Celebrity Hotel #10: Crystal Bernard

this is an adult story for those over 18.
I tried something a bit different for this one, hope you like it.

Celebhotel #10 Crystal Bernard

Jack Quinn arrived at the Las Vegas airport. He got off the plane
carrying his one small bag.. As he walked down the jet way he saw a
large man holding a sign with his name on it. "I’m Jack Quinn," he spoke
to the large man.

"If you’d come with me, sir." The large man took his bag and led him
out of the airport. He led him to a black Ford Bronco with dark tinted
windows. Throwing the bag in the
back seat he climbed in and opened the

"Hardly a limo," Jack commented under his breath.

"At the ranch we like to keep a low profile," the man responded with a
grin. "Besides this truck has certain advantages." He pulled out of the
parking lot and got on the highway. After about twenty minutes they
turned off at an exit, after another ten minutes the area seemed

Jack got just a touch nervous as they turned onto a dirt road with
nothing visible at the end of it. "You want to tell me where we’re

"The Ranch," the man responded.

They came to a large gated fence the man pressed a code into a
terminal. "Some security, what goes on here?" Jack asked.

"I’ll leave that for the boss to explain, if he wants too." They
traveled for a bit and then looming before them was a large mansion.

"Impressive," Jack blurted out without thinking. The building must have
been three stories high and huge off to one side was a smaller building
but even it was bigger then most houses. Jack got out of the car and was
ushered into the foyer of the mansion. There was a receptionist on duty,
the driver signalled Jack to a waiting area, as he talked to the

After a few minutes a man walked out and greeted Jack "I’m Alex Van
Zandt. and you’re Jack Quinn?" As Jack confirmed, the man led him back
to the receptionist. "I guess we’ve got a lot to talk about," he turned
to the receptionist. "Who’s here?" He asked and she handed him a
clipboard. "Good, she’ll do." He pointed to the name and she nodded,
"send her in ASAP."

He ushered Jack into his office. "Very nice," Jack commented as he sat
in one of the larger chairs. "Now I’d like some information. Everyone’s
being so damn cryptic you’re getting me nervous."

"Don’t worry you’re an important part of this organization. I’ve talked
to you’re assistant and I understand you know about the tapes?"

"Only how they are made, not how you connect to them." There was a
knock on the door and Van Zandt pressed a button. The door opened and
Jack’s jaw dropped in shock. Standing in the doorway was Crystal
Bernard, once star of Wings, she still looked incredible. She was
wearing a short dress that showed her attractive legs.

Crystal strutted into the room swaying her ass seductively. "Hello
gentlemen, you wanted to see me." She went to the other large chair and
sat down crossing her legs seductively.

"Yes, thanks for coming Crystal. I wanted someone hear to verify that
what I tell Mr. Quinn here. Just so you know he’s the new owner of the

"How nice," Crystal responded giving jack a sexy look.

"Now to the matter of the tapes," Van Zandt started in again. "The way
it works is you give them to us and then you’re job is over. If you want
to leave it at that we’ll pay you well for the tapes and give you some
other benefits here or do you want to know more."

Jack thought a moment. "I can’t go along with this setup, unless I know
how you’re using those tapes."

"Very well then. We use them to get a talk with the stars. We then make
them an offer."

"What kind of offer?"

"They are offered jobs here, where they sell their sexual favors."

"Bullshit! Why would they want to work as hookers?"

Crystal cleared her throat. "Well there are all different reasons."

"Yes," Van Zandt continued. "Our clientele is quite exclusive and the
minimum we charge for a night is twenty grand and some girls make more
then that. Crystal what’s the largest you’ve ever heard a girl being

"One night one guy, I think the record is 75 grand. There has been more
money but only with groups."

"And the house took half, so the John paid 150 grand for the night."
Van Zandt broke in. "But that was for someone who doesn’t come in very
often. Crystal hasn’t been pulling in the big numbers lately, so she’s
been working her more often, but at ten grand a pop it adds up quickly."

"You’re blackmailing these women into prostitution. I can’t believe my
uncle was involved in something like that." Jack spoke up outraged.

