Celebrity Health Spa: Ryding The Mermaid, Part 4

Celebrity Health Spa: “Ryding” the mermaid: Part 4

By Rinky Dink


(MC, FF)

Story to Date: Using a mind control drug stolen from the CIA, former prostitute Maggie Evans has created a whorehouse called Maggie’s Hospice for Homeless Young Women. Actress Winona Ryder stumbled into Maggie’s place and was turned into her sex slave, now that the police are investigating Ryder for shoplifting, she has been released from Maggie’s grip and Christina Ricci has been ensnared.

Ricci’s girlfriend, Women’s Celebrity Health Spa manager Tracy Thresher, has discovered Christina’s
plight, with the help of “Leap of Faith’s” Lisa Edelstein, and has gone to Ryder’s house seeking more information while Edelstein waits at her house. Unknown to them, Maggie intends to enslave Tracy as well.

And our story continues:

Usually when guests call to say they are coming a person puts on clothes, not take then off, but Winona Ryder knew Tracy was no ordinary kind of guest. She wouldn’t want finger sandwiches; she would want a finger in her pussy.

Winona had on a simple bathrobe when Tracy arrived. Since it was dark and a bit chilly, Tracy was “covered up”, for her at least, wearing spandex bicycle shorts and a t-shirt that for once wasn’t cut off.

As they went to the living room, Tracy had a bottle of a dark liquid and asked Winona for some glasses. Tracy’s official excuse to be there was she was asked to do a fitness video and wanted Ryder’s advice. Tracy explained this was a vitamin power mix she wanted to use in the video and wanted Ryder’s opinion.

As they talked about the video, Tracy kept constantly refilling Winona’s glass with the liquid. Tracy also had a boombox with her and while they talked the music, which Ryder thought was too slow for a fitness video, continually played.

“Well, I made this tape for the background while I work out, I’ll put it in your VCR and show you,” said Tracy to Winona as she filled her glass once again, although strangely Tracy had not touched a drop.

Winona did not object, frankly, she was feeling really tired and didn’t want the conversation to continue much more.

“Watch the colors move, isn’t it cool,” said Tracy enthusiastically as colored dots and spirals swirled around the TV screen. “There’s a pattern, I think, if you look hard enough,

“We’re in no hurry Winona, Just look and relax, Look at the colors and see how relaxed it can make you feel. Just look and relax and feel great. Just look and feel great. The longer you look, the better you feel. You are feeling so wonderful now looking at this.”

As usual, Tracy was right, thought Winona. She was feeling very relaxed but also was in a wonderful mood. If she kept looking closely at the spirals, maybe she could find that pattern Tracy was talking about.

Tracy kept telling Winona to look and relax and feel wonderful. Unknown to Ryder, Tracy’s special drink contained will inhibitors and a mind relaxant, the music playing gave subliminal messages telling her to fall into a trance and obey Tracy and the spirals put her on her right on the path to being hypnotized.

Winona’s droopy eyes were now completely glazed over, deep in a trance. Tracy usually hypnotized subjects in order to have sex with them but this was a far different mission, to save her girlfriend’s soul.

“Winona, close your eyes and continue relaxing, every second they are closed you are more and more relaxed,” intoned Tracy. “When you finally are as relaxed as you completely can be, open you’re your eyes but still be in that completely relaxed state.”

Winona’s eyes immediately slammed shut. Tracy watched anxiously, wondering if this was how that fiend Maggie had taken over her Chris, before Winona’s dulled eyes snapped open after a minute.

“Winona, can you hear me, it’s Tracy”

Winona’s cute head nodded slightly.

“Winona, Chris is in trouble, I need your help. You’re Chris’s friend. I need you to remember what exactly happened when you took her to see Maggie Evans, even stuff Maggie told you to forget. I need the whole truth to help Chris.”

Winona sat there silent for a while. The only movement a slight twitching of her mouth. Tracy knew a titanic struggle was going on in Ryder’s refried brain. Maggie’s orders to forget were fighting with Tracy’s command to remember.

