Celebrity Health Spa: “Shak” Attack

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: “Shak” attack

By Rinky Dink


(FF, MC, Fdom)

Tracy Thresher might be a sex-crazed Hypno-domme but she was at least a community-minded sex-crazed Hypno-domme.

Once a year she conducted at her Women’s Celebrity Health Spa a well-received “Cheerleaders Health & Fitness Day”.

Cheerleaders from high schools and colleges all around the Malibu area were invited to learn from Spa manager Tracy and selected instructors on how to eat smart and keep in good physical shape, so they would look good in their cheerleaders outfit and
more importantly learn to live a healthy lifestyle and pass it on to fellow students.

The fact this also lured in the best-looking girls in the area, an opportunity for phone numbers to be slipped into pockets or free “junior” Spa memberships instantly given to the most spectacular looking to help pack the Spa with even more young hot babes was simply a bonus.

Tracy had been a cheerleader herself freshman year in high school. As a new student, she thought it would be a great way to hook up with fellow cheerleaders and football players for sex.

By her sophomore year, Tracy had to quit cheerleading as she was sleeping with so many players and cheerleaders, as well as their respective coaches; she didn’t have time for it anymore.

Tracy smiled broadly as wave after wave of sexy cheerleaders filed out of the Spa. This year’s clinic had been the most successful ever, over 300 shapely young blonde, brunette and redheads had attended and her fellow sexually-charged instructors agreed it also included a bumper crop of hotties.

“This was our best year yet, in terms of both depth and quality,” said Jen, a tall brunette and former Olympic bobsledder, to Tracy. “I’m set with “private lessons” for the rest of the month.

“I guess having Miss ‘Bring it On’, Kirsten Dunst, as keynote speaker helped,” said Tracy, who made a mental note to herself to make sure to bring her vibrating 12-inch dildo with her when she met Kirsten later that night, as a “bonus” for her good work. “Connie, how many junior memberships did we give out.”

Connie was Tracy’s assistant. A shapely blonde in her mid-30s and a former fitness instructor, she was the practical one and did all the needed paperwork. Married and with kids, she served as Tracy’s conscience and did not get involved in sleeping around like everyone else, she only would have sex with Tracy at the Spa, making her a virtual nun in the eyes of everyone.

“Ended up with 11, that’s a record Trace and we probably could have given out 20 more if we wanted to bankrupt the Spa with freebies,” said Connie.

Suddenly, the threesome noticed one young girl remained.

She stood near them in a tighter than normal “Bogota High” cheerleading outfit. She looked about 18 and was a classic Latin beauty. With almond eyes, bronze skin, a firm and shapely butt, pert lips and round, big breasts obvious under her top.

“Cheerleading Day is over dear, you can go now,” said Connie.

“I know Senorita but I must talk to you all,” said the Latin lovely as she approached them. “My name is Conchita and I was a cheerleader in my native of country of Columbia. I was captain of the cheerleaders but got kicked off the squad when it was found out I was having an affair with several cheerleaders and one of them was the principal’s daughter.

“My family was so embarrassed they sent me to the United States on a foreign exchange program. My sponsor said I could get credit working as an intern at a local business and I like working with young women and might want to eventually work in the fitness industry, so I was wondering if I could work here.

“I really prefer a place where I don’t have to deal with men and all of you seem like such nice women.”

Tracy might not be Bill Gates when it came to business but even she knew it would be foolish to turn down free help.

And this girl seemed to be well-qualified, at least the qualifications Tracy cared about: She was young, smart, sexy, slutty and preferred the company of other women.

“Well, I pretty much work solo,” said Tracy who knew 3/4 of the time at work she was having sex. “But Connie might not mind some help, our membership is going up pretty quickly.”

“No problem, I’d love to have you intern under me Conchita,” said Connie sweetly. “Come by here tomorrow and we’ll get to work on the paperwork.”

“Thank you, thank you Senorita Connie,” cooed Conchita. “You have brought light to my dark life. I’ll see you tomorrow. I can’t wait.”

After Conchita left, Jen turned to Connie.

“I think I might have some, uh, “personal assignments” for your intern as well,” she said.

