Celebrity Limo: Britney Spears

(F/F, oral) Celebrity Limo: Britney Spears
Ooops, she did it again!
By: Kat Jones

It’s a few minutes past midnight when I get the call. It comes at the most
inconvenient times, like now when I’m getting the first piece of ass I’ve
had all week. I’m just about to scream my "rebel yell" when the dispatcher
at the limo company I work for calls to tell me I have a pick up at a
concert hall. Oh, and I’d better pack because I’ll have to drive my client
to San Francisco by morning. She doesn’t feel like flying.

Another fucking prima donna. I’m Colette and I drive limousines for
celebrities. It’s not a bad job, usually. I get lots of perks, like great
salary and tips that are given in interesting ways. One time Bruce Willis
asked me where I wanted my $3,000 tip and I told him to deposit it in my
"Lily of France" bank. Having Mr. Die-Fucking-Hard touch your C-cups with
a wad of cash is a definite perk. I wasn’t hired for my driving skills,
God know I drive like a race car driver on acid. I was hired for my
36-26-36 body and my plump kisser that’s been called obscene by old ladies
trying to be polite. I have long, chestnut hair and green eyes. It was
pretty hard for my boss, Rob, to say no when I begged for my job.

As I get up off the bed, my girlfriend, Sheila, promises to finish me
later. I smile and kiss her goodbye as I grab my always-ready duffel bag
and head for my stretch. I’m the only driver Rob leaves one of his
"babies" with. It helps that I suck his tiny little cock twice a month.
When I’m not driving for him, I use the car for a few "gypsy" pick ups at
clubs. I’m saving to start my own company. In the meantime, I wonder who
requires my car so early in the morning when I could be home with Sheila
and my favorite strap-on. Once I’m underway, I radio back to the
dispatcher and find out who I’m getting: it’s Britney Spears.

I hate that little cunt. My girlfriend, Sheila, is young. She’s 20 and
practically drowns in a pool of her own juice when her favorite video
vixen, Britney, comes on television. She always goes on about how she’d
like to show little Miss Clit Tease the thrills of sapphic love. I tell
her not to hold her breath, and that her prancing princess is probably
saving herself for the man she’ll marry. That pisses off Sheila to no end.
She’s got a sweet body, but she’s never been fucked by a man. She’s always
worried that I’ll leave her for one since I’m a confirmed bi. That’s when
I take her to bed and suck and fuck her fears away. After her fifth or
sixth orgasm, she’s too elated to imagine my departure or care for that

I pull up to the concert hall where screaming kids, mostly young girls,
are hanging out waiting for their icon of pop to appear. I’ve been told to
go to the special entrance, where the gates are heavily guarded and Miss
Thang is waiting not so patiently to be picked up. I expect an entourage,
they’re almost always a certainty, but it’s only the little Queen of
Bubble Gum that plops into my car. She’s wearing a tight little rubber top
and pink snakeskin pants. Her face is gleaming with a sweaty glow that she
fumbles for a towel to wipe away. One of the guards closes the door. "No
entourage, Miss Spears?"

"It’s just me."

She takes her long, sun-streaked hair and pushes it into a ponytail
holder. She looks exhausted. As she slumps back into her seat I tell her
that the wet bar is stocked. "You look like you could use a drink."

"All I see here is champagne and whiskey. Where’s the soda pop?"

I’m annoyed. She’s a fucking ingrate. "I didn’t have time to get that. I
wasn’t planning on working tonight."

"I’ve never had champagne. You won’t get into trouble if I drink it, will
you? I’m really thirsty and I don’t expect you to stop to get me something
else." She relaxes a little and smiles at me through the rearview mirror.

"Help yourself. No one will care."

My eyes focus on the road as much as possible, but I can see through the
mirror that she’s having trouble with the bottle. I offer to help her.

"That would be great," she says with a sigh. "Why don’t you stop the car
for a minute and come back here to help me."

"There’s a park up ahead. I’ll stop there."

I can’t understand why I’m getting so wet. Maybe it’s because I’m
experiencing the equivalent of "blue balls." I never did get to finish
that orgasm. I see her round, young tits and her hard nipples sticking out
ever so slightly through that hot top. I picture ripping it off and
attacking her tits with my tongue while she begs for more. I realize I
have to stay in control.

"We’re here," I say. I jump out of the driver’s seat and climb into the
back door. "What time do you have to be in San Fran?"

"Oh, gosh, not until late tomorrow. Why?"

"I just don’t want to make you late." That’s a lie. I want to make her
late and make her scream. I sit down next to her and take the cold bottle
of Korbel Brute out of her hands. She leans over to get two glasses and I
see down her top.

"Would you like a glass with me?" She smiles a slightly crooked smile. I
want to take her right there.

"That would be nice. But only one. I have to keep a clear head, for you."

The cork makes a nice popping sound. She giggles. "I’ve never done this."

I think for a moment that she’s talking about the champagne. Instead, she
reaches behind her and takes off her little top. Her magnificent, firm
tits bounce out. Her nipples are almost a plum color and she’s almost
perfectly symmetrical. I smile at her. "Feel better."

"Yeah. That was the first time I wore that top. It gets a little
uncomfortable. It makes me hurt. I feel great now. You don’t mind, do you?
I’m a little shy, but we’re both girls, right?"

"Right." I feel a flood coursing down my labia. I sit back and find myself
staring at her tits. "You’ve got great tits."

She blushes. "Really? I just had them done last year. I’m tired of lying
about it. My agent wants me to tell everyone that they just grew, but I
wasn’t this big two years ago."

