Celebrity Mother With The Hots [Chapter 1-10]

Celebrity Mother With The Hots
by Kathy Andrews [slight change by unknown]

Chapter 1

The water was slightly above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
She sat in it to her neck, feeling the sensual heat wash
about her. Leaning her head back on the deck, her arms up,
Kathie Lee sighed in pleasure.
Around her were the tall pines and the green, rolling hills.
There was even a small stream a few yards away. Birds chirped and
sang in the tree branches.
And Kathie Lee’s cunt was hotter than the water.
She was naked as usual. She loved to sit in the hot tub on
fine spring days and especially
enjoyed being outside without
clothes on. It gave her a sense of freedom and, she admitted to
herself, a glorious feeling of wickedness. No one could see her–
they were miles from any other home here in the foothills. No one
ever came around, not even hunters. There was no game here to
attract them and the only road nearby was the one leading to their
Kathie Lee had gotten this house in her divorce settlement,
along with alimony for two years. Also, she had custody of her
son, Cody. Her ex-husband had not fought very hard and for that
she was glad. The divorce had been almost friendly. But any love
she had for her husband was long gone, as his was for her. As
usual, they never learned what went wrong.
Six months was a long time for Kathie Lee to do without a cock.
If she had her choice she would fuck every day… morning, noon, and
night. But now she had no choice. She did, however, have her
hands and fingers.
As the early afternoon sun burned down onto her, she shoved a
hand along her swelling, shapely tits just beneath the hot water.
Her flesh was very smooth, like satin. Cupping her tit for a
moment, she squeezed the firmness, feeling her nipple press into
her palm. A tingle of pleasure rippled down her stomach to her
cunt and she felt her clitoris swelling.
Moving her hand downward, she ran her fingers through the
bushy thickness of her cunt hair. Parting her thighs, she probed
lightly upon her knotted clitoris, sliding her finger down and
into the slippery tightness of her pussy.
Kathie Lee loved to caress herself this way, outside in the hot
tub with the sun hot enough to make her sweat. She loved feeling
and probing her body with the fresh air around her.
Yet, if she had a choice, she would prefer a man’s hands
moving about her sensitive flesh. A man with a beautiful cock she
could massage, squeeze, and stroke into lovely hardness; watch the
head become round; the piss hole dripping against her palm.
But there was no man here or anyplace else.
The only male around was Cody, but he didn’t count. He was
too young in the first place and in the second place, he was her
son. That was the order in which she assigned him, first too
young, second being her son. She never thought it strange to
think of Cody that way but nothing would ever happen between
them. Cody really was too young to be interested in girls and he
was much too involved with his butterfly collection.
She could sit naked in the hot tub all day and her son would
never see her body, not even if he stood next to her. That is,
she didn’t think so. Not that Kathie Lee had any intention of doing
anything with her son. But if she were so inclined they were
certainly in a remote enough area for it.
She slipped her finger into her cunt and sighed, her eyes
closed as she leaned on the deck. Moving her finger in and out of
her tight cunt, she fantasized about a man, any man, coming upon
her and fucking her.
From an upstairs window, Cody was peeking down at his
mother, unknown to her. Maybe she thought he was too young, not
interested in girls, but Kathie Lee was wrong. Feeling the first
stirrings of sexual desire, Cody peeked at his mother all the
time. He enjoyed looking at her, it made his cock hard.
He could barely see the outline of her tits under the clear
water, and his cock was pressing against his shorts with tingling
hardness. He didn’t know what she was doing with her hand under
the water, but he imagined she was sticking a finger into her
pussy. He liked to think of his mother doing that when he watched
her in the tub. When he thought of his mother shoving her finger
up her cunt, he didn’t feel so guilty about jacking off. To his
way of thinking, if his mother could do it, so could he.
He had never really seen his mother naked. She was always in
the water before he saw her. But he knew she was naked though,
because he could always see her tits shimmering under the surface.
Still, no matter how hard he tried, he could never catch her
Cody had seen a girl naked before though. She lived a mile
and a half away in another house almost as isolated as this one.
She enjoyed having him look at her body, but they had never had
the nerve to touch each other.
With the desire to see his mother’s body, Cody went
downstairs and out onto the redwood deck. He sprawled into one of
the chairs near a table, looking at his mother.
Hearing her son come out, Kathie Lee quickly removed her finger
from her gripping cunt and smiled up at him. He sat with his legs
wide, his ass shoved down on the chair. Kathie Lee almost asked her
son to get into the hot tub with her before she remembered she was
It had become a habit not to wear any clothes and a few times
she had completely forgotten about it.
She smiled at him, her eyes seeing his young, handsome face
with the deep brown eyes. As young as he was, he was tall and had
a good body. His shorts, the loosed legged type, rode low on his
stomach. As she looked at him, she allowed herself a tantalizing
peek between his thighs. A light glowed in her eyes as she
thought she could see the tip of his cock. She strained here
eyes, and a soft gasp bubbled from her.
That was his cock she could see!
Her eyes unfocused for a moment as a tingle rippled up and
down her body. When her vision cleared she gazed at her son,
seeing the head of his cock clearly. She wondered if Cody knew
what she could see, if he had sat that way deliberately. He had
his hands behind his head and face was turned into the sun, eyes
close. But they weren’t closed all the way, he was peeking at his
mother from silted eyes, and he knew where she was looking.
Kathie Lee gazed at the head of her son’s cock, believing his
eyes were closed. She looked openly, desire coming into her eyes.
She gasped again as she saw his cock starting to swell. The head
seemed to poke out a bit farther until she saw every smooth bit of
it. There was a churning sensation between her thighs and she
moved her hand back under the hot water and to her cunt. Gazing
at the head of her son’s cock, she began to rub her hand up and
down her cunt.
Kathie Lee began to experience small but very pleasurable
orgasms as she peered at Cody’s cock. She could see one of his
precious balls there too and this increased her burning desire. A
finger slipped into her cunt and she hid to stifle a groan of
After a few minutes she thought Cody had fallen asleep. He
had often dozed out here, and the way his chest rose and fell
evenly now she was sure he was sleeping. She wanted to get out of
the tub for a while, but as long as Cody was there she couldn’t.
She had not brought her robe out with her, and her large towel was
on the table at his side. She couldn’t possibly get to it before
he woke up.
Suddenly, with a silent giggle of wicked pleasure, Kathie Lee
decided to take the chance. Even if Cody wasn’t sleeping, it
wouldn’t matter. If he saw her naked body, it would make no
difference. He was still almost a baby, she thought. Even if his
cock was almost hard, he was still a baby to her.
Being as quiet as she could; not splashing any water; Kathie Lee
lifted herself from the tub.
From his silted eyes, Cody saw his mother’s tits. They
were so full and tight, there was hardly any movement to them.
Her nipples were very hard and long, he saw. As she stood up, his
silted eyes gazed at her flat stomach, then fixed upon that thick
patch of hair. The hair was dark and curly, and he was
disappointed that her cunt was so well concealed.
Reaching for the towel, Kathie Lee turned her back to her son
before she wrapped it about her. Cody saw his mother’s swelling,
shapely ass cheeks, and the first word that came to his mind was
"bubble". Her ass was like two beautiful bubbles, he though.
There was a tingling in his balls and his cock arched up into full
hardness. He watched his mother wrap the towel around her body
and start into the house. Her legs were very long and smooth, and
they excited him very much.
Cody was young, certainly, but he knew all about putting his
cock into a girl’s cunt. Like most boys, he had learned about
that in school from his friends. He wondered what it would be
like to have his cock inside his mother’s cunt.
Inside the house, Kathie Lee felt deliciously warm and all
tingly. She had been naked and close enough to her son to touch
him. And his cock, Ohh, his cock! It had been almost hard, she
thought as she walked up the stairs to her bedroom. It was
amazing to her that Cody’s cock was so big. "How could a boy as
young as he was have such a large cock?" she wondered.
In her room she dropped the towel and faced herself in the
mirrored wall. There was nothing about her that would prevent a
man from making a pass. She was quite beautiful, with large,
green eyes and very dark, auburn hair, the color of a well-worn
penny. Her body was still firm and tight, with beautifully shaped
tits, a small waist, flaring hips and exquisitely long thighs.
There certainly wasn’t anything wrong with her ass, she noted as
she twisted about and looked over her shoulder.
Since the day was hot, she selected a pair of very tight,
white shorts and a matching sleeveless blouse. On her feet she
strapped on sandals. Going back downstairs, she moved behind the
wet bar and mixed herself a mild drink. Kathie Lee seldom drank, but
right now her nerves were giving her a difficult time.
She could not rid herself of the image of her son’s cock and
the surprising size of it. Her cunt still had that deep, burning,
delicious sensation as if she were on the very brink of a
tremendous orgasm. It was a fantastic feeling and she had not
felt that way for many, many months.
Taking her drink with her, she stepped out the sliding doors
and back on the patio. Her son, she saw, was awake and sitting in
the hot tub now. She sat in the chair he had occupied earlier and
sipped her drink, watching him.
"Feels good. Doesn’t it, honey?" she said, her voice low and
she knew, throaty.
"Sure does, Mom," he replied. His cock was still very hard,
but it was far under the water and his mother couldn’t see it. "I
should have gotten in with you."
"Mmmmmm, perhaps," she murmured, wondering what would have
happened when he discovered her naked in the tub. If only Cody
were a few years older. The thought startled her and she almost
spilled her drink. She crossed her legs and Cody gazed at them.
Kathie Lee was aware of him looking at her and she was starting to
think she was wrong about Cody having no interest in girls. He
was certainly looking at her legs with interest, she noted. Maybe
he wasn’t too young, after all.
"Cody," she asked in a low voice, "do you have a
"Yes," he replied, his eyes still on her thighs. "Well, sort
"Sort of? What does that mean, baby?"
"Just sort of, Mom."
"That doesn’t make any sense. Either you have one or you
don’t. Which is it?"
"Sort of," he insisted.
"What’s her name?" Kathie Lee wanted to know.
"Oh, that little girl down there," she replied, waving her
hand in the direction of the hills. "Does she ride the school bus
with you?"
Cody nodded, his cock throbbing powerfully. His mother had
uncrossed her legs and sat with her knees apart now. He could see
the tight crotch of her shorts and when he looked closely, he was
sure he saw the outline of her cunt.
"She’s a lovely, little girl." Kathie Lee said. "You don’t see
much of her except on the bus, do you?"
Cody shook his head. He was excited by what he was looking
at. His cock was almost hurting from the hardness, and his balls
had a very hot sensation in them. He wondered if he was about to
Unable to stop the feelings within her, Kathie Lee moved her
thighs farther apart. Cody, she noted, gazed between her legs
with unabashed heat in his eyes. But it was no surprise to her
that he was excited. She was starting to think he wasn’t too
young after all. Surely it wouldn’t do any harm to tease a
little, to make her son feel good.
She twisted her ass on the chair as she sipped her drink,
watching her son’s eyes widen. Her movement had been deliberately
erotic, and she was pleased with his response. She began thinking
of his cock as she had seen it earlier, and hoped her son could
see enough between her thighs. She knew what she was doing could
lead to other things, and at the moment, with her pussy boiling,
she hoped it would.
Holding her glass up, she said softly, "I think I need
another one of these."
She got up from the chair then, with her back to her son,
gave a soft cry and leaned over to look at her toes. Cody stared
at his mother’s ass as she leaned over. The tight shorts molded
her lovely ass and the back of them lifted. He gazed at the
whiter flesh above her thighs, and his cock jerked about wildly.
The feeling was so good he moaned.
"Anything wrong, baby?" she asked, standing up and looking
over her shoulder at him.
A slow smile came to her when she saw his glassy eyes still
looking at her ass. When Cody failed to answer, she walked
slowly across the redwood deck toward the sliding glass doors, her
ass gently swaying with, she knew, open invitation.
Behind the wet bar she prepared herself another drink, milder
than the last one. Her mind was going swiftly, thinking about
Cody. She knew, without any feelings of guilt, that she wanted
her son … wanted to feel his surprisingly large cock plunging
into her cunt.
She stood behind the wet bar, her eyes with a faraway
expression in them, sparkling with an erotic fantasy. Her cunt
was pulsating hotly and her nipples strained against the cotton