“I assume with that body, I think your intern Connie is going to be interning under a lot of people here,” said Tracy as they all laughed.


As usual, Tracy’s instincts were correct. Conchita fit in perfectly at the Spa.

She showed up the next day in tight blue Spandex shorts and a tiny blue tube top that barely covered her large breasts. By the end of the week she had bought a beeper and told Connie to always contact her at that number, as she didn’t think she would be home at night very often.

Despite her many sexual dalliances, Conchita proved to be a hard-worker. Since everyone else was always busy giving or getting a workout, whether of a client’s body or pussy, Connie had to shoulder a lot of responsibility and Conchita proved a big help to her.

Although they came from totally different backgrounds, Connie and Conchita quickly became extremely close. Many nights as Tracy left for whatever big orgy was being held that night in Hollywood, she noticed the pair was still in Connie’s office.

If Connie didn’t have such a sterling personal reputation, she was president of the Malibu Area PTA, Tracy would have suspected something was up.

Shortly after Conchita arrived, the Spa became abuzz when it was announced that Colombian singing superstar Shakira would be working out there for a while.

She was appearing on the MTV Video Awards and Latin Emmy’s in the same week and was arriving early to get in the best possible shape, as she worked very hard in her performances while wearing very little clothing.

In South America, Shakira was a singing legend at just 24. She had a incredible body plus a large chest and long curly blonde hair. In comparison, Britney Spears’ popularity in America was nothing compared to how beloved Shakira was in Latin-speaking areas, and unlike Britney she wrote and produced all her own songs.

Shakira had now moved into mainstream American music and her English-language records were proving just as successful.

Connie and Tracy realized having a native Colombian like Conchita was a lucky break and put her in charge of making all the necessary arrangements. Soon, the Spa was filled with Shakira’s music and she insisted Connie and Tracy start eating South American delicacies.


Shakira hit the Spa like a South American hurricane. She had never been shy about showing off her amazingly tight body and even if the Spa was a buffet for hotties, as some called it, Shakira was still a special main course as jaws dropped wherever she went.

To get some privacy, Shakira had lunch in Tracy’s office. All the Spa members and instructors were too intimidated by Shakira’s reputation to hit on her, although Tracy knew they all would kill to munch on her inviting Latin snatch.

Tracy still wore her usual bra top and thong bottom for lunch with Shakira, no one ever complained about that fashion choice she figured, while Shakira most of the time showed up in cut-off jeans shorts and a tight cut-off white t-shirt that barely went down enough to cover her enormous breasts.

Shakira’s music continually blared from Tracy’s stereo since the Colombian had arrived the, and frankly Conchita had made her play it so much Tracy thought she knew the lyrics better than Shakira as the pair of beauties chowed down on vegetarian burritos.

“I just love your music but I do have a question, why did you call your first English album :Laundry Service,” said Tracy.

“Because I am washing away my past views on love,” said Shakira. “I used to have a narrow view but now I am open to many versions of love.”

After that Shakira squeezed Tracy’s hand and gave her a knowing look. Tracy had seen that look many times before, it was the “I’m up for it if you are” look and of course Tracy always was up for going down on a women.

“The answer is yes, if you’re asking what I think,” said Tracy.

“Sorry but I’m asking a different question,” said Shakira as Tracy got a puzzled look on her face. “My question is: Whenever Tracy, whatever.”

Suddenly Tracy felt a wave of relaxation wash over her. She felt tired, very tired and she knew with such an important guest she shouldn’t go to sleep but she was just so tired.

The fork fell out of Tracy’s grasp and her eyes closed, her head falling over to the side.

Shakira watched this all happen placidly and after Tracy keeled over into total unconsciousness, gave a shout to the office door: “Cousin Conchita, it’s time to come in!”

Conchita slipped into the room, closely followed by Connie.

However, Connie did not look her normal efficient self. She had a glazed look in her eyes and shuffled in mechanically. As soon as she reached Shakira, Connie took off her top and shorts and all her underwear. She then dropped to her knees completely naked in front of Shakira.

“Goddess Shakira, my mistress Conchita has prepared me your arrival,” said Connie in a soft monotone. “My body is for your total pleasure. You may use it anyway you see fit. My husband, my children mean nothing to me. Only using my body to serve the Goddess Shakira matters.”

