Celebrity Hotel #11: Alyson Hannigan

This is an adult story for those over 18

Celebrity Hotel #11 – Alyson Hannigan

As Jack Quinn got home he pulled out another tape from the ranch,
he flipped it into the VCR. This time the room looked different. A
tall women with shoulder length red hair walked into the room. The
picture zoomed in to show that it was Alyson Hannigan, she was
wearing a little catholic school girl outfit, plaid skirt white
shirt, the whole nine yards. She
walked in, kicked off her shoes and
lay down on the bed.

Alyson opened up a book and started to read. After a few minutes
she started to run her hand along the buttons of her shirt, as she
read. Alyson started to open the bottons on her shirt, slowly she
popped open each button revealing more of her alibaster skin. As
her shirt opened in the middle, Jack could see she wasn’t wearing a

The camera angle switched the other way for a moment with the
view from behind her bed. Jack could see there were two men outside
a glass door on some kind of balcony. It took Jack a moment to put
it all together this was someone’s fantasy, the men outside were
paying for what Alyson was doing.

Alyson put a hand under her shirt as she continued reading. She
opened her shirt up a bit revealing a large nipple, she started
playing with her nipple then let her hand stray to her other tit.
She pulled her shirt open allowing a good view of her tits. She ran
her fingers over her own tits.

Alyson let her hands wander down her stomach. She slipped her hand
under the waistband of her skirt. She put down her book and pulled
up her skirt. She grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled
them down her legs.. Alyson left the skirt up as she ran her hand
over the tuft of red hair over her pussy. She let her fingers wander
around her pussy. she ran a finger over her pussy and then let a
finger slip inside of herself.

“OH GOD,” the groan escaped her lips as she continued to play
with herself. She reached for something on the nightstand, it looked
like a small metal prick. She put it to her lips as she played with
herself with her other hand. She put the dildo to her lips and
licked it, then she let it slip inside of her mouth. She ran it in
and out of her mouth a few times.

Alyson pulled the dildo out of her mouth and moved it slowly
down her body. She rubbed it over her tits, pinching each of her
large nipples making them harden. She let the dildo go over her
stomach for a second she let it linger over her belly button. She
pushed it down between her legs, she ran it over the outside of her
pussy as small gasps escaped her lips. She slowly guided the dildo
towards her pussy lips. “Yes,” she gasped as she slipped the dildo
into herself. She slowly let it move in and out of herself as she
closed her eyes in pleasure.

The two men silently moved into the room, they were both young
men. They stood over Alyson’s nude body, they rubbed their hard ons
through their pants. Each of them reached out and grabbed one of
Alyson’s pert breasts.

“What?” Alyson’s eyes opened and she tried to cover herself,
pushing her skirt over her pussy and throwing an arm over her tits.
For a moment Jack almost believed her. “What are you doing in

“We came over to get some help with our homework, but we never
imagined you were so hot.” They both ran their hands over Alyson’s
body. “So very hot, Maybe you’d like us to get you off.? How about
it baby would you like us to fuck you?”

“NO,” Alyson responded but she didn’t move as one of them pulled
up her skirt and ran a hand over her pussy, a gasp escaped her lips
as he slipped a finger inside of her.

The men pulled out their hard cocks. “You are so hot, baby.” They
started stroking their cocks. Alyson stared at their cocks. “You
want these?”

“Yes,” Alyson said coyly, she let her arm fall exposing her tits
to the two men. “I want you, both of you.”

“Good girl.” The first man moved onto the bed and moved between
her legs putting his head against her pussy. She spread her legs as
he started to eat her out.

“Oh God yes,” Alyson screamed in pleasure. The other man kneeled
on the bed and moved his cock toward her face and she grabbed it in
her small hands, stroking it. He guided his prick towards her face.
Alyson made a slight show of reluctance but she put her tongue out
and started licking the purple head. She grinned as the man groaned.
“You like that?” She ran her tongue around the head then put her
lips on top of it and slowly took the head of his prick into her
mouth, to his obvious delight. She took half of him into her mouth
then pulled almost all the way out and then took his cock all the
way into her mouth. The man groaned and swayed his hips, Alyson
seemed to swallow for a moment then she let the limp cock slip out
of her mouth. “Yummy,” she licked her lips.

The second man moved up from eating her out and moved his cock so
that it was rubbing the outside of her pussy. “You ready to be
fucked.” He pushed the head of his prick into her pussy.

“Yes, fuck me.” Alyson wrapped her long legs around the man
pulling him into her. “Fuck me hard, I like to be fucked.” She
kissed him hard for a moment then she broke the kiss and started
sucking on his
shoulder. “Ohh yes, fuck me, fuck yes. I want you to cum on my
face.” Alyson begged. The man pulled out and aimed his cock towards
her face, he stroked it hard and it shot off hitting Alyson’s tits
and a little even hit her chin.

Alyson licked the cum off her chin. “MMM yummy.” She wiped the cum
off of her body and let her hands wander over her tits and down to
her pussy. “That was so good, do you want to do it again.” She cooed
at the two men and one was already hard. “How about I get on top
this time.”

The man lay down on the bed, Alyson turned over onto her hands and
knees, she licked his cock and slowly moved up his body using her
tongue on his nipples then using her tongue on his chin until they
met in a deep kiss. Alyson threw her leg over the man and positioned
her pussy over his cock. She reached down and opened up her pussy
and slowly went back on his cock. “You want me to fuck you,” the man
could only nod as she started to ride up and down. He grabbed at her
tits taking one into his mouth.

