Celebrity Health Spa: The Complicated Life

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: The Complicated Life by Rinky Dink. Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie. (mc, ff)

Women’s Celebrity Health Spa: The Complicated Life

By Rinky Dink



The following story is a work of satirical fiction and any characters or situations described bear no relation to any real person or area, even those with the same name. The news item is real. Due to sexual situations no one under 18 should read this_ go away.

I know it’s all staged but I love this show, had to do something.

Tracy Thresher could not believe
she was hitchhiking alone on a road in rural Arkansas, half-naked with just a cardboard suitcase in the heat of the summer.

Well, the being half-naked part she could believe.

As manager of the wildly successful Women’s Celebrity Health Spa in Malibu, where the best looking girls in Hollywood had their bodies, and pussies, receive a thorough workout, the beautiful and sexually-charged Tracy usually wore nothing more than a bra top and thong.

But Tracy’s bucolic life on the beach had been interrupted by a phone call.

The mother of one of her favorite Spa members, Cindy Markham, the blonde, buxom former head cheerleader at Pepperdine University, was concerned about Cindy’s strange behavior during recent calls from her first job.

She was working on a new reality show called “The Simple Life” starring rich girls Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie as they tried, and usually failed, to do menial jobs in small-town America.

Tracy had promised the worried mother she would discreetly check up on Cindy, although she wondered why at this point.

“I just want to lay on the beach, workout and have sex with women,” thought Tracy. “How do I get myself in these situations.”


Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were bouncing along in their battered old pickup truck returning to the Leding home after being fired from yet another job.

This time, they had been plucking chickens when Nicole had begun using an electric razor on them she stole from the farmer’s medicine cabinet.

Failing at yet another job didn’t faze either one of them a bit. Paris was a member of the Hilton hotel family and Nicole’s father was the famous singer Lionel Richie. They had been born with silver spoons in their mouth and life basically was a hoot to them.

Nicole looked to her right and saw a woman on the side of the road with her thumb sticking out up ahead. As they got closer, she could tell it was no ordinary hitchhiker.

It was a tall, young women with an hourglass figure. Her skin was perfectly tanned, plus shapely legs topped off by huge breasts. She was wearing white Daisy Duke shorts and a polka dot half-top tied off just below the chest, making her large breasts even more prominent.

“Paris! Pull over, we have to pick up that hitchhiker,” said Nicole as they were about to pass the woman.

“Oh C’mon Nicole, this is the first night the TV crew won’t be tailing us since we got here, I just want to…..whoa! Look at that hottie.”

Paris quickly pulled to the side and the young woman clambered into the back seat.

“Thanks a bunch ladies, not too much traffic today, I was worried I’d stand there and plum sweat to death,” said the woman.

“No problem,” said Nicole. “Driving is Paris and my name is Nicole.”

“Name’s Tracy Jean, right glad to meetcha,” said the woman. “I live over yonder near the crick. At least I used to until ma got mad and done threw me out. That’s why I needed a ride from you nice girls.”

“Why would she do something like that,” asked Paris. “You seem like a, uh, nice girl.”

“Aw, ma just done got mad at me because of my hobby,” said Tracy Jean. “Ya see, I just love to screw women.”

“Really?!” said Nicole with raised eyebrows. “Tell me more.”

“Well’un,” said Tracy Jean. “Not much else to tell ‘cept I love to screw women _ a lot. Screw them at the feed store, at the carnival, behind the pumpkin patch, wherever. And I’m good at it too, I’ve had several people tell me I’m the best pussy-licker in Franklin County.

“But ma thought it was unseemly for a proper lady to go around screwin’ women all the time and dressing like a floozy and told me to stop. I told her I wasn’t gunna because it’s a free country and if I want to screw women I will, and I like not wearin’ a lot of clothes. That’s how I ended up on the road.”

Paris and Nicole looked at each knowingly, there was no need between the long-time friends to say anything. They were on the same page.

