Celebrity Hotel #7: Jennifer L.H., Neve C. And Friends


Jack Quinn sat down to watch another tape there were two numbers
on the tape but he didn’t bother to check who they were as he knew
by the numbers they were female celebs. He started the tape and
the scene as usual was a hotel room. in walked two attractive
women both with long dark hair. As the camera zoomed in he
recognized the two stars the one with longer hair was Jennifer
Love Hewitt. While the other was her costar from Party of Five,
Neve Campbell he sat back to enjoy the show of these lovely ladies.

The two girls walked in laughing a bit. Jennifer turned to her
older companion. "I don’t believe I agreed to this."

"We made a bet, fair and square. My movie did better then yours
so are you going to pay up or what."

"Hardly fair, we said no nudity" Jennifer shot back.

"Well I didn’t do any." Neve shot back laughing. "Can I help
it if someone else does?"

"Yeah someone else, Denise Richards has a better set of tits then
you do." Jennifer joked. "I still don’t see why we didn’t just bet money?"

"OH, Come on, you and I know we make so much money that it
would be practically meaningless. Unless we bet millions and I
can just see our accountants going nuts over that not to mention
the IRS." Neve said rather petulantly. "That ‘s why we bet our
bodies. Come on, I’ve set everything up for you. You’ll have the
time of you’re life. Now are you going through with it or not?"

Jennifer thought a moment. She didn’t want to back out and look
scared, besides she had shot off her mouth about her ‘great’ movie.
She had to admit she was more then a bit curious about what Neve
had planned for her. "Alright I’m up for it what do I do?"

"Here put this on. I’ll call you out when I’m ready." Neve handed
Jennifer a box and pointed her toward the other room.

Jennifer walked into the other room and the camera followed. She
set the box on the bed. She carefully opened the box and pulled
out a black teddy. "Why Neve you naughty little girl." Jennifer
pulled off her top and then slipped out of her skirt. She held the
teddy up against her underwear clad body and looked at herself
in the mirror. "Neve couldn’t stop talking about Denise wait till
she see’s me." The teddy was see thru. "I guess I know what you
want to see. Guess I shouldn’t have bragged about my movie so
much." Jennifer whispered to herself. . Jennifer reached behind her
and unhooked her bra, she pulled it off revealing her magnificently
large breasts. They were large but stood out well on her small body.
She then bent over removing her panties showing her tight ass to
the camera. She then poured herself into the teddy. It looked to be
about a size too small, but it certainly showed off her body.

There came a knock at the door. Neve’s voice called out. "I’m all set
for you." Jennifer slipped into a pair of black high heals and started
walking towards the door. The camera shifted to the other room.
It panned around the room, there were now six men in the room
along with Neve.

Jennifer walked out without seeing the men. She took several
steps into the room before she noticed. She turned and started
to run out of the room, but she tripped over her high heels and
fell onto the couch.

Neve laughed as she walked over to her friend. "What’s the matter?
You always told me you wanted to be gang banged. I set it up
for you." She whispered to Jennifer.

"I know but there are so many of them. I was stunned for a moment
that’s all." Jennifer turned over and sat on the couch. The guys
gazed hungrily at her large tits. "All this attention is kind of nice."

"Come on guys." Neve turned to the men. "You heard her guys.
She wants attention." Quickly two men were on either side of
Jennifer. "Come on guys feel those titties." Neve offered encouragement.

The two men were quick to follow Neve’s suggestion. They stroked
Jennifer’s tits through her teddy. At first Jennifer seemed to be
a bit reluctant, Pushing their hands away. When one of the men
ran his hand over her pussy. She seemed to lose her reluctance.
She put her hand over his guiding it over her pussy. Her other
hand went into the lap of the other man.

He reached down and opened his pants up, releasing a rather
large and hard cock. Jennifer stroked it up and down. Then looked
down at what she was holding. "My, its so big." Jennifer gapped
at the size of it.

Neve and the guys laughed. the men started pulling down their
pants. "That’s not the biggest." The men revealed their large cocks.
Neve took a couple in her hands getting them fully hard.

"MY GOD!" Jennifer looked over the cocks in the room each one
seemed bigger then the last. "Where did you get these guys?"

