Celebrity Health Spa: Ryding The Mermaid, Part 3

Celebrity Health Spa: Ryding the Mermaid: Part 3

By Rinky Dink


(MC, FF)

Christina Ricci realized now her life, until this point, had been a total waste. The acting, the fame, the money, the attention of the luscious Tracy Thresher, manager of the Women’s Celebrity Health Spa, it had all just been time frittered away.

She was now fulfilling her true destiny, achieving true bliss, as the sex toy of Maggie Evans, the owner of Maggie’s Hospice, a place for homeless females under 30 to live in opulence.

To pay the bills, while they got their lives together,
all they had to do was have sex with customers who came to the hospice. That seemed fair in Ricci’s mind, of course her mind had been completely brainwashed by Maggie’s drugs and hypnotic spiral wheel.

What a great humanitarian Maggie was, thought Christina, as she sat underneath Maggie’s desk, lapping hungrily at Evans’ slit, totally happy at spending the day either having sex with Maggie in a nearby cot or, when she had to conduct business, sitting underneath the desk, Maggie having hiked up her skirt, and licking away with gusto.

Ricci was particularly aroused for Maggie today, if that was possible. Maggie had presented her with a gift of incredible kindness, what an incredible woman, beautiful and thoughtful, though Ricci. She put a hand to her neck as Ricci fingered Maggie’s present, a studded dog collar, complete with leash.

Christina orgasmed at the mere thought of Maggie leading her around the hospice by her leash, giving it a hard tug if Christina was going a bit too slow.

She was Maggie’s obedient pet, and she never wanted to be anything else ever again.

Suddenly, the side of a rolled up newspaper smashed the front of Ricci’s face.

“Bad Chrissy, no making orgasm noises when I’m doing business,” said Maggie, her angelic face framed by her long blonde hair, staring down at the whimpering Ricci in mock anger.

Christina loved it when Maggie demeaned her, the more humiliating, the more turned on Ricci became, and she knew Evans knew that.

“Sorry Mistress,” said Christina. “I’m a b-a-a-a-d-d-d-d doggie. I should be punished. Severely.”

“You will be,” said Maggie as she stood up, letting Ricci look at her supple, lithe figure that made her tons of money when she was a prostitute. “I will have to rape you, and I promise you it will be brutal.”

As Maggie led Christina by her leash to the bed, Ricci’s pussy was wet already. She knew she was about to be violently abused sexually, she had taught Maggie how, and she couldn’t be a happier sex toy.


Tracy had always made sure to make no plans for nighttime.

Either Ricci would arrange for them to go to some big Hollywood shindig, where Tracy might hook up with some famous movie stars for a quickie or two, or three; or they would stay at home, eat dinner then have sex, watch a movie and then have more sex until they fell asleep due to sexual exhaustion.

Either way, Tracy went to sleep with a sexually satisfied smile every night.

However, Tracy now barely saw her live-in lesbian lover. Ever since she had come back from the homeless shelter raving about the place and the good work Maggie Evans did there, outside of going to bed and eating breakfast together, she was at Maggie’s Hospice the rest of the day.

Since she was tired of eating alone, Tracy had invited actress Lisa Edelstein to come for dinner.

Despite a curvy figure and large breasts, plus some real acting ability, Edelstein had bounced around Hollywood most of her career, doing mostly voices for cartoons and video games.

She had then joined the Spa hoping to improve her look, since she wasn’t working much she might as well do something useful with her time, she figured.

Sexy and free-spirited, Lisa quickly converted to lesbianism and began having sex with her instructors. As the pounds melted, except in her breasts, which remained large, she caught the eye of Tracy and began sleeping with her as well.

When the TV show “Relativity” was looking for an attractive lesbian, Edelstein fit the bill perfectly. Critics fell over themselves heaping praise of Edelstein’s performance as the sexy, self-assured Rhonda Roth, although she admitted in private all she did was an imitation of Tracy.

After “Relativity” was cancelled, Lisa landed a role as a transsexual on “Ally McBeal” and then became a co-star on the series “Leap of Faith”

Although all the work she was getting cut down on her free time, Lisa remained a dedicated Spa member.

