Celebrity Hotel #12: CZJ

The following is an adult story for those over 18 only.

Celebhotel 11 Catherine Zeta Jones
by alurker

As they put away the tapes from the ranch, Jack set aside one for
later viewing. As soon as he got a chance to sit down he popped it
into his office VCR.

The tape opened on a room that looked similar to the one Jack had
been in, although quite a bit larger, Jack thought to himself. The
picture lingered on a
striking dark haired woman, she was wearing a
tight shirt and skirt and boots with spiked heels. The skirt was
slit up the side revealing a very nice pair of legs. As the picture
zoomed in on her face Jack recognized Catherine Zeta Jones. As the
camera panned around the room Jack saw an older man standing in the
room, it took him a minute to recognize Michael Douglas. He wondered
what they were doing at the ranch, he sat back to watch.

"I can’t believe this place." Catherine walked around the room.
She stopped in front of a mirror and checked her hair and makeup.
"She really does this?"

"Yes, I’ve told you a lot of women do it." Michael went and
wrapped his arms around her. "Are you ready?"

"I don’t know, I’ve never done anything like this before."

"I know, but you haven’t stopped talking about it since you did
that movie. She should be here any minute, are you ready?"

"Yes, but I don’t know how I’m going to deal with her. I mean what
if we meet later."

"Just pretend this never happened. She is only playing a part for
you here, just relax it’ll be fine." There was a knock at the door
and Michael went over and opened the door. "Nice to see you."

Into the room walked a stunning blonde women in a skintight
white dress that left little to the imagination. Jack quickly
recognized Jennifer Aniston. "Hello there." She walked in and went
right over to Catherine. "Hello there." She said in a deep sexy
voice. Jennifer pushed Catherine’s hair off of her face. "I’ve been
looking forward to this."

"Really?" Catherine seemed nervous.

"Yes, all the girls wanted to be here, but I won." She leaned in
and kissed Catherine on the cheek. "Just relax and enjoy it."
Jennifer ran her hands over Catherine’s body. She started to kiss
her chin then down her throat, she pushed open her shirt a bit and
kissed the nape of her neck. Michael Douglas took a seat to watch
the action.

"Oh my," Catherine sat down heavily on the bed. Jennifer followed
her down, she continued to push her down on the bed. Once Catherine
was laying on the bed Jennifer climbed atop her. Jennifer continued
to open up Catherine’s shirt. As soon as a she got a tit out
Jennifer started to suck on it. Jennifer then moved over to the
other tit, to Catherine’s delight.

Jennifer moved so that she was sitting on Catherine’s stomach.
Then her hand went to her shoulders she pulled down the straps of
her dress revealing her ample tits. "What do you think?"

"Very impressive," Catherine managed to get out before Jennifer
bent forward offering Catherine her tit. Catherine started sucking
on one of her nipples getting it hard. Jennifer pushed off the last
of her dress, then took her nipple away from Catherine. Catherine
seemed disappointed for a moment. Then Jennifer started kissing her
way down her body. she moaned as Jennifer’s tongue ran over her left

Jennifer ran her tongue along Catherine’s tight stomach and
played with her belly button for a moment, Catherine moaned. "That’s
nothing," Jennifer commented as she started to pull down Catherine’s
skirt. Jennifer managed to get it off her hips easily, Catherine
lifted herself up to allow Jennifer to pull her skirt off. Jennifer
kissed her waist and then moved her hand between Catherine’s legs.

Catherine opened her legs as Jennifer’s hands ran over her
pussy. "OH God," She moaned in pleasure. Catherine spread her legs
wider as Jennifer’s head went between her legs, she couldn’t believe
sensation as Jennifer ran her tongue over the outside of her pussy.
She gasped as Jennifer shoved a finger deep into her pussy and
followed that up with her tongue. "I’ve never felt anything like
this!" She moaned as her body writhed in pleasure and was overcome
by orgasm.

Jennifer crawled up Catherine’s stomach until she was laying on
top of her and they were face to face. Jennifer kissed Catherine,
their tongues intertwined. As they broke the kiss Catherine licked
her own juices off of Jennifer’s face. " You want to try it?"

