Celebrity Hotel #5: Jeri Ryan And Lucy Lawless

i got the idea for this one after thier tv guide interview i hope you
like it.

celebrity hotel 5: jeri ryan and lucy lawless.

jack quinn set up his office as he waited for the assitent manager. he
made sure there was a tape sticking out of the vcr the numbers clearly
showing and he placed two tapes onto his desk making sure the numbers
were visible to anyone sitting in the other chair. he heard a knock on
the door and went and answered it. "tom cassidy?"

"yes, sir. glad to meet you, i’m sorry i haven’t come to see you

problem," jack ushered him into the office and sat him down at
his desk he noticed tom had looked pointedly at the tapes. "well might
as well get right to it. what exactly do you do here" he asked straight

"well umm" the man stammered a bit. "how much did youre uncle tell
you about how he ran this hotel"

"assume nothing" which wasn’t so far from the truth but no reason to
let him know that "now you’re given a fairly large salary here, but i
can’t really see any job that you do" he fiddled with the tapes on his

"well, i see you have found youre uncles tape collection, have you
watched any of them." he asked.

"several and thier quite amazing, in fact i can’t wait to see some
more of them." he could see the man visably relax "can i assume these
were taped on the premises."

"yes you can safely assume that" tom responded.

"and how exactly was this done."

"well its easier if i just show you, if thats alright with you"
jack followed tom over to the big walk in closet where the tapes were
stored tom opened it using the hidden entrance a point in his favor
jack thought. tom walked to the back of the closet "you have youre
uncles keys" jack handed them over and tom moved several tapes and
lifted a shelf revealing a lock. he turned the key and the back of the
closet opened up.

"incredible" escaped jacks lips. but tom turned on a light and led
him up several flights of stairs. after several of what appeared to be
dead ends with more secret panels tom pulled out another key.

"now this is incredable" tom opened the door and jack walked in he
was stunned it looked like something from NORAD all video moniters and

"very nice and these connect to cameras that are in all the rooms"
jack asked.

"only some, i beleive it cost over ten grand to set up each room
there are about a half dozen or so set up, including of course the
penthouse and the indoor pool area. also you’re uncle splurged for some
very nice editing equipment."

"yes i see that." he walked around the room. "but i can’t imagine
this is the end of this what is done with these tapes. i can’t believe
all this went to just make up some dirty tapes" he had also seen some
odd things in his uncles office.

"well, i don’t know the whole story. but i may give you a piece of
the puzzle." he reached into a drawer and pulled out a business card.
"you should see this guy i think he knows more then us."

"dirk van zant, celebrity lookalikes. nevada, what’s this" he
asked. "a talent agent"

"actually he runs a brothel of celebrity lookalikes. you didn’t hear
it from me but i believe he has the actual stars being thier
lookalikes. more then that i don’t know, now do you want me to continue
taping or not"

jack thought for a moment. "yes continue taping" he started to leave
the room

as he was leaving tom called to him "oh heres another tape i just
finished it i never got a chance to give it to youre uncle its quite
good enjoy it"

"thanks" he headed down to his office. he waited till he got home to
watch the tape.

in a hotel room were two fantastic looking women, on the couch sat
jeri ryan. her blonde hair flowing neatly around her shoulders she sat
in a simple white shirt and skirt. that showed off a nice bit of leg.
on a chair sat lucy lawless her black hair flowing loosley about her

"can you beleive all those questions about lesbians" jeri spoke

"i know, i know but you get used to it. i’ve been hearing it since i
started xena seems if you play a strong woman without a mate everyone
assumes youre a lesbian"

"you’re right, i just wasn’t quite ready for it."

"you never are, i just can’t beleive that guys are turned on by the
thought of two women doing it. have you ever even considered doing it
with another woman"

"no, have you" jeri asked.

