Celebrity Hotel #9: Britney Spears And Friends

This is an adult story for those over 18. It features F/F/F sex.
this is the longest Celebhotel story so far. it also is the first
one to feature a returning star, a theme that continues in the next
couple. I wanted to not repeat a star for at least 5 episodes i
managed to make it to 7

CELEBHOTEL #9 Britney Spears and Friends.

Jack Quinn pulled out a tape at random, he flipped it into the VCR.
There was a very pretty blonde girl sitting in the room reading a

magazine. As the camera zoomed in he knew it was Sarah Michelle
Geller. She was wearing a short one piece dress that ended just
above her knees. The dress was very tight showing off her
incredible figure, a pair of sexy boots completed her outfit. There
was a knock on the door and Sarah went to open the door, giving Jack
a good view of her incredible ass.

Sarah ushered another blonde haired girl into the room. Her hair
was longer and blonder then Sarah’s. He recognized Melissa Joan
Hart, star of Sabrina. She was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. "Is she

"She’ll be up in a minute and she’s all ready."

"You sure?"

"I think so, she’s been complaining about how horny she is. I
think she’s ready."

There was another knock on the door Sarah opened it. "Hi, come
on in." Yet another striking blonde entered the room. "I’m so glad
to finally meet you." They shook hands and hugged. "I can’t believe
I’m meeting Britney Spears." Sarah gushed although her acting was a
bit off, she wasn’t as star struck as she tried to appear.

"I can’t believe I’m meeting Sarah Michelle Geller!" Britney
gushed but seemed a bit more genuinely star struck.

"Come in sit down. I’m sure you’re exhausted after you’re

"Actually I’m always on a bit of a high after performing. its
tough to relax. I feel so alive after having an audience cheer for

"Well all the boys cheer for you." Melissa commented. "Damn, I
wish I had a body like yours!" Melissa said candidly to Britney.

"By the way when are we going to see you’re body in Playboy?"
Sarah asked.

"I’m still considering it, my agents working on it." Melissa
responded as the girls took seats around the room. "I really can’t
wait to do it, its just a matter of money now."

"How can you do that?" Britney seemed a bit surprised. "All
those people seeing you naked, I’d be so embarrassed."

"I like the idea of all those people seeing me naked." Melissa
looked around the room conspiratorially. "I’ll tell you a secret,
the idea of all those men seeing me naked gets me hot. I’ve had more
then one fantasy about it."

"Come on girl share." Sarah prompted, Melissa looked over at
Britney and she was obviously interested as well.

"Okay, it starts with some great looking high school boys, its the
football team or something about a half dozen of them. They are all
staring at my body in Playboy. They all pull out their pricks and
start to stroke themselves, they are all really well hung. They put
one of my pictures down on the ground and stand around it stroking
their long hard cocks." Melissa paused in her story.

"Well come on," Britney practically was begging. "What’s the

"Well, these guys are all stroking their meat and one by one
they start cumming on my picture. Slowly the picture starts to turn
into me. These guys are no longer jerking off to a picture but to
me." Melissa took a quick breath that showed how horny she was. "I’m
surrounded by all these huge cocks. I reach out and start stroking a
couple myself. Then one of the guys gets down between my legs and
starts eating me out."

"I love it when guys do that, especially when they know what their
doing." Sarah broke in leaning back in her chair. She stretched
showing the other girls her body through her thin dress.

"Of course he knows what he’s doing, he brings me to a mind
blowing orgasm. A second guy starts eating me out the others are
playing with my tits, I have orgasm after orgasm. These guys each
take turns eating me out, each better then the last. By this time in
the fantasy I’ve brought myself off once or twice."

"You mean you think about this and play with yourself?" Britney
sounded confused.

"Yes, you’ve got to fantasize as you do it. Thats when it s best"
Melissa responded.

"Well tell us the rest of the story!" Sarah could tell their plan
was working, Britney was incredibly horny.

"Okay, okay." Melissa thought a moment. "These guys want to fuck
me. They start fucking me with their large cocks, each one of them
brings me off again with their pricks. After getting fucked by a
couple, I start giving the guys blowjobs. They start shooting off
covering my body in their cum."

"Then what?" Britney asked.

"Well, if I haven’t gotten of enough by then I fantasize that the
guys carry me into the shower and fuck me again and again. Until I
finally cum."

"That’s some fantasy," Sarah commented and Britney agreed. "So
what’s keeping you from posing?"

