Celebrity Health Spa: Ryding The Mermaid: Part 5

Featuring: Winona Ryder, Christina Ricci, Jessica Alba and Brande Roderick

Celebrity Health Spa: “Ryding” the Mermaid: Part 5

By Rinky Dink


(FF, MC)

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa manager Tracy Thresher knew the key to her plan of stopping her girlfriend Christina Ricci from continuing to be the enslaved sex pet of homeless shelter/whorehouse owner Maggie Evans was to find someone extremely beautiful and really, really stupid.

Evans had come to the house Tracy and Christina shared looking to bag Tracy as well but the timely intervention of Jessica
Alba as “Dark Angel” had saved the day.

But now Maggie knew she had tipped her hand to Tracy and would be super alert to the goings on at her Maggie’s Hospice for Homeless Young Women, where 20 or so hypnotized and drugged attractive girls served as mindless slave/hookers for Evans.

Tracy needed someone on the inside on her side.

That meant she needed to find someone so good-looking, Maggie’s lesbian lust would override any consideration about a possible spy. To that purpose, the woman also had to be incredibly dumb. So dumb Maggie would never consider that person to be a threat to her.

Tracy sat up in bed, her incredibly toned and spectacular body naked, pondering the possibilities. The equally naked Alba lay next to her, snoozing soundly.

A grateful Tracy had screwed Jessica’s brains out for six hours and the exhausted Dark Angel would be out for a while. To the superfit and supersexed Tracy, it had just had been a nice roll in the hay.

No really famous person could be used, Maggie would recognized them. Her spy had to be gorgeous, but not that well-known and not that bright. Tracy quickly realized there was only one perfect candidate for the job and reached for the phone.


Brande Roderick had been called one of the most physically attractive women in the world and it was hard to argue with that assessment.

She was 25-years-old, 5-foot-7 with huge breasts and an incredible soft and tan skin tone along with a very curvaceous figure. It was easy to see why Hugh Hefner had selected the California blonde as the Playmate of the Year in 2001, as well as making her his girlfriend for a while.

Roderick had left ‘Hef’ to pursue an acting career and she appeared as lifeguard Leigh Dyer on Baywatch Hawaii for a year.

To get ready for the physically demanding role, Roderick joined the Women’s Celebrity Health Spa and had been a member ever since.

To the great disappointment of many Spa regulars totally turned on by her incredible looks, Roderick decided to be one of a tiny minority of members who actually went to the Spa to just work out, and not engage in hot girl-girl sex with other sexy members or instructors.

As Brande had explained one time to Tracy:

“Everyone expects the Playboy Playmate to be a total slut and I want to be considered a serious actress,” she said. “Angelina Jolie can come here and have sex with 15 girls in a day (which she occasionally did) and no one thinks any less of her acting skills. I sleep with a bunch of girls here and I’ll be the Playboy whore and never taken seriously as an actress.”

Brande had been true to her word. Outside of sneaking into Tracy’s office a couple times when the Spa was almost empty, she did not have sex at the Spa, she just worked out her incredible body, making it look even more incredible.

Brande actually was not stupid; she had attended junior college, and was kind-hearted, doing a lot of charity work that the media never reported because she had her clothes on. But through her Playboy and Baywatch experiences, she knew how to play the “dumb blonde” part to perfection.

When Tracy explained the dire situation to Brande, she quickly agreed to help out.


Christina Ricci was curled happily on the floor infront of her mistress’ bed, dreaming of how she could further serve a woman as beautiful and great as Maggie.

She had begged Maggie all day to dull her intelligence, making her an imbecile who could do nothing but feed and care for herself and have sex. With no other thoughts able to be held in her dumbed-down mind, Christina could then spend her whole life happily in pure sex and obedience to Maggie.

Ricci was in the middle of a dream, she was wearing her studded dog collar and Maggie was leading her by her leash around the hospice, when a rolled-up newspaper suddenly smacked her in the head, breaking her fond reverie.