Lisa enjoyed being fit and the plentiful girl-girl sex but she was far from the regular “Spa Slut.” She was also well-educated, having gone to NYU, and worldly, and as the Spa’s success and fame increased, Tracy leaned more on Lisa for advice.

Lisa tried to be helpful, she knew she owed her career to Tracy, and private advice sessions usually also included the delight of private sessions with Tracy’s pussy.

Such was the case tonight. After dinner, Tracy style, a bowl of salad with no dressing and some boiled carrots, Tracy and Lisa had quickly taken off the thong and bra top each had worn and began a dessert of eating each other out.

Tracy was giving Lisa her famous “triage”, her tongue was hungrily inside Lisa’s vagina lapping away, one hand was on Lisa’s clit, giving it long and loving rubs, while her other hand was inside Lisa’s firm, round butt, giving it to her anally.

Edelstein was in ecstasy. She might be one of the smartest people Tracy knew but right now she would have had trouble knowing what 1 plus 1 was, her brain was completely fogged with lust as Tracy continued to bang her and shock waves of pleasure shot through her body.

Lisa had already orgasmed twice but now she could feel the mother of all orgasms building.

“Yes, yes…please Tracy…. Oh… oh…. that’s it, right there…oh…oh….o-h-h-h-h, m-y-y-y-y!!! ” screamed Lisa at the top of her lungs as her back arched so far back, a gymnast would have been hard pressed to match it. Cum poured out of her folds and into Tracy waiting mouth.

As Lisa laid there totally spent, Tracy lapped up all the cum still in and around Lisa’s pussy, this turned on Edelstein quickly and within a couple minutes she had a mini-orgasm, what little pussy juice she had left trickling out of her slit.

“That’s it Tracy, you’ve wrung out the last bit, I’m all juiced out,” said a heavily panting Lisa. “We can talk seriously now. I’m all sexed out.”

Tracy grabbed a nearby cloth and began cleaning herself and Lisa off.

Edelstein noticed a tear rolling down Tracy’s cheek as they got up, put their thongs and tops back on, and sat down on the coach. Lisa was a bit taken aback, she had never seen Tracy cry before, she considered her to be one of the strongest people, in mind as well as body, she knew.

“What’s wrong Trace,” she asked sympathetically.

“It’s just what you said at the end,” Tracy said sniffling a bit. “After we have sex, Chris would say something like that. She’d go “I’m all fucked out Tracy, now get off of me.” At least she used to, when we used to have a lot of sex.”

Tracy filled Lisa in on all the details that she knew. Edelstein just sat there cross-legged, her large breasts going up and down in a steady fashion as the tiny bra tried to reign them in, listening, and occasionally asking Tracy a question.

Finally, Lisa spoke.

“Tracy, I don’t know now how to tell you this, but Christina has been captured by a cult,” she said. “Somehow this Maggie Evans has brainwashed her into becoming a member of this weird cult of homeless girls, with room for one celebrity apparently.

“Winona was entrapped and turned into a cult member and when she was arrested, bringing the police around, she was released from the cult and Christina was brought in to replace her.”

“You mean Chris is like a zombie, like you see in old movies,” asked Tracy.

“Well, when I was younger, I hung out with a lot of hippie types and they would tell me of these cults they joined, trying to find inner peace, or like Maggie’s, trying to help the unfortunate,” Lisa said. “They always had a charismatic leader and made you believe they were a God-like figure and you should obey anything they told you without question.

“Sometimes it’s with sleep depravation, sometimes mind-altering drugs, but whatever, a person loses their own personality and has it replaced by what the cult leader molds them into.

“The person who comes home here every night is not Christina Ricci. It is a programmed cult follower who does whatever Maggie Evans wishes her to do, but on the outside they wear the skin of the person you know as Christina Ricci.”

Tracy was stunned, dumbfounded but she also knew that what Lisa was saying made perfect sense. It had seemed like the person she slept with lately was a complete stranger, and it had been.