"I guess I might as well go all the way." Catherine responded.

Jennifer started climbing up Catherine’s body. "Yes all the way, I
want to help you try everything today." She kneeled on either side
of Catherine’s head. Catherine reached around Jennifer’s thin waist
and pulled her head up until it was just under Jennifer’s pussy.
"Don’t think about it, just try it." Catherine stuck out her tongue
tasting Jennifer’s sweet juices. "Yes that’s it, but let me get
comfortable." Jennifer got off Catherine’s head.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"No just want to enjoy you as you enjoy me." Jennifer flipped
around and climbed back on top of Catherine. This time she was
facing down Catherine’s body. "Don’t want to waste a view like
this." She let her hands run over Catherine’s small tits..

Catherine reached up and started playing with Jennifer’s pussy.
She pulled her head up till it was buried in the other girls pussy.
Jennifer gasped in pleasure as Catherine’s tongue ran over her clit.
She felt Jennifer’s hands running along her body. she felt her
fingers opening up her pussy and slowly Jennifer slipped her fingers
into Catherine’s pussy.

Jennifer played with Catherine’s pussy for a moment, then she
looked up and saw Michael sitting off to the side slowly stroking
his very large cock. "You want to join in, I think she’d like you to
fuck her. Right Catherine?" Jennifer sat back on Catherine’s head so
the only noise that came from Catherine was a muffled grunt, but it
seemed to be an affirmative grunt. Michael Douglas stood up and
walked over to where the two girls were enjoying themselves.

Jennifer reached out and stroked his cock with her hands. "MMM its
so big, you must really enjoy getting fucked with this piece of
meat." She helped him guide his cock towards Catherine’s pussy. As
he got close Catherine lifted her legs and wrapped them around his
waist pulling him closer. Jennifer bent at the waist and used her
tongue to play with both Catherine’s pussy and Michael’s cock. "Yes
stick it in there, she loves it."

Catherine screamed in pleasure as an orgasm overcame her but it
was muffled by Jennifer’s pussy. She felt Michael fill up her pussy
with his seed and then felt Jennifer’s juices running freely over
her face. Catherine could hardly believe she had brought them both
off, she lay there a moment just stunned her body glistening with

"How was that?" Jennifer started licking her own juices off of
Catherine’s face.

It took Catherine a moment to catch her breath. "I’ve never done
anything like that before, it was so exciting."

"Well there’s a lot more I can show you." Jennifer reached
around behind her and opened a dresser drawer. She pulled out a
strap on dildo and held it close to Catherine’s face. "You haven’t
been fucked, till you’ve been fucked by a woman. maybe you’d even
like to try it up that wonderful ass of yours?"

"I couldn’t," Catherine mumbled. She seemed reluctant but one of
her hands moved down to her pussy, and she slipped a finger inside
as they talked.

"You want to try fucking me?" Jennifer looked down to see
Catherine give a tentative nod. "How about a little double action,
you in my pussy, Michael up my ass?"

"You can do that?"

"Its great, maybe after I’m done we can do you too." Jennifer
looked over and saw Michael had no objections, in fact his hard on
was steadily returning. "What do you say you want to see me double

"Yes," Catherine moaned the word. Her hands continued to play
with her pussy.

Jennifer stretched over Catherine and reached into a drawer and
pulled out a large black strap on dildo. "How about this? you want
to fuck me with this huge dick?" only gave her a wink and a nod.
Jennifer moved down between Catherine’s legs. She started attaching
the dildo to Catherine’s pussy, Jennifer spent plenty of time
licking and stroking Catherine’s pussy as she attached the device.
She made sure it would pleasure Catherine’s clit with every motion.
she wrapped her hands around it and started stroking it. "How’s that

Catherine could hardly keep still with the sensations running
through her. "It feels great, this must be what having a dick feels

"You want to get a blowjob?" Jennifer asked, but didn’t wait for
a response as she put her mouth over the dildo and started going up
and down on it. She reached under the dildo and pleasured Catherine
with her hand as she went up and down on the dildo with her mouth.

