Celebrity Health Spa: Ryding The Mermaid – Finale

Celebrity Health Spa: “Ryding” the Mermaid-Finale

By Rinky Dink


(MC, FF, FD)

The following is fiction and all characters are made up, including those with real names. Due to sexual situations no one under 18 should read this. Go away. Here is the big finish. Hope you enjoy it.

The scent of female sex was throughout Tracy Thresher’s house. Tracy just had sex with Dark Angel’s Jessica Alba for six hours in her bedroom and now Alba was having sex downstairs with former Playboy Playmate Brande Roderick, who had just been willingly hypnotized by Tracy to
be her mindless slave.

Brande was suppose to be going to Maggie’s Hospice for Homeless Young Women to rescue Tracy’s girlfriend, actress Christina Ricci, who had been given mind control drugs by owner Maggie Evans and turned into her sex pet, as soon as she finished having sex with Alba.

But she would never get the chance.

Brande was a “loud” sex partner and as Jessica nibbled at her clit Brande was screaming her lustful desires before orgasming in a furious scream.

After three orgasms in a half-hour by Brande, who was truly a major lesbian slut, Jessica got up off the floor.

“I’m covered in your cum, I gotta clean up a bit,” said Alba who felt like she had gone from actress to a total sex machine, having been eating pussy with Tracy and now Brande all day and night.

“But I need more sex Jessica,” cried Brande, her curvaceous blonde buxom body totally nude and bathed in sweat. “Sex. I need more sex. I need a lot more sex before I leave to help Mistress Tracy.”

“All right Brande, I’ll be right back and we can have more sex,” said Jessica, who estimated she had slept with more people in the past few months since she joined the Woman’s Celebrity Health Spa, where Tracy was the manager, than the rest of her young life combined.

Jessica barely got out of view of the doorway when she was hit from behind with a wet cloth covering her mouth and nose.

Jessica was exhausted from all the lesbian sex she had but quickly realized someone was trying to chloroform her. She struggled but the person holding the cloth was quite strong and after a few seconds, Jessica’s eyes closed and her body went limp into the arms of her attacker.

Alba’s supple, lean body slumped to the floor, as she lay there unconscious.

“Carly, grab her and throw her in the truck, Maggie may want to add her to her collection,” said Christina Ricci, who had been sent by Maggie to get Tracy and bring her to the hospice so she could be enslaved like Ricci.

Ricci, like Carly_ a perky blonde who was Maggie’s top slave/assistant_ was in the usual attire for Maggie’s hospice, which was really a whorehouse, bra top and panties. Thanks to all those days of fitness training with her lover Tracy, Ricci’s body rippled with muscle and Alba had no chance against her strength.

And Ricci knew neither would Roderick.

“Maggie might also like Brande Roderick as her servant,” said Ricci to Carly who was grabbing Jessica’s limp arms and began to drag her to the waiting truck in the garage. “I’ll take care of her and you can put her in the truck as well. Don’t come back for Tracy__she’s mine alone.”

“As long as we aren’t going against anything Maggie told us to do, it’s fine with me,” said Carly, her breasts stained with sweat as she dragged Alba’s prone body.

Ricci simply walked into the room as Brande sat on the carpet awaiting Alba’s return for some more hot girl-girl sex action.

“Christina? Tracy told me you were kidnapped and turned into a slave by Maggie Evans,” said Brande with a confused look on her face.

Ricci leaned over Brande. Her huge round breasts were right in Roderick’s face, totally distracting her from anything Ricci would say, as Brande licked her lips at the sight of the massive globes.

“You know what,” said Christina, pushing her chest even closer to Brande’s salivating lips. “She was right! And now so will you!!”

From behind her back, Christina whipped out the chloroformed-soaked cloth and shoved it in Brande’s face

Roderick was too surprised to put up a fight. Ricci pushed her face down to the floor and soon Brande gave a brief sigh and her face fell sideways as she fell unconscious.

Ricci stood above her latest conquest and smiled. She knew Maggie, in whose service she dedicated her life completely to, would be pleased with this exceptional prize. Brande Roderick was known as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

“She’s yours,” said Ricci as she shoved the sleeping body of Roderick towards the returned Carly with her foot. “I’m going after Tracy now. Stay in the truck, as soon as I get her we gotta get out of here.”


Tracy was in the kitchen now. After almost eight straight hours of sex even a superfit person like her could get a bit hungry.

She had some diced carrots mixing in a bowl with celery as Tracy had a diet that was superhealthy. Outside of a virtually insatiable appetite for sex, Tracy was pretty much a positive role model for women, which helped make the Spa so successful, along with the fact she had sex with almost all of its members.