“Well, Lisa, what can we do?” asked Tracy. “I can’t leave Chris as some mindfucked zombie slave to this woman.”

“They only way to get her out of Maggie’s control is to find out how she got control of her mind in the first place,” said Lisa. “Winona Ryder is the key. Whatever she did to Christina, she did first to Winona.

“The only problem is, I’m sure Evans wiped away any memory of it by now with her. If you ask her she won’t know what the heck you’re talking about. You’d have to find a way to pry into her subconscious.”

“Oh,…I can do that,” said Tracy with a bit of a mysterious tone. “Don’t ask how Lisa, but trust me, I can do it. Wait here a second.”

Tracy went to the other room and Lisa could hear her making several telephone calls. Tracy then returned wearing the first smile Lisa had seen on her face all evening.

“I just talked to Winona and I’m going to see her right now, I told her I needed some advice on making a fitness video” said Tracy. “If you could stay here until I get back, it might be a while, we can go over all of this and decide our next step.”

“You know I’d do anything for you Tracy but I have to be on the set at 7 a.m. tomorrow,” said Lisa. “I’m not a big enough star to just blow in there late.”

“I figured you might need, ah, a bit of incentive,” said Tracy. “So I called Jen Davidson. She will be here in about 15 minutes, and she specifically requested you meet her at the door naked.”

“O-o-o-o-h-h-h-h!, you know she’s my favorite instructor and I’ve had a big crush on her for a while,” said Lisa, herself now wearing a big smile. “Fine, I don’t need sleep. I’ll fuck Jen and then I wait for you to come back so we can help your mindfucked friend.”


“Please don’t take my butt plug out Maggie, please let me have more sex with you,” said Christina as she lay there on the bed, her feet and hands bound, her skin showing lines of pink flesh after a light whipping by Maggie.

“Chris, it’s 9 p.m. and we’ve been having sex off and on all day, enough, I’m tired,” said Evans as she got out of the tight, latex catsuit Ricci had bought for the occasion. “Go home to Tracy, She’s always up for sex I thought.”

“That’s not my home, here with you is my home, that’s just the place I go to sleep at night,” said Ricci in a whimpering voice as Maggie reached around her and popped out her butt plug. “How can I have sex with Tracy after being with you. She doesn’t understand you, she doesn’t worship you. You are the ultimate in everything, even sex.”

Maggie, even with her experience as a hooker, had never seen someone as consumed with sex as Christina. Evans may have brainwashed her into being her slave, but Tracy had previously programmed her to be a total slut. And from what Ricci and Winona had told her, Tracy was even sluttier than Christina!

Maggie had sex on occasion with Winona but it basically had been a business relationship, with Ryder stealing things for her at posh places or funneling money from her bank account when she was sure her accountant wouldn’t notice. Ricci was pure sex, and Maggie liked it, awakening in her sexual passions she had long forgot.

She loved her new sex toy but she decided she wanted to add a plush toy__Tracy.

“We could make Tracy more palatable, say, if we brought her over here, and made her my newest pet,” said Maggie as she untied Ricci’s bonds.

“That would be awesome, if we could make Tracy one of us, as deeply in love with serving you Mistress, it’s not as great as having sex with you, but it would damn close,” said Christina. “Imagine the threesomes we could have.”

“Don’t worry, I have my pet,” said Evans. “Now, Chris, who would be with Tracy tonight if I decided to go over there and, uh, bring my friend Mr. Chloroform with me.”

“Oh, she’ll be alone, nighttime was always our sextime, she’s there sitting, waiting for me to come home, hoping I’ll be in the mood for sex with her, when I’m actually in the mood for someone else,” said Ricci as she playfully gave a bite of Maggie’s nipple.

“Great, Chris you may curl up at the foot of my bed tonight and go to sleep there on the floor (Yippee!!, your bedroom,” shouted Ricci with glee). I’ll have a new plaything for both of us when you wake up in the morning.”

“Don’t worry, I have an extra dildo,” said Christina.

(To be continued)

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