Celebrity Hotel #6: Celine Dion

i decided to write just a quick story.

celebrity hotel #6 CELINE DION

Jack picked out another tape as he went home. as he got home
he stuck the tape in the vcr and sat down to watch. as all the
others this started with aan empty hotel room an old man
entered the room he was soon followed by four young men. jack
almost turned off the tape but decided to go ahead with it.
the four men went off into an
adjoining room. after a few
minutes there was a knock on the door.

the old man went to open it. he pulled the door open and in
walked a tall woman with dark hair. she kissed the man as if
she knew him very well. as she turned to the camera jack
noticed that it was the singer celine dion. as she took off
her coat jack saw she was wearing a long dress cut low in

"celine my love" the old man "as i promised my gift to you"
the old man went to the other door and the four men walked
back in all naked they were muscular and thier large cocks
stuck straight out. "they will give you the pleasure i never
could." he went and sat down.

celine went towards the younger men she ran her hands over
one mans chest then another her hands falling on two of the
larger pricks. someone’s hands went to the back of her dress
it came open and the dress fell to the ground. she steped out
of the dress completely naked now.

celine climbed onto the bed and sat down in the middle
of the bed her legs spread. she ordered the men into position.
one started eating out her pussy, two more started sucking on
her tits and the fourth man took position so that they could
kiss. his tongue probing celine’s mouth.

celine grunted and groaned for a bit until she broke the
liplock with one man and grabbed at the hair of the man
between her legs. "fuck me now" she ordered. and the man moved
to comply. she pushed the other men away as one of them
positioned outside her pussy. in one motion he drove into her.

celine wrapped her legs around his waist. "more, more" she
moaned. he pumped in and out of her pussy for a half dozen
strokes before he pulled out and shot over her stomach. "damn"
she called. "next" she signalled to another man and he
climbed onto the bed with his hard on in his hands. he quickly
positoned his cock to enter celine without hesitation he
plunged in. "oh yes it feels so good" she moaned. as he
pounded away at her.

the man fucking her started to play with her tits reaching
out to suck on them paying extra attention to her nipples.
"i’m cumming" celine moaned the man kept pushing in and out
as celine thrashed around. finally he pulled out and shot his
load over her stomach.

"get me a towel" celine ordered one of the men ran into
the bathroom and returned with a towel he quickly cleaned
herself up. "now you two" she pointed to the two whom she
hadn’t had yet. she rolled over onto her hands and knees she
positioned one of the men at the headboard the other behind
her ass. she turned to the man behind her "you fuck me" she
then turned back "i’m gonna suck youre dick you like that

"yes i want you to suck me off" the man practicly begged as
celines tongue ran over the top of his prick.

"fuck me" celine ordered and the man behind her drove deep
into her "ohh yes" her back arched as she held the cock in
front of her. she relaxed a bit as the man pounded into her
from behind. when she had enough control she bent forward and
started licking at the cock. she then opened her mouth and
started to take it into her mouth. she only went about halfway
down the shaft. then came up each time she went down she
would only take half of it into her mouth. but the man didn’t
seem to mind.

"i’m cumming" the man in her mouth groaned and tried to
pull out of celines mouth but she held him in place. she
swallowed his load as the other man pulled out of her pussy
and shot his load over her back.

"yummy" celine moaned as she rolled over "best thing for the
throat. ahh yes that felt great." she got up and walked over
to where her husband was sitting. "i am well satisfied but is
there anything else i can do for you my husband anything you
want to see me do." he seemed to think for a moment then
whispered into celines ear "you’ve got a dirty mind, i’ll do
it for you"

celine walked back to the bed. "gentlemen my husband wants
to see something else." she ran her hands over the mens cocks
each in turn she seemed to be judging them. finally she seemed
to make a decision. "you lay down on the bed." she had picked
the largest cock. "you be ready" she said to the man with the
smallest cock {although it was still impressive}. she
whispered to him a moment then climbed on the bed.

celine climbed on the bed and started crawling up the mans
body she stopped at his cock and gave it a quick mouthing she
then continued up his body until her pussy was over his cock.
she then positioned herself over it. she guided the tip of his
cock into her cunt. she then pushed herself back onto the cock
"mmmm yes" she moaned "now you" she ordered.

the second man climbed up behind celine holding his cock
out in front of him he seemed to be aiming for celine. celine
leaned forward as the man took up position behind her. "stick
it in my ass" celine ordered he got nearer to celine and
started working on her ass. "fuck me in the ass" celine begged
as she held still.

"yes right there" she moaned as the man lunged forward.
"yes both of you fuck me." she started to roll her hips at the
double intrusion. "oh god i feel so full" she moaned in
pleasure. "i want to feel all of you inside me" she started
riding up and down more forcefully. "oh yes" the man behind
her grunted. "yes i feel you filling me up." his cock slipped
out of her ass and he climbed off the bed and headed for the

celine seemed to concentrate more of her energy on the man
underneath her and in only a few minutes he grunted. and
celine climbed off little drops of seman visible dripping out
of her cunt. the man went to the bathroom. "you two seemed to
have enjoyed the show" she walked over to the other two men
she grabbed thier hard ons and ran her hands up and down over
them. "yes i’ll have to take care of you" she knelt down and
took one of thier cocks into her mouth while she used her hand
on the other one.

she took most of the cock deep into her mouth he grunted and
she came of him cum dripping from her lips. she then took the
other cock into her mouth. after a few minutes he too came
into her mouth. as the last of the men went into the bathroom
the first came out they each in turn came out gave celine a
kiss on the cheeck and left.

finally only celine and her husband were left she turned to
him "i enjoyed youre present"

"so did i" he responded as he followed her into the
bathroom. "i may give it to you every year"

with that the tape ended and jack quinn pulled it out.

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