"Its not quite blackmail," Van Zandt tried to calm him. "We only
threaten to use the tape if the star in question refuses to join us and
threatens to go public. It’s only used to keep them quite. Isn’t that
right Crystal?"

"I haven’t met anyone here who didn’t agree to be here."

"If its not blackmail, why do they do it?"

"All different reasons," Crystal spoke up. "For some its the sex, for
some the money, and some for the special services the Ranch provides."

"What services?" Jack asked.

Van Zandt hushed Crystal. "First off we provide the star with a
complete second identity perfect in every detail. some of them use it to
hide take vacations buy houses whatever and all out of the public eye."

"I still what the name of the guy who picked my new identity. I mean
Bernice Huffnagle. Couldn’t he come up with something better?"

"Please Crystal, you know he’s terrified of meeting you. Now to
continue, we have a full time investment fund that’s very profitable
that they can invest in."

"I consider it my retirement fund." When Jack seemed confused Crystal
continued. "I make enough now to keep myself going but don’t really make
enough to put anything away."

"Is that it?"

"Well we can help with certain other problems, such as blackmailers and
stalkers, but that’s not you’re department so I can’t elaborate."

"I still have trouble believing they’d agree to it?" Jack thought

"Think about it," Crystal stood up and walked behind Jack. She started
massaging his shoulders. "We are watched all the time, everyone we see
is reported on, our garbage is searched. We need a place to get away.
Here there are no reporters, fans or stalkers. We can indulge our sexual
fantasies. Sometimes we even pay for each other."

"But they certainly don’t need the money."

"That depends, it’s expensive being a star. Some of us can’t save
anything except here. While others fear being broke when they retire, or
losing everything in a messy divorce or legal battle. There are dozens
of reasons why the different girls do it?"

"How do I fit into this Ranch?" Jack asked.

"You bring us the tapes and in return we’ll put you on salary here,
under a different name if you so desire. We will also set you up with a
line of credit here at the Ranch, to use anyway you want, say two
thousand a month. Also you will be invited to the parties we sometime
hold for special occasions."

"You won’t believe the Christmas party, its one hell of an orgy. Most
of the girls try to get here for that one." Crystal grinned sexily
seeming to say she tried to be there as well.

"Crystal, why don’t you show Mr. Quinn around the Ranch? We’ll set a
price later. Mr. Quinn I’ll send you’re luggage to you’re room, You’ll
be in room 220."

"Delighted." Crystal responded and stood up. "Mr. Quinn?"

Jack stood up and Crystal took his arm, guiding him out of the room.
They went out of the building by a back way. Jack was surprised to see
several small building and a large pool area. "Very nice."

"How does the system work?" Jack asked. "What if someone wants a
particular star?"

"Well," Crystal thought a moment. "Our regulars send requests to the
ranch, usually by computer. If the star agrees then a date is set up. If
not either one of the other girls might do it or its turned down."

Crystal guided him towards the pool area, there were two very
attractive women in the pool. "This is Sarah James," Crystal introduced
him to a small blonde women. "Janice Devries," Crystal introduced him to
a very busty brunette.

"No offence ladies, but I don’t recognize you?"

The girls looked at him nervous for a moment but Crystal laughed. "Its
okay girls Jack here is a high ranking exec now, you don’t have to keep
secrets from him. Janice and Sarah here are part of our cover." Crystal
could see his confusion. "For some of our less trustworthy first timers
or when the stars are busy, one of the ranch regulars covers for us."

"I’ve played Sarah Michelle Geller, Crystal Bernard, and so many
others. Sometimes we fill in for those stars who aren’t part of the
Ranch." Sarah spoke up.

"And you girls don’t mind?" Jack asked.

"You kidding do you have any idea how much money we make here. Its
incredible, I work here for five years and have enough money for my old
age. I work here for ten years and I’m set for life." Sarah continued.

"Besides living here for awhile ain’t so bad." Janice finally spoke up.
"There are all sort of amenities. Crystal why don’t you show him the Hot

"That’s a good idea. What do you say Jack, you must be tired after
you’re long trip? Want to relax a bit?"