Chapter 2

She was standing behind the wet bar when Cody came in.
He was still wet, dripping water on the carpet. Usually she
would have said something to him, but not today. He stood just
inside the sliding doors, and her eyes went immediately to the
front of his shorts. There was a most delicious-looking bulge
there, and Cody was looking back at her with hot, unashamed eyes.
"I’ve been looking at you, Mom," he said in an unusually low
A faint flush crept over her cheeks, but it was not of
embarrassment, it was of pleasure. Gazing directly at the bulge
in his shorts, she nodded, saying in a whispery voice, "I thought
so, Cody."
"I mean out there," he pointed onto the deck. "I had my eyes
closed, but I wasn’t asleep. I saw you … naked."
"You did," she said, her voice quivering with emotion. "What
did you see, honey?"
"Everything." he replied.
"And you enjoyed seeing me," she said, a simple statement not
a question.
Her son nodded.
Kathie Lee placed her drink on the bar and stepped out from
behind it. She walked toward her son slowly, her eyes riveted
upon his bulging cock. She stopped a foot from him, her eyes
still down. Cody was the same height as she was, and his eyes
were on her tits. For just a moment, Kathie Lee felt a shudder move
through her. Then, excruciatingly slow, she moved a hand toward
him. Very lightly, she placed her palm against his cock, and felt
it throbbing hot. Cody sucked in a breath of air, arching his
hips forward to press his cock into his mother’s hand.
Very slowly, they came together. Kathie Lee pressed her tits
against her son’s chest, feeling them flatten out. She brought
bother hands to his cheeks, holding his face and gazing into his
eyes. Then her lips closed on his and they kissed long and hard.
The searing contact of their lips made them both moan.
Kathie Lee felt her son’s arms wrap about her waist and he
hugged her tightly, his cock pressing against the mound of her
bubbling cunt. She writhed her hips against him, holding his face
tightly. Then he slowly pressed her tongue between his lips.
Kathie Lee sighed in delight when her son began to suck on her
tongue. The harder he sucked, the more she whimpered with
pleasure. When she began to dart her tongue back and forth into
his mouth, she could into resist sliding her hands down, around
his waist, lowering them to his ass. With her fingers squeezing
at the cheeks of her son’s ass, she twisted her pelvis into his
throbbing hard-on.
Cody, encouraged by his mother’s hands on his ass pulling
his cock tightly against her twisting cunt, moved his own hands
down her back. When he clutched her ass cheeks, Kathie Lee whimpered
into his mouth, moving even tighter against him. There was a hot,
sparkling feeling racing up and down her body, swelling hotly
between her thighs. Her cunt bubbled and steamed, and Kathie Lee
softly convulsed with orgasm. Her body trembled against her son
as she came, and her tongue snaked in and out of his mouth wetly.
The hardness of his cock against her felt so good she rubbed
harder, wondering if Cody would come too.
She didn’t have the chance to find out.
Cody pulled away from his mother.
"What’s wrong, honey?" she whispered, alarmed.
"Nothing. Mom." he said in a husky voice.
Then she saw him hooking his fingers into his wet shorts.
She gasped when she shoved them down, his cock springing free.
His prick stood out a good five or six inches, thick and hard.
The head was swollen and she saw the silvery bubbles dripping from
the piss hole.
Cody stepped out of his shorts, standing naked before his
mother, proud and anxious.
Kathie Lee gazed with heat in her eyes at his cock. She was
surprised to see thick hair at the base, and his balls appeared to
be very full. Her palms itched to take his balls and cock in her
hands, to stroke them, fondle them, jack on him.
"Beautiful," she whispered. "So beautiful, Cody."
"Let me see you, Mom," he groaned, "let me look at you, too."
"Oh, yes!" Kathie Lee squealed, unbuttoning her cotton blouse
with shaking fingers.
Sliding the blouse from her shoulders, she arched her tits
out. They swelled and lifted, her nipples throbbing with
hardness, the pebbled discs looking swollen too. Moving her hands
behind her, she located the zipper of her tight shorts. Her eyes
left her son’s cock.
Her shorts were very tight, and as she began to peel them
down, she had to wiggle her hips. She saw her son’s cock jerk up
and down as he watched her shove the shorts down. Kicking them
from her feet, she stood up. Her tits seemed to jiggle tightly as
she watched her son’s eyes move from her tits down, then stop at
the triangle of dark pussy hair.
Without him saying anything she saw her son’s hand come
toward her. She shoved her hips out to meet him and he touched
her cunt. A shiver of pleasure went through her as his other hand
came up to close about one spongy tit. As he slipped his hand
between her hot, velvety thighs, Kathie Lee’s hand moved. She
clutched her son’s hard cock tightly, feeling the power there.
She mewled with delight and began moving her fist back and forth.
She pulled the head of his cock against her flesh and felt the
searing moisture his piss hole left.
The only sound they made was heavy, hot breathing. Both were
shaking with excited anticipation. Kathie Lee’s cunt was pulsating
hotly and wetly against her son’s palm as he rubbed it, and she
felt as if she would come again. Unable to bear the tension any
longer, she slowly sank downward, drawing her son with her. They
knelt, facing each other, gazing into each other’s eyes as they
felt about their naked bodies.
Slowly, Kathie Lee lay back on the carpet, looking up at her son
with smoldering eyes. She spread her legs wide, holding her arms
up for him.
But Cody didn’t go into them right away. He was staring
between his mother’s thighs, seeing her pink, wet cunt lips
through the dark curls. His cock was jerking about and, with a
low groan, he fell into his mother’s arms.
Kathie Lee pulled her son on top of her, feeling his hard cock
brushing her thighs. She moved and twisted her hips until she
felt the swollen head of his prick pressing against the slippery
wetness of her cunt. She lifted her hips and a sob of delight
burst from her as her cunt opened, stretching around the swollen
head of her son’s cock.
Cody groaned and shoved his face onto his mother’s tits.
With whimpers of ecstasy, Kathie Lee ran her hands down his back and
over his naked ass. Holding his ass cheeks tightly, she scissored
her hot, velvety thighs about his hips. She only had the head of
his cock inside her cunt, and already there was a spasm of orgasm
burning through her.
Thinking her son was holding his cock from her, she suddenly
slammed upwards. She squealed softly as her pussy engulfed
Cody’s cock all the way. She smashed the tender, sensitive lips
of her cunt against the base of his cock and heard him grunt as
her cunt began to flex around his prick. His balls rested upon
her uplifted ass, and Kathie Lee began to sob with pleasure.
While Cody held himself stiffly, Kathie Lee could not hold
still. She began to move her ass slowly, fucking her son with her
hairy, tight cunt. His breath came in hoarse, hot gasps as she
moved her cunt back and forth on his throbbing cock, and she
gurgled when he finally started plunging up and down. His cock
seemed to go deep into her burning pussy, thrilling her, exciting
Cody lifted himself and stared into his mother’s eyes, his
cock thrusting in and out. Kathie Lee gazed up at her son as she
pumped on his prick, a smile on her face. She clung to his
tightening ass cheeks as if afraid he would pull that sweet
hardness out of her.
For what seemed to be along time, they fucked slowly. But
the ecstasy grew hotter within both of them. Kathie Lee could not
keep this slowness up. She began to pump faster, slamming her
cunt up and down on his cock with gurgling ecstasy. Her fingers
dug into his tight ass cheeks and Cody was now holding her hips,
again resting his face on her springy tits.
"Ohhh, so good, darling." she murmured against the top of his
head. "So good! Do it faster, baby! Ohhh, please go faster and
Cody complied, not so much to please his mother, but because
his cock demanded it.
The increasing power and speed of his plunging cock caused
Kathie Lee to coo and sigh. Her cunt was gripping her son’s cock
very tightly, the slippery wetness making a sheath of intense
pleasure for him. Feverishly, Kathie Lee stroked her hands up and
down his back, caressing his bouncing ass, churning her cunt into
his throbbing cock with sobs of ecstasy.
She felt every throb of her son’s cock with the sensitive
lips of her clinging cunt. The feeling increased her own boiling
desire, and the mild orgasms began swelling like a bursting
balloon within her rippling stomach. The waves of orgasms caused
her cunt to grip and flex around Cody’s cock in a sucking
She felt her son speed up, his cock moving hard and fast into
her cunt now. His balls slapped at her ass, and she writhed and
twisted, arched and banged into him. They were both grunting with
intense ecstasy now.
With a shout, Cody’s body became stiff, his cock buried deep
inside her cunt. Knowing he was about to come, Kathie Lee clung to
his ass cheeks, keeping his cock deep inside her pussy.
"Come, darling!" she hissed throatily. "Oh, God … come!"
Cody’s cock pulsated, then she felt the hot gush of his come
juice wash about her cunt. Each spurt seemed to splash along the
satiny walls of her heated cunt like the crash of waves upon a
rocky beach. Her clitoris was tightly knotted, and she came
again, a powerful convulsion that caused her back to bow, and her
cunt to ache. She screamed a low but very loud wail of mindless
Cody rested on top of his mother’s naked body, breathing
hard. She held him tightly, her hands fondling his back and
quivering ass cheeks. His cock was captured by the wet tightness
of her cunt and she luxuriated in the sensations still heating her
Finally, Cody moved. He crawled from between his mother’s
thighs and sat next to her. She looked up at him with silted,
steamy eyes. Her son was grinning with delight, and he stroked
her tits gently with one hand.
"You’re not ashamed?" she whispered.
"Not at all, Mom," he said. "I’m glad we did that."
He squeezed her tit with both hands, making her succulent
nipple rise up sharply. "Mom, I’ve been peeking at you every
chance I get. You don’t know how glad I am we did this."
Kathie Lee giggled. "And I though you were interested only in
your butterfly collection. When did you develop this interest in
girls, darling?"
Cody leaned over and ran his tongue about his mother’s sweet
nipple, then said. "When I met Sally."
"What has she got to do with it?"
Cody told her about how the girl had teased him by lifting
her dress and showing him her pussy, and how hard his cock had
become. He told his mother how excited Sally was to look at his
cock. These revelations excited Kathie Lee more than she would have
suspected. Boys and girls did such things she knew, she had done
them when she was Cody’s age.
"Mmmm, lick my nipples again, darling," she murmured, drawing
his mouth to her tit. "Your tongue makes them tingle."
She trembled as he ran his tongue about her nipple, making it
stand up very hard. While he sucked her nipple into his hot
mouth, Kathie Lee slipped her hand to his cock and balls. She
cradled Cody’s balls in her palm, enjoying the feeling. She felt
his cock swelling along her wrists, and moved her fingers about
She pumped his prick slowly and firmly, thrilled when it
throbbed in her fist. She used her other hand to hold his mouth
tight on her tit, his hot breath fanning her flesh. She squeezed
his cock, mewling in pleasure. Her son grunted when her fingers
tightened about his prick and she felt him moving his hips,
pumping with her fist.
"Do you want to do it again, Cody?" she asked in a
breathless voice, squeezing his cock harder. "Do you want to do
it to me again?"
Cody lifted his mouth from her nipple, his eyes gleaming
with eagerness. "Can we, Mom? I sure would like to."
"What about your ‘sort of’ girlfriend?" she teased.
"Who needs her?" Cody mumbled, sliding his hands down to the
bush of her cunt. "I’ve got you."
With a low laugh of delight, Kathie Lee rolled onto her stomach,
shaking her naked ass. Cody gripped his mother’s ass with both
hands, digging into the firm cheeks and making Kathie Lee coo with
pleasure. She wiggled her ass up into his hands, then drew her
knees beneath her body.
"Do it this way, baby," she urged hotly, shaking her uplifted
ass wickedly. "Do it to me this way, honey."
Kathie Lee arched her creamy, shapely ass high into the air,
resting her head on the carpet, arms above her head. She parted
her knees for him. Lifting her head, she looked over her shoulder
as her son knelt behind her ass.
"Ooh, Cody," she gurgled hotly, "put it in me! Ohhh, put
your beautiful hard-on in me! Do it to me, baby! Do it to me!"
She felt the head of her son’s cock pressing into her soaked
cunt, and wailed in delight. His hands held her hips tightly as
he thrust his cock deeply. Kathie Lee’s pussy closed around Cody’s
cock, holding him with that wet heat. She moved a hand between
her thighs and caught his balls, twisting them gently, holding his
cock for a long time between her pulsating, stretching cunt lips.
Moving her ass, Kathie Lee began to hump on his cock, soft
sounds bubbled from her constricted throat. When Cody started
thrusting with her, she began to whimper. Turning loose his
balls, she shivered as they banged to and fro, hitting her
distended clitoris softly. The grunts her son made were loud, and
she increased the motion of her smooth ass. When Cody banged
furiously into her, she felt her tits scrape on the rough pile of
the carpet. The touch was light, but enough to increase the fire
growing hotly in her cunt.
"Hard and fast this time, Cody!" she sobbed. "Oh, please
fuck me hard and fast! I want it hard, baby, real hard! Fuck me,
darling! Please fuck me hard!"
The words from his mother inflamed his erotic senses and
Cody pounded into his mother’s slippery pussy. His fingers dug
into her hips brutally. With every throb of his cock, Kathie Lee’s
cunt sucked and squeezed. Once again a series of explosions
burned through her, her cunt convulsing in tight wetness around
his prick. The orgasms grew in intensity, making her squeal and
shake her ass in a frenzy against his driving cock.
With her ass high in the air, her ass cheek parted, she could
feel his stomach smacking upon the pucker of her asshole. That
served to send waves of orgasms crashing through her with frantic
ecstasy. Moaning loudly, she shook and twisted her uplifted naked
ass while he plunged faster and harder into her clinging cunt.
The first fuck had been slow, not half as frenzied as this one.
But now Kathie Lee wasn’t concerned about being erotic with her son.
His cock thrusting into her cunt created such a storm of ecstasy,
loud wails escaped her lips as he slammed against her creamy ass.
"Ohhh, that’s so good, Cody!" she whined with a thick voice.
"Oh God, baby! So good! Fuck me, darling! Fuck my pussy! Ahhh,
you have a beautiful cock, Cody! So hard … so very hard! I
love it. I love it!"
Cody was grunting swiftly now, listening to his mother using
those exciting words openly. He gazed with glassy eyes at the way
she wiggled her ass, seeing the tightness of her asshole. The
cheeks of her ass were very smooth, white and creamy. He stopped
plunging his cock into her cunt and fondled the ass cheeks, and
his mother continued her back and forth motions, fucking him in
mindless delight. He saw his cock sink in, then withdraw, her
pink cunt lips sucking on his prick.
The wetness, the intense heat, and the exciting tightness of
his mother’s cunt became too much, as did the sight of her ass
fucking him. Once more Cody’s young body went stiff and Kathie Lee
felt his cock jerking about deep inside her clamping cunt. As the
roar of a fantastic orgasm whipped through her, she still felt her
son’s cock as it suddenly gushed, flooding her cunt with that
sweet, thick, creamy come juice. For the second time in less than
an hour her son was fucking her, spurting that precious come juice
into her greedy pussy.
Kathie Lee sprawled onto the carpet, her body shivering as the
glow of ecstasy continued through her. She felt her son caressing
and fondling the trembling cheeks of her ass.
There was no feeling of remorse. All she felt at this moment
was pleasure. She knew there would be no sense in maintaining a
modest appearance with her son any longer. She knew, without any
doubt, that her body would be available to Cody any time he
wanted it. He could bring his beautiful, young cock to her and
fuck her any time the mood struck him.
If being fucked by him twice in less than an hour was any
indication, Kathie Lee knew she was going to be fucked frequently and
fucked beautifully.
After a while she struggled up. "Why don’t we take a shower
together, Cody?"
"That would be fun, Mom." he agreed.
He jumped to his feet and she watched his cock swing about as
he started up the stairs. She followed a few feet behind him,
watching his naked ass happily.

Chapter 3

Later that afternoon while the sun was still high, Kathie Lee
and Cody rode their bicycles through the pines.
It was something they had done often shortly after her
divorce. They hadn’t done it much lately but today the wonders of
nature drew them into the woods.
Cody still wore his shorts, but Kathie Lee had put on a short
tennis-type dress and blouse. Beneath the skirt she had on quite
lacy, very sheer, bikini panties. Her son seemed to never get his
fill of looking at her slender thighs, and she decided to dress in
a manner that revealed them to him.
They rode slowly along a narrow trail between the tall trees,
the sun filtering through. About a mile from the house they
paused. Kathie Lee stood astride her bicycle, the rear of her
skirt caught on the seat. Cody was slightly behind his mother
and he gazed excitedly at her thighs. He could see not only her
long thighs, but also the roundness of her ass where the skirt was
held up. The tingle in his crotch caused his cock to harden, and
when Kathie Lee glanced at him, it was the first thing she saw. A
slow smile spread over her face and her eyes grew warm.
"Do you always stay so hard, Cody?" she said in a low voice,
licking her lips.
"Only when I look at you, Mom," he replied, rubbing at his
bulging prick. "Did you know I can see your ass?"
She nodded her head. "That’s why I dressed this way."
"I can usually peek up girls’ dresses at school," he said,
"but I like looking at you better."
"You’re sweet, honey," she murmured. "Especially when you
have such a lovely hard-on."
Proudly, Cody lifted the flap of his shorts to expose his
throbbing cock to his mother. Kathie Lee ran her tongue over her
lips as her cunt flexed with anticipation. She rolled her bicycle
backwards so she could take his cock in her hand. She squeezed
and stroked his cock for a while, her eyes burning down at it.
The swollen head was dripping and she ran her thumb across his
piss hole.
Lifting her hand up, she smiled wantonly at her son as she
moved her tongue about her thumb, tasting the juices of his prick.
Cody’s eyes widened and when she held his cock again it seemed to
throb even more powerfully.
"Come on, let’s ride a bit farther." Kathie Lee laughed and
began to pedal away.
Cody followed, watching her thighs flash in the filtered
sunlight, seeing her ass move slightly from side to side on the
They stopped again on a hill overlooking a luxuriously green
valley. Leaning her bicycle against a pine tree, she sat on the
soft grass, drawing her knees to her tits and placing her chin on
them. Cody sat cross-legged slightly in front of his mother so
he could peek at her thighs and the way her panties pooched out
around her cunt. His cock had slipped from the leg of his shorts,
the head so sweetly smooth. Almost idly, Kathie Lee took her son’s
cock in her hand and jacked on it slowly.
"It’s so beautiful." she whispered.
"It sure is." Cody grinned, staring at her crotch.
"You nut," she laughed. " I’m talking about the view."
"So am I!" he said.
"I think we’re looking at two different views." Kathie Lee
"You look at what you want and I’ll look at what I want,
Mom." Cody said in a thick voice. "I think what I’m looking at
is prettier."
"You just like pussy, that’s your trouble," she said, pumping
and squeezing on his cock. "You’re pussy-crazy, honey. Just
plain crazy for hot cunt."
"What’s wrong with that?"
"Not a thing," Kathie Lee purred. "Not a fucking thing is wrong
with being pussy-crazy."
"Hairy cunt crazy." Cody giggled, reaching to move his
fingers about her pooching panties. "Hot, wet, hairy cunt crazy."
Kathie Lee regarded her son with smoldering eyes. A day ago she
had never heard him utter such words, nor had she ever said them
in his presence. It was exciting to hear him talk that way. It
made her tits swell and her pussy pulsate deliciously.
"If you like this cunt so much," she said in a low, whispery
voice, "what would you like to do with it?"
"Anything and everything, Mom." he replied, pressuring his
fingers up on her pussy. "I’d do anything for this cunt."
Kathie Lee pumped faster on his hard cock, excitement growing
within her. "Would you fuck it … here."
Cody looked around. "No one would see us. We’re too far
away from any houses. Sure, Mom. I’d fuck it right here."
Kathie Lee lay back on the grass, spreading her knees wide until
they were almost touching the ground. Then she looked at her son
with boiling eyes, her cunt twitching with readiness.
"Do it then, Cody." she urged quietly. "Fuck me here, out
in the open, with the sun and the trees and the birds! Fuck me
here, now dammitt!"
Cody, his eyes glowing, started to shove his shorts down,
but Kathie Lee stopped him. "Leave them on, baby. Just pull your
cock out the side."
"Aren’t you gonna take your panties off?"
"No reason to." she mewled, tugging at the crotch of her lacy
panties. "See?"
Cody stared at his mother’s exposed cunt. Somehow, this was
intensely erotic to him. His mother lying there, her short skirt
bunched almost to her narrow waist, her legs up and knees wide,
holding the crotch of her panties to one side for him. His cock
jerked and his balls became tight as he moved between his mother’s
Kathie Lee arched her hips up, already grinding in a tight
circle as she waited breathlessly for her son’s cock to penetrate
her steamy cunt. Cody braced himself with his hands on each side
of her, and his cock slithered into her pussy. Kathie Lee gave a
long hiss of pleasure. She placed her palms flat on the grass at
her hips, humping up and down as her son began thrusting his cock
into her cunt.
"Ooh, baby." she whimpered.
"Oh, Mom!" Cody groaned.
Kathie Lee churned her cunt about as his balls banged upon her
ass, thrilling her again. She clawed her fingers into the grass
as the sensations of ecstasy ignited and soon began to roar
through her. It seemed to Kathie Lee that Cody’s cock went deeper
and filled her cunt more than it had earlier in the day. Her cunt
was so wet she could hear the liquid sounds as her son thrust up
and down.
Her hips were in constant motion, gyrating and humping.
Whimpers were bubbling from her as she gazed with hot, unfocused
eyes into the blazing ones of her son above her. Her mouth was
slightly parted and her pink, moist tongue moved slowly about her
lips. She was panting with pleasure as she churned her hips to
the motion of his thrusting cock.
She watched the ecstasy on her son’s face above her, and
seeing his pleasure was as good to her as feeling his cock banging
her cunt. The flexing sensation of her cunt gave her son greater
thrills, she knew, just as it did her. The ability of her cunt to
become tight and suck and then relax again was something
involuntary. She had no control over it, and she didn’t want to
control it.
The sensations of her cunt flexing around his cock were as
exciting to her as they were to her son. She thought she could
feel each ridge of his throbbing cock inside her receptive cunt.
He would plunge deep, then withdraw. On each plunge she felt his
balls brushing against the hot cheeks of her ass, the base of his
cock smashing her knotted clitoris and throbbing between her
stretching cunt lips.
As he withdrew, he would almost but not quite, pull his cock
completely free. She would feel the swollen head almost leave her
cunt and then, just as she began to feel real apprehension, afraid
he would take his prick out, he would thrust deep into her again.
"This is so beautiful, baby." she mewled up at him, her hips
moving. "Does it feel good to you, Cody? Does my cunt make your
cock feel good? Can you feel how hot and wet mother’s cunt is on
your lovely prick?"
He grunted a reply, too excited to speak.
Kathie Lee drew her knees up, sliding them along his hips and
waist. She pulled them back until they pressed upon her
shoulders. This caused her ass to lift high and her son was
almost upright as he fucked her. She thought this position
enabled her to feel his cock so much better, to experience the
full ecstasy of him stuffing her pussy.
"Ooh, Cody, Cody!" she hissed as the heat grew within her
to a bubbling boil. "Ram it to me, darling! Oh, God … ram that
sweet cock to my cunt! I love it, baby, love it! Fuck my cunt!
Fuck mother’s hot cunt! So beautiful, so fucking beautiful!"
She swung her uplifted ass about, wishing now they had
removed at least her panties. But it was too late for that. She
wasn’t going to stop now for anything.
Kathie Lee was sobbing with the intensity of her ecstasy now,
and Cody was grunting and puffing above her. He had brought his
hands onto her tits sometime or other, and she felt him squeezing
them as his cock plunged harder and faster. Jerking her cunt up
and down, riding his cock in a frenzy, she felt her orgasm
steaming away. Through it, she could feel her son’s cock
throbbing, jerking about inside the satiny walls of her pussy.
Her clitoris had become a very hard knot now and every time her
son banged against it, she yelped with delight.
"I’m going to come, Cody!" she screamed, the sound echoing
about the pine trees. "I’m going to come!"
Cody increased the speed of his cock and Kathie Lee thought the
friction would actually cause her to burst into flames between her
smooth, long thighs. When her orgasm exploded, it created a storm
of shuddering movements in her body. Her hips jerked
uncontrollably and she was wailing in mindless ecstasy. Her hairy
cunt squeezed very tightly about his cock as she came, and Cody
was panting with his efforts to maintain the speed and power of
his fucking thrusts.
Although his face was still above hers, Kathie Lee could no
longer see him. Her orgasms had been so strong, she was blinded.
She felt nothing but his cock and balls, and her orgasm bursting
in her cunt. She didn’t even feel the fading heat of the sun, and
no longer heard the chirping of the birds. All she heard was the
roaring ecstasy that gripped her, all she felt was the convulsive
pleasure in her cunt.
As the power of her orgasms receded, she became aware of her
son still pumping away into her cunt, she gurgled in delight and
wrapped her arms about his back, holding him, urging him to fuck
faster, to come inside her cunt. The tingles of her orgasm still
rippled through her body, warming her, thrilling her. Once again,
she became aware of her son’s throbbing prick pounding into her
pussy, the throbs it made, the swelling jerks, the way his balls
smacked against her upturned ass. She drew his head down against
her neck and placed a palm on his bouncing ass, squirming her cunt
into him.
"Mom!" Cody suddenly yelled.
He banged tightly into her crotch, his balls between the
cheeks of her ass, pressing at her asshole. His cock was very
"Do it, darling!"
She felt the spurts of his come juice as he discharged. With
a squeal of ecstasy, her cunt closed about his cock at the base,
milking and holding him as he came. His body shook above her as
she dug her fingers into his ass, holding him tightly inside her
cunt. Each splash of his precious come juices caused her body to
shiver and her squeals mingled with his yells, the sound
rebounding among the pine trees.
Slowly, Cody sprawled to one side, his cock glistening in
the fading sunlight. His chest heaved up and down as he rested.
Kathie Lee lowered her ass and thighs to the grass, her pussy
tingling deliciously. She cupped it for a moment, then very
softly stroked her clitoris. She turned to her son and kissed
him, snaking her tongue about his lips.
"How many times have you come today, Cody?"
"I don’t know." he gasped. "I couldn’t count them."
"I must have come a dozen times myself." she giggled,
sounding almost childish. "You want to know something? I’ve
never come so many times in one day before!"
He turned his head to his mother. "Honest?"
She nodded, grinning at him.
Almost hesitantly, her son asked, "Mom, how many guys have
you fucked?"
For a long moment she didn’t answer him. Then in a low
voice, she replied, "Two."
"That’s hard to believe, Mom. You’re so hot, how come only
two? I thought you told me you used to show your pussy to guys
when you were in school."
"That isn’t fucking, you nut." she said, poking him in his
ribs. "That was just kids’ play. It’s true, Cody. The only two
men I’ve fucked are you and your father."
She began telling her son how good it had been sexually with
his father. But she left out the parts about the things that
brought on the problems that caused the divorce. She told him how
she had suffered since. She told her son of her fantasies, about
the heat that grew between her thighs until she had to finger-fuck
herself to orgasms.
"But that’s in the past now, isn’t it?" she said, taking his
still cunt-damp cock in her hand and fondling it. "I don’t have
to finger-fuck anymore. I’ve got you."
"I wanna watch you finger-fuck yourself sometime, Mom." he
said. "I think that would be fun, seeing you move your finger in
and out of your cunt."
"Anything you want, you get." she laughed, pulling on his
She nodded, mewling softly.
"Right now I don’t want anything except to rest." he said.
"Are you sure?" Kathie Lee teased, stroking her hand up and
down his wet cock. "Are you really sure, Cody?"
"I came so much today, I don’t think I could fuck you again
right now, Mom."
"Maybe not, but I know something I bet you’d love." she
whispered close to his ear, darting her tongue out to lick at it.
"I bet I could make you come again, darling. I bet mother could
make your cock hard and have you squirting that come juice in no
He continued to relax in the grass, but he was looking at his
mother. "I don’t see how, Mom. My balls are empty."
She gurgled softly. "You watch me."
She scooted down his body. Cody placed his hands behind his
head, looking down at her. Kathie Lee kissed at his stomach, working
her wet tongue into his belly button. As she kissed and licked at
his stomach, she continued to stroke and fondle his cock and
She pulled the waist of his trunks down low enough to expose
the hairs at the base of his cock. She wiggled and twisted her
tongue lower, circling the tip among the wiry hairs. Cody began
to breathe faster and she gazed up at him as her tongue swirled
about his flesh, her eyes burning with desire again.
Leaving his lower stomach, she scooted down until she was
licking at his thighs. She sucked his flesh into her lips and
nibbled. Working the flat surface of her tongue about his thigh,
she licked up and down, pulling his legs apart so she could run
her tongue along the sensitive inner surfaces. She pulled the
crotch of his shorts as far to one side as she could, exposing his
almost hairless balls and slippery cock to her blazing eyes.
"You like this, darling?" she whispered from between his
thighs. "Does this feel good? Do you like my tongue licking you
this way?"
"Yes!" he groaned, his hips writhing.
Kathie Lee gave a low moan as she began licking his thighs
again, moving her tongue higher along his leg. She brushed his
balls with her nose, then lapped beneath them. She shoved her
tongue under her son’s balls and bounced them playfully, her eyes
hot as she peered up at his excited face.
Working her tongue about his balls, she licked along the base
of his cock. She tasted the wetness of her cunt that still
lingered there, and a sharp reflex caused her pussy to twitch
deliciously. Running her tongue up her son’s cock and swirling it
over the head, she nuzzled his prick and balls for a moment, her
hands holding his hips. She had slipped her hands under the sides
of his shorts to feel his naked flesh.
"Want a blow-job, my baby?" she murmured huskily.
"You want to suck my cock, Mom?" he asked, surprised.
"If you want me to." she murmured hotly. "I’ll suck your
cock off if you want, Cody."
"Really?" he gasped, his excitement obvious. "Really, Mom?"
She nodded.
"Wow! I’ve heard about that!"
She moved her tongue along his prick, feeling it harden
against her lips and tongue. She licked slowly and hotly as his
cock swelled. She went back to his balls, gently sucking both
into her hot, wet mouth. She sucked at her son’s balls and looked
at his happy face while his cock rested on her cheek.
Releasing his balls, she moved her tongue up his cock once
more. When she reached the prick head, she tapped the tip upon
his piss hole, then ran it about the smooth head of his cock,
watching her son’s face contort with pleasure. Placing her lips
upon the smooth head of his cock, she parted them and drew that
roundness between them.
Cody grunted as he felt the wet heat of his mother’s mouth
engulf his prick. Within her eyes flashing in lewd ecstasy,
Kathie Lee moved her mouth down, her lips sliding easily. His cock
stretched her lips in a tingling, burning pleasure. She continued
taking more and more of her son’s cock into her mouth until she
had it all in. She held his prick deep inside, the head probing
against her throat as she writhed her lips at the base.
Sliding her hands underneath his body, she cupped his ass
inside his shorts. Cody lifted up and Kathie Lee began to gurgle in
hungry ecstasy as she sucked up and down. Her hair swirled slowly
as she moved her face, her eyes never leaving Cody’s. She sucked
slowly at first, wanting to savor the taste of his hard cock
between her lips, stuffing her mouth. She stretched her body out
between his thighs, pressing her cunt into the grass, the cheeks
of her ass bunching. Soft moans came from her as her lips sucked
and her tongue licked.
"Mmmmmmm." she murmured. "Ahhhmmmm! Ooommmm!"
"Oh! Ohhhh!" Cody gasped.
Kathie Lee’s mouth burned with eagerness as she sucked on
Cody’s cock. She loved the hardness of it between her lips and
against her tongue. She had started out sucking his cock slowly,
but her hunger now caused her to race her lips up and down
swiftly. The desire to have his precious come juice spurting into
her mouth overcame her desire to hold him inside it. She sucked
hard with soft murmurs, her fingers digging into the tight cheeks
of his twisting ass.
She tried to suck his cock deep into her throat, and for a
moment she gagged. The gag was not because of distaste, but
rather a reflex. She recovered quickly and sucked all the more
harder. She felt the smooth head of his cock penetrate slightly
into her tight throat and her cunt almost bubbled into orgasm.
She sucked up and held the swollen prick head tightly with her
lips, fluttering her tongue about his dripping piss hole, making
Cody shake with ecstasy. His prick seemed to become harder and
larger between her hot, hungry lips.
Cody began to twist and squirm his ass about, groaning with
intense pleasure. Kathie Lee knew he was about to come, the powerful
throbs against her stretched lips were enough evidence of that.
She was holding the head of his cock between her lips and
pressing the tip of her tongue into his piss hole as the first
spurt of come juice erupted from his prick.
Kathie Lee squealed with delight and her eyes suddenly filmed
over. The thick, creamy come juice coated her tongue, and she
found herself forced to swallow quickly. She licked her tongue
rapidly about his gushing piss hole, sucking desperately with her
lips, her cheeks suck inward. She gurgled happily as she drew his
come juice into her greedy mouth. It had been so long since a
cock had been between her lips, so long since she had tasted one
coming off in her mouth. Her cunt convulsed as her son flooded
her mouth with the sweetness of his come juice.
Even when her son finished coming, she was reluctant to
release his prick. She lay between his thighs for a long time,
holding his beautiful young cock in the grip of her mouth.