Tracy had a knife in her hand so Christina, peering in, knew she had to make her put the knife down before she could go after her.

“Tracy, Tracy!! Help me, help me escape,” shouted Ricci from just outside the kitchen door. “They’re after me. Help me!!”

Tracy had thought Brande had gotten Christina out quicker than expected and was now being chased by Maggie and her hypnotized homeless women turned prostitutes. She put the knife down and ran to help her girlfriend become free.

“I’m coming Chris,” shouted Tracy.

As soon as Tracy passed the door, Christina Ricci rushed up from behind and slammed the freshly resoaked chloroformed filled cloth on her face.

She also used her other arm to punch Tracy in the stomach; releasing all the current air in her lungs and making her breathe the pure chloroform.

Tracy was bigger, almost five inches, and even in better shape than the ripped Ricci, but Christina had the element of surprise. She was also highly motivated as Maggie had sent her out to get Tracy and Maggie was the center of Ricci’s life in her drugged brain.

Tracy tried to break free but she was a lover, and a great one, not a fighter. She fell first to one knee, and after breathing in a few more wafts of the chloroform, fell to both knees as her eyes darted frantically about looking for help. She knew she couldn’t remain awake much longer as she could feel the chloroform work its way through her bloodstream.

Ricci held on tight to the cloth, as if her life depended on it, which in her mind it did as Maggie was her life.

Finally, Tracy’s eyes closed and shortly thereafter let out a gasp as her body toppled forward and laid prone on the floor, totally knocked out.

“Mission accomplished,” muttered Ricci as she bent down and grabbed Tracy’s body and slung it over her shoulder. Tracy’s massive breasts, the ones that Christina had suckled so eagerly so many times, lay on top of her own huge breasts as she carried Tracy’s unconscious body to the waiting truck.

…. A few minutes after Carly and Ricci left the house with their bounty of beautiful unconscious women, naked and hog-tied, and with sleeping gas masks taped to each of their mouths, Winona Ryder burst into Tracy’s house.

Ryder had spent the past year as Maggie’s servant until Ricci had replaced her. Tracy’s hypnosis had released Winona’s pent-up memory of her time as Maggie’s slave, ruining her career by having her get caught for shoplifting while obeying her orders, and she was out for revenge.

Winona searched every room in the house but could find no one. She did smell the acrid scent of chloroform in a couple of the rooms and Ryder was no dummy. She put two and two together.

“That bitch,” she said to herself. “I’ll get her. She’s screwed up enough of my friends.”


A smile crossed Maggie’s attractive face, johns had paid $100 a session with her in her prime and she was still a looker.

As she entered her large, opulent office in the morning, laying on floor, with gas masks covering their faces, was Tracy, Brande Roderick and Jessica Alba completely unconscious and completely without a stitch of clothes on any of their fantastic bodies.

Maggie thought Tracy and Brande’s bodies might be the most physically perfect bodies she had ever seen, and Alba was not too far behind. Her clit was on fire just looking at the women laying there, their breasts going up and own in a steady fashion as they breathed the knockout gas.

Curled in a ball in front of her desk was Christina. As Maggie’s pet, she was used to that position.

She had volunteered to spend the night, changing the sleeping gas bottles to make sure the trio remained knocked out throughout the night.

“Christina, wake up,” shouted Maggie. “You have done well my pet.”

“Thank you Maggie,” said Ricci, still in her red bra and blue panties from the night before as she unwound her lithe body. “My life is dedicated to pleasing you. Nothing else matters except your happiness. As these three will soon learn.”

“I am indeed pleased, Dark Angel, a Playmate of the Year and Tracy, the ultimate lesbian sex machine,” said Maggie as she turned off the bottles feeding the captured prey their knockout gas. “All will be fine additions to the hospice staff and my personal staff. We might as well get started. We have a lot of work to do now. Crack open Jessica Alba for me first.”

Ricci removed the mask and carried Jessica’s limp body and plopped her on the chair in front of Maggie’s desk. Maggie then injected her with the mind control drug she got from the CIA in secret and waited for it to course through Jessica’s brain.

Maggie gave Ricci some smelling salts to wake her up when she figured the drug was now in control of her mind.

“Wha, wah, what happened?, where am I,” said a dazed Alba, trying to shake the cobwebs out of her head, her pert breasts bouncing up and down to the movement.

“Hi Jessica, let me introduce myself. I am Maggie Evans and I am by far the best looking woman you have every seen in your life. I am also the nicest, kindest most wonderful woman in the world. You think Mother Teresa was a jerk compared to me.

