Celebrity Limo: MJH

(M/F) Celebrity Limo: Melissa Joan Hart
Bewitched, bothered and wild!
By: Kat Jones

I’m waiting outside a posh Beverly Hills restaurant waiting for Melissa
Joan Hart. It’s not the first time I’ve driven her around, but the last
time didn’t go to well. I was pretty surprised when my boss, Rudy at the
limo company I work for told me she wanted me to drive her again.

Our last trip ended when her boyfriend accused me of trying to put the
make "on his chick." I don’t know where he got that idea, she was flirting

with me! I was supposed to pick up Melissa and her boyfriend and drive
them to a movie premier. After the film was over, I had to take them to
Chasens restaurant for a party. Melissa kept making eyes at me from the
back seat all the way there. She was wearing this really short red leather
mini skirt and one of those see-through shirts with a red bra under it.
She was so fucking hot! I smiled at her when she opened her legs for me so
I could see her blonde shag carpeting. She put her finger on her leg and
pointed to it then she licked her lips and smiled. I got the picture. So
did her boyfriend.

When we pulled into her driveway, he jumped out the car and demanded that
I get out of the driver’s seat. It didn’t matter to him that I’m about six
inches taller than he is, he tried to punch my gut. After feeling a small
tickle on my stomach, I walloped him with a left hook to his face. He fell
over and passed out. Melissa stuffed some cash in my hand and told me I’d
better go. She didn’t report the incident to the police or my boss, but
word got around. That was a few months ago.

Today was different. Rudy calls me right after I get up this morning and
tells me that I have been requested for a lunch time pick up for Ms. Hart.
I’m a little surprised, but excited at the same time. With her golden hair
and sparkling blue eyes, she’s a great ringer for a "girl-next-door" type.
When you first see her, you see this sweet girl with a pretty face and a
decent body. She looks almost innocent. But when I saw her in my limo,
licking her saucy lips, I knew better. I’ve been thinking about her ever
since. When I show up to the restaurant, it’s your typical Southern
California day. It’s hot, sunny and full of sexy women. Some guy comes out
of the restaurant and tells me that Melissa is on her way. I’m getting all
kinds of ideas when I see her.

She’s wearing a long white dress made with that cotton material that shows
just about everything. I can see her small, but pretty breasts through the
dress and a black g-string that shows her sexy ass. I open her door and
jump back into my seat. "What are we doing today?"

"Before we go anywhere, I have something to say to you." She takes out a
tube of red lipstick and smoothes it over her sexy pout. Then she brushes
her eyebrows with her finger and tucks a loose piece of hair behind her
ear. She looks up at me. "I’m so sorry about my ex-boyfriend’s behavior
the last time you picked me up. I could not have been more embarrassed."

What a girl! "I should have controlled myself. I’m the one who should

"You’re kidding, right?"

"No, I was a big jerk. Besides, it wasn’t a fair fight."

She blushes, "No. You’re much bigger than he is."

I smile at her. "I am sorry."

She puts her bag down on the seat next to her. "No, I’m the sorry one.
That’s why I thought I’d make it up to you."

I have no idea what she feels she has to make up to me. "You have

"I provoked the whole thing. I was feeling so sexy that night. You were
so, well, I think you can look into a mirror and see that you’ve got a
nice bod and handsome face. I couldn’t resist flirting with you." She
smirking as a hint of pink flushes her cheeks.

"You were so hot that night. I haven’t stopped thinking about you and that
red leather skirt since that night."

She runs her hand down the front of her dress. Her nipples are sticking
straight out. She keeps rubbing them. "I wanted to invite you to my house
for a bite."

She just ate lunch. How could she be hungry? "Aren’t you full from lunch?"

"I might be a little full in the belly, but I could using a fill up
elsewhere. Besides, I thought I could offer you a few things to nibble
on." She continues to run her hands over her tits. I get the picture.

She tells me to drive. I remember the way. I drive like a crazy man all
the way to her place. When we get there, she leads me up the stairs to a
nicely furnished front porch. It looks so girly, so inviting. When she
starts to unlock her door, it dawns on me that it’s the middle of the
afternoon, the sun is shining and I’m going to fuck this gorgeous star. It
seems a little surreal, like a dream. I close the door behind us.