Tracy had Winona in as deep a trance as she could get her in without risking brain damage; this was her best, and only, shot at helping her girlfriend from a life of enslavement.

“Mag…Maggie said not to remember….not, not to tell,” whispered a zonked out Ryder.

“Winona, this is Tracy, TRACY, I’m your friend, I’m your sex partner,” said Tracy, hoping to spark some resistance to Maggie’s spell. “Chris is your friend. Chris needs you. She needs you to remember. Chris’s is on major trouble and you must remember or she will remain in danger.”

Winona sat there silent for 2 minutes, her button nose and mouth now constantly twitching, before she finally opened her mouth.

“Car…Carly injected her with drug….Chris fought, she fought hard but…I…I watched as Maggie hypnotized Christina…..the spiral…can’t resist the spiral…Made her slave, made her worship her, made her Maggie’s sex toy…I was told….to go home…and forget.”

“Is there any way to reverse the drug’s effects?” said Tracy, her voice cracking after hearing of the horrible scene her lesbian lover had gone through.

“I….I don’t think so….only reason… I’m not still Maggie’s slave is… she released me when she got Christina,” said Winona in stuttered speech, every word having to be dragged out of her now double-hypnotized mind.

Tracy knew she had gotten all she could out of Ryder. It was time to stop the war in her mind.

“Winona, close your eyes” Which Ryder did.

“Count to 10 backward and when you get to zero wake up. You will feel refreshed, excited, and wonderful. You think my video will be a success and will do what you can to help. Any and all commands anyone has given you while in a trance are now null and void. You just listen to your own soul from now on. Count”

After 10 seconds, Winona woke up, eyes clear and bright.

“You know Tracy, you’ve got some good ideas for the video, I hope you are going to let me help with it, I think it could be a big seller,” said Winona with a smile, the horror of her past enslavement behind her.

“I’ll get back to you when I finalize the deal; anyhow, I got to run, people are waiting for me back home,” said Tracy.

“Wait, don’t go yet Tracy, I have something to show you.” said Winona.

With that, Winona stood up and took off her bathrobe. She had not a stitch of clothing underneath it. Her cute, pert breasts, cute legs, cute flat stomach as well as her cute face, even her feet were cute, were on full display.

“Tracy, I just want to thank you,” she said. “Through all my problems you, Christina and the girls at the Spa have stood behind me.”

Winona then grabbed Tracy’s face and gave her a big kiss, jamming her tongue deep into Tracy’s orifice.

Tracy did want to get back home and discuss things with Lisa Edelstein, but she figured at this moment she was probably having sex herself with bobsledder-turned Spa instructor Jen Davidson so she had some time to play with. Besides, it would be impolite to not say “Your welcome” to Winona’s thank you _Tracy style.

Tracy returned the kiss with her own French Kiss, and then Winona began licking the nipples of Tracy’s large breasts and began rubbing Tracy’s clit with her fingers.

Tracy began suckling on Winona’s small but firm breasts, totally engorging them in her mouth, letting her tongue lap at the nipples.

Winona, with all her legal problems, had not had much sex lately and got turned on quickly. Soon after Tracy inserted a finger into her small slit, she let out a shout and orgasmed.

That turned on Tracy enough to shortly orgasm herself. Soon the two were licking the cum off each other’s pussy. When they were done, both were hot again and went to the “69” position.

Winona’s small but cute tongue was eagerly flicking in and out of Tracy’s pussy while Tracy was eating out Winona with gusto. Both came together as the shrieks of lesbian lust rattled though the house.

After showering together, Tracy put on her shorts and t-shirt and kissed Winona good-bye.

“Say thanks to Christina for me too,” said Winona, not consciously knowing of her friend’s current fate.

“I hope to do just that,” said Tracy.


Sex with Jen Davidson had been as satisfying as she had hoped thought Lisa as she waited for Tracy to come home. Well worth the price of staying around until Tracy returned from the Ryder house.