Neve gave her best evil laugh. "Porno movies, Their professionals
and their going to give you a banging you won’t soon forget."

"How do you know them?" Jennifer took one of the larger cocks
into her hands "I mean how did you set this up?"

"The hotel concierge helped, that guy can get you anything."
Neve giggled. "Don’t worry this hotel is very discrete."

Jennifer reached out and took a second large cock into her other
hand and started stroking it. "I’m beginning to think my telling you
i liked big cocks was a mistake."

"You don’t like big cocks?" Neve asked in a mocking tone.

"Of course, I do but so many. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle
them all. "Why don’t you help." The guys seemed to murmur encouragement

"Don’t worry, I’ll join in, but after you." She grabbed one of Jennifer’s
hands and pulled her up so she was standing. "Now I think the
boys should get a nice long look at you" Neve mover her hands
to the neck of Jennifer’s teddy and pulled it off her shoulders.
It fell off her shoulders and fell to the floor leaving her standing
there in just her shoes. "What do you think guys?" Neve got
Jennifer to give the guys a little twirl. "Well what do you think
guys?" This was greeted with a number of hoots and applause.

"Lets take this into the bedroom." Jennifer walked into the other room.
Neve followed quickly, behind her the guys stripped out of their
clothes and rushed into the bedroom. Jennifer laid down on the
bed. "Well, I’m all yours."

The men rushed at her naked body. One of them quickly buried
his head between her legs and started eating out her pussy to
her obvious enjoyment. Two more men started sucking on her
large tits. The other two men went to her head and started kissing
her, alternating sticking their tongues into her mouth.

Jennifer squirmed under the attention. Neve watched looking a bit
testy. "Come on guys. Enough of this foreplay, lets get those cocks
working." The guys were not slow in acting on her suggestion.
The man between her legs pulled himself up and positioned his
cock at the entrance to her pussy.

As he shoved his large cock inside of her pussy, a groan of pleasure
escaped Jennifer’s lips. Her moans were stifled as a cock was
offered to her lips and she took it into her mouth she sucked it a bit.
Someone else took up position on the other side of her head, she
started to alternate sucking on the cocks. Another man straddled
her chest and started to push his cock between her large breasts.

Jennifer soon found her hands holding two large cocks. She used
her tongue on the two cocks in her face. She felt the man in her pussy
pull out and shoot a load over her stomach. A couple of the men made
jokes as he was passed a towel and cleaned her up. One of the
cocks in her hand went to her pussy and ground into her..

Neve slowly stripped, as she watched Jennifer get fucked. She ran her
hand over her own pussy getting herself hot. As a second cock
pushed into Jennifer, Neve slipped a finger inside of herself. A
second man shot his load onto Jennifer stomach. As Jennifer took
a load down her throat. Neve saw her chance and slipped onto the
bed between Jennifer’s long legs. Neve put her mouth right at
Jennifer’s pussy and started eating her out.

Jennifer felt someone’s mouth at her pussy. Whoever it was really
knew how to eat pussy, but she couldn’t see who it was. She took
another cock into her mouth. Another man had climbed between
her tits and was pushing them around his cock. He pushed the cock
between her ample mounds. Jennifer moaned in pleasure as the man
between her tits came splattering his cum on her chin. Then the
man in her mouth groaned and pushed his cock deep into Jennifer’s’
mouth as he shot his load. Their cocks were not immediately replaced,
so Jennifer had a moment to catch her breath. Her hands went to
the head between her legs she ran her fingers through long hair.
Jennifer jumped up and saw it was Neve between her legs.
"What are you doing?" She managed to get out.

Neve looked up Jennifer’s love juices coating her lower lip a big smile
across her face. "You don’t want me to stop, do you?" Neve reached
up and grabbed Jennifer’s large tits with her hands.

"No, don’t stop!" Jennifer grunted. As she laid back down to enjoy
the sensations.

Neve ate at Jennifer for a moment or two before looking up. "HEY, no
fair." Neve sat up. "You’ve got to do me too." She wiggled around
on the bed.

"Okay." Jennifer tried to sound reluctant, but the desire she felt showed
in her voice. Neve took up position over Jennifer her pussy over
Jennifer’s face.