"well" lucy kind of grinned "i’ve considered it from time to time."
jeri laughed there was a knock at the door and lucy went to answer it.
in walked a handsome black bellman "ahh our champagne."

the bellman walked in and opened the bottle and poured the ladies
two glasses. lucy walked up behind the bellman "me and jeri here were
having an arguement and youd be able to help settle it." the man looked
up and nodded. "well we couldn’t beleive men would get excited at the
thought of me and jeri naked sweaty, on a bed writhing in pleasure as
we touch each others bodies in sensual ways" lucy could tell the man
had a raging hard on as she rubbed up against his back. "now jeri says
only perverts would like seeing that i say, all men are perverts and
fantasis about seeing me and jeri pleasuring one another now does the
thought of jeri and me together get you excited." she could clearly see
it was.

"no of course not" the man managed to mumble as lucy ushered him out
the door.

as the door closed behind him jeri started laughing "you are bad,
girl, he’s gonna have a hell of a time geting downstairs."

"it was kind of bad wasn’t it." lucy responded. "did i lay it on too

"hell i was getting excited the way you described it"

lucy sat down next to jeri "were you really" lucy ran her hand
through jeri’s hair. "to tell the truth the idea is having its
attractions to me, what do you say we’re all alone here just you and
me." she tentatively leaned in to give jeri a kiss.

jeri pulled back for a moment unsure then let her lips touch
lucy’s the kiss was tenative at first then grew more bold. lucy’s hands
fell down to jeri’s large tits. she started massaging jeri’s tits after
a few moments jeri’s hands went to lucy’s breasts.

"shall we take this into the bedroom" lucy asked. as they broke the
kiss. jeri mumbled a response as lucy stood up she led jeri toward the
bedroom slowly opening her blouse. as jeri sat on the bed lucy removed
her shirt. lucy went over to the bed and pushed jeri back and climbed
atop jeri.

jeri started to suck on lucy’s tits spending extra time at her
sensitive nipples. jeri grabbed her and rolled lucy over so that now
she was on top. she sat up and stripped off her own shirt then removed
her bra releasing her massive tits. she then lowered them over lucy’s
face. lucy quickly went for jeri’s tits sucking first one then the

lucy moved her hands to her own belt opening up her pants she
managed to continue suck on jeri’s tits and push down her pants she
kicked off her shoes and finally got her pants off. her panties were
around her knees.

jeri climbed off the bed and her hands immediately went to his
skirt. lucy managed to get her panties off. as the last of her clothes
hit the floor jeri jumped on the bed next to lucy. "im not sure what
to do next" they kissed again and let their hands run over each others

"i have an idea" lucy grinned back and pushed jeri to lay on the
bed. she then ran her tongue down jeri’s body. lucy made it down to
between jeri’s legs she pulled apart her legs and started to put her
fingers inside of jeri.

"oh god that feels so good" jeri moaned as her hands went to her
own nipples squeezing them as lucy’s mouth went to her pussy. "yes
right there" jeri moaned as her body writhed in orgasmic pleasure.

lucy came up from between jeri’s legs then lay beside her. "how
was that for my first time" she laughed.

"not bad at all, wonder if i’ll be as good" she smiled as she
moved down lucy’s body she started lapping at lucy lawless’s pussy. she
used one hand trying to pleasure her pussy her other hand reached up
and pinched at lucy’s tits finding her nipple jeri started to squeeze
it as lucy started to moan in pleasure.

lucy’s hands went to the back of jeri’s head pulling her into her
pussy. "you are good" lucy exclaimed as her body went throught what
appeared to be a seizure. "oh yes" she moaned as jeri came up for air.

jeri moved up and lay next to lucy. they fondled one anothers
bodies "that was incredible" lucy kissed jeri on the lips. "i’m gonna
have to do that more often."

"do you like it better then men" jeri asked.

"no" lucy responded but it makes a hell of a change of pace."

"maybe we should call back the bellboy you think he’d enjoy this

" i think so" the ladies laughed.

"well i’m up for it how about you" lucy made for the phone.