“Fuck yeah, suck my tits yes.” She pounded up and down on his
cock. The other man was now hard and she motioned for him to come
over. She reached out and grabbed his cock as she continued to ride
up and down on the other cock. Alyson pulled him closer till she
could reach him with her mouth. She put her lips around its large
head and he steadily pushed it into her mouth. Soon all of it
disappeared into her mouth, she went back and forth taking on both

Alyson pulled off the one in her mouth seemingly out of breath.
“Fuck it feels so good.” The other man pulled away and went around
behind her. “Are you going to fuck my ass, thats so dirty.” She
moaned, as he moved behind her. She wiggled her tight ass a bit as
he pulled her butt cheeks apart. “I can’t believe your going to fuck
my ass.” He pushed a finger into her ass.

“You like that?” He asked but Alyson only moaned in pleasure.
He slipped a second finger into her and she rode back and forth
forcing more of his finger into her tight ass. “You ready for some
cock up that ass of yours?”

“Yes! I want your cock up my ass, now fuck me.” Alyson begged
as the man moved his cock against her asshole. “Yes stick your big
cock up my tiny asshole, OOOW.” Alyson grunted in pain as the cock
slipped past her anus. he paused for a minute as Alyson seemed to
comfortable with it. then she started to move again. “Yes that feels
so good.” She leaned forward making it easier for the man under her
to suck at her nipples. “Fuck yes use my body, I love it. YES!”
Alyson screamed out in obvious pleasure. “Yes harder fuck, fuck me
harder.” She begged and the two men pounded into her.

The man behind her groaned and pushed deeper into little Alyson,
he grunted as he shot his load deep into her ass. As he fell away
Alyson stood up straight and really started riding up and down on
the other mans cock. Her hands went to her crotch and played with
herself. “YES make me cum, I want to feel it.” She pulled off of him
and bent over his cock wrapping his cock in her tits, she pushed up
and down on his cock and ran her tongue over the head of his prick.
He groaned and shot a load onto her face. “Yes it feels so warm and

Alyson slumped down for a moment and lay between the two men.
“That was fun,” she commented. “Feel free to let me know if you have
any other fantasies.”

“You’ll be the first to know, but is it over.”

Alyson seemed to think a moment . “No we have awhile yet, but I
need a shower before we do anything else. Alyson stood up and ran
her hands over her lithe frame. “Feel free to join me when you get
your strength back.” She grinned as she padded to the bathroom.

The tape jumped to a camera in the shower. Alyson reached in
and ran the water. It was a large shower stall with a bench at the
back. Alyson stepped into the shower and slowly rinsed off her body,
spending lots of time rubbing her tits and pussy, getting the cum
off of her. She grabbed a plastic dildo off the wall, she washed it
off then went and sat on the bench. she slowly inserted the dildo
into her pussy. “MMMM” She moaned as she slipped it inside of

“You seem to be having all sorts of fun.” The two men stepped
into the shower, it was so large they had little trouble fitting in.
“Can we be of some help?”

Alyson gave him a sly grin. “I like to be clean inside and out.
You want to help?” In response he bent down and took the dildo out
of her hands and started guiding it in and out of her pussy. “Oh
yeah fuck me.” The other man sat down next to her. Alyson grabbed
his limp dick and started stroking it. “You like that?” The man
nodded as he played with her tits.

Alyson seemed to move around for a minute. “You better get my ass
too.” She grinned and slid up exposing her anus to the man he slid
the dildo over to the entrance of her ass. “Clean it off first.”
Alyson ordered and the man started to lick her juices off of it. “Oh
thats so nice. I thought you’d use the water, I guess you really
like me. Thats good now put it in my ass.” Alyson moaned as the
dildo pushed against the edge of her ass. “Yes fuck me, do it.” She
bent down and took the other man’s cock into her mouth, he was
slowly regaining his hard on.

“YES thats it move it around.” Alyson moaned. “You guys ready to
fuck me again.” She kept on stroking the cock in her hand as they
both nodded. “You haven’t been in my ass yet?” She asked the man
sitting down. “You want to try it?” He mumbled out a yes. She slid
over onto his lap as the other man stood up in front of her. Alyson
moved around on the mans lap. “Yes there it is,” she slowly lowered
herself down. “AHH yes it feels so good to have your thick cock deep
in my ass. You want me too?” Alyson motioned the other man over. She
took his cock into her mouth sucking him to another hard on.

Alyson let the cock slip out of her mouth, a trail of saliva
running from her mouth to his cock. “Fuck me with that thing, I want
to feel both of you inside me.” The man behind her slid down just a
bit and she spread her legs displaying her wide open pussy. The man
moved his cock down and pushed his prick into Alyson’s pussy. “Fuck,
oh yes fuck me both of you, Fuck me.” She moaned as both men started
pounding into her, both men played with her tits. “YES oh God.”
Alyson moved her hands down to her pussy and started playing with
her clit. “Oh yes fuck me, fuck yes!” Alyson screamed out in orgasm
as the two men pounded at her. “Cum on me guys, I want to feel it.”
The man in her pussy pulled out and stroked his cock just inches
from her face, he shot his load across her face hitting her chin and
nose. She popped off the other man’s cock and knelt before him She
stroked his cock just inches from her face. He shot his load all
over her face, Alyson closed her eyes as he shot his load all over
her face. She stood and put her face to the shower washing off the

Alyson turned off the shower then turned back to the two guys,
who were obviously exhausted. “Hope you guys got your moneys worth.”
She commented as she stepped out of the shower both guys made
appreciative comments. “I’ll have someone come by and show you to
your rooms. Alyson bent down and kissed each man on the cheek.
“Remember me next time guys, I really had fun.” She stepped out of
the shower and the tape ended.

Jack had trouble believing what he’d seen, he wondered how many
other wild fantasies were on these tapes.
the end.

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