Neve put her head down between Jennifer’s legs. After a couple of
licks she looked up. "DO ME TOO!!" NEVE wiggled her ass. Jennifer
reached up and gave it a tentative little lick then started to get into it,
really working at Neve’s pussy.

The men stood around the bed stroking their growing hardons.
"You ladies ready to fuck?" One of them asked laughing.

Neve rolled off of Jennifer "I’m ready, how about you Love?"

"Very ready." Jennifer opened her legs and a man quickly pushed
himself into her pussy. Two men climbed on the bed and got Neve
to roll over onto her hands and knees. One of them stuck his hard
cock into her pussy, as the other took up position under her head.

The man behind Neve used his fingers to take some of her pussy
juice and rub it against her asshole. As the man inside of Jennifer
Love Hewitt pulled out and shot his load over her large tits. Jennifer
rolled onto her side to watch Neve being fucked. A man climbed
behind her on the large bed. His prick poked between her thighs,
she opened her legs and allowed him to enter her pussy.

Jennifer noticed the man playing with Neve’s asshole, it was very
erotic. Jennifer decided to get her back. "Why don’t you fuck her
ass? She likes it when guys shove their hard cocks deep into her
ass." As he pulled out of her pussy. and repositioned at the
entrance to her ass. "Do it hard, she likes it when guys fuck her hard."

"OH, GOD!!" Neve came off the cock in her mouth, as the man
behind her buried his bone deep into her ass. "HARDER!" She
moaned in pleasure. "YES, YES, FUCK MY ASS!" Neve commanded.
She took the other cock back into her mouth. The man in her
ass gave one last loud grunt and pulled his prick out of Neve’s
ass and shot a load on Neve’s back. He was quickly followed by
the man in her mouth. As they moved away. Neve spent a moment
resting then turned to Jennifer and gave her a deep kiss driving
her tongue into the other girls mouth.

Jennifer returned the kiss, wholeheartedly this set the man between
Jennifer’s legs to really pound into her pussy. He pulled out and
shot a load of jism between the two girls. "This was incredible!"
Jennifer continued to nuzzle at Neve’s face.

"It doesn’t have to end yet, I want you to taste me. You were a bit
rushed before." Neve responded. "How about it. You up for another
sixty nine."

Jennifer seemed to pause in thought for a moment. "Yes, lets do it."
Neve quickly spun around so that her face was against Jennifer’s
crotch. She buried her face in Jennifer’s pussy to her obvious
enjoyment. Jennifer was still a bit more tentative. She started probing
Neve’s pussy with her fingers at first then gave it a little lick followed
by another finally her mouth started playing with her pussy with gusto.

The men stood around watching this incredibly sexy sixty nine stroking
their now growing hard-ons. Jennifer came up from her
munching as she screamed in pleasure Neve had jammed a finger up
her ass. As Jennifer recovered she went back to eating Neve. Jennifer
took her finger and shoved it up Neve’s ass which brought Neve to an
orgasm.. The two girls relaxed a moment and lay back on the bed.

Jennifer looked up and saw the men stroking their pricks. "MY, my,
what are we going to do with all these lovely cocks?"

"You want you’re ass fucked?" Neve asked knowing Jennifer had
never done that.

"I’d prefer my pussy getting fucked." Jennifer fingered herself she
was so hot.

"Why not both at the same time? That’s the best." Neve commented
as she stroked Jennifer’s large tits.

Again Jennifer seemed lost in thought. "if you do it, I’ll do it?" she

"OOH, I was hoping you’d say that." Neve looked around at the
cocks. "You and you." She picked out two of the biggest pricks.
Neve had one of the men lay down on his back his prick sticking
straight up. She then climbed atop him. She used her hands to
open her pussy then lowered herself onto the large prick. "OH
YES, it feels so good!" She started to ride up and down taking a
bit more of the large prick each time she lowered herself onto him.
She finally managed to fit the last of the cock inside her pussy.
"Okay, now for two." She signalled the other man he positioned
himself at the entrance to her ass. "YES NOW." Neve ordered
as the man pushed his cock into her asshole.

"It’s so much." Jennifer commented as she watched intently.

