Celebrity Limo: Jennifer Lopez

(M/F) Celebrity Limo: Jennifer Lopez
If you had her love, would you comfort her?
By: Kat Jones

I’m headed for my last pickup of the night at a place called, "The Conga
Room." It’s owned by Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband who let him buy her out
when the divorced. I guess you could call it his "booty prize." How he
could ever let go of such a hot piece of ass is beyond me. Everyone is
always saying things about her tush, I’m looking forward to seeing it up
close and personal.

I pull up
to the place that looks like something "Ricky Ricardo" would
have let "Lucy Ricardo" decorate. It’s swank enough, with a nice Latino
flair. I head to the front door and that’s when I get my first glimpse of
the world’s most famous behind. She’s bending over trying to grab some

"Miss Lopez, let me get those for you."

She peers up at me with her golden skin glowing and her smile bright
white. "You know, I used to be a ‘Fly Girl’ on TV. I work out with a
trainer every day. I can get them."

I’m amused as I tell her, "Look, ma’am, you’re the last girl I’d ever
doubt, especially when it comes to strength, but you do have quite a bit
of luggage here. You gonna be gone long?"

As she hands me two bags, she laughs, "No, just a few days up the coast. I
know it looks like a lot. What do you expect, I’m a girl?"

"There’s no denying that. Let me get you into the car and you can relax
while I take extra-special care of all your "girly" stuff. Okay?"

She walks toward the car. "I hope you have some good water in there. I’m

I meet her at the car and open the door. She slithers into the car in her
white jeans and silver open-back halter top. "I stock a special
triple-purified water in the fridge. It’s ice-cold."

"A girl could used to this." She reaches into the refrigerator while I
close the door. She looks almost good enough to eat. I hustle the rest of
her bags into the trunk. It’s getting late and I’m driving her to a luxury
bed and breakfast in Sonoma Valley. It’s going to be a fun drive, I think.

When I get into the car, she is changing into another outfit. "Don’t
peek!" she yells as I drive away.

"What was wrong with what you were wearing in the first place? I kind of
liked it."

She chuckles a little like a young girl. "Okay, I’m decent now."

I glance over my shoulder and see her in this black dress that fits her
form like a second-skin. She looks like a dream as she pushes her
beautiful, long hair over her shoulder. I feel a little tug inside my
trousers as I imagine what it would be like to take that dress off her and
kiss her mocha-colored skin.

"What do you think of this dress?"

"I’m speechless. I liked that last outfit, I didn’t think you could
improve anything. But that…"

"My boyfriend picked it out for me at Versace. He’s supposed to meet me to
night at this place where were staying. He rented a cottage for us."

"I’m surprised you didn’t fly there. Sonoma Valley isn’t a quick drive."

"I can’t relax in an airplane. Besides, I love limos. I’d rather be driven
around in a nice car than fly any day."

"I understand."

"Do you mind if I take a nap? Just wake me when we get there. You do have
the directions, right?"

"No problem." I watch her as she slumps down onto the seat. She looks
angelic as she drifts off to sleep. I have my own dreams as I drive
through the warm autumn night.

I first imagine her waking up and saying that she needs a little massage.
I start on her neck and she tells me that I’m not reaching where she
really aches. It’s her pussy and she needs a firm hand to make it feel
better. I have no problem obliging. I reach down between her silky thighs
and find a nice wet thatch of hair where her clit is waiting for my
"magic" fingers.

Next, I see her asking to sit next to me because she’s too lonely in the
back. Then she puts her hand on my thigh and tickles my leg. Then she
opens my pants and slides her soft, bronzed hand inside my pants and rubs
my concrete cock as I try to watch the road. Then she leans over and
starts to suck me.

I try to pay attention to the road while I watch her sleep. After stopping
for gas, I notice the car is making some odd noises. I’m only ten miles
outside Sonoma when it really starts to get loud. I figure I can make it
to the bed and breakfast and then I’ll call my boss. Must be all the long
trips lately.

We pull into the drive of the inn. I wake Jennifer as I get her bags and
walk them to her cottage as she finishes checking in. She meets up with me
on a small garden path. I take her key and open the door. I tell her that
I need to check the car, but I will be right back with her last bags.

After a quick check, it’s clear that the car is dead for the night. It’s
one in the morning. I check with the inn to see if they have an extra
room, but it appears that there is no room at the inn. When I head back to
the cottage with Jennifer’s last bag, I’m embarrassed.

I knock on the door. She opens it with a piece of paper in her hand.
"How’s your car?"

"Dead. Can I borrow your phone to call my boss? They don’t have an extra
place to stay here, so I’m going to have to have him send a tow truck and
find a ride back to LA."

As I set her bags down, she says, "Why don’t you stay here?"

"Nothing against your boyfriend, but I don’t think he’ll want a third
wheel here."

"Lorenzo, he’s not coming. He left a note. He has to do something with his
kids, so once again I’m all alone."