"A whole bunch of things, image problems, my agent wants to get
a ton of money for it. Right now their debating how much I get if
they sell extra issues. And you know their going to sell a ton of
issues with me in it."

"Not as many as if I were in it. My issue would blow yours away,
If I posed." Sarah pushed out her tits, showing they were obviously
better then Melissa’s smaller pair.

"Well if i posed they wouldn’t be able to publish enough magazines
to fill that demand." Britney pointedly looked down at her own large

"That’s if you could pose at all." Melissa responded, "and we know
you can’t."

"Why not?" Britney sounded defensive. "I’ll be old enough soon.
I could pose if I wanted to, they’d fall all over themselves trying
to get me to pose nude."

"But then everybody would know for sure."

"Know what?" Britney asked.

"That you’re boobs are fake," Melissa responded.

"They are not fake, everyone questions whether their real or
not. I’m tired of it." Britney crossed her arms under her large
tits, the T- shirt and jeans she was wearing hardly covered her
outrageous figure.

"Well?" Sarah spoke up with a mischievous grin.

"Well what?" Britney shot back.

"Are they or aren’t they." the girls giggled.

"Of course their real!’ Britney shot back.

"Come on, mine are good but those are incredible. Who did
them?" Sarah teased.

"Their all mine!" Britney didn’t seem to be taking the
teasing to well.

"Of course they are," Melissa said with a bit of a mocking
tone to her voice.

"Damn, why won’t anyone believe me?" Britney sounded annoyed.

Sarah got a big grin on her face. "Alright prove us wrong lets
see em."

"What? NO way!" Britney shot back.

"Well if you’re afraid we’d find out you’re big secret…."
Melissa let the accusation hang in the room.

"Alright, if that’s what it takes to convince you." Britney
stood and pulled her shirt out of her pants and pulled the shirt
over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her large breasts
bounced free. Real or not they looked good to Jack and judging by
her expression they looked good to Sarah, Melissa was a bit harder
to read. "Does this convince you their real?"

"I need a closer look?" Sarah walked over to where Britney was
standing, Melissa was by her side almost instantly. "Well what do
you think?" Sarah asked Melissa.

"I don’t know, I think maybe we’ll have to get a feel for the
problem?" Before Britney could react Melissa’s hands went to
Britney’s large tits. She held them for a moment.

Sarah’s hands joined Melissa’s and they started rubbing
Britney’s tits to her obvious pleasure. "They certainly feel real?"

"I told you they were real." Britney tried to regain her

"I didn’t say they were real. To tell that we’ll have to take
the taste test." Sarah grinned as she moved in.

"What?" Britney started to move away but as Sarah’s mouth touched
her nipple she seemed to melt. Britney fell back onto the couch,
Sarah managed to stay locked on one nipple. As soon as she was
sitting down, Melissa started sucking on her other nipple.

Sarah came up for air. "I think they’re real." She went back to
suckling on the nipple.

"I agree, and very tasty." Melissa responded.

Britney seemed to lose her voice for a moment. "Then why are you
guys still testing them?" She finally managed to utter.

"Don’t tell me you want us to stop?" Sarah came off of Britney’s
tit but let her hand drop right into her lap. Melissa came off her
other nipple.

"I’ve never been with another girl." Britney seemed nervous.

"Do you want to try it?" Melissa’s hand went back to rubbing
Britney’s tit. "Come on I know you’re interested."

"I don’t know what to do?" Britney looked like a lost little

"Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything." Sarah started
sucking on her tit again, this time her hand went between Britney’s
legs pushing them open. Britney’s legs came open and soon had both
Melissa’s and Sarah’s hands between her legs.

Sarah’s fingers started working on Britney’s jeans. They came
open with an audible pop. Sarah started to work pulling the tight
jeans down Britney’s legs. Melissa hands went right to Britney’s
panty covered pussy, She rubbed her pussy through the thin material,
Britney groaned in pleasure.

"My God, she came already," Sarah commented. "She’s going to
really have some fun when we get those panties off of her."

Britney’s face turned red in embarrassment. "I’ve never had that
happen to me before?"

"Never cum?" Melissa asked and Britney nodded. "You poor girl,
we’re going to have to make up for lost time then. Lets get those
panties off." Sarah and Melissa both helped Britney slid her panties
off. "We seem a bit overdressed."

"Easy enough to take care of that." Sarah’s hands went to the
back of her dress, she opened the zipper and let the dress drop. She
stepped out of it in just her boots. "I’ll take care of our little
friend, while you get ready." Sarah sat down next to Britney, her
hands running all over the younger girls body, paying special
attention to her tits and pussy.

