Celebrity Limo: Sarah Michelle Gellar

(M/F) Celebrity Limo: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Buffy falls on a big, thick stake–Oooh!
By: Kat Jones

When my boss Rudy told me I’d be picking up Sarah Michelle Gellar, I
couldn’t wait. She needed a ride to some party in Palm Springs. I usually
hate driving in the desert, but with the sexy vampire slayer in my
backseat, I don’t feel right about complaining. I take a quick shower
before I head to her place in Santa Barbara. Rudy says she requested me
specifically. My curiosity is piqued.

I used to be a masseur
at the Canyon Ranch Spa. It was almost as good as
being a limo driver, except I didn’t make as much in tips as I do now. The
women were hot, wealthy and I got to have my hands all over their silky
bodies. The women would talk about me and before I knew it, my schedule
was booked. I didn’t start fucking them right away, unless they were
attractive and they asked me. I got busted one day when my boss was taking
some investors on a tour and I was pussy-pounding a very well know
television game show girl. I got my walking papers that day.

Before I got my limo driving job, I kept the rent paid with a few modeling
gigs. That was the first time I met Sarah Michelle Gellar. It was before
he "Buffy" days and she was finishing her career as soap actress. She was
young and sweet. I was posed behind her as a beefcake in a few poolside
shots. Afterwards, we sat around doing shots and getting wasted while the
camera crew packed up. She was pretty far gone when she asked me to fuck
her. I asked her how old she was. Only 17. I’d been in trouble with a
couple of young girls before and with her fame, I didn’t want to chance
it. Besides, she was a little too drunk to call it fair. I kissed her
sweet pink lips and told "After you’re 18, baby." She looked a little
disappointed. God knows I was.

I pull up to her house. It’s pretty nice for a girl still so young. I put
on my chauffeur cap and walk up to her door. There’s a huge knocker on her
door with lion’s head. I grab the ring in its mouth and rap on the door
three times. The door opens and there she stands in a towel.

"Gosh, you’re here early. I’m not finished yet. Come in?"

I’m a little tongue-tied. "I don’t like to keep people waiting. I could
wait in the car, if you want."

She tosses her blonde hair back and laughs. "Lorenzo, don’t be silly. The
bar’s over there. Why don’t you make yourself something to drink. You look
like you could use one."

"Well, I don’t mind a good shot of whiskey now and then, but not when I’m
driving. It’s kind of a long ways to Palm Springs."

She adjusts her towel. I see her tiny, tan feet shuffling on the floor.
"Uh, well, I don’t really need to go to Palm Springs tonight. The party is

Now I feel a little stupid. I was so anxious to see her, did I mix up my
days? "Look, Ms. Gellar, I’m sorry. I was…"

She walks up to me and puts her finger over my mouth. "I hear you used to
work at Canyon Ranch. My friend told me you had magical fingers. Do you
think you might feel like doing something other than driving tonight?"

My cock was starting to push against my pants. "Where do you want to do

"You just get yourself something to drink, I’ll call you upstairs when I’m

She makes her exit and I head toward the bar. She’s got everything in it.
It’s all new, so I figure she’s probably just moved into the place. I
reach for the Jim Beam and pour myself a shot. I start wondering if she
has any idea of who I am. Does she remember me from the shoot all those
years ago? Probably not, I figure. She’s a big star now with lots of
people to meet. There’s no way she would recall meeting me. I guess it
doesn’t matter. I set my shot glass down and fill it again. That’s when I
hear her.

"Lorenzo, I’m ready for you."

I head up a wide, spiral staircase. There are five doors, only one open
and it’s at the end of the hallway. The lights are all low. As I turn into
the last door, I see candles flickering everywhere. Then I see her, she’s
laying down on a massage table with her towel over her cute, little ass.
She’s got a bottle of champagne chilling in a bucket of ice and I hear
some nice jazz coming from a small stereo on a shelf near her king-sized
canopy bed.

She looks up. "I hope this is okay. I had it delivered today. I’m so
tight. I need someone to loosen me up. Do you think you can do that,

Yes I can! I pull off my button down shirt. "I hope you don’t mind, it
will be easier for me to reach you. Do you have any massage oil?"

She points to a small table. "Over there."

I get the oil, it’s jasmine-scented. I walk up to her, trying to keep my
hard, throbbing cock from jumping out of my pants at her. I push her soft
hair off her back then I squirt a little bit of oil onto my hands. After I
warm it, I carefully put my hands down on her shoulders. She moans. I feel
my pants stretching.

