Celebrity Hotel #2: Sarah Michelle Gellar And Charisma Carpenter

Celebrity Hotel 2
sarah michelle geller and charisma carpenter

jack quinn looked through the book of names till he found the
name of his favorite star sarah michelle geller number 75 he
then checked the tapes looking for the number he found a
couple and grabbed an early tape. he slid it into the machine
and started it up. the view was of another hotel room. sarah
walked into view suddenly wearing a tight white shirt,
black pants that went into her knee high black
boots. there was a knock on the door and sarah went and
answered it.

"hello ladies" sarah ushered two attractive women into the
room jack recognized one of the women as charisma carpenter
sarahs buffy costar, and another woman he didn’t recognize
immediatly but she looked
familiar she had long dark curly hair with a well preportioned
body but much smaller then charisma {it took awhile but he
realized it was angela watson from step by step}. sarah
ushered them into a place right before the bed. "alright
ladies i understand you want the cordellia part on my show"
she didn’t wait for an answer but continued "now you both came
out even in the competion for the part the producers don’t
really care which of you is cast so they have left it up to me
to decide which of you gets the part. so we are going to have
a bit of a contest right here and now. you two are going to do
anything i say and i will test you in my own style, now anyone
want to quite." when neither girl spoke out sarah walked in
front of them "alright strip" she ordered.

for a moment both girls looked startled and began to
object. sarah had walked away from the girls and as they
hesitated she picked
something up it appeared to be a riding crop she slammed it
down hard against a desk giving a satisfying sound. both dark
haired girls jumped at the sudden sound "now that i have youre
attention, now strip unless you don’t want the part you can
leave right now" sarah stared them down

charisma was the first to take off her sportcoat leaving her
in a simple white shirt and black skirt. she started
unbottoning her shirt. as the other girl pulled her top over
her head exposing her bra covered tits. she then started
unzipping her skirt letting it fall to the floor leaving her
in only her bra and panties, she looked over at charisma who
was just finishing unbottoning her shirt. the other girl
waited as charisma pulled her shirt off her shoulders and then
unbuckled her belt and let her skirt fall to the floor. she
stood a moment in a small black bra and matching panties. she
bent and picked up her skirt and threw it on a handy chair.

sarah slowly walked around the underwear clad beauties she
ran her hands over thier tight asses, they each in turn jumped
a bit at the touch. "okay ladies the rest of it" sarah went
back to standing in front of them as thier hands went behind
thier backs to unhook thier bras. as they unhooked them the
girls held thier bras in front of them. "come on i want to see
them girls, lets see what you got."

both girls reluctantly let their bras fall to the floor the
second girl had a nice set of tits a bit on the small side but
very nicely shaped and firm her nipples were hard little
pencil erasers. charisma tits were incredible large and firm
they stood out proudly with big nipples. "my, my charisma wins
the tit contest for sure" sarah commented " i have to know if
those things are real" before charisma could answer sarah was
at her ample chest running her hands over them giving them a
good feel finally she started to suck on them first one then
the other. charisma was somewhat embarrased but was clearly
enjoying the attention.

"like that do you" sarah commented as she shoved a hand into
charisma’s panties. this went on for a couple of minutes
finally sarah broke the embrace "okay ladies strip off the
panties" both girls quickly moved to comply charisma
revealing a neatly trimmed dark bush while angela showed off a
wild patch of hair between her legs. "okay next test
tightness, i want to see how tight youre pussies are bend over
and grab youre ankles" charisma moved to comply but angela
stood uncertain "whats the matter angela" sarah
moved closer to the girl.

"im no lesbian, i don’t think i can do it" angela responded
moving towards her clothes.
"neither am i" sarah responded obviously trying to calm the
girl down "haven’t you heard of bi-sexuals little girl i like
both men and women, don’t knock being with another woman till
you’ve tried it" sarah saw angela nod "alright then assume the
angela bent down grabbing her ankles showing off her pussy
and ass to the camera charisma took a similiar position
showing off a fine ass although not as tight as angela’s.
sarah took a long look at the ladies before moving in. she
first started massaging thier butts, she then bent down behind
angela and started to play with her pussy. "god girl you are
tight." sarah commented as she used the tip of the riding crop
to work on her pussy slipping the tip inside of her. angela
gasped at the intrusion but stayed in the same posiition "now
for the taste test" sarah bent in and started to lap at
angela’s pussy.

angela quickly started to get into the pussy licking her
hands went to her tits and she started pinching at her own
nipples as her body responded to sarah’s minstrations. sarah
pulled the riding crop out of her pussy and put it to the
entrance of her ass pushing the tip into her ass and was
rewarded with more moans from angela. suddenly sarah stood up
behind angela "don’t stop now" angela turned and pouted.