"I don’t have a suit."

The girls all laughed. "You really don’t get what we do here yet, do
you?" Crystal gave him a sexy look. "Come on I’ll show you the tub. Its
empty isn’t it?"

"Yes there are no customer till tonight." Janice spoke up. "I guess we
know why now." She looked pointedly at Jack. "I always like to get in
good with the exec’s."

"Maybe another time." Crystal guided him towards a small building. She
opened up the door and lead him inside. The room was dominated by a
large hot tub there were also several benches and tables around the
room. Crystal pulled the zipper down on her dress and hung it up by the
door. She turned to Jack as she undid her bra. "Well? You don’t want to
go in with you’re clothes on, and you certainly want to get in with me."
She undid her bra and let her tits hang out. She looked pointedly at his
hard on as she pulled off her panties.

Jack started to strip off his clothes, Crystal slowly descended into
the tub. He had trouble concentrating but finally managed to hang up the
last of his clothes without killing himself. He went and sat on the edge
of the tub.

"Well you can’t relax like that." Crystal made him sit on the edge of
the tub. She knelt on the seats in the tub and turned around to face
him. "You must be very uncomfortable." She started stroking his cock up
and down. She brought him to his full length then bent forward and
kissed the head of his cock. She then ran her tongue right around the
large purple head as she continued stroking him with her hands. He
groaned and shot his load right into her face. "That’s better," she
picked up a towel and wiped herself off. "Now you can relax."

Jack moved down, sitting in the tub. Crystal got out, Jack looked up
confused. "Is that it?"

"Hardly," Crystal grinned. "I just thought you’d like something to
drink." She went to a phone on the wall. "I’ll have them send in

"Fine," Jack sat back and relaxed. He felt Crystal Bernard take up
position behind him.

She started rubbing his shoulders. "Just relax, let all the tension
out." She slid down into the tub rubbing her tits into his back, there
was a bench across the center of the tub allowing her to sit behind him.
"Doesn’t that feel better." Crystal reached one hand around his waist
and started stroking his limp cock, bringing it back to life.

"Much better." Jack turned around and gave Crystal a kiss. She
continued to stroke his cock as he played with her tits. At first he
used his hands making her nipples harden then he started to lick at her
tits. He grabbed her around the waist and lifted her up. He positioned
her just above his cock and waited for some sign that she approved.

Crystal could feel his hard cock brushing the outside of her pussy,
driving her crazy with pleasure. "Fuck me," She begged. She wrapped her
arms around him and buried his face in her tits as she was impaled on
his cock. "Oh yes," she moaned as jack lifted her up and down on his
hard cock. She wrapped her legs around him as he drove into her.

Jack pushed up into Crystal. "I’m going to cum," he moaned.

"Fill me up, I like to feel it inside me." Crystal cried out. She felt
him shove into her as far as possible and shoot his load deep inside of
her. "Oh yes that was nice!"

"Not a bad start," came a female voice from outside the tub.

Jack looked up at the newcomer, he hadn’t heard her come in. It took
him a moment to recognize the women. "Are you?" He asked.

"Charisma Carpenter," Crystal spoke out obviously unhappy at the
intrusion. To Jack’s unasked question she answered. "Yes the real one.
What are you doing here Charisma?"

"I finished up with my client and they told me a VIP was in here with
you, so I brought the refreshments." The tall dark haired girl stood
there in a very brief blue bikini. "Van Zandt suggested I help you show
Jack a good time. If that’s okay with you Jack? Do you want both of us
or should one of us leave?" She looked pointedly at Crystal.

"Both of you, of course." Jack responded as Charisma got into the tub.
She peeled off her suit and threw it out of the tub. Jack let his hands
wander of her incredible body spending time at her large tits. Jack
barely noticed Crystal getting out of the tub and pouring them all some

"How would you like a real massage?" Charisma pointed him towards a low
table. "We could really work on those muscles." Jack got out of the tub
and headed for the table, his cock had started to come back to life. He
turned on the table to lay on his stomach but Charisma stopped him. "No
lay on you’re back, we can’t have you hurting yourself when we’ve got
all night."

