tell you otherwise,” said Evans.

“Yes, Maggie, I obey your wishes…Can we have more sex now?”

“I’m pretty beat Chris, how many hours a day do you and Tracy have sex?”

“If she is working at the Spa then just four or five, if she is off then 7 or 8.”

Maggie’s eyes bugged out. She had known hundreds of prostitutes and none had near the sex drive of this great looking young actress, even when they were being paid. Ricci was the sluttiest woman she had ever met.

A big smile slowly came to Maggie’s face, she was going to enjoy playing with her new toy.

(To be continued)

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