Catherine let out a loud groan. "No wonder men like blow jobs so
much." She ran her hands through Jennifer’s hair.

"But the nice thing is your still hard." She moved up
Catherine’s body, until her pussy was near the dildo. "I’d have to
wait for a guy, but you and I can get right to it." She lowered her
pussy down on the dildo. "Oh yes, it feels so good." Jennifer
started riding up and down on the dildo. "Can you feel it?"

"Yes it feels like you’re fucking me." Catherine started moving
her hips up down meeting Jennifer’s gyrations.

"That’s it get into it girl." Jennifer moaned as she leaned
forward and let Catherine sample her ample tits. She looked over at
where Michael was stroking his hard cock. "I think Michael is ready
to join us. you want him to fuck me up the ass."

"Yes," Catherine moaned. "I want to see your face as he shoves
his hard cock into your asshole."

Jennifer turned her head back as she continued to ride up and down
on Catherine. "You heard the lady, fuck my tight asshole." Michael
needed little encouragement as he moved in behind her. "I can feel
him touching my ass cheeks, he’s opening me up. UGGH! He just stuck
his finger in my asshole, it feels so good, but I want a cock in my
ass now."

Catherine reached up and pulled Jennifer down and kissed her
deeply. "Yes fuck her ass." Catherine held Jennifer’s face close to
her own. "Fuck it hard."

"OH god I feel his cock." Jennifer grunted. "He’s sticking it in
me, its so big its stretching my ass,. oh God yes!" She let out a
deep guttural moan. "He’s all the way in, now he’s pulling out he’s
going to fuck me yes." Michael pulled almost all the way out then
drove his cock deep into her ass. "Fuck me Catherine." She begged as
she placed her lips over Catherine’s.

Catherine started moving her hips causing the dildo to move inside
of Jennifer. "You like that you slut, I"m going to fuck you hard."
Catherine started thrusting her hips causing Jennifer to move up
burying Catherine in her tits. As Catherine started to suckle at
her tits Jennifer let out a load moan and shiver uncontrollably in
orgasm. Michael groaned and pulled out of Jennifer’s ass with a wet
pop. Jennifer slumped on top of Catherine. "Did you enjoy that you
dirty girl?"

"You can’t know how much. You want to let Michael assfuck you?"
Jennifer asked coyly

Catherine looked over at Michael. "I think so but Michael seems
a bit down right now."

"We’ll let him watch me prepare you. That should get him good
and hard."

"Prepare me?" Catherine asked nervously.

"You’ve got to prepare to have something that big rammed up your
ass." Jennifer gave Catherine a light kiss on the lips, that slowly
crawled down Catherine’s body kissing every step of the way. When
she hit Catherine’s waist she pulled at the straps of the dildo,
taking it off of Catherine. "This is all messy." She gave it a lick
then pushed it in Catherine’s face.

Catherine took a lick of the dildo. "MMM yummy." She took the
dildo from Jennifer and ran her tongue all around it. Jennifer gave
Catherine’s pussy a few licks. "Do I taste as good as you?"

"Better," Jennifer laughed she pushed her finger into
Catherine’s pussy and then held it up to Catherine’s face. "Want a

Catherine sucked Jennifer’s finger into her mouth sucking it for a
minute. "Not bad but I think I prefer you." She laughed.

"Thanks so much, now turn over." Catherine rolled over exposing
her perfect ass. "Incredible, your ass is perfect you bitch."
Jennifer playfully slapped her ass. "I’m jealous." She ran her
hands over Catherine’s ass cheeks.

"MM yes, that feels so good." Catherine groaned.

"Wait till you feel this." Jennifer bent closer to Catherine’s
ass, she licked her ass cheek slowly moving towards the crack of her
ass. A shiver of pleasure went through Catherine as Jennifer’s
tongue ran along her ass crack. "You like that?" She ran her tongue
around Catherine’s asshole finally running it along the outside of
her asshole.