Chapter 4

Kathie Lee woke up the next morning feeling good.
She stretched as she gazed at her son sleeping at her side.
His face was so young, so innocent in sleep.
Tossing the sheet to the foot of the bed, she looked at his
body. It was a strong, virile body, the body of a young boy
showing promise of manhood. He slept on his back, one leg bent
out. His cock rested between his thighs, his balls dangling
Kathie Lee gave some consideration to leaning down there and
giving his cock a good morning kiss, but thought better of it.
The poor boy had fucked her so much the day before, and she had
sucked him off that once. He needed his rest, his sleep.
Shoving her long legs over the edge of the bed, she stood up
and looked affectionately at her son once more, then went into the
bathroom for her morning shower. The spray of the water revived
her, and she hummed happily while soaping her lovely, slender
body. Her nipples were hard, and she realized they seemed to stay
hard, especially since yesterday.
She soaped the curling hairs of her cunt, and for a moment
teased herself by inserting a finger into her pussy. But she
didn’t have to finger-fuck any more, never again. She had her son
and his wonderful young cock. Letting the shower spray rinse the
soap from her flesh, she thought how lucky she was to have Cody.
Some boys, she felt, might be embarrassed to fuck their mother,
but most probably wanted to at one time or other in their life.
Cody was doing it and he seemed delighted with it.
Stepping from the shower and taking a huge, thick towel,
Kathie Lee dried her body. She fluffed her hair and went back into
the bedroom. Cody was still sound asleep.
A glance at the bedside clock told her it was ten in the
morning already. She had never slept so late, she thought with
amusement. But it was a well-deserved indulgence and she grinned
as she went downstairs to prepare breakfast. She was halfway
through cooking when she realized she had not dressed.
Kathie Lee giggled naughtily. "Oh, what difference does it make
now." she said aloud, placing bacon on a platter.
Breakfast ready, she called up the stairs for Cody.
He came down rubbing at his sleepy eyes. But he had put
pajama bottoms on, she saw. When Cody saw that his mother was
naked, he laughed and quickly tugged his pajamas down. He threw
them playfully across the kitchen, then sat down to eat.
"Want to use the hot tub with me this morning, Cody?" she
Cody had been in the tub once with his mother and they both
had worn swimsuits then. But they had never bathed together since
that time. Now she remembered the reason. As they sat in the hot
water, their thighs had made contact and Cody had jerked away
very quickly, blushing. She had forgotten the incident until now.
"Sure." he said, smiling as he stuffed bacon into his mouth.
"That would be fun."
After breakfast, Kathie Lee quickly cleaned up the kitchen while
her son helped. Their hips touched often, and she was delighted
to see his cock lift into a beautiful hardness. She could not
resist grabbing his prick and stroking it for a moment. Cody
cupped her tits and fondled them, licking the stiff nipples.
Kathie Lee pressed her lower body against him, rubbing the head of
his cock through the thick hair of her cunt.
"We better stop this right now," she whispered, "before we
start to fuck and forget the hot tub."
"I’d rather fuck." he laughed, but pulled from his mother
just the same.
Holding hands, they walked naked onto the redwood deck
outside. Climbing into the tub, Kathie Lee sat on the seat, her tits
beneath the water. Cody climbed in with her, sitting close, his
thigh pressed against hers. This time he didn’t jerk away. As
the hot water swirled about their naked bodies, Kathie Lee held her
son’s cock, pumping it to keep him nicely hard. Now and then she
kissed him, running her tongue over his lips and into his mouth.
Cody fondled his mother’s tits, one arm draped over her creamy
The sun was high and hot, burning down on them. There was
not a cloud in the sky and the blue was very deep and clear. A
slight breeze whispered through the tall pines. It was a day of
laziness, a day to be outside and caress and kiss and fuck.
Within fifteen or so minutes, neither of them was in any
condition to simply touch and feel. Kathie Lee lifted her dripping
body from the hot tub and sat on the edge, spreading her legs wide
and leaning back on her hands. Cody, still in the hot water,
traced the pouting lips of his mother’s hair-lined cunt, feeling
it and probing at her inflamed clitoris, making Kathie Lee squeal and
twist her ass about. She looked down between her thighs to watch
her son feel her up and became hotter and more aroused.
"Kiss it for me, Cody." she murmured. "Kiss mother’s cunt.
Just once, baby! Kiss my hot cunt just once!"
Cody’s eyes became glassy as he stared between her widely
spread thighs. He gazed at the slippery, pink pussy lips and
protruding clitoris. Then he licked his lips.
Kathie Lee arched her crotch toward his young face.
"Come on, darling." she encouraged with a hot voice. "Kiss
it just once. You might enjoy it, Cody. Most guys love to lick
a pussy!"
"They do?" he asked.
"Of course." Kathie Lee replied in a throaty voice. "Guys
enjoy licking a cunt as much as girls love to suck on a hard cock.
Kiss it and you’ll see."
Cody pressed his face between his mother’s thighs, shoving
his mouth onto her wet cunt tentatively. Immediately, Kathie Lee
shot her hand out and grabbed him by the back of his head, holding
his mouth tight into her wet, hairy cunt. Unable to pull away,
Cody kissed his mother’s pussy with a loud, wet sound. Only
after he had kissed her cunt did she let him draw his face away.
"That wasn’t so terrible, was it?" she asked.
Cody ran his tongue over his lips and his eyes gleamed
brightly. "You taste good, Mom!" he said in surprise.
"I told you." she laughed.
Without encouragement now, Cody shoved his face back between
her thighs, kissing her cunt eagerly. Kathie Lee whined with delight
and rubbed her cunt up and down his lips. "Use your tongue,
honey! Lick it!"
She felt his tongue snake out and slurp about her wet,
twitching cunt lips. As it moved about her distended clitoris,
she moaned loudly, rocking her hips up and down, smearing his face
with her cunt. She felt his tongue lap at the sensitive lips of
her pussy, and a gasping gurgle boiled from her. She pressed the
soft, silky inner surfaces of her thighs against his cheeks, and
then felt her son’s hands under her ass, cupping it and holding
her cunt into his mouth.
"Shove your tongue up my cunt!" Kathie Lee hissed with throaty
ecstasy. "Fuck my cunt with your tongue, darling! Ohhhh, please
tongue-fuck me! My cunt is so hot, so wet, baby! It needs your
Cody stabbed his tongue into the hot wetness of his mother’s
cunt, his eyes wide and glassy. His nose was buried in the thick
bush of her cunt hair, and his chin pressed between the hot cheeks
of her ass. His tongue went quite deep and when he wiggled it
about between the clasping lips of her cunt, Kathie Lee wailed with
She began to grind her cunt into his mouth as he snaked his
tongue back and forth, thrusting into his mother’s quivering
pussy. She did not have to hold his face into her crotch any
longer, Cody was pressing his open mouth hard and desperately
into her cunt. Kathie Lee’s mind reeled into erotic ecstasy as she
lifted her ass, pressing her burning pussy into her son’s eager
"Ooh, mouth-fuck me, darling!" she squealed. "Oh, mouth-
fuck my cunt! Give me some tongue, Cody! Ohhh, fuck my cunt
with that lovely tongue! Lick my pussy … eat mother’s hairy
cunt … her snatch. Suck my cunt, Cody!"
His tongue delved and lapped, and he swallowed often because
her pussy was seeping so much into his mouth. Kathie Lee’s cunt
squeezed about her son’s diving tongue as she pumped her ass up
and down, her head thrown back and eyes closed to the sun. Her
flat stomach was rippling with subtle movements as she churned
into his mouth. Her tits stood up tight and spongy, her nipples
were very hard.
She had draped her legs over son’s shoulders now, and held
him tightly with her hot, cream inner thighs. Soft squeals
mingled with delighted whines as she sensed her orgasms burning
inside her body. She twisted her cunt into her son’s face tighter
and more frenziedly as the orgasm swelled.
Cody was licking and plunging his tongue in a frantic
hunger, his fingers digging into his mother’s tightening ass
cheeks. She was banging into his mouth so hard he had trouble
keeping his sucking mouth glued to her cunt.
"Ooh! Ohhhh, you’re about to make me come!" Kathie Lee shouted
in a choking voice. "Your tongue … up my cunt … is going to
make me … come!"
Her pussy convulsed, the muscles in her flat stomach became
taut. She opened her mouth and screamed with intense ecstasy as
she came, her cunt lips closing and relaxing about her son’s
plunging tongue. She held his head tightly with her thighs,
unable to stop the grinding motion of her hips.
The orgasm was long and drawn out–one of the best she had
ever felt. When it was over, she fell back onto the redwood deck,
her thighs relaxing about her son’s face and her tits heaving up
and down. Her panting breath was loud in the still morning air.
She felt her son caressing her quivering thighs and pulsating cunt
with gentle hands.
She never wanted to move again. But move she did.
"Anybody home?"
The sound of the voice sent Kathie Lee scurrying back into the
hot tub. She and Cody looked about with fear in their eyes.
They had not heard the knocking, and the shout had frightened them
both so much they were shaking.
"That’s Sally." Cody whispered.
Recovering somewhat, Kathie Lee yelled back, "We’re out here,
Sally … on the patio."
The young girl came from the sliding glass doors. She waved
a greeting and sat in one of the deck chairs. Kathie Lee quickly
glanced at the water to see if the girl could tell they were
naked. She couldn’t see much, just shadowy outlines of their
bodies. But her nipples could be detected if the little girl
leaned over to look.
Sally had long, golden blonde hair, and a face that was
almost painfully sweet and innocent-looking. Today, she had on
her swimsuit, a one-piece thing that stretched about her slim body
tightly. Small bumps formed her tits. Kathie Lee looked at the girl
differently than she had before. She was looking at Sally as her
son had seen her–naked. She imagined what that little cunt would
look like, and those small succulent tits. She was surprised to
find the image quite pleasant.
Beneath the concealment of the water, Kathie Lee moved her hand
to her son’s lap and found his cock standing up hard and strong.
She smiled to herself, knowing he was excited not just by what he
had done–eating her cunt–but also due to this sweet little girl
in her tight swimsuit. Playfully, she jacked on his cock, amused
to see a flush of embarrassment come over his face. But he didn’t
dare say anything or make a move to shove his mother’s hand away.
He was afraid Sally would know what his mother was doing to him.
As she jacked on her son’s cock under the water, she chatted
with little girl, amused by her son’s embarrassment. Kathie Lee was
struck by the sheer beauty of the blonde girl, by her exquisitely
long thighs, tanned a golden color. She could see the slight
bulge of Sally’s cunt underneath the tight suit.
"Wanna go bike riding, Cody?" Sally asked.
Cody stammered for a moment, and as his mother squeezed his
cock under the water he managed to mumble, "Sure."
Whispering in a low voice, Kathie Lee asked, "How are you going
to get out of the tub and into some clothes, baby?"
She did it to tease him, squeezing at his cock playfully. He
shot her a look of desperate fear. Kathie Lee laughed, a low throaty
sound. Turning to Sally, she said. "Honey, could you come back
in about an hour. I have something my son has to take care of
"Sure, Kathie Lee." Sally agreed with twinkling eyes. She
stood up and walked away, passing close by the tub and looking at
Cody. Kathie Lee saw a gleam in the girl’s blue eyes before Sally
She looked at the girl’s back. The tight swimsuit had ridden
into the crack of that small, deliciously tight ass. The lower
halves of Sally’s ass cheeks were exposed, the flesh an inviting
white in contrast to the golden tan of her slender thighs. Still
holding her son’s cock, she felt it throb as he too gazed at that
tantalizing little ass twitch out of sight.
"You like that, don’t you, darling?" Kathie Lee said when Sally
was gone. "You’d just love to fuck that little ass, wouldn’t
Cody nodded, turning back to his mother, "I wonder if she
knew we’re naked. I bet she saw us, Mom."
"Do you care?"
With a grin, he shook his head.
"Then neither do I." Kathie Lee laughed. "It might turn her on.
She had a twinkle in those blue eyes that say an awful lot, if I
know anything about girls."
"I wonder if she’d let me fuck her." Cody said.
"I’d bet on it, darling."
She cupped her son’s balls under the water, "Are you ready to
take care of that job I have for you?"
"What job?" he asked. "You didn’t say anything to me about a
job this morning, Mom."
"This job," she said, standing on the seat and leaning over
onto the redwood decking presenting her naked ass to him. "The
job of fucking me."
She wiggled her creamy ass invitingly. "I want your cock in
my cunt, darling. Licking me kind of got my motor going and then
with Sally here, well … "
Cody ran his hands over his mother’s silken ass cheeks,
fondling them as he climbed onto the seat. She spread her legs
out and arched her naked ass up for him.
She felt his cock probe the heat of her cunt. Then he
hesitated, "What if Sally comes back, Mom?"
"She won’t." Kathie Lee said. "Not for an hour. Come on, fuck
"She might." he insisted.
"Then she’ll have to wait her turn, damn it!" Kathie Lee
hissed. "Fuck me, Cody! If Sally comes back she can damn well
sit and watch. You can fuck her after you finish with me! Stick
that cock in my cunt now, Cody!"
She whimpered with pleasure as she felt his prick penetrate
her boiling cunt. She wiggled and twisted her ass when he began
to bang back and forth. She arched her naked, wet ass as high as
she could and still keep her balance on the edge of the hot tub.
The water swirled about her lower legs and feet as her son banged
into her, his hands gripping her hips tightly.
Kathie Lee wailed in ecstasy as her pussy closed about his
delving prick, holding it with that flexing motion. She wiggled
in delight as he stabbed deep and hard, the moist smacks of his
lower stomach against her grinding ass was the sound of lewd
While her son was fucking her so deliciously, Kathie Lee found
that she was visualizing Sally, her slim body naked, her long,
sweet thighs wrapped about her shoulders, pumping that succulent
cunt into her mouth.
She really wasn’t shocked to find herself thinking about
eating that sugary cunt. She had wondered what it would be like
to have her mouth against a pussy before. The picture in her mind
grew more and more vivid and she ran her tongue about her lips as
her naked ass gyrated on her son’s banging cock.
She had seen the expression on Sally’s sweet face and Kathie Lee
suspected there was a lot of fire lurking inside that young body,
a fire that wanted to burn a cock up. She had no doubts Sally was
a firecracker, just waiting–yearning for a cock to ignite her
cunt. And it seemed she counted on her son’s cock to start the
fire. The idea was appealing to her. But she didn’t want her son
and Sally to go hide in the bushes and fuck–she wanted them to do
it right where she could watch. She had never thought of herself
as a voyeur before, but watching her son’s cock go into that
tight, little cunt was something she definitely wanted to see!
She churned her ass about in a frenzy as her son drove his
cock rapidly in and out of her hairy pussy. Her erotic imagery
created such a storm about her sensitive cunt, she could feel the
orgasm growing like a smoking volcano. His cock was throbbing
between the stretched lips of her cunt, and she twirled her
arching ass with frenzied attempts to draw his come juice into her
Cody was grunting above her, his fingers digging harshly
into her shaking hips. Kathie Lee gurgled softly at first, but then
that exquisite sensation of burning orgasm wrapped about her naked
body. She screamed, unable to hold it back, as she came.
Instantly her son gushed into her cunt, then he fell on top
of her, gasping.

