Celebrity Hotel #4: Jennifer Aniston

celebrity hotel #4 jennifer aniston

as jack quinn arrived back at the hotel he decided to make a
concerted search of his uncles office. first his managers went
over some things with him. when jack finished up he headed for
his uncles office he felt drawn to the tapes but he held off
and went to a concerted effort to search the office. after a
couple hours he came up with an assistent manager a man he
hadn;t met yet. he gave
the man a call and set found out he
wouldn’t be in for another hour he set up an appointmnet and
then decided he owed himself a tape.

he checked the book and pulled out a star he wanted to
see, he pushed the tape into the vcr and sat back to enjoy it.
the tape opened on an empty room as usual soon enough the door
opened and in walked three people two large men were carrying
a women. between them. they carried the obviously drunk woman
wearing a fancy dress into the room and threw her roughly onto
the bed.

as the camera zoomed in on the woman jack could see it was
jennifer aniston one of the stars of friends. her strawberry
blonde hair framed her attractive face as the camera panned
down jack could see one of her tits had popped out of her
dress apparently she hadn’t worn a bra the dress was slit up
one side and as she moved on the bed the her pubic hair became

the men stripped off their coats revealing they were both
wearing shoulder holsters with guns jack guessed they were her
bodygaurds but right now they weren’t watching jennifer
dispassionatly. they were very much ogling her.

one of the men moved his hand over to her exposed breast
and groped in then pulled down the other side of her dress
exposing both her breasts. "very nice" he commented.

"Jack, what are you doing" the other turned to his partner
and pulled his hands off the star. "we’re supposed to protect

"i know i know, tom but she treats us like shit" he looked
at his partner "besides i’ve been watching this slut give it
up to half the guys in hollywood, she’ll fuck anything that
moves why shouldn’t we get a chance at this first class piece
of ass"

"lets see do the words rape and prison mean anything to you"
tom responded.

"well we could take some insurance out." the other guy
looked at him so he continued "lets say we take some
comprimising photos of our little star doing it, if she opens
her mouth we publish them, we could even put her on video what
do you say"

"sounds like a plan, you got a camera or even a video

"not right here but i can call a guy he could be here in
ten minutes"

"alright if he gets here and she’s still out of it we’ll
do her, go ahead call him" the man went to the phone as the
other sat down in a chair. the tape seemed to skip suddenly
two more men appeared in the room.

one of them started to take pictures of the drunk star as
the other one used a video camera panning over jennifers
body. the gaurds moved in and stripped off her thin dress.
they let the others get good shots of her and then flipped her
over giving them good shots of her tight ass.

"now for the good stuff" the two bodygaurds started to strip
out of thier clothes as soon as they were naked they climbed
onto the bed. one took position between her legs and started
lapping at her pussy with his tongue "damn man do you know how
many men have been in there before you"

"yeah but its still tasty" he went back to work probing
and finding her clit he took it between his lips and started
sucking on it. the other man went for her large tits sucking
and pinching at the nipples. even in her drunk state jennifer
was responding to the
minstrations of the two men. groaning and thrashing on the

the two men repositioned themselves one pushed his cock
towards jennifers mouth he pushed it against her lips and slid
it inside her mouth "damn this girl is using her tongue in her
sleep." he commented.

the other man jammed his cock deep into jennifers cunt
"damn this feels so good" he started pulling in and out. he
started to play with her tits. they thrust thier cocks deep
into jennifer as she continued to moan and thrash about but
there was still no sign of her awakening..

"get a good shot of this" the man in her mouth pulled out
and started stroking his cock just inches from jennifers mouth
with a groan he shot his load right onto jennifers face. "oh
yeah look at that" in her sleep jennifer licked her lips
getting a lot of the cum.

"my turn" the other man pulled out of her and took up
position over her face he too shot his load in her face. as he
fell back "that was incredible. but i’m down for a couple of
minutes" he turned to the cameramen. "you guys want a turn."

they didn’t have to be asked twice quickly the cameras
changed hands as two new dicks penetrated jennifer aniston.
one of them jammed a thick cock into her mouth while the other
put a long one into her cunt. the one in her mouth came first
painting her face with his sperm. the other man brought his
cock out of her cunt and pushed it between her heavy tits. he
grabbed them roughly and pushed his cock between her large
tits. with a groan he shot a heavy load into her face.

"whats going on here" jennifer aniston woke up very
groggy. "what are you doing to me." she tried to sit up.

one of the guards came up and grabbed her hair "we’re
having some fun with you’re slut ass if you’re good and do
everything you’re told you’ll be alright, if you make a fuss
and stop this then these pictures and videos just might get to
the press." he pushed his cock towards jennifers mouth. "now
you want to suck my cock or do you want to see you’re face on
tommorows tabloids."

jennifer seemed to think for a moment then reached up for
the cock and took it into her mouth. she started to nibble on
the head as he pushed it into her mouth. the other gaurd got
onto the bed and shoved his cock into her pussy jennifer
groaned at the penetration.

"lets turn the bitch over" one of them commented. they
guided jennifer over until she was on her hands and knees on
the bed. one man sat in front of her his cock inches from her
mouth while the other one stroked his cock against the outside
of her pussy. jennifer moved her head down to take the cock
into her mouth. "not till i tell you" the man grabbed her hair
and pulled her up he used his cock to slap
jennifers face.

the other man was playing with her cunt "i think the bitch
likes it" he commented. "i think she should beg for it" he
laughed as he slapped her ass hard. "i want to hear jennifer
aniston star of friends beg to be fucked." he spoke for the
camera. "now lets hear it, or else we won’t fuck you"

jennifer tried to move backwards and forwards but they
kept pulling the cocks away from her "oh yes i want it please
fuck me, stick it in me" she begged until she was allowed to
take the cock into her mouth the other man buried his cock in
her cunt and used his finger to fuck her ass.

"this bitch has an incredible ass, i think i’m gonna fuck
it" in one motion the man pulled out of jennifers cunt and
jammed his cock deep into her ass. jennifer moaned around the
cock in her mouth, but not much sound came out. the man
started sawing his cock deep into her ass pulling almost all
the way out and then jamming it all the way in. with a loud
groan he pushed deep into her ass and shot his load he slipped
out with a wet pop.

another man climbed up behind her and wedged his cock into
her ass. "you like it up youre ass don’t you" he pulled her up
off the cock in her mouth "tell me you like it in youre ass"

"yes fuck my ass do it hard, i like it hard." she moaned
and pushed herself back to get more cock inside of her. "touch
my cunt too i want to cum" the man in her mouth started to
slide down under jennifers body till his cock was around
jennifers cunt. the one in her ass pulled out as she impaled
herself on the cock below her. as she started to ride up and
down the other man shoved his cock into her ass "oh yeah thats
it it feels so good" she moaned. "fuck me hard" she commanded.
"yes i like it" a gutteral moan went through her."yes i’m
cumming" she seemed to stiffen and then collapse. as the men
continued to fuck her shooting off thier loads.

as thier limp dicks slipped out of jennifer they slid off
the bed leaving the star slumped in the bed. "anytime you want
to go again just give us a call" the men laughed.they started
to dress.

"what about the pictures" she mumbled.

"don’t worry we won’t publish them but we may call for
another payment" the men laughed as they left her in the room.
she lay in bed for a few minutes before her hand went to her
pussy she started
stroking herself driving her fingers in and out of her cunt.
she started to grab at her large tits playing with herself
until a moan escaped her lips.

she lay for awhile longer before getting up and heading
for the bathroom. the tape ended as she left the room. jack
realized it was almost time for his meeting and got prepared.

the end

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