"i don’t know what if he tells people" jeri asked nervously

"don’t worry this hotel has a rep for privacy anyone who talks
about a guest is fired. theres even a rumour worse then that happens to
them.so don’t worry" lucy reassured jeri

"well if you’re sure okay" jeri responded. obviously a bit excited
at the prospect her hands going to her crotch as lucy talked on the

lucy climbed back onto the bed "he’ll be right up" her tongue went
to one of jeri’s breasts she played with the nipple for a bit then
there was knock at the door "i’ll be right there" lucy called out she
grabbed a towell and wrapped it around herself jeri started to cover
herself up "No wait just like that i want to see his eyes pop out of
his head."

jeri laughed and splayed herself out across the bed. lucy went
into the other room the cameras followed her as she opened the door
the waiter almost fell down his eyes wandered lucy’s body as he walked
inside. she shut the door behind him "could we have that in the
bedroom" lucy took one end of the tray and started guiding it into the
bedroom she walked backward into the room. she laughed as she saw his
eyes go wide at the sight of jeri laying naked on the bed. "we were
hoping you could help up with a little something assuming you don’t
have to go right back"

"no no" he responded quickly barely able to talk "i’ve got time its
my break"

lucy let the towell drop "thats great but you look a bit
overdressed." the man started stripping without ever taking his eyes
off the two women "very nice" lucy commented as his large black cock
came into view. "what do you think jeri"

jeri gasped a bit "my god its huge, this is gonna be fun." as he
walked toward the bed she grasped his cock giving it a firm squeeze.
"get up here" she patted the bed beside her the waiter jumped over jeri
till he was laying on the other side of her lucy climbed into the bed
on the other side.

jeri gave him a kiss and then kissed her way down his body until
she came to his cock lucy was already playing with it using her hands
and tongue. jeri took one of his balls into her mouth and sucked on it
as lucy took the shaft into her mouth managing to fit about half of it
into her mouth.

the waiter gave a loud groan and lucy seemed to be swallowing but
she kept right on
licking at it. she finally let it slip out of her mouth "i’ve gotta
ride this monster" lucy commented. as she started to climb up ontop of
the waiter. she positioned her pussy over his large cock.

jeri grabbed the cock with one hand and opened up lucy’s pussy with
the other "ohh its so big if you don’t use it i will" with that lucy
dropped down and took the tip into her pussy. "coward" jeri teased.

lucy lowered herself a bit more taking about half the cock it was
wider then anyone else and she had never had a guy deeper then this she
let herself fall a bit more. "oh god its so huge it feels so good" she
let herself fall taking the last of the cock into her "oh he’s
stretching me out." she started to ride up and down her dark hair
falling down to the bed covering the waiter.

jeri moved lucy’s hair out of the way and the waiter started
sucking at her left tit jeri took her right one into her mouth. lucy
seemed to have a mind blowing orgasm and pushed up and off the cock.

"you’ve got to try it." she commented as she lay down next to the
waiter "i left you some what do you say" "how could i refuse" jeri
responded laying back the waiter grinned and rolled over ontop of jeri
ryan positioning his cock outside her pussy he lunged inside of her.
"oh yeah" jeri moaned "you weren’t kidding" she moaned as he started
pistoning in and out.

"more i want it all" jeri wrapped her legs around him and tried to
pull him inside of her. he grabbed her hips and pulled them up and
off the bed. lucy moved a pillow under jeri’s ass then started to play
with her tits. he started pounding away harder and harder pushing more
and more inside of her.

jeri groaned in pleasure as the last of the huge cock slipped inside
of her. "oh god it feels incredable yes more" her back arched in
orgasm. he pulled out and shot his load all over her tits. he let jeri
fall back on the bed then slid up and rubbed his cock all over her tits
rubbing his seaman around.

"hadn’t you better go" lucy ordered as the waiter played with jeri’s
nipples. he got up and got dressed as lucy ran her hand over jeri’s
body. she got up once the waiter was dressed and walked him out. at the
door she gave him a kiss and commented "okay if i ask for you next time
i’m in town." he grinned and kissed her. she pushed him out the door.
as she walked back in the other room jeri was getting dressed. "you’re

"yeah i gotta go, we’ll get together again this was fun" jeri raced
out as lucy lay back in the bed and fell asleep.

with that the tape ended and jack pulled it out and put it back in

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