Chapter 5

When Sally returned, both Kathie Lee and Cody were dressed.
As had been his habit during the hotter days, Cody wore his
shorts. Kathie Lee liked that, because there was always the
possibility the head of his cock would sneak into view. She had
selected a wrap-around skirt and cotton blouse. She felt
deliciously naked under it, having deliberately left her panties
and bra off. The flap of her skirt opened as she walked,
revealing her smooth, long thighs.
Sally had not changed from her skin-tight swimsuit, and it
seemed to always be pulled into the crack of her sweet-looking
Cody’s eyes were hot as he looked at the lovely little
blonde, and Kathie Lee knew how much he wanted to fuck the girl. She
felt his desire because she too was drawn toward the succulent
sweetness. She felt no jealousy because Cody stared almost
embarrassingly at Sally, in fact she was amused by his
infatuation. Being somewhat wiser than her son, she knew that
since Sally had shown her body to him it only required a bit more
time before Sally would be fucking her son and quite wildly.
Despite her fresh, beautiful, innocent looks, Sally had eyes
that smoldered with eager readiness to fuck. Her eyes flirted not
only with Cody, but with Kathie Lee too. But that came as no
surprise to Kathie Lee, not from what she had heard about Sally and
Cody. A girl that age, with her juices boiling, was ready to
enjoy either boy or girl.
"Why don’t you come with us, Kathie Lee?" Sally said.
The use of her first name did not bother Kathie Lee. She did
not look upon their age difference in that way. The girl was
simply a very friendly person and, as Kathie Lee was discovering,
bold as hell. Sally’s obvious sexuality seemed to glow about her
like a heat wave. She could act in no other way.
"If you don’t mind an old woman like me, I’d be happy to go,
Sally." Kathie Lee replied.
"I don’t think you’re old." Sally murmured, her hot blue eyes
moving over Kathie Lee’s swelling tits. "You’re younger than my
mother, and you’re so much more beautiful!"
"Why, thank you, darling." Kathie Lee was pleased with the
compliment. "You’re very beautiful yourself."
"I know." Sally sighed, not at all concerned. "Everyone
tells me that. Sometimes I get so mad I could spit!"
"But you should be proud, Sally." Kathie Lee said.
"Oh, I guess I am proud of my looks, but it sure can cause
problems at times."
"Oh? What kind of problems?" Kathie Lee wanted to know.
"Boys." Sally said simply.
"How are they a problem?"
"They think I’m fragile." Sally replied. "I heard one tell
another boy that I was too pretty to touch."
"Oh, I see." Kathie Lee murmured.
Boys and some men are absolute idiots, Kathie Lee knew. They
thought because a girl or woman was unusually lovely, they were
untouchable, when in reality they were quite eager to be
approached. They placed the utmost virtue upon a beautiful girl
and set them on a pedestal–to look at and yearn for, yet afraid
the girl would shatter if touched. They felt if a girl of such
stunning beauty were ever penetrated by a hard cock it would soil
her forever.
"But Cody isn’t one of those boys, is he?" Kathie Lee asked.
"Gosh, no!" Sally giggled. "Cody is different. He knows
"He does, does he?" Kathie Lee smiled, amused.
With clear eyes, Sally gazed at Kathie Lee.
"Yes." she said in a simple sound.
"Hmmm." Kathie Lee murmured. "Well, if we’re going riding,
let’s go."
As they rode slowly about the trails in the pines, Kathie Lee
watched that small ass move on the seat just ahead of her. The
long, golden hair flowed about Sally’s pretty face. The suit was
working deeper into the crack of Sally’s succulent ass cheeks,
showing more and more white ass flesh. Cody too, was watching
this as he rode slightly behind Sally. Kathie Lee’s wrap-around
skirt parted as she pedaled, showing her long thighs to her hip.
Her tits jiggled in a tight way, her nipples protruding against
the thin cotton blouse.
Half an hour later, they paused to take in the scenery.
Leaning the bikes against a tree, Kathie Lee watched Sally boldly
take Cody’s hand and stand close as they looked out over a small
valley. The cheeks of Sally’s ass were fully exposed now, the
flesh teasingly white against the tan of her long legs. Kathie Lee
licked her lips as she stared hotly at Sally’s small, sweetly
revealed ass.
She moved behind the young couple and shoved a finger under
the girl’s swimsuit, pulling it from the crack of Sally’s ass.
The contact of her finger upon that sugary flesh sent a rippling
heat through her. She did the same to the other side of Sally’s
swimsuit, and Sally turned her head over her shoulder and smiled
up at Kathie Lee.
"Thank you." she said, her young voice so low Kathie Lee almost
didn’t hear her.
But what she did hear was a small mewl from Sally, and the
girl subtly wiggled her ass before Kathie Lee withdrew her hand.
Kathie Lee knew the movement had been deliberate, and she smiled as
she stood behind her son and this unusual girl.
She saw they were holding hands tightly, but Sally was
pressing the back of Cody’s hand against her bare hip. After a
few moments, they turned, faced each other and sat on the soft,
green grass. Sally spread her legs out wide and leaned back on
her hands, while Kathie Lee and Cody crossed their legs before them.
Kathie Lee glanced between Sally’s thighs and saw the slight bulge of
her cunt. Cody peeked too.
Kathie Lee turned her eyes to her son’s crotch and saw he was
getting a hard-on. For a moment, she debated whether or not she
should simply reach out and stroke his cock and let Sally see what
was between them. But she changed her mind. She had to be
absolutely certain of Sally first. The impression she had of
Sally was very strong, but she had to be sure.
Sally sprawled onto her back, her legs still spread wide.
She crossed her hands over her small stomach, gazing into the sky.
The small tits seemed to protrude deliciously against the
tightness of her swimsuit. Both Kathie Lee and her son could see
Sally’s crotch now. The swimsuit molded and outlined the slightly
puffy cunt, the lips clear. Glancing at her son, Kathie Lee saw his
cock was straining hard inside his shorts.
With a sigh, Sally sat up again. Kathie Lee saw those blue eyes
move to Cody’s crotch and a tiny smile came over the girl’s lips.
She had seen the bulging of Cody’s prick, and Kathie Lee was amused
at the little girl. She was teasing deliberately, without shame
or guilt, not seeming to care that Kathie Lee knew it.
"Well, we better start back." Kathie Lee said, getting to her
feet. She brushed at the back of her wrap-around skirt. The flap
parted and a long thigh was exposed. She saw Sally looking at it,
and she brushed a bit harder. Dark cunt hair was briefly exposed
and Kathie Lee saw the hot glint in Sally’s eyes.
Kathie Lee walked to her bicycle, then glanced over her
shoulder. Sally was quickly kissing Cody, and Kathie Lee noticed a
small, eager hand brush over the hardness of his shorts. With a
giggle, Sally retrieved her bicycle and climbed on.
When they arrived at the house, Sally waved good bye and, her
cute ass in motion, rode off.
"Well, she’s really something, isn’t she, Cody?"
"I wanna fuck her, Mom." he said, his cock still hard in his
shorts. "I gotta fuck her! She’s gonna make me come in my
fucking pants one of these days!"
"Oh, she’ll fuck, honey." Kathie Lee said. "She most
definitely will fuck."
"How do you know?"
"I know girls." Kathie Lee said. "And I think I know Sally
better than others. Don’t worry Cody … you’ll have your hard
cock up her tight, little cunt. And son, I think." She pulled
the flat of the wrap-around skirt aside, showing her son her cunt.
"In the meantime … "
Cody shoved his cock from the leg of his shorts, the head
quite swollen, dripping from his piss hole. Kathie Lee took her
son’s cock in her fist and began to pump it. Cody moved a hand
between his mother’s thighs, feeling her hairy cunt, finding it
very wet. Kathie Lee pulled at her blouse, not caring that buttons
pulled off. Her tits, swelling out with hard nipples, were
quickly grasped by her son’s free hand and sucking mouth. His
cock throbbed in her fist as she stroked it and Kathie Lee shoved her
cunt forward, rubbing the dripping head into her soft, thick,
pussy curls.
"Mmmm, you’re so hard, Cody!" Kathie Lee murmured thickly.
"Sally shouldn’t tease you so much … not unless she’s going to
do something about it."
She pulled her son’s cock between her hot thighs, pressing it
against the twitching lips of her pussy. She pumped her hips back
and forth, fucking with her thighs as he sucked hungrily on her
tits, going from one nipple to the other.
"And she’s going to do something about it soon, darling.
Trust mother, I know."
They were in the living room, the sliding glass doors open.
The sun, high over head, streamed into the room. Kathie Lee moved
her skirt wide and sat on the heavy coffee table, spreading her
legs, inching her cunt to the edge.
"What you see is what you get, darling." she whispered
throatily. "Come here and fuck mother. We’ve got to take care of
that lovely hard-on, don’t we?"
Eagerly, Cody shoved his shorts down to his knees, then he
was on them between his mother’s thighs. She sighed as the round
head of her son’s cock parted her sensitive, glistening cunt lips.
She closed her hot thighs against him as he moved his cock deeper,
going slow and holding his breath, his gaze down between their
bodies. The thick curls of his mother’s cunt almost surrounded
his cock, but he could see the pink lips clasping his prick.
Holding his mother’s thighs, he held his prick deep inside the wet
heat of her pussy, his cock throbbing with pleasure.
"Ooh, if feels so good, Cody." she bubbled hotly,
scissoring her thighs about his hips. "I can feel your balls
against my ass … feel your cock throbbing against my cunt lips.
But don’t hold still, baby. Fuck me!"
Breathing heavily, Cody started thrusting his cock back and
forth. Kathie Lee threw her head back, eyes closed, her lips parted.
She was smiling with ecstasy as Cody plunged his cock in and out.
Her cunt was gripping his prick with flexing tightness, sucking on
it as he fucked her.
With hot, almost glazed eyes, Cody watched his cock
penetrating his mother’s fantastically hot, wet cunt. He was
forever amazed by the feeling. His mother’s cunt had to be the
tightest, the hottest, the wettest, the hairiest pussy in the
whole world!
"You’re really hot, Mother," he gurgled, digging into her
revolving hips. "Your cunt is wet and hot!"
"Always." she sobbed with pleasure. "My cunt is always wet
and hot, darling! Ooh, fuck it for me! I love the way your hard
cock fills my pussy, Cody!"
Cody’s cock went in and out of his mother’s gripping cunt
and he couldn’t take his eyes from it. Kathie Lee’s hips began to
jerk up and down and he held himself still. He yelped with
delight as she fucked him, her hips jerking quickly now as her
cunt rode back and forth on his throbbing cock. The hot tightness
moved back and forth and the squeezing sensations sent his mind
Kathie Lee grunted as she banged her cunt back and forth,
fucking her son’s cock in a frenzy. She opened her eyes and
stared at his face. She could see he was intensely excited by
watching her cunt on his cock, and so she increased her movements.
Each bang onto his cock sent a liquid sound of erotic ecstasy
about the room. The slaps of her cunt against the base of his
prick increased the pleasure for them both.
Kathie Lee was leaning back on the coffee table, her head
hanging over the other side. Her hair dragged along the carpet as
she whipped her crotch up and down her son’s cock. She grunted
and moaned with mindless pleasure. She knew her son was excited
to watch her cunt fucking him, and did not call out for him to
fuck her back. She plunged her cunt up and down, the muscles of
her stomach rippling. She grunted softly with each upward lunge.
"Uh … uh … uh!"
Soft waves of orgasm were flowing through her, growing with
power. As the excruciating ecstasy climbed, Kathie Lee fucked her
son faster and harder, her ass almost flying up and down, the lips
of her cunt sucking powerfully. She was not longer grunting as
she slammed her cunt onto his cock, but squealing with ecstasy.
It seemed as if her son’s cock went deeper than ever, and his
prick seemed thicker, stretching her sensitive cunt lips wider and
more sweetly.
As her orgasms grew hotter, exploding with greater strength,
she still felt her son’s cock jerking about inside her steamy
cunt. She was sure the head of his prick had become the size of a
baseball just before he came.
The spurting splashes of his precious come juices flooded her
cunt, sending Kathie Lee into a shattering, final orgasm. The lips
of her pussy clutched Cody’s cock hard, relaxed, then grabbed
hard again. Her clitoris had become almost painfully knotted. A
scream started deep in her throat and then it broke out loud. She
gyrated her hot ass in furious pleasure as her son discharged his
thick come juice into her greedy pussy.
For a while she couldn’t move. She had no strength to lift
up. She lay there on the coffee table, her head dangling on one
side, her legs the other. She felt her son moving his hands about
the creamy, inner surfaces of her thighs and she trembled with
lingering ecstasy.
She finally felt the strength to lift her head, but then she
let it fall back as her son began to lick along her hot, sensitive
thighs. She mewled with pleasure as his wet tongue moved up and
down, going from one thigh to the other. She squirmed her crotch
as his tongue snaked along her thigh, then she felt it dip down
and lick at the crease of her ass cheeks where they met her legs.
She whimpered when he dragged his tongue along the teasing crack
of her ass and over the still twitching lips of her cunt.
She anticipated more of his tongue, found herself wanting it
lapping at her clitoris. But Cody drew away, slapping his mother
playfully on her hip.
"Let’s use the hot tub, Mom." he said, stepping out of his
She lifted her head and watched his naked ass bunch as he
walked out the sliding glass doors. She smiled, thinking he was
learning a great deal very quickly.
With her legs still a bit weak from the power of her many
orgasms, she stepped out onto the redwood patio. Cody was
already in the hot tub, his arms and head resting on the decking,
eyes closed.
He opened them when he heard his mother and watched as she
removed her blouse, then her wrap-around skirt. Kathie Lee stepped
into the tub next to him. In an almost automatic gesture she
moved her hand to his cock and balls; taking them both into her
hand and caressing them, squeezing gently as they soaked up the
soothing hot water.
"I wish Sally would come back." Cody said.
Kathie Lee leaned over and kissed his cheek, then ran the tip of
her tongue into his ear, "But you just had a good fuck, darling,"
she teased. "Do you think you can handle another pussy right
"I sure could, Mom." he grinned lazily.
Sure enough, his cock was starting to become hard in her
hand. She stroked it with her fist, bringing her other hand down
to caress his precious balls. She was delighted that he became
hard so quickly.
"You can always fuck me, you know." she whispered.
"I know that, Mom." he replied. "But I sure would like to
see what it’s like to fuck Sally."
"Don’t be so anxious, honey." she murmured, pumping on his
cock. "You will. It won’t be much longer and you’ll have this in
her cunt, I promise you."
"I sure hope so."
"But in the meantime," she squeezed his cock, "mother will
take care of it. Here, sit up on the deck."
"What are you gonna do?" he asked, lifting up.
"You’ll see." she smiled as he sat on the deck.
She moved his knees apart, turning and getting on her knees
to face him. She gazed at his crotch, seeing those precious balls
dangling and the upthrust of his beautiful, young cock. Cody
leaned back, enjoying his mother’s hands on his cock and balls.
Shoving her head between his thighs, Kathie Lee nuzzled into her
son’s balls, one hand stroking up and down his cock. She snaked
her tongue out and lapped almost delicately at his hairless balls,
enjoying the way they felt on her tongue. She ran her tongue
about them, licking them all over. Finally she pulled one into
her mouth, sucking on it gently. All the time she kept up a
smooth, slow pumping on his cock. Her eyes burned, watching her
son’s cock as she sucked on his balls, going from one to the
other. His cock was so strong and young and she loved it.
Releasing his balls, she lapped the flat surface of her
tongue up them, licking along the throbbing underside of his
prick. At the smooth head, she swirled her tongue about it,
tasting the heat there. She tapped her tongue against his piss
hole, then lapped up the seeping juices, swallowing with throaty
whimpers of ecstasy.
Kathie Lee swirled her wet tongue about her son’s cock, enjoying
the smooth heat of it. She kissed and nibbled on it, mewling with
softness. She cupped his balls in one hand and squeezed the base
of his cock with the other.
Finally she opened her lips with a soft whimper, sliding them
over the swollen head of his prick. For a while she teased
herself by holding the cockhead this way; her lips, hot, wet and
tight; her tongue moving slowly around the smoothness.
"Oh, Mom!" Cody grunted. "Your moth is as hot as your cunt!
I like it when you take my cock in your mouth this way! Ooh,
suck me, Mom! Suck my cock!"
"Mmmm!" she mewled.
Gulping more of his cock into her mouth, she tugged and
twisted his precious balls. Kathie Lee began to suck up and down on
his prick, taking only half inside her hungry mouth. She sucked
up and down with short, jerky motions, her tongue in fiery motion.
Then with a sob of ecstasy, she drove her mouth down until the
swollen head of his cock probed at her throat. Her eyes rolled as
she licked and sucked deeply.
She relished the fullness of her son’s cock inside her mouth.
It made her ecstatic to feel his prick throbbing between her
stretched lips and against her tongue.
With low growls of pleasure, Kathie Lee began to suck up and
down Cody’s cock with wet, slurping sounds. She bobbed her face
swiftly, then slowed, only to race her lips up and down his prick
again. She devoured his cock like a woman starved, which she was.
Taking his cock in and out of her lips, sucking up with
sunken cheeks, her tongue scraping it, she went down with swift
strokes. But as she sucked up, she moved slowly, using her tongue
against his prick. She held the cockhead tightly with her lips,
licked at his dripping piss hole, then drove down quickly once
more. Sucking her son this way gave both the most pleasure
Cody began to twist and writhe his hips, unable to prevent
his ass from thrusting up and down. Kathie Lee didn’t mind in the
least, he could fuck her mouth anytime he wanted.
Now and then she would stop sucking his cock so she could
lick at his writhing balls. But she made sure her lips were
wrapped about his prick most of the time. She slipped her hands
past his hips and clutched the tight cheeks of his ass, pulling
him up as her mouth went down.
"Mom, I’m gonna come!" Cody shouted, arching his hips up to
drive his cock deep.
"Mmmm!" Kathie Lee whimpered in reply, her mouth racing on his
prick now, her tongue licking frantically. She fucked his cock
with her hot, wet mouth furiously, anxious to have his sweet come
juice spurting over her tongue.
Cody gave a loud grunt and raised his hips high. Kathie Lee
sucked hard … and he came.
The hot come juice boiled from his piss hole and coated her
tongue. The thick sweetness filled her mouth and sent Kathie Lee in
shuddering orgasm, her cunt squeezing as she wiggled her ass about
under the hot water. She gulped and swallowed, her eyes rolling
around with ecstasy. She dug her fingers into his ass, feeling
the crinkle of his tightening asshole against one fingertip.
Kathie Lee was reluctant to let him go. She clung to his cock
long after he finished coming, her tongue lapping gently and
lovingly about the head. She turned her mouth about his prick
like a slow corkscrew, sobbing with delight.
Cody was panting harshly, his body very still and relaxed.
Kathie Lee reluctantly released his cock, but she ran her wicked
tongue about his precious balls for a moment or so longer, then
pulled her face from his crotch.
"That should hold you for a while, darling." she whispered.