I cannot believe that one of the hottest women on the planet is offering
me a place to sleep and I am afraid to take it. But her boyfriend is Sean
"Puffy" Combs. He’s not known for his gentleness and understanding. I also
don’t think he’d like someone else sleeping with his girlfriend. "I’ll
just have my boss send a tow truck and I’ll get back to LA tonight.

"I can’t let you do that. You’ve been driving all night and I know you’ve
got to be tired. Why don’t you take a shower and have a drink with me?"

That sounds pretty good. "Okay. A shower sounds great about now, anyway.
But I’m going to call my boss later."

"Listen, you do whatever makes you happy. I just wouldn’t feel good
knowing you didn’t get at least a little break."

I find my way into the bathroom of the one-bedroom cottage. It has a great
shower with a nice window overlooking a fountain that you can hear in the
bathroom. I take my clothes off and jump into the hot water. It’s like a
girl’s bathroom with little soaps and great smelling shampoo. I take my
time and try to think of what I’ll tell my boss, Rudy. Then I think about
Jennifer. She was so nice to invite me to stay for a drink. She seemed to
take the news of Puffy not coming in stride. After I finish my shower, I
step out and put on one of the robes provided by the inn. I open the door
of the bathroom and I see Jennifer lying naked on the bed.

"I hope you don’t mind my asking, but what’s going on?"

"I’m a girl with needs. Just because my boyfriend isn’t here doesn’t mean
I still can’t fulfill them. So I was thinking that maybe we could share
this big bed and you can leave in the morning with a decent breakfast and
a good fucking and I’ll feel better about breaking your car."

"What about my car?"

"It’s just a few loose hoses. When you thought I was asleep at the gas
station, I guess you went to take a leak, I played with your hoses. I knew
Puffy would probably not be able to make it. He’s been that way a lot
lately. Are you mad with me?"

Her lips sort of curl into a pout when she talks, but her eyes are sly. I
can tell she’s a little devil and I want to be possessed by her. "I won’t
be mad if I get to see that world-famous ass of yours."

"Solid gold, baby. Here, you can touch it, kiss it, spank it. You do
whatever you want. It’s insured." She laughs as she rolls over to reveal
the sexiest ass I’ve ever laid eyes on. My hard prick is poking out of my
robe as I run my hands over her smooth fanny and she sighs. "I’ve got a
better idea."

"What’s that?"

"I suck that big cock of yours and get it all wet, then you can sink it
into my pussy while you fuck me from behind."

I can’t resist. She pulls the robe off of me and takes my rock solid cock
into her pretty, soft mouth. She stuffs it in pretty deep while she licks
and sucks at the base and works her way up to the tip. She goes back and
forth like that for a while. When I look down, I noticed that she is
fingering her own clit and cunt while she keeps me going in her mouth. I
push her back onto the bed. I’m was ready to go inside her. "Roll over."

She smiles at me as she turns over and onto her knees. She backs up
towards me, to the edge of the bed. I part her ass cheeks and fingered her
pussy. She squeals a little. Then I take my cock and push only the tip in.
I fuck her slowly with just the tip for a minute until she shouts, "Do me
all the way!"

I take her hips in my hand and take one hard, deep thrust into her. She
moans then began to fuck me back. I slid my cock into her again and again
while she starts to orgasm. I want to come with her, so I reach around her
hip and finger her hot little clit. She loves that and starts to tighten
up on my ready to explode cock. In a few minutes, we both climax with the
intensity of a volcano. She drops to the bed and I lay next to her.

"I’m not finished with you yet, " she whispers. She gives me a few moments
to recover, then she says, "I want you to clean my pussy up. You made a
mess of things down there."

I happily oblige. She laid on her back and opens her tan legs as wide as
she can. I quickly settle in and begin to lap up our "cream." She cries
out as I slip three fingers into her hot little cunt, then I decide to
stick a sticky finger inside her ass.

She accepts my wet finger and clenches up on it. I finish her pussy and
while she is still moaning with ecstasy, I say, "I want to fuck you up the

She looks up at me and shakes her head yes, so I take my cock and start to
nudge it slowly into her super tight asshole. I continue to rub her
throbbing clit as I inch my way into her. As I start to speed things up,
she screams, "Fuck it hard."

I don’t need a second invitation, so I drive my cock deep into her ass as
she screams with delight. As I pump her butt with my thick pipe, she grits
her teeth and clenches it even tighter.

"Fuck my big ass hard, you fucking pussy. Fuck it harder!"

I am fucking her so hard, her head was starts to bang into the headboard.
I rub her clit furiously as she screams and squeals even louder. Before I
can tell her to keep it down, I come inside her. It is one of the best
orgasms I’d ever had. When I finish, I take my tired cock out of her ass
and I lean over to kiss her.

"Thanks for playing with my hoses."

"Which one?" She teases. She snuggles into me and falls asleep. I think
that Sean "Puffy" Combs has one fine woman. Except, "Puffy" she be her
ass’ nickname, not his. I put my hand on her ass after I pull the covers
over us. I guess you could say that I had been "waiting for tonight." It

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