Britney sat back and enjoyed Sarah’s sucking on her nipples. She
gasped as Sarah’s hand started rubbing over her pussy. She wasn’t a
virgin but hadn’t had much luck with guys. She watched as her friend
Melissa Joan Hart slowly stripped out of her clothes.

"Why don’t we move over to the bed and get comfortable."
Melissa grabbed one of Britney’s hands and pulled her up. "Come on,
you’re going to have so much fun." Sarah moved along beside them.

Britney lay down on the bed, Sarah lay down next to her and
started to play with her tits. Melissa crawled onto the bed between
Britney’s legs. "Just relax, sit back and enjoy the ride." Melissa
comforted her friend, her hands went to Britney’s pussy, she slowly
opened it up. She started to lick the outside of Britney’s pussy.
Slowly she let her tongue play with Britney’s pussy lips. Finally
Melissa’s tongue
penetrated Britney’s pussy.

Britney Spears back arched as Melissa’s tongue penetrated her, her
hands went to Melissa’s head pulling her closer . "OH God, I’ve
never felt anything like this." Sarah covered her mouth with her
own, Britney felt Sarah’s tongue probing her mouth, their tongues
touched and intertwined.

Melissa continued her assault on Britney’s Spears pussy. She
pushed a finger inside of her, she found Britney’s clit and started
sucking on it. She tasted Britney’s juices and felt her start to
cum, Britney jerked back her hands pulling on Melissa’s hair.

Sarah slid her mouth down to Britney’s tits. Britney started to
thrash around under this double assault of pleasure. She gasped,
arched her back and screamed out. "YES, YES. I can’t believe it.

Melissa felt her cum shoot out of Britney’s pussy as she came like
a geyser. She continued to suck on her clit, as Britney continued
to cum. Her orgasm must have lasted a minute or two, finally she
seemed to calm down. Melissa came up from between her legs, her face
covered with Britney’s cum. She smiled at the two girls. "I think
she liked it." Sarah stood up and headed for the nightstand.

Britney looked down at Melissa. "Liked it, I’ve never felt
anything so wonderful. I don’t know if I’ll ever feel anything as
good again."

Sarah turned back to the bed. "Don’t say that. I haven’t had my
chance at you yet." She pulled a small vibrator out of her bag and
showed it to the girls. She climbed on the bed between Britney’s
legs. Sarah put the vibrator in her mouth for a moment, she saw
Britney looked confused. "Just warming it up for you." Sarah moved
closer to Britney’s pussy as Melissa went into the bathroom.

Sarah carefully opened Britney’s pussy running the vibrator
around the outside of her pussy, she stuck a finger inside of her.
Slowly she probed her pussy with the vibrator, to Britney’s obvious
delight. Sarah started to push the vibrator into her. Britney gasped
and grabbed Sarah’s head accidentally pulling her hair. "OOWW,
watch it." Sarah pulled away and pushed Britney’s hands out of her

"I’m sorry," Britney managed to utter. "Please, don’t stop."

Melissa came back into the room and immediately realized what
had happened. "We’ve got to do something about this girls hands, or
else we’re going to end up bald."

"I have just the thing in my bag." Sarah guided Melissa over to
her bag.

Melissa searched it for a moment then pulled out a pair of
handcuffs, "kinky."

"What are you going to do with those?" Britney asked her voice
full of confusion and need.

"Just relax and trust me." Melissa went and sat on the bed next to
Britney. She guided Britney’s hands up over her head and cuffed
Britney spears hands around a post in the bed. "That doesn’t hurt
does it?"

Britney tested the cuffs. "No they don’t hurt, but I can’t use
my hands."

Sarah grinned and moved back between Britney’s legs "Don’t
worry, we can use ours." Sarah pushed the vibrator into Britney’s
cunt. She slowly guided it in, every time she pushed the vibrator in
an inch she’d pull it out and then push it back in even farther.
"Let me know if this hurts?"

"No it feels wonderful." Britney’s gasps and groans left little
doubt she was enjoying the attention. She was overloaded with
sensations, then Melissa started sucking on her tits, driving her
insane with pleasure.

Sarah went back to forcing the vibrator in and out of Britney’s
very tight cunt. "You like that don’t you?" The only answer was more
moans. Sarah put her mouth onto her clit, Britney had another
monster orgasm drenching Sarah’s chin with her juices. "You are one
hot little number." Sarah sat back on the bed. "Do you want to do

"I don’t know," Britney whined.