Jack lay on the table as Charisma started to rub his leg. Slowly she
moved up his body, as she reached his cock, she started to stroke him.
She bent over allowing her long black hair to fall over his body, she
kept moving up his body. Once at the head of the table Charisma bent
over Jack burying his face in her ample tits. She then stared moving
down along his body. As she reached his cock she climbed up onto the
table. Jack helped guide her pussy over his cock.

"It’s so big." Charisma commented, as she slowly lowered herself down
onto his hard cock. She slowly sensually lifted herself up and down on
his hard cock. "Get over her Crystal don’t hide." Crystal Bernard slowly
came up to the table. Jack reached over and grabbed her tits. Charisma
started stroking Crystal’s tits as well. "Lick his cock." Charisma
ordered and Crystal bent down sticking her tongue on his cock. She would
lick his cock as Charisma came off of it. Charisma would drive down
getting her tongue on her pussy.

Charisma groaned in orgasm, she collapsed on top of jack. He turned her
over so that he was now on top and he started pounding into her cunt.
Crystal was licking at Charisma’s body as the two women kissed Jack
pulled out and shot his load all over Charisma’s chest. Charisma cleaned
herself up with a towel. "That was incredible," Jack commented, even
with a naked Charisma and Crystal in the room his dick was limp.

"You seem a bit tired. Why don’t we take you to you’re room so you can
get some rest." Charisma put on her bikini as Jack and Crystal dressed.
Once they were all dressed they lead Jack back to the main building.
Coming up to it from the back, Jack realized how big it was, the size of
a small hotel. The girls took him up the back way and he was soon in his
room. "I’ll have the front desk call you before diner. I’ll come up and
show you the way." Charisma walked over to the closet. "By the way we
dress for diner." She pulled out a tuxedo Jack hadn’t brought.

"I hope they got my size." Jack quipped.

"Don’t worry, Van Zandt knows everything," Charisma laughed. "Now get
some rest you’re going to have a full night."

They left Jack alone in his room. He looked around a bit. the room was
very nice dominated by a large bed, in the nightstands were various
sexual toys and lotions. He went and took a shower, then he hit the

He heard the phone ring and picked it up, it was his wake up call. He
had been more tired then he thought he had slept through the afternoon.
He got up slowly and headed for the shower. As he came out he saw
Charisma standing at the nightstand. She looked amazing in a green gown,
it was slit up the side showing of her legs. As she turned he saw how
low cut it was in the front. He moved to cover himself with a towel.

Charisma laughed. "I have seen it before, you’ve got nothing to be
ashamed of. Now get dressed its time for dinner." She handed him the
tux. "Should I turn around?" Jack nodded and Charisma turned and
laughed. "Mr. Van Zandt will join us for dinner."

"What about Crystal?" Jack asked as he slipped on the last of his

"Not satisfied with me?" Charisma gave him a smile showing she was
teasing him. "She’ll be there with Van Zandt." As he finished Charisma
gave him the once over and walked around him. "They did a good job." She
straightened the jacket. "Shall we go." Charisma led Jack down the hall
to an elevator, she led him thru the building, she opened a pair of
doors and they were in a large dining area. "We’re here."

Jack took in his surroundings. There were about twenty table in the
room about half of them filled. Charisma started threading her way
through the tables and he followed trying not to stare at the tables. At
one table he saw several large black man, he thought they were
basketball players but didn’t know which ones. At most of the tables
were one or more stars. He saw Renee Oconner approaching him.

"Hello Jack, have a nice Jacuzzi?" Renee spoke to him.

Jack looked closer and realized it was Sarah the woman he had met by
the pool. "Sarah?"

"Shhh, don’t want to spoil the fantasy. theres Janice." Sarah pointed
out what appeared to be Lucy Lawless. "Remember I’m now Renee and she is
Lucy if you have to talk to us. don’t screw it up." She gave him a
little grin then went off.

Jack looked around at the stars. In one corner he saw Kari Whurer from
sliders, he wasn’t sure but guessed she was the real one. A tall blonde
stood up and Jack recognized Jeri Ryan then he looked closer and thought
she might be a fake but couldn’t tell. He felt a tug on his arm and saw
Charisma pulling at him.