“Well Tracy Jean, I feel bad for you,” said Paris. “Any plans?”

“Not really,” she said. “I heard in the big city there are lots of women who like to screw each other, so I guess I’ll head there.”

“It’s a little late in the day to go all the way to the big city Tracy Jean,” said Nicole. “Why don’t you come to our place in Altus and stay the night? You’re more than welcome.”

“Will I get to screw women,” asked Tracy Jean.

“I guarantee it,” said Paris.


Tracy had heard how totally clueless Paris and Nicole were but seeing it in action was something else.

The information Tracy had gotten from the barmaid she had sex with the night before had been correct on where they would be working, so Tracy had known where to position herself to be found.

She couldn’t believe that the two girls had actually bought her highly unlikely story and her terrible impression of a Southern accent.

But she figured as soon as they found out she liked to have sex with women they wouldn’t think about much else. According to Tracy’s connections in Los Angeles high society, both Paris and Nicole were not unfamiliar with being intimate with a woman.

Tracy knew at all costs she had to avoid the Leding’s, the family Nicole and Paris stayed with. They would know she wasn’t from the area and see through her phony accent in a second.

She told Paris and Nicole she was tired from all the standing waiting for a ride and needed to nap rather than join them for dinner.

When Paris and Nicole went back to their bedroom they saw Tracy snoozing on top of the covers, completely naked.

“She’s a horny little lesbian isn’t she,” said Nicole.

“Yeah, she’ll love Cindy-bot,” said Paris.

Tracy, who had been pretending to sleep, not that these morons could tell she thought, opened her eyes quickly at the mention of Cindy’s name.

“Hey gals, what’s up,” said Tracy.

“Just talking about your favorite subject, screwing women,” said Nicole with a laugh.

“Hoo-wee, love to talk about screwin’ women,” said Tracy. “but I like doing it even better. How ’bout it ladies?”

“Well, we’re waiting for someone to join us,” said Paris.

“Yeah, we have a sex robot Tracy Jean, you don’t know about such things in the country,” said Nicole, thinking she was talking to a dumb hick. “She a pretty blonde with big boobs who used to be a cheerleader but now she’s our robot and she’s programmed to have sex whenever we want.”

“And we want it a lot,” added Paris. “When she comes, we can pair off.”

‘What have these monsters done to Cindy,’ thought Tracy. To find out she had to quickly gain Nicole and Paris’ trust, and she knew how to do that.

“Why do we have to wait, we don’t have to pair off,” said Tracy. “The only thing I like better than screwin’ a woman is screwin’ two women. Now get them clothes off and get in the bed right proper.”

Paris and Nicole looked at each and shrugged.

Nicole then shrugged off her top and pulled down her shorts. It took Paris about 10 seconds to pull out the strings that held her tiny two-piece outfit on. Tracy immediately saw that neither was wearing a bra or panties.

Tracy positioned Nicole and Paris side-by-side. She began French kissing Nicole while she rubbed Paris’ pert breasts. Both began squirming a bit as they got turned on.

She began kissing Nicole down her body before reaching her clit, which she began rolling around in her mouth as Nicole moaned her approval.. She moved her hand down to Paris’ clit and began seductively rubbing it as she began her own moans.

As Paris and Nicole’s bodies began undulating as ripples of sexual pleasure coursed through them, Tracy began the final assault.

She plunged her tongue into Nicole’s honey pot while she inserted three fingers into Paris’ slit and began pumping away, finding the totally on-fire pussy of Paris sopping wet.

Being the sex expert that Tracy was, orgasms were soon to come. Nicole was first, arching her back and grunting as a massive wave of sexual delight filled her mind and body while Tracy’s face received a big blast of the petite woman’s cum.

Paris quickly followed suit as she started loud continuous moans before her body began flopping up and down as well as a major orgasm hit her. The double orgasm turned triple as looking at them in sexual ecstasy turned Tracy on and she arched her back as an orgasm hit her.