Sarah looked at her watch. "OH MY GOD,. I invited some people up
to meet you. I better stop them. Can’t have them meeting you like
this." She quickly wipe of her chin and put on her dress without her
underwear. she stepped into her boots and was about to walk out of
the room.

"Wait," Britney cried out. "You can’t leave me like this." She
showed her the handcuffs, assuming Sarah had forgotten.

"Right," Sarah grabbed her large bag. she looked in it for a
minute. "Damn," Sarah took a small purse out of the larger bag and
handed the bigger bag to Melissa. "Here, the key is in here, I’ve
got to delay my friends in the lobby. I’ll be back in twenty
minutes, that should give you time to get presentable." Sarah headed
out of the room.

Melissa spent a minute or two searching the bag. "Damn," she
dumped the bag out on the bed. "Where is it?"

"Don’t tell me you can’t find it!" Britney struggled in the cuffs,
she looked over what Melissa had dumped out of Sarah’s bag. There
were a couple of vibrators, lotions and a double headed dildo and
some things Britney didn’t recognize.

"It’s not here." Melissa looked around nervously. "I better go
catch Sarah, she probably has the key." She threw on her clothes.

"You can’t leave me like this!" Britney blurted.

"I’ll be right back, I’ve got to stop Sarah. Don’t worry I’ll lock
the door" Melissa raced out of the room.

Britney lay there on the bed for awhile. She heard the vibrator
still running on the bed between her legs. She moved a bit and the
vibrator came into contact with her pussy. She tried to move it but
couldn’t, the feel of the vibrator brushing up against her pussy
made her extremely horny. Finally someone was opening the door. "Who
is it?" Britney called out very nervously.

"Housekeeping," came the reply. A fairly tall woman with short red
hair walked into the room, it was Alyson Hannigan. "OH sorry," she
saw Britney on the bed. "I know you, You’re Britney Spears! Jessica
come in here!" A second woman came into the room this one a tall
brunet, Jessica Biehl.

Britney tried to cover up but with her hands cuffed over her head
the effort was wasted. Britney didn’t seem to recognize the two
women, she was squinting trying to see them better. "AHH, My friends
will be right back." Britney tried to get the girls out of the room.

"Get the camera." Alyson told Jessica and Jessica moved towards
the door.

Britney was mortified at the though of someone getting pictures of
her like this, naked cuffed to a bed with sex toys all around her.
She had visions of the pictures on the Internet destroying her
career. "Please no pictures."

Alyson grabbed Jessica’s arm stopping her from leaving the room.
She then walked towards the bed. She ran her hand along Britney’s
naked body. "If we can’t take pictures maybe we can have some other
fun. What do you say Jessica?"

Jessica picked up the two headed dildo. "I’d like to have some
fun. What do you say Britney?" She paused but Britney didn’t
respond. "Should we have some fun or take some pictures?" She ran
the dildo over her pussy collecting some of Britney’s juices and
then licked them off the dildo.

Britney was scared and horny. "I’ll do anything, just no pictures
please." The women immediately started stripping off their uniforms
revealing sexy underwear. Britney thought she might just enjoy this.

Alyson was the first out of her underwear. "I like her singing
voice, I wonder how talented her mouth really is." Alyson climbed
onto the bed and positioned herself over Britney’s face her legs on
either side of Britney’s head. "Come on, get with the program."

Britney tentatively licked at Alyson’s pussy. Alyson lowered
herself allowing Britney easier access. Britney felt something at
the entrance to her pussy, she felt something forcing its way into
her tight cunt. She started working feverishly on Alyson’s pussy.

Jessica forced the head of the double ended dildo into Britney’s
cunt. She climbed onto the bed and put the other end into her own
pussy, she pushed it inside of herself. Jessica started riding up
and down on the dildo, fucking Britney and herself.

Alyson turned around on Britney’s face. She was now looking down
Britney’s body, she played with her tits then bent over and started
to play with her cunt. Britney enjoyed the attentions, she came as
Alyson sucked her clit.

The three women were so intent on their fun they didn’t hear the
door open. Alyson slid off Britney so that she could see Sarah and
Melissa had entered the room. "Are you being a good girl Alyson?"
Sarah asked.

"That depends on how you define good?" Alyson gave Sarah a sexy
little grin.

Britney seemed to come out of her sexual stupor. "Alyson? Alyson
"In the flesh." Alyson gave Britney a deep kiss which she returned
with gusto. "You might know my friend, Jessica Biel."