“As you well know. The fact that I let you in my presence is an honor. If you could have sex with me 24 hours a day you would. I am so great, so kind, and so incredibly beautiful. Anything I ask you would do so willingly,” said Maggie. “Right Jessica.”

The mind control drug had never failed Maggie and it didn’t this time.

Jessica Alba sat there with a glazed look in her eye. Her breasts went up and down in a steady fashion as she breathed. She was completely out of touch with reality. As far as her drug-addled brain was concerned, Maggie WAS the most beautiful and nicest person in the world

“Of course Maggie,” said Jessica in a dull monotone, the drug robbing her of her thought process until she got used to its effects. “I…I love you. I would do anything for you. Tell me an order and I will obey it Maggie.”

“Well, from now on I want you to join the staff here as a counselor to our homeless women,” said Maggie as she took a seat behind her desk. “That would mean helping the girls become better persons. And, oh, to pay the bills I would like you to have sex with men, and women, for money here. You would get top dollar to have sex with you so it would help me out.

“And I certainly want you to have sex with me, for free of course, when the mood strikes me for some Latin pleasuring.”

“Whatever you say Maggie,” said Alba. “I’ll go to the studio right now, tell them to cancel the series and I’ll come back and serve your wishes forever.”

Alba got up and was about to walk out the door__completely naked, her brain was so in the grip of Maggie’s orders she didn’t realize she had no clothes on.

“Jessica,” said Maggie. “Why don’t you let my assistant Carly get you some clothes and take you to the studio. It might be easier.”

“You are so great Maggie,” said Alba as Carly came in and led the newest slave at the hospice out the door. “I can’t wait to have sex with you every day if I can. No more acting for me.”

Maggie then had the fit and strong Ricci bring Roderick over to the chair and delivered another injection into the gorgeous blonde’s tanned arm.

Soon, Roderick was ready for obeying Maggie’s instructions. Evans was really horny at this point with four incredibly good-looking women in her office.

“Brande, come under my skirt and start licking my pussy,” said Maggie.

“Sure,” said Brande, her eyes wide with desire. “My pleasure.”

Next up was the big catch of the day.

Ricci carried her girlfriend Tracy over, knowing full well Tracy’s life as a well-known and extremely successful fitness instructor was soon to be ended and her life as a mindless sex slave was about to begin, thanks to her.

Tracy’s head lay on her chest, cushioned by her large breasts, as she was still under the influence of the sleeping gas.

Maggie told Brande to hold off for a second with the carpet licking and walked over to the unconscious Tracy.

“I’ve been waiting for this,” snarled Maggie. “You’ve caused me trouble but now your body and mind will be totally mine. Your life is over, just like it has been for your girlfriend, and she’s the one that caused it, which makes this extra delicious.

“As soon as you too are enslaved to me we will work out the process where all the women at the Spa are brought over here and enslaved as well to my will. I will make the Celebrity Health Spa my upscale whorehouse and your people will serve as my whores.”

As Maggie was about to inject Tracy with the mind control drug and turn her into her personal sex pet, Brande stood up and gave a shout.

“Hey! what are you doing to my mistress,” said Brande as she ran over and knocked the needle out of Maggie’s hands.

Maggie was too startled to think about what to do next. Brande had been given the mind control drug and programmed. She should have had her mind and will destroyed and be totally dedicated to Maggie’s wishes.

Ricci acted quickly though. She ran to pick up the needle and was about to inject Tracy herself when Brande, who was a regular at the Spa’s kickboxing class, gave a roundhouse kick on Christina’s hand and the needle went flying to the other side of the room.

“Something’s wrong with her programming, get her Christina!” shouted Maggie who ran to the door to round up some hookers/slaves to help subdue the rampaging Roderick.

Ricci attacked Brande and although Christina was well-buffed thanks to the now unconscious Tracy’s fitness program, Brande was pretty buff herself and bigger. Ricci’s bra and panties were quickly torn off and the two naked women clawed at each other as they rolled around on the floor in battle.

As Maggie opened the door, staring right at her was Winona Ryder, with a .44 magnum in her hand.

“Get back in there Maggie,” she spit out through clenched teeth. A startled Evans did as she was told.

Seeing the scene in front of her, Winona entered the room, closed the door quickly and said”” Tell Christina to get off her, now!! Or I swear I’ll shoot.”

As Winona cocked the gun, Maggie said: “Christina, robot time!”