The three young women panted for a few minutes, recovering from their orgasms, with the super-fit Tracy regaining her senses first.

“See, I told ya I can screw two women,” she said.

“You certainly can Tracy Jean,” said Nicole as she tried to stop gasping for air. “Cindy-bot is a good fuck, someone obviously taught her well, but you’re the best screw I’ve ever had.”

At that moment, there was a tapping on the window. “Enter,” shouted Paris.

The window opened and crawling in was a young blonde in her early 20s with D cup breasts wearing a silver lame’ crop top and silver lame’ short-shorts, Paris and Nicole’s apparent idea of what a sexy robot should wear.

Tracy saw it was Cindy, except her eyes, always so full of life and joy at the Spa, were now glassy and unfocused.

As she looked at the three women lying nude on the bed covered in sweat and cum she showed no emotion, despite seeing a woman she had previously had sex with at least 200 times before who did not belong there.

“Tracy Jean, this is Cindy-bot, our sex robot for the night, and every night we’re living here,” said Paris with a giggle. “Cindy-bot, you will treat Tracy Jean just like us. She is our equal.”

“Yes, Slavemistress Paris,” said Cindy in a dull monotone. “I have added the new slavemistress to my programming.”

Tracy was confused at the moment.

She was usually pretty good at reading people, particularly after having sex with them. Both Paris and Nicole might have the brain capacity of a walnut and be totally spoiled but they didn’t seem mean or nasty, yet they had done this horrendous thing to innocent Cindy.

“Girlies, if you want an even better screwin’ than you have to go through my screwin’ ceremony,” said Tracy. “It really relaxes you and helps you have a super-duper screwin’.”

“Screwing ceremony?, I never heard of such a thing,” said Paris.

“You hadn’t heard of paying cash for something until we got here either,” said Nicole. “If it gets me a better fuck, I’m in and so are you Paris.”

Tracy smiled. She had prepared for this while Paris and Nicole had been at dinner.

She turned on the stereo and soothing New Age music began coming out of it. She then took out of her suitcase a bottle of dark liquid and poured it into two glasses on the bureau. Paris and Nicole drank the sweet-tasting liquid and then Tracy guided them to two seats in front of the VCR.

She popped in a tape and swirling lights began flashing in and out at the two rich girls.

Having drunk Tracy’s mind relaxants, and hearing the subliminal messages in the music how they had to relax and obey Tracy, Paris and Nicole sat in the chairs with blank faces as they fell into a deep, relaxed state.

“Just watch the lights and relax ladies, everything is great, you feel wonderful, like you just bought a bunch of new furs,” said Tracy. “Look at the lights and listen to the music. You feel great, so wonderful, like you just went on a big shopping spree.”

“Yes, wonderful,” mumbled Paris.

“Shop, wonderful, great,” whispered Nicole.

After a couple minutes more of this mantra, Tracy felt they were deeply hypnotized. She checked to see if Cindy would defend her mistresses but she just stood there not making a move. Apparently her purpose was purely sexual, she was not programmed to defend her enslavers.

“Close you eyes ladies and go to sleep feeling great and relaxed, remembering Tracy Jean made you feel this good and you are grateful to her,” said Tracy as she watched Paris and Nicole’s eyes flutter shut. “You will now open your eyes but remain in this wonderful, relaxed state _ like you just got some expensive jewelry _ and obey any and all commands from Tracy Jean.”

Paris and Nicole’s eyes opened but they were glassy and lifeless.

“Girls, I think it is really not nice what you did to Cindy,” said Tracy as she walked in front of the pair, their eyes slowly looking up at her as Tracy shut off the light show on the VCR. “Tell me what mean thing you can do to yourself to even things up.”

“I made sex tapes with a guy and a girl,” said Paris tonelessly. “I could get them released without remembering I did it, me and my family really wouldn’t like it when they are all over the Internet.”