Chapter 6

It did satisfy Cody but only for a while. At two that
afternoon he took his bicycle and rode off down the road. He had
not said where he was going, but Kathie Lee knew.
Cody was going to find Sally.
As she relaxed on the patio, a glass of iced tea on the
redwood table next to her lounge chair, she wondered how Cody
could keep up this pace. He seemed to have more stamina and
virility than most men twice his age.
But she wasn’t complaining.
She smiled as the hot sun burned down on her. Her body–her
tits and ass and cunt–felt very good.
There was a pleasant tingle in her tits and cunt, and she
writhed gently under the hot sun. She must have dozed.
The soft sound brought her eyes open, and she looked up to
see Sally standing there. The girl still wore that same swimsuit
and it was pulled up into the crack of her pretty ass.
"Why, Sally." Kathie Lee murmured, taking her tea and finding
the ice had melted. "I didn’t hear you come in."
Sally was standing about four feet away from her and her eyes
were big and hot. For the first time, Kathie Lee realized she was
still naked. She glanced about for something to cover herself
with, but there was only her skirt and blouse all the way across
the patio. It was too late anyway.
"You go around naked a lot, don’t you?" Sally asked, her
voice low.
Kathie Lee decided there was no sense in pretending modesty.
She wasn’t in any event. Besides, the way Sally was looking at
her, she knew the girl enjoyed what she was seeing.
Kathie Lee nodded. "Have you seen my son?"
Sally shook her head, the golden curls waving and shimmering.
Her eyes moved about Kathie Lee’s naked, thrusting tits and down to
the triangle of thick cunt hair.
"He went looking for you, I think."
One of Kathie Lee’s legs was over the lounge, the other straight
out. She knew Sally was gazing between her thighs, seeing her
cunt. But she didn’t care. It was damn well time to find out if
Sally was as erotic as she seemed.
"I haven’t been home since we went riding." Sally said, her
voice very low, a quiver in it now. "I probably missed him
Kathie Lee regarded the girl with warm eyes. It was obvious
that Sally was excited. Her small body trembled, but it was with
desire not embarrassment. Deliberately, Kathie Lee gazed with open
delight at the small mounds of Sally’s tits, seeing the succulent
nipples molded there. She licked her lips as she let her gaze
drift down, stopping at the slightly bulging crotch of Sally’s
bathing suit. She licked at her lips in a deliberate gesture and
when she glanced at Sally’s face, she saw intense interest there.
Kathie Lee slowly opened her legs wider, arching her cunt up
with a wiggle of her ass. She continued to gaze at Sally with
speculating, smoldering eyes.
"You’re more beautiful without clothes on." Sally said, her
voice husky.
"Do you think so, honey?" Kathie Lee cooed, arching her cunt up
once more, shaking her hips with inviting lewdness.
Sally nodded.
"I bet I know what you’re thinking, darling." Kathie Lee said
"You’d like to touch me." Kathie Lee’s voice was throaty as she
gazed boldly at the small girl. "You’d like to touch my body."
A small tremor seemed to go through Sally, and she barely
nodded her head.
"You can, you know." Kathie Lee said. "You can touch me if
you’d like, Sally. I wouldn’t mind if you did. I’d enjoy it."
She crooked a finger at Sally, motioning her to come closer.
Sally came, her eyes burning between Kathie Lee’s thighs. When she
stood next to the redwood lounge, Kathie Lee placed her palm on
Sally’s hip. She moved her palm down onto the naked flesh of the
slender thigh, feeling the heat radiating from that succulent
body. Sliding her hand around, she closed her fingers upon one
small, very tight ass cheek, giving it a squeeze.
Sally whimpered and her body shuddered. She moved a small
hand out and placed it upon one of Kathie Lee’s swelling tits. She
ran her finger about the smooth tit, fingering the nipple into a
harder peak.
Kathie Lee could not resist sliding her hand back in front of
the standing girl. She traced her fingers along the tight crotch
of Sally’s bathing suit, the contact seeming to sear her fingers.
Sliding her hand between Sally’s thighs, she cupped the girl’s
succulent cunt and pressed upward.
Sally whimpered with pleasure, and began to squeeze Kathie Lee’s
tits with both hands.
Kathie Lee rubbed her palm back and forth against Sally’s cunt,
watching those slim hips writhe and move with her. Using her
other hand, she pulled at Sally’s wrist, bringing the small hand
down to her own bushy cunt. Placing Sally’s hand there, she
closed her thighs about it, pumping her hips up and down.
Sally was squeezing one of Kathie Lee’s tits and feeling the
hairy, wet cunt with the other hand. She made a tentative thrust
with one finger and Kathie Lee mewled as it entered her slippery
Neither woman said a word. They breathed hotly and swiftly,
panting as the excitement grew within their bodies. Their eyes
moved about with each other, seeking and finding pleasure. Sally
slipped her finger in and out of Kathie Lee’s cunt, and that told the
older woman this succulent girl was no stranger to finger-fucking.
Sally knew exactly what to do, and it was confirmed when a small
finger rubbed about Kathie Lee’s steaming clitoris.
Not only had she found out Sally had a very erotic mind but
now Kathie Lee knew the girl had been doing things with her own body
too. This pleased Kathie Lee tremendously. Going a bit further, she
pulled Sally’s finger out of her cunt and lifted it to her own
mouth. With her eyes blazing up into Sally’s hot blue ones,
Kathie Lee licked the finger, tasting the juices of her own cunt.
Taking the small finger into her mouth, she sucked on it,
delighted to hear Sally purr with eager anticipation.
Shoving Sally’s finger back into her cunt, she worked it in
and out by holding the small wrist. Once again she withdrew her
finger, and this time offered it to Sally. Without hesitation,
Sally licked at the wetly glistening finger then sucked it into
her own small mouth.
Kathie Lee worked her finger under the tight crotch of Sally’s
bathing suit and rubbed along the hot lips of the girl’s steaming
cunt. Sally mewled and arched her hips forward, her eyes glassy.
It was time, Kathie Lee knew.
Sitting up, she reached for the straps of Sally’s bathing
suit. Pulling them from the golden shoulders, she pulled the
tight garment to Sally’s waist. The small tits were as sugary as
she had expected. The nipples were pink–fiery pink–standing up
beautifully. For a moment, Kathie Lee fondled those succulent tits,
then leaned forward and sucked on each nipple in turn. Sally
cooed with delight and hugged the older woman’s face tightly into
her tits.
Finally she began to roll the swimsuit down. Her eyes were
as bright as a child’s on a birthday, opening gifts. As the
bathing suit rolled down those slim thighs, Kathie Lee found herself
gazing upon the cutest cunt she had ever seen–not that she had
seen too many cunts.
But Sally had a fine, sweet pussy slit, sculptured
delicately. The lips were swollen with desire, and the very tip
of that sweet clitoris peeked from the almost hairless cunt.
Sally had hair on her pussy, but it was so blonde it was almost
Sally stepped from her swimsuit, not at all embarrassed to be
naked before this beautiful woman. Knowing she was exquisitely
beautiful, Sally was not vain about it. On the contrary, what she
had told Kathie Lee earlier in the day had been true. There were
times when she wished she didn’t have such beauty, then maybe boys
would not be so afraid of her.
Still without saying anything, Kathie Lee laid back on the
redwood lounge chair again. She swung her legs over each side of
it, her bushy cunt fully revealed to Sally’s hot eyes. But
Kathie Lee was very anxious.
She took Sally’s hand and pulled her closer, positioning the
little girl. It seemed as if Sally knew what Kathie Lee wanted and
without instructions, she found herself squatting above Kathie Lee’s
Kathie Lee gazed up into that sweet, honeyed cunt. She could
see the delicate lips and the throbbing clitoris. The cheeks of
Sally’s ass, parted in her squatting position, were very white
compared to the tan of her body.
Sally was looking down between her spreading knees into
Kathie Lee’s face. Kathie Lee moved her hands along the slim thighs and
about the parted cheeks of Sally’s ass. The flesh was hot and
smooth against her palms, exciting to touch. From under the
spreading ass cheeks, Kathie Lee moved her fingers until she traced
the swollen cunt lips. Then she lifted her head and pressed her
mouth into Sally’s cunt.
Sally made a sharp hiss and her small ass twisted slightly.
Kathie Lee kissed Sally’s cunt, then opened her lips only to close
them tightly about the girl’s whole pussy slit and clitoris. Her
eyes closed as she moved her tongue up and down Sally’s cunt,
tasting it, finding it sweet and hot and wt.
Sally’s small, naked body was shaking with ecstasy and she
gripped the head of the redwood lounge to brace herself. She
began to twist her cunt into Kathie Lee’s face, sliding it back and
forth on her lips. Kathie Lee gurgled with delight and ran her
tongue into the hot tightness of Sally’s cunt. She found it very,
very wet and so hot it almost scalded her tongue. She thrust her
tongue in as deep as possible, then began to fuck it in and out
Sally began to squeal loudly, wiggling her crotch down hard
against Kathie Lee’s mouth and tongue. Kathie Lee cupped those small,
tight ass cheeks, but not to prevent Sally from moving, only to
assist in holding her up. She fucked her tongue in and out, then
scraped it over the tiny clitoris.
As Kathie Lee sucked in moaning ecstasy on this sugary cunt, she
began to twist and writhe her naked ass upon the cushions of the
chair. Her cunt was boiling as much as Sally’s but there wasn’t
anything to be done about it right now.
Sally was squealing with ecstasy, her small ass shaking and
sliding along Kathie Lee’s open mouth and tongue. Kathie Lee licked and
sucked as hard, and with as much enjoyment as she did on her son’s
cock. She found Sally’s pussy soft and hot, a delight to lick.
Shoving her tongue into the tight cunt lips, she held her
mouth wide open. Sally, seeming to understand, began to bounce
her shapely little ass up and down. She was in effect, fucking
Kathie Lee’s tongue as if it were a small cock. Kathie Lee loved it as
the hot, slippery juices flowed from the sugary cunt over her
tongue and into her mouth. Her lips and cheeks and chin became
slippery with the fluids and even that thrilled her.
But because of her excitement, Sally couldn’t last much
longer. She began to squeal loudly as she banged up and down on
Kathie Lee’s mouth. Kathie Lee felt those sweet cunt lips throbbing and
quivering, then they grew very tight around her tongue. The
convulsions, when Sally’s orgasm struck, caused her cunt to close
about Kathie Lee’s tongue like a hot vise of satiny flesh. Sally
gurgled loudly, her body shaking violently as she sat on Kathie Lee’s
face, squirming her spasming cunt in a frenzy.
After her wild orgasm, Sally sat on Kathie Lee’s face for a
while, gasping until she stilled somewhat. Then still without
saying anything, she scooted her body down on top of Kathie Lee’s.
Kathie Lee was puzzled until Sally whispered, her lips close to a
burning nipple, "I fuck my pillow this way." She began to rub and
twist her little cunt against Kathie Lee’s hairy one.
Kathie Lee ran her hands down Sally’s back to that swelling,
cute ass. She held both ass cheeks in her hands as Sally twisted
and banged. When Sally sucked in one nipple, Kathie Lee sighed in
ecstasy. She squeezed and massaged the twisting ass cheeks and
felt Sally trying to shove one of her hands under her ass.
Lifting her hips, she let the girl clamp onto one of her ass
cheeks and then they started rubbing cunts with heated gasps of
pleasure. Sally continued to suck at her nipple, her hot little
tongue swirling hungrily.
Kathie Lee felt the orgasm growing inside her, and it was going
to be a tremendous come. She arched her hairy cunt hard into the
almost hairless one of Sally’s, grinding her hips as she pulled
down on the sweet ass. Sally was panting with searing breath on
her tit, and it was obvious that the little girl was about to come
"Ooo, Sally." Kathie Lee spoke for the first time in a while.
"You’re so sweet! You’re such a hot little girl. You’re going to
make me come now, darling."
"I want to, Kathie Lee." Sally hissed. "I want to make you
come the way you did me."
Sally banged her cunt into Kathie Lee’s, her hips working as if
she were fucking a hard cock. Kathie Lee lifted her hips and spread
her thighs about the bouncing hips of the girl, closing them
around until she locked her ankles over the back of Sally’s
thighs. Now she could feel that delicate cunt rubbing with a more
intense, sensitive manner. Her clitoris was being scraped by the
blonde-haired pussy, and with a sudden upward lunge, Kathie Lee came.
Almost at the same time, Sally squealed with ecstasy. Her
small body shuddered on top of Kathie Lee’s and they held each other
tightly, their cunts smashed against each other as the convulsions
gripped them.
Finally Kathie Lee cupped Sally’s face in her hands, holding the
lovely face up and staring into those blue eyes. The heat in them
had not been dampened in the least. Sally’s eyes still burned
with erotic desire. Bringing Sally’s face down, she kissed those
sweet lips. Kathie Lee was not in the least surprised to find the
moist tongue licking at her mouth, then darting into it. She
sucked at the tongue as it snaked back and forth.
"Come on, sweet thing," she murmured, "let’s get into the hot
tub for a while."
Sally got up and Kathie Lee gazed at the sweetness of that
slender, naked body just as it slipped into the tub. She climbed
in beside Sally, her thigh close to that of the little girl.
The sun was still high, quite hot on them. But the heat of
it and the water was soothing to their flesh. Kathie Lee placed her
arm over Sally’s shoulder and Sally rested her head against
Kathie Lee. Kathie Lee cupped and fondled a sweet little tit and was
pleased when a small hand moved up her stomach to curl about one
of her swelling, much larger tits. They held each other this way,
kissing now and then.
"I wish we could have done this earlier." Sally murmured
with a lazy voice.
"Why, honey?"
"Because then I wouldn’t have to fuck my pillow all the
time." Sally giggled, twisting Kathie Lee’s nipple. "My pillow is
all right and I can come that way, but I’d rather have you suck my
cunt. Golly, I came so hard!"
Kathie Lee chuckled with a deep sound, "You’re not as innocent
as you look are you, Sally?"
"Innocent!" Sally pulled her head from Kathie Lee’s shoulder
and looked at her. "Kathie Lee, I don’t know the meaning of the
word! I want to fuck and fuck and fuck! It’s these dumb-assed
boys! All but Cody. I think he likes me." She placed her head
back on Kathie Lee’s shoulder and began to fondle a tit once more.
"Cody does like you." Kathie Lee agreed.
"He’s … he’s seen me naked." Sally confessed.
"I know." Kathie Lee replied.
"I let him look at me without my clothes on and I saw him
too. Golly, he has a beautiful cock!"
Sally then told her the same thing her son had, about being
naked with him and the only difference in the story was Sally
thought Cody had been too nervous to touch her.
Kathie Lee laughed.
"That’s what he said about you." she murmured.
Again Sally lifted her head and looked at Kathie Lee. "He did?"
Then she burst into melodious giggles.
"You think it’s amusing, Sally?"
"I sure do!" Sally laughed. "There we were, as naked as we
could be. My pussy was so hot … and his cock stood a mile high!
I wanted to fuck and so did he and both of us thinking the other
was too nervous! That’s crazy."
"No, it’s youth." Kathie Lee replied, tweaking a pink nipple.
"But I don’t want to be young." Sally said. "I want to
"You can be young and fuck, too." Kathie Lee chuckled. "Age
has nothing to do with fucking."
Sally became quiet for a moment, then she said, "You and
Cody were naked in the tub this morning." It came out as a
statement, not a question.
"How did you know that, Sally?"
"Look at this water," she said, shoving a hand around under
the surface, "it’s as clear as it can be. I saw your tits
clearly. But all I saw was a shadow of Cody’s cock."
Kathie Lee started to reply, but the sound of the front door
came to her as it slammed shut.
"Mom, I can’t find Sally," came her son’s voice.
He stepped out the glass doors, then stopped as he saw Sally
in the tub with his mother.