"all in good time girl" sarah responded "its charisma’s turn
now. but you got the crop all dirty" sarah put the crop up to
her face pushing at her mouth angela opened her mouth and
sucked the crop as if it were a cock. "good girl" sarah took
the crop and bent down behind charisma. she quickly started to
work on charisma’s pussy "not nearly as tight as you angela"
sarah commented as she bent down to tongue charismas pussy
"although she tastes great" charisma was responding to sarah
having trouble standing still as sarah pushed the crop into
her pussy. "you want a taste angela" the girl demmured.

after a few minutes of work on charisma sarah stood up and
looked the two girls over both were clearly excited by what
had just been done to them. "alright onto the bed" both girls
quickly climbed onto the large bed both clearly anxious for
sarah to work on thier pussies. "okay i want to see you get
yourselfs off" the girls hesitated "come on get those fingers
working this is a race to see who cumes first."

angela’s hands quickly found her ways to her pussy
slipping first one finger the another into her tight pussy.
charisma wasn’t far behind she quickly was pushing most of her
hand deep into her pussy as the other played with her large
tits. angela started to use a second hand on her cunt. both
girls played with each other as sarah started to strip. as
sarah got completey naked charisma came with a loud groan.
"charisma wins that contest" sarah commented as she stood
next to the bed on angelas side she pulled angelas hands away
from her cunt not allowing her to orgasm. "now i want to cum,
and do a sixty nine who wants to do it with me angela" she

"alright i’ll do it" angela was so horny she could barely
keep her hands away from her
crotch and would do anything to get off even eat out sarah’s

"alright slide over" angela took position in the center of
the bed as charisma got up and headed for the bathroom. sarah
climbed onto the bed and threw a leg over angela;s head. they
went at each others pussys in a glorious sixty nine. they
went at it for a few minutes before charisma returned to the
room. sarah jerked up and groaned driving her body right down
onto angelas face "oh yes make me cum" she begged as she
started to pinch her nipples "oh yes right there, yes" she
moaned then slumped down. she fell off of angela "very good
angela you’ve made up some ground, but youre still behind. now
lets clean up before the final test." sarah made for the
bathroom. as she came back out angela went into the bathroom.
sarah went to a bag and started to do

as angela came out of the bathroom sarah turned to the two
girls they both had stunned looks as protruding from sarahs
groin was a large strap on dildo "alright time for the final
test" sarah commented "how much can you take on youre knees"
both girls moved into position and sarah stood before them.
she moved to angela first "okay lets see how much you can
take" she rubbed the dildo against angelas face.

angela opened her mouth and took the large plastic penis
into her mouth not worriing about giving it pleasure she just
tried to get as much into her as she could she slide her mouth
along it managing to get about five of its ten inches into her
mouth before her gag reflex kicked in. she then came almost
off it and tried again but couldn’t get any farther. she came
off the prick "thats all i can take" she moved away from the

"okay charisma you’re turn" she moved over in front of
charisma. charisma quickly took it in her mouth on her first
stroke charisma went down about half the prick she then pushed
deeper taking all of the thick dildo into her mouth and down
her throat. it was buried to its fake balls into her throat
and sarah felt pleasure as charisma moved it around causing
sarah pleasure as the hard rubber rubbed against her clit.
after a few minutes sarah pulled out allowing charisma to

"do i win" charisma asked breathless.

"that round." sarah responded. "but we’ve got another place
or two to put this thing." sarah pulled charisma up "and this
time you can go first. how do you want to take this thing"
sarah asked.

"i like being on top" charisma commented as sarah lay down
on the bed. charisma climbed atop sarah and positioned her
pussy over the huge dildo and slowly slid onto it taking it
into her pussy sarah helped guide it in. once it penetrated
charisma tried to push down on it slowly gaining about half of
the large plastic prick inside of her. sarah was busy playing
with her heavy tits. "now or never" charisma commented coming
almost off the fake prick then ramming herself down. "oh god"
she exclaimed as the last of the plastic entered her.

"my god she got it all" sarah commented "now we gotta see
if its a fluke or can she fuck all of it."

"no problem" charisma grinned as she started to ride up
and down on the huge prick she seemed to be enjoying herself
as she’d come halfway up and drive all the way down. she did
it almost a dozen times before her back arched and she made a
gutteral groaning sound. "Oh yeah that felt so good" charisma
came off the prick.