“You must like this one, although a little older than usual for your tastes Cousin Conchita,” said Shakira.

“I know but she IS really nice and when you take Tracy away to be your fitness instructor/sex slave for your American tour this one will be in charge,” said Conchita as she patted Connie’s blonde head. “If she is in charge that means I am in charge and honestly Cousin Shakira this place is incredible. All hot looking babes and all wanting to have sex with each other. There won’t be a moment a tongue is not in my snatch.”

“Of course Tracy is the best looking of them all and the best at having sex.”

“I hope so,” said Shakira. “Ever since you invited me to that girl party last year in Uruguay and I was converted to lesbianism I’ve developed a pretty big craving for pussy.

“I count on you to find beautiful women where I am touring and turn them into my sex slaves. You know music is No. 1 for me but having sex with women is No.2 and closing fast.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be pleased,” said Conchita.

“OK, now does this chick need further programming or can I screw her now,” said Shakira, nodding at the slumped figure of Tracy, her large breasts going up and down in a steady fashion.

“Oh no, Connie and me thoroughly brainwashed her for two weeks straight,” said Conchita. “It took me a week to get Connie here under my power and that made it a heck of a lot easier with Tracy, she is very strong willed, as Tracy totally trusts her.

“She was putting mind control drugs in her meals, having your music full of subliminal messages about worshiping you and by chance we found this swirling lights tape that we put in her VCR and had her watch when she was drugged.

“Tracy thought she was going to celebrity lesbian orgies every night when actually she’s never left the office as we’ve been hypnotizing her to enslave her to you.

“I’ll show you. Tracy, open your eyes but remain in this relaxed state and pay homage to your Goddess.”

Tracy’s head became erect and her eyes snapped open, although there was a vast emptiness behind them. Tracy got up, took off what little clothes she had on, and joined Connie kneeling in front of the blonde sexpot.

“My body is at your disposal Goddess Shakira,” said Tracy. “My family, my friends, mean nothing. Only my body being used by my Goddess matters.”

Shakira took a good look at the nude Tracy kneeling before her. She had long dark curly hair, a large bosom that obviously was perky enough to never need a bra, a six-pack stomach, a perfect tight ass and long supple legs.

“She certainly is attractive enough, probably the best looking woman I will have slept with, and that includes the former Miss Columbia you zapped for me,” said Shakira. “I will give her a test run right now, and I assume you shall have some fun as well Cousin Conchita. After all, you were into girls before me.

“Connie, your Goddess commands you to pleasure your mistress in any way she’s fit. The more pleasure you give Conchita the more your Goddess will be pleased.”

“Yes, Goddess, I obey,” said Connie vacantly as she got up and turned to Conchita. She picked up Conchita and carried her over her shoulder out the door to Connie’s office next door. As the door swung close, Shakira could see Conchita being laid down on the shag carpet and Connie beginning to rip her clothes off.

.Shakira then tuned down to look at the glassy-eyed Tracy still kneeling.

“Ok, you come highly recommended by my cousin, as well as the fact everyone I’ve met here has had sex with you,” said Shakira. “So slave, rock my world. Your Goddess orders as such.”

Tracy stood up and led Shakira to her private bedroom where a large waterbed dominated the room.

“Goddess I must know how far you want me to go,” droned Tracy.

“Whatever, whenever,” said Shakira. “I was converted to be a lesbian only a year ago but I’ve been making up for lost time. I want you to tango with my pussy. Go all the way. No limits. And slave you are to act like you are enjoying it from now on. I please people with my voice and my body.”

Tracy’s eyes cleared up and a smile crossed her face. In her subconscious, Tracy had wanted to bang the heck out of Shakira ever since she walked into the Spa.

Tracy seductively took off what little clothing Shakira had on and she was nude quickly as Shakira did not wear a bra or panties. Tracy’s eyes lit up as she saw Shakira’s sopping wet pussy was completely shaven, just like her’s.

Tracy began jamming her tongue down her throat and grinding her pussy into Shakira’s, the lack of hair making both of them quickly very horny.