"I want to lean over the back of my favorite chair while you fuck me." She
leans over a light blue chair and lifts up her dress. She moves the little
band of her g-string aside. "I can assure you, I’ve been wet all day just
thinking about you."

I don’t even bother to take off my shirt. I just unzip my pants and pull
out my cock. It’s ready and willing when I plunge it into her sweet, pink
hole. She lets out a loud "oh" sound then starts to moan. As I push my
cock in and out of her, I reach up her dress and find her soft little
tits. I gently squeeze them until she shouts, "pinch my nipples hard!"

She fucks back almost as hard as I do when I pinch her nipples. A few
minutes later, I’m coming so much it’s running down her tanned leg. When
she finishes, I slide back off her and she turns around. "I want to suck
your cock after we take a shower."

She grabs my hand and takes me up another level to a large bedroom. We
both start ripping our clothes off. She comes over and kisses my chest,
then she bites my left nipple. "Ouch!" I half-protest.

She starts the shower. It’s a large one with jets coming out from three
walls. I walk into it with her. She puts her hands on my waist and says,
"I like to get all soapy and then fuck. Can we go again?"

I nod. She hands me a pretty little bottle of liquid soap. I squeeze it
out and rub it on her back first. As I work my way down, she starts
spreading her legs. I reach up between them and soap her pussy up good.
She bends over a little and I soap her ass.

"You can finger my ass. I like that." I get more soap and I get my finger
all sudsy. I slowly push it into her tight ass as she squeals. "Oh, yes!"

When I finish with her ass, she turns around and we start rubbing soap all
over each other. As the water washes the soap off my neck, she starts
sucking and biting on it. I’m sure I’ll be covered in hickies when we’re
done. I pull her close to me and start to kiss her lips. I suck her bottom
lip into my mouth and nibble it just a little. My hands are all over her
body. She feels like a soft, wet work of art. I kiss her face, then work
my way to her tits. She leans her body back and allows me to suck and bite
them. Then she gets more soap and rubs herself with it. She works herself
into a good orgasm as the water runs over her and washes the soap away.

"Fuck me, Lorenzo. Fuck me now!" I grab her little body and lift her up to
my cock. She slides onto it easily and we get into a good rhythm. She
kisses me all over the face and I thrust myself into her hot cunt with the
force of a wild animal. She’s coming in a few minutes again and so am I.
When it’s over, she turns the water off and hands me a towel. "Dry off,
’cause I’m gonna get you wet again!’

She wraps her towel around her and runs to the bedroom. "Last person on
the bed has to get a blow job!"

I towel off and walk out to her bedroom. She’s laying on the bed, her hair
is still dripping wet. "Looks like you need some help with your hair."

"I love to have my hair brushed when it’s still wet. My brush is on the
night stand." I reach over and grab it as she turns around on the bed and
sits up. She has her back to my chest as I stand and brush her hair. "Mmm,
that feels so good."

I brush her hair out and play with her tits now and then. She giggles. The
she takes the brush from my hand. "You want me to stop?"

"Do you know what feels even better? Your huge cock in my mouth."

She turns around and lays back on the bed. While I stand over her, she
comes up under my and takes my cock into her mouth. She runs her tongue
over it in long, wet strokes at first. Then she sucks it so hard, she
feels more like a vacuum than a woman. I control my orgasm as she hums and
sucks until I can’t hold back. I cum all over her face.

"Cum is so great for the skin," she says rubbing my jiz into her face.
"And it tastes great, too."

I sit down on the bed. She puts her hand on my balls and starts to rub
them. I lie on my back and let her stroke my hairy sacs. "This was too

"I hope we can pick up from here later, I’ve got to be on the set in one
hour. Can you drive me?’

I jump up. "Let’s get going."

Later, as I watch her tape her fourth season of "Sabrina, the teenage
witch," I think about the angel-faced girl delivering her lines in front
of a live, studio audience. She’s a real devil in bed. And I’ll get to see

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