"But it feels so good, MORE." Neve responded as the second
man pushed a bit more into her ass. "YES! I want all of it." The last
of his cock disappeared into Neve’s ass and she started rocking
back and forth taking all of it in. "ahh! YES!" Escaped from her lips.

Jennifer Love Hewitt was watching Neve intently. She finally reached
up and took one of Neve’s tits into her hands. She started playing
with her nipple. She leaned in and started to kiss her tit. She took
the nipple into her mouth, lightly biting it. This drove Neve over
the edge. Neve shook and moaned in orgasmic delight. The men
doubled their efforts into her. "Cum inside me, I want to feel it."
Neve screamed out.

The man in her ass thrust deeply and groaned. He pushed in and out
a few more times before allowing his shrinking dick to slip out of
Neve’s asshole. This gave the man under her a free hand. He grabbed
her waist and started pushing her up and down on his cock. Neve
grunted in pleasure. The man pushed deep into her and shot his load.

"OH YES, I felt it." Neve moaned as she continued to ride up and
down on his shriveling cock. As it at last slipped out of her pussy,
Neve rolled off the bed onto Jennifer. Jennifer ran her hands over
Neve’s body lingering on her tits and pussy. "You’re turn." Neve

"It looked like fun, but i don’t know?" Jennifer looked around the
room there were still four hard cocks in the room.

"Come on. You’ve got to try it, it’s incredible, mind blowing." Neve

"Alright!" Jennifer signalled to two men. She picked the men with
the smallest cocks{even though both were still impressive}. She
had the larger of the two men lay down she then climbed atop him
ramming her pussy down on his cock. She gasped in pleasure and
bent forward at the waist opening up her ass to the other man. He
wasn’t slow to take up position behind her. Positioning his cock
at the entrance to her ass. "Okay, ready." Jennifer sounded very scared.

"Just relax and enjoy it, Love." Neve cooed as she took one of her
massive breasts into her mouth. Jennifer yelped as the cock slipped
into her ass. "Just relax you’re ass muscles allow it to happen."
Jennifer seemed to relax a bit as the cock pushed into her ass. "Yes
that’s it. How’s it feel?"

Jennifer thought for a moment. "Incredible! I feel so full." The last
of the cock slipped into her ass. "It hurts a bit but that’s going away.
" She started to move her hips. "OH YES!! God." She moaned in
pleasure as Neve played with her nipples. She fell on the man
under her as her knees became weak. Her whole body shook as she
groaned in ecstasy. "YES!! I’m cumming!" She screamed then she
relaxed a bit as the men started to fuck her unresisting body. After a
few moments Jennifer seemed to wake up "I’m cumming again!" She
groaned as both men shot their loads inside of her. Their cocks
slipped out of her body . Jennifer rolled off the man underneath her.
"That was incredible!"

There were two men left with hard ons they loomed over the two
naked women. "What about us?" They stroked their cocks.

"My cunts sore how about yours?" Jennifer looked at Neve.

Neve thought a moment then reached up and pushed her tits together.
"how about these guys, want to fuck my tits." Neve offered Jennifer
got the idea and pushed her larger breast together.

The guys seemed to consider a moment the man with the larger cock
went for Jennifer’s larger tits. As she pressed them together he forced
his cock between the two large fleshy mounds they encased his cock.
He rammed his prick between her tits it went all the way
through. Jennifer reached up and gave the tip a lick as it came from
between her tits. The man lasted only a few strokes before blowing
his load over Jennifer’s face.

The other man was having a problem with Neve’s smaller tits, they
wouldn’t wrap around his cock . He started rubbing his dick over her
breast pressing them into her sensitive nipples. He pushed forward
till his dick was in Neve’s face. She opened her mouth and he shoved
his cock into her mouth. She started working on his prick. He pulled
out and shot his load onto her face using his cock to smear it on
her face. As his cock shriveled he stood up.

"Well thanks guys. You were great, maybe we can do this again,
sometime." The men seemed reluctant to leave. They finally ushered
out of the room. The tape focused in on the two girls they leaned
to one another and kissed deeply, then lay back and fell asleep.

Jack watched a bit longer and then the tape ended. He
pulled it out and put it back making a note of its number.

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