Jessica pulled the dildo out of Britney’s cunt. "Nice to meet
you." She gave Britney a kiss.

"You set me up?" Britney accused Melissa.

"We thought you’d enjoy it." Melissa walked over to the bed.
"Didn’t you have fun?"

Britney thought about it a minute. "Yes, this has been the best
time of my life." She smiled, "but is it over?"

"Not if you don’t want it to be." Melissa started stripping out of
her clothes. "I’m sure we can manage to have a bit more fun." She
grabbed Jessica and they started touching each others bodies. They
fell to the floor and got into a hot sixty nine.

Sarah, already naked, walked over to the bed. She bent over
Britney shoving her tits into Britney’s face. Britney sucked on
Sarah’s tits as Sarah un cuffed her. "I think you’re ready to use
you’re hands."

"Yes I am." Britney grabbed Sarah and pulled her onto the bed.
"Its MY turn now."

"Here try this, its her favorite." Alyson handed Britney a large
strap on dildo. She helped Britney strap it on, so that it rubbed
against Britney’s clit. "What do you want Sarah?"

"I want to get fucked." Sarah responded opening up her legs.
Britney guided the fake cock towards her slit. "Yes fuck me hard."
Sarah begged as Britney forced the dildo into her.

Britney rammed the dildo deep into Sarah, giving herself almost as
much pleasure as she was giving Sarah. Alyson ran her fingers along
Britney’s back, she started playing with Britney’s ass cheeks.
Alyson put some lotion on her finger and started pushing her finger
into Britney’s tight ass. "OH God," Britney groaned and drove the
dildo deep into Sarah. Sarah came with a groan, Britney kept right
on fucking her. Alyson’s finger went deeper into her ass causing
Britney to cum again.

Alyson grabbed another strap on and put it on herself. "What do
you say?"

Britney saw the large strap on, and was immediately intimidated.
"No, I couldn’t."

"Sarah likes to be double fucked, want to try it?"

"What do i do?" Britney asked. Alyson guided the dildo out of
Sarah and then had Britney lay on her back.

Sarah climbed on top of Britney driving herself down onto the fake
cock. This drove the cock down onto Britney’s clit bringing her to
another orgasm. Sarah started riding up and down pleasuring Britney
and herself. Alyson guided a second plastic prick into Sarah’s ass.
Alyson drove it in deep and hard just as she liked, Alyson fucked
her hard over and over again. Sarah had an orgasms and fell on
Britney, her tits were over Britney’s mouth, Sarah felt Britney
start to suck on her tits. Sarah heard some applause and looked up.
Jessica and Melissa were watching them intently.

"That looked like fun." Melissa commented.

"Mind blowing," Sarah managed to comment, she was completely
spent. "Want to try?"

"I don’t know. Maybe someone else wants to try?" Melissa gave
Jessica a pointed look.

"I Want it!" Alyson spoke up from the bed. "You want to fuck my
pussy Britney?" Britney nodded vigorously. "Who wants to fuck my
ass?" She started unbuckling the dildo.

"I will," Melissa chimed in.. She grabbed the dildo and strapped
it on herself. Alyson rammed herself onto Britney’s fake cock,
causing both of them to groan in pleasure. Melissa climbed up behind
Alyson and slipped the fake cock into her ass.

"GOD yes fuck me" Alyson begged and was happily filled as both of
the cocks ground into her. Alyson let her tits fall onto Britney’s
face and she started sucking at her tits. Alyson felt her orgasm
wash over her, she collapsed for a moment in pleasure. Melissa kept
ramming the cock in her ass. Alyson bent back and gave Melissa a
kiss and whispered to her.

Melissa pulled out the dildo. Alyson climbed off of Britney.
Jessica started sucking on the dildo attached to Britney. Britney
was exhausted and unbuckled the strap on Jessica continued to suck
on it. She handed it to Jessica and went and sat in a chair.

"Had enough?" Melissa asked.

"More then enough." Britney responded.

"We get together about once a month, should we consider you in for
next month?" Melissa asked.

"Let me know when and where, and I’ll try to be there." Britney
stood on shaky legs. "Right now I need a shower." She headed for the

"Want some company?" Alyson spoke up.

"Not right now, maybe another time." Britney went into the
bathroom as the other four girls lay on the bed and snuggled. In
time each of them left, Alyson and Sarah were the last to leave.
They shared a shower before dressing and leaving.

the tape ended as Sarah and Alyson left. Jack pulled out the tape
and decided he’d better get ready for his trip.

next up

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