Celebrity Olympics: Days 1-2

Celebrity Olympics: Days 1& 2

Anna Kournikova, Chely Wright, Ivory, Dana Delaney, Lynda Carter, Genie Francis, Sara Evans, Charlotte Church, Samantha Fox, Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey, Charlotte Ross, Mary Hart, Leeza Gibbons, Nancy O’Dell & Shania Twain

Written By: Spyder

Welcome to Montreal’s Olympic Stadium and the first annual Celebrity Olympics. These games are totally different in that there are no sporting events and the competitors are celebrities. I am your master of ceremonies Lawrence Jacobs. Before I explain the events I will inform you of the rules.

There are ten days of sexual
events, the first two days will send two contestants home and there are no returnees. There are 40 men waiting to be pleasured by sixteen hottest babes in the entertainment world. Now as for the events, they will range from blowjobs to all out sex and yes that will include an orgy on the third day.

Now I shall ask the 40 gentlemen to take their places as I introduce the ladies. From the tennis world, we have Anna Kournikova, from the country music world Dolly Parton, Chely Wright, Shania Twain and Miss Sara Evans. Pop music divas Mariah Carey Charlotte Church and Samantha Fox and from movies and television: Charlotte Ross, Lynda Carter, Dana Delaney and Genie Francis. Entertainment news anchors: Leeza Gibbons, Mary Hart & Nancy O’Dell. Your last competitor is from the WWE, wrestling superstar Ivory. These are the sixteen ladies who will suck and fuck their way into history. Now let the games begin.

Today and tomorrow we will have two groups of eight women. They will be involved with devouring the 40 men we have lined up for this competition. As you have seen the women have stood in front of their required area and will undress, then they will engage in an all out blowjob of the men in the stadium. Each of the ladies must swallow the load inflicted in their mouths. On the morning of the third day we will have sent two of them home.

Gentlemen line up in front of the first of eight of the sixteen hot ladies of entertainment and the one who begins the proceedings is Nancy O’Dell. She starts with stroking the male organ while licking the balls. As she does it, she drives two fingers into his ass to make him get hard faster. Soon Nancy is licking and stroking the man’s cock. Once she deep throats it a few times she finally makes him cum and not sure what the rules are for the finishing touches of each man, she swallows the load and then continues on until each man has shot a load in her mouth.

The women blow each man until all 40 have shot and watched them swallow. The audience is aghast at the fact that Hollywood’s finest has drained and drank a load of cum from all 40. The judges of course have followed the line and made sure it was what happened. With the other eight watching they know that they will need to perform this exact stage for the judges. The last lady of this group was Shania Twain and with a little jism flowing from her chin, she stood up and smiled at the men looking on and deciding who will continue to day three.

Lawrence stands before the audience and the stars, informs them that tomorrow will be day two and that the next group will perform the art of giving a blowjob for the judges. He then wishes them a good night and to enjoy the rest of the ten days.

That night, Charlotte Ross walks rapidly in her hotel room, waking up her room mate Chely Wright. She tries to calm the nervous Miss Ross with kind words with no luck. So she finds the belts she brought along and ties her to the legs of the four poster bed. Having her stretched in that way has Chely licking her lips and soon Charlotte’s gaping pussy. Before she eats the other woman’s hairy hole, she squats over her face and allows the long tongue to lap the juices of her twat. She moans at the fact that Charlotte has touched her enough to return the sexual favor. Sliding off her lover, Chely plunges two fingers in her ass and two on her other hand in her cunt. Charlotte yelps and asks Chely to hit her harder with the finger fucking. Chely obliges her, but also lets up enough to slap the tits of the bound vixen. Charlotte cums slowly on Chely’s lips and begs to have her clit rubbed by a woman’s clit. Mary, who bangs pussy with Charlotte creating much heat and loads of jism, unbinds her. Miss Ross thanks Mary and the two fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Next morning, the competitors walk into the stadium to continue the Olympics. No one knows who has been cut from yesterday’s group or if any one really has. They do know that today is the group that should continue on with all eight in tact.

Good morning to every lady, gentleman and audience member and welcome to day two of the sexual Olympics. Yesterday was a day of hot and heavy performances when it comes to making a man cum down a throat. Well today group two will be asked to complete the same round and then two will be heading home tomorrow. Now ladies undress and I will draw a name out of the hat as to who will start today’s fun.

With the name of the first lady out of the hat, the men step forward and wait their turn to have a second day of women blowing them. Again Lawrence makes an announcement; will Samantha Fox please take the first position. He then states that every day except tomorrow, he will announce the lady to line up in the number one position.

Sammy steps to where she will accept the first lover’s cock. Grabbing hold of the thick stick, she jerks him off while kissing his chest. Next she kneels down in front of him and strokes the already throbbing manhood. She looks up and sees him smiling as she deep throats his dick with all the pleasure she has in her soul. Once she has done so, the man walks down the line toward, Chely Wright. Delighted at the fact she has entered as virgin, Chely smiles knowing that she will leave fully ready to fuck any man she chooses. The blowjobs continue as the day before as the men line up one at a time, while the ladies wait their turns.

A chorus of moans fills the stadium as each man shoots a load of hot gooey cum inside the mouths of these hot babes. To no ones surprise the women complete day one and are also wondering who will last in the orgy that will entail tomorrow’s event. The final eight of the hottest women stand up at the end of the event to wait for Lawrence to announce the close of day two. Soon he does so and says that everyone is due back at ten in the morning. He wishes them all good nights as before while watching the women cover up their nude bodies.

That night while alone in her hotel suite, Shania is so unbelievably hot that she decides to order up some food and hopefully get laid. Once the waiter arrives with the order, she puts it aside and orders him to undress. Finding his name to be George, she removes her bathrobe and asks him to fondle her pussy because it is so hot. Obliging her George lies her on the couch and probes her pussy with his long fingers. Shania moans heavily as the waiter continues to finger fuck her. Eventually without any cue, George tongue fucks his sexy prey hot and fast as she whispers her approval to him.

With her mouth being sore, Shania takes her lover’s dick and sucks the young man’s cock and since she so horny she knows that he will fuck her as hard as possible. As earlier in the day, Shania has the man cumming and she swallows the hot load. It is now her turn to do as she pleases as her thoughts go to riding the man with the gusto of a porn star enjoying a man for a three-hour shoot. Sliding her pussy over his swollen member, Shania eagerly fucks the man for the better part of the evening. George then takes charge, turning her over; he drives his dick in her ass. Shania whimpers in pain as she feels what will be less than what will happen tomorrow and beyond.

Soon George has fucked Shania’s ass and pussy, she decides it’s time to get the rest she needs to succeed in the orgy in the morning. She kisses George good night, shows him the door, eats her dinner and goes to bed.

The end

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