Chapter 7

"I would say we’ve been caught." Kathie Lee smiled.
Sally, looking up at Cody, giggled cutely.
Cody didn’t know what to make of this. He stood at the
glass doors for some time looking at his mother and Sally as they
sat in the hot tub, the water up to their necks. His surprise
though, was pleasant.
"Caught?" he asked. "Mom, what are you talking about?"
Sally giggled again, ducking her head. But Kathie Lee noted she
wasn’t blushing. She felt the pressure of that slim thigh against
hers, and knew Sally was feeling excited.
Returning the pressure, she laughed with Sally, and they both
could not help bursting out into peals of laughter. Cody came
over and sat down on one of the chairs near the tub, looking
quizzically at them.
"What’s so funny, anyway?"
Kathie Lee controlled her laughter and with a straight face,
said to him, "Nothing is funny, darling. Sally and I just have
the giggles."
"I didn’t hear any laughing when I came in," he said.
As she talked with her son, Kathie Lee felt a small hand worming
its way between her thighs, urging Kathie Lee to part them. Then a
finger slipped into her cunt and Kathie Lee slipped her ass to the
edge of the seat, her legs wide. She sighed deeply as Sally
finger-fucked her, unable to keep her hips from writhing. She was
also not able to keep the dreamy expression out of her eyes, and
her face told her son that something pleasant was happening to
Cody glanced at Sally, then his mother and back again.
"What are you two doing?" he asked.
"Nothing, darling." Kathie Lee murmured. "Nothing at all."
Sally giggled more than ever, her finger moving faster into
Kathie Lee’s wet, hairy cunt, her thumb smashing the inflamed
clitoris. She too looked at Cody, her blue eyes sparkling
Cody stood up and moved closer to the edge of the hot tub,
peering under the water. He couldn’t see much, just the shadowy
outlines of their bodies but it was enough to tell him his mother,
as always, was naked. And so was Sally! Her bathing suit was a
bright color and would have shown up well. He could just make out
Sally’s hand somewhere on his mother’s thighs.
"Mom, is Sally feeling you up?" he asked, his voice almost
cracking with emotion.
He had straightened up and both Kathie Lee and Sally, with their
heads back, saw the head of his cock under his wide-legged shorts.
"We’re feeling each other up." Kathie Lee cooed softly.
Sally went into fits of giggles and couldn’t plunge her
finger into Kathie Lee’s cunt, but she kept it deep inside the
clasping, wet pussy lips. Kathie Lee had worked her hand over to
Sally’s delicate pussy and was rubbing a finger up and down the
bubbling slit.
"You … are?" Cody asked, his eyes huge.
Sally and Kathie Lee saw his cock beginning to lift as it
swelled. A soft mewl came from Sally, her eyes burning with
delight, fixed directly upon the head of his cock. Cody felt his
prick growing and made no effort to conceal it. His own eyes were
hot now and his balls tingled deliciously.
In a whispery voice, Kathie Lee looked up at her son. "I think
you’re getting a hard-on, honey."
A pale color of pink suffused his face, but he didn’t turn
from them. His cock was lifting swiftly now, and the front of his
shorts resembled a tent.
"Do you see what I see, Sally?" Kathie Lee asked the little
girl, who by this time had her giggles under control. "Do you see
Sally nodded, swallowing. Her eyes blazing as she peered
into his shorts. "Golly, yes Kathie Lee."
Before Cody knew what was happening his mother had grabbed
his ankles with both hands and jerked him into the water. He
yelled just before he went under. When he came up, blowing water,
he felt his hands on his shorts. In his surprise, he tried to
hang onto his shorts with both hands at first.
"Turn loose." his mother said as she and Sally tugged at
them. "If we’re naked, you have to be naked too."
His shorts were pulled down and beneath the water he felt a
small hand curl about his throbbing hard-on. The hand held his
cock tightly, pumping it. Sally was giggling again and looking
into his eyes. Cody was a bit taller than Sally, and she had her
face turned up.
Kathie Lee thought it was a beautiful scene, the sun burning
down on them, both her son and Sally showing ecstasy. She moved
her hand toward her son and found Sally had a tight grip on his
cock. She diverted her hand to his balls, cupping them. She
watched in pleasure as her son leaned his mouth into Sally’s,
kissing her. She felt his balls write and draw up as Sally pulled
on his cock.
Even with Cody’s cock pressing between them, Sally managed
to jack on his prick while Kathie Lee fondled his balls. When Cody
pulled his mouth off Sally’s, he turned to his mother. After
looking into her hot eyes for a moment, he kissed her too. Then
he wrapped his arms about both of them, holding their naked bodies
against his. Kathie Lee, still holding her son’s precious balls,
moved her other hand to his ass, sliding her palm up and down it.
She met Sally’s fingers there, and the two women looked at each
other and again they laughed.
"No matter where I touch Cody," Sally laughed, "I find your
hand there, Kathie Lee."
"Any objections, Sally?"
"Oh, no!"
In the meantime, Cody was doing some feeling of his own.
But most of his attention was directed to Sally, the girl he had
been wanting for some time. Kathie Lee felt no jealousy; this was
very enjoyable to her. She moved behind her son, standing close
to him with her arms under his, fingering his almost non-existent
nipples. She pressed her bushy cunt against his tight ass,
Cody wrapped his arms about Sally, holding her tightly and
kissing her again. Over his shoulder, Kathie Lee saw Sally sneak her
moist, succulent tongue into his mouth. She was aware that Cody
was in heaven.
Both she and Sally fondled the boy and Kathie Lee was getting
very excited as she listened to their soft murmurs and whimpers of
ecstasy. She ran her hands down and around them both, finding her
son holding the little ass cheeks of Sally. She placed her own
hand over his and pressed, grinding her hairy cunt into his ass
cheeks at the same time. She ran her tongue about his neck and
shoulders, sucking and licking at his flesh.
"Don’t you two want to do anything besides feel each other?"
she asked in a throaty, erotic sounding voice.
"Golly, yes!" Sally squealed, pulling from Cody and
scrambling out of the water.
She turned her back to them and climbed from the tub, her
cute ass flashing wetly in the sunlight. As she lifted her knee
to the deck, both Kathie Lee and her son caught a tantalizing glimpse
of her succulent cunt.
Kathie Lee grabbed her son’s cock and squeezed it hard.
"Beautiful, isn’t it?" she whispered to him and received a nod in
Sally stood on the deck looking down at them, her legs
parted. With a lewd giggle, she arched her hips forward and
exposed her pale-haired cunt quickly, then turned and moved to a
redwood chair, her tight, succulent ass wiggling in a pronounced
Sitting down, Sally boldly spread her thighs and leaned back
on her arms.
"You better go fuck her now, Cody." Kathie Lee laughed as she
gazed at Sally’s cunt. "If what I feel down here is any
indication, you’re going to come before you get your cock in her
hot cunt!"
"Come on, Cody!" Sally squealed, twisting her ass about
invitingly. "Come on!"
Cody was out of the water quickly and Kathie Lee’s eyes turned
into a boil as she climbed out, too. She knelt at Sally’s side,
placing a hand on one small, sweet tit as she watched her son
bring his cock to that sculptured cunt.
For a moment, Cody teased Sally and himself by rubbing the
swollen head of his cock up and down that steamy, sugar-sweet cunt
slit. Sally whimpered as she lifted her crotch and attempted to
draw his prick into her pussy. Squeezing into the small tit,
Kathie Lee moved her hand down until she was touching Sally’s highly
inflamed clitoris.
"Stop teasing her, Cody." she hissed. "Shove your cock in!
Sally wants it, darling. Put your fucking cock in her hot little
Kathie Lee knew her son’s cock would not hurt the intensely
aroused little girl. Her own finger and tongue had told her Sally
was a virgin by technicality only. She had used two of her
fingers to spread the delicate lips of the girl’s cunt and now she
sucked in an excited breath as she saw her son’s cockhead sliding
into Sally’s pussy.
Sally had been holding her breath with anticipation, but now
she groaned, a groan of exquisite ecstasy. Cody’s cock stretched
her succulent cunt lips as he pressed more of his prick into her.
"Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Golly … oh, golly!" Sally squealed as her
cunt was stretched around a cock for the first time. "It feels so
good … so good … so good … "
Cody thrust his cock fully into Sally’s steamy cunt, his
balls against her small ass. Kathie Lee’s eyes filmed over with
ecstasy as she saw her son’s cock wrapped by the sweet cunt lips
she had recently sucked and tongue-fucked. The sight was one of
the most erotic she had ever seen!
"Oh baby, fuck her!" Kathie Lee mewled. "Fuck her little cunt,
Cody! Oh, God … fuck her!"
Sally arched her cunt upwards, twisting her hips with his
cock buried deeply into her pussy. "Yes, Cody!" she wailed,
clawing at the cushions of the redwood chair. "Fuck me! Oh
golly, fuck me!"
Moaning in delight, Cody began to thrust his cock in and
out. Kathie Lee’s eyes, glassy, still managed to watch that pink
cunt suck on her son’s cock. The way those lovely pussy lips sank
inward as he plunged, then held his prick so tightly as he pulled
out, made her own pussy pulsate with intense eagerness. She slid
her fingers between them, feeling her son’s cock as he lunged back
and forth. Leaning over, she began to suck on one of Sally’s
rigid nipples, her tongue swirling with hot wetness.
Sally was yelping and gurgling, twisting her small body
around, banging her cunt up and down as Cody plunged more
vigorously into her. Kathie Lee felt the tremors going through
Sally’s naked body and those rippling shivers told her Sally was
having the time of her life.
Sally moved a hand underneath Kathie Lee and began to squeeze at
one full, spongy tit. Kathie Lee mewled against the small tit that
was in her mouth and shoved her hand down under the bouncing ass
of the girl, digging her fingers into those tight ass cheeks.
Then she grabbed her son’s naked ass, holding it. Her hand moved
from one young ass to the other, caressing and encouraging and
creating ecstasy within her own cunt.
"Golly! Golly!" Sally murmured over and over, her eyes
closed to savor the sensations sparking through her small, naked
body. "Golly! That’s so good … so good! Fuck me, Cody! Oh,
golly. Fuck me!"
Kathie Lee left the small tit and watched her son lunging his
cock in and out of the hotly gripping, young cunt. She was
thrilled with the way Sally banged her crotch up and down,
grinding almost mindlessly. She was not in the least surprised
that Sally was fucking so frantically this first time. She knew
just how hot and erotic the little girl was.
With Cody standing there between the girl’s slim thighs and
Sally sprawled back, Kathie Lee had a perfect view of his cock
running in and out of that slippery, satiny cunt. Suddenly with
loud wails of ecstasy, Sally began to churn up and down and
Kathie Lee actually saw those sugary cunt lips flexing as the girl
"I’m coming!" Sally screamed in ecstasy. "Golly, I’m coming
all over the place! Fuck me harder, Cody! Ooooo, I’m coming so
The small body shook violently, partly from her intense,
shattering orgasm and partly due to the powerful plunges of
Cody’s cock. Even the redwood chair was squeaking.
With a yelp, Cody slammed his cock as deep as he could into
Sally’s fiery cunt. Kathie Lee quickly ran her hand between his
thighs and grasped his balls, feeling them drawing up tightly as
he squirted his come juice into this extremely receptive little
As she knelt, Kathie Lee’s naked body shook suddenly. Her cunt
had convulsed just from watching the two young ones fucking. Her
eyes rolled about and she gurgled in pleasure, but continued to
grip her son’s balls as he spurted come juice into Sally’s pussy.
As Cody withdrew his cock, wet and slippery from the juices
of Sally’s cunt and his own discharge, Kathie Lee could not resist
it. She hurriedly shoved her mouth to it, taking his prick
between her lips and sucking. The taste of Sally’s cunt and his
come juice sent her mind reeling and she experienced another
She heard Sally giggle, and pulled off of her son’s prick.
Sally’s eyes were shining as she watched Kathie Lee. "I’ve got to
try that too," she said.
Kathie Lee laughed in a sultry sound. "You two do what you want
while I bring us something cold to drink."
She turned and walked into the house, feeling the eyes of her
son and Sally on her tightly jiggling ass. She swung her naked
ass playfully for them, then disappeared.
She was gone about ten minutes, preparing soft drinks. She
placed the tall glasses on a tray and went back onto the redwood
Sally was on her back again in one of the lounge chairs, her
legs spread wide. Between them was her son, his naked ass pumping
up and down. Their feet were toward Kathie Lee and she could see his
cock thrusting into Sally’s clinging pussy, his balls bouncing
about. There was a clutching sensation between her long, creamy
thighs and she gave a small squeal of pleasure.
Placing the tray on the table she got to her knees beside
them. Sally lifted her slim legs and wrapped them around Cody,
her arms already holding his chest against her burning little
tits. She was cooing with soft sounds of ecstasy as she ground
her cunt up and down his plunging cock.
Again Kathie Lee began to fondle her son’s naked ass while he
fucked Sally. She even shoved her other hand under Sally’s ass
and held it with tight fingers. She moved a finger into the hot
crack of Sally’s ass cheeks and began to rub lightly upon the tiny
asshole. This sent Sally into peals of gurgling pleasure and she
banged her ass up and down with a more frantic motion.
The older woman worked the fingers of her hand on Cody’s ass
into the crack and rubbed a bit harsher on his asshole. She heard
her son grunt with this added stimulation, and the cheeks of his
ass clenched tightly on her finger. Kathie Lee leaned over and
kissed his bouncing ass, running her tongue about the tight, hot
Growling with excitement, she moved until she was behind her
son. She sat on her legs, leaning forward and shoving her hands
underneath Sally’s squirming, naked ass. Cupping each of those
small, fiery ass cheeks in her palms, Kathie Lee shoved her face
against her son’s ass, running her tongue up and down the crack as
it lifted and lowered.
Cody grunted as his mother’s tongue licked up and down the
crack of his ass, and his wild fucking increased with a fury of
Holding the wiggling cheeks of Sally’s ass, Kathie Lee pressed
her tongue into the crack of her son’s bouncing ass, licking up
and down from his balls to the base of his spine. Shoving her
tongue deeper, she tasted the tight pucker of his asshole.
Feeling her tongue against his asshole inflamed her mind and her
cunt almost convulsed into orgasms then and there. She dug her
fingers into Sally’s twisting ass, lifting it high onto her son’s
plunging cock.
His balls moved against her chin as she shoved her face
farther into the crack of Cody’s ass. She could hardly breathe
now, but that didn’t bother her in the least. Her excitement of
seeing his cock in that tight, sweet cunt and her tongue licking
about his puckering asshole was all that mattered. Her own pussy
was throbbing and burning as she swirled her tongue up and down,
the tip pressing at his hot asshole.
Sally’s squeals mingling with her words of "fuck me, fuck
me!" came to her, along with the grunts of her son. Her tits
jiggled from the way her son’s ass moved up and down into her
face, her nipples burning in a tingling sensation. She spread her
legs and placed them around her son’s, pressing her hairy, hot
cunt against them. She wiggled and rubbed her pussy there as she
squeezed the sweetness of Sally’s churning ass, her tongue moving
in fiery ecstasy against her son’s asshole.
She could hear Sally’s hot voice as the little girl began to
scream that she was coming. Kathie Lee pulled that sweet ass tighter
into her son’s cock, feeling it grind with mindless ecstasy. She
thought that rounded ass became hotter to touch as Sally’s cunt
erupted into ecstatic orgasm.
She raced her tongue about her son’s clenching asshole, and
then she felt it flexing as his body became stiff. The squeezing
of his asshole against her tongue told Kathie Lee he was coming in
Sally’s cunt, despite his wild yelps of pleasure.
She pulled her face out of his ass when he relaxed. Moving
off his thighs and sitting back on her heels, she said, "That was
such a fast fuck, the ice cubes didn’t melt."
Cody climbed off Sally and sat on the redwood deck,
breathing hard. Lifting herself up on her elbows, Sally giggled
with delight. "Who cares about silly old ice cubes! I like it
hot … the way my cunt feels."
She took a glass anyway, sipping at it.
Cody, his breathing somewhat slower, drank deeply from his
glass. Kathie Lee pulled herself onto a padded chair and sat with
her knees wide, her eyes shining with pleasure as she looked at
the naked young ones.
"It’s so nice outside this way." Sally said in a lazy voice.
"I wish we had a patio like this. But I couldn’t go naked there
anyway–I’d get my ass spanked. The best I can do is that fucking
old bathing suit."
"And you certainly make sure things show in it, don’t you?"
Kathie Lee smiled at the little girl.
"Why not?" Sally giggled. "It’s the best I can do to make
Cody excited. He gets a hard-on when he sees me wearing it that
way … you know, pulled up my ass."
"Speaking of asses," Cody said, "were you licking my ass,
Kathie Lee lifted her eyebrows. "You don’t know?"
"Well, I think I know," he said, "but I was so hot fucking
Sally, I thought I was dreaming."
"That was no dream, darling." Kathie Lee laughed in a lewd way.
"That was my tongue on your asshole."