“Your fucking girlfriend has so many fucking other girlfriends she’s never alone!!” shouted Maggie Evans as she whacked the now awake and whimpering Ricci again and again with the newspaper. “I fucking get your girlfriend knocked out and I’m humping her and fucking “Dark Angel” shows up!!!.”

“Tracy is popular, that’s why I was really proud to be her girlfriend, until I met you of course, all my love is for you now Maggie,” said a cowering Ricci under assault from the newspaper.

“Well, now you can be proud to make her MY girlfriend,” said Evans as she grabbed Ricci by her long dark hair and pulled her up to her beet-red face. “They might have recognized me but they don’t know yet you’re mine. So here’s the chloroform bottle and here’s the rag.

“Now go get that bitch!!! I want her sleeping at the foot of my bed just like you by tonight!!”


Winona Ryder should have been sleeping peacefully; her shoplifting trial was going well and acting jobs were starting to come her away again. But she thrashed around in bed as horrible, terrible nightmares rang in her brain.

At least she thought they were nightmares as the images flashed from her subconscious. There was her at a store stealing silverware, her stealing mink coats, her stealing diamond rings, and then giving it all to Maggie Evans.

There she was watching while Maggie brainwashed her good friend Christina Ricci. There she was in the hospice as scantily clad women had sex for money. There she was having sex with Maggie, obeying any and all commands she gave, knowing she had no will to resist.

To get information, Tracy had hypnotized Winona earlier that night. In doing so, she had removed all the barriers Maggie had set up in Winona’s brain to forget about her year-long experience as Maggie’s slave. Now, the barriers were gone and the memories were like a tidal wave washing over Winona.

Winona got up in bed suddenly. She realized it was not a nightmare, Maggie had really controlled her mind and body for the past year. She really had shoplifted all that stuff., not Winona Ryder the cute and talented actress but as Winona Ryder the mindless puppet of Maggie Evans.

“I’ll make that bitch pay,” muttered Winona.


As Tracy’s hypnosis treatment was in full force, Brande Roderick sat in the chair like a puppet sitting on a shelf.

Her eyes were glassy, her cupid’s bow mouth was slack-jawed and her body was limp. Tracy had Brande drink a pint of mind relaxants and will eroders and now had the blonde bombshell in an extremely deep trance as she watched a videocassette of swirling light patterns.

“Just keep relaxing Brande, you feel so good, you want to feel this way for the rest of your life. You will do anything to feel like this, right Brande,” said Tracy softly.

“Any…thing,..any..thing,” whispered Brande.

Now came the big test.

“Brande, what do you think of the trouble in the Middle East?”

“I…I don’t think. You..you think for me. Tell..tell me what to think Tracy.”

“Forget the question Brande. Tell me. Do you have a mind of your own?”

“No, you have my mind Tracy. I have no mind.”

“Can anyone tell you what to do besides me Brande. It’s OK, be honest.”

“No. I only listen to you. You own my mind, my body, my soul.”

“Fine,” said Tracy. “Your orders are already implanted. You shall follow them without a further word from me.”

“I shall obey,” said Brande.

Tracy could have broken off the trance right then and there and sent Brande off on her mission but curiosity got the better of her. Why would this incredible beauty who shed her clothes for Playboy so easily be so conservative at the Spa, where everyone else was sleeping around?”

“One last thing Brande, you were in Playboy and stuff, it’s not like you’re a nun or something. Why won’t you have fun and have sex with the girls at the Spa? Tell me the truth. Is it because you are just totally straight and have no desire to sleep with other women? We do have a few members like that.”

A smile spread across Brande’s entranced face.

“No, definitely not that,” she said with a slight giggle. “I’m as hard-core a lesbian as you can get. I love having sex with women. Why do you think the only boyfriend I’ve had was a 72-year-old man. It’s called camouflage.”

Tracy was now totally confused, “Then why don’t you make out with the woman at the Spa? They are some of the most beautiful lesbians around and many would love to have sex with you.”

Brande’s smile got even wider.

“I do, I do have sex with them, all of them,” she said. “No one knows because I want to be considered a serious actress. The only thing worse than a cheap slut is being known as a cheap dyke slut. So we don’t do anything at the Spa. They come to my house or I go to their place. I swear all my lovers to secrecy so my reputation remains good, well, better.