Lisa showered for a second time, her earlier shower with Jen had just put more cum and sweat on her than when she first got in there. She put on her bra top and short-shorts and sat down in the living to watch television until Tracy came back.

Since it was almost 11 p.m., Lisa turned off all the lights and sat cross-legged on the couch with the TV set the only illumination.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Lisa picked it up and quickly heard “Is anyone else there, is it alright to come over?” Lisa quickly said she was alone and to come over right away. Lisa had assumed it was Tracy making sure Lisa was done having sex with Jen but in the back of her mind she thought the voice did not sound quite like Tracy’s.

Lisa did not notice as she put the phone down that someone was already there and had not called ahead. Peering through the bushes outside the front window was Maggie Evans.

Maggie had never met Tracy personally. Ricci had told her she would be alone at night and there was no other person visible in the house. Maggie remembered from some TV news features that Tracy had shoulder-length curly black hair, large breasts and an incredibly fit body.

Although not as tall and not as fit as Tracy, but still in very good shape, Lisa Edelstein did have curly black hair and big breasts. In near darkness, Lisa could be mistaken for Tracy, and Maggie made the mistake.

Maggie believed the simplest plan was the best.

She would knock on the door under some pretense, when Tracy opened it she would chloroform her, throw her in the car, and take her to the hospice where her mind control drugs would turn Tracy into her personal sex slave and Maggie would enjoy years of great sex with Tracy and Christina as her mindless pussy pets.

Lisa was watching the news when suddenly she heard shouting right outside the front door.

“Quick, quick!! Please, open the door!. Oh, hurry up!. Quick, I gotta get in! Please! Please! Open the door!!”

Lisa assumed it was Tracy rushing home with important information from Winona but when she opened the door a tall, thin attractive blonde stood in the doorway.

“Nighty, night Tracy, forever,” said Maggie as she slammed a chloroform-soaked rag in Lisa’s face.

Having seen Ricci’s strength, Maggie figured Tracy would be like a superwoman, like in the TV show “Dark Angel” so she knew not to give “Tracy” time to think.

As she slammed the rag into Edelstein’s face she pushed her inside the house and down to the floor of the living room. She put her full weight into her arms as they pressed down on what she thought was Tracy’s face.

Lisa had been too stunned to fight back for a few moments and breathed in several deep wafts of chloroform. She tried to get up and fight back but she was 5 inches shorter than the real Tracy and not as strong. Maggie kept her down as Lisa struggled to get up.

Finally, Lisa arched her back for one final push. Her head was buzzing and thoughts were cloudy as the chloroform seeped into her mind and Maggie easily held Lisa down.

Lisa gave a brief sigh and her eyes closed, completely knocked out.

Maggie looked at her prize laying on the floor unconscious, her large breasts going up and down in a steady fashion, in the dim light.

“Tracy” was in her customary bra top but was in shorts instead of her usual thong. Maggie also thought Tracy was a bit taller but didn’t think much of it.

Thinking she had successfully knocked out the magnificent Tracy, Maggie was frankly now horny as hell. Looking at her big boobs and trim figure, Evans decided her newest sex slave should start doing her bidding even before she was enslaved, or awake. No one else was in the house so Maggie knew she had time.

Maggie put the cloth on “Tracy’s” nose to keep her unconscious and then took off her shorts and bra. Maggie was a bit surprised to see panties, Christina had said Tracy never wore those, but figured the cold night might have made her put them on and quickly slipped them off the sleeping woman.

Maggie buried her head in “Tracy’s” large breasts, eagerly licking the large dark areolas and sucking on the nipples, which quickly became hard even though its owner was unconscious.

Maggie had some more sexual plans for the helpless woman before she carted her away for her enslavement, when, suddenly, the hallway lights were turned on, Maggie had never closed the door, and a leather-clad young brunette was standing in the doorway.

“Who the fuck are you!” shouted Maggie.

Seeing an obviously unconscious naked woman laying on the floor, and knowing this person shouting at her did not live in the house, Jessica Alba decided to play tough.