"Don’t stare, the customers like their privacy."

"But which?" Jack muttered as they reached their table.

"You can’t tell can you?" Alex Van Zandt stood up and shook his hand.
"That’s the reason we can operate. Please sit down."

Jack sat down his eyes fell to Crystal Bernard looking lovely in a
white dress. "Hello Crystal. What do you mean?"

"We can convince outsiders that the girls are not who they appear to
be. Be honest how many of the women in this room are you sure are the
stars they represent?"

Jack gave another quick look around the room. "Absolutely sure, only
Crystal and Charisma."

"And you were told about them. Now if anyone comes snooping around we
can convince them the girls are all imposters."

"But the regulars have to know?" Jack asked.

"Lets just say its a convenient fiction. If any of these men were to
meet a woman outside the ranch he is to act as if he had been with an
imposter even if he wasn’t."

"They go along with this?"

"For the ability to come here they’d do just about anything. IF anyone
causes trouble they are out, never to come here again."

"That could make some people very mad. Why wouldn’t they try to get

"Because then their friends would be blackballed as well. not to
mention if someone caused this place to close down a lot of very
powerful men would be very pissed at you. Would you like all these rich
men made at you."

"No, can’t say that I would." Jack laughed along with Van Zandt. "Not
to be indelicate what about certain diseases?"

"Weren’t you curious why you had to have a major physical just last

"It didn’t occur to me, I thought it was just an insurance thing. I
guess you got my measurements from the hotel blazer I got?" Van Zandt
gave him a nod. "Now what exactly is my job in the organization." Their
dinner came and they all started eating.

"Every six months you bring us copies of you’re tapes from the hotel,
We provide a specially outfitted truck for the purpose. Once you deliver
you’re tapes we’ll send you back copies of our tapes."

"You tape you’re customers?"

"Of course one more guarantee that they don’t talk. We only use the
ones that are worth keeping, one on one is hardly blackmail worthy."

"And the girls agree to it?"

"Yes, its nice to know someone is watching." Crystal broke in.

"Not to mention, we can get the tapes if we want," Charisma chimed in.
"I’ve got a couple of my best performances on tape, I just wish they
were of better quality." Van Zandt saw the confused look on Jacks face.
"We adjust the quality on the tapes we give out so its hard to tell
exactly who is on them. You however have copies of the originals those
are of high quality."

"What’s the matter, don’t you trust us?" Charisma sounded hurt.

"Remember Pamela Anderson?" That seemed to ring a bell for Charisma and
didn’t question it further. "So Mr. Quinn are you in or out?"

"Defiantly in and call me Jack."

"Now about you’re hotel salary, may I suggest we put it in our mutual
fund. Its very successful."

"You have you’re own mutual fund."

"Yes run by some of the best financial minds on Wall Street. They do
get privileges here so they are quite happy to help."

"Some of our customers, also give us tips. Sometimes we are even let in
on IPO’s, the guys like to impress us." Charisma gave him a lopsided
grin. "And sometimes they do."

"Well, if that’s all." Van Zandt stood up to leave. "I’ll give you,
you’re car and any details you need. I’ll see you in the mornings. I’ll
leave you in the girls capable hands."

Jack stood and shook his hand. As Van Zandt left Charisma stood and
took him by the arm, Crystal came and took the other arm. As they walked
out, Jack noticed several of the other patrons giving him admiring
looks, even though they were with some very beautiful women.

They made it back up to the hotel room, Crystal lay down on the bed.
"What do you want to do? Maybe we should get out of these clothes."

"Great idea," Charisma pulled the shoulder straps off and let the dress
fall to the floor, she was naked under the dress. "You like?" She gave
them a little twirl.

"Very much,." seeing her body for a second time Jack was still very
impressed. He started pulling off his clothes. He managed to hang up his
clothes as Charisma managed with her dress. Charisma and Jack lay down
on the bed as Crystal stood. Crystal took off her dress and hung it up.
Crystal then lay down on one side of Jack. Jack was in heaven, Crystal
Bernard on one side of him and Charisma Carpenter on the other. He
didn’t know where to begin. "What do you ladies want to do?"