I carefully smooth the oil over her back. She’s got amazing skin. It’s so
smooth and pretty. She breathes deeply as I knead every crevice and work
my way down her tiny spine. When I get to her ass, I tell her, "I’m going
to do your legs now."

"Great," she sighs, "I love that."

Her legs are firm and shapely. It looks like she works out a lot. I’d
comment on them, but I don’t want her to get nervous. "Would you like your
feet rubbed?"

"You are so wonderful, Lorenzo, yes I would."

I start working on her feet while she squirms and giggles. It turns me on
even more. It would be so tempting to just turn her over and fuck the
daylights out of her. But I don’t. I just keep rubbing her tiny feet. When
I sense she’s had enough, I ask her if there is anything more she’d like.
"I can do your pecs for you."

She giggles then turns over. She doesn’t grab the towel and put it over
her breasts, she leaves them uncovered. "I would really like it if you
could do my tits, with your mouth. Do you mind?"

"Whatever you want!" I put the bottle of oil down and wipe my hands. I
take her small, gorgeous knockers into my mouth and hands. She throws her
head back and begins to breathe harder and heavier. I savor every luscious
part of them from the nipples to the fullness of her cups. In a few
minutes, I feel her hand on my bulging crotch.

"Oh, my God, you’re huge!" She tries to unzip me. I stand up and undo my
pants for her. "Take off her your boxers, too."

It feels great to be free. As my dick bounces out of captivity, she grabs
it and starts stroking me. "What else can I do for you?"

As she continues to tug and pull at my cock, she says with a sly smile, "I
could use a little tongue down below, would you mind?"

I can’t get over how polite she is. It’s almost funny. I’m not one to
waste an opportunity, so I go to work. She spreads her legs open and
dangles them off the table. I put my hands on her thighs and work my way
up them. Then I spread her labia apart and find her hidden treasure. I
flick it gently with my tongue as she shivers with excitement. She starts
to wail with pleasure as I bring her to her first orgasm. I keep going
until I hear her cry out yet again. Then she starts to sit up.

"Do you want anything else?" I ask as I rub her legs slowly.

"There’s something I need to confess to you, Lorenzo. I asked you here not
just for a massage."

"Well, I can see that." She’s got me all confused.

She looks down with her big blue eyes. "I brought you here because ever
since the day I met you on a photo shoot a few years back, I’ve dreamed
about fucking you. I’m not sure if you remember me."

She did remember me! "How could I forget you? You were so sweet and sexy
and I wanted to fuck you so much, but I didn’t want to get you into
trouble. I can’t believe you remembered. You were so drunk!"

She smirks, "I’m an actress, remember? I faked that. I didn’t want to risk
being rejected, so I pretended to get drunk, but I was stone-cold sober. I
hope you’re not mad."

I certainly wasn’t mad. I just wanted to throw her on the bed and fuck her
brains out. "Sweetheart, I don’t know how any man could ever be angry with
you. I’ve thought about you a lot since then. A lot."

She gets up off the table and walks over the edge of the bed. "I want you
to take me. Take me as hard and as wild as you can!"

I lift her into my arms. She’s so small and delicate. She wraps her legs
around me as I begin to kiss her deeply. I then throw her onto the bed.
She scoots back to the top and I jump on the bed after her. She lays back
on a pile of silken pillows. She throws her arms behind her head and she
spreads her legs. Its not every day a guy gets to put his "stake" into a
vampire slayer. She’s already soaking wet when I plunge my cock into her.
She lets out a sound of happiness. She’s so tight, it’s hard not to come
right away.

I decide I want her on top of me so I roll the two of us over and she
follows my lead. Seeing her perched on top of my cock is great. I grab her
small breast, no silicone here, and squeeze and rub them while she bounces
wildly on top. I then put my thumb on her clit and rub it until I can feel
her coming. Then I come. I pull her down to me and kiss her on her neck
and lips. We’re both tired and thirsty.

"Would you mind if I opened that champagne now?" I think it’s only polite
to ask.

"Only if you repeat your performance again later." She looks up at me with
little beads of sweat on her glowing forehead.

"That won’t be a problem." I open the bottle and we both enjoy the
champagne as I think of what will happen next. Who’d have thought I’d be
putting a stake into a vampire slayer tonight? I couldn’t wait to do it

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