“It’s funny. Molly and Jen were talking to each other yesterday about what they did last night and they were both lying through their teeth. Molly had sex with me from 6-8 p.m. and then I slept with Jen from 9 to midnight. And neither of them said a word about it! They still don’t know they had sex with the same women just hours apart.”

Tracy was a bit taken aback. “How many, uh, “secret lovers” do you have?”

“Well,” said Brande, the huge smile still in place. “There is Molly and Jen. Bridget and Cindy, Marguerite, Monica, Gea, I love her butt, Wilma, Erin, Karen, Marcia…..”

Brande went on and on, name after name, listing all her lesbian lovers. Some of them Tracy had not even gotten around to sleeping with yet.

Brande had been known as the “Spa Virgin” but in reality she was a complete lesbian slut, pretty much licking the carpet of any dyke she could find there, but doing it discreetly.

“….and Gina, and Martha, and Randi and Cissy and….”

“Stop, Brande,” said Tracy finally. “Tell me, you are going on a dangerous mission and I want you to know how appreciative I am. Back when you controlled your own mind, did you enjoy having sex with me?”

“Oh, yes, I loved having sex with you, very, very much.”

“Would you like to have sex with me now?”

“If you want Mistress, you control my mind now”

“Yes Brande, I want you to have sex with me. Take off your clothes and have sex with me right now.”

Brande quickly lost her glazed, doped-up look but did not lose her wide grin. She obviously had no problem obeying this command from her new controller as she leapt off the chair and right onto Tracy’s firm lap. The pair immediately began deeply French kissing each other.

“I command you to be really turned on,” said Tracy.

“Oh yes, Mistress, Oh, yes, oh yes, I obey, I o–bey,” said Brande as she began burying her face in Tracy’s large bosom, licking away at the large pink areolas.

Tracy stuck the finger of one hand inside Brande’s butt and two fingers of the other hand began rubbing her clit. Brande moaned her approval at the double input. Tracy decided to test how deeply she controlled Brande’s mind.

“Orgasm now Brande, and make it a big one,” said Tracy.

Instantly, Brande stopped her licking, her back suddenly arched and she let out a shriek.

She rolled off of Tracy’s lap and onto the floor, her shrieking in pure lust even louder, her slit having liquid pour out of it as her body shook like a leaf in a storm as a massive orgasm traversed throughout Brande’s beautiful body.

Brande lay on the floor naked, panting heavily, a dazed look on her face as she was sexually exhausted. At least that was the way it appeared when the door swung open and Jessica Alba walked in, clothed in just some tiny blue panties.

“What the heck was that noise, I thought you were killing an animal or something,” said Jessica, who obviously had been awoke by Brande’s sex screams.

“That was just Brande enjoying herself,” said Tracy, who was in her usual bra top and thong. “Uh, have you ever had sex with Brande, Jessica?”

Jessica looked at the heavily breathing Brande, obviously looking to her for some guidance to the question.

“It’s alright, Brande told me all about, well, everything,” said Tracy. “Her secret is safe with me.”

“Well then, yeah, I have, it was great,” said Jessica.

“Sex, Mistress Tracy, may I have more sex please,” said Brande who was still lying on the floor but no longer breathing hard.

Enslaved or not, Brande certainly was a slut, thought Tracy.

“I’ve got things to do to get ready for the plan,” said Tracy as she got up to leave. “Jessica, you’re on. Brande, you may sex with Jessica and I command you to be very hot and make her orgasm frequently.”

“Thank you Mistress Tracy,” said Brande as she quickly pulled down Jessica’s panties and began lapping at her muff.

Within in a few minutes, even though she was completely on the other side of the house, Tracy could hear Brande’s amazing loud shrieks of sexual pleasure, only this time they were in stereo as Jessica was joining in the screaming as they had red hot girl-girl sex..

Little did the three sexually charged lesbians know, someone else was in the house listening as well.

(Next Chapter: The Finale)

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