“Excellent suggestion Paris, you will do so when you get back home,” said Tracy. “Well Nicole.”

“I got busted for heroin possession right before I got here, I’m pretty much up shits creek as it is,” said Nicole.

“That’s true,” said Tracy. “Your life will suck plenty for a while just from that.”

“Now ladies, I want to talk to my friend Cindy, release her from whatever spell you have her under and then go back to sleep but still listen for my instructions,” said Tracy.

“Oh we have a release trigger Tracy Jean all set up,” said Nicole proudly. “Cindy-bot: Dancing on the ceiling, all night long.”

Nicole and Paris’ heads immediately flopped forward as they fell back into a deep, hypnotic slumber. Cindy’s eyes got wide and she then shook her head a couple times.

“Tracy! What the heck are you doing here,” said Cindy in total shock.

“Your mother was worried you were in trouble and I came to see if I could help,” said Tracy. “Good thing I did. I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re in Paris and Nicole’s bedroom wearing next to nothing.”

“Of course I know why, I’m their sex robot,” said Cindy. “Hey, why are they sitting there naked and sleeping. It’s after 8, I’m suppose to be having sex with them.”

“So you know?” said a surprised Tracy.

“Of course, they’re nice girls, what’d you think?, they captured me and turned me into their sex slave while I fought desperately to save my soul,” said Cindy as Tracy nodded yes. “Sit on the bed Trace, we have to talk.”

As Tracy knew, Cindy was an upfront, honest person who liked to get along with people.

The job on The Simple Life had been a nightmare from the beginning. Cindy tried to be nice to the residents of Altus but they hated her and all other members of the production staff because they felt they were being portrayed as rubes and hicks.

She hated even more that all the funny situations Paris and Nicole seemed to get into were really totally staged. What Paris and Nicole did was basically for entertainment purposes and not a snapshot of their real lives in Altus, as most people watching would be led to believe.

As a young woman near their age, Cindy was usually in charge of bedroom scenes and one night it all finally got to Cindy and she began sobbing in front of Nicole and Paris.

Since this was her first job out of college, she didn’t want to quit in the middle of filming, it would probably mean no one else in TV would ever hire her. But she couldn’t take the cold stares of the locals or the callous manipulation of the truth anymore.

Out of sheer frustration, Cindy finally wailed: “I should have just asked Tracy for a job teaching aerobics at the Spa, then I’d be happy all day having sex with women.”

That statement led to Nicole and Paris telling Cindy about THEIR problem.

Going in, they knew the whole thing would basically be an unscripted comedy, the producers wanted laughs not a documentary, and their contract stated they could not bring their cell phones, check books or credit cards with them, they could only spend what they made on their jobs.

But when they got to Arkansas, they were also told they could not bring anyone to bed with them or spend the night in anyone’ else’s bed.

“No reality, no money, no cell, fine, I’ll live with it,” said Nicole at the time. “But no sex for 6 weeks? No freaking way a horny little cunt like me can survive.”

They told Cindy if she would provide them with sex they would help her with her problem.

Since Paris was listed as one of the most beautiful women on the planet and Nicole was a cute, busty minx, the decision was easy for Cindy. Particularly since she was pretty darn horny herself as Cindy was used to the constant stream of girl-on-girl sex she had gotten at the Spa.

The plan Nicole and Paris came up with to help Cindy might not have been brilliant but it was certainly original.

Using a cocktail of drugs Nicole had stashed away in the bedroom well, they would turn Cindy into a zombie slave totally under their control. At night, she would be their sex robot but during the day they ordered her to be an ultra-efficient worker.

When filming was finished, Cindy would get a great recommendation from her very impressed bosses while not remembering anything she did so she would not get upset, and Nicole and Paris would leave sexually satisfied.