Tracy went right for Shakira’s breasts with her hands and began kneading them over and over, trying to pinch Shakira’s now rock-hard nipples when possible. With her tongue, Tracy began bathing Shakira’s ear and neck and Shakira moaned her approval of Tracy’s licking as she began licking Tracy’s large twin peaks.

Tracy was in ecstasy, Shakira’s breasts were so soft and pliable but Shakira had other ideas as she moved down from Tracy’s breasts and began nipping at her bud.

With Shakira’s sweet round breasts in her hands and Shakira’s tongue now on her clit, Tracy was soon completely turned on. She let out a shriek as she orgasmed, her juices hitting Shakira in the chin. She quickly began lapping up the cum and Tracy was immediately turned back on and began licking at Shakira’s brown areolas.

Tasting Tracy’s cum and feeling her tongue on her nipples put Shakira over the top and she orgasmed. She then grabbed Tracy by the shoulders, gave her a big wet kiss, jamming her tongue as far as she could into Tracy’s mouth without choking her, and then flipped her over to her slit.

“It’s “69” time, eat me out slut slave,” said Shakira.

Tracy was more than happy to oblige as she began lapping at Shakira’s clit while Shakira was tongue-fucking Tracy’s snatch. Tracy discovered that Shakira was a natural blonde and that excited her even more as she buried her face in her golden bush.

The deeply entranced fitness instructor and the star singer both quickly orgasmed again, the water bed creating rippling waves usually reserved for a ship in a storm..

But Tracy was far from done with her Goddess despite having two orgasms.

“Lay on your stomach Goddess Shakira, I have a surprise for you,” said Tracy. Shakira complied, she was worn out and didn’t think about what Tracy had in mind.

Tracy went to the table, where lay a 12-inch dildo and a tube of lubricant. After strapping on the dildo and lubing it up, Tracy got on her knees and looked at Shakira’s ass. It was nice and big, but not fat, and a perfect round shape. It was such an incredible butt Tracy thought.

Shakira had been quietly humming “Underneath her Clothes” when she felt something pierce her behind. “What the hell?!” she said before Tracy put a calming hand on Shakira’s shoulder.

Tracy was going to give her lesbian anal sex,. what a super sex slave this American was going to be, thought Shakira even though it hurt a bit at the start. Getting it up the rear was not something that was done much in Columbia so Shakira’s ass was not used to the penetration.

Again and again Tracy pounded the dildo up and down into Shakira’s meaty butt. Shakira could feel the mother of all orgasms building inside and by her constant low moans she could tell Tracy was getting pretty worked up as well.

Up and down, up and down went Tracy, every sortie into Shakira’s ass going a little deeper.

Finally, Shakira could not hold in her lust anymore. “I’m cum-m-m-m-m-i-i-n-n-n-n-g-g-g-!!!” screamed Shakira as her love juices poured all over the rubber sheet. That’s all Tracy needed to hear as she shrieked her own cumming and the rubber sheet beneath them soon was soaking wet.

Shakira’s eyes were almost rolled up into her head at this point, this woman was incredible she thought, how can I ever give her up. Tracy might have to be her permanent love slave and the fact she is a fitness instructor is a perfect cover she thought.

Shakira assumed the sex session was over but Tracy then announced: “Flip over my Goddess, your humble slave is not done giving you pleasure.”

She couldn’t believe Tracy’s sex gas tank wasn’t empty like her’s, but Shakira wearily turned over and lay on her back.

Tracy then put some more lubricant on and slid the dildo into Shakira’s heavily cum-stained slit. Tracy slowly began pumping the dildo into Shakira’s pussy but got no response from the exhausted Colombian.

Tracy then flicked a switch on the top of the dildo and it began to vibrate. Shakira’s eyes now widened and she let out a yelp. Waves of sexual pleasure now shot up from her pussy. The vibrating dildo was truly rocking her world and it felt like her head was going to explode.

“No, I can’t take, please, no more slave, too…too much sex,” whimpered Shakira. “No more sex please!!”

Tracy merely went to the switch again and put it on maximum. Shakira’s pussy was now getting a screwing only well-endowed porn stars could usually provide

Shakira’s mouth was completely agape, her hips bucking up and down uncontrollably, her eyes with a vacant look. She literally was getting mind-fucked at this point as she was suffering from severe sexual overload.

