Celebrity Olympics: Days 3-4

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Mariah Carey, Samantha Fox, Chely Wright, Anna Kournikova, Dana Delaney, Genie Francis, Charlotte Church, Ivory, Sara Evans, Lynda Carter, Mary Hart, Leeza Gibbons, Nancy O’Dell and Shania Twain

Written By: Spyder

Next day, the third morning of the Celebrity Olympics, the sixteen women enter the stadium as the day previous. The 40 men and the audience have been eagerly waiting the orgy of the day and wonder who are being sent home. The wait isn’t all that long as Lawrence walks to the mike for the day’s announcements.

Welcome to everyone for day three, as you
all know today is very special in that a true test of endurance will take place. Besides that, you all are wondering who the judges deemed to go home after the two days prior. Lawrence removes the paper from the envelope and reads the following: as of this day April 20, 2003, we the judging committee have decided the two ladies will not continue. Our reasons will be explained as Lawrence reads the announcement. First of all, Dolly Parton, she is a very fine competitor and a very hot lady, but in a review of the video we found that she did not swallow the jism of all of the men she blew. Our second lady to go home is the blonde vixen Charlotte Ross. The reasons are simple; she refused to blow three men to get done quicker than she should have. So these are the two ladies who head home.

Clearing his throat after reading the lengthy ruling, Lawrence informs the audience that each of the ladies will make a farewell address. Their messages are similar as they wish the remaining ladies well and will read the results daily on the web. The next thing Lawrence does is to have the ladies and gentlemen undress for the endurance part of the Olympics. Once this is complete, he then says that there is no selection for the day’s event for the one who starts the proceedings. He says that all competitor and the lovers will enter the center of the stadium and begin the orgy. All sexual acts are expected and each lady will be judged on how inventive they are in achieving sexual pleasure with everyone. Again Lawrence starts the event with let the games begin.

Even though there is no designated starter to the event, Charlotte Church takes the initiative by grabbing a hold of Mary Hart. Jamming her fingers slowly into Miss Hart’s pussy, Charlotte makes her yelp in happy surprise with the dipping of her full fist, this fist fucking the hot-legged blonde. Once this has begun, every woman and man engage in the hottest orgy ever. Chely Wright has taken on two men at once by giving head to both. Back and forth she moves her mouth deep throating each dick until the cum is flowing. Meanwhile five of the ladies have tied up many of the men to each other as well as to the posts lining the field. Sam Fox whistles at the ladies to take charge of the men with the whips, chains and left over ropes. Squatting over each some of the men, the 14 remaining women ride them as they whip and strap the others they can reach in a heated frenzy.

About two hours later the men are released, being allowed by the ladies to fuck them any which way that they can. Some will wind up with three men pounding them with much passion and vigor. Sara Evans displays why she is the hottest act on the road with her ass, pussy and mouth having cock driven inside them. The stadium is filled with the smell of sweat, moans and screams of delight. Again Charlotte Church can’t stop the heat as she has begun to eat the pussy of Ivory, while Ivory is ass fucked by a dildo wearing Anna Kournikova. Some of the men in the games have taken the whips and have created lesions on the bodies of the almost tiring vixens of entertainment.

Later that night, the event ends with Lawrence declaring that tomorrow will see another of the women heading home. He wishes them all a good night and to return to the stadium at ten. The ladies dress, leave the playing field and head out into the night air.

Once at the hotel, they say their goodnights and wait for the axe to fall. Tonight another of the women have gone one step further in taming her heat. Lynda Carter slips into the room of Leeza Gibbons and arouses the blonde heartbreaker with the sensual removal of her robe. What Lynda doesn’t realize is that one of the women has had the same idea. Genie Francis steps from out of the shower and looks with a smile at Lynda Carter who has decided to join the fun. Leeza opens her thighs to accept the tongue and fingers of Genie Francis, while Miss Carter kneels behind the ass of Genie Francis. Miss Francis begins to lick the ass of her older but equally sexy lover. Lynda lunges backward at the actions sent her way by Miss Francis. Leeza looks on as the former wonder woman star tongue fucks her shaven cunt. Each lady continues the sex, on one another, switching partners and then having a mini orgy of their own. With cum expended on the mouths of each other the three decide to end the evening with a kiss goodnight.

Early on day four, the stars return to Montreal stadium for the day’s event as well as the announcement of who will not continue. Lawrence makes his way to the podium, clears his throat and says hello to all in attendance. He then pulls the envelope from the top of the podium and reads it after opening it. Today the lady who will not be continuing on is the star of General Hospital Genie Francis. Her dismissal is simple, she rolled out of contention yesterday by not completing the event. Lawrence allows as before the lady to speak, which Genie says thanks for the opportunity and to the women who made her night special. No names are mentioned, so they are not singled out over the next day or two. Genie then steps down and heads to the exit happy knowing that two of the hottest stars have had her cunt.

Today’s event is as hot as days one and two. Now gentlemen you can have the day off to enjoy what is transpiring. The women will eat pussy, not just any pussy, but the ones of your competitor. Have fun and see you tomorrow. Lawrence leaves the stadium to relax, as he is not needed to watch this event or judge it. None of the contestants realize that he is also a judge in the Olympics.

Chely decides to make the first move by squeezing the tits of Ivory, who in turn dips her fingers into Miss Wright’s ass. The other women take a partner to eat pussy. Ivory lies atop Chely as the two use tongues and fingers to create the heat to draw love juice out the other. Ivory moans as she cums and Chely then talks to her next partner Charlotte Church.

Meanwhile Ivory moves on to Sammy Fox. The two women wrestle with the others nipples and asses. The sex continues until the last two have had each other and that is Lynda Carter and Dana Delaney. Once this is over, one of the judges wish them a hearty goodnight and invite them back to tomorrow’s event.

Just as before the night isn’t lonely for one of the ladies, as Anna Kournikova traps the elevator man in the glass enclosure of the hotel. Around the tenth floor she stops the rising box and lowers the pants of the young man operating it. She takes the belt off her dress and uses it to whip the man until he is nude. He tells her that his name is Tommy. She says okay Thomas, I will now tie you to the railings and blow you. With people staring up at the happenings in the glass elevator, Tommy looks down at the blonde tennis star and smiles at the fact he is to fuck his favorite lady in the world. Anna now on her knees, deep throats the dick of the younger man. His six-inch cock is just the right size to enjoy without choking on its load. Once she has his cum dripping from her chin she unties him and asks him to teach her to listen to him. Tommy takes hold of the leather belt and slaps her tight ass with it as he drives his cock in her mouth once more. She moans as Tommy unloads again. With her ass a bright red, Anna lies flat, opens her muscular thighs and winces as Tommy drives into her pussy quite hard. Tommy cums after pulling out of her cunt, he then dresses releases the button that stopped the elevator and takes Anna to her floor.

The end

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