“Oh geez, I’m so sorry Cindy,” said a mortified Tracy. “I should have trusted you to take care of yourself. Don’t hate me for checking up on you. I’ll wake up Paris and Nicole and have them turn you back into a sex robot.”

Cindy smiled and put her hand on Tracy’s knee.

“Tracy, for you to come all this way and go through all of this because of your concern for me is so touching,” said Cindy with eyes watering. “Besides the sex, that’s what’s so great about the Spa. The atmosphere is so positive and supportive and everyone cares about each other.

“But the real world, literally, isn’t always like that and being turned into a robot was my way of not facing my problems. If I ever want to get anywhere in life, I’ve got to learn to deal with circumstances not always to my liking. I have to learn to be a working girl, not the innocent cheerleader anymore.

“I don’t want to be a robot anymore, I’ll face my problems head on from now on. Although don’t tell Nicole and Paris because I want to pretend to be a robot with them, it’s kind of fun and the sex is great.”

“Whatever you say, I’ll be gone by morning Cindy and I’ll tell your mom you are a big girl and can take care of yourself,” said Tracy. “Now let’s have some fun. I owe it to these girls. We always were a good tag team.”

Tracy went back over to the sleeping pair of debutantes.

“Ladies, do not open your eyes but you listen to my instructions and follow them to the letter,” said Tracy. “You find me, and Cindy-bot, extremely attractive. We are the ultimate women to have sex with.. When you wake up, you will be very aroused and very sexually stimulated thinking about Tracy Jean and Cindy-bot.

“The orgasms you will feel having sex with both of us will be five times more powerful than anything you have ever felt before. Our touch, our feel on your body brings you incredible sexual pleasure.

“You will awake at the count of three. 1-2-3!”

Paris and Nicole’s heads sprang up and their eyes opened. They appeared a bit disoriented but aware.

“Whoa, what were we watching,” said Nicole.

“Yeah, what just happened?” asked Paris.

“You just completed my screwin’ ceremony,” said Tracy, now back to being Tracy Jean. “You took a little nap at the end, which was good ’cause I got to teach your robot my best screwin’ stuff.”

“Really?” said Nicole as she licked her lips, obviously turned on at the thought.

Cindy then stepped next to Paris and Nicole’s chairs.

“Cindy-bot has downloaded Tracy Jean’s programming,” she said in her robotic voice. “Cindy-bot is ready to execute new extreme sexual stimulation program to slavemistresses.”

“Well what the heck are we doing sitting here Nicole,” said Paris. “Let’s get to bed.”


What little grey matter Nicole and Paris had was being blown to bits as mind-blowing orgasm after mind-blowing orgasm rippled through their bodies.

Tracy had brought in her little suitcase all her favorite toys: strap-ons, buttplugs, nipple clamps; and with an experienced aide in Cindy helping, they did everything in the book to Paris and Nicole, who both soon developed almost a constant gusher of pussy juice pouring out of their slits.

…………..Janet Leding didn’t know why Paris and Nicole were screaming in their room but she was going to find out.

The girls were basically sweet but very trying, with their total lack of responsibility. She had kids and a grandmother trying to get some sleep and she had to make them hush.

As she opened the door to their room, she gasped at what she saw, Paris and Nicole tied spread-eagle, face down on their bed with a strange woman over each of them ramming some kind of stick into their rear that was attached to a belt around their waist. And everyone was naked!

“My lord! What is this!, this has to be the work of the devil,” said a stunned Janet.

Nicole turned to her and said: “We’re just having fun, blowing off some steam with some friends. You’re welcome to join us. We take on all comers.”

Janet simply dropped to the floor in a dead feint.

News Item: Filming on the new reality show “The Simple Life” was ended two weeks earlier than planned. Reportedly, it was due to a dispute between Paris and the production staff over a ‘four-hour phone call’ she made late at night

Note: Tracy did feel bad she forgot to reverse the order to Paris about releasing the sex tapes.

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