I do my best not to grab them. "They’re spectacular. I’ve seen many tits
in my day, but yours are the prettiest by far. I can’t believe they’re not

"Well, since you’ve seen a lot of, um, boobs, you really think mine look

Her nipples were fully erect now. It was awfully chilly in the car. I
turned the A/C up full blast so I’d see her nips stand up. "Baby, you look

She looks down and giggles. "Yeah, I guess I am. I don’t have anything in
here to wear."

I know I should offer my blanket up front, but I have a better idea. "I
could warm those up for you."

"What do you mean?" She blushes again. I think she’s catching on.

"I know a special technique that will warm you up in no time."

"Well, I hope it involves your hands or tongue. I could use that right

She’s one smart little cookie. "Have you ever had a girl do you?"

"Yeah. But it’s been a while. I don’t know a lot, but I know what I like.
Would you suck my tits?"

She says it so sweetly. Almost like she’s asking for an ice cream cone,
not a titlicker. I slide over and kiss her on the lips. "I’m here to make
you happy."

She lays back on the seat and I climb on top of her. "Could you bite my
nipples, a little?" She says it so softly as she starts to groan. I’ve got
her left tit in my mouth and I love the way it feels against my tongue.
She’s breathing so heavy as I pinch her right nipple in my hand and
squeeze her firm melon in my hand. I’m close to orgasm myself, but I’m
hoping for some help later. After I lick her tits and play with her
nipples, my hand wanders south. I fiddle around for a zipper or button,
but I can’t find it. Then I feel her hand brushing my hand away from her
crotch. Have I gone too far?

"It’s on the side," she gasps. I find the damned zipper and pull it down.
Then I scramble to pull her skin-tight pants off. She lifts her ass to
help me. I don’t get them all the way off. I’m too busy finding her fresh,
wet pussy with my finger I’ve licked to glide into her. She yelps a little
at first then I feel her clenching down on my index finger as I probe her
sloshing hole. I contiue to suck her pretty tits as I slide my finger from
her wet box up to her clit. Its sticking up, waiting for my tongue.

"I want to eat you out," I purr. "Would you like that?"

I look up to see her nodding gently. "Please eat me. Please."

As my face travels south down her bronzed skin, I lick her navel, then I
put her legs over my shoulders and find her happy little clit with my
tongue. I work it slowly at first as she pushes her pussy furiously at my
face. She’s sounds like she might hyperventilate. I lap her creaminess
that doesn’t seem to want to stop. No straight girl I’ve ever known in my
28 years has ever gotten this wet. Her first orgasm begins.

As she screams, I slide my finger back into her pussy. She’s fucking my
face so hard, I have a hard time keeping my tongue in place. I feel her
pussy tighten around my finger as I slide two more fingers into her. She
slows down and I continue to lick away. In another minute, she’s coming
again so loudly I’m almost afraid someone will hear us. I finger fuck her
so hard, she’s practically jumping off the seat. When she comes for a
third time, she falls back into the seat and I know she’s done.

"How did that make you feel, baby?" I ask her with hope. I want to see her
precious little face covered in my creamy juices.

"How did you do that? I’ve never been able to come more than once?"

"You just have to know what you’re doing. Have you ever tasted pussy?"

"Only once. I’m not sure how good I was. But I liked it."

"Would you like to try it again? I could help you with your technique." I
didn’t care if she was good or not. She owed me. The fucking brat.

"Could I suck your tits first? I want to suck your tits before I eat you

Before I could take my uniform top off, she had her hands all over me,
unbuttoning my shirt. I never wear a bra, so she didn’t have to trouble
with that. Her small hands felt so warm and exciting over my breasts, I
almost orgasmed then. "Suck me, baby, one more time."

She let out a little laugh then proceeded to go to work. Her hot mouth
wrapped itself all over my nipples as she rubbed my ass and started to
take down my pants. I was kneeling in front of her at this point, so I
stopped her while I climbed out of my trousers and lied down on the floor.
She got on top of me and continued to suck me into a crazy rush of
horniness. She would kiss me lips every so often and I would put my tongue
in her mouth. Then she put her finger on my pussy. She hesitated.

"It’s okay, I’ve been wet since I picked you up. I’ll probably come fast."
I squealed with a special joy as she fingered my clit with the skill of a
well-trained lesbian. I couldn’t stop myself from having a complete and
amazing orgasm all over her pretty little finger. "I want you to sit on my
face so I can do you and you can do me."

She smiled. After she turned herself around, she settled her pussy into my
face. It was still nice and creamy as I found her clit again and proceeded
to flick it with an expert touch. She spread my labia open with her
fingers and slowly started to lap at the edges of each side. At first I
wanted her to go a little faster, but after a moment, I could feel a
torrent of pleasure build while she put her finger into my pussy and
worked her tongue into my clit. She had just the right touch. She wiggled
her bottom while I fucked at her face. I came all over her and kept going
until I felt her cream slide onto my nose.

After we both came, she got up. I thought she was stopping. Then she put
her face back into my pussy and started again. I think she was trying to
play fair, because she was working fast and furious to make me come again.
When she put a finger into my ass, that was it. I was screaming and
bucking all over the floor. I could see that she was happy she could make
me come again. I started to get up, but she pushed me back onto the floor.

"Can I lay on top of you? I want to feel your body against mine?"

"It’s your time, sweetheart. You can do what you want." Like I would
object to her wanting to put her supple, sexy body on mine? No way!

She confessed to me that she had never been with a girl before, but it was
her fantasy. She didn’t think she was gay, but she loved to look at naked
women. I told her I was bisexual and that I felt the same way. We started
to make out again and my hand found its way back to her waiting pussy.

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