Chapter 8

It was early evening and Kathie Lee ate a light meal with her
They were on the patio where they usually ate in the warm
weather. The sun was fading, but the heat of the day was still
with them. Sally had been gone for over two hours.
Kathie Lee was very pleased with how the day turned out. Sally
and Cody had been wanting to fuck for a long time, and finally it
had happened. They were no longer nervous with each other as
before and having Kathie Lee with them, joining them, increased their
Cody was extremely virile and it seemed he needed very
little time to recover. Then his beautiful cock was standing up
and ready for a hot cunt again.
Like now.
He had a hard-on all through dinner and Kathie Lee stroked it
often. Her son, it seemed, was as erotic as she was, but she
wondered just how erotic he actually was. Licking at his asshole
had turned her on and apparently it had excited him too. As they
ate, she told him about how Sally had come there, finding her
naked, and how Sally had enjoyed getting her sugary cunt sucked
and licked by her. Cody was excited to know that his mother had
sucked Sally’s pussy.
"Does her cunt taste good, Mom?" he wanted to know. "I
fucked her so much I forgot about licking her. I gotta do that
next time."
"Sally loves a tongue-fuck, darling." Kathie Lee said, "And she
has the sweetest little cunt! You’re in for a treat, Cody."
They were silent for awhile, each in their own thoughts.
Those thoughts though were filled with exciting erotic things. As
they each considered various possibilities, Kathie Lee stroked her
son’s cock with an easy manner, her cunt throbbing gently. She
had not been fucked by her son while Sally was with them, but she
didn’t resent it. She knew how much they wanted to fuck each
other. But Sally wasn’t here now.
Shoving the few dishes aside, Kathie Lee stood and sat her naked
ass on the redwood table in front of her seated son. She spread
her legs wide and arched her hair-rimmed cunt toward him.
"You can eat my cunt, Cody." she said in a low voice.
"Pretend it’s Sally’s pussy, if you want."
Cody grinned up at his mother. "I don’t want to pretend
it’s Sally’s cunt, Mom. I love to lick your pussy! I like all
this dark hair around it."
He moved his fingers through his mother’s cunt hair, tracing
her hot pussy lips with a tip. He rubbed very gently at her
inflamed clitoris, then worked his finger in and out of her pussy.
Kathie Lee mewled with delight and leaned back, shoving her cunt
closer to his face. She placed her feet on the arm of his chair,
lifting her ass, making tight circles with her hips, mewling in
She sighed when his tongue licked up the inner surface of one
hot thigh, then down the other. He circled his tongue about the
curling hairs, then pulled a thick patch into his mouth, sucking
her cunt hair while working his finger back and forth into her
bubbling cunt.
Kathie Lee twisted and writhed her hips, urging her son to lick
at her boiling cunt. She dug her fingers into her tits as she
arched her hairy pussy into his face.
Cody removed his finger and held his mother’s hot ass
cheeks. He shoved his lips tightly against her slippery, wet cunt
and sucked on it. Kathie Lee mewled and began to grind her cunt into
Cody’s face, feeling his tongue dart between those fiery pussy
lips. He tongue-fucked her for a while, then scraped his tongue
about her inflamed clitoris, finally drawing it into his mouth,
sucking hard as his tongue ran rapidly about the tip.
"Ooh, baby!" Kathie Lee whimpered, her fingers digging
brutally into her spongy tits. "Suck that cunt! Oh God, you lick
mother’s pussy so sweetly! Eat me, darling! Ooh, eat my hot,
wet, hairy cunt!"
Drawing her legs up, Kathie Lee pulled her knees into her
swollen tits, arching her ass and cunt into her son’s face. She
whimpered as his tongue raced in and out of her gripping pussy,
her ass shaking into his face. The wet slurping sounds he made
served to increase the ecstasy that rumbled through her naked
body, sending her mind reeling into bliss. She began to squirm
her cunt tighter into his face, feeling an orgasm swelling inside
her stomach.
Her clitoris was melting against his upper lip, his tongue
thrusting in as deep as he could force it. She was so wet his
face was becoming smeared and he had to swallow often as her cunt
dripped into his mouth. She gurgled hotly, whipping her crotch up
and down. She felt his tongue scraping up and down the lips of
her pussy, over her clitoris.
Then she shivered suddenly–her son’s tongue had scraped
against her hotly puckered asshole!
"Ohhhh!" She yelped in delight.
Knowing the thrills his mother was receiving, Cody began to
lick the flat surface up and down, going from the base of her
spine, over her crinkled asshole and up the slit of her hairy cunt
to her clitoris. Up and down his tongue went, and Kathie Lee was
shaking with ecstasy.
When her son held his face still, his tongue stuck out, she
began to slider her ass up and down, making him lick her cunt and
asshole alternately. The explosion of her orgasm sent her ass
into a grinding delight that almost smothered her son. When her
asshole was against his tongue, his nose seemed to be inside her
fiery cunt.
"Oh, God!" Kathie Lee wailed. "Oh, God! Cody, Cody lick me!
Ohhh, that’s nice! Lick mother’s cunt and asshole, baby! Ooh,
lick them both!"
She was coming with rippling ecstasy as she whipped her hairy
cunt and burning asshole about his face. The wetness of his
tongue against her asshole was sending her out her mind. She was
twisting her head about on the table, her hair waving in all
directions. She held her knees tightly against her tits, smashing
them, humping up and down with a grinding motion. Cody was
pressing his hands against the back of her thighs, helping to hold
her ass into his face.
"Ooh, up the ass!" Kathie Lee gurgled in a hot breath. "Up
the ass, Cody! Up my fucking ass!" She rubbed her asshole
tighter against his outthrust tongue, feeling the burning need
there. "Cody, stick your tongue up my fucking ass!" she wailed
in mindless desire. "Hurry, shove your tongue up mother’s
asshole! I’m coming, darling … and I want your tongue fucking
me in the hot ass!"
Cody didn’t hesitate. Curling his tongue tightly, he
pressed it against the tightness of his mother’s asshole.
Feeling it against her, Kathie Lee, still in the clutches of her
orgasm, shoved her ass into his face hard. She felt his tongue
slide through the ring of her asshole easily and as he plunged it
in and out, she erupted into greater, more ecstatic orgasms.
Afraid to twist and grind now, afraid she would lose his tongue
lunging in and out of her asshole, she held herself still, except
for the trembling orgasms within her naked body.
Cody ran his tongue as deep up his mother’s asshole as he
could, fucking her there as he had fucked her in the cunt. His
cock was standing up from his lap, throbbing with almost painful
hardness. He was dripping copiously, the slippery juices running
down the throbbing cockshaft.
The waves of crashing orgasms refused to sop, and Kathie Lee was
screaming with ecstasy. She was clawing at her tits brutally, but
not feeling the pain. Every part of her body was one huge,
blinding hot orgasm.
Her asshole flexed and closed on her son’s tongue, drawing on
it the way her cunt did. Yet Cody kept on thrusting, fucking his
mother wildly, his hands still pressing her thighs back, keeping
her rounded ass high in the air.
"Oh, God! Stop!" Kathie Lee wailed, trying to draw away from
him. "I can’t stand it, darling! Oh, God, please … no more
right now! Please, Cody, take your tongue out of my asshole!"
Cody was reluctant. He had found something else they could
do that created intense pleasure, and he enjoyed the squeezing
heat of his mother’s asshole around his tongue. But he pulled it
Slowly, Kathie Lee lowered her thighs and found she had them
draped over his shoulders. Cody licked gently at her hot thighs,
circling her cunt because he knew his mother was a bit too
sensitive now to be licked there directly.
It was a long time before Kathie Lee recovered enough to sit up
on the table. She lay there relaxing as her son kissed and licked
her creamy inner thighs. Struggling upright, she looked into his
eyes. His face was smeared with the juice of her cunt, glistening
in the fading light of the sun. With his head between her thighs,
she leaned forward and kissed him, holding his cheeks in her
"God, but that was good, Cody." she murmured. "Is there
anything you won’t do?"
He shook his head. "Nothing." he replied.
She squeezed her hot thighs against his head, then let him
go. She stood from the table, her legs feeling weak. She had
came so strongly as he tongue-fucked her in the ass. She saw his
cock standing up, very hard and shining with the dripping juices.
Leaning down, she grasped his prick in her hand and jerked it up
and down. Then she lowered her face and kissed his slippery
cockhead. She trailed her hot tongue over the piss hole, then
stood upright.
"You wouldn’t lie to your mother, would you, Cody?" she
"No, Mom." he replied, his eyes gleaming. "I’d do anything
you want and enjoy it." The gleam grew brighter. "I wonder if
Sally would like my tongue up her ass."
Kathie Lee gave a low chuckle. "Honey, Sally would like
anything you and I do, I can promise you that."
She began to clear the dishes, stacking them. Cody helped
her and she carried them into the house. She felt her son’s eyes
on her naked ass and paused before she entered the glass doorway.
Looking over her shoulder at him, she wiggled her ass.
"You know what, baby?" she murmured in a voice just loud
enough to carry to him. "I wonder what it would feel like to have
your hard cock up my ass."
She saw his eyes burn before she disappeared.
As Kathie Lee put the dished in the dishwasher, she thought more
and more about taking her son’s cock into her asshole. The idea
came to her as she had licked his asshole while fucking Sally.
She had found out that her son was intensely erotic too and
willing and eager to do anything she wanted.
The redwood patio was built on stilts with a waist-high
railing all around. When she returned to her son, he was standing
there pissing out into the brush.
"We do have bathrooms, you know." she said, but there was no
anger in her voice.
"I had to go quick." he replied, arching his hips forward as
he pissed.
Kathie Lee came up beside her son, and on an impulse, took his
cock in her hand. Playfully, she swung his cock about, making the
stream of piss splash about in a waving line. She laughed. "I
can’t piss that way. It looks like fun, though."
"I know." Cody said in his young wisdom. "You have to sit
down or squat or something."
"Or something." she laughed.
When he finished, she shook his cock for him, then on an
impulse once more, ran her thumb over the piss-wet head. "Mmmm,
warm." she murmured.
"You piss, Mom." he said.
"Maybe I don’t have to." she teased, stroking his cock
"Okay." she giggled naughtily, climbing onto the top rail and
shoving her ass over it. Then an impish smile came over her
beautiful face. "If you want to see, you have to lean down
Cody did and looked up to see his mother’s ass hanging over
the rail. Her cunt, surrounded by thick hair, seemed to excite
Kathie Lee began to piss.
"I see you!" he laughed. "I see you pissing, Mom!"
"Lean down further, baby." she whispered, the impish smile
still on her face.
He did, and with a sudden movement Kathie Lee shoved her ass
down. The warm piss splashed into her son’s face. She laughed
when he jerked back, sputtering and wiping at his face.
"That’s not fair!" he said. "I didn’t piss in your face,
"Anything is fair when I’ve got the hots, darling." she
laughed. "But if you want, you can piss in my face. Then we’ll
be even."
"I don’t have to piss." he complained. "I already did."
"That’s your problem." Kathie Lee cooed as she climbed off the
"I’ll have to again, and you’re gonna get it!" he said.
Kathie Lee held his cock in her hand. "You’ll have to catch me
first." she said. "And I can run very fast."
"But I can piss farther." he laughed and cupped her tits with
both hands. "I’ll get you, don’t worry."
"I’m not worried in the lest." she mewled, brushing her
tongue about his lips. "I’m not afraid of you."
"You’re gonna be by the time I finish." her son replied.
"Oh? And how are you going to make me afraid of you?" she
grinned, squeezing his cock.
"You’ll see." He dropped his hands from her tits and
clutched her shapely ass cheeks.
"Are you going to make me afraid by sticking your cock up my
"Well, that’s one way."
"Ha! That would be a pleasure." she laughed.
"Really, Mom?"
His eyes were blazing with excitement.
"You want to?"
"Let’s try it!"
With a husky gurgle she placed herself back on the redwood
table in the same position she had been in before. She drew her
knees to her tits again, smashing them, arching her ass upwards.
She peered between her knees as her son moved up to her body. She
watched him take the base of his cock in his hand and then she
felt the swollen head of it against her puckered asshole.
"Do you think this will work, Mom?" he asked. "You look
awful tight to me."
"Darling, that asshole will stretch a fucking mile!" she
hissed. "Shove it in me!"
Cody applied pressure, but tried to be gentle.
But Kathie Lee didn’t want it gentle. She pressed her ass
against the head of his cock hard, holding her breath with
anticipation. She felt her asshole sink inward as her son pushed
harder. There was a burning sensation, but it was not at all
unpleasant. On the contrary, the sheer perversity of it gave her
a great deal of enjoyment.
"Harder!" she whimpered.
The head of his cock stretched her asshole and then it was
inside. Kathie Lee shuddered with the strange feelings it gave her.
It seemed as if her son had run a telephone pole up her ass, but
the fullness was also intensely delicious to her. She felt her
asshole closing and relaxing around her son’s cock.
She knew only the head of his prick was up her ass and she
wanted his cock all the way inside. Holding her ass up, her cunt
was exposed. As Cody began to push more of his cock into his
mother’s gripping asshole, he began to caress her distended
clitoris with his fingers, intensifying the ecstasy for his
Kathie Lee shuddered with pleasure, then began to move her ass
up and down. Cody held himself almost rigid, peering down in the
fading light as his cock was sucked deeper into her asshole. He
watched the hairy lips of her cunt flex as she drew his cock all
the way inside her ass.
"Mmmm, that’s … that’s good!" Kathie Lee wailed as her ass
squeezed his cock. "Now fuck it, Cody. Fuck that tight, hot
asshole! Bang me hard and fast! Ooo, I love this … your cock
so hard and deep … up my asshole! Fuck that ass, baby! Fuck
that hot asshole!"
Rubbing at her cunt and clitoris, Cody began to thrust his
cock in and out of his mother’s ass. Kathie Lee wiggled and sighed,
sobbing with the greatest ecstasy yet. The way her asshole
stretched around his cock was a thrilling sensation. The fullness
of her ass was creating a storm of orgasms that went whipping
through her over-heated body.
Cody’s cock seemed to penetrated her asshole deeper than it
ever had her cunt, but that was probably due to the perversity of
the ass-fucking, she thought. She lifted her ass and began to
grind as he plunged his prick in and out. She did not have to
clench her asshole on his prick–it did that of its own free will.
The burning sensation that she had felt initially was now
gone, having been replaced by the most exquisite sensations she
had ever experienced. Even as she humped her ass up and down on
his cock, Kathie Lee wondered why she had not taken a cock into her
asshole before.
"Cody, this is so good!" she murmured in a hot voice.
"Ohhh, I love the way your cock feels in my ass! Ooo, honey, fuck
mother in the ass fast and hard! Really plunge your cock deep!
Go as deep as you can! I’m coming, you know … coming already!"
Cody was grunting as he lunged his cock in and out of her
ass. It was much tighter than her cunt and he thought his
mother’s cunt was the tightest thing beside her fist. His balls
were swinging to and fro, and the heat of her tight asshole
sucking on his cock was making them draw up at the base.
"Mom, I can’t last much longer!" he shouted.
"Don’t wait!" she sobbed, grinding wickedly against him.
"Don’t wait! Come, darling! I want to feel your come juice
squirting up my ass!"
Cody banged hard, driving his cock deeply. Then he slammed
into her asshole and held himself there, his body stiff, his head
thrown back. He gritted his teeth and a loud yelp came from him.
Kathie Lee felt his cock explode inside her asshole, then the
foamy warmth of his come juice spurted along the smooth walls of
her ass. She could not prevent the scream of ecstasy that tore
from her constricted throat. It seemed to her that she was being
blown apart with the force of her orgasm–her cunt and asshole
both in convulsive spasms.
The tormenting orgasms caused her legs to lift into the air,
and Cody held them about his face, his cock gushing wildly into
his mother’s sucking asshole.
As they finished, he could no longer stand. His cock came
out of her asshole with a small, audible plopping sound, and he
sank to his knees. Before Kathie Lee lowered her legs, he shoved his
face into her hairy cunt, kissing it as he gasped hotly.
Kathie Lee lay on the table for a long time, her swelling tits
heaving up and down. Wonderment was on her beautiful face, a face
that was glowing with the residue of her receding ecstasy. Her
legs dangled over the edge of the table, wide apart, and the cool
breeze of the early evening air helped her hot cunt some, but only
It was a long time before she recovered enough to sit up, and
then she realized dusk had fallen. The birds had stopped chirping
and the scurrying night sounds of tiny animals could be heard.
She stood up and saw her son resting his head on the cushions
of a lounge chair, breathing evenly. She smiled at his sleeping
face, not wanting to wake him but knowing he could not spend the
night outside.
She shook his shoulder gently, and he looked up at her with
sleepy eyes. "Time we went to bed darling." she whispered,
helping him to his feet.
They climbed the stairs together, Cody leaning against his
mother. Despite all his vigor when it came to fucking her and
Sally, Kathie Lee realized that he was still a little boy.