"well angela ready to go" sarah asked

angela thought a moment the phallus was never going to be
any slicker then it was right now and after watching charismas
performance she was damn horny. "alright lets go for it." as
charisma got off the bed angela climbed aboard. she got over
sarah and positioned her cunt over the plastic cock. she
pushed back feeling the hard plastic enter her. she slid down
only managing to fit about a quarter of it inside of her. she
tried rising up and driving back down after a dozen tries she
could only get about halfway. into her she drove up and down
until her orgasm overcame her. but she still only managed to
get a little more then half the device inside of her pussy.
"well i lose again" she practicly fell off sarah laying on the

sarah gave her a hug "well there is one last contest i’m
gonna stick this thing up youre asses whoever takes it deeper

"what if its a tie" charisma asked upset that her victories
up to now didn’t seem to count.

"in case of a tie youre the winner" sarah gave her credit
"even if its close you win"

angela thought a moment "in that case charisma can go
first if she can take it all the way i’ll concede defeat."

"sounds fair" sarah turned back to charisma "you ready" as
she nodded sarah ordered her onto the bed on her hands and
knees. she got behind charisma the dildo was still sopping
wet with the girls juices. "here it comes" she pressed the
dildo against charisma;s anus, she noticed angela was watching

charisma grunted as sarah pushed forward. about a third of
the dildo slipped inside of charisma’s asshole. when sarah
stopped. "more i can take more" charisma managed to croak as
she pushed back against the dildo. sarah pushed her hips
forward burying it halfway into her bunghole.

"not bad charisma, halfway, sure you want to go for more"
sarah asked. in reply charisma pushed back against the dildo.
sarah started working her hips back and forth fucking
charisma’s asshole with the dildo. slowly she forced more and
more of the rod deep inside of her. with one last shove sarah
pushed it all the way into charisma’s asshole "its all in
there" sarah reassured her as charisma seemed to collapse onto
her face. "now get ready" sarah started fucking charismas ass
faster and faster with one hand sarah played with charisma’s
clit after not to much of this treatment charisma let out a
moan sarah shouted out "i’m cumming" as she pushed the dildo
deep into charisma.

sarah fell off charisma and they lay together on the bed.
angela started picking up her clothes. "well i guess i lose
the part, the better woman won."

sarah stood quickly and moved towards angela "you don’t have
to go just yet i was hoping you two would give me a good
fucking, i’ve got another strap on. what do you say"

angela thought a moment after what she’d been through
shoving a hard plastic dildo deep into sarah had its
attractions "alright its only fair we get a chance at you"
sarah took off her dildo and handed it to angela then grabbed
a second from the bag and threw it on the bed. angela had
hers on already while charisma was working hers on. "this one
seems all dirty why don’t you clean it up sarah"

"why you dirty little girl, i like that" sarah bent before
angela and started licking at the dirty dildo finally taking
it into her mouth angela slowly fucked her face enjoying the
sensations while sarah finished cleaning off the dick.
"alright good enough. why don’t you climb atop charisma."

sarah quickly moved to comply. straddling charisma and
impaling her cunt on charismas dildo. angela watched the
scene for a moment
noticing sarahs tight ass going up and down and climbed onto
the bed behind sarah. she positioned the dildo at sarahs
asshole and forced the head inside. she pushed deep into

"oh yes fuck my asshole" sarah groaned as angela started
to really work the dildo in and out of her ass. as this was
going on charisma seemed to awake from her stupor and started
bucking her hips ramming the other dildo into sarahs pussy.
sarah bent and put her mouth on charismas driving her tonque
into the other girls mouth she then grabbed one of charismas
large tits and started to suck on it. it fell out of her mouth
as sarah straightened out and her black seemed to go straight
as moan came from her body. she then collapsed onto charisma
as angela continued to fuck her ass.

"enough" sarah finally ordered and pushed off of charisma
dildo and pulled away from angela. sarah stood showing off her
naked sweaty body "you both did well ladies" sarah headed for
the bathroom "charisma you start work next monday i’ll call
the studio and get youre script sent to you. angela i’m sorry
but keep in touch maybe we can get you something else or at
least get together again" sarah smiled and got into the

angela got up stripped of the dildo and grabbed some of
sarahs clothes she wiped the sweat off her body. then threw
the clothes down and picked up her own. as she was finishing
dressing charisma got up slowly sarah came out of the bathroom
wrapped in just a robe. sarah offered charisma the bathroom
and pulled some clothes from a drawer as charisma headed for
the bathroom. once dressed sarah left. charisma came out of
the shower and dressed quickly. left the hotel room.

as the tape ended jack quinn couldn’t beleive what he’d just
watched, there were hundreds of tapes and hundreds of
different woman on these tapes he had to see more.

the end for now. next up a growing pains cast party {when
i finish it}

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