“To you, I’m your Dark Angel,” she said.

If Maggie had stopped for a moment to think, she would have realized that Alba was just a 20-year-old stunningly beautiful actress playing the part of a superstrong genetically-engineered woman on TV. Maggie was actually bigger than the small but wiry Alba and with her chloroform probably could have picked off another prize sex slave.

However, Maggie was totally panic-stricken. She was having great knockout sex and the next moment Dark Angel is there staring down at her. Since Jessica had come straight from the set, she was in full “Dark Angel” black leather outfit and a scary sight to Evans.

Maggie knocked down Alba as she ran past her attempt to block the doorway. By the time Jessica got up, Maggie had jumped in her car and sped off.


Tracy arrived a little while later. Lisa was up but groggy and Jessica was totally confused.

“What’s this all about Trace,” she said. “I just came here because we started our break after tonight’s taping and the studio wants me in better shape when we come back.

“I called ahead even. I just wanted you to go over a new conditioning program for me, and to personally check on my pussy to make sure it’s in good condition.”

Tracy got Jessica up to speed on what had transpired. Jessica had read about Winona Ryder’s troubles and of course she knew Christina since she was Tracy’s girlfriend. She sat in stunned silence through most of it.

“Wow, that’s so unbelievable I don’t think they would even make an episode of “Dark Angel” out of it,” said the smoky-skinned Alba. “The producers would think it was too unrealistic, and yet it’s real. And Lisa would be a slave to this woman if I didn’t stop by for some carpet-licking. All I can say is, Wow.”

Tracy then related to the now clear-headed Lisa and Jessica what the hypnotized Winona had told her.

“What are we going to do?” asked Tracy plaintively.

“Well, Max would just go into Maggie’s Hospice, kick her ass, and drag Christina out of there,” said Jessica.

“I got no problem kicking that bitch’s ass,” said Tracy, flexing her six-pack stomach for effect.

“Yeah, but the problem is that even if you did that, and considering she has 30 homeless slaves there besides Christina to fight you with, that’s not a guarantee, even if you got Christina out of there she still would be totally enslaved in her mind to Maggie,” said Lisa, who wondered how her breasts had gotten so wet.

“There is no way to break Maggie’s spell over her?” asked Jessica.

“Winona said the only way a person can regain their mind is for Maggie to give it back to them,” said Tracy.

The three lovely women sat in a circle on the living room silently for a while. They were completely stumped on how to wrest control of Christina’s mind away from Maggie Evans.

Then, as the saying goes, out of the mouth of babes.

“It’s a shame there is no way you can control Maggie’s mind, just for a bit, and make her release everyone from her control,” said Alba. “You know, enslave the enslaver.”

The light bulb immediately went on in Tracy’s mind. She told Jessica and Lisa her plan and all agreed it was the best, frankly, the only, hope they had.

“OK, I’ll work on the plan,” said Tracy. “Lisa, you’ve got to get up early tomorrow so got home and get some sleep, voluntarily this time. Jessica, I want you to stay, and please take off all the leather.”

By the time Tracy returned to the room, Jessica was in jeans shorts and a black t-shirt, her “fuck clothes” as she called them. She knew better than to wear a bra or panties when coming to Tracy’s house.

“Jess, you saved Lisa from becoming a slave and you gave me the idea that will hopefully make sure Chris is no longer a slave,” said Tracy as she strapped on an 8-inch dildo. “Tonight, you truly were a “dark angel” and you are about to be rewarded.

“You better have no plans for tomorrow because you will be too tired to do them. You are about to get the screwing of your life.”

Jessica slipped off her shorts, revealing her glisteningly wet black haired bush, and t-shirt. She had heard about Tracy’s “special screwing’s” and was excited, and a bit nervous. She was so young and inexperienced sexually, she hoped she could keep up with a sex master like Tracy.

Six hours later, Jessica Alba was no longer sexually inexperienced.

(To be continued)

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