Chapter 9

It was late when Kathie Lee awoke.
She had been sleeping deeply and for a moment failed to
understand what woke her up. Then she felt it again and smiled.
She was sprawled across the bed, uncovered. Cody was down
between her spread thighs, licking and kissing her smooth ass,
caressing it tenderly.
Kathie Lee wiggled her ass against his lips and tongue. "Mmmm,
what a nice way to wake up." she murmured.
"I thought you were still asleep, Mom." he said, then
playfully goosed her in the ass with his tongue.
"Hey, you little mother-fucker!" she squealed and rolled onto
her back. She grabbed for him but he jumped from the bed quickly,
shaking his cock at her.
"Want some, Mom?"
"I want some of your teasing ass, that’s for sure." she
laughed, scooting from the bed and chasing him as he ran into the
She stood behind her son as he leaned over to adjust the
shower, feeling his ass. "You’re a teasing little mother-fucker,
you know that, darling?"
"Yeah," he grinned at her. "I guess I am a mother-fucker,
not to mention a Sally-fucker and an asshole-fucker."
"And a cunt-licker, don’t forget." she played with him. "For
God’s sake, don’t forget that!"
"Who could?" he laughed as he stepped into the shower.
"Pussy tastes good, I’d never forget that."
They soaped each other and played like two innocent children
under the shower. They spent most of their time however, washing
his cock and balls, then her cunt and tits. When they finished,
they dried each other off with fluffy towels, still playing about.
Cody poked his mother’s cunt, then shoved his face between her
thighs to dart his tongue into her pussy. Kathie Lee spread her legs
and leaned against the wall, gently pumping her hips back and
forth as he licked her pussy. His tongue brought her to some
delicious orgasms, but by then his cock was straining very hard.
As he lifted up, Kathie Lee placed him on the toilet seat, then
straddled him, her legs on each side of his legs. "Put that cock
in me before that hard-on goes away!" she urged.
While her son held the base of his cock, Kathie Lee plunged her
cunt down onto it, then she sat there, rocking back and forth, her
hands on his shoulders. They kissed a great deal as she lifted
and lowered her naked ass. She sucked her son’s tongue into her
mouth as he fondled her shapely tits. She bounced her crotch up
and down on his cock in a slow motion, both of them savoring the
early morning fucking.
Most of the all-consuming initial excitement of fucking each
other was done by this time. Now they could settle down to taking
their time. Kathie Lee fucked her son without the earlier frantic
motions of her ass, sighing with pleasure as she rode up and down
his prick. They gazed into each other’s eyes like longtime
lovers. Cody caressed his mother’s tits and fondled her thighs,
squeezing the cheeks of her ass while she moved up and down, her
cunt sliding easily on his stiff cock.
When she came, she leaned against him and mewled in a soft
voice. The sucking of her cunt made his come juice come bubbling
forth, filling her pussy with its precious sweetness. They sat
this way for a while, then she withdrew and stood up.
"I’ve got to shower again." she said.
After her second shower, she wrapped a big towel around her
then went downstairs where her son waited. He sat at the small
table in the kitchen, waiting for his breakfast.
The towel tucked securely over her tits, she prepared waffles
and sausage for them. Even after these past few days, Cody still
had not really become accustomed to seeing his tall, beautiful
mother undressed. He sat quietly, gazing at her long, slender
thighs and the barely visible cheeks of her ass.
Perhaps he was not accustomed to it yet, but he most
certainly enjoyed it. The fires of intense, erotic desire burned
extremely hot not only in him, but in Kathie Lee too.
Watching her son eat, Kathie Lee wondered when the consuming
flames would become mellow. She knew they would, eventually. And
she dreaded when it would happen but knowing enough of human
nature, she realized it was inevitable. They would never stop
fucking, she knew, never. But it would become less intense, less
violent perhaps, and she decided that would probably be a good
thing. They had been careless in their desire for each other, she
knew. And that wasn’t good at all. Yet on the other hand, if
they had not been careless it was possible Sally would not have
joined them the day before.
Looking at it that way, Kathie Lee realized their carelessness
had told her two things: she found she enjoyed licking cunt. That
is, she enjoyed licking Sally’s cunt. Perhaps she would not like
putting her mouth on another pussy. She didn’t know about that.
Sally was cute, sweet, and so erotically innocent, if such a
combination was possible. Maybe it was her pale blonde cunt that
was so appealing. Kathie Lee didn’t think she would care to run her
tongue about the wet lips of some pussy that was as hairy as her
The other thing she had discovered about herself was how
thrilling it was to watch her son fucking Sally. Seeing his cock
penetrating that tight, sculptured cunt was intensely exciting to
her and it was possible for her to come as she watched, mildly but
come just the same. The same question applied here too, she
thought. Would it be as exciting to see her son fuck someone
besides little Sally?
The questions were too much for her and Kathie Lee shoved them
aside. She smiled at her son as she sipped her coffee, the towel
slipping a bit. With a lewd wink at Cody she pulled it back up
and tightened it.
She cleaned up the kitchen when her son finished eating. She
felt a sense of loneliness in the kitchen. Cody had taken off
after pulling his shorts on, riding his bike down the narrow road
toward Sally’s house.
After she had dressed in a becoming housedress for the day,
she wandered around the house, going outside, upstairs,
downstairs, her mind filled with indecision. She sat on the
patio, another cup of coffee with her. The hot tub did not invite
her this morning. She leaned back in the lounge, drawing one knee
up and sighed. She loved living in this semi-isolation, the
house, the trees. It was the perfect place for this new
relationship with her son … and Sally.
She felt no jealousy because her son had ridden off to see
Sally. Nor was she jealous to think that they might enter the
forest and fuck on the soft grass with the birds singing and the
warm sun on their naked bodies. Cody, she was well aware of, was
at the age where he wanted to stick his cock into any cunt he
could get his hands on. That, to her way of thinking, was the
normal process of growing.
Leaning back, her face to the sun, she imagined Cody and
Sally somewhere in the woods, their amazing young bodies
undressed, touching and playing with each other, his cock sliding
into Sally’s unbelievably tight, hot cunt. The image she drew in
her mind was pleasant and her cunt began to pulsate, her clitoris
swelling. She swung her uplifted knee to and fro as she idly
fantasized about her son and Sally.
This morning’s fucking with Cody had been very good, almost
something special since it had been done with less frenzy. Her
cunt tingled with a growing heat as she allowed her imagination
free rein. She began to cup and squeeze one of her protruding
tits, circling her sensitive nipples with the tip of her finger,
feeling it grow taut against her dress.
In he mind she saw her son’s tight ass writhing and bouncing
between the slim thighs of Sally, his cock thrusting into that
clinging, young pussy. She saw his balls swinging, remembering
how she had licked and sucked them as he fucked the eager little
girl only the day before.
Kathie Lee licked at her lips, her eyes closed. Her imagination
was so vivid she could almost feel her son’s balls between her
lips as his cock moved in and out of Sally’s pussy. The scene in
her mind was so strong she thought she could hear his cock sliding
into that sucking wetness.
Her cunt was going into a slow burn. She shoved her upraised
knee aside. She had put her panties on this morning and they were
tight in her crotch. Her housedress was almost at her hips, and
she left her tit and began to slowly move her palm up and down the
inner surface of her thigh, teasing herself deliciously. A soft
moan bubbled from her lips as she circled the tightness of her
panties, then drew her fingertip lightly up and down the puffy
lips of her concealed cunt. The crotch of her panties was wet and
that made it more enjoyable for her.
Kathie Lee’s hips began to move, writhing against the cushion of
the redwood lounge chair. The sun on her body–and especially on
her exposed thighs and crotch of her panties–increased the
exciting heat of her cunt. She moved her finger slowly up and
down her pussy, tracing the outline of the hairy lips and applying
a very light pressure to her swollen clitoris. Her other hand
opened the top of her housedress, pulling it from her shoulders,
revealing her tits to the heat of the sun. Her nipples were rigid
and tingling.
Now and then Kathie Lee used both hands to squeeze her tits
together, trying to rub her nipples against each other. She
moaned in soft ecstasy, eyes closed to enjoy the vivid mental
pictures of her son fucking Sally’s pale, blonde-haired cunt.
Kathie Lee presented an erotic picture to her son as he stood at
the glass doors, watching her. She had no idea he was home, not
to mention watching her. But if she had known he was looking, it
would not have mattered.
Cody with his cock straining, stared with pleasure, seeing
his mother’s creamy, impossibly long thighs, her swelling, shapely
tits, and the crotch of her tight panties with the dark hair
curling from the edges.
He shoved his shorts down, stepping from them, his cock
arching up and jerking with eagerness. Holding his balls, he
moved with silent footsteps toward his mother. There was no
reason, of course, for this silence but he was excited to see her
fondling herself this way, thinking she was alone.
Feeling his cock brush at her shoulder, Kathie Lee opened her
eyes. She was not surprised to find Cody there, his prick moving
about her shoulder and leaving a blurry trail of wetness. She
smiled up at him, taking his cock in her hand and drawing the
slippery, dripping head over one swollen tit.
"You’re back, darling." she murmured.
"Just in time, I’d say." Cody laughed, bending forward and
running his hand up and down his mother’s pantied cunt. "You’re
kind of hot, huh, Mom?"
"Kind of is mild, Cody. I’m boiling!"
With a low laugh, Cody moved toward his mother’s feet. He
ran his tongue along her leg, past her knee and up the inside of
her satiny thigh. With a small moan, he buried his face into her
crotch, his hot lips kissing at her panties, his tongue licking up
the moisture.
Kathie Lee gurgled softly as she lifted her ass to meet his
mouth. "Ohhh, you’re so sweet, Cody." she mewled, grinding
gently into his lips.
She felt his tongue pressing tightly as he licked up and down
the bulge of her panties. She could feel the heat of her son’s
tongue through the flimsy panties and slow waves of orgasms
started rumbling through her. She squeezed her tits together,
gazing down at his burning eyes as he licked about her cunt.
Somehow, Cody had managed to get her distended clitoris between
his lips and he chewed at it delicately, making Kathie Lee whimper
with ecstasy.
Cody ran his hands underneath his mother’s ass, lifting her
crotch higher into his face. His fingers squeezed at the shapely
ass cheeks while his tongue raced up and down the crotch of her
wet panties, sending fire through Kathie Lee’s shivering body. She
moaned softly as the ecstasy burned hotter within her, centered at
her cunt.
The way he squeezed at her ass increased her excitement,
adding to the pleasure of his tongue moving up and down the
tightness of her panties. The orgasms were growing, making her
"You’re making me come, Cody." she whimpered with a thick
voice. "My cunt is coming so nicely! I love the way you lick
that pussy, baby. Ohhh, so sweet!"
Although her orgasms were not as strong and mind-shattering,
they were very delicious. While still coming, she urged her son
to slide up on her body. He trailed his throbbing cock along her
thighs and pressed it upon her cunt as Kathie Lee kissed his moist
lips. Then she began to pull at him again.
"Touch your cock on my titties, darling." she murmured. "I
want to feel your cock on my tits."
Cody drew himself up, spreading his legs about her sides.
Her eyes glassy; Kathie Lee watched her son’s cock as it moved
upward. Taking his prick in her hand, she smeared the dripping
juices around the curves of her tits, then onto her nipples. She
pressed a nipple against his pisshole, watching it sink inward.
For a while she tantalized them both by rubbing the smooth head of
his cock about her tits, then she placed it between them and
closed her hands on the tit mounds. She held his cock between her
tits, watching the head protrude toward her face.
"Fuck my tits, Cody." she whispered with a thick voice.
"Your cock feels so good between them, I want you to fuck me
there. Come on baby, fuck mother’s tits."
Cody began to work his cock back and forth sliding it in and
out of her tightly held tits. They both watched and began to
breathe heavier.
Kathie Lee mewled with delight, enjoying the throbbing hardness
of his cock. She held her tits tightly about his thrusting prick,
feeling every throb as it slipped back and forth. Her tits were
becoming very slippery from the juices dripping out of his piss
hole, and that served to delight her even more.
"You like this, Cody?" she whispered up to him. "Does this
feel good on your cock?"
"It sure does, Mom." he grunted in reply, his eyes shining.
"Your tits are hot!"
"They’re supposed to be." she sighed with pleasure. "My tits
are supposed to be as hot as my cunt. Fuck mother’s tits,
darling! Ooh, I like the way your hard cock feels between them."
Although she could not make her nipples touch, she could hold
his cock tightly with the spongy mounds of her tits. As he fucked
back and forth, the swollen head of his prick brushed her chin.
With a lewd giggle, Kathie Lee tucked her chin tighter and found she
could shove her tongue out to probe his piss hole. This excited
them both, and every time her son fucked upward Kathie Lee licked his
prick. The slippery taste of his cock thrilled her and she held
her tits even tighter.
When Cody shoved his hands behind her head, lifting her
face, she opened her lips and allowed him to shove his hard cock
between them. She sucked his cock for a bit, then he returned to
fucking her tits again. As her son alternately fucked her tits
and mouth, Kathie Lee gurgled with heated ecstasy, her tongue
swirling on the prick head every time it was between her lips.
Cody began to breathe faster and hotter, his eyes becoming
glazed. She felt his balls against her flesh, writhing and
becoming tight.
The trusts of his cock between her tits became more
insistent, burning her flesh. She held her tits tightly about his
cock, knowing he would soon be coming. He no longer shoved his
prick into her mouth as his discharge boiled about in his precious
balls. He concentrated on his mother’s tits, and Kathie Lee was
content to let him fuck this way. But she kept her chin tucked
down, mouth open, her eyes steady with heat, focused on the flare
of his piss hole.
He was moaning loudly now and Kathie Lee shoved her tongue out
as far as she could, her lips very wide. Cody plunged his cock
back and forth wildly, his cock jerking and throbbing. Kathie Lee
waited, anticipating the squirting of that sweet, thick come
Then it happened.
Thick, warm spurts of come juice gushed from the piss hole of
her son’s cock. She felt his jizz splash between her tits and
over her neck and chin. But most of it landed on her outstretched
tongue and inside her hungry mouth. Kathie Lee found it impossible
to swallow his delicious come juice this way, and had to wait
until he finished coming. Having her son come into her face this
way was very, very exciting to her.
Cody slumped forward and Kathie Lee drew his cock between her
lips, sucking and licking on it slowly but eagerly, his balls
resting on her come-juice wet chin. While her son rested, she
mouthed his prick lovingly, holding the cheeks of his ass with her
Finally Cody moved from his mother and sat in a chair, his
expression showing the pleasure she had given him.
"I gather you didn’t find Sally." she said.
"She wasn’t home." Cody replied.
"And that’s why you came back with such a hard on, huh?" she
"No. I saw you feeling yourself."
"Did you like that?"
"You saw how hard my cock was, didn’t you, Mom?" he
"Mmmmm, I sure did!"
She lounged back, not bothering to pull the dress over her
come juiced tits, nor close her thighs. Cody enjoyed seeing her
this way, and she enjoyed him looking at her.
"Don’t looks so sad, darling." she murmured. "I bet Sally
will show up around here soon."

Chapter 10

Hardly an hour later, Sally did show up.
Cody brightened as he saw the girl walking out onto the
patio. She had entered without knocking, apparently thinking
there was no need now.
That did not disturb Kathie Lee in the least. Sally could come
and go freely in her home, as far as she was concerned. Sally
wore a frilly dress today and explained that she had gone into the
small town with her father to shop.
"I wondered why you weren’t wearing your tight bathing suit."
Kathie Lee replied.
Bouncing into a chair, Sally giggled. "I hate that thing,
Kathie Lee. I only wore it to tease Cody."
"It served the purpose." Kathie Lee agreed. "I’m glad. You
look much prettier in a dress."
Sally did look prettier. The dress made her look even
younger and more innocent than she was. Her golden hair shined in
the sunlight and her sparkling blue eyes smoldered with erotic
Sally sat with her knees apart, and both Cody and his mother
could see the sweetness of her inner thighs and the shadow of her
panties. It made Kathie Lee warm. She licked her tongue over her
lips and saw that her son, still sitting nakedly, was getting
another beautiful hard-on.
"There was a man." Sally said slowly. "He kept looking at
me. He’s not old, though. He’s younger than you are, Kathie Lee.
He had a nice hard-on." She giggled. "I guess I turned him on."
"You’d turn on anyone, honey." Kathie Lee laughed. "He didn’t
say anything to you, did he?"
"Just hello." Sally said.
Kathie Lee’s erotic mind immediately began to consider all the
possibilities here. She had wondered about fucking with two men
before and it sounded great.
Sally moved closer to Cody and began to stroke his cock.
Her blue eyes blazed as she squeezed his prick with one hand,
gently twisting his balls with the other. Kathie Lee watched them,
her cunt starting to throb and become wet once more.
Without urging, Sally leaned over Cody’s lap and Kathie Lee saw
her pink, moist tongue swirl about the head of his cock.
"Why Sally." she gurgled in delight. "Where did you learn
"From you." Sally giggled.
"When you licked Cody’s balls as he fucked me."
"Oh, that’s right." Kathie Lee said.
She moved off the lounge and knelt at her son’s side,
watching excitedly as that small tongue moved about his cock. She
ran her hand underneath Sally’s dress and fondled her pantied ass.
"I’m gonna suck Cody’s cock." Sally murmured hotly. "I
wanna know what it feels like in my mouth."
"I might come." Cody warned.
"So come." Sally giggled. "I wanna know what your come juice
tasted like anyway."
"You’re full of surprises, Sally." Kathie Lee laughed.
Sally’s blue eyes flashed at Kathie Lee as she opened her mouth
and drew the swollen head of Cody’s cock into it. A soft mewl
came from her as she took half his prick into her mouth. Kathie Lee
watched those hungry lips stretch around her son’s cock. Sally
struggled to take more prick into her mouth but she was unable to.
His cock was too long and her mouth too small. But she managed
admirably with what she could take.
The excitement of seeing this young, sweet girl taking her
son’s cock into her mouth was sending ripples of desire through
Kathie Lee’s body and she thought she would come just seeing this.
She squeezed Sally’s tight little ass, finally shoving her
hand under her panties to press a finger between her hot ass
cheeks. Sally, with her small mouth stuffed with Cody’s hard
cock, whimpered and swayed her ass.
Cody leaned back, looking down his naked body, watching the
pretty Sally and his mother with glowing eyes.
Looking up at her son’s excited face, Kathie Lee said. "You’re
getting something most men only dream about, Cody, so relax and
enjoy it."
Cody was between his kneeling mother and Sally, and he began
to moan with excitement.
Kathie Lee moved her tongue to the base of his cock as Sally
sucked at the head. Scraping her tongue up and down her son’s
prick, she licked at the stretched lips of the eagerly sucking
young girl, then down Cody’s cock again. She ran her tongue
about his balls, her eyes constantly on Sally’s wet lips. She was
prepared to race her own mouth up to the head of his cock if Sally
jerked away in surprise when Cody came.
Without saying a word, Kathie Lee and Sally began to switch
places on his balls and cock. As Kathie Lee sucked his prick, Sally
licked almost delicately at his balls. With her lips wrapped
tightly about her son’s cock, Kathie Lee saw Sally had more success
with Cody’s balls. The little girl could take both of them into
her wet, hot mouth and suck on them. Sally made low squeals of
pleasure as she held his balls inside her mouth, her blue eyes
glazed as she watched Kathie Lee take every inch of Cody’s cock into
her mouth.
Again they changed places.
While Sally struggled, with mewling hunger, to take as much
of Cody’s cock as she could into her mouth, Kathie Lee licked and
sucked at her son’s balls. Underneath his thighs, Sally had moved
her hand and pushed it up Kathie Lee’s dress. The hot little girl
rubbed at Kathie Lee’s pantied cunt, applying pressure, making
Kathie Lee coo with ecstasy. She had gotten her hand under Sally’s
panties and was working a finger into that succulent, tight pussy
as she sucked her son’s balls.
Again, without a word passing between them, Kathie Lee and Sally
began to Cody’s hard throbbing cock back and forth, each sucking
in turn. While Sally sucked and licked about the swollen head,
Kathie Lee was licking up and down the shaft. When she had his prick
in her mouth, she had to leave enough of her son’s cock for Sally
to lick. Often, as they passed his prick between them, they would
kiss one another, and this seemed to inflame Cody as much as the
two women.
As she sucked Cody’s cock with Sally, Kathie Lee was thinking
of the man Sally mentioned.
The idea of meeting this man, perhaps inviting him to her
home, excited her. She could experience being fucked by her son
and him at the same time. The idea of feeling a cock thrusting
into her cunt and one in her mouth at the same time was exciting.
She wondered, with her tongue sliding about Cody’s balls, if she
could get a prick into her cunt and asshole at the same time. It
was certainly something she wanted to attempt. Then, there was
Sally too. Perhaps they both take on Cody and this man that
seemed so interested in the little girl.
As she changed places with Sally, taking her son’s cock deep
into her mouth while the little girl licked at his balls. Kathie Lee
was visualizing two hard cocks penetrating her body, or Sally’s.
There was no doubt that Sally would love to be fucked and suck a
cock at the same time. Sally had a mind that was as erotic as her
own, and she certainly had a hot little pussy! She had started
sucking on Cody’s cock without any suggestion whatsoever and
Kathie Lee felt Sally would do anything with a cock.
Cody was starting to wiggle and squirm, his moans more
pronounced. They broke through Kathie Lee’s erotic mind and she
sensed her son would soon be gushing. She sucked harder and
faster at his cock, but wanted to be sure his prick was inside
Sally’s mouth when he came. She wanted to see the little girl’s
reaction. If Sally didn’t enjoy it, some of her dreams of erotic
sex would disappear. To be absolutely erotic and enjoy sex to the
fullest, Kathie Lee knew a man and woman had to be not only willing,
but eager to do almost everything possible with a cunt and cock,
to use every hole available.
Cody was twisting his naked ass about faster now, his groans
louder. Kathie Lee lifted her mouth from his prick and arched it
toward Sally’s waiting mouth. Sally closed her hot lips about the
swollen head of Cody’s cock and Kathie Lee did not shove her own
mouth to his balls as before. With intense eyes, she watched for
Sally’s reaction when her son flooded her hot little mouth with
come juice. She kept her finger moving in and out of that
gripping wet cunt, urging Sally on.
Cody lifted his hips, trying to stuff more of his swollen
prick into Sally’s sucking mouth. Then, with a grunt of ecstasy,
he came.
Kathie Lee saw Sally’s eyes widen as Cody’s cock spurted thick,
sweet come juice into her mouth. For just a moment, Sally seemed
undecided as to what she should do and come juice began to escape
the tightness of her lips, running along the shaft of Cody’s
cock. Those blue eyes became glazed and suddenly Sally gurgled.
Kathie Lee saw that slim throat work and knew Sally was
swallowing Cody’s come juice with excited ecstasy.
Kathie Lee moved her tongue out to lick away the river of come
juice that had come from Sally’s tight lips before she began to
swallow, mewling with delight. Then without warning,, she pulled
her son’s cock from Sally’s mouth and caught one last squirt of
her son’s come juice.
Sally was whimpering as she watched Kathie Lee’s lips and tongue
suck up the white juice.
Kathie Lee felt Sally’s tight cunt squeeze about her buried
finger, and knew the girl was coming. She rammed her finger in
and out of the girl’s pussy swiftly, increasing the power of
Sally’s orgasm as she sucked the head of her son’s cock.
When Cody allowed his ass to fall back, his breathing harsh,
Kathie Lee pulled her mouth from his prick. She leaned across her
son and kissed Sally, taking her finger out of the clasping cunt.
Running her tongue about the girl’s lips, she licked away the last
traces of Cody’s cock juice.
"Now." Kathie Lee said, "You two play while I get us something
to drink. There’s something I want to talk over with you."
When she came back with iced tea, she found her son and Sally
holding each other, kissing and feeling. She placed the tea on
the table and sat, watching them for awhile. Sally had removed
her panties and her frilly dress was about her waist. One pink,
small tit was exposed and Cody sucked on it as his hand moved
about the tight ass of the writhing, gasping girl. Sally had a
tight grip on Cody’s cock, pumping it excitedly.
Kathie Lee pulled her dress to her waist and lifted her knees,
spreading them out. She watched with burning eyes and began to
rub at her cunt. Sliding her hand inside the tight crotch of her
panties, she moved a finger in and out of her pussy, her eyes
burning as she watched her son and this sweet, young girl.
In her mind she was thinking of the man Sally had mentioned.
If he showed that blatant of an interest in a girl of Sally’s age,
then there would be no problem at all.
She watched as Sally began to straddle her son, her creamy
little ass flashing in the sunlight. Slipping from the chair, she
sat on the redwood deck and held her son’s cock as Sally moved her
fine cunt onto the head of it.
Leaning over and resting her cheek on her son’s thighs, she
gazed at the sweet ass, seeing that pink, so very hot and wet cunt
fucking Cody’s cock. She fondled her son’s balls again as Sally
bounced up and down with squeals of pleasure.
She imagines what it would be like with this man Sally talked
about, and she knew it would be good, very good.
She began to make plans, erotic plans in her mind. She
twisted at her son’s cock gently, watching that tight cunt hold
him, sliding up and down. The tight pucker of Sally’s asshole
winked at her.
Kathie Lee moved her head along her son’s thighs, and began to
run the tip of her tongue about that hot asshole, finding it easy
to lick at that blonde-haired cunt as it moved on Cody’s cock.
Kathie Lee didn’t need to hear the squeal of ecstasy coming from
Sally to know the little girl was in orgasm. The flexing of her
asshole against her tongue told her that. As Sally came she raced
her cunt up and down Cody’s cock so swiftly, Kathie Lee could hardly
lick her asshole. Shoving in tight, she tasted come juice seeping
from the tight lips of Sally’s cunt, and her mind reeled as a
throbbing orgasm ripped through her own body.
She kept her mouth pressed against her son’s cock and Sally’s
cunt until the two stopped trembling. Then, after giving her
son’s balls a kiss, and licking the cheeks of Sally’s ass, she
drew back.
Slapping the little girl on her glowing ass cheek, she said.
"Come on you two. We’ve got something to do."
Sally turned over, her legs spread wide, her succulent cunt
glistening. "What are we going to do, Kathie Lee?" she asked.
Kathie Lee stood up, gathering her skirt about her waist and
doing a playful bump and grind for them. "That man you mentioned,
"What about him?" she asked.
"Would you like to fuck him?"
Sally giggled. "I think so."
"Then get your panties on." Kathie Lee replied, smoothing her
skirt over her long thighs. "Cody, put your shorts back on.
We’re going to town and see if we can find him!"

The End

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