Celebrity Hotel #1: Heather Locklear

Celebrity hotel part 1 heather locklear.

jack quinn had just inherited a hotel from his uncle he
couldn’t beleive it as he got to california to inspect his new
property. he and his uncle had never been close hadn’t seen
each other in years, they were only linked by being outcasts
of the family. he got to the hotel met the staff it took him a
few days but he realized the hotel ran efficently and he had
nothing to do.

finally he decided to go through his uncles things he went
to his office and searchedthrough his desk one drawer was
locked he had been given the key by his uncles lawyer inside
was an odd listing of numbers and matching names going through
the list hefigured most of the names were names he knew being
famous actresses and actors. he couldn’t figure what it meant.

he next went to a large closet he had been told that
according to his uncles wishesnoone had entered the closet
since his uncle had died. he got out his key and opened it
inside were shelves upon shelves of videotapes each were
marked with a number and then either marked edited or raw
footage. he wondered what they where ‘only one way to
find out’ he thought

he pulled out a tape at random number 32 he went back into
the office. he called hissecretary and told her noone was to
disturb him and locked his door he then set up the tape
machine. he slipped the tape into the machine. it came on
showing a picture of oneof the hotel rooms. after a minute or
two someone walked in she was a very pretty blonde he was
surprised when the camera zoomed in and he thought it was a
very young Heather Locklear .

he paused the tape and went back to the list sure enough
number 32 was heather locklear. he went back to the tape he
started it up soon heather was joined by a man she was
surprised when he heard them speaking his uncle had the room
miked for sound andvideo amazing.

"now heather you want the part don’t you" the man spoke
out. "well yes but i don’t know about this" heather
responded nervously "come on the producers like you they
just need to be reassured."

"alright i agreed to it didn’t I" heather paced nervously
her hands playing with the hem of her skirt "i just wish i
could get it over with" as if in answer to her thoughts there
was a knock at the door.

her agent opened the door and four men came in he made some
small talk with the men "well gentlemen my clients has decided
to do whatever it takes for you to give her the part she has
agreed to do anything you request."

"very good, i like cooperative actresses" the big man leared
at heather "well heather we really should get a good look at
that body of yours." the five men took various chairsaround
the room.

heather stood in the middle of the room and fumbled with her
clothes nervously alright its only fair" she slowly started to
open the buttons on her blouse. she quietly opened her shirt
then threw it over the bed. her hands went to the back of her
skirt she unbuttoned it and let it fall to the floor "this
good enough guys" she turned giving the men a show.

"hardly enough lets go heather do you want the job or not"
one of the men motioned and then her agent made some motions
telling her to continue.
"well okay" heather reached behind her and undid her bra she
stood holding her bra up for a moment unsure but her agent
kept urging her on. finally she let the bra drop allowing the
men to see her apple sized breasts "you like" she asked and
the men made appreciative comments.

"now the rest" the leader ordered and heathers hands went to
the waistband of her panties she lowered them slowly down her
long legs allowing the men a good view of her neatly trimmed
cunt hair. "very nice yes" the men stood up and approached the
young heather locklear. she pulls back in fear for a moment
but then thier hands are on her arms holding her. "thats nice
isn’t it" a man started lightly pinching her nipples. "tell me
does you’re client take direction well" the man laughed as he
turned to the agent.
"oh yes she knows what to do" the agent responded.
"well then young lady suck my cock" he laughed as he
unbuckled his belt and pulled out a very fat cock.. heather
nervously starts to kneel before this man and his exposed
cock. she takes it in her hands but the man pulls it away. "no
hands, only youre mouth" he used his cock to slap heathers
lovely face.

heather opened her mouth and started to lick at the head
of his prick. it continued to go as she used her tongue on it
he pushes it towards her open mouth the head slipps inside of
her mouth "yeah baby take it" he grabs the back of her head
and starts pushing it deeper into her mouth.

the man started to saw his hips back and forth fucking
heathers face more and more of his cock disappering each time.
finally the last of his cock disappeared into her mouth. "look
at me baby" he ordered she looked up fear in her deep blue
eyes. he gave a jerk of his hips "oh yeah swallow my load
baby." after a minute or two his now flaccid cock slipped out
of her mouth.

as the first man fell out a second man took position his
cock at heathers lips she quickly took him in but he was much
smaller and not as forceful. she seemed to easily handle him.
he quickly shot his load and was replaced by another man. she
did three or four blowjobs before the big man came back into
the picture.

"enough of the foreplay shit i’m ready to get it on" some of
the men objected but he silenced them "don’t worry you can
still get blowjobs while i’m fucking the bitch, now on all
fours slut" he pushed her forward. until she fell on her hands
"nice ass" he slapped her and she yelped in pain. he then
pointed his cock at her pussy and started pushing against

"ooh its too big" she tried to pull away but he grabbed
her hips and pulled her back rubbing his huge schlonge against
her pussy.

"well then we’ll make it fit" he pushed the head into her
pussy "man this bitch is tight"he shoved more of it into her.
heather moaned and groaned whether in pleasure or pain was
impossible to tell. a second cock was offered to her mouth and
she sucked in into her mouth. she was being pounded at both
ends. "i gotta try this ass" he stuck his thumb deep into her
ass. then he pulled his cock out of her pussy and started
pushing at her anus. heather tried to make a sound but was
muffled by a cock. the man behind her brutally drove his cock
into her ass caring only for his pleasure. he jammed it deep
and thenpulled out ramming it in again "oh yeah baby" he
pushed his rod deep into her then pulled out his rod dripping
with his cum and heathers blood. "you got me all messy
babyclean it off"

he laughed as heather spun around and started to clean his
dick with her tongue. another man took position behind her and
started fucking her. "nice job" the large man slapped his dick
across her face and stood up "you’ve got my vote for the job."
he grabbed his clothes and started to dress. another man had
knelt in front of her to get a blow job. "what do you boys

"very promising" the man behind her turned her over and
started fucking her as another man fed her his cock as his
balls hung over her nose. they each took turns fucking her
occasionally using her pussy or her ass depending on thier
preference then had her clean off their pricks with her mouth.
leaving her laying on the ground covered in cum the men
started to dress as she lay in the middle of the room. the
agent went out with them for a moment.

the agent came back in ther room after a moment
"congratulations kid you’ve got the job you’re on youre way"
heather stood and headed for the shower a moment later the
agent stripped and walked into the bathroom.

the scene changed to the shower where heather was washing
off the agent stepped into the shower "time to pay my fee"
heather turned around as the agent slipped his cock into her
pussy he ran his hands over her tits playing with them after a
few moments he groaned and withdrew. he left leaving her alone
to shower. she washed for a bit got out dryed herself dressed
and left the room.

jack couldn’t beleive it as the tape stopped he had a tape
of heather locklear getting fucked in just about every
possible way. what was his uncle doing with these tapes he had
to find out. his uncle had left quite a lot of money behind
could these tapes be part of the reason, he had to find out;
but first he went to the list and went down the names to see
who else he could watch.

the end?

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