With that long-programmed order in her very soul, Ricci stopped fighting, got up and stood straight as an arrow. Maggie had now turned her into a robot. She was a simple machine awaiting instructions, not the famous actress Christina Ricci. That person did not exist at the moment.

“You ruined my life, and now Christina’s, and many others, no more,” said Ryder as she put the gun up to Maggie’s head. “I have this gun at home for protection but now I’m going to use to protect others by blowing your head off.”

“No, please no Winona!!,” said a terrified Maggie as bravery was not her strong point. “I’ve helped so many women. Don’t do this.!”

“You’ve helped yourself, you bitch, not these poor confused girls,” said Winona. “Time to pay the piper.”

“No-o-o-o-o-o-o!!” shouted Maggie, expecting her life to be over in a matter of seconds.

At this point, all the commotion and shouting woke Tracy out of her slumber.

She woke up in a place she’d never seen before, to see her girlfriend standing like a statue, Brande standing there with scratches on her breasts, and all them were naked.

And there was Winona Ryder with a gun touching the temple of an attractive blonde woman.

“What the hell is going on here!!” Tracy said.

Winona gave Tracy a quick update on the situation, despite all the time Ricci had spent at the hospice while still officially dating Tracy, Tracy had never been there or met Maggie Evans.

“Now let me kill the bitch and end it,” said Winona, the gun still pressed against Maggie’s temple.

Tracy knew Winona would be jailed for murder if she pulled the trigger and her life would truly be ruined then.

“Wait Winona,” Tracy said. “I’m your friend, remember. I think I have a better idea. Trust me.”

When Tracy told Winona what her plan was, Winona quickly agreed. Maggie had a look of complete horror on her face and tried to bolt out the door. Tracy and Brande were far too powerful for her and grabbed her and slammed her into the chair.

Tracy then went to a corner of the room and picked up the needle that Maggie had planned to use to enslave Tracy to her. Tracy had Brande hold onto one of Maggie’s arms and gave her the injection……………


“Maggie Evans is by far one of the most generous people in the homeless movement,” said Winona Ryder to the assembled crowd outside the hospice. “To deed this property over to the women currently living in it so they have a permanent home, and to wipe out her life savings and divide it among all the women who have stayed here longer than a month, is incredible generosity.”

The crowd applauded, not knowing how Maggie had been “encouraged” to act that way.

Winona continued: “And the fact Maggie now wants to spend the rest of her life as a maid in the hospice just shows how kind and wonderful she is. As a member of the newly formed board of directors of the newly-renamed Los Angeles Homeless Shelter for All, as this place will be known from here on, I’m certainly really appreciative.”

For the post-announcement reception, reporters flocked into the magnificent anteroom as Maggie’s hospice was really an opulent mansion to talk to the celebrity/board members

Besides Ryder, other well-known actresses like Christina Ricci and Jessica Alba (who unfortunately was broken of Maggie’s spell after she went to the studio and quit, causing her series “Dark Angel” to be cancelled) were also board members.

But most press attention focused on another board member, the hot looking Brande Roderick who looked smashing in a pink suit with mini-skirt that exposed plenty of cleavage

Serving the finger sandwiches and getting everyone drinks, was Maggie Evans in a French Maid’s outfit in which she looked quite good, her body still holding up well.

Although not announced to the crowd, for obvious reasons, Maggie had also been implanted with a trigger word which, when said in front of her, made her instantly horny and want to have sex. Brande had already said the word 20 times in the space of a week.

After the press was gone, Christina, Brande and Tracy huddled together in a corner.

“I still don’t understand one thing,” said Ricci. “Brande, you were given the drug. Why weren’t you affected?”

“Because it’s a mind-control drug Chris,” said Tracy who was wearing a short, low-cut green dress, the fanciest thing she had, usually reserve for weddings or funerals. “I hypnotized Brande to be my slave so when Maggie gave her the drug it had no effect, because Brande had no mind to control at the time.”

“Wow,” said Christina. “You are smart as well as sexy Tracy. I wished things had worked out differently. I wish we weren’t breaking up.”

“I know, and I did love you Chris but you were really into enslaving me and I can’t get it out of my mind,” said Tracy. “I think there are some issues you have with me deep down that you didn’t know about until Maggie’s mind-controlling released it

“You’re going away for six months to act and produce in “Prozac Nation” anyhow so it’s a perfect time to take a break from our relationship.”

“I guess,” said Ricci who was going to really miss the constant stream of daily sex she received from Tracy. “Hey, Brande. How come if you were not under Maggie’s control you had sex with her when she ordered you to.”

“Mind control, schmind control,” said Brande. “When a women asks me to lick carpet. I don’t ask questions.”


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