Celebrity Olympics: Days 5-6

Celeb Olympics Pt.3 Days 5 & 6

Shania Twain, Chely Wright, Leeza Gibbons, Samantha Fox, Mariah Carey, Dana Delaney, Charlotte Church, Sara Evans, Lynda Carter, Mary Hart, Nancy O’Dell

Written By: Spyder

Lawrence returns to the stadium on Day 5, waits for the women to return to the building and sits quietly. Soon he receives word that the judges, the ladies and the gentlemen have arrived to the stadium. Lawrence heads to the judge’s room retrieves the envelope of who will be heading home today. Normally there would be only on name on the page inside, but the judges have put two names this day.

Once everyone is in place on the plying surface of the stadium, Lawrence heads for the podium once more to announce the event and the name of the lady going home. He tears open the envelope, unfolds the paper, clears his throat and announces that there are two contestants going home instead of one. First is WWE star Ivory for not allowing all women to eat her pussy and secondly is Anna Kournikova for her wanton use of the elevator in the hotel as well as leaving bite marks on the pussies of two of the women. Again the women who are leaving wish the others well and leave the building.

Today’s event will be the use of your asses, as all 40 men will fuck each of your asses. You won’t need to accept there cum in you’re gaping holes, but can get points for the effort. Let today’s event begin.

This time the man who will enter her ass draws the first lady out of the hat. A hush sweeps the crowd as the name is read aloud by that male, he says that the first female to have the ass fucking of her life is Sara Evans. Sara steps forward to receive the first of the 40 dicks she and the other ladies will have to accept today. He lubricates her already well-fucked hole and plunges it deep inside the ladies butt. With the strength of a man about to spend the day doing what is necessary, he drives it in her as hard as she can take it. Sara moans as each man drives her. Down the line the men go lady after lady until the last lady has had the first male in her ass. The last lady to have it hard is Leeza Gibbons and she is so pleased to feel long hard cock in her ass she considers leaving her husband to enjoy this type of sex regularly.

Once the 40 men have fucked the 11 remaining women, Lawrence announces that another cut will be made to the roster of stars and another event will be produced. He then tells all contestants to return at ten in the morning and be prepared to have a hot time.

Later that evening, Samantha Fox realizes that she needs her fantasy settled, so she calls for room service. The food included melted chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream and a bottle of champagne. Twenty minutes later, the waiter arrives with her items of pleasure; Sam answers the door with a pair of white panties on and asks the waiter to stay. She finds out his name is Bob and insists that he undress for the evening. After he does so, Sammy lowers to her knees and devours his cock, sucking it, his balls and deep throating every inch of it. Reaching for the chocolate, Sam dips his cock in it then continues her blowjob with the sticky brown liquid dripping form it. Bob waits no more, he lowers Sam to the floor, pours some of the champagne on her breast and pussy, then works his way to making her cum more intense than ever before. Bob then takes a strawberry or two, places them in her hairy pussy and eats them along with her pussy.

Bob finds a belt, straps Sammy with much force as she cums over and over again. Soon he fucks her from behind, first in her ass and then her pussy. Knowing that he could be fired if he doesn’t return to duty, Bob makes his apologies and leaves the horny vixen masturbating.

Early on day six the 11 women and 40 men enter the stadium once again for the day’s event. Lawrence steps to the mike for the two announcements that is to be heard.

First of all, my announcement is to do with the next lady to head home. It was extremely tough for our judges as all ladies performed to an outstanding session of ass fucking. Well it was narrowed down by the point system for the first time since the games began. This particular woman is very hot and extremely sexy, but will have to try again next time. She is Lynda Carter, Lynda takes the mike, wishes the remaining ladies luck and says good-bye before heading to the exit.

My second and most important announcement has to do with the event of the day. Ladies after you are all totally naked, you, must bend over the beds before you as the men will be fucking your pussies from behind, while they spank you. The lady at the first position will be Samantha Fox. Good luck to all and let the games begin.

As the days previous the first lady lines up only in a bent over position or doggy style as she awaits the men to fuck her from behind. She slips fingers into her ass while the man gets hard and once he is sufficiently ready, he dips the head of this cock into her pussy. Rearing in and out, he then drives it all the way in as Sam squeals at the sheer length he pushed in. Once she cums, he moves onto the next lady, who is Charlotte Church. To everyone’s surprise she is still around considering she was the only virgin to start the proceedings. The line of 40 men move threw the 10 ladies who accept their sexual fate until the last man and woman have been in contact with each other. For the second day in a row not one of these stars let down for a second accepting all dicks until the last one is tired from banging them.

Lawrence closes day six off with a good night and to return tomorrow at ten. The men and women leave for the night. Once at the hotel the security sees the women enter one at a time and asks for one to join him. Mariah Carey obliges the guard by following him to his office. Upon entering the room, he quickly strips down and asks Miss Carey to do so. With both of them nude, John handcuffs the pop diva to a couple of poles connected to the ceiling.

John then seizes the opportunity by sucking her breast while he strokes her already dripping cunt. Mariah moans, as she knows that there is no way out and besides she didn’t want to leave until he has his way with her. John straightens out, with dick in his hand he drives it upward in her ass. Being sore from the last two days events Miss Carey yells at the sheer force John has entered her, but all her squirming has more pain inflicted upon her ass and cunt. Undoing the cuffs, John then shackles her wrists to the table legs and insists that she blows him for all she’s worth. Again Mariah makes a man cum in her mouth; she swallows and is surprised at the fact that John has let her go. She doesn’t leave right away, but instead rides the man until her explodes inside her. Shortly after he cums, Mariah dresses to go to her suite for a night of rest.

The end

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