"Yes," Catherine moaned as she tried to move back onto
Jennifer’s face. "That feels so good." Jennifer started pushing her
tongue into Catherine’s asshole, Catherine could only moan in

"What a tight ass you have my dear," Jennifer commented as she
started sliding her finger into Catherine’s pussy. After she had wet
her finger sufficiently she moved it over to Catherine’s asshole she
slowly forced her finger inside of Catherine’s asshole. "How’s that

Catherine’s back arched at the unaccustomed intrusion. "It feels

"Do you want me to stop?" Jennifer started sliding her finger in
and out of Catherine’s shapely ass.

"No, it hurt at first but its starting to feel kind of nice. MMM
yes very nice." Catherine groaned in pleasure. "Don’t stop."

"Oh I’m just getting started." Jennifer bent forward using her
tongue on Catherine’s asshole as she slipped a second finger into
Catherine’s ass. "You’re doing well." Jennifer slipped a finger into
Catherine’s pussy. Jennifer pulled her finger out of Catherine and
slapped her ass cheek. "Get up on your hands and knees, you’re going
to love this."

"What?" Catherine got on her hands and knees. She felt two of
Jennifer’s fingers penetrate her pussy. "Oh yeah." Catherine started
to slowly rock back and forth. as Jennifer slipped more fingers into

"You ready to be fucked up the ass?" Jennifer asked and looked
back at Michael. "I can see Michael’s all set." He moved stiffly
toward the bed.

"Alright, I guess." Catherine sounded nervous.

"Just let me put some lotion on his cock to make it slide in
nice and smooth." She took a tube out of the nightstand and poured
some lotion on her hand then proceeded to rub it all over his cock.

Catherine looked back as Jennifer stroked his cock. "When do I
get it?" Catherine teased Jennifer.

"Right now honey." Jennifer released Michael’s cock and helped
him crawl on the bed behind Catherine. "Here comes." Jennifer opened
Catherine’s asscheeks, she then helped guide Michael’s cock toward
her asshole. "Her comes." the cock slipped past her tight anal ring.

"OOHH it hurts." Catherine threw her head around causing her
long black hair to whip around. "Stop," Catherine groaned.

"You want me to pull out honey?" Michael asked, clearly unhappy
at the prospect.

Catherine’s eyes teared up a bit. "No just leave it there for a
minute, its feeling better. How does it feel for you?"

"Incredible, I can feel you’re sphincter pushing on my cock. I
can feel it pulsating around my cock."

"Yes, I can take a bit more now. Just stay there and I’ll take
as much as I can." Catherine slowly moved back taking a bit more of
his cock into her asshole. "It’s so fucking big." She groaned. "Is
it all the way in?"

"About a quarter of the way" Jennifer responded. She ran her
hand over Catherine’s ass cheek and then under her till she reached
Catherine’s pussy. She stuck a finger into Catherine playing with
her pussy paying special attention to her clit.

"MM yes that makes it feel better." Catherine started riding
back a bit more taking more of the large cock into her. "How much

"About half, go for it." Jennifer encouraged Catherine.

Catherine rammed herself back taking all of Michael’s large cock
up her ass. "OH GOD, yes! I can’t believe how this feels, fuck me

Michael needed no more encouragement. He pulled halfway out and
shoved it back into Catherine’s asshole. He started driving his hard
cock in and out of her. Catherine groaned each time he fucked her,
throwing her head around causing her long black hair to whip around.
He heard her let out a guttural groan and arch her back as she was
overcome in orgasm. Her spinchter tightened around his cock starting
to force him out of her asshole. It was too much for him and he shot
his load deep into her ass. "OH yes."

Catherine collapsed on the bed, Michael laying on top of her.
Jennifer stood up and slipped on a robe. "If you want me later let
me know." She started to walk out of the room. "Catherine, if you
ever want a job here it’s available." She laughed as Catherine gave
her an exhausted smile. "See you guys later." Jennifer walked out
of the room. The tape ended with Michael and Catherine cuddling.

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