Shakira finally blasted out an incredible orgasm as she screamed out at the top of her lungs. Tracy estimated the waterbed didn’t stop moving for 15 minutes afterwards. Latin-flavored pussy juice poured all over the dildo as Tracy rode Shakira’s now helplessly throbbing, bucking body like a cowgirl on a bull.

When it was over, Shakira lay unmoving on the still-rippling waterbed. Tracy had over-sexed her into unconsciousness, her body had run up the white flag. It could take no more sex from Tracy.

Shakira’s will and mind had been totally shattered. She belonged to Tracy now.

Tracy stared at the beautiful prone form of the naked Shakira and a grin formed on her lips.

“I guesses I reached the limit of No Limits huh,” she said. “And by the way, don’t try and hypnotize a hypnotist. An 18-year-old’s going to enslave the master. Puh-lease.!

Tracy saw that Shakira was now awake but extremely groggy. Tracy preferred hypnotizing people over crushing their will with her superior sexual prowess but with Conchita in the room next door, Tracy had to go the quicker sex route.

“You know Shakira, I own you now,” said Tracy.

“Yes, Mistress Tracy, how may my body be used by you for further sex,” whispered a totally mind-fucked Shakira

“Well, a little late for that for now unless you want to die due to sex,” she said.

“Yes, kill me mistress with your sex,” said the now enslaved Shakira.

“Not right now,” said Tracy, although she was pleased how submissive Shakira could act, something she figured that would come in handy for future sexual exploits. “You will give me pleasure by following these orders I am implanting in your brain.”

“I obey, I serve only you Mistress Tracy,” said Shakira. “I no longer have a mind of my own. I am now your personal fuck-toy.”

“Fine, now let’s take a shower together and clean ourselves up, you will of course clean my pussy with your tongue throughout the shower,” said Tracy.

“Yes, mistress,” said Shakira with newfound enthusiasm. “I obey you. I definitely obey you.”


For the final couple of weeks Shakira’s workout was structured oddly in the opinion of the other instructors.

Her lunches in Tracy’s office were amazingly long, sometimes lasting 2 1/2 hours and instead of going home at night she paid the Spa a large amount of money for overtime at least four times a week to keep it open just for her, and as manager Tracy was required to stay.

Two days before the MTV Awards, when Shakira’s time at the Spa would be over, a notice was put on the bulletin board.

“Shakira is very grateful for the help of everyone at the Women’s Celebrity Health Spa. To show her appreciation, Shakira will give a “very private concert” every hour for the next two days straight to any Spa employee or member interested.”

The 48 slots filled up within 20 minutes.

When Shakira sung at the MTV Awards her performance was spectacular. She had never seemed more sensual or looked sexier, critics agreed, although they did wonder why she had dark circles under her eyes.

Tracy and Connie watched her perform on the TV in Tracy’s office.

“You were pretty easy on her considering what she did to us,” said Connie.

“Hey, I made 48 Spa members very, very happy, good PR as you like to say,” said Tracy. “Anyhow, it was really Conchita who was the instigator of all this.

“C’mon. Why would Shakira need to hypnotize someone to have sex with her? Every woman in this Spa, except you Connie of course, would eat her out at the drop of a hat.

“Shakira said Columbia is a very religious country, Conchita would be ruined if she was found having sex with women there. This was her way of getting to lick carpet away from home. She actually had Shakira in a light trance to see things her way.

“Conchita is now home and getting ready for an arranged marriage she had been avoiding. Shakira has cut off her support so if she wants to live well she will have to please her husband. Shakira said making Conchita have sex consistently with a man is the worst possible punishment for her.”

“Hey, that reminds me, I have a bone to pick you Trace,” said Connie. “After you found out Conchita had hypnotized me into being her sex slave why didn’t you stop her. I missed the church bake sale and a couple of Bobby’s soccer games because I was busy rolling around the floor eating out that kid.”

“Because you were having the time of your life, Miss Soccer Mom,” said Tracy with a giggle. “You were smiling and wailing and cumming so much I just didn’t have the heart to stop her.

“I always knew deep down you were a Spa slut like the rest of us.”

“Whatever,” said Connie.

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