Charisma got a mischievous grin. "I want to be fucked, in fact I want
to be double fucked. A cock in my ass and one in my cunt."

"We seem to be one prick short," Jack laughed.

Charisma reached into a nightstand and pulled out a large strap on
dildo. "Problem solved," she laughed. "The only question now is Do you
want to be in my cunt or my ass, may I suggest my ass."

"That sounds like a hell of an idea," Jack grinned. "Its you’re party,
tell us what you want."

"Lay back for a minute." Charisma pulled out a bottle of lotion. "We’ll
use this, my favorite, here Crystal put this on."

Crystal pulled on the strap on adjusting it till it was comfortable.
"You picked my favorite." Crystal could feel the strap on against her
clit. Crystal slid to the center of the bed. "All set climb aboard."

Charisma threw a leg of Crystal and pushed her pussy over the strapon.
She rammed herself down talking all of the plastic prick inside of her.
"Oh yes. Jack rub the lotion on my ass." He did as she requested. "Work
it inside of me stick you’re fingers in my ass. Yes like that."

Jack forced a finger into her ass then slipped in a second as Charisma
grunted in pleasure. He then coated his cock in the lotion and
positioned himself at the entrance to Charisma’s tight ass.

"Yes, shove you’re cock into my ass!" Charisma screamed out and Jack
pushed his cock into her asshole. Jack had never felt anything so good.
He started pumping in and out of Charisma’s asshole. He could feel
Crystal pushing up with her fake cock. Charisma fell forward burying
Crystal in her tits. "OH GOD YES!" Charisma screamed out in orgasm.
"Fuck me hard," she moaned.

Jack redoubled his efforts and shot his load deep into Charisma’s ass.
He fell off of the ladies and lay on the bed. "That was incredible,"
Jack fell back exhausted.

"I got you all dirty." Charisma teased. "How would you like us to clean
you up?" Jack nodded and Charisma disappeared into the bathroom. she
soon reappeared. "Water’s all ready."

Jack walked into the bathroom and sat in the tub. He hadn’t realized
till now the reason the tub was in the center of the room till now.
"Very nice, but its a bit small."

"You get in and we’ll take care of everything." Charisma took up
position on one side of him, while Crystal took up position on the other
side. They both started rubbing his body. "Isn’t this nice." Jack just
sat back and relaxed as the girls rubbed his body. spending a lot of
time on his cock, with this attention he soon has his hard on back.

Crystal pulled the drainplug as his cock became visible she bent over
and started to suck on his cock. "You ready to fuck me?" Jack was more
then ready and reached to grab her. "Lets go back to the bedroom."

"Alright,." Jack followed the girls watching their asses as they
walked. Crystal lay down on the bed. Jack took up position over her and
jammed his cock into her pussy. "You feel so good."

"Yes fuck me hard," Crystal cooed. Charisma climbed up onto the bed and
started sucking on Crystal’s tits. "Yes it feels incredible." Crystal
felt herself cumming as Jack fucked her. He pulled out and shot his load
over her chest. Charisma licked up every drop.

As Jack lay back the girls started working on his cock again. Crystal
sucking his balls and Charisma caressed the shaft with her mouth.
Crystal let her tongue wonder under his ball sack, the attention had
Jack hard again. Charisma deep throated his cock then turned it over to
Crystal who took most of it into her mouth. They alternated sucking on
him until he blew his load into their faces. He then watched them lick
his cum off of each others face.

Jack finally fell asleep, completely spent. He awoke in the morning and
was a bit disappointed to find the girls gone, but it was time for him
to go. He collected his luggage and headed to the desk. Van Zandt met
him again, he lead Jack out to a ford bronco. Van Zandt showed him where
the tapes were stored and gave him a load of tapes to take back. He then
gave him a map to get back to the hotel.

Jack headed out slowly trying to thread his way to the nearest highway,
realizing as he went how difficult it would be to find the ranch unless
you knew exactly where it was.

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